Big Brother Nomination and POV Results “do your stretches NICK”


McCrae and Spencer nominated, Andy won the veto

9:00pm living room MC, Spencer and GM
MC says he liked Adam from Big Brother 13 but didn’t think he made very many game moves, “Anyone that likes Metal and 90210 is a interesting dude”
very little talking going on. Spencer tells GM he likes the crafty bracelet she’s making “Love it”
Spencer jokes asks GM if she is ever going to dye those roots. GM “SHUT UP I did them last week”

They are all doing shout outs and the feeds keep getting blocked..

GM – “I want to say hello to the lovely Nicholas Uhaus.. I’ll see you in a week get ready”
Spencer – “do your stretches NICK”


Spencer and McCrae nominated you can tell from the key in GM’s memory wall picture

POV has been played but we do not know who won it..

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


Andy – “Sounds like they are getting the backyard ready” (for tomorrow nights Endurance competition)

Spencer starts joking about a p*rn* movie being made by Howard and Candice.
Spencer – “Eating candy”
Andy – “45 minutes in candy land”
Spencer – “Howard the f***”

They start talking about the Brenchel Army
Andy – “Who gives a f***”
Spencer “I don’t give a f**”
Andy – “They will all be here to congratulate her on her 6th place”
Spencer says he’s glad that everyone has their friends but Elissa was using someone else s fans. THey start joking that Elissa’s website is full of viruses.
Spencer – “all proceeds to from elissercise website go to the Hitler youth”

Spencer – “Please give us Elizabeth Shue you brought that monster Tori Spelling in here.. The only work she can get is haunting f*** houses”
They get Alcohol.

We do not know who won the Veto but Spencer and Andy are the most talkative and in the best moods. Gm and McCrae do not seem nearly as happy.
Spencer is going the vast majority of the joking around.

10:05pm Living room Spence rand McCrae
MC says he’s probably going home. Spencer says Andy is really being quiet about what he’s thinking.
MC comments at how awesome GM was at skating.
Spencer – ‘She was f*** tearing this place up”
MC – “I think i’m going”
Spencer – ‘Hear the bottles clanking… f*** Mr rub it in”


10:11pm Just random chit chat..

Spencer likes the wolfman
Andy likes the creature from the black lagoon
MC like Jeremy McGuire

10:23pm the exterminators
Andy and Spencer are whispering Andy says “We’ll tell him later tonight”
Spencer – “If you want to”
Andy – “Ya.. what he say”
Spencer says McCrae feels like he’s going home.. Spencer says he told him that he always feels that way when you are on the block.
GM leaves
Spencer – “FYI I think GM is going to kill in that competition”
Spencer – ‘She was like AHHHH I haven’t skated in years”
Spencer and Andy impersonate GM in the skating POV competition and skate across the kitchen.


10:40PM Playing cards
11:00pm Andy tells McCrae he doesn’t know what he’s going to do

11:41pm Spencer and Andy Spencer tells him he will beat Spencer in the final 2. Andy doesn’t know says he hasn’t done as much.
Spencer – “The best thing I did was hook up with you.. you see what I mean hats off to you”
Andy says he wonders if his family knows he’s won the veto.


12:08am Spencer and GM

They are agreeing to take each other to the final 2 because they think they cannot beat Andy in the final. Spencer builds up how Andy will win the game.
Spencer – “Even if I got 50 thousands dollars oh my god.. I know you are not going to but if you pick Andy that is a half million dollar mistake… I love the kid but think about it”

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Good MC did not win it. I am sure Amanda will not be happy to see him in the jury house.
Andy or GM for the win.


Captain, my Captain, since Mc is going, please pick GM or Spencer to win. You are Josh’s and mine Good Luck Charm. We tolld you Andy was going to win. Yessssssss. We are in the money and Life is so Sunny! We love you Captain.


OMG!! Why are you thinking that I’m your friend. I’m not your friend. Your going to lose anyway. So shut your mouth and get a life. By the way, what is your real name?


bill first Amanda now andy you pick enough players you may actual get it


Another Hitler reference by the pervert? What is it with that asshole that he is so fixated on Adolph? Don’t understand why Rat turd and sociopath keep dumping on Elissa. They obviously both have jealousy issues. And probably a wank the size of a little pinky, when fully erect.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Andy is a dirty rat bastard pig even if he wins he will always be known as the rat bastard. GM for the win please, perv and ratfink don’t deserve it


In a season of truly stupid people McCrae must be the dumbest player ever. He nominated and voted out the only players (Elissa and Judd) who would work with him and take him to final 3. A dog with a note in its mouth could have played a better game.


McCrae’s DR session said it all: He knew Andy was lying but thought it would be better for his game if he just appeased the house. What? And I was happy when he won HOH because I thought he would get his revenge and put up Andy. He played a cowardly game. Should’ve put up Andy/Spencer. The only big game move I’ve seen is Elissa putting up McCrae/Aaryn/Andy when Elissa was on her own with no one backing her up.


That’s the story of the season. Appease the house so the ones pulling all the strings will ultimately reap the rewards.


Judd is as stupid as mccrae he would have voted out mccrae before he voted out an exterminator.


Judd is as stupid as mccrae he would have voted out mccrae before he voted out an exterminator. Mccraes did what aaryn did the whole season. He knew that
him and elissa were in the outs but he still chooses to put her up.

Pinocchio Obama

I can’t believe I have to root for GinaMarie now but I’ll pick her over Ratty and Pervmeister.

The Fist of Goodness

Hope the gassy girl from the big apple wins!


Go Andy! You’ve got this!

Delightfully Amused

Andy is gonna win easily over Spencer or GM. This was truly a crappy season. However, the best part for me was the rage of all the vile, despicable people that post on this board. Judging from the majority of posts, the same petty hate runs through your veins as these houseguests you hate so much. Yes, that’s right, you all model the behavior you hate so much when you post your rants.

I hope they bring Andy back next season so all you little cry babies can gnash your teeth and threaten to not watch (but we both know you will). Go Andy the Rat, your the best of what is left (which isn’t saying much), but I want you to win because it will piss off all the whiners on this board.


um…you just whined about us whining…..


@bob, I totally agreed with you. Andy should got evicted. Thanks to @BuffaloBill antics, McCrae would got PoV and made into final 3.

Andy's Behavior Is In For a Rude Awakening

Andy is a hater. He brings out the hate in people with his obsessive fixation and constant bashing of evicted house guests. Although Andy is certainly entitled to play the game any way he sees fit, he made it cheap and trashy and took it to a personal level that went way beyond the game. He said he didn’t want to be associated with a player like Amanda, turned on his alliance, and then he pretty much assumed her role on steroids. And there’s still a week left, so Andy’s not even done yet by a long shot with his vindictive personal crap fest and his psychotic obsessive rants he can’t seem to control.

Hateful people bring out the hate in people. This is a chat board discussing the game. The same game that Andy has turned into a hateful personal rant that goes far beyond the mere playing of the game. Andy took game moves by other players personal. Andy went psychotic when he was put on the block. Andy can’t seem to stop acting like a whiny, entitled little brat who can dish it out but has a real hard time when he gets it back. Were you expecting everyone to like Andy and to think that his entitled, whiny, hateful and vindictive behavior is somehow cute and endearing and just good game play?

Oh, isn’t that sweet?

I’ll bet Andy is expecting the same thing.


Yup! It pretty much sums up a gay man seeking attention…as a gay man myself, I’ve been in contact with men like this yesterday, today, and fer sure tomorrow. Sad, but true.

Andy's Drool

Excuse me, but I don’t agree with you at all. While some of us (maybe) would be like him I think the majority wouldn’t. I hate Andy but there is no way in the world I would play like him. In fact, I can’t lie to people to save the world, but I do hate Andy. I don’t think we are whining. I think we are mourning the state of human behaviour. We would like to see someone “good” win and not someone mean, that’s all. And even though McCrae said mean things about Elissa, I still like him better because he doesn’t excuse himself with “to be honest” all the time, though he did lie to Helen. But still, he’s a lot more likeable than the red-haired wimp. What you said about “us” is not nice, therefore, I conclude that: YOU WOULD PLAY LIKE ANDY

Whats left

Hey Amused, you are no better than the remaining house guests or some of the people who post on this site when you judge people who post on this site to be one in the same. One might say that you are just as rude as the people you complain about. Some people do go to extremes to express their displeasure with the show or the house guests, but not everyone does it.

I will watch the show next year but only if the show has a better cast and is more interesting.


If GM and Andy are the F2 – GM could pull out a win. Next HOH is endurance so I’m guessing either GM or Andy will win it. Then, the next comp is usually timed and requires speed and knowledge of the eviction order – so I don’t see Spencer winning that. Thus, GM and Andy could be the F2. So, will the jury buy into Andy’s game play or GM’s? At the end of the day I really don’t care who wins. This has been the least entertaining BB ever; full of house guests with very few redeeming qualities.

Pinocchio Andy

Hey Rat bastard, I’m pretty sure that when you say you haven’t decided what to do with the veto or who you are voting out nobody believes you. How many HGs have you said that too now? You seem to forget they every one you have lied to is now or will be on the jury. Are you going to stay true to this alliance? it’s only the fourth one you’ve had this season. The best you can hope for is second place you Judas fucktard. Asshole.

No you idiot

Um, Andy has a great chance of winning and betraying people is part of the game. Being Judas is actually a good thing, even if it only gets you 2nd.

Girl, Interrupted

In terms of playing BB you are correct. It’s just a shame that Andy’s personality is so contemptible. He may very well win for his game play, but his personal behavior within the house (especially during the final month) has been childish and disgraceful. Has everyone else been saints? Nope. But Andy certainly has taken the cake in terms of poor sportsmanship.


I think McCrae is going home, how sad. I wanted Elissa to win but out of the 4 that are left I wanted him to win because someone has to, even though I don’t like him that much. I don’t want Spencer or Andy to win.

What's wring with this picture

GM/Spencer/Andy for final three? Excuse me while I throw up.

There should be a new rule next year that no floaters can make it to final three. (Which means none of these pieces of shit would still be in the game). Under any scenario I don’t see the jury giving Rat turd $500k. And rightfully so. It’s just hard to stomach a pervert or an ignorant racist is going to be handed in one fell swoop more money than most decent hard-working people earn in a lifetime. I have to throw up again.

No you idiot

And who would be the judge of who is or isn’t a floater, AMERICA???? No thank you, that would make Amanda, Aaryn, and anyone else the brenchel army doesn’t like a floater. I hated Amanda, but she definitely wasn’t a floater.

Zingbot Would

Zingbot knows a floater when he sees one.


To get rid of floaters, maybe next time if the country votes for the nomination, they should do something like ‘whoever gets the least amount of votes for support goes up’. I can’t see anyone wasting their time phoning up to vote for someone like Jessie or Spencer (the two biggest floaters in the game) if that were the case


Good I’m happy Mcrae is going next, he’s another dumbass. He had a deal with Elissa, she kept her end of the bargain and then he evicted her. He was smart enough to realize Andy was lying to him but too stupid to get rid of him. With five people remaining after his HOH, he wanted to play it safe and not put a target on his back. Really??? They just got rid of Amanda and he didn’t think he was already a target!? He knew Judd, GM and Andy voted out Amanda and Elissa voted with him. His brain couldn’t make the next step that Elssa was his best bet to work with someone. Or at the very least he could break up the 3 or 4 that were working together. Serves him right, I’m glad neither Mcranda will win.


who won veto


Andy won veto


Bummer..I’m super sad and upset that McCrae didn’t win Veto 🙁 🙁


Who cares at this point, right?

The only awesome thing that could happen would be a last minute “America, send a houseguest back in the House!!!” – Then maybe Elissa or Helen could return.

But, as long as Andy doesn’t win, I’m fine with it. What a double face idiot!


I hope the winners out of this bunch of four gets looted seconds after cashing the check.

What Have We Learned? You Get Back What You Give

Andy you are really a sick, twisted rat. Never miss an opportunity to keep bashing away at an evicted player with your filthy mouth. Your sick perversion and psychotic fixation with Elissa and her family and the viewers you call the “Brenchel Army” are way beyond game play. Is it jealousy? Is it hate? It doesn’t really matter what it is. It is a psychotic obsession for sure. Maybe if Andy wins the money he can put it to good use and get some counseling.

So Andy thinks Elissa somehow double crossed their friendship so she somehow deserves his treatment and seemingly endless character bashing and egging on of Spencer’s Hitler jokes? Andy just keeps egging it on ad nausem. What a complete ass this guy is. Still blathering on and on about Elissa and her family and the “Brenchel Army,” as he calls the viewers. Did Andy think he was going to go into the BB house and just never get put on the block? How dare anyone put him on the block and figure out he was playing both sides of the house? Is he jealous? I just don’t understand why he has to keep that up constantly. I don’t get the rage or hate or jealousy or envy or whatever this guy has for her? It is creepy and psychotic.

After all the crap you’ve said, Andy, if I was your family, I’d be ashamed.
If I was Elissa, I would get a restraining order.
If I was Brendon, it would take everything I had not to want to nail you to the nearest wall.

I guess the bright side of this is that win or lose, when Andy the sick, twisted, creepy psychotic rat manages to get back to the real world and finds out what the majority of the viewers think of him, maybe he’ll be shrugging his shoulders and trying to figure out why so much hate from the viewers?

“Why so much hate?” Good question, Andy. Would you mind answering that one first? I think I can answer it, Andy. You chose to make it not about the game. You took it to a level beyond the game when you decided to take it personal and make it personal and never miss an opportunity to unleash your relentless attacks with seemingly endless lies, betrayal, and hate.

You get back what you give. You’re getting it back. Soak it up.

Now blow you nose and stop crying.


Andy wins 500k. After taxes he has about 300k. Elissa and her husband sue his ass for all the he has said about her and her family. They tie him up in court for a couple of years and his attorney fees are 400k. He is now bankrupt and karma is a bitch. They have enough money to break the little rat bastard.

Elissas Lips

Sue?? On what grounds?? U are delusional as hell.

Flea Bailey

Sue Andy civilly for the vitriolic and vile rants against Elissa’s children which they may have heard and are now traumatized .


Defamation of character! Andy, Spencer and GM have tore that woman verbally apart on live feeds for 2 weeks straight now. The bashing had nothing at ALL to do with gameplay.
This is America you can sue for anything!
Well Spencer said at one point he was going to tell Elissa if she won HOH he was going to fly to Canada and kill her children!!!!!! Heck Amanda even said that she was going to kill her, punch her in the face and chop her into little pieces.
Andy has said so much over the past week it is disgusting! He is a disgusting horrible person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just like elissa did to aaryn.


This season has sucked! Such a horrible cast. Such a let down. Every year I look forward to BB. But this year literally not one good member was in the house. And yes I know all you Brenchals are probably saying what about Elissa? She was whacked! Sorry. Dumb as shit! Noone deserves the money not even the 50,000, not even the 25,000. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. Thanks Simon and Dawg you guys are great. You deserve the money.!!


Please don’t let predudiced people to win BB15!!! So McCrae is the only one that now fits! This is the worse year ever and I have watched every episode ever!!

McStinky Needs A Bath

Really? C’mon, you really do not think McStinky is prejudiced? He just sat/sits there while those comments tumble out of the stinks holes of all those morons and he says nothing. He condones and laughs at their “jokes” so he is an accomplice to all the prejudices and filth that exists in the BB house. He even joins in on bashing ex-house guests. He slept with the biggest bigot, racist in the house from week one until her eviction so he is not an innocent.


I think CBS should part ways with allison grodner, and she needs to head to do casting for Bad Girls Club. Whoever posted that BB15 Crack House Edition is spot on! #horriblecasting #toomanydrugdependants #waytoomanyracists,pervs,vile,disgustinghumansinonehouse

All Former BB Players

Yup, you’re right. And there really is a Vegas party, we’re just not letting this bunch know about it.

Bored Viewer

I wonder what questions McCrae will be asked in his exit interview? I hope Julie uses the word “vile” while discussing this season during the finale.

BB15: Crackhead Edition! 7 Days remaining!

Off the hook

Why would you think that CBS and Julie Chen would drill McRae in the exit interview? I mean Amanda received a pretty mild interrogation….The Sunday’s episode after Elissa and Amndas eviction did not represent the live feeds at all, where they were all Elissa bashing in concerto, it was disgusting and yes vile, but did not fit CBS’s plan for the public, I mean where was the hero? All of them meanies even Judd went very low…..nah they will only take Aaryn as their sole scapegoat for this season’s fiasco, even Ginamarie and Spencer will get a pass I bet…..

Bored Viewer

I didn’t say that I thought she would “drill” him in his exit interview. Re-read the post 🙂


Just dropping in to check if anyone is still watching this lame show. I stopped watching after the double eviction. I stopped watching because all of the HG that are left are not likeable – quite frankly, they are despicable.

Just wanted to thank Dawg (dude, what’s your real name?) and his team for their efforts. Funnily, the comments on this site were more entratainting than the show, especially “lurker007.”


lol….. “lurker007″…. what a knob


The rat is so arrogant to expose himself to evicted houseguest .. He is poisoning himself to die and whoever goes next to him to win … Good job Andy


Well Nothing Left To Do But Root For GM To Win.


Now I have no choice but to go with GM for the win…this sucks!!


Who else could you go for? The other two are a bunch of idiots. Andy the rat, and Spencer the perv.


Yeah the racist who talks negatively about someone’s child is MUCH more deserving of $500k than a rat in a game revolving around lying and manipulation …or a perv who scratches his balls and talks dirty too much. Racists are a much better option than either of those two for sure.


I Hear Ya, But She Is The Lessor Than The Other Evils Left. She’s Just A Ignorant Product Of The Environment She Grew Up In. The Boys Know Right From Wrong, They Just Choose To Behave Badly.


root for the most racist, vile, and disgusting woman in the house this season who said racist remarks about house guests and their children, who spoke ill of autistic children, psychotically created a relationship with a dude that she barely knew and had no interest in her, who regular vomits up her food because she is terrified of getting fat, and who can’t even finish a coherent sentence most of the time? no thanks, i’ll root for Andy at least he did something with this game.


Hey, with the $500,000 in her pocket, maybe Nick WILL be interested in her!!!


What a boring season. Glad its over!


Bad season, maybe. But it’s been anything but boring…at least prior to Elissa & Amanda’s eviction.


Haven’t watched the feeds or the show since double eviction. I hate everyone left, waste of space. Disgusting dirt bags. Does anyone even watch anymore? What a horrible season!!!!!


Then why are you here? Nothing lamer than a person posting on a website dedicated to a TV show just to say how lame it is and ask why people still watch it. smh

It's a Chat Board, That's What It's For

You want to control every aspect of the chat board? If people post something negative about the remaining house guests, are you taking that personal? You feel the need to admonish the posters who are using the chat board for what it was created for? You want only upbeat, happy posts singing the praises of the remaining house guests?

Is this Andy?


I think everyone says worst season ever but its just because they didn’t have someone they like there always something crazy going on just like any other season people complained about not going after big targets earlier well Helen aaryn and Amanda did I finishes 7th 8th and 9th


Oh Well. All that I can say is that I hope the cast of BB16 is a little bit more likeable than the cast of BB15. I really need someone to root for next season


We need another Ian Terry. I never looked at sites like these during his season, so I really don’t know what the public opinion of him was, but I watched live feeds and BBAD and that kid was one of the best people to root for out of all the BB seasons in my opinion. A smart, strategic and likable underdog. I can’t imagine anyone not rooting for that kid, but I’m sure there were those that didn’t for whatever reason. lol

A dream...

One can only hope that during the season finale, Ashton Kutcher announces that we’ve all been punked, and this whole season was a prank.


Last decade called…they want their Punk’d joke back.


Actually, Pamela will wake up and hear the shower running. When she goes to check it out she will find the real BB15 cast and the show will start over. The whole season will have been a dream…


The final 3: The Racist, The Pervert and the Rat.


I read somewhere that Andy won Veto. Please let GM and Andy be in F2 so GM can win. You know Judd is gonna tell the jury that Andy is a Rat. so no votes for him yay!!! lol


Are you sure that Judd is that smart?


looks like the rat rules…. good for him

Sometimes the Crap Floats To The Top

I don’t like the little rat floater, but I will give him credit where credit is due and say that finally at the end of the game he appears to be at least winning the competitions. I don’t like what the little rat floater did on his way to the end game, but I’ll give him credit for the wins once he floated to the top. His behavior still sucks. Andy is living proof that sometimes the lying, back stabbing, entitled, whiny, cry baby entitled guy can still come out on top.

Having said all that, I still hope he goes out in third place.


I kind of hope that the next all stars brings back McRae and he actually plays the game. I’d like to see what he could do without an “Amanda”.


I think a lot of people are wanting McCrae to be a better game player than what he actually is. He’s not the worst, but he’s not deserving of a second chance to play the game. He’s won a few comps, but his social game is lacking. If he had come up with any good plans or strategy while with Amanda, then I’d say maybe the kid had something more to offer. It’s not like he came up with plans and she shot them down, at least none that I saw in all my time spent watching live feeds. Even after her eviction he really hasn’t done anything except win a crucial veto.

His vote against Judd in this last eviction was the worst for me. He still bent to ‘the will of the house’ at final four when he knew he was still the prime target, knew Andy flipped on Amanda, and can pretty much see that Andy and Spencer are working together? I don’t understand how he thinks that helped his position in the house at all. When Judd went on the block McCrae could have easily told him his fate was sealed by the other two and gave him a vote. Judd still would have went to jury, but he may have went with a modicum of respect for McCrae for going against ‘Spendy’ who were really the ones responsible for sending Judd home.

I like McCrae well enough, but he’s more fan than player. Amanda I liked less, but at least she played hard.


LOL at the rat and the perv. They always say they don’t give a f*** about the Brenchel Army yet they manage to talk about it from time to time. It seems they are assuming only the Brenchel Army hate them and like Elissa. They are in for a rude awakening once the show is over: many outside that fanbase hate them and like Elissa too. These too are still too jealous eventhough Elissa is already out.


God why do so many people keep saying they’re jealous of Elissa and that’s why they’re talking shit about her? I mean seriously…are all the people here talking shit about Andy or Spencer on a daily basis jealous of them as well? Like Elissa, hate Elissa, who really gives a shit, but enough with the lame excuse that “they’re just jealous”. Saying that when someone talks shit about you or someone you like is just a weak excuse to give rather than admit there’s something about you or that person that somebody else doesn’t like. It’s like saying “I’m perfect so there’s no reason anyone would not like me. They MUST be jealous.” Please…

Word On The Street

I agree on a certain level there is no grounds for jealousy, but maybe in this sense — a) They hate her sense of celebrity by association with her sister and b) I believe they are jealous of her preferential treatment by Production. They are also still campaigning against her via character assassination for America’s Favorite, so she remains in Andy’s wheelhouse because the Rat is ALWAYS thinking, ALWAYS conniving and knows he had a chance for their vote (but that chance I believe has been lost unbeknownst to him). Unfortunately, the dumbest one left (or maybe it’s arrogance/hubris) isn’t GeniusMoron, but McRae. How could he not see the writing on the wall? Why send home Elissa? Judd? Is he so arrogant that he thinks backstabbers will turn on EVERYONE IN HIS ALLIANCE BUT HIM and he will be safe at their hands? What an imbecile! Worst final 4 ever.


I had a reasonable response to you with no profanity or controversial statements, but this peice of crap site has censored me for some geekfaced reason. Great site — you’re starting to suck as much as this season has.


I am not part of brenchel army, but I voted for Elissa as my favorite house guest because she stood up against racism in the house and was the least vindictive person of the bunch.

Earlier on I had considered Jessie but I wanted Elissa to be rewarded for swimming against the current – none of the other house guests did that. They were either the racists, bystanders, enablers or the victims of racism.

In a season with so much that was dark, Elissa was a light. Elissa, you earned my votes, nothing to do with Rachel or Brendon. Go Elissa!


Nothing else major going on so I’ll just share this: I watched something called Tough Love because someone posted having seen Howard in it. My first impression was right – he is slimy, shady and mysoginistic Anyway – I’m glad GM is still fighting because out of all the people left, the lesser of the 4 ‘evils’ IMO, are GM and McCrae but it looks like he may just have missed the boat while he was getting his knob polished so much. Too bad because he might actually have been F2. We’ll see…


did gm win veto do anybody know


Hey guys-
If the skating comp is the POV and it is to be played tomorrow…then the POV has not been won yet. Is tomorrows endurance comp the POV or the next HOH?
I am confused, by the conversation I just saw on BBAD and what you wrote. We can tell who is nominated by their keys missing from the wall, but have they or have they not played the veto challenge yet?
Thanks for answering.


curious think its practice for upcoming event


Well to win BB, just be a floating two faced rat who starts every lie with “to be honest”… or …”to tell you the truth……” Ugh … What a lousy ending to a boring nasty season.. Doesn’t matter who gets money…It’s all bad.


Ini mini miny moe who gives a f*** who wins the show? Worse season ever!


andy will have to win his way into finals gm wont take him and im sure spencer wont take him because he has better chance against gm so it looks like if mccrae goes spencer is in finals 100 percent gm will take him and andy will take him


GM for the win! … She is giving it 100% … Tough girl! … She may not be book smart but she is street smart
Judd was right, they all underestimated her. I actualy like her personality too.


i take it you haven’t read the feeds for most of the summer.


I feel like a flip flipper on who to support in this game, but I have to agree out of the people left, I’d rather GM even though she has said a lot of ignorant things. I think she could actually use that $ the most even before losing her job. She is a fighter, that is for sure. I most certainly don’t want Andy or Spencer to win it. I think she could beat both of them in the end!


Flopper…. Damn autocorrect!


CBS just announced the cast for BB16….

Bear Shirt
White Fish
Black Fish
Nick’s Hat
The Origami Cicada
and Elissa Slater, sister of BB winner Rachel.

Day 1….. racism rears it’s ugly head when when HG’s vote out the Black Fish after Elissa takes herself of the block with the Galaxy Power of Veto which is good for the entire season.


GM for the win. She said some racist remarks but I think she’s just ignorant. She thought she was saying something funny or witty without knowing it’s offensive. But I think she’s hilarious and fun to be with and a very loyal and strong person. I hope the rat makes a mistake and takes her to the final 2. GM’s gonna win!!! She’ll have the votes of Jesse, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, Judd and McCrae. I also hope Spencer is stupid enough to take her too in the finals. The worst case scenario is Andy winning the final HOH and takes Spencer to final 2. The winner sucks either way. Let’s change the channel all together.

Don't Reward People For Ignorance

You realize that’s like saying “Sure, she shot a few people, but I think she didn’t realize that bullets are fatal”, right? smh…

Now I am fed up !

I still think they should have pulled the plug on this season weeks ago !!!! Nobody deserves a dime for their disgusting behavior , Even when BB tried to warn they …they just refuse to listen or respect BB’s contract -rules . Then again CBS is letting them , after all it is at CBS (OUR HOUSE ) Sole Discretion to disqualify any player who does not obey the rules and Clearly All of these HG have and continue to cross the line !!!! What a Sad world we live in when this behavior gets rewarded .


I was really rooting for Mccrae. I hope he is somehow saved, but that’s highly unlikely considering he would win against the remaining contestants.

Mccrae seems like a sweet down to Earth guy who happened to screw himself by letting the power of steady sex ruin his game while being isolated for 3 months. I wish you luck!!

Andy winning HOH is my worst nightmare, the game will be predictable from here on..

Gina Marie you have said some truly ignorant things, but I still don’t believe you are a terrible person. I hope you learn something after watching yourself. I still would like you to win over Andy.
I guess I’ll keep watching since I’ve already gone this far.


GM would win against all of them in the finale as well. Spencer has no chance of winning. The only person who can bit Andy is McCrae. I think no matter who wins during the final 3 they are going to take Spencer with them.

Team McCrae in GA

Sounds to me, from the feeds,that GM won the POV. I wanted McCrae to win it soooo bad. I so hope they choose to vote out Spencer. If McCrae doesn’t win, the only other one out of the four would be GinaMarie. I do not want that pervert Spencer to win, nor do I want rat-boy Andy and his elfin ears to win. I want to know what happens when they get back into the real world. Wrote down their names so I could check the web pages to see what I could find. Some will be getting a very rude awakening regarding their jobs…MCcrae told Spencer he was sure he (MC) would be going tomorrow. NOOOOOOO!

Team McCrae in GA

Thanks for the update, Simon! The way the were talking about GM ‘tearing up the skating comp’ I thought for sure she had the POV.

Brenchel Army

just wondering how many losers from the Brenchel Army are on this site. Give me a thumbs down


Let’s have a twist from CBS. None deserve the money, it goes to charity because of their repulsive, racist behavior!


OMG Andy wins HOH and POV

If F2 = Spencer and Andy
it sucks


Despite the sucky season, this is the best place to get live feed updates and spoilers! 🙂


If am McCrae, when they “break the news” to me, I blow Andy’s ass out the water right quick. No fuckin way they make me look like a Britney. I’d say, dude IDGAF WHAT you think you have with these two people! I promise you, if you don’t use the veto on me and send me out tomorrow, I will have 6 days in that jury house with Amanda to make sure you do not get a single vote!!!

if Andy was smart, he’d back out of this exterminators bs and HEDGE HIS BETS by taking an exterminator AND MCCRAE to Final 3!!!! THAT is his absolute BEST MOVE right now.


Long as Andy, The HUGE RAT, does not win Im good…..Time to step up Spencer and GM….


Holy crap! GM’s cackle laugh is non stop tonight. She lets out a horrid cackle roar every 2 min. & she’s laughing at her own stupid remarks. Andy won veto and they r sending McCrappy out the door. As usual they can’t stop bashing Elissa and the pervert called Tori Spelling a “monster” and made reference to “hitler youth”. Between GM’s cackling, McCrappy clearing his throat every second and the perv and rat google eyeing each other BBAD was another disappointment. The ogres are being their usual dirt pig selves.


Uggg..I hope McCrea has or gets a special power to shake things up.

Baring that I hope GM wins the final 3.

If spencer and andy end up final two.. I hope over half of Jury just self evicts. rather than make that choice

Todd Crane

So since Andy got veto I’m 99% sure he’s voting McCrae out. No surprises there.

Amanda and McCrae got evicted thanks to Andy, their closest ally.

McCrae and Judd messed up by not keeping Elissa. Both of them said they would keep her but didn’t and karma got back to them.

I want the ants in the house to win the $500,000, the sliding doors to win the $50,000, and Elissa the $25,000.


Since Andy won the POV, only GM will be voting. She could vote Spencer out and that would leave her and McCrae to work together to get to the F2. Now that could be the “unexpected twist.”


Unless Andy uses the POV to take Spenser off and put GM up instead then Spenser would be the only one voting. I thing Andy will trust Spenser more than GM to vote out Mc.


Hope that Andy doesn’t use the veto (highly unlikely) & GM votes out Spencer instead of Mccrae as planned. The look on Andy’s face would be priceless!

100 percent

Have the already done veto meeting? Nobody seems to be campaigning, and Spencer is trying to get Andy to tell McCrae about the Exterminators so he won’t be blind-sided.


I am so sick right now, the idea of that racist GM going further, and that coward Andy, wow this season really sucks, doubt I will even bother watching the end.

So disappointed that this can happen, what went wrong with this show it used to be good, now we just have the worst of the worst in the final three.

Man I have to hope Spencer wins and that is just so disheartening


run nick run it is almost time for the crazy witch to be on the loose, hunting you down

Roisin Dubh

I’m telling you right now, Andy will not win it, it’s gonna be a bitter jury and Andy burned pretty much all of them. This is GM’s to lose.


If Andy chooses not to use the veto, GM should evict Spencer because I am sure Andy and Spencer will cut her in th final 3, whereas McCrae will certainly take her to th end.


Is Spencer being honest (I know it’s a rare thing in the game) with GinaMarie about not taking Andy to F2 and preferring her over him? 🙂 Thanks, if you could possibly straighten it up for me.

i agree

GM grew up in a area that her comments are normal. I 100% agree wrong but it was how she grew up all she knows. I honestly seen her being sincere and a woman of her word she has kept her word each and every time. I believe that she only knows what she has been around and also think she needs help she is just a lost soul and says ignorant comments due to her lack of education and exposure to the world. it is sad because she is 33 and maybe all of this will be a blessing in disguise that she learns right from wrong but in the end i do think she has a heart and cares. She was thrilled how Candice wished her a happy birthday and hugged her, it was the rest that tried to do a negative spin on it and GM shut it down she felt it was awesome that Candice did that. I dislike this season very much but now pray that GM wins it all she is the best at this point and it is sickening how Andy truly believes he deserves it all. Spencer and him disgusting i really hope McCrae lets them all know in the Jury to go for GM.


It’s interesting how people are acting like McWuss was a nice sweet guy. He said a lot of vile disgusting stuff about people also. He didn’t start telling that big amazon Amanda to stop doing and saying stuff until they started losing votes and control of the house. He instigated some of Amanda tantrums.He got thrown the first HOH and POV. Go back to the first week and re-watch, if anyone can stomach watching them all over again. Hid behind Amanda from week one, biting his nasty nails and funking up the house. He should have back and butt sores from laying around the whole season. Wasn’t sure if he could stand longer then 15minutes at a time. Spencer must have a man crush on Howard. He’s always making comments about sexual relations between Howard and Candice. Winner Andy. He was smart enough to use these idiots info against them!!

What would happen if

With only one vote to be cast, if Gina Marie voted for Spencer and Andy were to use the HOD vote for McCrae who decide the tie?

Parallel Universe

What are you talking about? Andy has no vote.