Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Special Eviction Episode RESULTS!


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Tonight on the Special Eviction Episode we find out the actual results of what has transpired over the last couple days. Big Brother has blocked the live feeds since 11am yesterday morning to keep the eviction and HOH competition a secret until tonight’s television broadcast episode. Unconfirmed spoilers of the results were leaked last night after the episode was taped and tonight we find out if those results were true or false.

Actual Results:
Andy votes to evict: JUDD
McCrae votes to evict: JUDD

In the event of a tie Spencer will break the tie and decide who goes home.

JUDD was evicted by a vote of 2 to 0

FINAL 4 House Guests: Andy, McCrae, GM and Spencer

HOH WINNER: ANDY (unconfirmed spoilers are right!!)

The winner of the HOH is automatically in the final 3. The House Guest that wins the Veto competition will also be in the Final 3 and get to decide who to evict. This is the most important Veto competition of the season.

What’s to come in the FINAL WEEK?

When the feeds come back we should know who won the POV..


  • Someone goes home and we go from 4 to 3 house guests
  • Whoever wins the POV has the one deciding vote to evict.

3 PART HOH Competition leading up to the FINALE on September 18th:

  • FIRST of the three part finale HOH competition is played. This will probably be endurance.
  • SECOND part of the three part finale HOH will be played over the weekend / early next week. This one is usually the skill/physical competition.
  • THIRD part of the three part finale HOH will be played on the finale episode. This competition is a question competition where the winner will decide who they want to take to the finale 2. The final 2 house guests will then answer questions from the jury members and the jury members will then vote on who they want to win Big Brother 15.

Feeds come back after the west coast show airs.

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326 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Special Eviction Episode RESULTS!

    1. Captain, my Captain thank you my good luck charm. Josh loves you. My Rainbow Warrior Andy is in F3, going to the F2 with Spencer and winning the $500,000. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss. Love you Andy. Josh and I are in the money, life is so Sunny. Captain you are the best!

      1. if you happen to see Spencer eight days from now his red beard will be glazed with Andy’s jizz, and Spencer will be sporting the biggest smile.

    2. I don’t even know what to say after watching tonight’s show. Judd, you are an asshole. And you got exactly what you deserved you fucking baby. GM you are a skank. I can’t believe the audience applauded when Judd said he wants you to win. Obviously that’s not the same audience who booed Aaryn for making half the racist comments that you have. Spencer, you are a dickhead. A big time soulless pervert and liar who doesn’t have an ounce of credibility. A big time sociopath. And Andy, really? The exterminators was the proudest thing you did in this game? And Judd was one of your best friends? Then why didn’t you vote Gina out? Obviously he is playing for Judd’s jury vote. Take your crocodile tears and stick them up your ass, you Rat turd. At this point I’m for McCrae. The other three are just disgusting pieces of shit. So glad the biggest piece went home tonight! Bye bye Judd, you arrogant, lazy, dumb jackoff.

      1. When Billy Ray Cyrus was asked about Miley’s new video, he said, “I just told her I wish she would try to be CLASSY like that girl on Big Brother, GinaMarie.

        1. I have to agree with Billy Ray Cryus, that performance of Miley would of have been better served at a strip club. She would of gotten a lot of dollar bills, at least she would of been paid for skanking up the place.

      2. You call J – U – Double Dudd an arrogant lazy dumb jackoff but yet you are rooting for McLazy himself? You shot your credibility right in the foot. Yes Dudd may be lazy but he did not spend three quarters of the Summer in bed with a sweat hog. He may also be dumb but he comes by it honestly. The horse you are backing is the biggest floater no account loser of the Summer. He rarely baths or uses soap, and even Amanda told him that he smelled bad. This is what you are backing. If he wins perhaps he will hire someone to train him to act like a human being.

      3. I hope Gina becomes a member of our party. We need strong female leaders like her. With hot Sarah, and thrifty Michele, we can’t miss in 2014.

        1. 47% of you are just sitting around watching BB and waiting for a handout. Mitt includes retired military in that 47%, retired government employees, and people on a pension. Oh Mitt, so a retired veteran that serves his country doesn’t have the right to expect his country to honor its agreement. I guess we can’t all run an equity fund and put people out of work. The new right wing economic model: outsource all our jobs. At least we will have BB, wait they might make it BB China instead. Oh that Mitt is smart!

        2. Amanda might have forced herself on McCrae a few times. Ok who am I kidding, she forces herself a lot of times on him. However, what I do know is that the female body has a self protect mechanism that will naturally abort a fetus in the case of forced relations. Rick the scientist in Chief.

        3. Sorry Rance, GM has stated how much she loves Obama, she wishes he could have a 3rd term. You could look back a few weeks and see her say it.

      4. Remember most in the audience will only have watched the show and not the feeds, Gina Marie’s comments have not been featured the way that Aaron’s were on the show.

      5. @And then three were four. I had more fun reading this post than watching the game

        Damn! So true. I can’t even look at the tv whenever spencer is on
        That’s how repentant he is to me. Andy? Ready? Hahahaha what a joke.
        I can’t believe it but I’m cheering for mcg for the win. Shocker

      6. Boy,,,I can’t believe how many of us -AGREE- that this show had a lot of crappy people–the worst are at the end,,except McCrae I do like him..the better of 3 evils—at least he an Amanda made it interesting to watch–though i did think she took the pestering ELISSA-a bit much,,I did want to many times reach in the TV an wring her neck–I was hoping when McCrae won HOH that if he did put ELISSA up it was to backdoor -redhead fairy ass– I can’t believe how they are keeping him -He slid through like a snake coiled around everyone striking only when he had no choice,,an yet could not run fast enough ( I thought his big clunky feet was going to trip each other) when he couldn;t run quick enough to spill juicey gossip from one ally to another—the little rat–he needed his tail clipped–all that crying was getting on my nerves at first I thought -he was just full of emotions till I seen him bawl-babying –tears an all then when ELLISSA walked out of the room he peeped out an winked to GM–that pissed me off—-Ok they all lie by the end it is a game–but most human beings feel horrible about it–REDHEAD ASS–after he LIES TO YOU AN SWEARS ON ANYONES GRAVE HE THINKS OF RIGHT TO YOUR EYE–THAN TURNS AROUND AN LAUGHS SO MUCH—IT IS SICKENING—HE FEELS NO SADNESS AT ALL THE RAT-FINK—
        Do any of you notice that most all of us viewers are making threats by the end at the shows producers that if a certain person wins –we stop watching–we are super pissed at the creep who always seems to take the prize—why–because we see how wrong they are with the lies–hurts an we see the other side of them that we don;t like very much an sure as hell don;t want the money given to an ass-hole–which they do—-an this year is no better–
        I think the jury people should be able to watch all the back scenes that we have been watching before they decide who to vote for,,cause every stinking year after they cast there vote an then start hearing alll the crap that they did an regrets there voting choice——so why not PRODUCERS===LET THEM WATCH–its not like they are going to be sitting with family an they influence there vote—-they still can;t see or hear what is going on in the world—so why not??
        GM–she is a very pretty girl–but sure hope an UFO ALIEN- doesn;t happen to peep an think she is the model for the AMERICAN WOMAN—just kill me know—-lol–for she knocks us back 800yrs–lol–an how an who raised her had to be wolfes–did you see how she eats ,,shoves the food by over-filled forks so big her mouth my get stuck opening that wide than chews loudly an if its to much to chew—(well ofcourse)-she then spits some into a napkin right in front of others eatting—UGH–I WAS GAGGING–getting sick—after one of these eats she was called in the diary room–after that I noticed she didnt eat with the group–even when she cooked she would just sit with them not eat till she clears the table then as she is doing that she stuffs big bites in her mouth an chews so loud you can hear her chopping with the mic so close to her mouth—sickening–no manners–an her cursing–she is worse than all the men put together—LOUD –AN HER LAUGH IS EAR PIERCING–TO YOUR EARDRUM WILL BUST—didn;t anyone not even her friends tell her -Hey ,tone down a bit –no one can hear there own thinking when she is so loud—–horrible—-
        when ELLISSA was there she kept cleaning all up –she was folding the clothes -making the beds-even vac-ed up the floors till it got worse she gave up on all elses but still kept hers up..—she was so pretty an kept herself clean an what the hell this is the person the 3 dumb-dumbs are making fun out….stupid—I sure hope McCrae pulls it all out an WINS—THE REST DESERVE SHIT—-an from what I read ELLISSA will get the 25gs–good for her,,,well did enough venting believe me there is more—–you know we all have bad habits that we don;t want the public to know about–an in the BB-HOUSE even though there are tons of cameras after time you do forget they are there an when your alone deep in thought out comes those nasty habits—so we all have them–so in a way I didn;t call them names for that—an lets face it ladies all men can;t keep their hands out of the pants–lol why should these guys be diff—if I was family I’d just laugh an say–OH GOD–OH WELL ITS HE THAT HAS TO FACE THE WORLD—its the trash talking that is wrong an telling a blat out an out lie–then laugh all over that you did just lie–that;sad,,an wrong—well lets hope for the better to happen–didn;t know -REDHEAD ASS-H—taught –college—–NAH CAN’T BE –he was talking about he an the kids doing crafts an he got all itchy all over cause he had the wet clay all on his skin an under his nails that he was shaking saying that just eerks him to no end–having anything all sticky googy on him—lol—then teach–ya better just stay home with the covers over ya head—-later people..

    3. Simon Doug Dog Dawg Canadians: Show has been broadcasted. The results you reported last night are true. Do u have anything new to report? Are the live feeds back up? Who leaked the results to you last night. Do tell!

      P .S.: Andy is a disgusting rat.

      1. I guess Simon and Dawg have their “sources” at BB : )
        That’s the only way to know.
        I’m glad we found out here before anyone else.
        This is the best place for BB information!

    4. Andy winning HoH is the most disheartening thing since Elissa’s eviction. Some people say he was good at playing both sides of the house so he was a “good game player,” but I disagree. He never thought for himself and did what others told him. He gives himself way too much credit. Hopefully he won’t go to the final 2 :(

      1. Andy aka RAT FRUIT LOOP nauseates me!!
        He won HOH – bc he made ….. “guesses” – in a comp!
        How is that skillful? He is a floater – fluffer!!
        Andy looked like he wanted – to kiss – the red beard!
        OMG! ANDY AND SPENCER ………. ” 2 peas in a pod “!!
        Who would of thunk it?

        1. You can hate on Andy’s game play all you want, but making homophobic remarks about him makes you just as bad as GinaMarie and Aaryn and Spencer.

        1. In the immortal words of George Bush, BB “Mission Accomplished”. When I said that statement, did not realize we would still be over there for another 12 years. Oh well, just like DuDD, you win some and you lose some. I rather fight the good fight over there and lose and ruin the USA economy rather then not fighting. Wish leadership like the right, who needs red lines.

              1. Hmmm… I was going to make a joke comparing Spencer to Stephen Harper and McCrae to Justin Trudeau but… well, never mind… :)

            1. No, don’t send then to MSNBC. These haters are our perfect demographic. Send them to Fox. If it rains, blame it on the pres, if its a traffic jam then blame it on the pres, if you child is failing school it is the pres fault. We got the hate the pres stick down. However, we want everyone to know we are fair and balanced. Go Gina!

    1. Dudd is so dumb. How dumb you ask? During his exit interview with Julie tonight, Dumb and Dumber said he doesn’t regret evicting Elissa. According to Double D, Elissa was to hard to work with. I guess Elissa should of listened to your sage council. Lets see during Elissa last HOH, you advised her not to put up Andy and put up Gina. Recommending to Elissa, the very same thing that Amanda wanted to happen. What did Elissa tell you when you said that? Because it was kind of an idiotic suggestion on your part, she said are you working with Amanda. LOL! I am surprised with advice like that, Elissa didn’t listen to you.

      So you have no regrets Dumb and Dumber, you rather get rid of Elissa then have an ally to help you advance in the game. Oh Double D, its great that there is someone looking over idiots like you.

      1. Agreed! BB15 worst season EVER. Thanks to the racist pigs and RedRat. I haven’t seen a more vile person since Russell on Survivor! Tell me when it’s over!!

      2. CBS since several houseguest have been FIRED & lynch mobs have been formed against many; I think you should seriously consider FIRING the employees that recruited these idiots! I want to punch Andy’s teeth out and I’m not not of the brenchel army!

    1. Wow Name, I watched the video. Julie was told that her eyes were too Asian and she look bored so she had plastic surgery to widen her eyes. I feel bad for her. But the thing is she wanted to be an anchor so much that she did it.

        1. Aaryn, are you being force scissor with Amanda right now. Aaryn you don’t have to do everything Amanda tells you. She can’t vote you out of the jury house. If you are going to scissor do it with Jessie, wait on second thought, do it with Candice, wait…why not do it with Candice and Jessie, wait…why not do it with Jessie, Candice and Julie. Now that’s hot! I can’t wait for next week when they finally give us a peak into the Jury House.

        1. Julie is a big hypocrite. She is appalled at Aaryn making fun of Asians but here she is one and she can’t get away from her heritage fast enough. A million times worse than Aaryn. By having the surgery she validated the stereotype. But hey, for selling her soul she at least was able to achieve her dream of making it big as a network ‘news woman’. Hope it was worth it, Jules.

          1. I don’t care if she had plastic surgery. However, whoever was her surgeon did a great job. There are to many women that had the surgery and you can tell that it was done……ie: Joan Rivers, Elissa, Amanda, and Greta Van Susteren. They need to find out the name of the surgeon who did Julie’s work. They told Julie to look less Chinese and she got butt implants. I am not hating, they look great. She got her lips done and it looks great. She got her eyes done and they look great. Julie is a beautiful woman.

            Julie what is the name of that surgeon please? I want to send my girlfriend to him/her. I want her to look more Chinese. My girlfriend looking Chinese is the closest I am ever going to get to a Chinese woman.

          2. Completely agree with you. She’s pissed at Aaryn for an Asian remark – not Gina, just Aaryn for some reason but that’s another topic – yet she herself couldn’t get rid of her Asian appearance fast enough to make some money. Hypocritical and absolutely pathetic.

    2. JULIE CHEN IS A LIAR and a pretty sorry example of a human being. She berates a 22 year old kid for making what are yes insensitive, ignorant and vile comments but wow she lets the worst one, Amanda, get by without being berated. She also guarantee will say absolutely nothing to Gina Marie who next to Amanda made the most horrible comments and used the N word when describing people along with Kaitlin and will guarantee she will say nothing to Spencer who has made horrid comments about women, gays, Jews and others. Andy will also get by without being berated. Julie Chen has no right to call herself a journalist because she is as bad as these house guests because she in essence condoned their actions by not holding them accountable especially when you now know she actually had surgery so she would look less Asian. Yes, CHEN is the biggest phoney in the batch, and I actually think that Aaryn could win an age discrimination case against CBS and Chen because it is apparent that Chen picked on the youngest because she knew the others would fight back. CHEN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BULLY!!!!!!!! Karma always comes back Julie Chen!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Big viewing party tonight here at the truck stop.All us drivers are hoping Andy gets to keep his superhero costume. He will look real unusual running from truck to truck in that outfit. Go Andy!

      1. Hey, Bob , Somebody told me that Kenny Chesney wrote that song “Truck Stop Rat” about Andy. I didn’t know that. Did you?

      1. I hope McCrae gets POV. GM’s racist actions were the worst amongst the current houseguests and Spencer making comments about children just makes it impossible to see him win the money.

        Since Amanda left, McCrae seems to talk alot more and is a good player. I would like to see Andy and McCrae in the F2. I want Andy to win, but I wouldn’t be upset to see McCrae win and do something with his life. I hope his family persuades him to stay away from Amanda.

      1. You ask the impossible. GM is the most class-less thing I’ve ever seen. I said thing because I don’t know what the name is for a species that is part human, part rodent, and mostly piece of shit. The sewers of New York City have more class, respectabilty, and appeal than GM.

        1. Didn’t Judd say, I left a message for you in your bible! Why didn’t the Pu&& just come out and tell him in front of everyone. Besides, MC already knows Andy is not on his side. He isn’t fooled, just playing like a fool. As long as you win comps, you dont need friends at this point. Just ask Rachael Reilly :) Pulling for MC but still think if Andy finds himself in final 2 he will win. Once you haters put aside the fact that he is gay you have to admit he had a solid socia game. Not only did he play both sides of the house most of the game, everyone knew it. And they didn’t care because he had them all believing he was more truthful to their side. Houseguests = stupid, Andy = smart. You dont have to like him, but you have to like his game. It just might earn him $500k!!

    1. I haven’t seen Clownie in a while. Is he still in the house? I think once Elissa left he said you weren’t go to leave him in this house with all these turds.

      1. It doesn’t matter who goes on the block at all. What matters is who wins the POV since that person will go to final 3 with the person he/she chooses and Andy.

    1. Name – Andy needs to go on the block AND then out the
      fu**in…DOOR! Don’t want the pervert to win!
      McPussy needs the money! GM needs money, for new hair!

  1. It’s sad that I have to resort to rooting for McCrae. Sure, he hasn’t done anything this season, but other houseguests could’ve probably benefited from that. Less is more.

    1. So we are down to 4 and who too root for. Unfortunately Andy makes it to final 3. So he will nominate Gm and McCrae of course. Then McCrae win pov and Spencer sent Packing. I think out of the 4 left I want McCrae and Gm final 2.

  2. I just noticed the tweet from Arisa Cox promoting the casting call for BBCan. I had hoped they would have found someone new, she was horrible! I couldn’t stand those 14 second pauses before she reveled who was being evicted. So annoying ..
    Funny clip of Gary tho!

  3. I think Dawg should be higher on the poll of who to win. Reporting on a super boring season to make it semi-entertaining is a feat in itself.

  4. With choo choo perv I like to flirt
    As I wear my sexy kitty cat shirt
    Don’t look now but watch your back
    From this flaming red liberal hack
    My crush is always playing with his sack
    Which just makes me want to pack & jack
    Even though Perv is really fat
    it makes no difference to this rat

  5. Don’t forget to vote for Elissa favorite house guest!!!! I want to see the rat I mean Andy throw up on himself ;)

      1. I am not votting for that women hater, calling female c*nts is unacceptable no matter how you spin it. Vote for Candice! I want to see the look on Aaryn, GM and Spencer’s face.

        1. I voted 8 Elissa and then one for Candace and One for Jesse. I want Elissa just puss them off but I want Candace to win 2nd to piss the rest off. I truly believe Candace or Jesse should win but Elissa because non-Rachel supporters don’t like Andy and Spencer and I want to piss them off.

        2. Yea Sass, I agree. Did you see the look on Aryan’s face when Candice won $5,000. It was priceless….

          But I don’t want to waste my vote on a loser. So I ‘m going with the majority and voting for Elissa.

          True Story:
          My son was at school today hanging out with ROTC cadets. And there was this wannabe black fat white boy saying the N word. My son told him not to say that word again. He looked at my son and stop. When my son told me what happened, I told him that I was proud of him. He learned to stand up against racism by watching Elissa on BB15. So she definitely gets my vote for putting high morale ahead of the game.

          1. I’m exhausted so please forgive if my word if they come off offensive, truly not my intent… Didn’t you teach him that at home? I can see Ellissa’s actions inforcing it but my guess is he learned the value at home. :-)

          2. Your son is lucky he didn’t get punched in the nose. That’s fine if he wants to be a do-gooder but then he better expect the price that sometimes goes along with it.

    1. I wish everyone would vote for Jesse or Howard. I would hate to see Elissa win it. She is annoying and she is rich. Jesse and Howard could both use the money. I would be happy to see either one of them win it.

    2. Plus didn’t Spencer boast he would pull his pants down and shit on the stage if Elissa got America’s favorite? I’d love to see the cops hauling his ugly fat ass off in handcuffs. They could put the asshole in a shower with an extra slippery bar of soap. Maybe Marilyn or Bubba could then pay him a surprise visit. On second thought, the pervert would probably enjoy that. What a chode.

  6. I hate the HG this BB season.

    What I hate most about them is that the wimpy cowards couldn’t vote for on their own choice. Out of their cowardness, they felt that they had to vote like the majority. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    I think that the next BB should be all couples, this would prevent that problem.

    1. They learned this tactic in high school. You want to be safe, you have to side with the cool people. In this case they sided with the bully to improve their game, and they went further for it, but I do not think that is a game play. I think that is a cowardly way to play, and made for the most boring season ever.

    1. Andy won’t win 500 grand. The only way he will win is if he can win finale HOH. I see Gm and Spencer and that will be a tuff sell for CBS. McCrae would take Spencer. Andy will take Spencer. Gm and Spencer will take each other. The only way Andy wins is if he takes Spencer. Spencer may have a chance over Gm but it would be a toss up. If McCrae doesn’t win veto he is outta here. Then Gm wins final Hoh

  7. Did anyone else notice that all the guys (except for Spencer), had their Johnson visibly outlined in their superhero tights in the POV comp. I guess Spencer has female genitalia.

    Spencer has a VAGINA!!!!!!

    1. Oh my goodness, you have solved the mystery as to why Spencer always has his hands down his britches. He was making sure it was still there.

    2. Great, just when I think I can’t be anymore disgusted by this slob & then you have to put this mental image into my head, thanks!! lol Seriously, why on earth would cbs ever cast this guy???

      1. Well Denise, I think Spencer got selected for his teddy bear like appearance – there seems to one contestant like that each season. Boy, oh boy, did Spencer fool CBS and so we have suffered.

  8. So Judd quit the POV competition so he could stand there and remind Andy to refill his 20 second time clock? This episode is funny.

  9. This is the stupidest tear of BB ever. There is not one of the people left who deserve to win the 500,000. If Andy or Spencer
    win will never watch again.

  10. Judd!!! I thought you were crazy for it using the veto on Elissa. I thought he was dumb for quitting the veto comp and helping Andy. After that speech at the veto ceremony, he deserves to be committed to a mental health facility. Help!

    1. I thought even Julie Chen was struggling to have an intelligent conversation with Judd.
      But because he saw it coming he was ok about it and made for some chuckles

  11. America’s Favorite: vote for the HG who made this season entertaining. Don’t be a total idiot and vote for the person who got unfair privileges from production, unfairly got paid extra to be on the show, and last but not least threatened to walk if they couldn’t get their way(That’s not what a true BB Fan would do).

    1. Even though I like Elissa as a person, her game play sucked. Each week she voted to evict people that were in her alliance by playing Helen’s game. I’d be really disappointed if she won favourite house guest by people clouded by the fact that she is Rachel’s sister. I’d be happy if either Jessie, Candice or Howard won.

      1. Sass, it’s funny how people say it’s all because of Rachel because it’s not. I didn’t even know who Rachel was, because I just watched BB 3 and 4, and now BB15.

        Elissa has merits on her own. And that’s why I voted 10 times for her. I like how she played and I liked her decency and respect. That’s worth more than anything else.

        1. Yes, one that talks down to people and act like they’re better than everyone, is a clear sign of decency and respect.

          Most people rooted for her because of Rachel.

          She had one of the most terrible games in the history of BB, all her bogus claims of being a HUGE fan of BB she had no clue what she was doing the entire time,which proves original suspicions that she only agreed to do the show if she got a higher stipend, due to CBS not being able to get Rachel back on the show and their pathetically desperate attempt at “Brenchel” ratings(I’m positive they tried to get Rachel on as a coach last season). The only thing that kept Elissa in the game was the MVP that was designed to protect her and the fact that there were bigger targets than her, even though most in the house were annoyed by her because of her uppity attitude, but Rachel’s fans completely overlooks that and root for her anyways.

          She will obviously win America’s Favorite simply because she’s Rachel’s sister.

      2. Why does the HOH have to put 2 people up if the POV winner will decide who to take to final three?

        They should just play the veto competition without putting anyone on the block.

  12. OMG IM DYING judd is really not all there, that was so funny im crying HOLY CRAP. “mccray i cant say ill take u to the final 3, im coming after you, but please vote for me to stay”. ROFL.

  13. Just put in my 10 votes for Elissa! Spencer grosses me out & I think he is just a really vile human, so if her winning pisses him & Andy the rat off then I would vote a million more time if I could!

    1. There’s high possibility that rich girl Elissa will donate the $25,000. It’s better than wasting it on people that don’t have jobs. These people are young and stupid. Don’t waste your votes on a bunch of losers. Ellssa stood against racism and bullying. Howard was a coward, he was afraid of coming across as the angry black man. He stood on the fence while Candice got attacked. Grabbing her to pray in another room was phony balogne. If I was a big black guy in the house, I would win all the comps. And I would tell Aaryn to put my f***** bed back the way she found it!

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  15. Judd handled his eviction interview well. Nice to see he was a “good sport” about it. For those of us that were wondering if he would regret his decision not to work with Elissa, he claims that he does not regret it.

    1. Worst move of the summer was Spencer not getting rid of Andy – it might be their only shot before the f2 and Andy will win if he gets to jury.

    1. He should enjoy it while it last. Can’t imagine any clear speaking females elsewhere that would want to have him living with them.

  16. There is no surprise here. Andy will put up Mc and GM. The POV winner will decide the next eviction so this HOH has no real power

  17. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope McCrae or GinaMarie wins ,,,,,,,,, If that Sneaky Rat or Disgusting Pervert win this season… I’ll never watch this show again

  18. Jessie was my favorite house guest but I voted ten times for Elissa just because of all the hatefull stuff Andy, Spencer and Amanda threw her way this season. I’m so impressed at how Elissa stayed on the high road.God bless you Elissa. I bet you see that she is the only house guest that gives any of her money to charity.

    1. Elissa will not donate the money to charity, so vote for your fav player. As much as many seem to admire her, just the fact that she needed to brag to others that had less than her about all her material things and houses, it a clue that she is very materialistic and it is all about her. Yes, she puts on a good front, but the money will only go to the Elissa needs more foundation. Pay Attention to the clues

    1. we don’t have time machines or even have a way
      of seeing 24 hours into the future, however that nifty
      scenario may be what goes down if McC wins the PoV
      after Andy announces his two nominees tomorrow!!!!!
      we had been asking how McC will stay in the game!

  19. Now that’s what I call a man hug between Andy n Spencer after the red RAT won the HOH! Looks like fat pedo bear will be sleeping in the HOH bed tonight and not Goldilocks. Now being that this season is a CATACLYSM…what wouldn’t it be without a spandy final 2?


  20. It makes my sick to think that the second biggest racist in the house GM could win this stupid game. If this happens, if she is rewarded for being such a witch, then there is something clearly wrong with the world.

    I will be disappointed as well if Andy wins, he is a coward and does not deserve to be there, he never made one big move on his own, he had others do it for him and stayed under the radar, and to me that should not be rewarded either

    1. GM and Spencer finale 2! CBS then promoting this and that type of behavior priceless! That is the best outcome for this crappy season. On to Survivor and my favorite pirate!

    2. I think she is technically the third biggest racist in the house- if even that, she is more clueless than a racist. it’s a tie between Aaryn and Amanda for first. Check out the you tube of Amanda and her racist and homophobic bull shit. It just didnt get played on CBS because the whole damn thing would have been bleeped and she probably has those special ties with CBS we’ve all been hearing about.

    1. and that’s a bad thing? How?
      If McC wins, he gets Amanda for like a month or two (’til she has spent the money)
      If he loses, she’ll find some other sugar daddy sooner.
      Seems like he also wins big if he loses.

      1. There should be a penalty “House” jar after this season. If anybody ever says those words again, $10,000 of the prize money should be deducted and a gold $10K token placed in the jar by the person who said it. Seems to me if you are going to make the house a player, it should be able to play for the money too. Just think how well that would go over btw the person dumb enough to say the phrase and the other players in the house.

        BTW This season just goes to show that (even though we hated hearing it) Rachel was on the money about floaters.

    1. Your comment made me think of the last lines of an old rhyme:

      Neuter Gender
      Hopeless Case
      Object of
      A funny face

      So no balls. As for the voice, all rats squeal, don’t ya know?

  21. Apparently, viewers of big brother are now higher than they have ever been, despite masses of people saying they would no,longer watch. My answer to CBS, is “,nothing has changed ” regarding viewer feelings towards this season….however, its like watching a train wreck, you cant wait to see If the conductor is ejected.

  22. Judd makes the case for Country Bumpkin what a dumb one stopped playing the comp and was helping Andy with the time ah what about Spencer should have helped him…his parting words were stupid also just like his veto speech. He can now go to jury and face all the women he bad mouthed this last week.

  23. Normally I think lisps are cute, but Andy’s lisp is so annoying….omgsh I dislike him so much. Hoping your A$$ gets evicted a.s.a.p!

  24. I haven’t seen the show in awhile, just keep updated from the site now and then. Im more interested in jury house. Has any footage been shown?

  25. I have seen not one inkling of gameplay on Andy’s part. He road Amanda’s coat tails until his alliance was threatened, flipped to the other side of the house to be the mole for mccranda, and did not play a hand in anyone threatening going home. I just don’t see why some thinks he deserves the win.
    Also, and speaking from a woman’s standpoint, I don’t think Spencer is a saint but I don’t see why everyone is bashing him so bad. He survived the block 7 TIMES people. That to me is gameplay.

  26. I am just coming to this website at this point in this horrid season to see BuffaloBill make you all mad with his taunting comments. I sure wish I could join you guys in Aruba, BuffaloBill! I agree this is probably a lock for Rainbow Andy. Too bad I don’t gamble.

  27. Thank you for this website. It is great to take a peek to see what happened but I stopped watching this BB15 shit on Sunday and am done for the season. I don’t care who wins!

  28. Personally I loved Judd tonight.. He may be totally crazy but he definitely has a career in comedy if he wants it. His interview with Julie was a total crack up and the audience appeared to love it. I think they announced the America’s choice right after that. I think Elissa may have a bit of competition for that with the mainstream audience. He was entertaining!

  29. Here’s what I think will happen, and I’m horrified by it since I didn’t want Andy or Spencer to win anything.

    We know Andy is HOH:

    1) If Spencer wins veto he’ll take GM to final 3 and McCrae will be eliminated.

    2) If McCrae wins veto he’ll take Spencer to final 3 and GM will be eliminated.

    3) If GM wins veto she’ll take Spencer to final 3 and McCrae will be eliminated.

    If McCrae or GM win veto they will take Spencer to final 3 because they think they can win over him.

    So tomorrow Spencer will go to final 3 no matter what.

    Final 3: Andy, Spencer, and GM or McCrae. But McCrae has a 1/3 chance of going to final 3 and GM a 2/3 chance.

    So that means that for sure at least Andy or Spencer will win $50,000. That’s the worst case scenario.

    I’m disgusted, but that’s my analysis. What do you think? Please comment. Thanks.

    1. The only crinkle I see in that analysis is that if McCrea gets POV he might decide to take GinaMarie to final three rather than Spencer. That is what I think Judd was trying to hint to him during the eviction exit. But who knows…. I would certainly prefer McCrea and GM in final 2 over those other two.

      1. Sharp, I think McCrae will take Spencer over GM because he knows he has a better chance of winning against him than against GM. But I really wish he would take GM to final 3, so McCrae could win $500,000 and GM $50,000 and the two reds will be left out. That would be wonderful and I would love it, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I definitely wish I’m wrong!!!!

        1. Yeah, that maybe what happens.. the only thing that gives me a bit of hope… is that McCrea realizes that Andy and Spencer are a showmance (not speculating whether it is sexual or not!) but they have a tight final two alliance. If he can convince GM that her only hope to get to final two is with him, he might go that route. But as you said, the more straight forward way would be to aim for Spencer final two. Just hoping that does not happen.

      2. I don’t like anyone left but since two people have to win money I vote for McCrae and GM. And don’t worry, McCrae won’t give any money to Amanda, maybe he’ll buy her a pizza at Manzetti’s or whatever is the name of the place he works at. I don’t want Andy or Spencer to win anything.

      3. I already voted 10 times for Elissa to win America’s favorite houseguest.

        Please everyone that wants her to win this, vote for her 10 times, it’s easy. Just sign in and vote, and then it will have an icon to vote again and you click on it and will see the picture of all HGs again and you click on her picture again, you keep repeating this 10 times, it’s quick.

        Don’t let someone else win this prize. Remember how many of us want her to win it. Now is the time to act.

        Here’s the link:

        If you click on it and it doesn’t work just copy and paste it.

        Elissa for America’s Favorite Houseguest!!!

        Let’s send a strong message to Andy and Spencer………… : )

  30. Spencer or Ginamarie deserve to win at this point………..Look how many times Spencer was put up and escaped being sent out…….I mean come’on….he def deserves something for that……….that’s been unbelievable ! ! ! Or I’d like to see GM get it………….but, Andy, that stupid looking ghost of a human does NOT deserve a dime ! ! ! Of course, MaCrea just came alive after his “wife” left……………big deal…….I don’t want to see her prosper from a dime of BB money ! ! !

    1. Each time, if not, most times, Spencer was a pawn. He knew it and never had to campaign as hard as any of the other ppl on the block. IMO, that doesn’t make him a survivor… just an effective pawn. His heart might have sunk every time he was nominated but he has never been in real danger except during Helen’s HOH.

  31. i vote 10 times america favroite for elssia reason why is because when the racist suff was going on she the one that didnt like it in talk to candice ask a friend i really truely belive elssia is a good person i can tell im not going by house play or who the nice one im going by elssia doing whats wright no mater you black or white we all the same in god eyes thats what she was saying to me by being friends with candice my votes goes to elssia

    1. So if you reason is because racist comments were made why didn’t you vote for Howard or Candice who had to be persecuted and talked down to?

  32. So, they’re gonna give that fat ass pig GM a pass huh? I guess it’s OK to talk about “n**** Insurance”? It’s the loveable losers like GM that produce the racist miscreants of the future. I don’t want that sorry ho bag bitch as a goat, give her the stipend and let puke all over her boyfriend Nick . Pathetic.

    1. GM is like a cartoon character, you think she can’t possibly be real. That’s why Aaryn is getting a lot of the flack, because she isn’t very lovable or goofy. I wouldn’t be surprised if GM is eliminated that Julie gives her a pass, even though I personally thought GM’s comments were a lot worse than Aaryn’s.

  33. We need McCrae to win veto because if not Andy is going to win because part three of the final is always questions and I think ratty will win that. Part one is endurance and if McCrae can win that than Andy might get beat in part two of the final competition. This is worse than the Nerd Herd season. The only high point will be getting to see Andy cry again.

  34. You can’t fault house guests this season for lying low. The MVP twist made making big moves and playing the game hard liabilities. Think about it, the first couple weeks, Nick. Boom. Jeremy. Boom. Howard. Boom. It created a ‘borg-like’ system where the only way to stay another week was to make sure you were in right with “the house.” This season would definitely have been far more satisfying if people like Nick and Jeremy stayed to duke it out with Amanda and Helen. I can’t blame them for how they played.

    I DO however make an exception for McPussy, he wasn’t lying low for strategy, I honestly think he was just p*ssy whipped.

    1. On another note, Team JUDD for America’s favorite.

      Probably the only dude who can stop the Princess from buying another diamond encrusted yoga mat or something.

  35. I hate 3/4 of these idiots. I don’t hate McCrae- he’s the most deserving of this, the lesser of all evils I would say.

    GM is a racist piece of garbage. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is mind-boggling. She got fired from her job and will learn NOTHING if she wins 500 000.
    Andy is pathetic. He lied his way to the top, kept jumping sides, and the way he was talking about Elissa even when she left the house gives him absolutely NO respect.
    Spencer is a clown. This guy has done nothing the whole game but get used as a pawn. He’s won HOH once, but again- when Elissa left the house, he was heard bad-mouthing her and he is disgusting.

    McCrae is no Saint, but he stayed with one ally the whole game and saved himself on multiple occasions. He made a stupid move in evicting Elissa, but then again- Elissa’s argument to stay when she was on the block, or even when he was trying to decide who to put up was so much weaker than Andy’s. She was terribly passive.

    McCrae NEEDED to win that HOH. Now, he MUST win the POV to stay safe. God I hope he makes something happen.

    1. I disagree with most of what you said, but two points I will pick at…

      How did Andy constantly switch sides? He stuck with McCranda from week 1 until he knew that ship was beginning to sink, and then joined the Exterminators, which he is still loyal to.

      McCrae began with the Moving Company, but followed the p*ssy to Team McCranda. He then proceeded to hibernate until Amanda was evicted. So, if you’re going to get on Andy and Spencer’s backs for “floating” don’t leave MC out of it.

    1. Simon, thank you for posting that. I come here to have fun and distract myself with a game I enjoy. I’m tired of people coming here to discuss politics.

  36. So who does judd have sex with first in that jury house?? aaryn, jessie, both at once then candice, even helen? those girls are going to be so hungry for any kind of man if judd fumbles this then i just cant comprehend that kind of failure.

  37. I wish I could go to the BB wrap party, but I live in Florida. If I lived in Hollywood I’d pay the $50 and go.
    Rachel Reilly is going to be one of the three co-hosts. But if I’d go I’d like to see Elissa, Helen, and Howard. They’re my favorite 3 in that order.

  38. Any thoughts what Judd put in McCrea’s bible? Maybe used play dough or nail polish to spell “Andy is a rat. Take GM.”?
    Glad he snubbed Spandy when leaving.

  39. Seriously!

    To the people posting political cr@p, this is a blog about a t.v. show. You must be slower than Judd to think anyone cares about your views. Just the fact that you come on an entertainment website to make your comments or make up cutesy little names shows what a jack-ass you are.
    I want a bumper sticker for my car that says ‘I don’t care what you’re political views are, just f@cking drive.

  40. I only like one remaining house Guest left and it’s not because I condone her bad judgement of racist remarks, it’s because I don’t believe she realizes what she is saying and doesn’t say things In a knowingly horrible manner as picked apart by everybody. She says it in a comedic way verses matter of fact. I dont think it was malicious…the way others did. I think she is honestly ignorant to thinking what she is saying is bad. They say ignorance is bliss…I think that in her case. I think she would be smarter than people think with the money. She is a giver. I would rather her get the money just because she earned her way, appears to be a hard worker (harder than the sloths left…afraid to do anything more than depend on someone to cook and clean up after them). She also has battle wounds and keeps on going. She is tougher than the rest left in my opinion.

    1. GM is 32 years old and knows exactly what she is saying when making her racist remarks. Explain how GM attacking Elissa’s 8 year old son with her racist remark was done in a jokingly manner. GM the racist gutter rat was a director of beauty pageants, before got fired because of her racist remarks, yet she sounds like a 15 year old white trash wanna be thug. The woman needs to grow up……she doesn’t deserve one dime, as far as I am concerned none of those poor excuses for humans deserve anything.

      1. Andy, I agree…none of them really do! You are right, those comments are despicable and there really isn’t any excuse. But, for some reason she seems to be more ignorant to the general knowledge of acceptable and not acceptable behavior…regardless of age in her situation. It’s just my opinion but I know where you are coming from.

        1. Did you give the 22 year old Aaryn the same excuse for her racist remarks? GM knows exactly what she is saying and doing when making her vile racist remarks. GM said if anyone said anything bad about her nephew she would go after them. Yet the racist vile gutter rat attacked an 8 year old child with her racist remarks and you want us to believe it was done as a joke…..please…….Reality and karma the bitch are waiting for GM when she gets back home…..

    2. no one gave aaryn an excuse and she looked completely confused when julie asked her about it. ginamarie deserves no excuse because when she said it wasn’t even joking around. i don’t see America all over her bum… like they were aaryns.

      1. Aaryn is a saint compared to GM. But they had to get a scapegoat and they chose Aaryn because she was the first racist to get out of the house and the public was outraged with the racism. They gave a free pass to Amanda, and GM will get another. Those two were much much much worse than Aaryn.

        1. Aaryn is no saint!! I agree she was a scapegoat and didn’t say as many bad things but I think it was only because she wasn’t in the house as long. I am not defending her I’m just giving my opinion and I think I’m entitled to that. I’m not voting for her as much as I’m voting against the others.

  41. If some one forced me to choose between these vile final 4 it would be similar to asking me what I would rather eat:
    cow pie, Rat turd mixed with vomit, Diaharhea, or an infested scab. Please dont make me do it!!!
    P.S. yes we will continue to include the word vile in every post the rest of the season!!

  42. If you’re paying attention to the (boring) live feeds, McCrae just walked by the memory wall and GM was the only key present…Spencer and McCrae on the block!

  43. It really doesn’t matter who Andy nominated at all.

    Whoever wins veto will go to final 3 and decide who also goes to final 3.

    Andy nominated Spencer instead of GM just to be nice and say “I didn’t nominate you”

      1. That would not work for me – LOL! With everybody sticking together it will be hard for McCrae to try to get GM to believe she can’t beat Spencer in Final 3 or 2. Oh well tomorrow is another day. And it’s already tomorrow here in FL. Night everybody!

  44. Ok here is my last hope for this season. I want Andy to come in third. We know he makes the final three but he could still come in third. What would happen to Andy. Would he eat his tail instead of the cheese? He could possibly completely self destruct. That would be sweet to watch. I don’t care who wins as long as its not that rat bastard. Hate you ratty! You are NOT NOT NOT America’s favorite!

  45. Isn’t the veto supposed to be live tomorrow? I guess GM’s fate lies in Spencer’s hands, otherwise no F3 for her. McCrae’s never gonna choose her: she’s a beast in competitions. Spencer has at least 50K guaranteed right now. Grrr! Andy’s really gonna win BB15.

      1. Oh, here goes my last hope of seeing McCrae in F2. What a season! If it weren’t for GM’s mouth, I could see myself rooting for her: she’s a “woman” of her word. Congratulations…Andy, I guess!

  46. Spencer: Hey Andy, Have you ever tried sitting on your hand till it goes numb then wanking yourself off.

    Andy: Why would you do that?

    Spencer: When your hand is numb it feels like someone else is touching you

    1. McCray was talking to Spencer on the couch about what he was going to wear tomorrow…. that’s why I assumed he does not have VETO… spencer is in too good of a mood to be worried.

  47. damn, mccrae didn’t win the veto, or spencer. i think it’s andy, or maybe gm by the sounds of it. mccrae’s game is over :( i am soooo sad :(

  48. Imagine all the shit under his nails that he constantly has in his mouth.I’m surprised he’s not biting his disgusting toenails!

  49. Why can’t they have the finale tomorrow??? They could fit everything in Thursday’s show. We are sick of the remaining HG. Simon and Dawg can’t even find anything interesting to write about them, it’s so boring, they’re down to 1 or 2 update postings a day.

    Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

  50. Definitely sounds like GM won the POV & Spence & McRae are left on the block. Possibly had something to do with skating!?!?!? I’m actually thinking GM is gonna pull this off. Not my fave, but has made the right moves at the right times.

  51. If I were mcCrae, Id be like dude IDGAF what you think you got with these two, if you send me to jury, me and Amanda have 6 days in there together to MAKE SURE your ass does not get the votes! So umm who are you using the veto on tomorrow??? Andy, if you are smart, you better re-think this exterminator bullshit. It could cost you $500k

    1. Andy doesn’t get a vote, he’s the HOH, GM is the only vote and she better forget about the exterminators and vote out pervert Spencer. If not, then it’s the two gaymates against her in the final 3.

  52. I guess Andy won POV as well!!! I hate the final 4 but I did not want Andy to go to F2 more than anything! I don’t think he is going to be able to win since he is probably hated in the Jury and he is going to try to take credit for all the evictions! lol

    Andy’s main problem wasn’t that he lied in this game, everyone has to. The main problem with Andy is that he backstabbed EVERYONE that trusted him.

    I have never seen anyone in 15 seasons backstab their allies like he has plus he LOVES to blindside people bc he is a COWARD.

    Jessie won’t vote for him since she left on his HOH
    Amanda won’t vote for him since he backstabbed and blindsided her after he was her ally for 10 weeks
    Elissa won’t vote for him since he yelled at her and told everyone that she was the one who voted against Amanda
    Judd won’t vote for him since he blindsided him and couldn’t be honest with him that he was going home-plus that is what he told Julie anyway
    Aaryn won’t vote for him since Amanda and McCrae choose him over her
    Helen won’t vote for him since he backstabbed her and blindsided her after acting like her closest ally for 7 weeks
    McCrae won’t vote for him since he lied to him about voting to keep Amanda and is the one sending him to jury since he is HOH and POV holder

    He may have made it to F2 but there is no way he will win! There is comfort in that I guess :-/
    I still hate this F4 more than I have hated a total of 5 people in all 15 seasons combined!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hum, me thinks the following people will vote for Andy:
      – Helen: she loves the kid, don’t ask me why. Besides, I suspect she respects him for outsmarting her
      – Candice because no way she’ll vote for GM or Spencer
      – Aaryn: she’ll respect his gameplay and he didn’t campaign against her, unless it’s Andy v GM in F2
      – the last exterminator evicted might vote for Andy because GM and Spencer aren’t that close. So if Andy’s against any of these 2, the other one will choose Andy.

      That’s pretty much four votes locked. Then again, if he’s against Spencer, he’ll become half a millionaire but against GM, I’m not sure. He’s definitely taking Spencer to F2.

      1. I would agree with you under a “normal” BB cast. But this cast is too personal. They are all angry and bitter. I think Andy burned way too many bridges. Even in other BB seasons when someone’s gameplay is just to lie they come across to the other hg’s as gamers.

        There is a very fine line from lying to people you aren’t close to, but lying to your allies is a big No-No.
        There is also a fine line when it comes to being a well-liked Villain, especially to the viewers.
        I do not like Villains but most of the Villains in BB history have always had a side-kick that they were loyal to, stuck by and brought with them as far as they could. That is why most people like the ex-Villains.
        I didn’t like Evel Dick while he was bullying Jen, but once Jen left Dick stuck by Danielle and fought for her to stay in the house. He even was willing to sacrifice himself at times. This was very enduring.
        I didn’t like Rachel her first season or most of her second either. I liked her when she stuck by Jordan and fought for her and stayed loyal when she didn’t have to.
        Even Dr. Will stuck by Boggie!
        Andy did not stick by anyone and the person he stuck by the most was Amanda and he even was apart of Amanda torturing Elissa (even though in his CBS BB edit it appeared he didn’t, but he was on board!)
        Andy hasn’t done anything enduring or self-sacrificing and has shown no display of loyalty. He even threw Spencer under the bus last week.
        There is nothing likable about Andy, period!
        I think the jury sees and feels that as well.

        That is just my opinion anyway ;-)

  53. God! These people(houseguests) are so stupid. Just keep bashing Elissa over and over and see her popularity votes go up. I hope she wins the 25,000. I can’t wait to see the looks on there faces as she wins the money.

    Andy is so funny, he keeps bashing Elissa and others about the way they looked. We’ll lets just say he isn’t no prize. Oh hell im going to say it, he’s ugly as hell. Just so glad this season is almost over with. Either way spensor or Andy will be in the final 2. Not my picks for that.

  54. Why does everyone hate Elissa? What did Elissa do that was so terriable??? Yes she is Rachel’s sister, but she is not Rachel. Let’s see, Elissa tried hard to stay out of trouble, Amanda brought trouble to Elissa, not the other way around. Elissa did not use one raceist remark against anyone. She protected Helen or tried to protect Helen from the raciasm. Elissa did not use filthy language every other word. Elissa tried talking calmly to people and yet she is the one catching all the crud..Whats wrong with this picture???? Amanda, Aaryn and GM talked horriable about people and yet they are being praised???? Elissa was honest with people. Maybe she does have money, so what? Doesnt anyone think Amanda had money being a realtor. Also, people talking about Elissa’s son, that is going over the line. Scum. I say Elissa I am proud of what you did and how much of a lady you are. Go Elissa

  55. You are right, she sounds like a 15 year old, which is why I also do not believe it is malicious. I think what she said about Elissa’s son was meant for Elissa, since she was trying to paint a “perfect family” picture, and had just stabbed GM after GM did not put her up. I still think it was not right, but was said in anger. Despite her age, her IQ is likely really low almost to the point of a disability. She only seems to strike defensively which is why I think most are wrong about her, she does not mean half the things she says. The others are much smarter, and should be held to a higher standard in my opinion.

  56. I want to know where the gay community is in protest of the rat and his vile and nasty remarks pertaining to Elissa. The gay community is always screaming about how others should be tolerant of them and their lifestyle. Yet here is a gay guy who is clearly NOT tolerant of Elissa and her lifestyle. Elissa was the only one who consoled the rat when he was being told by spencer that other houseguest were making fun of him because of his homosexuality. Yet the rat continues with his sick and creepy obsession with Elissa. He called her a c*** numerous times. The c word came out of his mouth so easily that you know it was not the first time he called a woman that. This man is a professor who has females in his class and he also works along with female professors does he call them the c word and the other vile words he has used towards Elissa when he doesn’t like them….the vile manner in which has attacked Elissa is NOT gameplay it is pure hatred, bigotry, hate for a woman and just plain vile……..he is nothing but a disgusting women hating hypocrite……shame on the gay community and CBS for promoting such bigotry and hatred……

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