“I wish she had left one week early.. I felt crippled after she left” McCrae

1) McCrae and Spencer are nominated
2) Andy has HOH and POV
3) If Andy uses the POV whoever he uses it on will have the single vote to evict. If Andy does not use the POV GM has the single vote to evict
4) I’m pretty sure McCrae will be going home tonight
5) During tonight’s show the first part of the final HOH is played. It is usually endurance.


1:35 AM GM doing her nails being close to the Nick shrine..


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

2:00am bedroom Spencer and McCrae

Spencer – “I still think Amanda was the best game player in the house”
McCrae – “yuuup.. I believe that in a way I don’t know what it’s going to be like watching it”
Spencer thinks from their inside perspective Amanda was a top notch player.

McCrae says he didn’t come into the game wanting to play the game he played. He wanted to play more the game Amanda played.

Spencer says he didn’t have the physical or mental strength to play Amanda’s game. Spencer adds that it really took it’s toll on Amanda.

Spencer says being on the block so many time ssucked but there was nothing he could do. He was in a position after the moving company that nobody wanted to work with him.
Spencer- ‘it’s been a pretty crazy summer for me’
McCrae – “that would have been been so tough, i’ve been on the block for 1 day you’ve been on the block 30 days”

Spencer – “I don’t know how many days i’ve been on the block.. I guarantee it was half the summer”

Spencer- “I know you and Amanda would go up there and tell them to put me up”
MC – When’
S – “Whenever.. I know for the HOH to have a smooth week they would put me up”
MC says the day Howard went up that was the case.
Spencer says it doesn’t matter it’s all good, “I think you are a wonderful; person and when it boils down to it it’s just a game”
MC – “yuuup I agree”

MC says Spencer played a good game he knew what to do while being on the block where as everyone else would have freaked out on the block. MC says they have that saying for a reason PAwns go home but with Spencer that wasn’t the case.
Spencer – “You gotta know your role in the game”
MC says Jessie didn’t know her role she tried to be someone else and screwed up.
S – “She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut”
S – “I left Amanda a ugly goodbye message.. I regret it never paid Amanda or her game much respect”

McCrae says when Amanda left she told him to stick with Spencer and Andy. Spencer – “I know your game went haywire after she left.. you had some major victories after that”

MC – “I wish she had left one week early.. so I would have more time to get back into it”

MC – “I felt crippled after she left.. I was like F*** now what”

MC – I didn’t know where everyone’s heads where at.. I didn’t know who was pair up.. everyone’s partner had been taken out and they’ve had time to regroup and sh!t”

S – “So f*** crazy there are only 6 days left”
MC – “YA …. FU** I don’t think I’m going to see it”
S – “I have no idea where Andy’s head is at”
MC – “He gave you no indication”
S – “I mean He never talked at all today”
MC – “Ya… it bugs me he was like yeah we’ll talk in a little bit and we never talked at all.. What are am I supposed to f*** think.. I can do nothing but worry now”
Spencer says he can tell MC not to worry just be rested and ready for the competition, “Think positive.. you know”
MC – “I’m not a positive thinker”
S – “you gotta be”
Spencer asks if he’s going to be a bigger fan after he’s been on it. MC doesn’t know he thinks he was already a pretty big fan. \

S – “this is exhausting.. it’s sort of mentally crippling”
MC – “Ya”
S – “Who do you think will be selected for Allstars”
MC – “AManda for sure she makes good TV if nothing else “
Spencer thinks it would be Amanda, McCrae and Andy. MC doesn’t think he could make it this far again.

S – “It’s crazy that Dan made it all the way twice.. I think it’s amazing.. I thought it was cool at first now I just think it’s Amazing”

MC – “If you talked to Andy tomorrow.. keep pushing that she will beat him in the final 2.. it’s better for him to bring me over GM”
Spencer – “She could .. I think your affiliation with Amanda will hurt your jury votes”

MC tells Spencer that she will win this game because his hands are clean, “Plus she was skating like crazy out there”.
MC says if Andy uses the veto on him he is not taking GM no f**** way. Spencer says same, “there is no way I will take her over you”
MC _ I was pushing that tonight but I have no idea what his plan is”
S – “Tomorrow you just need to get into his ear.. I would rather go into the final three with you and Andy..” Spencer doesn’t know what sort of deal Andy has made with GM but Spencer knows MC and Andy will take him to the end but GM won’t.

S – “I’ll try and talk to him and you try to talk to him we’ll stay on top of him”

They say goodnight


5:00AM Sleeping

9:00AM ZZZzzzz


10:23am lights on

Andy is the first one to move.. Heads downstairs to the bedroom where GM is sleeping in her Nick bed with the Nick Shrine. He says good morning and grabs something out of the dresser.

11:21Am everyone back in bed
11:43Am fish
12:15pm Still showing the we’ll be right back screen..

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Andy is an idiot if he takes GM. He should be taking McCrae and Spencer, those who have lesser a chance to win any money. Give that bitch the boot.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think Andy is just thinking about who he can beat in the 3-part HOH competition. It’s important to win that last HOH and decide who sits next to you in the final 2. If he keeps McCrae, McCrae could win the final HOH and take Spencer to the final 2. McCrae knows he can’t win against Andy but he might be able to beat Spencer. With GM’s knee problems, it might be easier for Andy to beat GM in the 3-part HOH competition.

Andy's Drool

You don’t think McCrae will win over Andy? Actually what McCrae is doing is pretty smart (for a pizza boy) but I’m betting that Spencer is just leading him on. What I thought should happen is that McCrae will convince Andy that the only way to redeem himself in the eyes of the jury is to save him with the veTO (as Andy so clearly says).He could push for morals too but obviously Andy won’t buy it: I would tell Andy that America hates him and the only way to redeem himself is to take McCrae off the block. But I’m sure Andy is drooling over the money a lot more than he is drooling over America’s love. I hope he gets home, reads all the hate mail, has a mental breakdown and gives all the money to charity.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I really don’t think McCrae can beat Andy in the final 2. There are a lot of people on the jury who believe that McCrae’s showmance with Amanda is what kept him the game for so long. Andy may have crossed a lot of people, but I can see a lot of the jury members seeing his actions as gameplay, and not a personal betrayal of their trust. I don’t see Helen, Aaryn, Candice, Jessie, Judd or Elissa giving their votes to McCrae. McCrae had the opportunity to keep Aaryn over Andy, and he didn’t. He had the opportunity to keep Judd over GM and he didn’t. He stood by while Amanda terrorized Candice and Jessie, and he put Elissa on the block when he could have worked with her…possibly getting them both much farther in the game. Now he’s trying to make it look like he would have played a better game if it weren’t for his showmance with Amanda. No one is going to buy that. If he was serious about getting far in the competition, he would have cut ties with Amanda a long time ago. If he makes it to final 2 (and I highly doubt that he will), he is going to have a hard time convincing the jury as to why he is deserving of the $500,000.

Roisin Dubh

I don’t know. This whole season has been played super personal. I just can’t see that all of a sudden the jury all of a sudden flips a switch and starts judging it on gameplay. This cast is a bunch of emotional midgets.

Andy's Drool

A few weeks ago I hated Mcranda and was sohappy when there was the chance that they will be evicted. I even liked Aaryn better. But then the exterminators came and McCrae was left alone and since then I HATE the exterminators and like McCrae. I will always hate Andy and did before too. If McCrae didn’t have a chance anyway, then that makes it a little easier to swallow. In the beginning of the season I thought Spencer and GM were the least likely to win. It is funny cause I always think weak people are stupid for not voting the strong players out but now I am mad that they did. I think Spencer should win just to show how pathetic this game has been. Yes, McCrae made a huge mistake not keeping Elissa. But he had so little time to think (I guess he’s not a fast thinker). He thought Andy would be better for him and he also already hated Elissa,don’t know why. Anyways, it’s hard for them to see what we see and it’s extremely frustrating when they don’t do what we think they should do. Oh well, at least the one I wanted won Masterchef.


Here’s the thing, though….you have to remember that most people don’t watch the feeds. Did you see the reaction to Judd? The audience seemed to really like him still. If you only watch the show, you have no idea how awful most of these people are. Aaryn, Amanda and GM are pretty much the only ones who had things shown on tv. So Andy probably IS loved by people that only watch the show, and I highly doubt he’ll be dealing with “hate mail.” I can’t stand the guy because I know what comes out of his mouth on the feeds, but I can totally see how regular viewers would think he’s a nice guy who cares about these people since he is soooo sad and cries soooo much when they leave. Puke.

Andy's Drool

Well, I mean like, if he reads posts like these. I would be horrified and bury myself in the ground. But I don’t know how sensitive Andy is to criticism. Maybe he will drool.

Alfred E. Obama Nimrod

Love the screen name Andy’s Drool.

Andy's Drool



Andy is a Rat turd, so don’t look for him to even consider bringing McCrae to final 3. Even though it was Amanda and McCrae who carried Rat boy all season.

Rat turd will not win the game, no matter who he is up against. He’s fucked over too many jury members and lied to their face the week they were on the block telling them they were safe. That’s what will do him in. It happened before in Seasons 3, 4, and 13.

If McCrae makes it to final two, he will win. Then Spencer, then GM. You have to respect the fact a guy was on the block 8 times and made it to the end. GM is just a nasty, foul piece of shit. But if she’s up against Rat turd, she’ll win.


Greatest BB Season Ever!

Allison Grodner will be getting a promotion. CBS got huge ratings with all this hate and racism. This is season is going to be the template for next season. If 3 racists were good this season, 6 racists next year would be even better. If one bully and exhibitionist was so funny this season, why not two next season. That way BB would have a fall back if Amanda, I mean if one of the exhibitionist gets evicted. We need more skanks to play the game. This season the skanks waited 24 hours before jumping in bed with someone. That’s way to long for our viewing audience. Lets troll those bars and sorority houses and get those independent women that know what they want and willing to sleep their way to the top or at least with their boss.

Next season has to be bigger, longer and better. There has to be at least one fight. Jeremy was to even headed. I wonder if Willie Hantz from BB14 has a brother that might want to play BB. Who can we get as a certifiable women hater? I wonder if ex San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is available? Now that’s a man that knows how to treat a woman. We need a socialite to play the game. I wonder if any of the younger Kardashians are available to play the game. Its got to be a slutty one, the sluttier the better. Now here comes the hard part. We got to find a gay guy. However, we never thought a gay guy might actually win BB. Andy fooled BB casting, he actually knew how to play BB way better then the heterosexual males. Plus where were all the flamboyant outfits that all gays are supposed to wear. Andy had no costumes and out smarted casting favorite players in Helen and Amanda. Andy just didn’t know how to project the gay man for great TV. I wonder if Richard Simmons is available? Allison get Simmons on line 1.

Now we need a black guy. That Howard guy was such a party downer. All this racism in the house and he just ignored it and didn’t blow up or hit anyone. Only if Howard would of gotten evicted by hitting someone for a racist remark, the ratings boost would of been huge. This can’t happen next season. I wonder if Jesse Jackson Jr is available to play? I know he’s in a federal prison. Allison get the Governor on line 3 and see if you can get a work release for Jessie Junior.

Now we need a good old boy. We had Judd, but he was way over the top. No one was believing that he was actually that dumb, but it wasn’t my fault. In reality Judd is even dumber. Who would of thought that Judd after being told by me in casting that Andy and McCrae had him evicted…opps! Not informed by casting, casting would never try to influence the game, unless Amanda was in jeopardy or we needed Elissa’s help to keep someone in the game. Informed by Helen, then Aaryn, that Andy and McCrae had him evicted. Judd then returns back to the house and proceeds to work with Andy. Everyone in Production was shocked by his decision. So I, Allison, tried to explain to him the reason he was returned to the BB house was to work with Elissa, but Double D just told me to STFU. Oh well, Production tried to help him. Upon his eviction, Judd said that Andy fooled him again. Is this guy dumb or what?

Amanda was great. She was the total package. A BB producer dream. She was a bully, actress, lover, and leader. Women hated Amanda and Women wanted to be Amanda. Its going to be hard replacing Amanda. I wonder if we can get a female MMA fighter in the game. Allision get Ronda Rousey on line 7 and see if she wants to play. Ask her what type of females she likes and we will make sure at least 3 of the girls in the house meets her requirements.

Yes if you liked BB15, BB16 will be even bigger and better, with more the things you come to like about BB15. Wait, Allison remember to put up a disclaimer saying CBS disapproves of any racist or bullying actions by any of these house guests and is totally shock by their actions.

the Truth

Put down the crack pipe mofo….it’s rotted your brain

The Nielsen Family

Prime-time viewership numbers for Sept. 2-8. Listings include the week’s ranking and viewership.

1. NFL football: Giants at Dallas, NBC, 25.4 million
2. NFL football: Baltimore at Denver, NBC, 25.13 million
3. “Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick,” NBC, 19.32 million
4. “NFL Pre-Kick” (Thursday), NBC, 18.03 million
5. “The OT,” Fox, 17.64 million
6. “Football Night in America,” NBC, 14.09 million
7. “Under the Dome,” CBS, 11.15 million
8. “Duck Dynasty,” A&E, 10.46 million
9. “NFL Opening Kick-Off Show” (Thursday), NBC, 10.13 million
10. “America’s Got Talent” (Wednesday), NBC, 10.03 million


Your point is what? People would rather watch football then a show heavily influenced by production?

The Waterboy

Of course people would rather watch football that than a bunch of hypocritical, fools. Duh huh!


I am guessing this is your first season watching BB.


Joker I do not completely disagree with your comment. BB15 would have been better if Judd had worked with Elissa and Amanda had remained in the game. This last 5 was a total joke! I don’t know how production let it get this bad. Not only are they boring but they are DUMB! DUmb leads to ignorant comments and what seems like racism. Mostly I think the racist comments were lack of life experience and iganorance. I never got the impression Aaryn or the others didn’t like Candy because she was black.
I agree there must be interesting characters and drama and some sex appeal but there have to be likeable characters that are also smart and unlikeable characters that are smart! The only two great game moves were made by Elissa (getting Nick out) and then trying to flip the house to keep Amanda against what everyone would have thought and if it had worked she would have the numbers. Too bad production couldn’t pull that hat out of their ass it would be great TV. Every other move was so predictable! I am sad the one time I get the feeds people are soooo dumb! How could Helen not see through Andy???? If Elissa started not to trust him I can’t see how Helen and Amanda were blindsided by him??
The young guns like Jeremy and Kaitlin and Nick and Aaryn went in too fast and furious. They were all like bulls in a china shop. If they had been more like GinaMarie they could have lasted. BB needs to get people that are just a little older with some patience and life experience and BRAINS!


TLM YOU NEVER GOT THE FEELING THAT AAYRAN GM AMANDA DAVID JERMY DIDNT LIKE CADICE BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK!?!?!?!?!??!??! You got to be fucking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the main reason they didn’t the because she is beautiful then because she haves a good professional job life already started or could it be because she was given up at birth not to make the best out of life


Joker I knew you were being sarcastic but there is plenty of truth to needing interesting, smart and even overt the top people in the house.


People voting Thumbs Down on this post may not realize IT IS IRONIC. I’m voting Thumbs UP for its satirical intent — and I loathed Amanda, Andy, et al.

Spicanese Standup

Forgot to identify myself — and any anonymous poster is, by default, dubbed “Name, says …” SPICANESE STANDUP — who loathes Amanda, Andy, et al — appreciates the IRONY of JOKER’s post, and gave it a thumbs up.


Thanks! At least someone gets it that I was being sarcastic / ironic.

The Nielsen Family

Nope, we got it.


Great well written observation.


Even though you’re being sarcastic (and I chuckled at the post) I would not be surprised at all that some a-holes at CBS think somewhat similar to this post. I mean the racist remarks early on got them so much press and articles in mainstream newspapers, etc. Any publicity is good publicity.. because people with watch.

Hopefully smarter heads will prevail and CBS will realize they can have drama and intrigue and fights without racism, homophobia, misogyny and ignorance. Smart, funny, clever and even bitchy combos are much more entertaining.

I have to disagree with your Andy bit… he is plenty ‘gay’… and closer to Richard Simmons then Wentworth Miller or Orlando Cruz. I think a hot super masculine gay player would be a good change.

And wtf is up with what Andy wears?? He needs Carson Kressley to do a Queer Eye for the Queer Guy show quick!


So why does the black guy haves to be the women hitter why not let it play out the way it should have this year when a racist white bitch got up in a black girl face and almost got laid the fuck out for popping out some racist shit to that that black girl. The black man wasn’t trying to hit the white girl see you was almost on to something pretty funny but then you fucked your self up. But must say that SOB dude out in CA would fit the part of Spencer and fit the older age part to

An observation

Candice is lucky that GM and Aaryn (and Amanda during that veto comp) didn’t punch her in the face. The gurl had a really shitty attitude and a very big mouth. Just keeping it real, boo.

Walon Jennings

If Howard had hit anyone or played a dirty game the POLICE DEPARTMENT would have been called in . Howard proved and showed all of you all on here and the whole United States that there are black men who are intelegent and decent who don’t live the Gangsta thug rap lifestyle ? Also he was a good Christian not perfect but he was trying to be a good Christian and that counts.

Surely you jest

Yeah, good ole Howie the decent Christian. The one who swore on a Bible twice, lying both times. The same one who would lay with Candy and talk about sexual stuff and how horny she made him. And the same great man of God who whispered in Amanda’s ear that after the game was over he wanted to drill her like a bull in heat. Yup, you are right. NOT!

Wake me up when you are finished

Zzzzzzzzz. I’m sorry, how about some cheese with your whine. You seriously need to get a life, dude. What are you going to do next week when this season is finally over?


Andy is an idiot!

Tit for Tat

Really, As opposed to those arrogant sons of bitches?

Tit for Tat

My message was in response to BBFan.


Most people count sheep. It looks like spencer is dreaming of sheep. Possibly a red sheep?

Brenchels fucktard army

I hope mcrae realises that if they would have kept aaryn and cut that rat bastard andy that it would probally be him, amanda, aaryn and gm in the final 4

he won't realize until he's lost

McCrae won’t realize until he has lost that Amanda telling him to stick with Andy and Spencer before she knew Andy stabbed her. McCrae didn’t play the game all summer. Maybe if she’d left the first time she was on the block he might have but he was nothing but a mama’s boy sucking on a bully b!tch’s teet the whole season.


I think it is a toss up between McCrae and Gina. I honestly think Spencer is the only one who Andy has a chance fo winning over in the final 2. If Andy goes against either McCrae or Ginamarie he will loose against them. The jury members are going to be angry at being played by Andy.


GM has said the most awful things in the house, including calling african americans the N WORD, and Chen rakes Aaryn over the coals when Aaryn is not even close to the things GM or Amanda had said. It makes me sick at the thought that either GM or Spencer might win, and BB will let them skate over the comments the two of them made. Gag!! It almost does seem as if Chen, even though Aaryn did make terrible comments, did discriminate against her because of her age, and then made the comments everyone else said that were far worse acceptable. Something is really wrong!!!!

this show sucks the life out of me

Aaryn was outright mean and cruel. GM is like a kid in remedial classes that just is missing something….she can be excused somewhat because of her limitations and her obvious background issues (just listen to the way she speaks). Amanda was also cruel and mean. GM only went after Candace when she felt she was being attacked first, or when she thought Candace attacked Aaryn first (the hat). When Candace wished GM a Happy Birthday, GM hugged her and was excited and happy. She also defended Candace when others tried to make something out of it. GM sounds bad, (I certainly would not want to listen to her speak daily)…but she doesn’t mean these things viciously , at least in my opinion, but I do admit it looks bad. Amanda and Aaryn were smarter and more vicious.


Nice try but let’s just call BULLSHIT to the 100 power GM is a dumb bitch you have that part right she know just what the fuck she is saying but she just don’t give a dam just look at her comments she have made about Aayrin and Amanda making racist comment and how do you explain her comments about Asian people and her comments about Elissa little boy yeah GM IS A STRAIGHT RACIST SO STOP TRYING TO SAY SHE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!


The reason Aaryn got racked over the coals is because what she said could never be construed as funny in the least. When Aaryn said mean things she meant it in her heart! You could see it in her face and her eyes. She didn’t even pretend like it was funny or laugh out of control after she said it like Ms. Amanda and GM. Amanda and GM have said the nastiest vilest things I have ever heard in my life. I have never heard people talk like this. But, because Aaryn was more lady like in everything else she did in the house she was punished for her racism. Aaryn is pretty, smart, and a good competitor and her acting like she did with Candice and Helen just showed that she really is a racist. Amanda and GM are nasty in what they say and how they act and they are racist too. But, If you are inconsistent with your behavior in our society you get punished more. Because, if Aaryn wasn’t racist, she would have talked more crap about GM and Amanda and their behavior all day and all night instead of talking crap about other lady like competitors like Candice and Helen. Aaryn should have had more of a problem with GM and Amanda’s behavior because they are disgusting and definitely not classy.

An observer

I disagree. I don’t think Aaryn is a racist. She may be prejudiced, but so is every person on this planet (to some degree, on any number of things). There is a difference. A racist hates. A prejudiced person is more indifferent than hate-filled. Aaryn went to her senior year prom with a black man. Would a racist do that? I think Aaryn just got caught up in the moment and wasn’t really thinking about how her comments may have been coming across. I don’t remember Aaryn saying the ‘N’ word, where GM did. Plus GM’s comments were hate-filled in my opinion. And when Aaryn said the things in question it was generally in a light-hearted manner, followed by laughter with the HGs. So I actually do give Aaryn a pass and chalk it up to youthful indescretion and perhaps an ignorance of what is ‘politically correct’ today (which is another topic, don’t even get me started). GM is 33 and knows better, and there is no sugar-coating the fact she hates minorities given the numerous racist comments she’s made and the context in which they were uttered.


It would be a travesty if Amanda is brought back for AllStars!!! I wonder if that’s why Julie Chen went easier on Amanda than on Aaryn during exit interviews?


Chen went easy on Amanda because she’s threatening to sue CBS over defamation of character … MC mentioned her wanting to sue CBS the other day on live feeds


… Or they want her and MC to be on the Amazing Race


Ummm yeah that was a joke. As it was being taped for BB After Dark, the hgs were joking about it being night and just making up stupid things to pose off production. If anything, CAN has edited Amanda to look pretty good most of the summer. They’ve shown nothing of her racist comments or her admitted bullying of Jessie, and very little of her bullying of Elissa. She should be kissing their feet for the great edits she got and for the kid gloves treatment she got from Julie as compared to Aaryn, instead of the questions she should’ve been asked.


Amanda would get her ass handed to her in all-stars. Does anyone really think there will be another loser in all stars that will help her because she’s banging him the first night. Do they think the all stars will let her sit in bed all summer while they do what she commands and do her dirty work??? Amanda was in the house with the weakest of minds who were willing to be her puppets. In all stars she’ll be sitting behind a garbage can crying her whole time there.


Amanda actions this season reminds me of “Survivor: South Pacific” when a returning all star player, Coach, made his tribe into a cult and he was the cult leader, but he didn’t win.

Amanda fan

Your hatred of Amanda is blinding you to the reality that EVERY All-Star would have a target on their back coming into the game. Like her or not, Amanda had a great social game with excellent interpersonal skills. I think she would adapt well to everyone in the house and form quick alliances.


Honestly, I don’t think that Amanda’s gameplay was that great. I don’t think that she is some powerful mastermind manipulated that can make anyone do whatever she wants. Instead, I think that she got lucky that she got cast with a bunch of followers that were willing to obey her orders.but, even though I absolutely hated her, Amanda and Helen were the only ones actually playing the game, while everyone else sat around and conformed to their wishes…

Amanda fan

My first choice to come back for BB All-Stars is Amanda. (Aaryn is my second choice). She was who I was rooting for all season. Something about that woman. Definitely kept the game interesting and me watching. Now I haven’t watched a show since her eviction. Could care less who wins because the remaining HGs are all shit balls.


I am now forced to hope a racist wins big brother that’s what this season has come down to.


jared they been running the country for 300 years why upset now


I think it’s obvious Andy is taking Spencer and GM to the final 3, it would be a tossup of who he would take to the final 2 becasue he would win against either, he couldn’t win against McCrae.

My Two Cents

Spencer would literally tell the jury to give Andy the win – Andy would take Spencer in a heartbeat.


ill will the bad thing for andy is gm and spencer know they cant beat andy so andy is going to have to win his way in and if he does hes got 500k but gm or spencer win they are taking each other


It is like watching “Revenge of the Floaters”!


guess you didn’t watch this year gm only has a chance against spencer if its andy or mcrae no chance she wont wont get Candice Jessie Helen Amanda or elissa that’s 5 not counting the guys she may get judd but don’t see her getting more than 3 votes in jury need 5 andy has to be against spencer mccrae would be close

Bingo Bob

All us drivers out here at the truck stop sure enjoy seeing Andy be so competitive. Reminds me of the times I’ve seen him chasing hookers out of HIS parking lot. Go Andy!

Kenny Chesney

Sure hope Andy wins.It would sure boost the downloads of my new single TRUCK STOP RAT!!

Chesney Fan

I really love the new song TRUCK STOP RAT, but it’s so sad, especially the part “Bandaging his knees, Hiding from the cat, Working for a piece of cheese Wondering where he left his hat, Life’s not always easy for a Truck Stop Rat.” Luv ya, Kenny…xoxoxo…Helen


Helen, get off the computer and make some rice.


i agree , I’m sending my $10 now thanks guys


Yeah I bet you trucker don’t like seeing Spencer always “budding it up” with y’alls lot lizard haha!!!!! Bingo Bob I think I will always this of that lot lizard evey time I pass a truck stop!!!!

Simon and Dawg

I never believed it when someone said they o longer watch the show only come her for updates. I am now one of them. Since the double eviction I haven’t put on a show or watched the live feeds. I enjoy your updates and the comments of everyone here (whether I agree with them or not). I have tried other big brother sites but nothing compares to this one.

I just wanted to thank you for your efforts, I know a lot of people feel the same way.

I will be looking at making a small contribution in appreciation. I think if everyone really knew the time you took (when I would watch the live feeds I could see the hassle it would have been to keep up, and transcribe their comments).

I personally think you deserve financial reward for the hard work and I encourage everyone who canto follow suit. $5.00 is nothing to contribute if you can but it shows our appreciation AND gives you a bit of cash for your efforts.

Thank you.

Larry from Winnipeg!

P.s. it would be interesting to see where all the viewers are from to show how wide spread your fan base is.


Well done Dawg and Simon!

Michèle from Banff, Alberta


Kentucky here

Brown Fat

Dont know if its my computer but earlier when I tried to give this site some dinero I had such a hard time I quit. 1st, even though I indicated I was from the US it took a few times before it registered before I able to select which state I’m from. Then after it was all said & done it rejected my credit card, the same card I just used earlier that very same day to make a couple of purchases. I’ll try again though, Simon & Dawg yous guys deserve sumthin for your efforts.
And where is BBGrandma???


I had same problem with the state first time. I backed out and did it again then it worked


If you have pay pal use it. Just sent $10 thank you Simon and Dawg.


II donated ten bucks….from the Midwest


II also post as bbflyonthewall…i can’t believe judd didn’t tell mc about the rat….andy doesn’t deserve the win imo although he played like he thought he should…if he makes it to final 2 i don’t think the jury will respect his game ala dan from last year.


I am Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada !!


You said it perfectly! I love reading the comments. I don’t buy the live feed. I would much rather read the information here and I love the comments. Thanks Michelle. Rapid City, South Dakota!


Guelph, On., Canada 🙂

Random Dude

I agree this website is the best out there! Hopefully next season you can set up an app for the App Store because all the other ones suck!! Good job guys


Yet to find a redeeming quality in anyone of these scum morons left…and I still despise Andy the most! Probably more so because he cries at almost every eviction. I’m not one to go after anyone’s physical trait but mehn does he look so much like a rat!

Big ups to Simon and Dawg as always for making BB worthwhile…


So do I.

I wish upon the star in the sky that he loses the final game and that Spencer or Gina take each other to the final two.

Dirty Harry Reid

He is just crying to try and win jury votes. It would be great to see him get voted out at final three right before the big money kicks in.


I felt physically ILL when I saw Andy won HOH, and now, POV. I’m afraid to watch it in fear that he’ll win the whole thing. I don’t think I’ve hated someone on BB this much, ever, not even Ronnie or Shelly. I don’t like Andy because he is delusional, he thinks he has played the best game from the beginning (when at the beginning he hid behind Helen AND Amanda), the only talent he has is being a pathological liar, and ever since I heard him say he’s “pretty adorable” in the DR and he’s pretty sure America loves him, that’s it, he is the worst. HE IS SO WHINY IN THE DR!! It’s hopeless now bc I don’t want any of these people aside from McCrae (I had to pick the best of the worst to root for) to get it and now it’s all down the drain. SAD FACE


Hoping for a miracle that Andy will change his mind and use the veto on McCrae, but I’m doubtful he will :/

Big Brother Fan from Canada

There is no way Andy will use the veto to save McCrae. He has won more competitions than the remaining houseguests and he is too well liked by the people in the jury. There is also a good chance that he will win the endurance part of the 3-part HOH competition. I think Andy knows that keeping McCrae would be too risky for his game.


If MC is out I’m done, don’t care who wins. My only hope is that he has the Coup D’ Grat. I thought they mentioned that at the beginning of the show, does anyone know if they did?

Coup de WHAT?

Just to be clear:

Coup D’État: Overtaking existing régime.

Coup de Grâce: Final blow that kills wounded person or animal.

Elections Canada

And “Coup De Glace” is a cup of ice cream. If MC has that, it won’t help him in the game, but it might be tasty.

The Dude Abides

Yep! I agree that the Coup de Grâce would be most appropriate for this bunch, you had it right the first time.

However, in McCrae’s case it would probably be a Coup de Grâss.


During Andy’s “goodbye message” Judd starts laughing; Julie asked Judd why he’s laughing and Judd replies “I never seen a guy who cries so much.”

After Andy won HOH last night, did the crowd sort of booed?


I noticed that the closer we’re getting to the end, the whinier and bitchier he’s getting.


I know that that was so effin AWSOME!!!!! I hope the “RED RAT” realize how much Americans don’t appreciate having him and his 4 houseguest turned our favorite summer show into the shit that it is we cant just stop watching it because we have to much time wasted on it and we are still praying for a miracle could happen and none of them SOB win the game


Bye bye Mccrae that is what you and Judd get for turning on your closest ally ELISSA wuhahaaaa


That pic of Spencer just turned the whole
entire gay community straight.

Just Thinkin'

That is one funny comment about the photo of Spencer. Made me laugh big…


Simon and Dawg need to refund all donations for subjecting us to such a horrific pic of SPERVERT.


OMG… I couldn’t imagine another BB with them 3 in it…I can just see it now they would lay up & sleep all day while Andy would run around gathering information for those 2 digusting asses. Believe me those 3 would be out week 1 thru 3!!! those other HG’s would not put up with them for one second.
Also I thought this season they didn’t even have a swimming pool…cause you never saw them in it…every year you always seen the hg’s using pull & tanning…This was the most boring season ever…I sure hope they come up with better players next year if it’s not an AllStars!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

McCrae really believes that he, Andy and Amanda will be chosen for an All-Stars season?! Is he delusional? What makes him think they deserve to be on an all-stars season?

Just a thought

Arrogant stupidity would be my guess.


No one from this season should be in any all-star game, though I have a feeling CBS might try making something out of that asshole, Jeremy.

Botox Pelosi

The only thing Andy will be chosen for is a lineup. There are no all stars from this season.


i keep hoping andy will man up and eventually tell at least 1 person in advance that they are going home. but he seems set on being a rat snake until the end and shying away from confrontation. i cant believe he’s so willing to backstab mccrae when he has been so close to mccrae the entire game, since day 1 and mccrae has never done nothing to be disloyal to him. once andy turned on amanda, he automatically turned on mccrae. hes backtabbed everyone he’s ever been aligned with except spencer, and this is bc he thought he could beat spencer in the end. weak. he will never been asked back.
ive heard ppl in media like rob casterno say that amanda will defintely be invited back for allstars. love her or hate her, she did dictate the game for a long time and made for entertaining tv. they may bring her back with or without mccrae. id love to see mccrae play again. the only other ppl i can see them bringing back is jeremy or nick as they were strong players, and maybe didnt get enough of a chance cause of mvp.


Although I couldn’t stand Amanda’s antics and awful comments, she might have a chance to come back on an All Stars game. I think CBS would use her in the “EVIL PERSON” role, since her reputation is already established as that. But with really good players, I think she’d get thrown out on her keester fast!


If that idiot believes that he is more loony tunes than I thought. MAYBE Amanda and Andy have displayed game savvy but not McStinks-A-Lot. He has done nothing in this game noteworthy except bowing to the will of he house. And of course Amanda. Now if there was an All Star program for the filthiest player he would have a good shot. If there was an All Star for biggest floater then he should be at the head of the class. McStinks-A-Lot overestimates himself as do many out in the real world.


Spencer: Hey Andy, Come over here and let me
touch your veto…

Andy: If you promise to sit on my face when after
the finale

Spencer: Well…Um…Gee…Not sure what Marylin would think.



Brown Fat



GO MCCRAE. Will probably be Andy,maybe he’s sponsered by Guranimals. GM is a freak. Nick make sure you bring a girlfriend to the finale.


Please, please, I need someone to get that kitty cat shirt and BURN IT.


Bye McCrea you will be going home unless CBS save you. What I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THE HELL ANDY WON THE VETO AND THE POV. It sure sucks.


That picture of Spencer was uncalled for and wrong.


@gigiandthensome: “That picture of Spencer was uncalled for and wrong.”

LoL — For the girls that love then some Spencer, lol.

Bumbling Bozo Barack


The scary part about the picture is that what you think is Spencer’s knee is really Andy’s head.


… and kind of hilarious!

McCrae is right...

I think GM is the winner right now. The jury is going to absoluely love that it was GM that got Amanda out. Helen loves her, Aaryn loves her, and I’m sure Elissa/Jessie will appreciate GM’s getting rid of Amanda. There are so many girls in the jury, and Judd even said last night he wants GM to win. Some of the jury may be Andy’s friends, but they may be sour grapes Andy’s best play is to keep McCrae, and at that point it won’t matter because he’ll most likely win against either Spencer or McCrae.


Captain, my Captain where are you. Please tell Josh and me our Rainbow Warrior is leaving for the jury. We need you. You are the Good Luck Charm for Josh and me for Andy winning the $500,000 and Josh and me winnng the millions. Thank God people raise the odds for Andy winning because everyone was betting on Elissa winning. Thank you Elissa fans and thank you Captain for being a friend and helping us out. Take care my friend.


STFU Frank


What is your first & last name?


Capt. It is your old friend Frank Granda, just to big a POS to use his name.


Thanks, does Frank Granda has a Facebook?


This season has revolved around Elissa. Her edit on the show was very complimentary, she was given special nomination power, and the house guests popularity rose and fell based on their relationship with her. I do not dislike Elissa, I just feel this season would have played out very differently if she had been cast in another season. (a season without the MVP)


I disagree whether Ellisa is in the game or not these are the true colors of these people.


The casting of Elissa and the MVP was ghastly. This show needs revamped in the worst way. New competitions, new producers and way less Reillys.


So, the stats are out….no matter what any of us here think about the worst BB in history….it’s got the highest BB ratings ever! And why? Not because of these losers who are left at the finish line….but, because there was all that publicity heaved on to the RACISTS at the beginning…people who have never heard or watched BB were suddenly tuning into this thing because it was in newspapers, mags, other talk shows…and JULIE giving speeches about bullies and racism just enough to tweak everyone into asking…WHAT THE HELL is going on with this show we’ve never watched? Naturally, they tuned in to see KKK and Nazi skinheads berating black contestants…what they got was a little nitwit girl spouting silly things and turning over the black girl’s mattress. THEN….BB producers focused on the black man as possible winner…the holy roller who prayed with tears in his eyes….yet lied on the Bible every chance he got….and when the black girl wanted to tell off those white supremacists….he instructed her to keep her mouth quiet to get along with the white folks. In my day, the black community referred to those guys as “house n##gers.” He broke CANDACE’s spirit and turned her into a “Yes ma’am” person…and of course, he took her to bed, as well. Whether or not he told AMANDA that he wanted to f$$k her, well…all par for the course. CBS said we can’t have him as the winner. And he was gone. So…after the screaming maniac and the mindless yoga girl had to go…all we’re left with are the regular people…hardly worth watching according to reality TV standards these days. Don’t think CBS will take all of your distaste and hatred for this season seriously….with ratings like these….expect a whole LOT more of it next season!


Some of the competitons are definately made for certain people to have an advantage. MC said he was good at flying when he saw the veto game, I don’t think that was a coincidence, it made for good tv when he won. But I’ve said all along that I believe CBS and BB want Andy to win from this group. They definately dio not want to give the money to self confessed drugster MC and the same goes for pervert racist drugster Spenser and big time racist GM.Everything is now geared for Andy to win, not that I think any of them deserve the title BB winner.


Please cbs give us jurors a none of the above option.


oh, the agony of it all. Only joy left is watching the vermin evicted. Unfortunately 2 will be left at the end. Of course, there may still be some fun on finale night as I’m sure someone will give them an idea of how they are perceived outside the house…..and, we do get to rub it in their faces by voting Elissa $25K.


Simon and Dawg I still the best screen shot that represents Spenc the Perv is “beef jerky”. He’s like a giant, hairy, perverted teletubbie.


“still think”–while it best represents the Perv it still make me dizzy even to think about it.


Next year, all-stars 2: Legends vs Favorites
Dr.Will Kirby (Season 2 & 7)
Mike “Boogie” Malin (Season 2,7 & 14)
Danielle Reyes (Season 3 & 7)
Chicken George Boswell (Season 1 & 7)
Amy Crew Outlette (Season 3)
Alison Irwin (Season 4 & 7)
Michael “Cowboy” Ellis (Season 5)
Janelle Pierzina (Season 6,7 & 14)
Kaysar Ridha (Season 6 & 7)
Eval Dick Donato (Season 8 & 13)
Danielle Donato (Season 8 & 13)
Ryan Quicksall (Season 9)
Dan Gheesling (Season 10 & 14)
Jeff Schroeder (Season 11 & 13)
Rachel Reilly (Season 12 & 13)
Frank Eudy (Season 14)
Elissa Slater (Season 15)
Who will win Legends or Favorites


Captain, my Captain what about the Rainbow Warrior Andy (please God let the Captain say something bad about Andy because The Captain is our good luck charm). Don’t forget about my Jewish Queen Amanda. Both are true Allstars.


OMG, you’re such a moron. Andy will never be in the all star nor Amanda. Both Andy & Amanda suck!!!


Obviously Capt has something against gay people he called Andy a moron.


OMG, I love you Captain. Josh and I want to take you to Aruba. My Rainbow Warrior Andy is now for sure going to win and it’s because of my Lucky Charm, The Captain. If you don’t mine my best friend Josh who is a beautiful Gay Man and a very cute blond wealthy woman, we love to have you. But we have to be assured you no longer have anger issues (Josh still thinks you hav them, but I told him your over them, unfortunately, I don’t think Bob will get over his. All we can do for him now is pray for a miracle). Take care my friend.


How do you include Elissa Slater on your list. That loser floater has not won a thing!!!! Over-stepping a bit?


Elissa a floater? If you consider her a floater you must be retarded. She was a massive target from week 1 and made it further than more half the host guests


Massive target since week #1? Not really because they put the MVP vote in the game to allow her to choose to put on the block. Nice try… but let’s be honest lol.

She was a floater. She voted however Helen wanted and the minute Helen was leaving she claimed she was never a duo with Helen. An she was right she wasn’t she just floated behind Helen.


The Joker was only a target in week one stupid. When Spencer, yes Spencer, realized who she was he convinced everyone that they could weaponize her for the MVP which took the target off her back. She then became invisible hiding behind Helen. It was not until Helen was evicted that she became relevant again. Then she did win one HOH which was a disaster because she let her personal feelings dictate her nominations. Instead of eliminating the cancer she got rid of the symptom. She is not bright nor is she a good player and by the way she is universally hated by those who lived with her for 77 days I would say she is a terrible human being. I am not jealous of her and I doubt that her comrades in the house are jealous of her they hate her because she thinks her husband’s wealth elevates her above everyone else on the planet. Shut up. Yes she is a floater big time but like her game in the house on Helen’s coattails she will slide though life on someone else’s coattails. People say McCrae and Judd were stupid for letting her go…I think they were smart enough to realize they did not need that anchor around their necks.


Sorry to burst your bubble with another truth, but the only reason Elissa made it past week 1 was because she had a twist and production to help her, and that twist was unfair because she won it solely because she was Rachel’s sister. Elissa could’ve been completely mute for those 3 weeks and still would’ve won MVP.

MVP allowed her to float. I know the definition of floater and she fits the title 100%, because she never had a real alliance, they were all using her because they knew she was going to be MVP for as long as they had the twist.

Hell if it wasn’t for the others benefiting MORE from the twist than the HG it was designed for, Elissa would’ve had MVP for the whole summer, because that was the original plan for the twist to last until final 5, but CBS screwed it up by not only allowing the MVP to tell others they have it, but also having the same HG being about to it back to back(proving it was designed for Elissa), allowing the HG using it to their advantage be able to plan out HGs they wanted out 2-3 weeks in advance, so 1st they tried to change who won it(America.. another total failure), then they just flat out got rid of it.

I’m not even going to get into all the information/conversations Elissa knew other HGs had when she wasn’t even in the room when things were said, as well as some other unfair privileges she was given by her “friends” in the DR.

To sum it up, MVP gave Amanda the power to control the game, it never benefited Elissa’s game, it hurt her game more than it helped(even her sister said that), she was only kept in the house because it was easier to control the MVP nominations if they knew who was winning it, if Elissa got evicted during the twist ANY one of the HGs could’ve won it, and the HG that had the power, would’ve instantly lost it.

Who Loves Judd

@POLL If you think that Elissa was not a floater then you are dumber than a handful of dirt. You and all those who thumbs up your moronic comment just go hide behind a trash can and listen to the wind whistle through your empty heads. I do not understand how this simpleton won so many hearts? She boasted about having a built in fan base because of her sister but come on she has proved herself a nonfactor. She is an ineffectual gamer and her personality rubs everyone with a brain the wrong way. And to be included on an all star list after making little to no affect in the game she played is just mind boggling. If she was included in a house of “real” players they would hate her just as much as this house of fools do because of the special treatment she requires from Production. No Elissa Slater is not a good player and thusly does not belong on a list of all stars.


She won 1 HoH & 2 PoV!!!


And didn’t just bow down and do what Amanda or anyone else wanted when she was hoh.

Who Loves Judd

The two POVs she won was just to prolonger our agony, keeping her in the game for extra weeks. Her POV she fucked up big time. Elissa stinks.

Random Dude

I strongly disagree that Elissa was a floater. A floater to me is someone that goes where ever the power is or balks up house pressure. The one thing Elissa has proven over and over is she does what she wants to do, not what someone else wants. Did she played a great game… no, but a floater she is not.


Will has said he’s never playing again. Amy is far from a legend unless every comp is going to be cheese-themed.

Ryan is darn sure not a favorite.

GM's Busted Face

Of course Spencer thinks Amanda played a great game, their 2 peas in a pod. Both big bloated, vile, disgusting, verbal bully’s. Anyone who really think’s Amanda played a good game is as delusional as she is, that’s why she’ in the jury house. Truth is Aaryn and Andy played Amanda’s game for her while he oh I mean she stayed in the bed begging Mccrae for sex. Helen was another one that played Amanda’s game for her. After Helen and Aaryn left and Andy abandoned Amanda she quickly fell apart her bullying didn’t work anymore because she did not have these 3 people to back her up, a bully need’s accomplice’s. Elissa ignored her, GM got the best of her. Aaryn and Andy are better player’s then Amanda, Aaryn physically, Andy socially, Amanda had neither of these skill’s. Near the end Andy realized he was a better player then Amanda and he really didn’t need her, unfortunately for Aaryn she realized this to late. Amanda could have been taken out of this game so easily at any point if it hadn’t been for the support of these player’s, what idiot’s except for Andy he’ a clever rat.

GM's Baby Daddy Nick

I agree, Amanda did have bad game play and nothing will show this up as much as it will if she’s on an all stars show. Amanda is not a physical or social game player. It will not be so easy to manipulate or bully older people as she did all these 20 something’s. I personally think on a all stars show Amanda would be put on the block first because her game would not be respected, let’s not forget Amanda is no good at comp’s while most all stars are beast.


I just had a great idea.
Lets vote for David as Americas Favorite.
He left first, So no one got a chance to know him.

That is a message. David for Americas Favorite Player.

Dude's Hair

David as America’s favorite player? Are you joking? He was on long enough to hook up with the racist and make racist comment’s himself ( on the live feeds), and play with his weird hair more then he played the game, and showed himself to be an all-around idiot himbo. Favorite I don’t think so!


Ha, that’s what I did, he was hilarious so he may as well get the money just for being the only entertaining guest this season.




It’s like McCrae was frozen in time (first few weeks of BB), and they just thawed him out for the final 7 or so. How can he make the comment “I’m going with the house, I don’t want to make waves.” Dude…. there is NO MORE HOUSE VOTING. I still can’t believe he said that, like that was the last thing he ever remebers saying his whole time in the house. “I wish Amanda had been voted out 1 week earlier, because I have no idea who’s working with who and where there heads are at.” Well, they know where your’s has been and where it’s at now. It was in amanduh’s rear, now it’s up your own! Should have played the game, now Spencer looks like he played a better game than you, he’s staying and you’re ……going!

MC's Stupid Move

Yup, MC should have forced Spencer to vote out Judd. Judd was leaving anyways – and that move would have caused Andy some distress regarding future decisions.


i want the noms to stay the same in for ginaimire to send spencer home so her an mcrea could get two the final 2 cause andy will take spencer an spencer will take andy they only hope they have is eachother or win the last hoh mcrea to me you did this to your self when you send elssia home
she wasnt even coming for you she just use you ask a pawn that week she was hoh you an amanda did the same thing with the other houseguess
to me you should go home but another part tell me you should stay cause them other people dont desvire it its a slap in the face if they win this game you was i only hope macre

Andy the Red Rat

Hopefully if GM win’s it will help her get over Nick’s rejection, her job loss, she can afford real hair and get a therapist, take care of her broken toe, busted knee, and get speech lesson’s, move out of her parent’s basement, go back to school ( she need’s an education).


GM will hook up with some smooth Guido and the money will be gone in a year-or less.


It appears that there is going to be eight jurors in the jury house this year. Or will the last of the final three not be allowed to have a vote this year?
What happens in the event of a split jury?
Do they call it a hung jury and have to have a mistrial and no one wins so they have to have to void this season and have a do over? LOL.!!!
Maybe America has the deciding vote so that CBS can make extra money on phone call voting? Any thoughts?


there are nine jury members this year. candice, jessie, helen, aaryn, amanda, elissa, and judd are currently in jury. two more will join them. then then nine jury members will choose between the two people left in the house.


Can’t Andy put himself on the block? That way nobody would suspect him and he could say he made all the big moves.


I smell a Rat. Find it very odd that Andy would put Spencer on the block since they have a F2. Spencer didn’t put him on the block. Something tells me that Andy the Rat is not taking Spencer to F2

No Way No How

If that happens, I’ll have to pick myself up off the floor.


Maybe Andy is coward to save McCrae.


No one wants to see Spencer in his underwear! GO GM, we are routing for you to win! Hope Andy gets McCrea out as he will win if he doesn’t. I just hope Andy and Spencer don’t win this season or else I will feel like I wasted all this time watching those two morons.


The picture of Spencer is priceless when a man talks about Hitler, child p–n, racism etc he got what he deserve show him for the dog shit he is.


Here is what I would like to see if the Rat and Spencer are the last 2. At the jury questions the 1st gets up and says I have a question for Spencer “How are you? ” and sits back before he finishes his answer, and all the others jury ask and do the same. We heard them talk enough already and the Rat should be totally ignored, don’t want to hear any nonsense about their non-existant game play The winner Spencer 9 -0. At least I would get a laugh 🙂

Flea Bailey

Sue Andy civilly for the vitriolic and vile rants against Elissa’s children which they may have heard and are now traumatized .

Jessie for America's Choice!

The problem with voting for Elissa as America’s Choice to send a message to the final 4 is that it’s far too easy for them to just think that she won it because of the Brenchel Army supporting her. A bigger message would be Jessie or Candice, somebody that they would not be able to dismiss and say “they won it for some other reason”.


I gave Elissa my votes, not to send a message to any of these fools. I did it because she is the only player who stood up against racism in the house.
Bystanders are betrayers. She may have lots of surgery on her face but she was the only authentic person in the house. Ironic I know. So she earned my votes fair and square

Christian from Pitcairn's Island

All 75 of us Pitcairners are voting for Elissa for fav,


Out of who is left, I want to root for McCrae and then I remember… if McCrae wins, then Amanda wins… the dude is (for a lack of a better term) pussy whipped and I’m not into that lol so sorry but I’m all for McCrae gettin’ the boot. If Andy does what’s smart, he’ll push for McCrae’s eviction over GM’s.

McCrae is a dangerous opponent because he’s not hated in the jury house and he has Amanda going h.a.m for him.

Gina Marie only has Aaryn fighting for her and we all know that Aaryn is totally weak sauce. We saw her in the game. She may have had a lot of mean and nasty things to say under her breath but when it comes to makin’ moves, she’ll do whatever other people persuade her to do. On top of that, Gina Marie has an enemy in Candace. As hard as Aaryn might campaign for GM to win, Candace will probably be campaigning even harder for GM to not win. Plus, Gina Marie has a stitched up leg and may not do that well in the inevitable endurance comp… something McCrae will probably do well in.

On another note, I really don’t see why everyone hates Andy SO MUCH. Like, for real. Is it that serious? I hold no ill will for Andy sabotaging Elissa. Like zero. This is Big Brother. Sabotage, scheming and lying is a part of the game. For pete’s sake, the first half of the season was blind-side city. They all lied about who they were going to vote out to the person that they were voting out. It’s the same damn thing. I have to say, I was rooting for Elissa (especially when it was Amanda vs Elissa) but after Elissa decided that she wanted to keep Amanda (why, Elissa, why?!!), she deserved to go! Keeping a strong duo this late in the game has to be the stupidest move ever. What was Andy supposed to do… go along with Elissa cockamamie plan to keep Amanda? No thanks! Plus, Andy’s plan to frame Elissa didn’t even work because McCrae totally knew that Andy voted out Amanda. He just went along with it to avoid confrontation.

Yeah, Andy does suck up to people to their faces and talk crap about them once they’re evicted… but just about every single player has done that. Geez louise that’s no reason to hold such venom and vitriol for the guy.

He’s kept a low profile, managed to align with whatever the winning side of the house is and has won comps in order to (1) protect himself and (2) prove his value when he has needed to. Sounds good to me.

Jody H.

It’s not the sabotage of Elissa’s game. It’s not turning on his allies. This is Big Brother. It’s the nasty crap that came out of his mouth about not just Elissa but her family. And before you say that other BB contestants talked smack, it is the way it was done. Past Hgs attacks were designed to help with game play. Strategic. The house guests this year are just insulting for the very fact that they can. And the level of depravity and maliciousness is really shocking. I still come to these boards to support Simon and Dawg (I donated funds early on this season), but I really dislike this group, viscerally.


After watching last nights Before and After competition I realized just how little I actually watched the show this year! I can usually do really well with those sort of questions but I knew almost none of them!

This site has been my main point of reference for all things going on in that zoo but I was kinda sad. BB is usually my summer pleasure but this year it was a big ol flop!

Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work and I will chalk this season up to someone clearly being drunk during casting and will just look forward to BB Canada coming soon!

Backpedal Barack Erasing the Red Line

Andy won? Was the competition about Glee, cats, and Cher?


Any truth to the rumor that Nick will be at the finale with his new girlfriend Candice?


BB15 will become WWE in a heartbeat! LOL


Now that this CBS Social Experiment is coming to an end, I would like to know if given the chance who you want to talk to and why?

My personal choice is Helen. For her claims of being a Christian and a Mother, I watched her do nothing to protect Candice from the abuse she received from GM, Amanda and Aaryn. Her response to Candice was to not worry or take it personally. Is that something she would tell her child if they were being bullied? Only Elissa tried to help Candice deal with the nonsense and crap. I blame CBS, but I blame Helen more because she should have taken the opportunity to call all three of them out for their behavior, but she was more about her game than personal integrity. Such a great example for children.

Dr. Will Kirby

i’m confused. Doesnt spencer have the only vote if andy doesnt use the POV? MC and GM on block and spencer votes, no? they are making it sound like andy has the vote


Are you thinking about last night’s live show where Spencer was HoH and put McCrae up with GM then had to replace McCrae with Judd after the PoV? Judd went home. HoH was played in which Andy won. PoV was played (which has yet to been shown on the CBS show) and Andy put up Spencer and McCrae. Dawg and Simon have informed us that Andy has also won PoV so if Andy doesn’t play this the only person off the block and able to vote is Gina Marie. Should Andy save either McCrae or Spencer, Gina Marie would automatically replace that person and the saved man would be the only vote between GM or McCrae/Spencer.

Nicks Sexuality?

by now Judd is neck deep in jury vag. who did he have sex with first? jessie, aaryn, candice, amanda, helen, elissa or all of them in an epic BB orgy pile gang bang?

Bob barker

How can these people call themselves the exterminators? They aren’t very good at their jobs because this house looks infested with a few cockroaches and one big orange rat!!!


Who the hell cares if Elissa wins favorite, She will be a Brenchal favorite no matter what because that group is immature and singularly minded, they could have Rachael’s feces or Elissa’s pee on the show and that would be a favorite of theirs too. I’ve had enough of them. They need to get back to the real BB and maybe Brenchal will go away, forever, please.


Where do you go to watch big brother Canada episodes?
I tried out but it said I was out of the geographic area.


As I live in the Caribbean most things I try to watch say “out of geographical region”. I have been watching each episode from the recent show on you tube.


Elissa is probably blowing off Judd in the jury house right now!


Only if Production tells her.. otherwise she is talking about her sugar daddy and their hockey arena.


LMFAO!!!! So True!!!!


McScumbag should be voted out next