The Exterminators reveal their Alliance to McCrae – He realizes his fate is sealed..

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1) McCrae and Spencer are nominated
2) Andy has HOH and POV
3) If Andy uses the POV whoever he uses it on will have the single vote to evict. If Andy does not use the POV GM has the single vote to evict
4) McCrae will be going home tonight.
5) During tonight’s show the first part of the final HOH is played. It is usually endurance.

12:18pm When the Big Brother Live Feeds return from being blocked for the last hour – Spencer is in bed with his taking a nap with his sunglasses on. McCrae is in the bathroom taking a shower and Andy is up in the HOH room packing up his stuff to leave the HOH room. He doesn’t want Big Brother to lock the HOH door if he leaves for too long so he piles all of his stuff on the chess board outside the HOH room door. Andy takes his stuff down to the rainbow room and tells Ginamarie that he is happy to be back with his old roommate. Andy comments that Spencer will be all alone in the other room.

Andy puts the Amanda’s fly in front of Ginamarie’s face and scares her. Ginamarie says that she almost punched it. Andy tells her and Spencer that he will be calling a meeting in a few minutes. (To tell McCrae about the Exterminator’s Alliance and how they will be evicting him tonight.) Spencer asks if he can take a shower first. Andy says sure. Ginamarie talks to Andy. She says that she just can’t wait to sit down with Nick and talk to him. She wants him to tell her everything. Like if he was really a pro skater. Ginamarie says I just hope he remembers my name.



12:50pm – 1:20pm In the kitchen the final four are standing around. Andy asks so its a veto meeting not and eviction right. Spencer says I think it will be both. Andy says lets all sit at the table. Andy says here is the deal. You wanted to know what’s up and here it is. 3 weeks ago we formed an alliance while sitting outside. From then we decided who would go and when. Andy tells McCrae when Judd was pissed off about his cuts he was actually pissed off about losing the veto. Andy tells McCrae that he voted out Amanda and framed Elissa for it. McCrae says I knew it. Spencer, Gina and McCrae explain the events leading up to today and the moves they’ve made. McCrae says I knew it. McCrae says he didn’t really realize Andy would be apart of it but then after the vote he could read it on Andy’s face. McCrae says that he is now glad he gave the goodbye message he did to Elissa because he says he told her he knew it was Andy that voted out Amanda and not her. They tell McCrae how they orchestrated the whole Andy / Elissa vote to get Amanda out. McCrae says F**K! McCrae says he wished he had put up Andy instead of Elissa. Andy tells McCrae that they all love him and wanted him to know. McCrae says I knew that sh*t was going down! F**K ME! They tell McCrae that they had to split up McCrae and Amanda. McCrae says he never planned to take Amanda to the final two. McCrae says Amanda was right the whole f**king time to suspect something was going on. I am so f**king pissed off at myself!! They tell McCrae that his best bet would have been keeping Judd. McCrae says f**k! Gina asks is there anything you would want to tell us. McCrae says no, you guys know everything! Andy says it was so easy for us to meet. Elissa would go to bed early and you and Amanda would curl up in bed together. We would sit outside for hours late at night talking. McCrae says he wants to go yell at the Diary Room. Andy asks what do you want to go talk to DR about? Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – McCrae talking about how pissed Amanda is going to be. Andy talks about how he pulled Judd aside immediately after her came back. McCrae says he knew something was up when Andy stopped telling them information about Judd. Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer talk about how they could trust Judd the least which is why he had to go. McCrae says I should have won (the HOH and veto comp), f**k! I am always going to regret the number I wrote down. F**K!


1:20pm McCrae wishes that Judd had just told him. Andy says we were so scared of Judd revealing it to you and lighting a fire in you. McCrae says that would have been the fire he needed. Andy asks McCrae if he suspected they were all working together. McCrae says no not all of you. Not Judd. I didn’t see all of you together so I didn’t think you were but that doesn’t mean anything. McCrae says now I have to apologize to Elissa. F**K! McCrae leaves the kitchen and then comes back. McCrae says he knew something was up with Andy after Judd came back and would always tell Amanda something was up. McCrae says dude that’s crazy! AGH I wish I would have just trusted myself and gone with my gut! Spencer says Amanda was blood thirsty for Andy. McCrae says she is f**king smart! F**K! They talk about how Ian Terry (BB14) knew about it and McCrae wishes he could have told him. Spencer says Ginamarie putting both of you up was the biggest move in the entire game. McCrae says f**k, I f**ked up so bad. Spencer says I hope no part of your brain thinks this is moving company revenge because it isn’t. Gina says this isn’t revenge for Nick either. McCrae says the only person I am pissed off at is myself. McCrae says f**k it better be an all stars season next season. How many comp wins does poopy (Aaryn) have? Andy says 5. McCrae says I’m tied with her for 5 wins. Spencer says Andy has 4 wins now. They tell McCrae that they wanted to tell him out of respect for him. McCrae says yeah I would have been so pissed if I had found out after.


2:05pm – 2:20pm They continue to talk about the past events leading up to today. McCrae says god, I am the dumbest motherf**ker! McCrae asks should I shave for being voted out. They tell him no, he looks bad a$$ not shaven. McCrae says I just don’t want to look like a scrub. McCrae keeps saying F**K! Andy asks what do you think Amanda did to my organ shirt when she found out. McCrae says he doesn’t think she will do anything to it. Spencer says I told Andy I would buy him 20 of them. Andy laughs about how he gave up a shirt and Elissa gave up a diamond ring. McCrae says Yeah that’s what I thought too. McCrae comments that Judd told him he had more tricks up his sleeve but never said anything. Andy says wouldn’t it be funny if they told us we’re now going till the 25th. McCrae says f**k 4 more hours.. McCrae tries to take the Bathroom occupied sign and big brother tells him to stop that! McCrae goes and puts it back.


2:30pm – 2:45pm McCrae gets called to the diary room. Spencer, Andy and Ginamarie talk about how McCrae is probably talking in the diary room about what just happened. Andy says I want to know what this HOH tonight is going to be like. They wonder if it will be like the BBQ one where they had to run back and forth. Spencer says I really hope Marilyn’s parents have been watching the season and know why she loves me now. Andy says I am so excited to meet each of your families. Spencer says you all know where I am at with Marilyn and wanting to move forward with her. I think going on a trip with her and my mother would be a great bonding experience for them since they already get along so well. Spencer says 5 days left that’s crazy!

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2:40pm – 3:10pm McCrae comes out of the diary room and looks unhappy. Andy gets called into the diary room. Spencer asks McCrae if he has any questions or anything he wants to ask him. McCrae says no. Spencer says my goodbye message and our talk last night was 100% honest. McCrae says thanks. I pretty much knew from the conversation last night that I was going home. Spencer tells McCrae that he thinks the world of him. You will have a lot of opportunities after this. McCrae says F**k and leaves the room. Spencer gets called to the diary room. Andy tells McCrae I hope you don’t take any of this personally. McCrae says no. Andy says I just knew I was playing for 3rd with you two. Andy says I trusted you more than anything. McCrae says take this for what you will – but you did tell me the only way you would be a bitter jury member is if you got stabbed in the back. Andy says I think I have a pretty compelling case to win. McCrae says I don’t think I will be a bitter jury member but I can’t forget that. Andy says if I make it to the final 2, I have a pretty compelling case against them. McCrae says I think they have a pretty compelling case too. Like Spencer can say that the pawn goes home but that he never did despite that and got the record for it. Andy says that he feels like he, McCrae, Amanda and Helen were pulling all the strings in the beginning. Andy says he feels like he almost played a game similar to Dan’s last year, where he would do whatever it took. Andy says he hopes that people can take the personal out of it and take it for just being a game. McCrae says in the beginning he was the one wanting all the guys out because he didn’t want to compete against them.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

3pm – 3:20pm McCrae goes through the kitchen and swats at the flies. He says the exterminator’s didn’t do anything about the flies. Andy and Ginamarie tell McCrae how they had names for them. McCrae was the ant and Amanda was the black widow spider. Andy says but you were our favorite. McCrae says F**K! Andy says part of us wished it would have been someone else so that we could have been mean about telling someone else about the exterminator alliance. Andy asks McCrae I am just curious would you have taken me to the final 2? McCrae says Yeah. Andy says I was just so unsure about what you would do. McCrae comments that he might be a bitter jury member. Andy says I won when I needed to win and did what I had to do to get to this point. McCrae says yeah. Andy says I know I have an up hill battle still. Andy says I prayed on the fact that Amanda was so loyal.


3:25pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA to block the feeds while they get ready for the Live Eviction episode tonight..

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Alfred E. Obama Nimrod

Rats in the open. This is scary.


Aint nothin better than a big chunk of cheddar.

The Cheese

I gotta admit taking the 2 stupidest players (Judd & McCrae) to F5 was good play by A, S, & GM.


Judd is dumb, but Mc is way dumber. He spent 48 hours tied to GM and never had the first thought that they should talk strategy with her. Now he needs her to save him. Why would she? What a bonehead.


At least dumbass Mcrae is realizing his mistake and admitting Elissa was smart and he should’ve kept her. Moron mumblemouth still doesn’t realize he made a bad move back stabbing Elissa.


Now what? … What is left to figure out? What mystery is left? Nothing. It is like the game ended a week early. I think the strategy of telling McCrae about the exterminators put Andy in a good position. I don’t think this strategy really did anything for Spencer or GM. It probably hurts Spence or GM by taking some heat off of Andy. The bb production is probably mad now that the cat is out of the bag. I think showing the jury house tonight is going to be more interesting for bb.


Yeah, but you know what would be really cool? When Andy decides not to use the veto, if GM decided to evict Spencer instead of McCrae!!! I know that would lessen her chances of winning, and its not in her best interest, but it would be soooooo awesome to watch! It would give us one little diamond in an otherwise lackluster season, I know its not going to happen, but just imagine, deciding to keep who deserves to be there more over who gives her the best chance of winning…….


That Would Be Great!!! Maybe Mccrae Could Talk Her Into It Before The Show Starts. Fingers Crossed.


McCrae is supposed to be a super fan. We’ll see if he’s a player or the dumbest person of the season. If he can convince GM that there’s no way the other 2 would take her, and if kept him it would be the biggest move of the season and she would be guaranteed at least 50k. Then again maybe he’s just a wimp and a dumbass.


It is a tragedy that it is going like it is, and there are many different opinions here, but 1 common thread: NO ONE is shouting Team Spencer! Like the remaining hg’s or not, you could make a case for any of them now except Spencer, its just a shame that he is going to jerk his dick all the way to final 2, whomever wins the hoh, they will keep him because he loses either way! SC already stated that he was fine playing for 2nd, so it will probably be…..UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


Are you kidding Spencer is delusional (the exterminators all think the are the best BB players ever) that he actually thinks he can win. When he was saying that he was playing for 2nd. That was just his lame version of game play. He already thinks america loves him and that he wasn’t perceived to be the hairy turd with legs that he is. He is going to use the “I was on the block this many times and never got evicted” speech. Its going to be awesome to see the jury tell him how lame he really is. Amanda may have been… blah blah blah. but she is blunt and always called people on their BS. I don’t usually wish ill towards other people… but I hope that when this goony goo goo mutha fucka gets out of the house he lost Marilyn with his job.
Hate to say but Andy is going to win and he deserves out of the lumps left in the house.


GM won’t evict Spencer, no one will. Spencer is the safest person of the four. He’s the meal ticket to the half mill. Anyone who go’s F2 with Spencer is the winner of the big prize. That’s the one and only reason the Oaf is still in the house, Andy has been carrying him most of the game for that very reason. GM has to go F2 with Spencer to win, she won’t win against Andy or McCrae. Andy is a 95% favorite to win this now.


OMG!! This would be awesome GM and MC could totally be final two and it would actually probably help her win the game since MC was attached to Amanda jury would pick her next to MC with majority of votes since it’s mostly girls. I’m keeping my fingers crossed MC shows this to GM and she keeps him around to get Andy out!!


If I was Mr Delivery, I would just threaten Andy at this time saying that I will taint the jury to not vote for him at all by any means.
I would have told him all the lies I will spread in jury about him and ask him to use POV on me and vote off some dumb exterminator.

But Mc D has already decided to not play and win and go back to his suga mama and apparently tell her how great Andy is.

Amanda's Yeast Infection

Mcpussy is too afraid to even dare think of crossing the rat and the other vermin, he wouldn’t want to make waves you know!


LMAO – That comment just reminded me of Helen you know.


he would do it if someone told him to, he probably can’t think of that. that’s a really good idea. amanda would do it in a heartbeat. she is the eveready battery.


andy still has to win his way in gm is taking spencer and you may think spencer will take andy but there bond ends he will take gm spencer is in the finals 100 percent its a lock so its him against gm or andy

It was to soon

For all those who mocked Helen for saying it was to soon to get out Amanda .. Guess what .. She was right .. You get out amanda and you let the floaters float on by .. Amanda wasn’t as smart and should have told people it was to soon to get out Helen … Getting rid of Helen too soon made it a total floater end of season … MVP made it so all the big strong competitors go out in the beginning and then going after all the power couples too soon let the floaters go by unscathed … Derps.. Now if McRae really knew this stuff .. And now he definitely knows .. He should talk to Andy and tell him that spencer and Gm have more loyalty to each other than to him .. And McRae should make a deal with him saying he will def take him to final two so it would be two against 1 instead of Andy against spencer and Gm ,, but we all know McRae didn’t know and still doesn’t know .. Lol .. Andy is such a derp for letting the others out the exterminators because that hurts his game and helps everyone else … Idiot Andy !! Everyone hates you in jury .. You need votes or are you trying for third place??


greed destroyed the tagteam of amanda + helen


If McCrae deserved to win then he better not just lay down and die, he seems like he’s just feeling sorry for himself. Get your shit together man, work on a plan quick and prove to us that the superfan has some game, we haven’t seen much from him so far. These guys coming clean on their 3 week alliance should definitely give him some hope of driving a wedge in somewhere, there are definitely weak links the allstar players would be able to get out of it. Let’s see what he’s made of, unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope.


McCrae had two votes to play with if he went to jury, all he had to do was tell Andy that they won’t vote for him if he goes to jury, he could have also offered to fall in the final HOH and give it to Andy… come on McCrae show us something!


just because someone is loud and obnoxious and overtly confident does not make them a good player. Amanda and Helen talked a big game, bullied and threatened people but never won a comp or had anything to back it up. they played such a poor social game in the end that where they ended up pretty much fits them. again, what did they do other than influence a bunch of people’s game moves through aggressive tactics? just because you say it doesn’t make it so…..


Helen won HOH week2.


huh? that’s a joke right. she won a single HOH. so did spencer. and your point?


amanda had to get out helen, helen was gunning after so hard, helen and amanda were equals and helen wanted to be queen bee so she was gone. she would have been better to continue teaming up with amanda rather than telling everyone she wanted amanda out. helen got herself out for that reason.


Mcrae should have put up Elisa he would have been in the final 3 . All the stuff he went thru he should be in final 3 not Andy ? Maybe the comb de pat will be used tonight ?


A loser is going to win the game.

Jesse James

I don’t see the similarities in Ian Terry, and Andy. Ian generally was a likable young man who didn’t make a lot of enemies. He was respectful to others and didn’t degrade people who weren’t aligned with him just to make him look like part of the gang. His game consisted of whining, crying, degrading people behind their back, and floating with the stronger players that had the balls to make bold moves that he couldn’t emotionally handle. Ian even after the show was well respected. Andy’s words throughout the summer will have lasting effects after the show on his housemates, not that it matters.

Shaking my head

Add sickos to the never-ending list of descriptions of these three pieces of shit. Telling McCrae about the exterminators was fine. But then rubbing it in ad nauseum and gleefully telling him ways he was played and laughing in his face is just cruel. Talk about kicking a man when he is down and out. McCrae may have been a floater all season (like these three) but he wasn’t an asshole and he never bullied anyone. I so hope McCrae is right and that Rat boy doesn’t get any votes if he is in final two. It’s maddening that any of those turds will be winning $500,000, but it would be sweet to see Rat boy get third place. If McCrae goes tonight I have to be for GM/Spencer final two with Spencer unfortunately winning it. He survived 8 times being on the block, and I just can’t be for an unemployed racist cu@t who is dumber than a first grader being handed a half mil.

Why Would Anybody Take That Personal?

Yes, rat is finally out in the open. And Andy the back stabbing, foul mouthed rat floater who took it personal when he was put on the block, made the game personal with all his verbal attacks on evicted house guests and their families, children, and the viewers for absolutely no reason that would further his game, and the whiny, entitled, cry baby who played the whole game personal is now hoping that:

“. . . people can take the personal out of it and take it for just being a game.”

If McCrae had done what he should have and sent Andy packing during the double eviction and the remaining house guests and Elissa would have spent the rest of the game, being egged on by Elissa, calling Andy gay and homo and talking about how much they hated him and his family and his friends and how the viewers that liked Andy must all be gay and called them the Ragan Army and went on and on about how they didn’t want any supporters of Ragan or Andy to vote for them for America’s Favorite Player because that would be an insult to them to get a homo vote from a gay supporter of the Ragan Army, and then toss in a few jokes about Hitler and gays and maybe Vladimir Putin and gays, and I wonder if Andy, or anybody for that matter, could “take the personal out of it and take it for just being a game?”


McCrae, you should listen to Elissa. Andy was the one who vote Amanda out.


I hope the jury won’t vote for Andy to win big brother. He is more like a rat.


But a rat who has actually been playing the game since day one on a social level with everyone in the house…unlike the other two that will be left with him after tonight.

Andy’s not my first pick, or second or third, but out of what’s left he’s by far been the better game player.


Andy has played? Pffft only in the shadows of others, he was a messenger for anyone in power, nothing more.

House Ghost

Andy is coming off like the Roman Emperor Claudius….look it up, see how he was dismissed by his ruthless predecessors, however, Claudius was much more likeable than Andy.

The historian

But even Claudius was murdered at the end by his closest advisor and family (poisoned mushrooms for those with inquiring minds). No way Rat boy’s ‘friends’ in the jury give him $500k.


I liked the story about CLaudius, but these stupid people had Andy’s back since day 1. They will not poison him, but in fact give him $500,000. Dumb Gina is sitting there and giving the game to Rat and Spervert. She is at the bottom. She will vote McCrae out and it will be 2 on 1. She has the power to change it by keeping McCrae, but she’s too loyal. Her game play was luck and she had the nerve to criticize Candice’s game play. Candice wanted an all girl alliance, but the house was too racist.

I hope McCrae taints the jury against Andy, and Amanda wipes her crap with Andy’s anatomy t-shirt and mail it to him.

Maui Sunset

Thank you Robin….you made me feel a little bit better about this horrible mess!

Tiny Bob

Where are the others in whose shadows Andy played?

Shaking my head

Allison (Season 3), Danielle (Season 4), and Natalie (Season 11) were the better game players but they lost to a floater (Jun, Lisa, and Jordan, respectively) because they were rat turds like Andy and the jury hated them. Seeing the narcissistic dictatorial cutthroat egomaniacs we had this season I cannot see any of the jury giving Andy a vote. Except maybe Candice, but only IF Gina is in final two with him. If GM is there the women (except Candice) will vote for her. But if it’s Spencer and Andy they will give it to Spencer to spite Rat boy. Ugh! Under any scenario a worthless piece of shit is going to win this year. So wrong.


I remember seeing your name from other posts you’ve made on this site, and you literally sound like a three year old that just found a computer for the first time.

“McCrae, you should listen to Elissa. Andy was the one who vote Amanda out.”

Are you serious? That is the main point of the article you’re on. You know, the bunch of word just a few scrolls down from the top of this page. All those letters arranged into big groups of words and sentences, called “paragraphs”? The “paragraph” at the bottom of the article tells us that ANDY TOLD MCCRAE HE VOTED FOR AMANDA TO LEAVE AND FRAMED IT ON ELISSA. AT THE SAME TIME HE TOLD MCCRAE ABOUT THE EXTERMINATORS. MCCRAE KNOWS.

I really hope you’re a troll.


The captain has been commenting for years, he is mentally disabled and English is his second language….hopefully you feel like the asshole you are. Don’t get personal with the commenters, hate the comment not the person.

Douche-Bag says, "What?"

Oooooooooooooo! As the 2nd graders like to say, “You are soooo totally MODED! CARODED! And now your pants are loaded” You must be the guy whose image came up when I googled “Oh my god, this loser is LITERALLY the best example of the worst part of humanity; you should feel as small as whatever prospect you may have at any dignity in your life….your rage at a comment not reaching the level of your vernacular and/or expository prose only proves YOU to be the 2nd grader. You DO NOT appear to be learning disabled but yet come across as having the intellectual mentality of a tuft of lint in Spencer’s giant belly-hole.Tool. Loser. Ugh, what is wrong with you? Were you raised by actual parents or cardboard cutouts?

Amandas cootch smells like onions

I’m with you. This season has been so scripted, what with “voting with the house” to stupid multipule alliances. Ratface cannot win this game, it will be like the season when Baller won it.


once McCrae gets to the jury house and they all sit around and talk, Andy will not be a winner….he lost by doing what he has been doing, he should have stayed loyal and he probably would of got the votes….


I think the reason Andy is out in the open about his rat alliance to Macrae is because he hopes it will soften Mcraes and the others initial reaction which would be to seek revenge and not give him their vote. He is hoping that with time passing they will think he played some sort of genius strategy and deserves the win. Hard to say what the jury will do.


I think Andy wants MCG to tell everyone in the jury house
What a great mastermind he is. How HE got Amanda out and put
The alliance together. He wants to be seen as a huge player
Making huge moves, he put all his thoughts together “I framed Ellisa”, “I got Amanda out” the
Other idiots, disgusting spencer and nasty Gina let him take the big credit.
I just hope the jury don’t spare his a vote. At this point and as bad is sounds I want Gina to win.
Yes she is a racist but I’m disgusted by spencer and Andy.

Nobody should win

Nobody should win…could be be too much to ask for the house to catch on fire & all 3 of them die in it before next week’s show???? Seriously, none of them is worthy…shame someone has to win.


No…some of the jurors will be pissed with Andy, no doubt, but most players who actually respect the game also respect the player that played them the best. I’m betting both Amanda and McCrae (along with most everyone else) will vote for Andy if he’s in the final two. GM will be harder to beat, but I still think Andy will pull out a win over her. GM was told what to do most of the time despite making a big move against McCranda. She never really strategized. Spencer tried…but failed repeatedly. Andy is the only person who has been playing everyone since day one and was NEVER anyone’s real target. If he makes it to the end, Andy will be the winner. GM is the only roadblock. If she wins last HoH, she’ll take Spencer and win the game.

Three's Company

That depends. My assumption: Andy will be in the F2. If it’s Andy and Spencer – Andy wins. If it’s Andy and GM – GM may pull it off. If it is GM and Andy it may come down to how they perform in front of the jury. Andy might act arrogant (like Dan did last year). Time will tell, but I won’t bother to watch. I’ll get my updates here.


If Andy did not vote out Amanda she would probably still be here. I am glad she was voted out.
Andy was a better player than McCrae.
It McCrae who put Elissa on the block (stupid move on his part).


Elissa was so unreliable in every way. Zero loyalty. Completly untrustworthy. She was Productions Player. So not cool!
Her weakness came from running microsoft software for her programing.
Thats why she was full of glitches and constantly needed updating.
Hopefully they will get new producer and get back to the original concept of what the game is supposed to be.
2 or 3 fans and the rest wantabes looking to get into the limelight…that’s not a good show, as we can see.
We need real fans playing to win the game and not just fame. I’d rather see intelligent ppl play than a bunch of ignorant bullies like E/D n aMANda
GinaMaria for the Win! She played a clean hard game.


Yay! Go GM! The first BB winner who is a total racist, called an 8 year old boy a “Puerto Rican looking dirt fucker” and talks insensitively about special needs children.

This chick is DEFINITELY deserving of 500k!


Name, I don’t think some of the downers are getting your sarcasm. LOL


I know, the news is still tearing apart Aaryn and GM is getting $500,000 what is wrong with this picture.

Nobody should win

GM doesn’t deserve to win anything. She’s a foul mouthed racist who wanted to pick a fight with everyone….She’s everything people in other parts of the country hate about the stereotypical New Yorker.


mccrae knew right away that andy was lying. he still put up elissa as he was trying to still have someone to work with like andy, judd, maybe spencer. after everything was just revealed with the exterminators, he still said he never could have worked with elissa. it would have been great to have two exterminators up, but judd would have probably gone in the DE and elissa this week, so I still think mccrae would be going tonight. it really came down to this hoh comp and pov and unfortunately mccrae did not win 🙁 so sad. such a sad final 3.


to me the ONLY wrong game move Amanda made was keeping Andy and sending Aaryn home. Her game was over after that. She was remaining to loyal to her first alliance, Andy, and it was her mistake.


McCrae, had you kept Elissa, you would still be in the game. Andy will get you everytime–that punk.


So not true. Elissa is no ones savior. You heard him say that he could not work with her. Face it, if you can, Elissa sucks at his game. Everyone in the house after Helen’s eviction hates her because she is just stupid and difficult to work with. Though childish the verbal attacks the house guests made against Elissa shows how despised she is and I do not feel sorry for the spoiled rich girl.


Elissa’s throng of adoring fans would dislike the girl just as much as the houseguests do were they locked in a house with her for a few weeks.


I disagree with mccrae’s assessment. It really does not matter if he could have worked with elissa or not. Had he kept her, she was a target to be eliminated prior to mccrae. (she would have been his new meat shield) She was a competition threat as well. He would not have had to win each competition to stay. The first one both of them did not win she would have been eliminated first. He screwed his game evicting her. He now knows he would have had to win out to stay. Keeping her, as distasteful as it maybe for him, was in his best interest. I can understand why he did it at the time, he was mostly certain people were working together, but not certain and he did not think they all were working together. He can be excused for making a poor choice under those circumstances. He was desperate to get in with the other hg’s and repair relationships. But knowing the truth now, he has to realize his former logic no longer holds merit.


I don’t know if mccrae is just a really stupid person (I hope he isn’t) or he is just unable to not let his emotions get in the way. first, he falls for the first girl that looks his way and spends the rest of the game letting her tell him what to do and laying in bed. then, he cries when judd leaves!! now, he says he couldn’t work with elissa regardless. really? why, bc you don’t like her as a person? does that even matter in BB? bc last I checked if you want to win you do what is best for your game, not what appeases your emotional state. keeping elissa would have been best for his game. period. and I can forgive him if he sees that in hindsight and regrets his mistake but this fool is actually still content he screwed his own game over personal whims. omg he has played such a bad game, shocked he got this far.


McCrea is a fool..following Amanda around this whole a puppy dog. Andy is just plain disgusting who I cannot believe with his filthy mouth is able to teach after this. Spencer well he just floated along and hopefully will be 2nd place. Unfortunately we are left with GM who although said some unbelievable comments, at least has a mind of her own..the winner!


McCrae seems so normal outside of the house. I wish we got to see more of him than Amanda!

Pinocchio Obama

It seems the slime has risen to the top this year. Does anybody else think that the ratings for the final are going to stink this year?


The ratings won’t stink, I think everyone wants to watch Julie tell them about the information and what has been happening in the outside world. If I watch and she doesn’t inform them about the reception of this season I will be extremely disappointed.


What Julie should do is expose these people. Wednesday she should play videos of them being disgusting and since they can’t use curse words on TV, just put the word “expletive” instead of that word. That way they’ll be embarrassed in front of everyone.


Julie better confront ALL of them after how she confronted Aaryn!! So many are guilty of behavior that needs to be called out.

This would be the ONLY reason to watch the finale.. to watch them squirm when they are confronted with their words.. especially GM, Andy, and Spencer. She didn’t grill Amanda much either so she should be raked over the coals.

They do seem to be fame whores and not real gamers.. they discuss all stars and future earnings, etc etc. They’ll all be nobodies once again..

Fingers crossed BB16 will be back to a real game and not a production driven show.

andy's ears make me vomit

y’all can start hurling insults at me, but i want to bang the living bejesus out of Gina Marie.
i cant explain it, but there is something sexy as hell about her.
a certain je ne sais quoi.


Helen Cowgirl all night long! Helen Cowgirl all night long!!


A certain je ne sais quoi, vraitment! Fly your freak flag proudly!

Done til next year

Only 3 left are going to the two disgusting human beings and a rat. Can honestly say I don’t care about the show anymore this year.


These final three all suck donkey balls!




I am a donkey and I don’t want any trashy mouth bitch, a perv, or a rat cocksucker anywhere near my nutsack!


You’re not a donkey


Actually the final 7 all sucked donkey balls…. They all equally played a game, that lead to their demise…

Amanda, using Helen and Andy to get people she wanted out, never thought to gain relationships with anyone in case she lost control of the game, she just sat in bed ruling with an iron fist assuming her intimidation was going to take her further, her ignorance that was her demise.

McCrae originally had an alliance that would eventually lead him to victory, but he chose “pussy” over 500k, although he slightly bounced back with Amanda as his “meat shield”, but his game required Amanda to be in the game with him because he would surly win in the final 2 with her..

Elissa, all she did was follow order and talk down to people the entire season, making them all loath her(that was her demise), she never had any game, a twist kept her in the game, once that was gone she HAD to win everything, she failed, and she’s gone.

Spencer was a vile misogynistic, homophobic, undercover pedo, piece of shit who floated through the game because there were much bigger targets than him still in the game, all he had to do was lay low.

Judd was just too dumb for his own good, Jessie threw the pussy at him for him to vote her way and he chose to be a sheep, his game was toast then, but he came back and failed at winning HOH. All he had to do was fuck Jessie and vote her way, and he could’ve had some power.

GM, another vile racist piece of shit floater, she was good in comps and had to lay low while the big targets got out.

The Rat love him or hate him, played the game very well, getting info from everyone relaying it to his alliance, while also gaining good relationships with the HG. he has a much higher chance to win, because they will see that he helped an entire alliance stay safe and kept them in power.

This is Andy’s game to win.


Gee, if I only had a V8. Amazing isn’t it how McCrae kept saying “I knew it.” Really? If that were true, things would be a whole lot different in the house right now. Admit it, you were just plain dumb McC.


Muhahah, MC is kicking his own ass now.


Just like Jim Carrey did in “Liar Liar”


and Ameanduh is going to kick his sorry ass to the kerb ( after she shags him ) for not winning any money.

Ding Dong Amanda's Gone

Mccrae was a favorite for sure at the start, but for someone who floated along all summer in a dirty showmance
and didn’t really start playing until day 77 when Amanda got the boot, it’s right that McCrae gets the boot.

By now, I’ve re-evaluated the Exterminators, and as much as some are “hating” on Andy,Spencer and GM, they
really had a lot to overcome to get where they are. Amanda was a powerful player and a real dictator in the house.
the fact that they managed to stay under her radar deserves props.

I’m not a big fan of any of the 4 who remain, but if I have to choose a winner, I’d pick GM FTW.


Yeah, i love racist people too.


Not only is she a racist, but she talks insensitively about special needs kids too. What an exemplary BB winner she would be.

It amazes me that some people would rather have a racist win the game than a person who lied and flip flopped in a game revolving around lying and manipulation. But then I tell myself there are many racists out there so obviously they’re okay with jokes saying welfare was n***er insurance and calling an innocent kid a “fucking Puerto Rican looking little dirt fucker”. Such a deserving winner of 500k compared to a guy who lied alot. smh

GM less of 3 evils.

Yes, GM is a racist, but Andy, the person that you said just lied is worse. He hates women together with Spencer and they have said the nastiest things. Women make up more than 50% of the world’s population, and I’m sick and tired of having to listen to those two spewing their hate. So since we have to misogynists and one racist. I vote for the racist to win. I have no choice. I’ll take the less of two evils every time.
GM for the win!


Lesser of two evils? So racism is, “less evil” than misogyny?

Not saying I agree or disagree (how can you?), just think it’s odd that you think forms of discrimination can be ranked.

I find it more odd that no one is willing to entertain the notion that Andy, being a sexual minority that has likely been bullied the majority of his life, shut down and did what he had to do to survive the game, and it’s possible he’s nothing like this on the outside. He compared his game to Dan on more than one occasion. Dan’s first rule of the game is you are to walk into the house as, “circuits and wires” in other words, you leave your humanity behind.

I still think a lot of you are just judging andy on the basis of his looks and his sexuality, and justifying it anyway you can in your own minds. I say this based on the fact that the rude homophobic comments on this site continue to be voted up in mass. I highly doubt Andy is a misogynist at heart. Most of us gay guys love women and have many female friends…given that, especially in our youths, it was our female friends that tended to show compassion, while many of our male friends shunned us upon learning of our orientation.

But yeah, sure, Andy’s a misogynist. Whatever you need to tell yourselves.


Sorry Nick.. Totally disagree with you about Andy vs GM and Racism vs Misogyny. First you don’t know if Andy’s been bullied his entire life. Second while I agree with you it’s crazy to try and ‘rank’ racism vs misogyny you can consider the source.

To excuse Andy for his hate filled words because he ‘had to fit in’ would then suggest since GM was surrounded by racists she should be excused for her comments because she was ‘fitting in’ as well.

GM is obviously an uneducated woman. She can hardly speak English. The reason I would be more willing to give GM the benefit of the doubt (even though I can’t stand her) is that she is coming from a place of ignorance. She’s a stupid girl (well grown woman). She lives in a totally diverse city and probably has more interactions with more races and nationalities then most and yet still says stupid statements. But she has also said some very nice things about Candace as well. She’s a nut basically.

Andy is a friggin college teacher!! He is educated smart and self assured. His misogynistic comments were so low and unworthy of him. Why does he continue to say disgusting things about Elissa?? As a gay man myself, I find his behavior repulsive. It’s easy to say he’s nothing like this on the outside. I think people are basically who they are all the time.

To say ‘most gays love women’ and were ‘shunned by straight guys’ is just narrow minded and you’re grouping a large bunch of people into your world view. Most STRAIGHT men LOVE women yet listen to the comments coming from Spencer!!

And not one single Straight male friend of mine dropped or shunned me after I came out. They are still my closest friends. I have super close gay friends. I actually have only a couple of close females friends,

The other racists comments from the more educated people in the house disturb me more then GM’s. I think when she finds out she lost her job over her comments she’ll actually see herself as others see her.. and hopefully make some changes. Hopefully. Andy might lose his job at his college so he’d better hope to win.

And one last thing… since we’re kind of stereo-typing here… Just where the f*ck does Andy get his clothes from?? What self respecting gay male dresses like that?? lol I like GreggBrents comment hoping that the next BB gay ‘token’ is super hot, masculine and smart and the girls try and turn him. lol


GM will have the vote of most of the 6 women in the jury! Women fear perverts and have no use for cocksuckers.


Rude ass comments like this are exactly why so many people on these boards are full of crap. Most of you hate Andy because he’s gay, not because of his personality or gameplay. Stuff like this just proves it. Disgusting. No better than the houseguests, likely worse.


No, they were not smart. They just let everyone else either evict people because they hated them or did whatever Amanda wanted. They didn’t do nothing. Amanda just messed up and trusted Andy way too much. She thought she had Andy playing for her to win the money just like she got Aaryn and McCrae to do for her. Amanda was dumb for letting Aaryn go over Andy. Amanda spent all her time sleeping, humping, and then ordering people around instead of really trying to win $500,000. Now, Amanda’s play thing McCrae is gone because he laid up in bed with her instead of playing the game. This whole season was disgusting from start to finish. I think GM should win. She going to need the money since she won’t have a job and is obviously unemployable. She is going to need cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance, so she won’t be recognized after this circus ends in a week. Thank goodness “Survivor” is coming on next week!

Scumbags left

I so agree with your comment. Like you, we HATE to admit it, but they did pull off some pretty good moves! I guess it is at the point of liking the lesser of three evils. Spencer – NAH… disgusting with his sexual issues and creepiness. Andy- NAH…..too big of a frickin rat AND no loyalty until it served HIM. GM-yup….she may have said some things that were also racial and shouldn’t have been said, but she IS loyal to a fault. In my opinion, she would be the one I vote for. I am anxious to see this conversation. I bet RatAndy too FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all the Exterminators did! It was all Andy!!! Int he just the BEST player ever???


I wouldn’t mind if GM won bc I sincerely hope she uses the money to take some college classes (or hire tutors) so she can read and write better, so she can take diversity or sensitivity training classes, maybe so she can even donate some to organizations working with special needs kids. I also hope she hires a psychologist to evaluate her and assess the type of learning disability she has so that she realizes she too has special needs. lastly, I hope she uses the money to pay for treatment for her eating disorder. I am totally serious about all of this, these are serious problems she has, and I would hope CBS would counsel her toward a more positive direction should they hand her that check on finale night.

Spencer's Nut Sack

McCrayFish didn’t start playing until day 77 because you get 8 more then he did day 69.
Plus his pee pee is bigger the Handy Andy.

– Love & Juggles,


A lot to overcome? Forming a 4 person alliance when there are 7 people left was a VERY bold move! LOL


If Andy made it to the final 2!!!!! I’m going to scream.

Rat Boy



Shut up!!!

Shiny Happy People

It’s just a game show. Life goes on.


Andy just made a big mistake. Showing why he should get he votes. Spencer and GM will win hoh and vote him out


Was McCrae actually mad when he found out about this? Or was he like laughing mad and like well god damn.


He was like “Gee Golly Wow!!”. Sounding like Jethro Bodine from “The Beverly Hillbillies”


he just seems really dissapointed in himself, that he didnt see it all and didnt do anything about it and didnt win the last two comps that could have saved him. he still doesn’t seem to think he really could have worked with elissa. i think he’s REALLY pissed at andy but it’s not in his personality to yell at anyone. he knows he’s a fucking rat, called him “the lynchpin” in the whole exterminators plan. i hope mccrae ruins andy’s reputation in the jury, if it isn’t already totally ruined. you cant blindside/backstab every single person on the way out and expect them to vote for you at the end. they might vote for spencer if it’s spandy final 2 just cause he made it this far being on the block like 8 times like they once said as a joke! i think if gina marie makes it to final 2, she’ll take the win.


As much as it pains me to say it, Andy made a master move in getting the others to go along with telling McC what was up with the exterminators. In that way, he will get McC to be his conduit to the jury about all his “great power moves.” Dang it. The ratboy will be king if no one keeps him from F2.


Personally, I don’t think that this was a good idea in telling McCrae or Amanda as far as that goes about the Exterminators. He just wanted to boast and brag about the big moves he made. They told were 100% loyal to him and he betrayed them thus losing 2 jury votes. The jury this season will be bitter and vote personal; not on game play at all


I agree. This jury will be bitter. Ironically Andy seems to think he played like Dan did last year. Dan got 2nd. However, Dan did not make personal attacks on other people unlike Andy. Andy is no mastermind. He a floater to the end and I don’t think he has the jury votes. Even MC hinted that he would not vote for Andy. But the thought of the misogynist winning …ARGH!! The only thing to look forward to at the end it I hope they get called out on the finale.


Mccrae probably still thinks it was elissa that voted Amanda out…


He knows that it wasn’t Elissa. He told her in his goodbye message that he knew she didn’t vote for Amanda, that it was Andy.

Jim 64

If next season is all star 2 you should start at season 8
An if you been on the show more than twice you are out
I don’t want to see Jeff, Jordan ,Rachel ,Brendon ,Dan ,Mike boogie
Janelle, Britney I am done with those people


So who do you want to see, lol? I know some people will disagree with this, but i don’t think janelle + boogie should be back they already played in all stars and had a 2nd time back. On the other hand Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon,Dan, and Britney were the most interseting people(s) on their seasons. So, if there’s a chance of it being all stars 2 those people will be included.


I would like to see Enzo from season 12 come back. He was great entertainment. I loved watching him. His social game was impeccable.


OMG!!Please don’t bring The Meow Meow back. He was driving me insane with his loud smacking whenever he ate

Maui Sunset

How about a group of people various ages, nobody on MEDS and if it’s past players… about the lesser known ones?! Second chance…… NO Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Boogie….they are “reality stars” now and we’ve seen enough of them!


No, he can’t keep his hands out of his pants!!!


I would definetly like to see some funny players in the game if we’re talkin about returning players. Maybe like an Enzo from 12 or Kevin from 11, noone this season was funny or had any good diary room sessions.

The Cheese

I wish they’d bring in Amber & Amber from BGC next season. I love Cookie!

New World Order

Even though he’s currently involved with TNA & Impact Wrestling, would you not count Jessie “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Godderz since he’s been on more seasons of Big Brother than anyone else (granted most of them were cameos but he appeared)?


It would be nice to see all the first evicted houseguests back in the house for the next season, just a thought.


Especially Jodi from last season. She didn’t have a chance to even get into the house

Waste of a summer

The only houseguest with awesome DR sessions was Nick so if they bring anyone back I hope its him because he was the only one who had potential for BB greatness from this pitiful cast.

Waste of a summer

Dear CBS, Please bring Nick back for season 16 and screen the houseguests more because this is absolute torture. In another note, I think most of us are totally fine with you sabotaging Andy so anyone else wins this season. Thanks.

New World Order

This reminds me of the Brigade when they broke it down for Britney that she had no chance pass the final 4. However, this alliance is not 1/8th of their coolness.


well, well, well……..MC knew all along what was up but didn’t trust his instincts, so sad. MC might now regret staying in bed all of the time
with amanda, he could have been up chatting with the exterminators and who knows, could have stopped that alliance? or been a part of it? oh well, bye bye MC, you get to see amanda tonight……don’t really care who wins, not that impressed with who is left in the house.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thats what stinky pizza boy gets laying up under Amanda’s nasty ass the whole time.

tainted love

Double punished, upon reflection.


Want to see if Amanda will Stay with McCrae now that he is not going to be in the final 2.
Andy played a better game than McCrae and he deserves to be in the final 2.

canada fan

Good job exterminators! I hope GM wins.

The Cheese

I hope GM steals the cheese.

Rat Boy

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA………………………………………….

A Question

I remember when the 4 formed the exterminators – but I can’t recall who’s idea it was. Any OBB’s remember?


Yay for racists!


GinaMarie FTW!!!!!!

Please BB controllers do NOT let Andy win this season?! Please??!!!!

Andy has a few great arguments for being the BB15 winner; however, he’s got a ton of reasons to not allow him near the big money as well.


I do think Spencer, GM, and mostly Andy gave McCrae a ton of great (read: Key) information to take back to jury house. Those three that are left should talk less… way less.

I hope this gratuitous information vomit helps GM but destroys Andy. I now so hope for a GM / Spencer F2. GM wins!! <<—– SO hope.

Andy Sucks

You know, McCrae is getting what he deserves! I have been rooting for him all along but he insisted on turning on Aaryn and not Andy, so see what happens when you turn on people you can trust (Aaryn did all their dirty work) for someone you knew was going to both sides. I will not be watching tonight or the next week because none of the final 3 deserve any money, but it is a game and they are the winners, but it makes me sick to my stomach. Andy is a piece of sh*t who would sell his own mother for money, I hope it serves him well.


Hey McCrae! How you like me now, DUMASS!!


I need to see if Julie will call these people out. She called Aaryn out but not the others.

I want to see if Kaitlin says the best thing that happened to her was getting out of that house.

I want to see if Jeremy tells Howard that during the bed flipping incident Jeremy was a coward too afraid to get in the middle of a chick fight but has realized how really dark that fight was and that Howard was a Man to pick Candice up and get her out of there.

I want to see Julie truly call Amanda out about her behavior–too long to list.

I want to see Julie ask Andy how an educator could stand by and even encourage the racism and bullying and why he calls all the women c**ts.

And I want to see Julie read the You Are Fired statements to them.


Julie isn’t fooling anyone. She only called Aaryn out because she made racist remarks about Asians.


That’s what I thought too. However, GM said no one would remember Helen because all Asians look alike. In my opinion, GM the bigger racist. Amanda right in there too.


Which one said they were going to slap her in the head until her eyes go straight?


so did GM… GM said you can’t tell them apart… in the backyard on the couch… heard it with my own ears.

Todd Crane

Great comment Jackie! I hope Amanda, GM, Andy, and Spencer get confronted by Julie. They have just blamed Aaryn for racism, when Amanda and GM were much worse than her. Julie should question Andy and Spencer for their disgusting comments towards women.

Gina's gonna go crazy

GM is gonna lose her mind….there are pics of Nick and HIS GIRLFRIEND Lisa with Jeremy and Kaitlyn on facebook…yup, Nick had a girlfriend!!!! LOL


Wait til GM wins. She’ll put a hit out on Nick’s g/f and have money left over to attend charm school.


That is NOT Nick’s girlfriend. It’s Liza from BB Canada.


that’s actually not his gf, it’s just Liza from BBCan


i dont think lisa is nick’s gf. nick has commitment issues and so does lisa. that’s lisa from big brother canada btw. she dated tom from bbcan when they were first evicted, and then switched to peter from bbcan when the show was over. and now i see her with nick. i dunno, i just think she’s a flirt and famewhore. there’s no way lisa and nick are something serious.


I hate that squirmy rat bastard Andy, but I am glad Amanda & McCrae are done. Andy will probably win, he outsmarted everyone, for that I commend him. But all that crying, dude u are still a MAN, get that fixed with the $500k. Personally, I like GM or Spencer, GM manage to go from the bottom to the “Top of the Heap” and spencer surviving the The Block, 7 times. Well Good Luck to all of them and thank you exterminators for ridding the house of Amanda & McCrae.


Some men are criers…deal with it. It doesn’t make them less of a man.


McCrae I wish I could feel bad for you, but you’re a dumbass.

In other news BB15 is fucked…


Double Dumbass.


I feel sad for macrea knowing that he cannot help himself. Fate sealed


Mc Coma slept from week 2. He didn’t build any relationships, besides with the creatures crawling around on Demanda the leach.
She sucked the life out of him and he let her do it. I was for him getting far but due to his coma, he did nothing! To late McCrea.
He could of done well.
My advice to him, besides going to the doc, lol …. when he see’s DeManda …run. run far, run fast…nothing but trouble there.


CBS is gonna make him do Amazing Race with Amanda. The nightmare continues. Can he travel thru 7 countries without bathing? stay tuned!

Todd Crane

Sheep, than you for the comment. It was very funny and I needed to laugh!


No, he cannot.

I do think they would do better than Brenchel or Jordan and Jeff on Amazing Race


Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows. However if CBS puts AMANDA on. I WILL NOT WATCH Amazing Race this year. Their already on my list since they rigged it for the ? ok be politicly correct here….beekman guys…I’m sick of the flamboyant agenda.
Plenty of other things to ocupy my time than watch Amanda one second more. I hope she gets the help she needs and the best of luck in life.
It was difficult getting through the Rachel season of Amazing Race. wha wha wha “I’m quitting” wha wha wha …go home and cry woman!
Amanda should not be rewarded for her unexceptable behavior and I will not contribute to it.
The world is full of decent ppl CBS, who are still entertaining without the vileness.
As far as McCrea …it’s the amazing “race” not attack of the zombies

Maui Sunset

Without the winnings……will McCrae still be moving in with Slutmanda after the show??


The question should be, will Amanda still want to be with him now that she will surly have to take care of him financially?

Of course McCrae will want to be with her, he would have a easy ride, he could sit back, smoke weed and play video games all day and get some pussy, while being with a women with a wealthy family. Most women salivate at the idea of being with someone that will allow them to not have to work anymore and take care of their every need.

Amanda will definitely leave him soon as the spotlight from season 15 is over, she doesn’t like his immaturity or his unmanly attitude. Amanda wants man not a little boy, he’s a kindhearted dude, but he still has a lot of growing up to do.


They sit Mcpuss down and tell him the truth . Now he will tell the jury and they could take it game or personal and then he won’t even tell them all the shit they talked about everyone. If Andy comes out of this looking clean and wins. It will totally suck a BB DUCK!!!!!!!!


GM for the win. Earned my respect (for her game) when she booted Amanda. Hope Andy is 3rd. I think playing both sides was a decent strategy, but he has gotten too comfortable lately.


Go GM! The first blatantly racist winner in BB history!


I like soooooooooooo many have watched every season……but this one takes the shit cake. How does BB bring on so many despicable. foul-mouthed, down right creepy people. This is the first year that I could care less who wins….BB should donate the 500G to a charity. NOT A ONE OF THEM IS WORTHY


least deserving final 3 ever. i guess i’m rooting for gm.


Hopefully it is GM, don’t forget it is all women in the jury house.


Hopefully it is NOT Gm, it would suck big time if that racist witch wins

I will be so angry with CBS if they allow someone that vile to win


I rather vote for an ignorant racist than for two women haters. No reproduction in the world with women haters.


Can the fish win instead?

The Black Fish

Thanks for the support! Apresh!


Yeah, root for the racist. Racism is better than lying and flip flopping when it comes to the Big Brother game.


It seems that some forget that the two “men” left in the house hate women (there’s a lot of women in the world if you haven’t noticed), and that’s no little thing. So I’ll vote for the racist, thank you.


Yeah, I’m not sure if some people just hate Andy that much for other reasons or what.

I get it. None of the 3 remaining players are very popular. I for one have been rooting for Andy the entire season. Some people view his tactics as being a rat, flip flopper, coward, etc. Ok, but it got him to the end. But out of the 3, I would think it would be easier.

GM – An open racist that wreaked havoc on the house. She lost her job over it and she continued to spew her racist remarks most of the season. Everybody was so happy Aaryn got the boos from the crowd, so why would people want GM to win?

Spencer – This guy obviously is a sex crazed lunatic. Talking about Jessie and Butterscotch (I mean who talks like that). But then talk of having sex with children. The entire season he’s done nothing but spout off his mouth in a disgusting manner talking about boobs, vagina, etc.

Andy – Ok, he hates Elissa and some will say he stood by and let the racist remarks happen. What’s he to do, tell them to stop or yell at them and get a target on his back. People were making gay comments about him and he just let it happen and didn’t say anything back. I’m sure he’s been picked on his whole life, because he’s more feminine, so he’s probably used to taking the abuse because he probably got beat up in school all the time, but he lied, flip flopped, and kept lying. He’s hidden his lying game up until today when they told McCrae. People call him a rat and stuff, ok, I get it.

I would rather have a rat win over a pedophile and racist any time. I know people dont want them to get paid, but CBS has to. They have spent their entire summer in this house and people would be ok if CBS said sorry were not giving you any money. I don’t understand why some older people were not in the house this summer. I don’t like these showmances and stuff. I get it, sex sells. Have some of the pretty girls and hot guys, but also have some 40 and 50 year olds with some good life experiences to add to the show.


You are as bad as all of them. I read your comment when you said that everyone who disliked Andy is a homophobe. Check yourself, BIGOT.


Richard, To call Spencer a pedophile is just plain idiotic. What he said was dumb and in very bad taste, but gimme a break. If you think he seriously meant that, you are insane. If people meant every bad joke they ever uttered… SMH.


Richard I don’t care that Andy lied, this is a game. But I care about the hatred and vile words used against Elissa and towards women in general. He used some words that I have never even said. And since I’m a woman I’m disgusted and offended by what he said. So my vote is for the racist, not the two women haters.

Shiny Happy People

Richard, you are to be commended for going to bat to be the voice of reason, (rather, for attempting to voice an alternative view of any kind). People on these boards are venomous, and are likely taking out anger from their own personal lives on an internet message board. Seriously, there’s just no excuse for the amount of constant hate expressed on this site (especially over a game show!). These people have issues.

I’ve read your posts, and I know you are far from a bigot (seriously, dumbest comment ever). I know your mindset is, “if i can help even one person gain perspective, it’s worth it.” Again, you should be commended for such maturity. At the end of the day though, it’s just a game, and a month from now, NO ONE is going to care about the outcome of this season (until next season, when we reflect briefly on how things played out).

I hope you just enjoy what’s left of this season, and don’t pay these people too much mind. They don’t know the houseguests like they think they do, and they certainly don’t know you.


“root for racist” seriously? I just feel so sorry for you, when you think being a racist is better then being woman hater, there is just something so worng. and since when did those two become woman haters/? Please!


I don’t care what happens I just don’t want Andy to win. VOTED ELLISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!


Me, too. I am rooting for Elissa to win AMF. That’s it. I don’t want the rat to win either. I am really not rooting for anyone to win.


I wish BB would have a pandora’s box sometime between now and tonights show….something that would result in someone else coming back in


Why? It’s time for it to be over. In fact they should have stuck a fork in it a LONG time ago. It’s done

Can't wait til it's over.

I really don’t think Andy should be spilling ALL of the secrets, he needs a jury vote if he’s in final two. Yeah, it’s fine to come out about an alliance that you formed on a whim (which I can’t stand them being so smug, like it’s been their plan all along), but to go as far as telling them exactly who voted out who. If the jury members are smart, Elissa, Judd, Helen and Amanda should vote against Andy. God I hope he doesn’t make final 2! I still don’t get all of the Elissa hate, I wasn’t rooting for her, but I kind of felt bad for her in an underdog way. I will be voting for her for America’s favorite, not because I think she deserves it, but to spite the vermin in the house. I would LOVE it if Andy didn’t make final 2 and Elissa wins America’s favorite. One can only hope.


I’ve seen this over and over in BB games. People who rather sleep than observe and make social connections. Happened to Janelle in BB 14 and Topez in BB Canada. Big Mistake!!


So the final 3 is a rat, an unemployed psychopath and a pervert. Wonderful


Karma is a bitch and so is McCrappy. What a bunch of ogres. MC keeps saying he knew it and blah, blah, but he still chose to go against his gut instincts and follow the “exterminators” orders. He chose to play the game for them instead of himself. He only has himself to blame and that’s what pisses him off the most. If he was smart he would go to GM right away and start telling her to keep him and for her to picture herself in the final two w/ each one of them and it is clear that her best bet for winning is next to him. Andy will get most jury votes just because he’s so “likable” (his words) and Spencer now has his 8 times on the block speech and MC would probably lose next to GM just from his association with Amanda. GM should really think about it because I don’t think Spencer will take her over Andy (all Spenc wants is second place). Sounds like MC is just rolling over and letting them once again determine his fate instead of fighting for his chance to stay. Another disappointing game play from the BB super fan once again. Ugh!


Won’t happen. GM and Spenser are loyal …….. they will vote out Mc. It kills me that we haven’t really heard that these people are playing for first place. Spenser has a deal with Andy and GM for final two. I think GM will take Spenser; Spenser will take Andy; Andy will take Spenser. So, the only way GM will make it to the F2 is if she wins. I think she may have a pretty good chance. Spenser just wanted to make it to Jury, now he says he will be satisfied with 2nd place ……. dam he may win if he is up against Andy?


I don’t think McCrae knows how “his association” with Amanda is a seen as bad thing. So he couldn’t use that reason to GM. He was actually quite proud of the fact that AFTER Amanda left he got to play for himself. He doesn’t realize that when he noticed that it “seems like the game just started” and that Amanda was the rocket propelling him into the stratosphere so he could now take off, were bad things. Just like everything else, he doesn’t see it! He is not even embarrassed by the fact that he and Amanda have carried on this whole time, like dirty, lazy, bullying, smarta**es that they were.

And he also thinks he’s a candidate for an All-Stars because he figures he won enough comps. Same as or more than Aaryn. So his ego is intact. But what he doesn’t realize is that no one will give him the credit he wants because he was hiding behind Amanda all season, and still wouldn’t make a move on Andy (he didn’t want to make him mad) because he is so far behind in the game. That type of play was over when Arryn left. And he still doesn’t see it!


McCrae should listened to Amanda and Elissa. He should have also paid attention when all veil disgusting stuff the rat Andy and Spencer were saying about Elissa and other houseguest everyday.

I hope he tells this disgusting rat that Karma is a Bitch and he going to make sure Rat does not get the votes to win. When the jury questions Rat watch him cry like a baby. Rat boy is the most disgusting person very to be on BB and the hatred he shows for others.

Because I'm A Loser

Oh well, at least I enjoyed my fuckfest with Scumanda. Now I’m gonna curl up in bed and chew my fingers down to the knuckles and think about all the stupid shit I shouldn’t have done. I sure hope I like living in Florida.


Do you think Amanda’s family is going to let him anywhere near them?

Over Their Dead Body

Jackie, Hell No


I just don’t think that the Rat Andy should have exposed the alliance to McCrea or to Amanda as far as that goes. That’s 2 important jury votes he’ll be losing. McManda trusted him 100% and I know they feel betrayed by him. Andy the Rat real reason for exposing The Exterminators is just to boast and brag about his big moves which I believe will cost him the game if he’s in F2

Takes 1 to vote for 1

I don’t agree. I think Amanda will applaud Andy for being sneakier than she was. He’s playing the same type of snarky game she played so why wouldn’t she (and therefore her minion, McC) vote for him? Andy realizes this and is therefore truly “banking” on it working in his favor. I won’t be watching though.


Not only Amanda and Mc but I think he lost Judd, Ellissa and Helen’s votes.


I really didn’t watch the Sunday and Wednesday shows and only watched some Thursdays as it was live. I am Canadian and was thrilled when they have BB Canada. So, why did I watch every show? Well, Marsha the moose was awesome but the real reason were the DR sessions. This is where we as viewers were given the insight of what each hg was really thinking and how they were playing. See, something you are not going to get on the live feeds. Maybe BB should start doing what the other country’s do and let us hear a discussion in the DR, let’s influence it that way. Why not? Also, was watching Australia and on of the hgs got her luggage taken away for breaking the rules. Why can’t we do this? This season was the hardest to watch. I watched Master Chef last night and would have been happy for any of the two finalist …. wishing I felt this way about BB.

Elissa for the Wini

I watched Master Chef before BB last night. WAY TO GO LUCA!!!!!! At least one of my favorites won this year! ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!

Name Taken...A LOT

ditto ditto


I bet McCrae will forever be upset with Amanda for ruining his gameplay. I don’t think they will stay together after the show. If he had not been so far up her behind he would have seen this coming. I feel bad for the kid. His gut was telling him what to do and he didn’t listen. You should always listen to your gut, it’ll never steer you wrong.

yes indeed

Too bad Mcrae had to learn the “listen to your gut” lesson in a huge way on such a big scale. I bet he won’t forget it.
I think the kid will be ok as he is just a young’un.
He just fell for the oldest temptation in the book. You can hardly blame him.

the Cheese

He probably will blame Amanda. Not the type to accept responsibility for his own stupid decisions.

just Thinkin'

McLazy was listening to a different body part, not his gut.


McCray has no one to blame but himself, he decided to hide behind Amanda, he decided to lay around all summer long.
I wanted to laugh when McCray said he knew that Andy voted out Amanda, obviously he did not, otherwise he wouldn’t of said later that he should of put Andy up, yes there are going to be a lot of “what ifs” going on for these players, for months to come. These people went on BB and showed the TV audience how not to play the game.

Name Taken...A LOT

That’s why he’s the pizza boy. Basically a half step up from paperboy. Whoo hoo! He has a skill – so why is it so underutilized? No guts no glory – in or out of BB house. I hope he learned a lot from this experience and uses it well. Not so sure he will, but still I really do hope it for him.


Oh GM….I am pretty sure Nick has not forgotten about you!


No he hasn’t. Nick is a publicity ho. He’s bought and posted the Monster Truck show tickets he bought and he’s auctioning a “date” with him and GM. This is wrong on so many levels.

Keri Reichelt

Omg not interested in this BB anymore ! GM better win it all


I am also now pulling for GM s the best of the worst lot of sorry individuals left in the house. My reason is yes, she has a rancid mouth, but unlike the others, she is really not aware of the errors of her says. This is one sad naive, low self esteem gal. The other two know exactly what they are saying and are so full of themselves. Puke me. Here’s the deal, once all is said and one, GM is the only one that I think would try to better herself. She’ll hear and see what we have been saying and she will sincerely be hurt. If she does win she can use the money to get counseling and education. S and A may might feel a twinge of guilt or remorse but blink and it will be gone. So, GO GM, GO!!!! I am not watching the show (which just ended here) – so hopefully GM did well.

Shark Man

Ok folks help me understand the logic of telling McCrae???? He now can poison the jury votes against Andy (perceived leader in McCrae’s eyes for eviction of Amanda & him) to ensure he doesn’t win. Yes jury should not be based on personal feelings or grudges but this is how all guests have played this season. IMO the rat, racist & perv were best NOT to say a word about their alliance.

What do you think?


There is a slight problem with your and others posts. The jury already knows about the Exterminators. Andy laid it out in his goodbye message to Amanda. The only one for whom this is semi new news is McCrea

Shark Man

Yes that’s right I’d forgotten. But my question still remains nonetheless, why are they telling evicted & to-be evicted house guests this information? Only scenario that makes sense is to soften the shock if evicted guests learned of votes & alliances on finale night. Not sure which way is best in order to gain jury votes. Hmmmm……..??


True, but this is more about Spin. Like in any political race. its how you spin your story to put yoursef in the best possible light with you constituents (in this case the jury). Andy wants his side presented his way. Will McC repeat the spin or will he actually FINALLY listen to his gut and speak his own words to the jury – who knows. But I am betting he repeats the spin story. He’s been the wuss thus far.


You are so right. All the evictions were based on how much they disliked the other houseguest. It was always personal and not real game play.

Andy's Message to Amanda

CBS allowed Amanda to hear Andy’s goodbye message – she already knows what he did. And it was very odd that CBS allowed that message to air. Jury members are never given game info – and certainly Andy taped more than one message.


Andy did it so that they were all equally ‘poisoned’ in McCrae’s mind. He didn’t want to risk McCrae going into the Jury House thinking Andy was the sole manipulator. So in his mind, he wanted to spread the blame so when McCrae shares the story of his eviction, GM and Spencer will be reported as equally culpable as Andy.

The Ego

I think Andy told because of his ego – and an arrogant one I might add.


Using Dr. Will’s famous words….” I hate all of you!” …. Do you think that is what MC is thinking now…
As far as anyone of those three winning??? Nobody is worthy of playing a good enough game to win the half of a
million dollars… GIVE IT ALL TO CHARITY!!! I was wondering….can we, as fans, call a reset with a whole new cast of
fourteen and try it again….PLEASE!!!???


Oh Hell NO!! Let’s just end this summer long nightmare ASAP and how AG’s departure brings better things next year.


That should be “hope” not how

Ewww Just Ewww

The worst final three ever.

Kelli Jo

I am personally glad the Exterminators chose to tell McCrae what was going to happen as opposed to blindsiding him. Yeah it wouldn’t have been a TOTAL blindside since McCrae had suspicions, but it’s clear that the rest of the house likes him and wanted to give him fair warning about what was going down. Regardless of if the final 3 are “likable”, I understand why they made the alliance they did and it was smart on their part. The weak players had no shot against the strong in any final 2, so they all banded together. And other than the eviction of Judd, they managed to get out Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, and McCrae. Not bad for a group of “floaters”.


Andy is by far the most revolting
person I have seen on a reality show.
He does not deserve a spot in Final
Andy’s got deep rooted Psychological
problems that no shrink could ever
help him.
Can you imagine what he was like
as a child?
The Bad Seed indeed.


Jason. So are you saying that you are more ok with a person that talks like a pedophile and a racist? People don’t like Andy because he lied and lied very, very well. He went behind backs and didn’t get caught. Not many people can do that. Yeah, he hates Elissa, but Andy is the most revolting??????

So you would rather a person who does nothing but talk about females in a negative way, having sex with children, etc and then an open racist along beside him.

I think you may need a shrink. That sir is a very revolting, vile way of thinking. Hopefully your just kidding.


Jason. So are you saying that you are more ok with a person that talks like a pedophile and a racist? People don’t like Andy because he lied and lied very, very well. He went behind backs and didn’t get caught. Not many people can do that. Yeah, he hates Elissa, but Andy is the most revolting??????

So you would rather a person who does nothing but talk about females in a negative way, having sex with children, etc and then an open racist along beside him.

I think you may need a shrink. That sir is a very revolting, vile way of thinking. Hopefully your just kidding.

Andy is just as racist as the rest of them. In fact he instigated a lot of the nasty talk.
Take your blinders off and stop defending him. He’s as bad as the rest of them.
The reason I don’t like Andy is there is no honesty in him. People do not like backstabbers by the way.
Add to the fact that he cried like a bitch when he got put up on the block. If he, as he stated was all about the game play, then the fact he showed no respect for anyone else’s, ie. Elissa putting him on the block and not trusting him, also showed him as a whiney baby. He maligned her constantly and now hes completely obsessed by her.
Andy is an arrogant attention whore and will get a hell of a shock when he finds out just what some people do think of him when he gets out.


Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

Maybe he can turn the jury against Andy.

Maybe GM will cast the vote to evict Spencer and McCrae will play in the POV/HOH and possible win. Is there still a glimmer of hope?


I have to say that Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie deserve to be the final 3. They laid low for most of the season. They went along with the “house”… Were seen as doormats, pawns, disposable players… When it was vital for them to win, they won… They tricked and baffooned everyone in the house. Their timing was impeccable and a lot of luck was on their side… That being said, we now have to sit back and watch a rat, a pig and a cockroach fight it out for the win. Gone are the days of the Dr. Wills, Janelles, Dans… Gone are the days of the masterminds… The calculated players that thought out their every move… Gone are the heroes of Big Brother…the players you could cheer for and cheer on… This game has been handed over to the floaters and the snitches and the cockroaches who manage to survive until the end.


If GM were smart (cough), she’d strongly consider keeping MC and making the move to dump Spencer. He & the Rat will take each other…MC would take her.


I like a lot of you hate the final three GM, Spencer and esp Andy do not deserve to win this game. But overall it has been a bad season anyway with the worst houseguests ever! I can’t believe it’s come to me wanting GM to win but it has come to that point!

the rat sucks

Hopefully GM realizes that her only chance to win is to take McC. And she votes to evict Spence. If she does this McC will take her to final 2 and she most likley will win. She needs to learn that she is playing for herself and not for “The Exterminators” anymore.

One can only hope :/


Every female who has trusted McC has been screwed

april from VT

I have been a watcher of this season since day one. I am so sorry to see mccrae go he was and always has been my fave. I don’t even know if I should watch him go tonight. If he does go I’d like to see him win the money.


Whatever, the exterminators are no brigade, yo!

Jim 64

So everybody lets start on next season BIG BROTHER 16 ALLSTARS 2
Starting at season 8 who do you want to see
Season 8 Eric ,Jen ,Jessica
Season 9 Sharon
Season 10 Brian ,Keesha
Season 11 Casey,Russell
Season 12 Regan,Matt
Season 13 Porsche
Season 14 Shane,Frank,Danielle
Season 15 Judd ,Jessie ,Amanda ,Elissa

What are your choices


No All Stars.

Let’s try something different like people of all ages from all walks of life from all around the country. Let’s do some mental health tests and not have any controlled substances. Let’s care more about game play ability then boob size.

Am I being to radical?


Season 8/13: Evil Dick (since they had to remove him from the show so early last time)
Season 9: Don’t Care
Season 10: Keesha
Season 11: Russell, Kevin
Season 12: Ragan, Enzo
Season 13: Shelly
Season 14: Frank, Danielle
Season 15: Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn


I’d love to see a season of House Guests that never made it to jury. My choices for that season would be.

Season 8 – Kail and Nick
Season 9 – Alex and Parker
Season 10 – Brian and Jessie
Season 11 – Ronnie
Season 12 – Andrew
Season 13 – Dominic and Lawson
Season 14 – Jojo, Jodi, and Will
Season 15 – Nick, Howard, and David


they should bring back the girls from season 10: libra, april, renny, keesha and angie. plus jessie, russel , casey, enzo, ragan, matt, shelly, frank, ian, amanda and maybe nick.