Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 8 Summary and Eviction Results

A Short Week in review..

Cody and Elena went out during the double eviction. Xmas won the Tales from Decrypt Head of Household competition. CBS shows her boasting she’ll make a BIG MOVE. We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what this BIG MOVE is.

After Xmas nominates Jason and Matt, Jason wins the Veto and uses it on himself. Xmas is now able to hatch her Bad b1tch BIG MOVE and nominate Mark in his place. (I’m more mocking Xmas for saying she’s making a big move when she’s really making a pathetic move. Taking out Mark may be the best option for her game I’m not arguing that. I’m talking about her inflating it’s importance. A big  move would have been Jason or Alex getting backdoored.)

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Josh “We just have to control it. I want Jason out. I want Jason out bad!”

Alex – Josh ran in there (the other bedroom) and looked in the drawer and there was all these used condoms but I think it was from when they (Matt & Raven) shared a room with Jessica. And then I was like wait none of them are used. They’re all opened. Christmas – yeah that was from when Jessica was here.. I can’t even speculate whether its wrapped or raw. Alex – oh god! Christmas – when we get out of here we should just ask was it wrapped or raw. Alex – even if they (Matt & Raven) haven’t, I think they just started (having s*x.) He’s been more touchier with her. They might not have. Christmas – If the world is speculating, we might as well.

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Xmas “People are not as smart as us” Josh “I’ve seen this show and I think us three are the best position ever”

Big Brother Spoilers 5:30pm HOH Josh and Christmas

JOsh says they keep working the house like they they are in a very good position.
Xmas doesn’t want to get too confident.
Josh – this is our strategy, Paul’s a f*ing genius
Josh – if we continue to f*ing push kevin Kevin Kevin To the whole house like we’ve pushed Cody, Jess, Elena, Mark guess what?
Josh – That’s a clear target for the whole house Matt and Raven are too scared to do sh1t

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“If (Raven’s disease) BS I’m going to f* punch her, first time in history going to punch a girl”

Big Brother Spoilers 2:55pm Paul, Jason and Alex
Alex tells them that Raven and Matt are upstairs watching the HOh Spy screen.
Alex says Kevin asked her “Are we keeping Matt or not”
Paul – what the f*
Alex – I know.. he said I’ll do whatever you say Al.. whatever you say

Kevin joins them with M&M’s

Alex says Matt and raven have beds but they are always in the HOH naping.
Paul – they’re always up there.. even my HOH.. yours..
Jason – you know why? that’s what saved their f*ing bacon.
Jason – they realized it that as long as they’re up there.. those couples were all in the same playing field.. they were just the ones that stayed in the HOH room..

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Alex “He thinks you’re a flip flopper” Paul “I’m a flip flopper?! I’m going to make Mark s**t his pants”

Paul – no one knows that we have worked together this entire f**king season. It is the funniest thing ever. Matt – since day 14? Raven – no, day 12. Matt – so literally since then. Its amazing how smooth things have gone. When you do what you say you’re going to do. Matt – The funny thing is, I honestly think that people think Raven and I are running around chasing some butterflies. Paul – that’s what you want. Matt – I know it is. Paul – they asked me about us (production) a few times. Gypsy Squad.

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Alex – If we get to 6 we can literally walk our way to the end..

Big Brother Spoilers 3:35pm Jason and Alex
Jason goes over his talk with Mark.
Jason – he’s like, is there any way I can stay
Ja – I’m like no dude you’re too f*ing dangerous I’m sorry
Ja – I said I wish it would have worked out better, And he said Jason, matt and raven are coming for you and Alex.
Ja – he said I never wanted to go against Alex, I never said anything bad about you, you’re my boy
Jason – he said If I (Mark) win I’ll put up Josh and Christmas

Alex doesn’t believe it says Mark is lying..
Alex – he’s faking you idiot

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“Nobody has to go to the bathroom that many times a night.. he’s washing himself off or something”

Big Brother Spoilers 11:16am Alex and Jason
Alex – they (M/r) think we’ll be final 5 with you me and Paul
Alex says M/R are getting more and more comfortable they think they are safe.
Jason – they’re gunning for HOH

Alex – they haven’t done sh1t I don’t think they’re ready for it
Jason disagrees says M/R are ready to win that HOH
Alex – if they are they’ll take Kevin out.. (They’re taking out Jason and Paul is helping them. Friendship)
Jason – well that would be awesome

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Alex “I think everyone will vote for Paul. He has that jury stacked. I am okay with going to the final 3 with you and Paul.”

Paul – all I know is that the last season of Big Brother was the longest season and it went on for 99 days and I know they’re not doing the same thing this year. Jason – all I know is that the survivor premiere would be on September 25th but that’s a Monday and that doesn’t make sense. Mark – It wouldn’t be on a Monday. Kevin – September 28th? Paul – that’s what you read that the Survivor premiere was on September 28th? Then it must end the week before. Mark – I think they’re going to tempt you with something later on in the season and if someone takes it, then someone from the jury will come back. Jason – they said there was no one else coming back. Paul – that doesn’t make sense.

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“If I can get to final 5 (Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Raven) with those people I can win the game, Legit”

Big Brother Spoilers 4:40pm Paul
Paul is hoping that Josh, Raven or Matt win and put up Jason/Alex.
Paul – my ideal final three scenarios will be Josh, Christmas and me or Matt, Raven and me.. I need to be careful in the next two weeks.
Paul – if I can get to 5 I can get to 3.. all it takes is one veto and 1 HOH

Paul says there’s no way xmas and Josh will beat him in comps.
Paul wants the final 6 to be Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Matt and raven
Paul – If I can get to final 5 (Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Raven) with those people I can win the game, Legit..
Paul says Xmas and Josh won’t f* him.
Paul – maybe even raven..

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“I was on PK’s half the time just having a f*ing good time sitting off to the side”

Big Brother Spoilers 2:46pm JOsh and Xmas
Xmas – just f*ing JAM time Study lets go, first 10 days sit down
Josh says he walked in on Alex and Jason and they were sketched out, they claimed they were talking about Jason’s baby and studying.
Xmas says that Paul told her they were studying..

Josh – they seemed sketched
Xmas – jason is irritated by me or sketched out by me again.
Josh – he’s annoyed as f* by me.. I talk to him and he walks away.
Josh – he’s made it real easy to getting rid of him
Xmas – the biggest thing they are all most annoyed at Kevin
JOsh says they stood bye things that mark has done.
Xmas – we have to study

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