“I was on PK’s half the time just having a f*ing good time sitting off to the side”

2:08pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin asking if he thinks Matt and raven are going up
paul – depends…
Kevin – you want to play pool tonight
Paul – yeah

Kevin – let me know what I’m supposed do and not do, right..
Paul – nothing now
Kevin – I know that Paul
Paul – it’s coming to the point we all have to play
Kevin – I didn’t get picked for the POV it’s not my fault

2:21pm JOsh and raven
Josh is talking about the disloyalty he saw from mark 3 weeks ago.
Raven figures out a way out of the conversation.

Josh has a Meatball chat..
Josh – you guys have seen my game and what I’m doing.. I got Cody out, Jess out, Got Elena out and now getting Mark out..
Josh – we’re winning.. right now I’m in the best position in the house.. I got Paul and Christmas..
Josh – Paul has turned around, we’re locked in, it’s us three.. god willing we go to final 3 and play it out.. right now we have control of the house.. we have Matt and raven in one corner and JasonAlex in the other corner.
Joash – I am playing a strategic Social game.. I’m doing a good job at it.. I have my 2 .. I have Matt and Raven and Alex.. Jason ..
JOsh says he wants JAson and Alex out before matt and Raven because they can take out Matt and raven easy.

JOsh says Jason is really annoyed by him he can tell it.
Josh – Kevin is onto my game and he’s put jason onto my game.. (LOL ZOMG?)
Josh – we have to split up JAson and Alex next week.. they are too strong together
Josh – I really don’t know which one I want out first..

2:34pm Xmas and Paul
Xmas saying she was telling Raven and Matt to win the HOH next week. She’s unsure how motivated they are.

2:35pm You start hearing sirens. “Lockdown.. this is a lockdown.”

Paul is yelling at everyone to get inside..

Feeds cut..

(Paul is the most worried that there will be a banner plane, drone or megaphone)

2:44pm Raven – no napping Mathew

2:46pm JOsh and Xmas
Xmas – just f*ing JAM time Study lets go, first 10 days sit down
Josh says he walked in on Alex and Jason and they were sketched out, they claimed they were talking about Jason’s baby and studying.
Xmas says that Paul told her they were studying..

Josh – they seemed sketched
Xmas – jason is irritated by me or sketched out by me again.
Josh – he’s annoyed as f* by me.. I talk to him and he walks away.
Josh – he’s made it real easy to getting rid of him
Xmas – the biggest thing they are all most annoyed at Kevin
JOsh says they stood bye things that mark has done.
Xmas – we have to study
JOsh – by the way it’s not going to be the next HOH it’ll be the following (questions about the dates)
Xmas – I need to start now .. we’ll do 5 at a time
Xmas – day 1 brought Paul in ….
Josh – Sunday we had the trapeze
Xmas stops “MY study session.. you know this”
2:48 cam 3-4 Xmas – “I was on Pk’s half the time just having f*ing a good time sitting off to the side”

Xmas says they have to start splitting up a little bit more. Says that her being mean to him is just to throw people off.

Josh says Raven is wanting to take out Jason and if Jason can’t go Alex, “WE don’t have to guide her”

3:03pm Raven Matt APSR
Raven – I was hurting.. you don’t have my body you don’t understand
Raven – I want a new body.. that would be nice.. I wouldn’t care if I was the ugliest person I just want a new body sometimes.. ..
Raven – it might look nice but it doesn’t like me..


3:40pm Xmas and Josh
talking about final 3 with Paul and how excited they are. Xmas points out how much more hussle they have left.
Tomorrow she gets the cast removed.
Xmas – I might need to compete in slightly more physical things..
Josh – you are one of the strongest competitors in the house with a broken foot..
Josh goes on about how she’s a bad a$$ competitor.
Xmas – that win was HUGE for me.. I know Paul through it to me..

Xmas – Jason, he’s our next number one target.
Josh – they get past next week and they get out Matt..
Xmas – they have to go up together and they have to compete against each other.
Josh says Alex and Jason thnk they have Josh but it really them five with Matt and raven. (dream 😉 )
Josh says he wants the final 3 to be Paul, Xmas and him. He’s been loyal to them from the beginning..

Xmas – Kevin never watch the show
Josh – it’s all bullshit..
Xmas – why has he never asked about Jury…
Josh – it’s bullshit
Xmas – that’s a major red flag
Josh – he knows the game. he’s been onto my game..
Josh – he wants America’s Favorite.. he won the 25K he wants the other 25K that’s 50 grand..
Josh – Jason has no idea what he’s doing he’s had Alex guide him..
Xmas – he might freak the f* out if he wins there’s no telling what he’ll do

Josh – Keep them calm make them feel safe.
Xmas – we can’t be so complacent about it
Josh – we have to keep playing both sides..
Xmas – Don’t say stuff like that again
Xmas – WE’re gaming our social position (LOL that’s what you’re calling it)

Josh – Ok, that’s just between me and you
Xmas – I know, it’s also now in America’s ear.
Josh – they love that shit
Xmas – we’re positioning ourselves to protect the three..
Josh – yeah

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This is undoubtedly the most boring week of the season. Thank you Simon and Dawg for the updates. Watching these feeds must be excruciating.

Uncle Teddy

We shot our wad in the first 2 weeks in the game. There’s been zero strategy or social gameplay since. These idiots think they’re doing something special. It’s hard to watch.


JOsh found his mother and daddy figures, and oddly enough he subconsciously wants to have s@xual relations with both of them!


BMX is killing me. (Big Move Xmas)



Arya Stark


Arya stark kill list



Me like….me make a BBQ for the HGs in backyard

Let me talk to Paul first

Don’t know how Simon and Dawg keep it together watching this crap. Every time I turn it on they are either circle jerking Paul or talking about how terrible a person Cody is or how Jessica threw away 500,000 for him. Time to make a donation….thanks for these updates. Looking forward to next year.


My opinion… Leaders of bullies, bullies, and 100% worthless followers don’t deserve to win Big Brother, So that leaves, nobody !!


Nobody is playing the game Christmas is going to make “A BIG STRATEGIC MOVE” so she is taking out the person who has no allies- wow big move useless player


Christmas is a witch


Fucking Raven – please someone in the house would call her on her bullshit Gypsy lies and lifestyle. Such a tramp and Matt for taking advantage of an idiot.


What’s really hilarious is that had Alex and Jason kept Cody they wouldn’t be in the situation that they are in now. Cody told them that this would happen. That they would be the next big targets of Paul and here you have it. Paul has both of his other teams targeting Jason and once Jason’s gone Alex is on her own.

Uncle Teddy

Yes. 100% correct



Carma baby.

F Alex & Jason.

Lock the scammer up and throw away the key

Cry me a river, Raven.


Shut up Raven ..no one wants to hear your BS

Can't stand Paul

Do they really think that taking Paul to the Final 3 is a good idea? They can not beat him. I am just curious if there is something that I am missing in all of this. He has a final 3 with all three couples. Oh my mercy..these people are idiots!!


Well production is more than likely pushing the Paul is a great idea to take to the finals story so they are more than willing to get screwed in the game if they think it’ll translate to increased money making potential outside the house.

Go Kevin?

I also cant stand Paul, but the fact hes got a final three with all the couples is impressive. He knows as soon as he manipulates the other HGs to eliminate people he becomes everyone’s “ride or die”

Not that he has played a great game but the only person left I can respect a little is Kevin. vote for the best loser?


I am actually starting to appreciate Paul’s game now that he is using strategy and not all the BS name calling and “bullying” that was going on earlier in the season. The minions are still clueless and don’t stand a chance on winning with Paul at this point. I would love to see Paul get second again would serve him right for the Sh*T he pulled earlier in the season.


He’s only using strategy because no one has threatened to go after him. The minute they do, he’ll become insecure and resort to the same vile tactics he did earlier. He’s still a POS in my eyes.

Amy J

Thanks for giving us another boring ass week Xmas. Jess was right she is a coward. I’m voting Mark for AFP.

Anti Paul Puppet

I don’t think Mark deserves it. I’m going for Cody. Yes he’s the guy with no social game… but he’s the only one who made a move against Paul in this game and for that alone he deserves to be rewarded.


Cody chose not to have a social game with these annoying crazy people. He was doing great socially to start. He knew to keep ousting Paul a secret, because if Paul got wind of it Paul would talk his way out. He knew he could get the easily led others back on his side once Paul was gone. The protection that Paul had blocked and showed the house all of Codys cards. It gave Paul the ammo he needed to turn everyone on Cody, and Cody could tell it was useless to try anymore. He did all he could do socially given the circumstances. I respect him more for not faking it with these vile people.

Bring back Cody

and that is why I am voting him AFP….. If Paul did not receive the 3 week save, then he would be twitter bullying online instead of in the house. Production SHOULD NOT manipulate situations. It is unfair and not worth even trying out for BB in the future.


I bet if this was the case, and Cody stayed, Cody would have been the most hated houseguest. He has a HUGE ego and says really nasty things about women. (How they get ugly and fat, are dogs, etc.). This behaviour could only go on for so long before people started targeting him anyway. He made comments inside the house about trans people (see Cody exposed Youtube). He called Josh fat. He’s just not a good person..and then, he came back, AFTER Paul’s safety was over and still did diddly squat. The only reason anyone likes him at this point is because they can’t stand Paul.


Mark tried to make a move against Paul too. Both Cody and Mark were unsuccessful.

Amy J

I think he does, especially for how he handled himself after being put in the middle and attacked unwarranted all season.


Just The FACTS: Jess chose NOT to save Rameses & put Paul up… So that makes Jess a coward too, right? I mean, there was No reason for Jess not to throw Paul’s ass on the block that week.

Yes, Paul would’ve had the numbers to stay, but that would put “seeds” in his alliance that maybe he needs.to be taken out.


This season – “I’ve had it! OFFICIALLY”

Paul's Beard

I bet you still watch


No, I hate this season but come to read the updates because I hate it that much….


That’s just great Xmas on pks! What a bunch of idiots! Let the whole world know that! Like we don’t know! Broke back mountain foot bitch!


O wish these people would all be like taking Paul to final 3 is not a good idea for me at all. Vets win and epically when everyone has final 3 with u Paul doesn’t have to win another job to get to finally


Great Big Move Badass Bitch! Get out the guy with no friends in the house that everyone else wants out. Brava! Could’ve used him going forward, unless of course you want to hand Paul the win like everyone else. Dummies. Didn’t help that production set up the mind-fuck of friendship and safety for Paul from the start.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I’m convinced one of two things has happened, but I’m not sure which:

AG thought she was putting Friendship Paul in the house but got Mean Cult Leader Paul instead. She gave him the bracelets and 3 weeks safety because she knew he’d be the biggest target and wanted him to have a fighting chance to integrate himself into the cast rather than being voted out week 1. She had no idea the whole house would drop their games and become mindless followers for him to the point there would be no house flips and suspense and he would dictate everything that happened the rest of the season. Now she wishes she hadn’t put him in there and given him so much help because he’s ruined the season.


AG was pissed and screaming at the monitor when Paul lost the jury vote last year and vowed that next year she would do anything it took to make sure he couldn’t lose, so she introduced twists to keep him protected and the DR producers have been instructed to tell all the players to trust Paul and destroy anyone that opposes him. Possible competitors were not cast in favor of attention seekers who just want to increase their social media following or promote some book or cause and don’t care about winning anyway. Now she is watching with glee as her boy cruises to an easy victory helped along by the brainless and gutless sheep she carefully cast as his so-called opponents.

It’s one of those. I just don’t know which.


What do you think of this I found online:

“The proficient Incessant Talker will actually put us into a form of hypnotic trance. Without being aware of it they are using traditional hypnotic techniques such as overloading the mind, inhibiting critical thinking, confusing the listener and using monotonous and fast or slow-paced delivery. And this hypnotic trance issue raises two warnings: If you are trying to do something or concentrate on something you will need to get them to keep quiet or get rid of them – otherwise you run the risk of making mistakes. In driving a car, for instance, such a Talker can provoke an accident by causing you to lose concentration or make a misjudgement or slip into a mild trance at a critical moment.
Being in a mild trance means that your critical thinking ability, which mainly relies on self talk, is blocked. After all, that is what the traditional hypnotist does – they use trance to quieten our analytical thinking to make us **receptive to suggestions**. “

Jimmy 64

Now that you are getting rid of Mark
Paul and the sheep have to turn on each other now.
Maybe the sheep will finally turn on the shepherd.
Fat chance !!!!!!!


Not Yet.
1st these HG’s will go after Mark leaves, not sure what order ,
final 8-Jason, Alex, Kevin then
final 5-Matt, Raven then
final3- Josh
Final 2 Paul, Josh or Paul, Xmas
Winner probably Paul.

Do not care really was hoping The Cody was there


And Christmas said she wanted to make a big move ??…….. ughhhhh


Well, opiates do tend to cause constipation…Oh, do you think she meant game move?


And Christmas said she was ready to make a big move ????? ughhhh

desirae's Mom

All we can hope for is that prod, gets in their ear about Matt. How come we really haven’t seen them having booze on BBAD ???? Maybe because they see what these idiots do sober. What really pisses me off is that I’m on SSI and had to pay more money to get POP for BBAD. Could have bought beer. Thanks Simon and Dawg, love you guys.


These idiots deserve what Paul dishes out to them……………. (we as viewers did not deserve this garbage,) hopefully, AG gets what she deserves, and gets fired.
Does Xmas really think that the American public is stupid, that we do not see what is going on………or remember what went on. This group has a big surprise coming when they find out, that not only are they not popular, but are disliked as well.


Alex and Jason had it coming. They all do. What did they think was going to happen? lol


what a waste of the season.Terrible cast with lowest IQ in BB history


Gee, I guess I just didn’t appreciate ALL of Josh’s big moves this season until he reminded us of how HE was the mastermind behind every eviction this season. Careful, Josh. You could tear a rotator cuff patting yourself on the back.


The person that gets paul evicted will win the 500k. If not Paul wins. Its that simple.

BB Juicy Blast

I think I’ve decided I want Matt to win. Somehow it would be fitting for Paul to spend the whole summer plotting and strategizing and being obnoxious only to lose to a guy who did nothing but eat cereal and get laid

I also think of everyone left in the house Matt is the only one who hasn’t been a mean spirited asshole to anyone


Because he is eating all the cereal…that’s his big game move!


This whole season is boring, with the exception of Cody and Jessica. These players are just sheep being led to a slaughter by Paul. Nobody but Cody and Jessica watched last season and recognize Paul for the liar he is. They are too scared to go against him and I cant stomach the blind loyalty even when they see signs that hey is not loyal!!! I don’t even watch the live shows anymore I read the results online!! Somebody please make it stop!!!!! Lol

Kid Rock

Josh is a genius if he can make it to final 3 with Paul n Xmas!!! Both XMAS N Paul would take him to final 2 knowing they can beat him……. Win win situation for JOSH….. JOSH FOR 2nd place, lol!


Seriously HGs Paul frantically trying to get you inside during lock down doesn’t make you wander if he’s got something shady to hide!?! SO MANY RED FLAGS!!!!!!!!

BB Fan Since 2000

Anyone think that there is going to be a jury buyback? No goodbye messages for Cody or Elena were shown.


Pretty sure Julie said there wouldn’t be.


Theres no one left smart enough to take out Paul. He took Cody Jess out early because he knew he couldnt beat them later on. This whole Paul fiasco is the producers fault. They gave him safety for 3 weeks or else hes gone right away when Cody was HOH. They also cast Alex and Christmas who are Paul worshippers from last season. The rest of the house is just a bunch of idiots too stupid to see the light.

Bolt Uprite.

The true test of the HG lack of intelligence is that they all desire to take Paul to final 3 and still think they can win.