Paul – Matt and Raven are really clueless as f** we’ve been overestimating them..

Matt’s socks…

12:05pm nothing has happened this morning.. right now Paul and mark are talking about his favorite dog breed, Perro de Presa Canario. He lists off all the specialty breeds his family has had, etc etc.. His family own 3 of them. Paul says he feeds his 3 dogs raw chickens, “or a turkey.. when Turkeys are on sale I’ll buy like 30 of them.. ”
Paul – it’s the healthiest a dog will be if you feeds them a raw diet.. there’s no kibble tree.. they’re an animal..
Paul goes on explaining the benefits of feeding his dogs a raw diet

For those of you that have never seen inside the shitter of the Big Brother House..

12:16pm Jason and Alex
Alex – jason, after we nap let’s practice dates..
They start talking about Xmas and Paul having these specialty breeds.. Christmas has a bulldog.
Alex – my dog’s a mutt and she’s stupid..

Jason says they ask him questions then start talking about their dogs.
Alex laughs, “I don’t want to talk about these f*ing dogs again”

Alex says Christmas and Paul will talk about dogs all day long..
Jason mocking Christmas and Paul and their specialty breeds.. that survive in a wild..
Jason – my dog can’t breath because it’s lungs are fused to its’ ribcaged.. it’s so inbred.. it can’t move
They laugh..

12:22pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Paul telling them that Alex and Jason HATE kevin.

Paul – Alex thinks she has Josh in her pocket which is not true.. if anything Christmas has Josh in her pocket.
Paul says it’s good that Matt and Raven are looked at as floaters means Alex and Jason won’t target them.
Matt – as long as Jason and Alex think they have josh.. and if they think there’s no group larger than 2 they probably think they can beat any 2

Paul says Alex and Jason are going to keep going with the house plan.
Matt – if they win and they get Kevin out perfect..
Paul – perfect.. but they might be thinking let’s steam roll right now.. I doubt it though
They agree that nobody out of their group will take the Apple to prevent them from getting the double POV.
Raven says Alex wouldn’t hide her bracelet she still thinks it’s Kevin.

Raven says kevin knows Magic tricks he’s really fast with his hands.
They start complaining about Kevin being dissatisfied with the last 3 weeks when everything has gone perfect for them.
Raven thinks Kevin will vote against Matt.

Matt – if they (Alex/Jason) truly think you are floating that’s amazing..

Raven – if it’s me and alex up there (endurance HOH) we can be like we have a mutual target..
Raven – I know Alex has a soft spot for me.. I know she trust me I’ve never stabbed her in the back.. (Alex hates Raven)
Raven – I know if I was up there with you I could get her to drop down.. (Wall endurance)

Xmas comes in.. They start scheming about where to hide the vetos if that is the next competition.
Raven says she has 3 spots that are great.

Paul leaves.. on his way down Xmas tells Raven that she needs Paul. Raven yells out the door “Paul Christmas needs you”
WHen Paul comes back him and Christmas shit their pants over this. “She’s so annoying.. she reiterates everything I say”
Paul – Raven fully believes that her and alex have this bond.. ALEX hates Raven..
Paul – Jason whispered to me that dumb f*ing b1tch and that bracelet..
Paul isn’t worried about Jason and Alex.
Christmas – When Mark was saying I can’t be trusted.. was he saying that to Alex alone
Paul – It was to Alex and Jason

Paul – if Alex and Jason get put up I’ll try and win the veto and pull Alex off.. I think Jason first is the best move.
Paul is going to get close to Alex and use her to take out Matt/Raven

Paul – Alex is a game players.. at that point she won’t care she’ll say you kept me safe thank you

Christmas is worried that people will start listening to Kevin when he says they are trying to get them to take each other out.
Paul says if they do it right it’ll be fine.
paul says they need to tell Raven and Matt to turn up their silly sh1t because it urks Alex and jason
If they can get Kevin more pissed he goes to Alex/Jason and vets which will further piss them off at matt and raven.
Paul – Matt and Raven are really clueless as f** we’ve been overestimating them..

Xmas about Raven – she’s f*ing stupid sometimes..

12:48pm Paul and Jason
Paul says he can’t stand Raven, “She called me fat.. fat Paul”
Jason says Raven has gained the most weight in the house (Not sure if it’s the most but she has gained)
Paul – why does she call Alex her mom
jason – I have no idea..
Paul – it’s so weird.. They are so f*ing clueless..

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Alex I’m pretty sure your dog is smarter than your dumb “friendship ” thinking ass

Thanks Simon

Best thing about BB19 was you letting me see the BB toilet. Been watching for years and never got a chance to see it. Thanks. Sadly this is the highlight of BB19 for me.

Big Brother Cat Lady

Me too … thanks for that picture I can’t imagine how nasty it is to have to clean it!


The toilet is representative of this season

I don't really care

Where are the condoms?

Paul lover

Paul is King. He is Elvis reincarnated.

I love, Love, LOve, LOVE that man.

A good player and a dog lover who feeds his dog real food.

If only he would hook up with Raven.

Can you imagine the beauty and intelligence of their child.

Matt's Semen

Paul is king in his own little pathetic mind. Raven is an annoying scamming c***. Why would you want to cause the world more pollution with an offspring like that?

Paul's Beard

Come on. It is pathetic to use the “c” word to describe a woman no matter what. Your comment should not have been posted on here.


Hi Stacy,
That’ll never happen because you munchausened her into believing she can’t have kids! Plus, Paul isn’t attracted to Pippi Long Con. Don’t worry though, she’s making sweet Cooleyhighharmony with the doorMatt every night! It’s too bad you didn’t feed Raven as well as Paul feeds his dog…..the bitch literally barked on national television. Smh.


They all seem to hate each other.

I hate them too.

Praying Back

Thanks for voting. We are on to the semi-final for America’s Fav (OBB version.)

Let’s Vote

Thumbs up for Mark or Thumbs down for Josh for America’s Fav.

I also want to also say sorry to the admins for my posts I was just playing a small game while we wait for the next HOH. I didn’t mean to be a spam or Troll.


One does not choose to be a troll. As Gaga says they are born this way. Trollitis is a genetic disorder. Don’t Hate Trolls! They can’t help themselves. Looking to the future: Robot Trolls. Robot HGs. Chenbot!


Cody for AFP

Praying Back

Semi Finals

Let’s Vote

Thumbs up for Jason or Thumbs down for Kevin for America’s Fav.


What are the chances that they send Matt home instead of Mark? Lol. PLEASE!


I really just hope something happens. For 2 reasons:
1) I want to see Raven freak out and not feel comfortable when she no longer has Matt (the only thing she’s done in this game).
2) There has been no “surprise” moment in this season since…since probably Paul using his temptation while Cody was HOH.

This really has been the most boring season ever.

P.S. Just wanted to say thanks to Simon and Dawg for keeping this site updated season after season! ๐Ÿ™‚


The sadist in me wants to see Raven on the block (not as a pawn), and veto be the nasty ingredient milkshake comp! Think fast Pippi Long Con- stick to the life-long dying girl bit, or knock it back like the champ Matt’s been training you to be every night. Choose your own adventure….

Praying Back

Semi Finals

Let’s Vote

Thumbs Up for Cody or Thumbs down for Matt

Bored 1216

OMG — what a group of clueless idiots + hairy a-hole Paul. (However, I do agree with Simon that Frankie was worse.)


I dont expect to get likes and I don’t care. Plus, I’m no Raven defender and look forward to watching her leave ASAP. But FFS, can she do anything without you all ready to scrutinize her for it? she can’t even so much as move without being called a faker, fraud or scammer.


Ummm probably because she has been exposed for trying to play on people’s sympathy so now her very existence is annoying


Have you watched any feeds or bb after dark or YouTube Raven and Matt are both f###ing annoying


Why are you using my name? Maybe you could use some initial on the end.


She’s a compulsive liar, and I can’t stand liars! (Unless it’s for gameplay) But she one-ups people with lies.

She literally told people her mom was training for the olympics, her mom got struck by lightening, she’s a member of Mensa, her GPA was dance, she plays softball (when Paul asked what position, she didn’t know). She lies about EVERYTHING.

I have known two people like that in my life and it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I just can’t with people like that.


She also claims Cody tried to kiss her and told her he would get a part time job to pay for her surgery and he dumped her because she couldn’t have kids.


When talking about dogs this afternoon Paul mentions that his dog King is 4 yrs old
BUT….in Paul’s HOH letter his mom wrote King is old but vet said he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him. Sounds like she was trying to warn Paul about Kevin.

Paul hater

Very observant. But she didn’t mean to send any messages. If there are any concerns production will fill him in.

Bo Diddley

Paul messed in the fizzy lifting drink, he should be disqualified.

Anti Paul Puppet

Up until this point in the season, I have still be rooting for someone to win or to stay etc. At this point, my optimism is with is who do I want to get back stabbed first. I think Alex first!!! Can’t wait for her to find out about Paul’s bogus Friendship LOL!

I guess I am still rooting for the most epic award of AFP to Cody!!! The HG’s reactions would be priceless! A little bit of viewers revenge on the sheep HG’s who don’t know the meaning of BIG MOVE!


Doubt it will go to Cody because he is very unlikeable and sorry but he has an extreme case of crazy eyes lol

Anti Paul Puppet

I thought he was hilarious. His no bull***t attitude amused me.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I would think it would be Paul, Jess or Cody. The Paul fans will vote for Paul, the anti-Pauls for one of Jody. The rest were just Paul’s minions. The Paul fans will vote for Paul, not a minion. The Paul haters hate his minions too.


REALLY hope it’s NOT Jess – bitter, antagonizing, stuck-up bully. I’d rather have Cody win but too bad he’s associated with her.


To be clear – I am voting for Paul or Ramses


AFP to a bad player? Nobody deserves AFP give it to charity..


Not rooting for anything at this point. Has the feel of BBCan3 as far as production only. For US fans this guy Godfrey won 7 questions. He has 2 choices for F2. The 1st a nice person but a bad player. God wins the money hands down. The second is productions fav and IMHO a real douche bag and I’m being polite. God picked the douche and lost the money.
Expect if Paul ever faces eviction/losing production will convince whoever to give up 500k and keep Paul or take him F2. I don’t expect anything stopping Paul. What I’m hoping for is twists from the 3 couples going after each other. Hope Kevin stays a while but I’m guessing he is very easy to get out next then the blood letting starts. Paul has had so many pawns and back doors Jason will be on the block and not even know he’s the target. Might even volunteer to go up!

Pants on fire

Like him or not, Paul is in a great position. He intermingles with everyone and tells everyone he is going to go talk to so and so, so it doesn’t look sketchy. He then has private game talk with groups and individuals giving out info but not too much info. Hate him all you want (he is a loud mouth) but his social game is spot on. Don’t blame the manipulator, blame the minions!!


Paul is playing a great game because he was Handed the ball in a no hitter in the top of the 9th against a team that is standing there and just letting him throw strikes right down the middle. Anyone who tells the team to swing gets osrtricized and bullied.


Exactly, Anonymous. Paul is playing a great game because he has had every advantage and he is in a house with a group of mindless zombie sheeple. I doubt he would be this far if people were playing their own game. And this is hard for me to say because I really liked Paul last season. He really worked hard to get as far as he did.

So, he still deserves to win this season, but that’s not saying much…

Nacho Mama

Again with the sour grapes? Get over it! Paul made the most of his 3 weeks of safety, but he coulda/woulda/?shoulda been put on the block and voted out, but that is not what the house wanted and THAT was based upon his social game. Sorry (not sorry) if you don’t like it :p


Direct Hit with the FACTS…. Paul’s social game is better then the other 15 people this season, that’s why he’s still there, but don’t tell that to the cat people who will give AFP to bad players..


More GIFs of Raven giving Matt blowjobs please.


Do dog’s really resemble their owners?

Christmas has a bulldog, Alex has a stupid mutt, and ….


I have a wiener dog!


Paul has a Perro de Presa Canario, a dog bred for working livestock (like sheep).

The Solar Eclipse

I have a mixed breed 70 lb. rescue. And he’s better than Paul’s fancy schmancy dog. Also which is worse, Paul’s nasty beard or Raven’s slack jawed dumb Ass face?

Matts crusty orange shirt

Am I the only one that thought Jason’s comment about his dog not being able to breath because itโ€™s lungs are fused to itsโ€™ ribcage sounded like something Raven would say to further her “pity me” story lol


Jason’s dog has a Go Fund Me page.


I think it’s time to change the games when the players can more or less can guess which ones they’ll be playing next and prepare for it.


yes, don’t just change the theme of the comp, they need to come up with new games. Paul being a vet knows every game.


Next BB players should only be able to communicate through sign language.


This years BB contestants are already playing using sign language.

The quality of play (from everyone but Paul) is one BIG MIDDLE FINGER to all loyal BB watchers!


LMFAO, I would pay to see them argue in sign language.


Too funny Paul impersonation of Raven. They all suck so much it’s a wretched game, I tells ya.

Fuck you fuckball

As much as I hate Matt. He is the only one i want to see win at this point. The rest are complete asholes.


They are all assholes but Matt ranks number 2 right behind Raven


Why? The only reason he’s not hateable is because he hasn’t been part of this game other than to be the lapdog (losing temptation comps so the target can’t play in Veto). But just because he isn’t hateable doesn’t mean he deserves to win. There are plenty of loveable and good-hearted houseguests from the past who have deserved to win because they’re actually playing the game.


Like me!


Is your real name Fucky McFuckface?


No, it’s Anon. I’m from 16th century England.


And Matt is an idiot sleezeball. Totally worthless piece of shit.

Smitten Kitten

Jason suffers from Stockholm Syndrome & Alex is his captor.


I hated BB 13 the most but this season is starting to get closer and closer as the worst. I’m so bummed…


I still don’t understand the hate being piled onto Kevin. I’ve asked this before (I think…long day!) but was there actually anything tangible he did to anyone? Or did Paul just start in on him for fun and to grow the target on him? The vitriol toward him feels like overkill, especially when the sh*t talking is typically like, he’s old and annoying, he doesn’t make his own food or whatever the hell.

I’d give so much to see Kevin just unload on these people.


Me too. Hopefully one day he goes, “I’m too old for this crap” and goes ape sh*t on them. Lol!!! He’s such a nice guy and he really doesn’t have time for these people. I could see it happening. Lol


That’s the best bb could do for a bathroom? Nasty
Why would peeps hang out so much in the bathroom every season…so gross making that a chat room, sucking in everyones chit fumes.


Who isn’t Paul fake with?? He has no friendship for anyone this season. He’s called Raven Stupid and he hates her, Christmas he’s called annoying and he thinks Josh is crazy. I am pretty sure he doesn’t like anyone but if you talk to anyone in the house they will say he’s their best friend. I will be shocked if he doesn’t win the $500,000, I see no drive in anyone else to even go for it! They are too busy talking bad about who they hate or dislike in the house to concentrate on the on the game!


Well he has to make each group think he hates the other group. He’s trying to play all 3 groups at once. The easiest way to cement in their minds he’s “with them” (whoever he’s talking to at the time), is to make them think he dislikes the rest and wouldn’t team up with them.


“She called me Paul…fat Paul” lol he’s totally not fat at all, but the way that was written made me lol.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Everywhere you look on the Internet there are websites, twitter accounts and even blogs about exposing Raven and hatred of her. I’ve watched every season of Big Brother and although there have been many houseguests not liked, nothing comes even close to this.

Raven you are in for a major ‘unwelcome party” when you leave the house and I think you deserve every second of what you’re about to get!
America has a huge heart but no time for mean people, frauds and scammers.


The voters disagree with you.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Hey Anonymous……………..with that comment you better climb out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Raven doesn’t have any fans, she’s the most disliked fan in the history of BB.

Judgmental Judy

I can’t stand Paul, but that clip you posted of Paul imitating Raven, bending over to pick something up on the floor… LMBO!




Like many on this site, I’ve been watching BB from the beginning and agree this season is unbelievably boring. This is the first time I’ve followed a site or watched BB after dark and had no idea how much editing was done! So aside from the fact this is boring and the cast are mean in a really nasty way, the open mouth eating is driving me nuts. But even worse than that is the constant bowl scraping!!!! I know the mics make it worse, but seriously, how many times do you need to scrape your bowl to get the food on the spoon?

Clorox Bleach Representative

We would like to use your disgusting socks that you put across the table for one of our commercials.

Clorox Salesman

Going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing Ravens cooter could use a bleach cleaning.


Omg I laughed so hard at this comment…I’m still laughing! Thanks, I needed that!


Look up Social bully and see if that does not totally fit Paul.
Also, try looking up the Stanford Prison experiment it sounds like what happened to Jody. I’m just saying I bet Paul is running his own social experiment with his minions!!!


You may not like the breed but Paul is, hands down, the “Best in Show”.

Nobody else showed-up to play (Jody just played with each other).


Jason sounds like a real jerk around animals. The more he talks, the less I like him.


i can’t stand Raven’s dirty extensions. she keeps them on the floor, then wears it again, trashy girl.

Matts crusty orange shirt

Zingbots zing about Ravens clown makeup was the highlight of today’s episode lol how can u be so oblivious lol