Alex “He thinks you’re a flip flopper” Paul “I’m a flip flopper?! I’m going to make Mark s**t his pants”

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8:57pm Matt, Raven and Paul in the kitchen.

Paul – no one knows that we have worked together this entire f**king season. It is the funniest thing ever. Matt – since day 14? Raven – no, day 12. Matt – so literally since then. Its amazing how smooth things have gone. When you do what you say you’re going to do. Matt – The funny thing is, I honestly think that people think Raven and I are running around chasing some butterflies. Paul – that’s what you want. Matt – I know it is. Paul – they asked me about us (production) a few times. Gypsy Squad. They were like how long have you… Since like week 2 and they were like really? And I was like are you not watching?! Matt – what are you doing, you’re not doing your job clearly.

9:20pm Kitchen. Alex, Kevin, Paul, Josh, Matt, Raven and Jason.
They’re chatting about Cody,

9:50am Mark to Kevin – let me ask you something.. If I was to talk Jason and Alex into keeping me, would you? Kevin – if they would agree, yes. Everything they do, I do. Not meaning it that way. Kevin – there are two people that annoy mt out there. Matt and Raven.

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10:25pm Lounge room. Mark and Alex.

Mark – why do you want me out of this house? Alex – Its what the house wants. I like you on a personal level but on a game level it would just be bad for me to keep you in this house. Mark – what if it was you, Jason, Kevin and Paul. Alex – Kevin hasn’t won anything. This is the same argument that Cody put me in. Mark – but Cody was bad for the house. Alex – he had the same exact plan but we had to win back, to back, to back HOH’s which I’m not against… Mark – when Christmas asked me what are the options she dismissed Raven right away. Which just made me assume if one of them win they’re going to go after you and Jason because they know how strong you are. That’s why Christmas was having the back and forth with me. They know how strong of a couple you and Jason are. That’s four people you and I don’t have to worry about. Alex – that is true but right now its pretty easy to stay low key .. there are other people that people are looking at that I know about. And I would rather them take a shot at those people, rather than they take a shot at us. Mark – if you truly feel like that is best for your game. Mark – so you think if Matt and Raven win, they are going after Christmas and Josh? Alex – I think they’re aiming for longevity. I don’t think they’re aiming to win. Mark – they were going pretty hard for the Question comp. If one of those four win, who do you think they’re going after? Alex – I’m hoping they take out someone else. The safest bet for both of us is to just stay quiet. If we could save you we would but in this game we have to be ruthless. Mark – I respect that, as long as its not because you can’t trust me. Alex – they’re more annoying but they’re better for our game. Jason joins them and says they’re terribly annoying. Alex – I think this next one is going to be endurance. Jason – and we’re going to crush it. Mark – if I go out Thursday and either one of you make it to the final 2, you two have my vote.

Kevin – everyone thinks that if he (Matt) leaves she (Raven) is going to fall apart… (Kevin shakes his head no) exact opposite. He leaves .. boom, I guarantee she is sleeping with you. Paul – f**k no. I’ll tell her I’m celibate. Kevin – No I guarantee she is going to say she is sleeping with you, guaranteed. Paul – NO! Kevin – Alex is like a sister so you can’t cut her and Christmas is cool .. what are you going to do, throw it away for what a one night tug? I was going to tell Mark not to waste his time. But that’s not my place. Paul – none of them know what they’re doing. They gravitate towards power and have no loyalty. Kevin – the next 36 hours are going to be a motherf**ker.

11:15pm Alex tells Paul that Mark was campaigning to her. Paul – what did you say?Alex – that you’re not good for our game. He thinks you’re a flip flopper. Paul – that I’m a flip flopper?! Should I call him out?! Alex – NO! NO! NO! Ask Jason about it. Alex goes into the diary room. Paul tells Christmas – I’m going to go make Mark sh*t his pants because apparently he was talking about me. Christmas – movie time?! Paul – no, because Alex told me not to. Paul – apparently I’m the flip flopper out of all the people here. Paul heads into the lounge room where Mark, Jason and Josh are chatting. Mark leaves to go to the washroom. Paul asks Jason – he called me a flip flopper? In what context? Jason – he said that you’re all over the place. Paul – that’s what he thinks.

Paul talks to Alex and Jason in the bedroom. Paul – why is he calling me a flip flopper of all people. Alex – he said he likes you. Jason – he said you just float around a lot. Alex – and talk to everyone. Josh complains about how Mark was campaigning to him and Christmas about wanting to get Alex out and not he is campaigning to her.

12:05am Matt and Raven are hungry for cereal..

12:45am Josh, Mark, Alex and Christmas make fun of Paul for always shaping his beard and looking in the mirror. Mark – Boys, Friendship, Pissed!

1:30am – 2:30am Josh, Jason, Alex, Paul, Kevin, Christmas stay up laughing and joking around in the bedroom.

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Not your website reviews but this season’s casting in general.

Name one exciting thing that happened people! I’ll start: Christmas broke her foot. That’s it.


This season jumped the shark week 1.


Sex with animals is wrong


And noisy.

yeah tough guy

Paul is TOUGH!

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

I want to see everyone’s faces the first time they go on social media or the internet. I wish I could see their faces when they find out their all f**king idiots and that Paul is the biggest D-BAG A$$hole in BB history! Congratulations dipsh*ts on being on the worst cast of BB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t understand how this cast can be so stupid! Even with Mark pointing out that Paul talks to everyone and has alliances with everyone, no one realizes he’s playing them all. It’s really a mystery who he would take to final 3 out of the remaining pairs. I think Matt and Raven because he has the best shot to beat them. Although he really could beat all of them. It’s not about friendship people. You are all being used. And I’m torn between calling it great game play on Paul’s part or stupidity and complete blindness on the HG’s part. Any normal season the houseguests would have figured it out by now and would have at least had conversations that they know what he’s up to, but they are keeping him for their game until the time is right. These idiots all want to take him to final two and they all want to lose against him. It’s really infuriating to watch!


It is like a ‘perfect storm’ for Paul- everything has been lining up for his success in the game. The other HGs do not like or trust each other- they have formed relationships with one or two others and that’s it. On the other hand, Paul interacts with everyone, spreading ‘friendship.’ He has also perpetuated the dislike and distrust the HGs have toward each other. When one points out Paul’s game, that person looks sketch.

Like him or not, Paul is playing a masterful game. However, a win is not nec in the bag- the jury house provides such clarity. The jury can talk and bond without the stress of the game. They compare notes and will decide to vote for Paul or against him= either Paul deserves the win because he actually played the game and excelled or they did not like the way he played and vote anyone, but Paul.


BB gave Paul the advantage from the start. Boring bunch of followers. Cody and Jess weren’t, that’s why it was so important to get them out.

Nacho Mama

Give it a break already! Every time a vet comes in they get safety for a period of time, otherwise the HGs will unite against the vet and vote him out. Paul had an advantage but he made the most of it and THAT was based upon his social game. Sorry (not sorry) if you don’t like it :p


Paul has said when he is talking just to the camera that he is taking Christmas & Josh to the F3.


I agree… this cast is the worst!!!! I think there needs to be a new casting crew at CBS or next BB will not even be watched. I hated Paul last year and I hate him even more this year… why oh why was he brought back???

Smitten Kitten

Paul is a HUGE Evel Dick fan.

He keeps saying how cool he is, how much Dick will love the “circus antics” that Paul has been instigating (pots & pans, etc.) & saying things like “this one’s for you E.D.” before sending Josh on one of his bullying escapades.

Paul has led everyone in the house to believe he’s their best friend & when they leave the room he SLAMS them saying really nasty things. He’s done it to each and every one of them, nobody has been immune.

It will be such poetic justice when Paul leaves the house & finds out that the man he’s idolize & fan girled about, actually can’t stand him & has been hating on him all season long.

waaaa waaa

Triggered much? Go take a xanax


ive watched since season 1 and I actually turned off the show sunday clearly worst season ever


I completely forgot to watch Sunday. Usually I look forward to each show impatiently and with great interest. Now, I can’t stand to watch Josh or Paul and the edit seems to give them a lot of time. I’ll probably watch tonight to catch up but I have zero happiness going in. I literally don’t care much about any of them.


I want to watch tonight only to hear Zingbot call them out.


Oh hush – Get over it – no it’s not – 9 and 15 – THINK MacFly, THINK.

This season was awesome with all of the drama.

Personally, 10 was my fav because it was back to basics without alot of influence from the outside, plus it had a lot of interesting story lines with everyone.


Jess and Cody got evicted:)


Not boring… just wait until they start coming for each other after this HOH.

Turn on each other?

You mean do what Paul says when Paul.says to do it, right? If Paul told them to self evict these idiots would follow that plan too.

sunny dee

i’ve seen worse. After Dark where everyone is out in the Backyard playing pool or watching people play pool. especially Frankie’s season, so super dull. at least these guys break away and talk game, but the other season literally hours to skip through because they were always together.


Frankie’s season was worse I will continue reminding people. Imagine this season but with 1 week of fights and production constantly getting involved guiding the most disliked houseguests to the end.


I have to disagree, though that season was bad, it had at least a few, at best, “likable” house guest. This season, is just a redundant mess. Most tune in hoping to see a change in attitude or power, and even though they talk about it, not one single person follows through. it’s as if, one of the main question on the BB Application was, “Who was your favorite house-guest?”, and they all answered, “Paul”. Cody and Jessica were the only, “non conforming” house guest and they lost 500,000 because of it.


I agree! It was pretty obvious Derrick had it in the bag, early on in that season!




The only hope for a great HOH is Kevin winning…he will shake some trees and maybe put up Paul and Alex.


I agree… except Kevin’s going to put up Matt & Raven. He still thinks he and Paul are good.


I totally agree!! These people are so stupid for letting Paul run the show. There’s not a likeable person in this whole group!


I agree she shouldn’t even still be allowed to be in the house. She hasn’t been able to compete for a long time that is part of big brother. Everyone just goes around and follows what ever Paul says they are to dum to think for thereselves. Cody and Jessica were the only ones playing the game.


How were they playing the game if all they did was lie in bed? If playing the game means sticking up for yourself one time and calling someone stupid and fat then I don’t know what is. Paul is playing the game. Hate him or not, you can’t deny that. He’s the only one playing the game. That’s why it’s so bad.


Jody were NOT playing the game.
They blew up whatever game they had week one, and then they thumbed their nose
and grab a$$ed the rest of the way


Cody was playing a great game even socially until the stupid twist showed all of his cards. That twist ruined the whole season. No one has made a big move since. If they were going to protect Paul they should have announced it to everyone. Cody knew he had to keep backdooring Paul a secret, so Paul wouldn’t get wind of it. He knew he could easily explain himself and get those morons back on his side once Paul was gone. Blindsiding Cody with Paul’s protection ruined Codys game (and the whole season) and Codyknew there was nothing he could do to get these morons back on his side. It’s obvious he was right, they still aren’t going against Paul. Cody chose to stop playing with these idiots and I don’t blame him.


Well said


The fact that production allows these fake DR conversations Paul feeds them is clue enough that they didnt happen, these people can’t be helped even if production tried


It’s been the longest, most difficult season to watch in a long time. I swear I skip episodes and STILL nothing has changed.


Paul gets wind of one person saying something about him and he’s PISSED.
Such a juvenile person.


Wow folks get a clue…
So much jealousy and hate…
Paul is “pissed” bc that is how he controls the game…
Stupid to have one vet with returning players but we are witnessing a masterpiece
And don’t give me the production safety crap
I don’t care is an umpire makes one bad call during a no hitter Paul is destroying everyone
So much sour grapes here I wonder why almost anyone here who posts even watches the show…
It is the same every year stop hating the players and enjoy the game WOW!


What game to enjoy? Everyone competing to ensure Paul wins? There is NO game, that’s the problem. Only question left is who Paul takes to final 3. Paul is the only one playing so there is nothing here to discuss other than how incredibly lame the cast is. And if, with a .001% chance of happening that Paul is threatened, be sure he won’t pick the Bounty temptation Apple, only the one that would best help him.


A masterpiece?!?! Your statement sucks it hard dude…you know damn well production interference has been helping Paula from the beginning and to the very end….you’re drinking the Kool-Aid while wearing a “friendship” tee shirt.


I totally agree with your opinion. These people posting negative bs about Paul must be Jess and Cody fans.


Paul came in with a full season of experience plus 4 weeks of safety. The scales were way tipped in his favor all along.

waaaa waaa

and no vets have ever come back and won?


EXACTLY… They’re mad at the fact that Jody played terrible games & got evicted because of it.. Paul’s wrong for taking control over the house after Cody blew a gasket because HE chose to go rogue on his own alliance?
DAMN Paul for actually playing to WIN 500k, something literally nobody else did this season.. When Paul walked through the door it was 1vs15 the fxck you expect him to do but play hard with his already impressive social game? The game of Big Brother isn’t meant to be played a certain way, it never was.
This game is Paul’s to fxck up & as of now he’s winning 500k.


Jessica up on instagram trying to get her “bf” to win the amf so she can get her precious ring! Probably in here too trolling the boards with her ghetto looking friends!

waaaa waaa

Completely agree. Paul has played an amazing game and it is sad that people don’t see it because they hate him so much..


I would if there was something to enjoy!!


Sorry people, this is not BIG BROTHER. It’s the Paul Abrahamian Show and all Minions welcome!!!!!


Yes and the only person actually playing, you hate. lol.

From Flyover Country

I’ve come to the realization that we the viewers are the minions of CBS and BB Production.


Mark is accurate, Paul flip flops between the 3 couples.


No Paul PLAYS three couples….you might not like him but he is playing to win and if no one wakes up and it seems like that is not about to happen Paul will indeed win!!!!

Amy In FL

If you listen to Paul’s diary room talk that’s precisely his plan – to be the third person of each couple alliance so that when their alliance is busted up he falls in to replace the evicted houseguest.


What is Paul suppose to do be happy when someone is saying something negative about him??


Isn’t that the point of Big Brother to “target people, you know are targeting you to get them out before they get you out”? That’s mostly all Paul has been doing all season. But I guess he’s not supposed to try to win? LOL


That’s all fine and dandy except the tables are totally tipped in his favour, and he’s a bigbully. Could of done this with some class. But chose to be a moron.


Can’t wait to hear what Zingbot has to say to Matt and Raven about their nightly “undercover” activities. Matt holding the sheet up doesn’t disguise Raven’s bobbing head at ALL!

Cereal and Head

Matt knows that’s the best way to start and end every day!

Bolt Uprite.

I believe it is something along the lines of “The only thing Matt has done all summer is Raven”. zing.


Doing his part as usual–lays back and holds the sheet. She is gross.


yeah sex is gross.. how dare they?!


Last night Matt was talking about Jessica’s friends were probably telling her stay away from Cody because he was such an asshole can’t wait till he gets back to the real world….


Alex calling someone else annoying. HA!!


Good one Paul, make a guy three feet taller than you s*** his pants. Better yet, try it when you’re not protected by BB security.

SheI'll mccoy

Exactly!!! I would love to see him and Josh act outside like they do in the house. Paul would get stepped on like a little bug and josh….after he recovered…..will be crying to his mommy for a decade


“Matt – The funny thing is, I honestly think that people think Raven and I are running around chasing some butterflies.”

If by butterflies you mean BJs and HJs then yes, Matt. We do in fact think that.


I’m sure Paul is upset. Mark is calling him out and now he has to do damage control.


Mark is doing what anyone nominated should do. At least he is trying, but these idiots won’t listen. Alex and Jason better get HOH or they will be wishing they listened to Mark. Jury House will laugh when one of them walks in.


If Mark wasn’t campaigning they would be complaining. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

They're driving me crazy

They should have a Big Brother 2nd chance- make it a season of all the players that left the very first eviction of every season. I’m sure they would all be better than the dipshits that are in there now.


I wish somehow these couples would talk to each other and realize Paul had a final 3 deal with each one of them!!!!! They are idiots!!!


They already know that!!! They genuinely don’t care!!!


No they don’t. They are all so happy he’s chosen their duo and are afraid they’ll mess up by letting anyone know about. That would mess up their alliance with Paul. Therefore, no one lets anyone know about their alliance with Paul.


Won’t matter, each couple will believe that are the true chosen ones and Paul is simply stringing along the others.


Paul will tell everyone not to take an apple…
If Paul ends up taking an apple in the next 2-3 weeks it will be because if his game looks even remotely threatened…Production will tell him the right apple to pick to ensure he makes it to the end.


Paul told Xmas she should take an apple


Who else thinks AG should be fired? She clearly sucks at her job, and has proven it the last 9 seasons or so. Also Robyn Kass. Get rid of her. Younger more innovative people are needed.


AG really needs to be replaced…fresh ideas, new casting, better,organic food for these folks.and more reward comps like the old days. Bigger age range too would stop the sheep mentality of joining a group and following blindly. I love this game but it needs to be played hard,fast,fearlessly and competently.


I agree, but AG has nothing to do with Paul controlling the game. Paul’s 3 weeks of safety yes, but all vets are protected for a few weeks this time with an actual twist, most of the time it’s DR manipulation. Season 13, Rachel got help the most of the last 10 seasons, she never had control over the HGs.


Alex has turned out to be a waste of space. The girl is a shit starter and a pot stirrer, which is fine but what is her point? She says things, then begs the person to not repeat it, and her trying to start something between Paul and Mark is pointless. The man is being evicted in 24 hours. #useless #wastedseason


So Paul is stoking Matt and Raven’s “game” so he can drag those two with him. I guess he’s going to make sure the person sitting next to him at the end has nothing to say except, I’m just here for the cereal.


HaHa.. Now I hope it’s Paul & Matt F2, just to hear Matt say that. He’d be like, “I’m cool with 2nd place Paul, you know how much cereal I could buy with 50k?” Matt is a Cereal Head to the end….


I think Production cast Alex, Christmas & Matt to help Paul get far in the game. I also think they will pay them incentives to see who gets Paul furthest in the game. Even more if he wins. At least that’s what it seems like to me. the others were cast as followers. (except for the obvious) Who do you think will get Paul furthest in the game? I think it’s BMX.

They Do It For Friendship With Paul

Nah. I think they are just stupid.


Here’s hoping for a major cat fight between Alex, Christmas and Raven when Christmas’ boot comes off. Three big-mouthed nasty egos not holding back and fighting to be Paul’s number 1. Put them in a mud swamp and watch Raven’s rediculous extensions get yanked off along with Alex’s cat ears and Christmas’ smug smile. That would be awesome.

This is so wrong

I saw Matt and Raven having sex last night. It was so disgusting I couldn’t stop watching. EWWWW

Bolt Uprite.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the next time Paul goes to the DR the remaining HG gather and compare notes? Who would he call out? Who would s**t his pants?


Apparently, Raven’s “diseases” don’t stop her from slutting out on national television. I guess cum doesn’t require digestion. How can she literally suck dick while being filmed knowing America is watching? From the comments all over the Web she is as good as exposed. Her mother is a fuc#!ing con artist. It’s beyond comprehension the level of trashy Raven has sunk! Raven’s next GoFundMe will be for HPV all in her mouth and throat. SHE IS 100% hoe!


Sorry in advance, but I wonder if it tastes like cereal….eww! I grossed myself out!

Anti Paul Puppet

Mark correctly predicts who’s coming after Alex and Jason, and they don’t want to rock the boat, they feel safe. Hahaha! That is awesome. I hope Alex goes home first. Maybe Jason will start following his intuition instead of Alex.


I tried to watch BBAD last night, however, Matt/Jason still have a hard on for Cody, All the girls are jealouse of Jess regardless of her game play or not. Like it or not all Paul followers in the house should be ashamed of them selves, go ahead play the game, be mean, lie, cheat, have cereal, have sex, bully, but WHEN YOU SET THE BAR SO LOW AS TO DEMEAN, LIE AND DESECRATE ONE OF AMERICA’S FINEST (ANY MILITARY) CALL HIM A COWARD — THEN (paul, alex, Xmas, jason, matt, josh, raven and even mark) yes lower case because you are all bottom feeders and just know outside of this house you will all be shocked to find out you are all irrelavant. You do not have to like Cody just shut your pie holes. 7 people and nothing else to say, IQ’s together in single digits. Thank you All military and military familie’s for your service. Like Cody or not he has been awarded distinguished accolades and medals for his service. I don’t know him but I will apologize for this disgusting behavior. PERIOD


Exactly! He volunteered to face some scary,desperate,hateful people in the name of our freedom and comes home to be disrespected by a tiny man and his house of deplorable’s. I do not think Cody had the personality to be bullied and laugh it off, and his companion in the house is always going to be a confrontational personality who lets a guy clean up after her mouthiness. I think Cody deserves AFP…


Before feeds go into night-vision, all house guests sleeping, mode… let there be a house meeting. Paul PLEASE put Mark on blast. Let Raven & Matt, Xmas & Josh and Alex & Jason hear how you are NOT their solid 3rd man. Yea right, Paul wont let that happen.

Right to the Point

Paul is a dick


Are there named alliances this year? Every now and then I hear something about one, but it’s not televised. Are they steering away from that aspect of the game?


Recall Kevin tried to name one, but the rest of his group at the time shut him down. This year it’s primarily pairs leaving alliance names unnecessary.


There is teams – Josh and Christmas and Paul= Paul”s team. Then there’s Alex, Jason and Paul= Paul’s team and the third(oh this one is great!) There’s Matt, Raven and Paul= Paul’s team. I was falling asleep just talking about it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What The What?!#

Literally, they could end this show now and just give Paul his 500k and pay everyone else whatever they are due and no one would really miss anything. This game is over and its just prolonging the inevitable. Even though the houseguests are physically not in the jury house, they really are in jury status. I think everyone watches now to see how unaware the others are playing this game.

Paul is ugly

Do they even need a jury house right now? The jury has already made the decision to vote for Paul! Let’s have a quadruple eviction! End this season already!!!


I wish they would totally change BBUS to be more like BBAU! It’s much more entertaining and WE would have control of who won.

Wipe them all from my mind

I haven’t seen any other BB’s besides BBUS. Not so techy, not sure how to. What do they do differently? Also, how do you all find out about what happens to people after BB. I hear people talking about certain past HG. I was wondering if the one twin was still with that bearded slimy guy from two years ago. Do not remember names at all. Julia was the other twins name. Thanks

Your Common Sense

“Bearded Slimy Guy” = Austin
“Other Twin’s Name” = Liz

You’re welcome.


I watch BBAU and other BB on YouTube. On BBAU an BBUK the house doesn’t vote out who leaves. They nominate with a point system who they want on the block. The top few go up, then the public call in and vote to save their favorite HGs that are on the block. The HG with least amount of votes go home. Big Brother is a very large presence in the house.

Need some Canadian Vibes in there

okay I’m officially jumping on the bandwagon I can’t watch this season anymore. Production has had more than enough time to try to fix the shit bag they created but it isn’t happening. Who cares if they all turn on each other at this point I have no interest in watching any of them or giving them another 5 mins of ‘fame’. See you all for finale night and the aftermath! Thanks Simon and Dawg and sorry you gotta keep watching!


We’ve added about 5 trolls to the ban list these past 2 weeks. I just want to remind people to try and keep their comments decent. Don’t include swear words and if you must just put **** in them.. we’ll understands what you mean don’t worry.

If you hate me or the site just go somewhere else there’s plenty of Big Brother places for you to check out big brother updates. Or better yet start your own and show us all how it’s done 🙂

If you hate the posters in the comments section just go somewhere else. .. there’s plenty of platforms for you to express your opinion.

At this point of the game I have no favorites . I just want Production to stay outta the game and the winner be decided based on their skills. It’s not my favorite season. in my opinion it’s the second worst one after BB16. We still have some big heads to get popped so i’m looking forward to that. the season isn’t dead yet..


Don’t tell me you liked BB15! Amanda controlling the show? Blaaack!!!


Simon, I thought BB15 was your most hated season ?


No, It’s always been 16 the one with Derrick and Frankie. For me 15 was just another poor season but I liked it more than some others.


I agree 16 did SUCK, but at least they likeable characters like Zach, Donnie, Caleb


What season was the one during the writers strike? That one was pretty bad.


that would be BB9


Some of the people here in the past have been difficult to tolerate, but you guys do a great job keeping this site civil! I appreciate your effort and stamina every season, and keep up the great work. I too wish production would stay out of this show, but gone are the good old days when the house did not vote together, and production did not feed them information and advantages. Thanks again Simon!

Your Common Sense

“Please keep the conversation civil no discriminatory or sexually explicit comments.”

Yeah. That’s working out well. I’m not sure what’s worse… these HG’s or (MANY-not all) commenters.

"Harm" "Threat"

It seems that everyone’s strategy this year is to float while Paul paddles them to the end . And Josh, well he’s just shark bait. But what they don’t realize is if they’d just kick Paul’s ugly ass off the boat they’d quit sinking their own ships.

Praying Back


Thumbs up for Alex or Thumbs down for Jason for America’s Fav.


Only way ANYBODY on this season gets an America’s Favorite Vote should be the person who targets Paul for Eviction from here on in the game (Cody’s attempt early on was negated by his poor play afterward).

Otherwise, the best they should hope for is the America’s Favorite Sheep Award! That would be more appropriate and it would be hilarious to see Julie handing out sheep trophies to all the contestants at the finale.

Hand Paul a check for $500,000.00 and everyone else sheep trophies.

Think they would get the point if that actually happened? Probably not – just blank stares and wondering what that even meant.


I get that each year production is trying to make it more interesting and different, but I really miss classic BB. I miss food competitions. I miss “Who wants to see my HOH room!?”. I miss the old nomination ceremony with the big wheel with keys and each house guest pulls them out one by one. I miss there being alliance names and game strategy. I miss players who actually want to play and make big game moves. There has literally not been one BIG MOVE this season. I miss just throwing the HG’s in one house and seeing how it plays out without the help of production to keep one lousy player in for 3 weeks or these other made up temptations that pop up whenever production wants a hand in how it should go. Sigh…

Backseat Driver

I agree with you…….unfortunately BB has “gone Hollywood”.


They should also go back to casting people who want to play the game. I feel like all we have this season are people who just want to be on TV to get more instagram followers or to become “famous”. And they shouldn’t pay Jury anything extra because HGs are being super lame and annoying about just wanting to make it to Jury for the pay day. This is my first time with CBS All Access. Has it always been like this and I only now notice because BB edits the episodes completely different from the truth?

Finale night is going to be a repeat of season 4, when it was between Jun and Alison. Didn’t really matter who won. They were both horrible.


Is Paul forgetting that he’s going to need these people’s votes in order to win BB? He might make it to final 2, but I don’t know that he could win at this point.


If he’s up against Xmas, Matt and Raven he’s got a chance regardless of his jury management. with that said he did lose to Nicole last year.


Since you see all the feeds from the beginning, did you see the Paul/Matt/Raven alliance they claim to have started since day 12? I know I have noticed Raven always up Paul’s butt, giving him the lowdown on what everyone was doing. She was his human listening device. But Matt? I never noticed him talking game with Matt until after Cody was out. This is a twist I didn’t see, and apparently production didn’t see either according to Paul. I think Paul and Raven knowing each other before the season started may have a hand in this.

I will definitely go for the Kraken if the final 3 is Paul/Raven/Boys2Men!!


Paul was talking Game with matt pre Cody eviction.

Paul/Raven and B2men is total kraken territory


“Mark – why do you want me out of this house?” Alex – “It’s what the house wants.”

That sums up this sub-par season perfectly. Just sheep.


Thats what Paul wants Paul = House


Current house situation isn’t worth the space my Xfinity recorder keeps taking up recording After Dark, had to stop that recording and quick! Still come here though, and want to thank Simon and Dawg for providing us not only the updates, but the ability to vent. I give you guys Kudos for what seems like an excruciating task of having to listen to these idiots

Just Me

Hey Dawg
I seem to remember at one point HGs were not allowed to talk about who they were voting for or nominating. Part of what’s made the past few seasons boring is the whole “I’m voting with the house” deal. I know it was pretty hard to enforce, but if no one knew who was going up, or how other people were voting, it certainly would make things more interesting.
On a personal note, thank you for being my eyes and ears for the live feeds. Love it when you give flashback timestamps so I can go back and watch myself.
Also, CONGRATS on the addition!


Hey Just Me, I’ll do a quick reply as Dawg might not catch this comment until later.

First off thanks for the support.

For BBUS I don’t remember them stopping people from talking about votes but they try to have them stop about nominations. It’s not enforced at all.


Alex is taller than Paul.


My 7 year old is taller than Paul


I said it before, I’ll say it again…if they really want to put on a show they should have a comp where Paul would have to shave his beard. No way he’s letting go of that thing. Hahha


Paul getting upset that someone rightfully calls him a flip flopper is soooo ironic. Also, in a perfect world, paul calls Mark out and Mark says (in front of the sheep) “Paul you are literally “working” with every single person in this house”. Would that be a wake up call that they so desperately need? Maybe not, but it would be fun to watch. #Kevin4AFP 🙂

OJ Simpson

Grow up people. Nuttin wrong with getting a little head under the sheets. She likes the man juice.


this is seriously the first time i dont watch the shows , just read the updates here, Just find all of them annoying,. Not a single person to root for.

Mark's Pants

Oh no, not again!!!


I’d understand being upset with casting or even the cast but being upset with Paul for dominating the situation he’s in doesn’t make sense to me. He’s playing the hand he’s dealt, it’s not his fault he’s been the only one to paly the game all season.


This site’s commenters will tell you otherwise..
It’s very weird!


You haven’t been listening/reading if that’s what you think…..


They should start a 2nd part of the series for Big Brother, let us see the players AFTER the game is over!!! Let us see their expressions when they find out the truth, would be soooo much more interesting than watching the show, it is way too PREDICTABLE anymore. I hate what it has turned into, where everyone has to have a “talk” with the HOH and everyone votes the same way and following “rules”. And what is up with Paul acting like people aren’t allowed to talk about him? They all feel the same way too, what you were talking about me, trader????That’s the game people, this show was not meant to be like this. They know when double evictions are coming, when it’s an endurance comp, they know too much. And then when it ends, we don’t get to see any of them finding out all the crap that went on during the show. Unless a big change comes next year, what is point in watching? Expect the unexpected, don’t think so!


That’s the greatest idea I’ve heard yet… “Let us see the players AFTER the game is over!” That would be the greatest everrr!! I’d definitely get the popcorn poppin’ for that one!! Especially Raven! …but actually all of them. I don’t think Paul is gonna care at all if he’s disliked or even hated… he’s going to be $500K richer, would YOU care??…I think not. I had high hopes for this season. Every week, I like my favs a little less than the week before. I really don’t like anyone at this point, but still curious how it will all play out.

Ray day

Don’t everyone talk trash about this season …. it’s a replay of last season when the vet was carried to the end and people listened to every word they said ….
The season ended when Cody cane back and Jess win HOH then didn’t put Paul up …… then there was a little hope when Cody got picked for the veto but a person who couldn’t even play (Xmas) stole his chance

Not to mention the safety for a month , they gave to the vet….

Cunnilingus Pioneer

Does Raven ever “get any”thing out of her “relationship” with Matt?


Raven, among her many health problems, apparently was told she had a c*m deficiency, and Matt became her donor.


What IS it with the Paul bashing?
BB is bout lying, backstabbing. Winning the money.
Has he spoken badly about houseguests?
Yes. Just like all the others.
It seems Jessica and Cody have so many supporters because they’re good looking.
The way I see it is this:
They played a horrible game. And I use the word game lightly.
They bullied, isolated themselves..choose to have an alliance based on good looking HG’S.
Locked themselves in the HOH room.
Didn’t put up strong players because they wimped out.
They called people far worse names than Paul did.
Cody definitely has problems of some sort. Big Brother is NOT his game.
So, back to Paul.
He works HARD. He’s playing the game brilliantly.
Is it boring? In some ways. He’s the opposite of James Huling..who got attacked for his non game.
Damned if Paul does, damned if he doesn’t.
I think he’s playing like the best. Strategic, socially, and at comps.
No one else is close.
I give credit where credit is due.
Jason also has a good game going. Socially and winning. Strategic not so much.
Alex isn’t bad… a point…needs to win more.
Xmas socially pretty on point. Could slide to 2nd place.
Josh is loyal…could also slide ingo 2nd.
Mtt and Raven would be useless whether Paul was in the game or not.
Same with Kevin.
Elena did nothing.
Mark wouldn’t, couldn’t understand to not flip flop.
In the end..every HG on the block talks aboutg feeling isolated.
JODY CHOSE to isolate themselves.
Cody said he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Paul didn’t have to say it.
This is a GAME!
Just because one player is doing everything that he should in a game like BB..
people are sulking.
My favourites never win. The only one was Ian.
And I get over it. Because I don’t KNOW these people. For awhile it’s just a game being played.


Couldn’t agree more
With exception, Ian 😉


Jessica and Cody didn’t choose to isolate themselves … the beta cast of BB ignored them because it was made clear by the Armenian Gnome that talking to Jody would make them outcasts and targets.

In simpler terms … the HG’s have no guts, no balls, no glory.


Why didn’t they show Josh getting his HOH room? Is that normal?


Josh isn’t normal.

Just My Opinion

First I will say that Paul is playing a great game, no matter how you feel about him. Being the only vet in the house and knowing that everyone would be gunning for him, he set himself up in a way where the other HG’s are trying to protect him. He made them believe that keeping him around will only benefit their game because he can share his BB experience to get them further, and also if any of them take him to final 2, he would not win. That is a brilliant strategy, and it is obviously working… so kudos to Paul.

However, I do feel that the game as a whole is not that entertaining anymore. Year after year we watch the house vote together – it’s what the house wants so everyone has to vote that way. There is almost no point in watching the live show anymore because we all know who is going home long before the eviction ceremony. Yes, over the years production has tried to invent new ways to avoid this, but the house guests always find a way around it (example: Battle of the Block).

In my opinion, to make the show more interesting to viewers and to avoid the house always voting together, production should do one of two things:

1. Go back to the original format where each house guest nominates two people they want on the block. The two people with the most votes are on the block, and America votes to evict. The house guests are not allowed to discuss nominations and if they do, they end up on the block as well. They could still have veto, and as a twist, if the person who wins veto decides to use it on someone… the person who had the next highest amount of votes goes on the block. It’s really a crap shoot and the house guests wouldn’t really have the control anymore.

2. Keeping the format the same as it is now (somewhat), they can still do the HOH comp and have the HOH nominate the two people they want, get all the HOH perks, etc… but they should do nominations, veto, veto ceremony and eviction back to back in one episode. And advise all house guests that they are not allowed to discuss nominations, veto or who they are voting for – if they do, they end up on the block as well, including the HOH. Makes it more interesting for the viewers, as we wouldn’t know who’s going home until it happens. Let the chips fall where they may.

Production needs to do something. Every season is repetitive and boring. I appreciate they are trying to come up with things like BoB and Temptation to keep the game fresh and avoid having the house fall in to the same trap year after year of voting together… but as I said, it’s not working and they always find a way around it.