“If I can get to final 5 (Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Raven) with those people I can win the game, Legit”

4:22pm Kevin and Jason backyard. Alex is also outside eating chips.
Kevin saying this is his favorite thing to to walking in the back yard talking sh1t ..
Kevin going on about the 4 of them making it to final 4..

4:31pm Paul and Josh
Josh doesn’t trust Matt and Raven as much as he trusts Paul and Chirstmas. He does trust that they won’t screw them next week if they win the HOH.

4:33pm Matt and Paul
Matt – Let me get the blood on my hands.. that way they take a shot at me..
They head to the APSR..
Matt says Paul is Alex’/Jason’s biggest obstacle getting to final 2 so they will take a shot at paul.
Matt wants to win the HOH and take a shot at Alex and Jason.

4:35pm It’s kinda romantic…

Jason – those boneless skinless sardines they put in my bag were damn good (HOH backet)

4:40pm Paul
Paul is hoping that Josh, Raven or Matt win and put up Jason/Alex.
Paul – my ideal final three scenarios will be Josh, Christmas and me or Matt, Raven and me.. I need to be careful in the next two weeks.
Paul – if I can get to 5 I can get to 3.. all it takes is one veto and 1 HOH

Paul says there’s no way xmas and Josh will beat him in comps.
Paul wants the final 6 to be Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Matt and raven
Paul – If I can get to final 5 (Kevin, Josh, Xmas, Raven) with those people I can win the game, Legit..
Paul says Xmas and Josh won’t f* him.
Paul – maybe even raven..

Paul – 7 or 6 is where I might get clipped.. I won’t get clipped at 8 because the 2 pairs will fire at each other..
paul – it’s imperative Matt, Josh or Raven win this HOH.. or I can win it and keep myself safe
Paul – I guess I can win 7 skipp 6 play 5..
Paul – I don’t want to win 8 (final 8 HOH)

Paul – if Alex is still around she’ll keep me safe.. we gotta get rid of Matt and jason..

Paul – i’m trying to stay off the block this whole season if I can do that holy sh1t that’s tight..
Paul – I need to keep Alex in this game, she’s a HUGE target.
Paul – Matt and Jason need to go and I’ll be in a good position if it’s any other way i’m f*ed

5:08pm Raven, Paul, Alex and Josh
Josh going on about Kevin being more physically capable than he leads on.
Alex says he’s younger than her parents.
They all agree Kevin has to be backdoored so they don’t have to put up with “his craziness”
They agree Mark is going to campaign to stay.
Josh says Mark will cry
Alex says mark had his chance and now he’s being a little b1tch
Raven – his game play sucks

Alex saying how Kevin must have talked sh1t about all of them.
Josh also says that Kevin is bad mouthing them all.
Paul – he has..
Alex – he hated Mark up until 2 weeks ago..
Paul – 2am poll games that don’t finish get the f* outta here..

5:15pm JOsh and Paul
Josh says that Jason played the same move as Kevin with Cody.

Josh to Paul – you can’t go on the block… you can’t… if you, me or Christmas ever touch that block they won’t say it but they’ll take a shot

6:50pm Lotsa pool going on tonight..

7:33pm Another Meatball chat ..

Josh – Paul and Me are locked in the three of us are sitting in the middle controlling both side.
JOsh says he’s doing whatever it takes to make sure the three of them make it
Josh – I feel like I just won the world series..
Josh – put your money on the kid.

Josh – these people think I’m a dummy but they played themselves.
JOsh says he’s doing exactly what he’s planned to do since day one. He’s had Christmas and Paul’s back this entire time.
Josh – Jason, he played himself..
JOsh – I love him I love him and Kevin I hope we can be friends in life but in here I gotta play my game.
Josh – I’ll have to take a shot at them real soon
JOsh – I hope the people in Jury are not biter, I’ve had to call a lot of people out on their games
JOsh says calling people out was part of his strategy
Josh – it’s worked, my targets have gone home and they’ll continue going home hopefully. (Your targets = Paul’s targets)

Josh is begging his mom to not say in his HOH letter that this is his biggest dream. He doesn’t want the people in the house to know he’s a fan.

8:07pm JOsh and Xmas

JOsh – I got you and Choo CHoo
Xma s- JOSH never say that again
josh – we’re the only ones in here
Xmas – Kevin is up stairs.. Paul’s in the bathroom..

8:40pm everyone outside enjoying the weather Chit chat..

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The devil is Armenian!


I thought it was a red-headed hillbilly girl.


I have a question. I never see updates on Matt and Raven game talk yet they’re constantly in a room alone. This is the most thorough update site out there and still no game talk. Do they talk game when alone or are they just too annoying to watch or nobody thinks they’re thinking game strategy? I’m really curious cause there’s a good chance one of them being dragged to final two.


I’ve never been a fan of Cher either.


Should have picked another Armenian, we love Cher!


Paul is the spawn of Alison Grodner and Lucifer


What is Choo Choo?

Smitten Kitten

I could be wrong… but I think he means her little cart thingie she drags her leg on.

Choo-choo… like a choo -choo train.


Paul was her choo choo when they were tied together and he had to pull her on her scooter . She would say choo choo , Paul does like pulling the ropes !


I’m so glad ppl are seeing this, this season is rigged for Paul to win by allison, there’s no way one person can be tht lucky, xmas and raven are being paid extra to help Paul. Allison should be ashamed, the other hg`s don’t know the game is rigged,watch YouTube bb19 rigged, did you notice Mark’s buzzer didn’t work when he finished the puzzle first…


Paul thinks Hitler was weak at isolating targets
Yeah I went there


I’m pretty sure Elena is hoe-ing it up in the jury house and trying desperately to give Cody a happy ending. She is so vile.

Captain Crunch

Xmas said that she wanted to make a big move by back dooring Mark. How is this a big move when everyone has known about it for 3wks? Their plan was to get out Jess and Cody first then Mark but he ended up winning the veto so they sent Elena home. Now Xmas is acting like she came up with a master plan that nobody knew and that its gonna shock the house.

I'm going to make a BIG comment!

Every hoh the ‘winner’ is going to say they are going to make a big move as it is the only way to keep the viewers watching. But they will always do what Paul wants.

It is as predictable as Raven coming up with another illness.

I have stopped watching as I can get my food here without seeing production twist it to make Paul seem like a saint. I appreciate the comments here as it gives me a few laughs to help get me through a long boring session.

On a side note… This is a session full of ugly women. Not sure why that is but wow what a cast of ugly.


xmas definitely trandgendered – women don’t have an adonis belt. And, alex looks like a boy with bolt ons


What a shitty thing to say. I don’t like Xmas, but she has a banging bod!


that was unnecessary

what a lame season

It’s because production is telling them to say this shit. Whether production has made them think they are BB masterminds or not, it’s productions hand in the show to make regulations show watchers coming back every week. It makes them think Christmas isn’t a complete minion. If you pay attention to Christmas’ last few edits, they are making her look like she isn’t up Paul’s ass so far she’s helping his food disgest.


It was always Paul and Christmas as the leads. Look at the billing on tv. They pick two people as the stars. If Paul wins, it’s really the worst season. The rest of cast knew they would never be able to get him out…that production wouldn’t allow it. Cody was the only one that tried and everyone realized that you either join him and hope he keeps you or go home. There is noooooo chance for anyone… only Kevin or Jason realize. Jason would have to win every week..he is stuck with the worst of them in Alex. She will be so embarrassed with her game play when she gets out.


Paul’s morons. Never once do any of the 3 “2-person groups” hypothesize a situation where Paul potentially leaves the house. The lack of game play is humorous.

sunny dee

it’s not just that

he has at least 2 of them saying that he can’t go on the block. they’ll volunteer themself as a pawn before they let him up there lol.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like this


But I thought Paul was only there to help everyone else in the game. “If perhaps I get second place I would be happy with that.” LOL Didn’t Paul just say all of that to his minions.
I am pretty sure that Paul is safe…………….the fix is in and has been since the beginning. Ag hired members from the “Moron are us Club”


He tells this to every group of 2, that he will be happy with 2nd. Um there are 3 people here, so someone is going to be 3rd. Not one person has caught on to him saying this.

Big Brother Production

I’m defeated this season as a Big Brother fan. Haven’t watched a show since I knew Jess didn’t get the veto. Congrats to Paul. The only thing left is to vote Cody or Jess as AFP to hopefully see the looks on the HG’s faces if one of them wins.


Do not vote for Jessica. She is actually on social media asking to make her AFP. How trashy can she be, if she loves Cody so mush why isn’t she trying for him to get AFP.


America’s Favorite Player: for being a Bad Player? How does that make sense?

This is why I’m happy America doesn’t really get a vote in the twists, powers/protection a.k.a anything that effects the game ect(We know Production does that BS). The only thing they actually vote for is Have Not food & AFP.

Let’s face the FACTS, like it or not Paul outsmarted everyone this season, & for that I give the man his props. Anyone who went against Paul, played with their emotions, that’s why they failed.


Okay, Let’s face the facts…Paul was handed the game by production when they created the 4 weeks safe. Took the strategy out of everyone else’s game. That is the fact…


Actually the game was rigged for Paul to win by allison, from the very beginning, Cody,jess, and some of the other hg`s don’t know, bb prod had these ppl rearrange their lives thinking they might win and the game was rigged for Paul


Vets always receive some sort of safety in the beginning of the game. And It wasn’t actually 4 weeks, because they did the first eviction the first night. But anyway, the second his safety was up, he should’ve been the first target. I don’t think it’s productions fault that he wasn’t. What actually helped him was Cody.

Cody became target number one by handling his first hoh the way he did, and by Paul taking advantage of Cody’s mistake, people’s mistrust of Cody and getting in everyone’s ear about it. Then the battle back kept the same target over Paul. By that point no one trusted Cody, and most trusted Paul. Jessica and Cody being target number one for the entire house kept Paul safe for several weeks after his safety was up. It gave him time to work his way into each group.

Anonymous Too

Best and most honest comment of the season. Why is it Paul’s fault that no one else was actually playing the game? Most were more interested in showmances or staying under the radar, with the exception of Cody and Jessica. In my opinion the three of them were/are the only “good” game players that thought/think for themselves. This game is brutal and to be able to last and also be in control takes skill and some ruthless moves. Every year, fans hate the one in control of their game. I would much rather have a winner that played the house than a followed it. That is a lot of money and it should be earned. Even Cody said he would like to see Paul for the win, even though he does not like him. Their are a couple of players still in the game who are actually trying but are also easily manipulated so it is still up in the air if Paul will actually make it to final 2.


its NOT america’s favorite player
its america’s favorite houseguest
AFH- america votes for who is their favorite houseguest
and that is cody 1000%


It’s AMEricas Favorote Houseguest not player!


Paul has out smarted everyone but hes done it in such a dirty way it cant be respected. I am all for strategy, lying, making multiple alliances and playing both sides of the house… that is BB. However the mob mentality and the personal attacks and the attempts to make people crack, to stir the pot in that kind of way is disgusting. Its not just Paul, everyone is a part of it they attach each other and no one is sticking up for anyone because if they do they get turned on. It’s really sad to see “grown adults” behaving this way.


Yeah when he started telling every houseguest to compete in certain competitions and telling each houseguest when to throw what competitions, along with using not 1, but 2 special “temptations” from America just to be able to compete with Cody, it seemed like Paul was inferior to Cody in almost every way.

Add on top of that, sending his minions out to start fights with Cody and Jessica (Josh/Raven) and then having us sit through an extended group bully session on multiple occasions…I was actually disgusted by his tactics. He’d be willing to sell out his own mother if it meant winning this season (Paul).

Kid Rock

Yea I don’t bother to watch the show on tv anymore! I just come here everyday and read up on what’s happening! This gets me through my day at work…. Thanks a lot Simon n Dawg for all the work you guys put into this!


We’re glad you enjoy reading our updates. Thanks for continuing to come back ๐Ÿ™‚


It would be perfect irony and ending to this awful season if Raven wins, Paul coming in second again. The “player” the house guests and viewers find most annoying and worthless.


That would be like Jordan Lloyd winning


EXACTLY, everyone knows Jordon didn’t earn that victory, Natalie did, but because she liked about her “age” she lost. If Jesse wasn’t crushing on her he would’ve voted for her & Lydia would’ve voted for whoever Jesse voted for.

Not the same... worse

Unlike Raven, Jordan was popular with the viewers.


It would be perfect irony and ending to this awful season if Raven won it all, pushing Paul to second place, again. She’s the most annoying and worthless player in BB history, and would well represent the most annoying and worthless season ever.

Raven makes me...

The girl is hotter than hell though. She should win just on her beauty. Her body is smoking as well.

I’d love to see a Playboy shot of her.

She makes me happy ?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

If Raven won it would be the biggest travesty in BB history. I’m guessing it’s her brother making the above comments. lol

Houka Inumuta

Rameses for America’s Fav


Cameron for AF

Ted Marie

Ramses can’t win America’s Favorite houseguest because according to Praul (Paul + Troll) he is in the running for the $25,000-!!!! The man truly thinks he is so loved and adored by all the viewers that it is already on lockdown for him to win favorite houseguest. Him not getting it would be the best satisfaction for me.


As frustrated many of us are with the stupidity, lack of gameplay and blind trust in Paul the Houseguests have shown, can you imagine how horrible it must be for their families watching night after night knowing there is nothing they can do to stop the train wreck?


Lol. popping xanax.

Waiting for the look on paul's face

I hope Paul makes it to final 2 and jury gives JOsh the $500k.


I hate them all !!! (Kevin a little less than the others)


This is literally season 17!

Paul is Vanessa! Controls the game and the people, convinces them to target each other!

Cody and Jessica are basically clay and Shelley! One out pre jury, the first juror!

Mark and Elena are basically james and meg! One good at comps but can’t keep his word, the other sucks at comps!

Josh is steve-ish just because his association to paul aka Vanessa! Also cries a lot and talks to his mum via the cameras!

Matt and raven are Austin and Liz, one things they are playing such a good game when he actually sucks, she’s just super annoying with a voice everyone hates!

Ramses is jason, they both got completely screwed by a large majority alliance despite not being the HOHs target!

Dominque is davonne, very observant and got in an argument with a power player paul/Vanessa! Gets voted out early because of it!

Alex and Jason are Becky and johnny Mac! Both good at competitions but don’t have a solid alliance with anyone!

Christmas is Julia! She’s just kind of there!

And then Kevin is just unique! There’s no one like Kevin!


Well then I guess if it goes the way that season went, Paul gets cut at 3 and Josh wins!




By default, Jace.


Raven just said Mark has no game play?
MARK has no game play??? She and Matt have literally done nothing this season!
I get why Paul has his scenarios set up this way. He’s not making the same mistake twice.
He’s taking LOSERS to the end so he can win.
And the LOSERS, actually think they deserve to be there!


Okay…now what’s wrong with this picture. Last line Lol!


Yeah even Zingbot got it right Matt you haven’t done anything but Raven Zing.


JOsh โ€“ I hope the people in Jury are not biter, Iโ€™ve had to call a lot of people out on their games
JOsh says calling people out was part of his strategy
Who will vote for Josh in jury
Elena- no
Mark- no
Not looking good Josh. Your strategy of in your face pots and pans not going to get you a vote. You screwed your own game listening to Paul who used you so the jury will vote for him. Cody already said he’ll vote for Paul.

Cameron's Excited He Still Might Win 25 Gs

Cameron needs to be AFP.
1. His half day’s worth of time only earned him about $100; if these players all “earned” and were entitled to jury, give him the $25,000 for the hell of it.
2. It would send the most distinct message to the other HGs that they were not appreciated, nor was this season enjoyed.
3. Then next season, he becomes the vet player and all the clueless, casted players will all think that he was a superstar player from the previous year and follow his advice, truly thinking that his knowledge will help them win (I guess that would be too much like this season, but at least it could be a comedy?)


No offense to Cameron, because he seems like a really sweet guy… but listening to his awkward reading of the lines that the DR fed him to read was like torture. Nails on a chalkboard.

He couldn’t have been any more unnatural & non convincing if he actually tried. It was always very obvious when he was reading a scripted line in his DR & production definitely doesn’t want that.
His lisp was also annoying but I’m not making fun of it or saying anything mean about it, I know he can’t help it.

I don’t dislike Cameron, I just don’t want him brought back & cast next season. The two episodes he was on this season were more than enough. I don’t need the threat of potentially seeing that hairy ass again haunting me through the cold, dark winter.

Speaking of winter… its finally here.

Here's a question

Please explain how one sees diary room sessions. I got the live feed for a short time once — I’m rural area internet where I have to pay for data 1kb at a time. But when I did, there were no diary sessions. So I’ve only seen DR’s on the regular show.

This site is great! Even if game play is boring, I look forward to reading Simon and Dawg’s snarky asides and all the (most of the) comments. THANKS!


You don’t see them.
I think what Riddick meant (and I tend to agree) is that it was always obvious when Cameron was reading a line that was written for him & not speaking off the cuff for himself.

Some people are very unnatural performing & reading lines is a performance of sorts.
I’m honestly not even sure why Cameron was cast? I mean I get that he fills the dorky super fan role, but there’s just nothing that draws you into him & I think his unnatural performance in front of the camera could be what was wrong.


Enough already Cameron,We are NOT voting for you! Its annoying now!


4:33pm Matt and Paul
Matt โ€“ Let me get the blood on my hands.. that way they take a shot at me..
They head to the APSR..
Matt says Paul is Alexโ€™/Jasonโ€™s biggest obstacle getting to final 2 so they will take a shot at paul.
Matt wants to win the HOH and take a shot at Alex and Jason.
LMAO…hey Paul let me take them out since they are coming for you….where did they find these people?? If you don’t think your a target and someone else is, why would you put a target on your back! Matt, you are with Raven….Paul is not taking both of you to final 2…3rd place does not get any money! I can’t believe how dumb these people are!


We can only hope Matt was manipulating Paul?


Yes, this is an odd season, and I have watched every BB since 2000. The earlier seasons were more ruthless, but we have to remember that almost everyone (not Kevin but he never watched BB) were wee small ones when BB first began. Perhaps millennials are too soft? ๐Ÿ™‚ After Christmas was injured, I assumed she would be evicted soon after. She has had to forfeit a few competitions, so she’s not “pulling her weight”, but yet the HGs keep her around…that amazes me and truly shows how the HGs don’t know how to play the game. And, IMO, Jessica did not mind being evicted before Jury…she couldn’t wait to get home and Instagram everything and start pleading for America’s Favorite House Guest…and I sure hope that she does not get that vote. My pick is Jason!


I know, shouldn’t Jess stand by her man and be campaigning for him for AFP. Instead, she thinks she deserves it and instagraming and tweeting to vote for her. Shows her tru character.


Kevin is a super fan…

I like Jason for AFP ….. AND to win, if possible. It’s not his fault he got stuck with groupie Alex. I enjoy players that don’t know the game as well as others and then win. I like competitors. He’s one. Alex needs to go on the block with annoying Paul.

I want to see Kevin or Jason send Paul home…that would make up for the worst season of big brother ever.

Also, I can’t stand Christmas.


We need Jury House 24/7 Live Feeds. Cody’s 1 syllable responses to Elena, has to be WAY more interesting than these people “playing” BB19.


It would probably get cbs more tv ratings if they would just switch the whole show to the jury for this season since we already know how the BB house is going to end.

Backseat Driver

After reading your play-by-play Simon…..and that there are fewer players, I think I can understand (and perhaps forgive Paul) for his gameplay. We are watching (and judging) the HGs from our living rooms but I think if we were there we might not be so different from these ass-kissing knuckleheads considering the “mist” that guy is tossing around!


Paul is the only one playing this game! Josh’s moves have all been Paul’s idea! Christmas cares more about gossip/rumors than the actual game! Alex /Jason don’t minds of their own and just follow Paul and Matt and Raven care only about their relationship not the game and Kevin just sucks at both even though he thinks his social game is good! Paul has the right idea taking Josh and Christmas with him to the end…they have done absolutely nothing however I’d be careful taking Raven(even though her game sucks they all may give her sympathy votes) and Kevin because I think most house guests like him he hasn’t really pissed anyone off! Also if he wants to take Kevin to the end why did he throw him under the bus last week??

Franks Fumes

Paul aka The Caveman Lawyer is light years ahead of former winners like Derrick aka Pig Face or Dan aka the Magic Christian were in their seasons…..Paul plays with style, ferocity and abandon unlike boring Derrick or Dan (paint drying seasons) this is why he deserves more appreciating from a gamers standpoint…….like him or not (most do not!) he’s the greatest player ever in BB history behind Evel Dick and wildly entertaining Dr. Will……it may piss you off but you know I’m right…..:) thanks Simon and Dawg for the excellent updates….much appreciated!


Careful, you aren’t allowed to speak the truth in these comment sections


The truth and your opinion are two different things.

Frank's Fumes

Love your stuff Anonymous……decided to put my 2 cents worth in after all the herd mentality on this otherwise excellent site…..they just blindly hate anybody but Jessica and Cody (lol) …….go figure!


LMAO….. not even close to dr will or evel dick. He is disliked by all the past BB winners. And it’s not because he is better….he sucks and has played a disgusting game with idiots!


No one cares who the past houseguest like or don’t like. Are we supposed to follow them like all the lackeys in the house now? Completely irrelevant.


well it saids a lot when past winners think his game sucks. So not really irrelevant but you can go back into your head thinking Paul will go down as one of the greatest…..not!


I don’t think Paul is the “greatest” by a long shot. I just don’t care what past houseguest have to say about a player. A lot of them liked Nicole and thought she played a “good game” too, while all she did was lay in bed with her fake showmance all summer. Some people keep posting about what past houseguest say like it matters, when it doesn’t.

And obviously his game doesn’t “suck” too badly, he’s controlled every single outcome this entire summer, got second last season. I’d say he’s, at the very least, a fairly decent player.


Thank you Paul’s family for that insight.
Unfortunately, Paul could not play with the big boys (they would make mince meat out of him)…………….. however, he can play with this cast (they are all dumber than sludge) in fact an amoeba could out think this group.

Frank's Fumes

I think I struck a nerve……nurse more novacain!!!

Louis Cyphre

Really Paul. So grabbing peen is different then what Jessica was doing. Ohhhhhh got ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rats nest

Cbs all access cancellation email:

Big brother is the only reason I get this every year. I now know that the show is ruined beyond redemption. I understand why vets are brought back and I understand why we have to endure dozens of terrible twists every year. Because production thinks it brings in more viewers. But for live feed watchers, like myself since season 2, these things suck. Myslf and many others like me are tired of the phony tv storylines, the awful edits for the show, the rigging for returning players with twists and in the diary room, predictable double evictions and when competitions are coming the awful casting and many more things. Production started getting more and more involved in the game play starting with all stars. It got much worse in season 11 and from there its been downhill ever since. Season 14 was the last season that I could even stomach. From 15 to this year every season has been utter shit. I would love if it would go back to a pure game like it was for many seasons but after 5 years of garbage in a row I cant justify wasting any more time watching. Big brother jumped the shark because of Allison Grodner and her synchophants and the absolute morons they keep casting. Big Brother isnt my go to summer guilty pleasure show any more, its just a waste of time.


I hope you didn’t actually send this in.
Spell check much?

Get this over with

I’d like to see Jason get AFP.


I really like Jason as a person, but as a player it’s hard to root for him because of his loyalty to Alex and Paul. I’m picturing a scenario wherein Alex, Jason’s eyes are finally opened and he’s the first player since Jody to target Paul. If Jason manages to get Paul out of the game, or at least turn on him, I see him being a lock for AFP.


I don’t think CBS will…….BUT…………it would be great if they let us vote for Jillian for AFP! Left the game because of the bullying. Would be a great way to show CBS & AG what we thought about their casting & this season.

I know..she’s not eligible. I’m voting for Mark because of all the crap he’s put up with, or Kevin.


That would be Megan not Jillian


Oh Josh, you can explain your strategy and accomplishments to the camera until you’re blue in the face but it won’t make it true.


They should just change the feeds and show to the jury house. That would get way better ratings than this predictable boring season. Or just “expect the unexpected” and start over with a new cast.


So if I understand this correctly, everyone in the house is on a mission to help Paul get to the final? They all talk about obstacles for Paul…none of them talk about their own obstacles. I dont get it.


Yea they should get their heads out of their a$$es and backdoored Paul instead of Mark what are they thinking..oh yes they aren’t thinking


i cant even finish the last episode, everyone just annoys me. i just look on this website and hate the remaining players more lol.


Wow josh delusional much. Who exactly have you called out. All I’ve seen is you regurgitating the same BS that Paul is spewing.


Josh thinks he got the people out he wanted…lol And he keeps saying that Mark can’t be trusted because he turned on Cody. Does Josh realize what Mark did was what Paul did last season…When Vic left, Paul had to find another alliance, when Vic came back in Paul went back. But Josh is final 3 with Paul, but Mark is a horrible person for going back to Cody?


So I know I’m going to get booed and thumbs down but Paul deserves to win. First, I don’t justify his actions being a bully that is wrong and disgusting and should never have happened. Now, everyone hates him because everyone has done what he says, come on that’s genius that he has done this since the beginning and is still able to maintain it. He had to do something coming in as a vet or he was gone. He has very perfectly set him self up as a trio in everyone’s group and yet he is still able to make it that none of them figure it out is genius. He is smart and knows exactly what to say. At least of the people left he’s playing the game. All the other idiots in the house think they are great, especially Josh when Paul has controlled him the entire game. Like him or hate him (I don’t like him) but kudos to him and he deserves the win.


He doesn’t deserve to win and hasn’t earned it, these idiots have handed to him.,

Just On A Whim

Fair warning: this comment may or may not fall in context with the other comments around it.

I just felt the need to pop in at random and restate to everyone that Alex is a c*nt. A really stupid one. Zero awareness. Her whole game seems to be defined by the fact that she was rejected for a show-mance so she settled for a married guy and a hiding-in-the-closet lumberjack… subservient to one, abusive to the other.

(Simon & Dawg… if you find the term “c*nt” too strong or potentially offensive, I understand. You can just totally delete the comment or substitute any one or more of the following terms and expressions in its place: spectacularly offensive little t*rd; sh*tty bully; alt-douche; mindless machination of that other stupid c*nt Paul; hyperactive shrill-voiced ponce; paranoid sh*ts-o-frenetic; barnacle on the Great Ship of Life; Victoria wanna-be; talks-with-her-mouth-closed-eats-with-it-open… any of those will do. Again, thanks for the time and effort you guys put into this, even when the entire cast is this offensive. At least we don’t have Judith and the Olsen twins this year…)


not a fan of paul but so far he’s the only one that has been playing the game. Giving people ideas and make it should like it’s their idea, the only thing I would disagree with is how he bullied his way to the final 2. He could play this game and make it to the final without the bullying. Paul came with vengeance cause he felt like he was robbed last season and played a dirty game to win. I really can’t think of anyone in that house that is really worthy of the 500k. If Paul gets to the final 2 he should definitely win this season. As much as I dislike certain things he did in the house he should win

Pera Mitic

i am not watching anymore after cody left the house !
extremely rigged season by production , it is impossible to watch

Lets do this

Cannot. Wait. For Alex and Jason to be blindsided. This is where it gets fun people. Friendship revoked!


This season is rigged for Paul to win by allison, Cody never had a chance


Cody never had a chance anyway. Like Paul, he’s a total douche bag and didn’t get along with anyone. Back in Amandas season, everyone said that the game was rigged for Amanda to win too(aptly she was AGs friend), during her season, but they did eventually show her true colours on the show, and she did NOT win the game. Now, I am not saying production doesn’t try to manipulate the game to make it more Interesting, but they haven’t just been doing it for Paul. Production did everything they could to switch it up!!! But,The house guests were too brain dead to catch on. Think about it…the hex was given to Jess(which was a mystery because she wasn’t high on the list to be voted in at that time). Cody was a clear winner for the prejury buy back (and had an unfair advantage of playing the comp beforehand). Jessica had HOH AND veto and she foolishly evicted Ramses, blindly following whatever Cody and Paul wanted, The newest twist was MADE for Mark, but he was unlucky enough to pick one that didn’t make sense for him, and then he gives it to Paul. If they really wanted to rig it, the picked apple wouldn’t already have the temptation in it. I mean what more could they do? This whole cast of people are so oblivious that it doesn’t matter what they do. It’s too bad they didn’t have a bigger incentive to play to win.


As much as I despise Paul, and the mere sight of him makes me want to take a bath, I don’t think I can blame him for how far he’s gotten in this game. It is 100% the fault of all the idiots that are in that house. They couldn’t even open a can of soup without Paul’s permission or him telling them how to do. They are drinking the kool aid and Paul is serving it. I hope that at least one of them opens their eyes and sees with an asshat Paul really is and takes this weasel out of the game. That would finally knock his manipulative butt off of his self appointed pedestal.


Why isn’t there more booze for these nincompoops? I want to see them really drunk and saying something they wouldn’t normally…..

Jessica Nath

Doesn’t it seem like the cast is more interested in fame after the game than they are in actually playing the game?

Here's a question

I agree! More booze for the HGs!!!!