Xmas “People are not as smart as us” Josh “I’ve seen this show and I think us three are the best position ever”

5:30pm HOH Josh and Christmas

JOsh says they keep working the house like they they are in a very good position.
Xmas doesn’t want to get too confident.
Josh – this is our strategy, Paul’s a f*ing genius
Josh – if we continue to f*ing push kevin Kevin Kevin To the whole house like we’ve pushed Cody, Jess, Elena, Mark guess what?
Josh – That’s a clear target for the whole house Matt and Raven are too scared to do sh1t
Josh about Kevin “I’ll annoy him until he f*ing implodes.. I’ll get under his skin real f*ing quick and he’ll f*ing self destruct. That sounds Evil but I will do it”
Josh – we’ve had targets for the past 4 weeks and they’ve all gone, we keep the target a house target on Kevin.. Guess what.. Paul will never turn on us, Matt and Raven are too scared what they will do is take a shot at kevin.
Josh – Matt and Raven are focussed on Alex and Jason because they are strong competitors.. matt and raven are too scared to turn on us if they turn on us we can flip this house
Xmas – they don’t have the numbers

Xmas – People are not as smart as us, Sometimes they do knee jerk decisions and don’t think through their decisions.. I’m just saying..

Xmas – I need you to listen I need you to hear me
Xmas – if people turn to yo me and Paul start calling us out then I need to take that f*ing bullet
Xmas – because you and Paul can go to the final 2..
Xmas – I know I’m a bad b1tch.. I know I’m Bad b1tch.. there’s not f*ing question about that .. there’s no question about that
Xmas – what I’m saying I will not throw you and Paul in front of the bus over me..
Josh – if these f*ers try to turn on us it’ll be world war 3 in this f*ing house
Xmas – I know
Josh – I will f*ing crank it the f* up, nobody sleeping for 24 hours
Xmas – let’s agree on something you won’t crank it up until we collectively decide that it’s the best option
Josh – what
Xmas – if you crank it up

Josh going on about how good their position is.
Xmas tells them not to get too confident.
Josh says they will have to not be together too much..
Xmas – people already know we are together

Josh says they need to start working Kevin “It’s us four it’s us four” so if he wins the HOH he’ll take that shot on Raven and Matt

Josh – we’ll clip him before Raven.. we can’t attack and push kevin right now..
Xmas – you’ll have to exclude me from that four.. I don’t want to entertain it right now..
Xmas says if something goes wrong and Paul “can’t work his genius” and Josh ‘Can’t work his magic” Xmas will have to “Blow someones f*ing spot up”
xmas – it makes sense for you two to advance to the final rounds because then one of you two will win.. if one of you sacrifice for me than I probably won’t make it to that

Josh says Cody tried to flip the house on them
Xmas – Cody was a f*ing idiot
Josh – that was there only chance and they blew it
Xmas – he’s a idiot.. Jason jumped on board with that bullshit
Josh – but he didn’t have the balls to do it, matt doesn’t have the balls to entertain it
JOsh – Kevin is too f*ing paranoid..
Xmas – Josh you have to stop thinking with certiantinity in this game.. Matt will get some balls he will jump on board with anybody else. I’m telling you 100%
Josh – I’mm break matt I’m telling you
Josh – pots and pans ain’t sh1t My top three are going top three.. (Would be the great feeds to see Alex and Jason go to war with Josh and Xmas.. ) )

Josh – they try some sh1t they aren’t going to sleep until Jury
JOsh – Mark doesn’t have the balls.. it’s all about being a man.. (Josh meant Matt)
Josh – Matt hasn’t done shit

Xmas says if Matt turns on them and tries to come after them they’ll take out Raven first
josh – we’ll jess and Cody them
Xmas – we did that too Jess.. you want to f* this up, WE’ll put Cody in jury

Josh now says he can flip this whole house any of “them” that threaten their three. “I know how to do it and i’ll do it’
Xmas – i’ll back you up.. or i’ll start it, let’s not go there..

Josh – I’ve seen this show and I think us three are the best position ever
Xmas – top

Josh – cause we’re in the middle we have both sides against each other
Xmas – that just makes me f*ing nervous

6:19pm Mark, Paul, Kevin and Paul
(Mark and Paul have had a lengthy conversation about Cody not going to relive all that.. Flashback the feeds if you want. Mark sticks up for Cody but Paul does a really good job of presenting his point. paul also does a pretty good job explaining why they still talk about people in the house. It’s because of boredom and they’ve been locked in the house for ~60 days there minds are starved. Paul jokes that he could talk about his dogs more. Jason and Alex were complaining about this earlier)

Mark tells Alex that Raven and Jess would talk about how much they hated her.
Mark – she was with her up Cody’s a$$ until after the veto ceremony
Mark – Raven was in on everything
Alex says Mark should have brought this up
Mark – they wanted to pour your coke out before the veto competitions.. that’s how psychotic they were against you.. it wasn’t only Jess
Mark says Raven and Matt jumped ship but until that point they were 100% with them shitting on Alex.
Mark – they poured her coke out before the veto (so it was Jess and Raven)

6:29pm HOH Paul, Jason, JOsh, Xmas
Paul retelling the conversation with Mark about COdy.. (ugh there’s no escape)
Xmas is going off about Cody being a$$hole and sh1t comes out of a$$hole
Jason says Mark is checked out.

Alex comes up says Mark is gay and he likes Cody..
Paul – he was literally sticking up for Cody
JOsh says deep down inside Mark and Cody are the same.
Josh – the bully tactic Cody uses he does too, deep down inside those are Mark’s ways
JOsh adds that in the beginning Mark was a cocky douchebag like Cody
Alex brings up Zingbots bizexual zing to mark (Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual. Every time you tried to get sexual with Elena.. she said bye Zing)

Josh says everyone is going to look so stupid when they get out and see they stuck up for Cody
Paul going on about Mark being a pu$$y

They bring up Cody not having kids.. Xmas doesn’t think he has one. Alex says mark told them he does.

7:00pm chess..

(To be honest beats the retells)

7:07pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin – what did xmas have to say.. did she say anything bad about me
Jason – no, nobody’s going to say anything bad now
Kevin – they got nothing to say.. they’ll have to make something up
Kevin – if you’re going to make it up at least come tell me so I can defend myself..
Kevin what the f8, you going to make something up, that’s real JIVE .. what’s the point in that
Jason warns Kevin there’s no voices right now the house is super quiet they have to watch what they say
Jason – we have to stay calm, Stay f*ing calm..
Kevin – you’ll have to tell Alex where I stand
Jason – I have,, she knows that
Jason – we can’t start acting worried
Kevin – I wasn’t worried until I walked into the room.. Mark had your vote (someone said that to Kevin)
Kevin – he had shit from me..
Kevin – I voted against Cody, I voted against Jessica, I voted against Dom, I voted against everybody, now I’m going to vote against Mark.. c’mon.. (Kevin is mocking them for thinking he’s Mark’s vote etc)

7:34pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin says he’ll be pissed if he goes before Josh
kevin says he’s never told a lie and he’s played a good game.
Kevin now says every vote he’s done has been what the house did. Blames the strange vote on Ramses.
Jason brings up that Ramses won the 25thousand (He knows it was Kevin)
Kevin asks him if Jason and Alex are still the same with him.
Jason says he doesn’t ask.

Jason – we think we’re in control we’re not in control.
jason says if Raven wins HOH she’s taking a shot at them.
Kevin – I’ll never vote against you

7:49pm Kevin and jason
Kevin saying if jason takes a shot at Christmas “I’m there”
Jason brings up telling Mark that he would rather Mark in the house than Matt but mark is a much bigger threat.
Kevin – I can’t believe they’re in this house another week (M/R)
Kevin says if he was 28 in this game he would have been unstoppable. Says he was a heavy drinker for a good chunk of his life and he’s not as strong as he use to be.

Jason brings up Cody picking “Doug Stone”
Jason – he sings gospel country.. it’s like rhythm and blues country.. I was like what the f*
Jason – I don’t know he really sh1t the bed
Kevin – not me I haven’t thought of him once.. I’m concerned how people still talk about him.. it’s so stupid

Kevin says if he goes to Jury he’s going to challenge Cody for the master bedroom.

Kevin wonders if Matt and raven are on the block and Matt wins the Veto if he’ll use it on Raven, “Prove he’s a real man”

8:18pm Raven and Matt finally leave the HOH…

8:39pm (Jason and Josh do the cinnamon challenge)
Jason – that Cinnamon challenge was a son of a b1tch
Paul to Alex – we could have totally snuck some edibles in her..
Alex says they couldn’t have “they were looking for it”
Paul – in the shampoo bottle
Alex – they almost didn’t let us bring those in
Jason suggest Paul hides it in his beard.

ZingBot Zings

Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. News flash, too freaking late! Zing!
Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game.. especially since the only thing you have done is… Raven! Zing!
Paul, LAst season you taught me so much.. like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose half a million dollars! Zing!
Josh, my heart goes out to you. You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you cant shed any, weight! Zing!
Poor Raven, You got the clownitard. that is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face! Zing!
Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual.. everytime you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said bye! Zing!
Alex, what do you call someone with bleached blonde hair.. likes to wear cat ears and handles lots of wieners? A ——— (sound effects) (they’re implying a ?)
Alex, I see you have been forced to carry a ton of dead weight, or as I like to call it, Jason! Zing!
Xmas , You have such a good heart. you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find 10 shattered bones, 9 weeks in a cast, 8 surgeries, 7 more xrays, 6 years of rehab, 5 titanium screws, 4 hospitals, 3 pain pills (more like 3 million),2 two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown!

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The Zings were ok, obviously went way to easy on Paul. Really? Couldn’t think of anything better? My favorite was Ravens.


Production would never do anything negative towards Paul. They fixed the whole season for him.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Reminding Paul that he lost $500,000 to a vet player is soft, or are the house guests’ brains soft? Zing

Jimmy 64

The zing to Christmas was the best one
Oh by the way goodbye Mark.
Who’s next?


God help me. I am starting to wish Kevin gets the next HoH

Too Much

Paul is the greatest thing since sliced bread! A “GENIUS” I tell you! Haha

Paul's a genius Baahaaaa

“paul also does a pretty good job explaining why they still talk about people in the house. It’s because of boredom and they’ve been locked in the house for ~60 days there minds are starved.”

Simple minds talk about people. Bright minds talk about ideas.


That’s why you’re here talking about people

Your Common Sense



Does anyone think any of the minnions will be smart enough to look into Craven Ravens scam and how and will they deal with it and deal with her ..can’t wait till reality hits them all in the face…she is digusting for claiming to be terminally ill, she is making fun of everyone of us that has lost a terminally ill loved one or friend, I think they should charge her fat ugly clown ass..


Call me cynical but I find it strange that Christmas couldn’t compete because of her ankle but Raven could. She is terminally ill. Then I thought about it. What are those tattoo artist or whatever that put implants under the skin. Dismorphia? I don’t know what it is called but she is such a scammer, could she have done that. It doesn’t make any sense that she could compete in that, knowing she could fall on her pacemaker. Something is fishy about that! Also I just kept laughing tonight over Christmas in her DR. She makes it likes she is going to make some big move. She has to pass it threw Paul first.


Okay very strange. Raven needs to stop it. Christmas needs to keep quit this is far from being a big move. But to her (Christmas) she really thinks she’s doing something big. Girl Please …Girl bye please self evict.


And she fell flat on her stomach multiple times. I am a nurse. There are things that are deemed “ok” and things to avoid. What she did last night is under the “avoid” category.


“Josh – the bully tactic Cody uses he does too, deep down inside those are Mark’s ways”

Really Josh????!!!!! Did you forget you’re on t.v.? You have been the biggest bully this season….& that’s saying a lot! You’ve just said you were going to torture Kevin (for no good reason).

Good Grief!……….this is the worst season!

Can’t wait till they go after one another.

Whistling sissy

The zings sucked. The only thing that was entertaining was watching the houseguest’s heads explode, like a SNL skit of oprah’s favorite things. Production must have offered money or hot showers to whoever overreacted the most. I almost kicked in my TV screen.


And you no doubt have the last analog set in
your trailer park

Suck my d

What was Alex’s zing?


Pretty sure Zingbot called her a wh**e.


Pretty sure zingbot called her a pussy


He probably called her a “Ho-Dog.”


He called her “whore”.

Your Common Sense

Alex, what do you call someone with bleached blonde hair.. likes to wear cat ears and handles lots of wieners? A ——— (sound effects)

We heard the “p” clearly at the beginning of the bleep. It was too short for “p*ssy” and it most certainly had all the time honored, long standing, attributes of:


sunny dee

didn’t jason get a zing, or i suppose the second one to alex was jason’s zing


Zingbot MURDERED these idiots.
I don’t think I can recall a previous Zing episode
that did this much damage.

Bolt Uprite.

Zingbot called Andy Herren of BB15 a floater and he was so freaked out he went on his rampage and won the game. That’s the only time I recall Zingbot having such a large impact.


This is the stupidest season ever! I keep hoping one of Paul’s minions turn on him. I would expect this behavior of the house from Josh because of his age and the way he acts. He just needs some guidance . But the others… seriously! Omg! What are they thinking!?!?! Oh that’s right, they are not thinking, paul is!


Okay! The HG needs to go see the Wizard for a Brain, Heart and much needed Courage. This is some crazy stuff they are saying and doing and not doing. Come on HG stop following the leader and become a leader. Okay…I just had to let all that out. Going back to sleep now and may be when I wake up again they will have a brain that work or one of the three. I am just saying. Whats is going on here is Paul the only one thinking and playing the game to win the 500k. I want someone please anybody take Paul out PLEASE.


Matt/Raven thinking Matt’s zing was so great what a joke. Sick of house guests showing the world they can have sex. Yes Jessica we all saw it just like we saw Nicole and Cory last year.


I don’t know how josh is below Paul on rankings, he’s playing the game just as hard and I find him more decent….he did dumb things but I think he’s just emotional whereas Paul is mean

Jimmy 64

You are out of your mind Josh is nothing but a bully
I hope that he don’t win a damn thing.
Mark for AFP

Judgmental Judy

And he’s like a wind up doll – saying he’s one of the smartest people in the house … WOW. He hasn’t had a thought yet that Paul didn’t give him.

Your Common Sense

And, Josh believes he is sooo diabolical and “roofless.”

It’s “ruthless” Oh King of Meatballs. *smh*


Josh is all over the place though whereas Paul is consistently mean. The last couple of times Paul’s tried to goad Josh into torturing someone Josh has resisted and wanted everyone to get along. Also Josh shows some remorse about his behavior at times, whereas the rest of them never acknowledge their parts in it. Then just as I start feeling a little sorry for Josh he’ll bring up on his own wanting to bully someone again and I’m like “ah, F*** all of these people.” Honestly Paul has played the best game but he’s been such a d-bag about it and the rest of them have been so gutless and/or stupid and/or mean that after Mark and Kevin are gone I almost hope Raven the grifter wins it all because that would be the perfect poo cap on a poo of a season.


Kevin can go for all I care. He’s boring.


Who’s not?


Yes……………Josh,………….. you and Xmas are geniuses………..riiiiiiiight!!! Losers!!
If I didn’t detest Paul so much, I could actually get some pleasure out of these losers jumping over themselves, to get themselves kicked out of the BBH. Unfortunately, Paul is just a nasty person. Dragging some one through the mud because you are bored………….pleeeeeease, we the viewers are bored with all of your childish, boorish, mean spirited attitude.
I hate this cast…………..AG you suck at BB…….please do us a favor and QUIT.


Yep! Look out Mensa, BB is sending you 2 more geniuses.

BB Fan

Why no zingbot for jason? Alex got two one about Jason and one about her. Does jason not even rate his own Zing.


Alex is just a mean-spirited b****h ! She likes to think that she’s smart and tough but she’s just stupid and mean.

Franks Fumes

Paul is a truly amazing player I dont thijnk I have ever seen a player work as hard as he does…..yet their is such hate for him on this comment section…..I guess some like lazy ass shomance types or simple boredom better…..at least give credit where credit is due!

at least give credit where credit is due

Production takes a bow


I think Production kinda helped Jess and Cody too…. they blew it and they came off as huge POS…..so yeah I’m giving credit where credit is due.


I think paul is gsy and attracted to josh he is always rubbing on josh or want sleep in his bed


I think Paul is onely attracted to the idea of sitting next to Josh at final 2.


If Paul is gay, we don’t want him in the club! Stay in the closet…


Good player, sure. Amazing? Far from it. If they put him on nearly any other season, he would not be as successful as he has this and would likely have been gone after his safety ended. The people in this house are absolutey terrible. I regretted purchasing the feeds this season because they don’t know how to play the game.
If he does win, he won’t t rank in the Andy Herron level, but on the same note, he won’t rank in the Dr Will, Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur levels, those are amazing players.


Paul is not an amazing player. He’s playing with a bunch of totally clueless idiots.


What would’ve been the great is if zingbot would’ve said they’re the worst cast in BB History. This season really ruined my summer. I wait every summer just for the Big Brother just to be so bored with the episode and the bb spoilers. They even ruined Zingbot for me! BB19 really sucks ass! ???


Oh well, at least jr. high school starts for
you next week

Matts crusty orange shirt

Raven…You got the clownitard. that is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face! Zing! Lmao best Zing aside from Christmas’s. And why did she seem confused? She looks at her clown makeup face every day lol

And the implication with Alex is that she is a pussy.. wears cat ears.. handles wieners lol duh!


Ha – thank you for explaining that.
Raven didn’t really get her zing.
Josh in the diary room laughing at all the zings was the best. (The zing against Josh for his weight was horrible – not funny BB.)


oh oh the pc police is here.


I like josh,and he is playing the game.


What game is he playing ..every thought he had was shot down by Paul ..every move he made was constructed by Paul. Every piece of info he got he told to Paul..oh yea he won one comp by a lucky putt ..Great player


Exactly and Josh is not playing the game. What he is doing is bullying his way to the end. That is not Big Brother. Tell a lie or two, form alliances, be strategic, win comps…that’s BB. Nowhere in BB past does Julie EVER say “welcome hg’s to BB! Now try to get each other to self-evict so you can win”


Why is Xmas in the house if she is wiling to lay down her game so Paul and Josh advance? Why not go convalesce? Read a book somewhere warm? Holy smokes I want to clang their heads together…COME ON PEOPLE! MAKE A REAL GAME MOVE ON PAUL.? ALEX? ….crap.

Look,vote Matt out if you are tired of the nightly oral gymnastics…


What does production do to the houseguests when they are sent to the diary room for getting in trouble? Jason and Josh have gotten “timeouts” so many times but does production do anything other than tell them to cut it out???

Franks Fumes

I was talking to my daughter the other day (shes a nurse practioner) and she told me Ravens “pacemaker” was a bullshit ineffective experimental device and she is no more ill than somebody with common gastrointestinal issues ( often a simple change of diet will cure the issues)……I think she may have a mother who is a hypocondriac with Munchausen syndrome forcing all this medical drama on her for monetary gain……why does she eat garbage all day and doesnt appear to have any ill effects…… I hope these houseguests wise up and call her out…..thats f#cked up if shes hiding behind a phony disease.


Well said but your forgetting about her other terminal disease that the doctors haven’t named yet….

Franks Fumes

Ah yes the “Disease with no Name” !


CBS has me so excited for the live eviction will it be Mark or Matt can’t handle the excitement..ok being sarcastic we all know the votes will be 6-0 Mark

Whistling sissy

99% sure zingbot called Alex a pussy, as someone mentioned above. The cat ears, the wieners. If he said can’t think for herself, I’d be 100%. I wish he would have just said, Alex America thinks you’re a straight up bitch.

I Think It Started With an H

I disagree. What does dyed blonde hair have to do with being a “pussy”?

Your Common Sense

Exactly. Zingbot clearly said “Prostitute.”

Bleached blonde. Cat ears. Wieners.

Whistling sissy

Maybe she’s calico? I don’t know what cat ears has to do with a hooker.

Rise Up & Wise Up America

Erm… Nevada (where prostitution is legal) is full of Cathouses. Bunny ranches too.


Shame on CBS to knock someone for their weight. Especially when the person you shame for it is of perfectly healthy weight. WTF???


Really the weight joke bothered you but not the bisexual joke or the whore/pussy joke or the clown face…have you ever watched a “roast” before lighten up people


Actually…yes…. as all the zings were based on “actions” about the HG’s except Josh… that was a shot at his looks….

You forgot the Clown Face Zing

But you also forgot Raven’s Zing. Saying she looks like a clown. Because of her makeup. She really didnt get what Zingbit meant though. Lmao!


You can’t bring up Raven’s zing? It doesn’t fit the poster narrative. 😛


I thought he went pretty easy on Josh. There’s a lot worse things he could have said, and josh deserves worse.


Christmas, please self evict.


Still waiting for Xmesses big move.


Can we please have the t.v. broadcasts, BBAD & the feeds from the jury house for the rest of the season?????!!!!

Return to the house on finale nite………


The only way CBS could partially redeem itself for this crap fest is if they paid the players to stay in the house an extra week (including everyone who goes to jury). During that time they would be given access to social media. I think watching them as they find out what everyone thinks about them would be priceless.


Mark picking the red apple from the tree reminded me of Wreck it Ralph with the cherry from Pacman.


Good to know that Paul is still obsessed with Cody. Paul is weird, definitely not stable enough to play this game this summer.

Cody for AFP. He the most interesting person this summer, which is funny since he is not that interesting.

Judgmental Judy

Matt and Raven are like squatters in that HOH room! Cracking up at Jason saying he’ll punch Raven if he finds out she’s scamming about her disease LOL.

Xmas sucks

Paul is too insecure and full of himself, can’t wait for him and his groupies to see what America really thinks of them. Kudos to Mark for not following the group and speaking his mind.


Simon n Dawg
Holy sh*t Nicole and Victor are officially together. They both just posted them on a date and kissing and all. I love it. Victor finally got his love! Paul is gonna be shocked! They look so happy. And for anyone who asks what about Corey, they broke up in January. Pretty sure Corey was the one who ended it. We all knew when he had his 15 mins of fame and girls trying to hit on him, that he would dump Nicole. Lol!
This game is boring right now so I thought I would talk about something interesting. Hahaha!


That’s funny as sh#t!…..I remember Victor always putting the make on Nicole in front of big dumb Corey…..But now Victor has to deal with her crazy ass LOL !

Butters Mom

They should just lock the house guests in there for several weeks… no more comps… dont tell them what is going on… let them drive each other insane. That might be fun to watch.. who would try going over the wall first?


Phew! Thank goodness we have Josh to explain how things are in the house. Oh, and his in-depth analysis of how a REAL man conducts himself and who is falling short of the MARK (pun intended). And I just can’t heap enough praise on Christmas and Josh for their thoughtful, savvy, intelligent approach to lightening the load for the people headed to the jury house. They are empathy personified; the way they do their best to make sure there are no hard feelings and that everyone leaves with their dignity intact. Bless their hearts…


Hummph…I’m disappointed. Paul’s “monkeys” aren’t even the kind that can fly.


These HGs are so dumb that if they were tempted big money ($500,000) to take Paul out it would be the only temptation not taken this summer. Some of the other past seasons were bad but this one has to be the worst I have ever seen and I have watched since Season 1. BB USA has been a bore the last few years (No shocking evictions, strategy or real game play) while BB Canada and BB UK is more exciting. It is so disappointing to be a BB Superfan and have to witness the garbage CBS has given us this year. Paul will probably need money for neck surgery cause he sure whips his head around in the DR its like watching a bobble head.


Cody TRIED to make a BIG move by trying to get Paul out. All he had to say to his alliance was he didn’t tell them because he was protecting them and not wanting blood on their hands. BUT they never even asked they just turned on him and allowed Paul to run the whole game. WORSE season ever.

Franks Fumes

There’s a real creepy psychosis going on in the BB house tonight……everybody looks particularly nuts ……..and that’s saying something……kinda scary.


I was going to vote Kevin for AFP, but now I’m going to vote for Mark. Out of all the houseguests he seems like a genuinely good person. Cody and Jessica definitely don’t meet that criteria.

These People

In past seasons and even earlier this year, I always had faith that as soon as some one got cocky they were almost certain to have the table turn the next week. I think I’ve lost that faith. Ugh