Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 8 Summary and Eviction Results

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This season peaked early about 2 weeks ago with all those fights. Now we’re kinda in limbo waiting for Paul to collect the money. There is definitely pathways that would lead to an explosive week but the sequence of events that would give us that are unlikely….

A Short Week in review..

Cody and Elena went out during the double eviction. Xmas won the Tales from Decrypt Head of Household competition. CBS shows her boasting she’ll make a BIG MOVE. We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what this BIG MOVE is. Oh my god what will she do? what would be the BIG MOVE this stage in the game, Taking out Paul, Alex, Jason? That would be unexpected and BIG.


Christmas’ big move was nominating Jason and Matt so they can Backdoor Mark. ZOMG! this was the plan set by Paul almost 4 weeks ago before Jessica was evicted. This was their boot order after Jessica’s HEX was used: Jessica, Cody, during the double Mark if not Elena, whoever survives Double goes out the following week. Therefore we had Mark win the POV during the double Elena goes and Mark is the target the following week.  This was the BIG MOVE something Paul planned for them almost 4 f*ing weeks ago.

After Xmas nominates Jason and Matt, Jason wins the Veto and uses it on himself. Xmas does her Bad b1tch BIG MOVE and nominates Mark. (I’m more mocking Xmas for saying she’s making a big move when she’s really making an incremental move. Mark is a threat to her but she’s inflating its importance. A big  move would have been Jason or Alex getting backdoored.)

What happens after the BIGGEST  MOVE 

Mark is going home.. He does campaign a bit before going on the block to xmas/Josh then after to Jason, Alex and Paul trying to get them to take out Matt because he’s done nothing in the game and doesn’t deserve to be here. Xmas is nice about it, Josh is a douche and Paul mocks him. Jason is very receptive to Mark, he’s not a fan of Matt and Raven. Jason goes back to Alex wanting to keep Mark and get rid of Matt. Alex tells him he’s a stupid idiot the best thing for the 3 of them to get to final 3 is to listen to Paul’s plan and Paul’s plan is to get rid of Mark. (note there has been multiple times now that Jason has gone to Alex with an idea that is 100% on the mark and Alex has shot it down saying they have to trust friendship etc etc. ) Kevin is also receptive to Mark but really tries his best to stay out of everything.


The Temptation Tree 

From what I gather if the tree goes red you can grab an apple which will give out one of the following powers

  • Save a friend – Mark got this one and gave it to Paul.. he has safety for the week.
  • Can’t play in the next HOH
  • Bounty on your head
  • Eliminate two eviction votes
  • Second veto

The structure of the game right now.

Paul is sitting in the centre of Josh/Xmas, Matt/RAven, Alex/Jason. Furthermore he’s sitting pretty in between Josh/Xmas/Paul, Matt/Raven/Paul, Alex/Jason/Paul and finally Kevin/Paul/Jason/Alex.

He’s got them all misted and it’s hard to see anything changing this. It’s so bad that you get a feeling some of them, mainly Alex and Matt would throw their game (if not lives) away for Paul. This is such a bizarre season. I’ve said before that there are pathways for some excitement there always is even in the biggest hole of a season. It looks like barring a competition upset (like a clown shoe) this is Paul’s season to lose. We’re in the final stretches.. Grab some Kraken..

Results from the show

Jason’s Wife, Ole and son.

Matt – I’m a expert loser.. Cereal.. Shower.. I’m a expert loser..

Mark – Summer has been a blessing, I started watching this show 10 years ago with my mom.. I know she’s watching up in heaven.. I love each and everyone of you

Raven votes to evict Mark
JOsh votes to evict Mark
Kevin votes to evict Mark
Jason votes to evict Matt
Alex votes to evict Matt
Paul votes to evict Mark

Mark is evicted from the Big Brother house

Endurance HOH Will be on the feeds…






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So you’ve officially declared BB#19 a Kraken season? I know you were holding out the least bit of hope there, LOL 🙂


Surprised it took this long to declare!


Simon was holding out for Christmas’s ‘Big Move’ before declaring it a Kraken season:-) Now that he’s seen there’s no ‘big moves’, the season is officially a Kraken season!!


What’s a Kraken? I’m new and learning the lingo


The only thing that can save this season is Paul having a bitter jury again and losing to someone undeserving of it I hope it’s not Raven who’s sitting next to him at the end because that’s even worst than Paul losing . Other that they can stop dragging this season on and give him the money and stop ruining my favorite show in the summer by bringing back vets back in a non-all season.

Jessica's Birth Control

paul is the only person playing the game….


he won’t let the others play or their are gone

Whistling sissy

Anyone but Paul sounds good. And I despise Christmas and Alex. Why? In addition to their nasty personalities, Cody told xmas that he hoped when he left the first time that xmas, Alex and Jessica would join forces and kick ass to the end. Imagine the season if that had happened. Instead we are stuck with a season with no deals, no bargaining, no gameplay whatsoever. All that said, I’d still rather one of those 2 hags win than smaul


You want lose so CBS bring him back? Fuck No…. CBS brought Rachel back & production helped her win, even more then they helped Paul in the beginning…. Let Paul win so, like Rachel we’ll be rid of him..


That’s not exactly true. Dan won and he came backs as a mentor then enentually and full-fledged houseguest vying for the 1/2 million. As well, There could be an all-star Season, and I could see CBS bringing him and Frankie back just to annoy us and try to send us over the edge. So, ur plan is not 100% foolproof, unfortunately. U never know with big brother what they’ll do.


What make your head explode more: Paul winning or Matt & Raven as the Final 2

Jessica's Birth Control

If Matt or Raven won, would Raven treat him to a live BJ on the final nite?

Min O'Pause

Paul = Love child if Gumby porked a rabbi….

Sir Loin of Beef


Jessica's Birth Control

Xmas got that cast off in record time! Its almost as if the injury was not that serious…..


Come on. Some of you are over the top. More bullying on this site than in the game. Bring on the hate, it’s expected and idgaf.


Lol, loving the summary of the week and the “big move”

Can someone explain why people despise Raven? She lied about herself or something? Not a fan at all of her, but curious 🙂

Whistling sissy

I hate her because she kicked Jessica when she was down. Others hate her because she is exploiting her non life threatening illness in the house and life, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard, she’s a one-upper and a phony bitch.

Am Just Saying

My problem with Raven is she is totally wasted space in the BBH. Someone else could be in the house playing BB for the win. She wanted that little bit of jury money and that’s it that’s all. Many people tried out to be on show to win 500k and she does nothing for the show or the money. Among others too they all need to self evict. But they are to silly to know what that is.


If you have to ask you haven’t watch anything all year. Plus the whole gofundme scam with her and momma


I did watch it, and I know she is a waste of space on the show and I dont like her a lot.. just thought there was something more That I missed.. sorry for asking??? :/

I agree, this cast is pathetic.. would love to see Paul get 2nd place again lol!


Wow, Jason’s wife is stunning.

BB Fan

She is/was a model.


Interesting….Julie Chen suggesting that Mark & Josh go on Amazing Race together… Does that mean someone is already trying to make that happen ?


Hell Naw bruh, Josh would be a bag of tears & Mark would be crying too while carrying Josh everywhere… But I think CBS might put those to on Amazing Race


Mark, my man!! That exit was classy as fu#k!!! You win my vote as AFP!!


Thumbs up for Jason and thumbs down for mark as AFP!

Bolt Uprite.

Classy loser.

Raven's cu**

Does anyone even give a shit who wins at this point?


Classy name…Not.


The picture of Julie, Matt and Mark pretty much sums up this season. . . yawn. Wake me up on finale night (just to find out who wins AFP).


These people are the biggest disappointment in Big Brother history. They turn my stomach. I am no longer watching BBAD and I can’t even bring myself to watch the show. I am getting all my updates from Simon and Dawg…..Thanks guys!!! You’re the best!


Who knew Jason could get a great looking girl? He is not too charming inside the house.

Min O'Pause

Paul in that tutu reminds me of this movie I saw. This couple adopts this orphan who becomes this evil bitch and it turns out she is a deranged circus midget acrobat who is really 35 or something.


All those women in the house this year think they were so hot. ….. but Jason’s’ wife is more classy and more attractive than any of them !!!


I love how Jason’s wife said, he needed someone like Alex to put him in his place lol!


I’ve been wondering if they were ever gonna show any family members. I figured they’d all be too embarrassed to show their faces on camera. Can’t you see them interviewing Matt’s mama with a bag over her head (or better yet, a cereal box)??


So Paul’s comment to mark was to put in good word in jury for him? Paul is already confident he will be final 2? Smug little prick


Looks like it’s probably another Paul HoH. Alex is almost unbeatable in these endurance type of comps.

Tetti Dew Korti

Wish these people would please stop saying “I love all of you.” NO YOU DON’T! At least Cody let it be known he didn’t care for any of them and apparently they got butthurt over it which is great.

More people should tell the real a-holes off on their way out because what do they have to lose, they are not going to win the money so no need for ass kissing!


No need to stoop to their level either. Mark looked way better leaving tonight than Cody did.

Whistling sissy

No, no one looks better than Cody. ??


Random thoughts:
Paul needs to send all the couples (Josh and Christmas included) to jury and take Kevin to F2. Everyone knows Kevin has the 25K and seeds of dissent have already been planted against him. Anyone else is a vote against Paul and we all know how important one vote can be (Paul lost 5-4 last year).

Julie just told us who to expect on Amazing Race next season.

As much as I try I cannot get behind Mark He is too much of a flipflopper who just won’t own his sh*t. Somehow it is Cody and Dom’s fault he got caught playing both sides.

Josh is growing on me.


Cbs didn’t want Jess or Cody to win Americas favorite. Jason will get a lot of votes now


Why would anyone want Cody or Jessica to win AFP? All they did was disrespect the game. Thought their shit smelled like roses. At times, didn’t bother to play the game, speeches were “world peace” and no comment. It’s pretty obvious that they thought they were hot shit and treated people below average. They needed someone like Paul to break it down to them!


They were liked not because of good game play but because they were the only people not to kiss Pauls ass every second of the day


That’s a good reason to like them. They deserve AFP just for that.


Who deserves it then someone who hasn’t made one move or decision all season like Matt Alex Raven Jason Josh Xmas Kevin Mark


If not Cody or Jessica, give it to that guy who was voted out first. He’s more deserving than any of the non-playing players.


I can agree with that vote cameron

"big moves"

Kevin because he was never disrespectful like everyone else was !!!


No one can seem to come up with a real, logical reason to vote for either of them.


Just look back at beginning of season, Jody were mean and disgusting. Since Jessica left the house she continues to be her mean, disgusting self on social media. Anyone calling other houseguests bullies who vote for Cody or Jess AFP are hypocrites.


Josh Paul Xmas Alex Raven are also just as mean and disgusting


Skanks, gnome and psychos …

Mark is a wimp.


The ONLY player to make a move was Cody. No one has had the brains or guts to make one since.

Thanks to the stupidity of voters, the bearded gnome was given safety for three weeks.


Cody made a Stupid move, trying to nominate Paul when he didn’t even Know if he had the Votes to take him out! Plus went rogue on his alliance. Ya, brilliant move.


At least he tried something. Since then we’ve been treated to a cereal addiction, sleeping, Paul the gnome a$$ kissing, sex with a skank, a raving mad Cuban Psycho beating on pots and pans … but no moves.

Good times!!!!


Why didn’t Alex and Jason pull Kevin in to vote out Matt? What happened?


They only voted Mark to shake up Matt and Raven I’m sure it was Pauls idea now he’ll use it to get the two groups against each other


Meant to say Matt

Paul's Mouth (needs DUCT tape)

Just donated…you guys are AWESOME!!!! Not sure I would really understand what is REALLY happening without you two! PLEASE keep up the good work!!!

Paul's Mouth (needs DUCT tape)

No thanks necessary….you guys ROCK!!!!! Just wish I could do more!!!


Mark is by far the classiest guy in there.

On another note, I almost died laughing watching Kevin run around with that duck. Hilarious!


Maybe the HG’s will sacrifice Kevin tonite to appease the bearded gnome god.

Not Jason's Holly

Did anyone else notice Alex was covered in mustard and Raven barely had any? Looked to me production was trying to help Raven win.