“Nobody has to go to the bathroom that many times a night.. he’s washing himself off or something”

11:16am Alex and Jason
Alex – they (M/r) think we’ll be final 5 with you me and Paul
Alex says M/R are getting more and more comfortable they think they are safe.
Jason – they’re gunning for HOH

Alex – they haven’t done sh1t I don’t think they’re ready for it
Jason disagrees says M/R are ready to win that HOH
Alex – if they are they’ll take Kevin out.. (Friendship)
Jason – well that would be awesome

Alex says last night when Matt and RAven came outside she was wanting to say “Go away”

Alex says she’s going to confront Mark and asks him why he hates her so much.
Jason recommends she doesn’t, “Don’t say hate that turns people off”
Alex – that works for him
jason – Hate
Alex about Mark – He cried in front of Josh..
Jason – that’s weird
Alex – he almost cried in front of me
Jason – he’s not a dumb dude.. that mother f*er is smart

Alex says Paul told her Matt and raven are having sex, told her they are liars.
Jason – Zingbot said the only thing he’s doing is Raven
jason – they’re f*ing in there
Alex asks why would they do that on national Television.
Jason – that keeps the live feeders voting for them, People want to watch that sh1t, I don’t know why.
Jason – nobody has to go to the bathroom that many f*ing times a night.. he’s washing himself off or something..
Alex laughs..

They agree it’s stupid that Matt and Raven are lieing to everyone.
Alex – everyone knows you’re a skank anyways ..
Jason – and you put CLown paint on every day
Alex laughs

11:52am Xmas is back with her boot. Cast is gone..
Xmas – I watched the pins get pulled out..

12:58pm Raven’s making burgers.

Nothing much happening.. OTher than this and Snapchat glasses.. Everyone acts like a idiot when the snapchat glasses are on them, except for maybe Kevin.

1:05pm Paul and Alex
Talking about Kevin acting sketchy..
Paul says when Jason came out with the snapchat glasses Kevin grabbed him and started talking about “Gangster sh1t”
Alex is going to try and find out if Kevin is a cop, she going to ask him about ranks in the precincts.
Paul brings up it talking Kevin 3 hours to shower.
Alex thinks it’s because Kevin is stressed out when he was relaxed he would shower on time.
Alex – he’s driving me insane

Paul brings up Kevin asking him if they are all good. Paul told him they are until final 4 and Kevin replied, “My man”
Alex and Paul laugh.

Alex looks at the camera to production “asks me about this.. ask me about this”
They start to wrestle..


Paul is telling them about last years Have nots beds and how much tougher the bumper cars where over the spikes this year. Paul tries to explain to Mark, Josh, and Jason how they would have all died last season. The bumper cars were so small nobody could sleep in them. Paul brings up Corey being a have not for 2 weeks and having a seriously rough time. He never slept and ended up passing out at times around the house.
Paul – I’m surprised they’re letting us do that pillow sh1t (on the spikes)

Kevin talks about people stealing meat to survive.
Paul’s never heard about anyone ever stealing meat.

2:23pm cam 1-2 HOH Raven and B2men
(the yeahs are real)

Raven says she doesn’t think anyone will take a shot at her next week
Matt – I think Paul is being a little bit Naive if he thinks that people won’t perceive him as a huge threat
Raven – yeah
Matt – I mean, If you are Jason and Alex who would you rather have in the final three… fricken, Josh and Christmas or Paul
Raven – yeah
Matt – I don’t want him to get blindsided if someone tries to take a shot at him.. (This season is out of this world.. )
Raven – yeah
Matt – he’s been there before he’ll be fine, but ..
Raven – yeah
Matt – so I think our worst case scenario Thursday is a 4-2 vote
Raven – me and Josh are voting out Mark
matt – Alex is too
raven – and Paul..
Matt – 4 -2 worst case

2:30pm HOH Paul, Xmas, Matt and Raven
Matt – we can get Alex to look at Jason and say the whole house is looking at you weird about how you act with Kevin.
Paul agrees..
Matt – I want him to have the slightest bit of paranoia that the whole house thinks they are together..

2:45pm Raven is claiming someone took her bracelet and hid it near the coffee machine. Paul and Christmas don’t believe it but humour her. Raven gets a bit riled up about this.
Raven suspects it was Alex. Goes on listing the evidence.

Paul – when did she (Alex) move the coffee pot
Raven is certain someone took her bracelet and when they found out how upset she was that it was missing her bracelet appeared under the coffee pot. After Alex checked the coffee pot.

3:04pm APSR Raven, Paul and Matt
Raven thinks it was Kevin that stole the bracelet.
Paul says him and Josh are starting to get under Kevin’s skin. It’s working. Today Kevin said “F* you Paul that was a real story” after Paul pooed pooed his meat thief story.
Paul goes on about Kevin not wanting him

Paul – do you think it’s because people are onto his sh1t so he’s trying to divert the

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Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Martha Stewart

Xmas got her cast off. That must be the big move.


Yes but she still had the Armenian anchor around her neck.

Armenian anchor lol

Best comment EVER!


I do not believe Raven is that sick to the point she can die or the fact she is dying. She is eating fine, having all this sex daily, plenty of energy every day etc. Lord forgive me if I am wrong about Raven sickness. I feel this is a game move on Raven part. She is going after money 500k or AFP. No sympathy vote from me. She had to be in excellent shape to be on BB19. It would be a huge Liability for CBS. Now I do believe Raven have medical issus. But to what extent. That is the question. Raven and Matt is laying low just like Nicole and Corey did on BB18. A lot sex to pass time and waiting until the HG numbers get down where they are forced to play the game and of course they will start winning comp because all of the good competitors/threats are in the jury house pretty much. No fan of any of the HG. Terrible season just awful!


Whenever I see C’mas on her little scooter, I hear the ‘wicked witch of the west’ music: da dada dada da (I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too- from the Wizard of Oz). C’mas is so bada$$ that she should fly on a broom!

Min O'Pause

Now if we could just drop a house on her.


All of the HG is dead already. The house from the Wizard Of Oz was dropped on the HG when production gave Paul the temptation to stay in the house for 3 weeks.?Sad!


The Wazard Of OZ house fell on the HG early on in the show.. when production gave Paul the temptation to stay in the house for 3 weeks. Spoiled the game for me. I only read comments for now. I will start back watching when the HG get down to about 6 maybe.

just me

I always think of Jigsaw from the Saw movies




cant stand that girl. she should have left before Jessica or Cody!!!!!!!




Hats off to Simon for watching this drudgery for us.

There’s literally nothing these people could do short of one of them going postal that could save this season from becoming the worst ever.

Imagine, these people think they’re going to be famous … famous for being the most horrible cast ever to play BB.


They could disband the jury and decide the winner between the final 2 with trial by combat. I’d watch that.

This is so wrong

Boring!!! I don’t know why I keep watching the live feeds. This is my 1st time having them. Can’t wait to see them all turn on each other. Is this normall for it to be so boring?


Because you paid for the live feeds? Why would you watch them? That’s why I never buy the feeds, I don’t know if the season will be good or not.. I get my BB fix from OBB..

This is so wrong

I am retired and have nothing else to do so I got the live feeds. That’s why!!

Still Hoping

This is my fourth year subscribing to the feeds but I can’t stand to watch them anymore. Haven’t even logged in for the past three weeks. I really need to cancel them and stop wasting money. Guess I keep hoping that I’ll read on OBB that the garden gnome was backdoored and evicted, giving me something worthwhile to watch. Hope springs eternal.


Yup go ahead and cancel. Its the only way to let production know they are doing a poor casting job.


how about you provide a donation to OBB then


Yes, this season’s feeds are a bore, but it’s not always this way. I’ve been watching the feeds since season 11, and what I feel we’re missing is the strategizing that happens throughout the week. This season, Paul has been making all the plans, and everyone has been going along, but that’s not typical. I think you’re right, once Mark is gone, they’ll be forced to go after one another and the next few weeks should be great…I hope. BTW–the last week of feeds is useless when the house is basically empty.


I realized yesterday that it was around BB15 that I started not enjoying BB all that much & that was the first year I watched BBAD & the live feeds & reading boards like this one. I think it’s because we get to see the REAL people not the cleaned up version that production gives us 3 nights a week. It used to be I couldn’t wait to watch but not anymore.
I’d like to cancel the feeds but am enjoying catching up on past seasons. This week I have “bit the bullet” & stated watching BB15. I hated the racism &mean girls when it was live but am actually enjoying the gameplay., even nasty Amanda’s. I know how it’s going to end. It wasn’t exciting but the nasties did not win.


Why would Paul ever hear about people stealing meat to survive? He has had everything handed to him. 24 and sleeping at home. Alex has a great strategy. Act like a fool to Cody who’s already going out the door. Cereal was more important to her than a jury vote. Now she wants to start with Mark who’s walking out the door. Another jury vote. She’s really playing a great game!!! DA


I remember as a teenager, my Father’s house was broken into. They didn’t take money, TV’s etc.. But they did take all the meat out of his freezers… He was a champ, “If they really needed it that bad, then okay.”


The only reason I’ll be tuning in next week is to see Alex’s smug face when it’s her and Jason on the block and the veto isn’t used. She’s not only mean girl but a stupid mean girl who doesn’t realize she’s pissing jury off.


I’m following a few blogs and when I see that one of them is getting cut I’ll start watching again. If it’s Kevin and Jason I’ll wait, I want Manson and his vicious cult pigs going up to make it worth while watching again.


We’re waiting for Helter Skelter before we watch!!

I See Floaters Everywhere

The sad thing is none of them seem to care if they get cut. Even Alex said even though she knows Paul has all the jury votes she will still take him to final 3….these people couldn’t get anymore boring or stupid if they tried.


Yes Alex is a mean girl she claim that Jess & Elena were the mean girl types but she was bitter & mean bcse she don’t kW how to do pretty…


Simon would most likely get more entertainment watching paint then watching these slugs

Sir Loin of Beef



There is a lot of bullying going on this season, particularly from Paul and Alex. I cannot wait to see the reaction of the crowd when they leave the house.

Wicked witch of the West.

Don’t worry all the middle aged men in the audience will clap.


like f@#$%


There’s lots of hate going on this season, particularly on this comment section

Juliana from New York

So don’t read the comments then.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned or not but half of Paul’s friendship bracelet recipients have been evicted (Ramses, Dom, Jessica and Elena) with Mark going this week, and Kevin and Jason with giant targets on their back. The only one that Paul is keeping safe is Raven (out of the 8 friendship bracelets). Alex, Christmas, Josh and Matt didn’t get bracelets but they seem the most devoted to L. Paul Hubbard. I initially thought that maybe the bracelets had been soaked In some mind-altering substance, so there went that theory. The mist is strong with this one!

Ian's Lament

This season is so bad I can hardly watch. I’m just hoping for small victories like Kevin putting Mrs. Potato Head ( Alex) in her place . Paul infected nose from using Matt’s cummy rag. Raven pulling another Lazerus. Christmas’s opiod face. The best would be Josh pulling a Steve and chopping Paul at final 3. Not that I like Josh, I just think it would be appropriate and hilarious if the winner of this season was the mildly retarded guy.

Think of others

You are an ass. Watch your language please.


Everything I agree with except for calling him retarded. Very rude and inappropriate. He is not mentally disabled. He is guilty of being naive and immature, but he’s actually smart.


I agree!!!

Wasting Time

Hmm.. just thinking about that.
He’s naive and immature, but actually very smart!? Isn’t that a contradiction? Or maybe that is the problem. He has book smarts, or rather, he passed a course in college, and has never wanted for much. However, he has no common sense and no respect for people or their space. He would not make it in the real world, which is why he is home with his mother. Neither could Paul. Same thing, home with Mom, and coddled. Like most kids and millennials. They all got trophies for participating. No need to try harder, just show up. We wonder what happened to this county. Well, I wonder. Such a different world now, sadly. So many ppl like this today. This is our future, and worse. They could not ever walk the walk Cody has, serving their country wouldn’t occur to them, and they’d never be strong enough to do it, or respect the sacrifice of those who have. Which is why they will never understand why Cody didn’t kowtow to them. Now, I’ll step off my soapbox.

Sir Loin of Beef

Can’t stand listening to Josh!

He sound like he’s got a GD clothespin stuck on his tongue!

Pots and pauls

Why you offending the othespin bro?

Paul's Beard.

Speaking of hate on this site, that’s how Josh talks. People continually criticizing the way people look, talk dress. That’s what is wrong today. BE AND LET BE

Paul's Beard.

That is not an appropriate comment. Shame. No need to use that word to describe anybody anytime

Ms. Conspiracy

I genuinely believe something is wrong with Josh. He is not all there.

Raven's horse hair

Someone on twitter asking for people to vote Raven for AFP saying her parents are broke. I guess they need money for cigarettes and beer. lol


That is because the go fund me acct was closed & people rrefunded. Her crazy mom had her fans go after her detractors. Blowing up their messenger & telling ravens fans to call CPS on the people that had kids or call their jobs

Munchausen Momma

Let her fat white trash Momma get a job. Or does she think her slut daughter is going to be a “superstar”?

Raven's horse hair

I so agree Munchausen Momma!!!!! Oh I’d given anything to be there when that trailer trash leaves the house and learns she can’t con America!!

Kevy Kev

This show is insufferable. I can’t believe that I’ve stopped watching it, 1st time in a long time. I’d rather just get a quick synopsis from this site & read comments than watch such poor players. This is literally the worst season due to it’s cast in a long long time. I’m pissed about how tepid & vapid every body seems. They all State obvious things & claim ignorance, shit talk behind backs and become malicious in a heartbeat. I could go on an epic diatribe about each member of this season, especially the ones that unfortunately matter. Vapid, Tacky, Trashbag, Blind Narcissistic Sociopaths. I come here to watch BB, cuz unfortunately this show sucks now.


Do you have a mirror?


how bout you give a donation to OBB then?


IMHO, Alex is a horrible human being.

She takes such joy from tearing other people down. I get why Paul (ugh) is doing it…strategy. But Alex is just a mean-hearted person. She appears to enjoy cruelty.

Definition of sa·dis·tic – adjective:
deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

Yup…that’s Alex. “What goes around, comes around”………..& I can’t wait for it to come around to her!


I could maybe understand everyone blindly following Paul and letting him run the whole show if the rest of the cast were all newbies. All of the remaining players (with the exception of Jason and Kevin) claimed they were avid watchers, or even Super Fans of the show. Anyone would even a passing knowledge of how the game is played would see right through everything Paul is doing. I just don’t get it……


Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of the players who were considered avid watchers or super fans have been evicted. With the exception of Mark, who’s out the door next.

Willy Wonka Style

Expect the Unexpected: The first person voted out this year was actually the winner of the 500k, all you people are losers. Then Julie says, “Now get the fuk outta here.”

BB Fan

LMAO best comment in a while!

Resist the Twist

Every one of these #sheeple have Paul winning the 500k but NONE of them are willing to do anything about it

Great job casting there CBS


The most ridiculous thing I saw last night was Matt telling Raven that her and Paul have pulled everyone’s strings this season. HUH?
Raven thinks she’s the mastermind? I guess this somewhat lends to the idea that Paul and Raven had a deal before entering the house, but Raven hasn’t said, or done, anything. Point blank and the period.


Yeah, finally in the house someone is ‘grossed out’ by the sex – because it is the ‘dying girl’ and her weirdo, probably deviant same clothes for the last 60 days , same socks, shorts everything…..just gross…. I can’t go on because there’s so much unsociable and just plain ‘weird’ …

Fed up with BB

I took your bracelet, Biotch! What are you gonna do about it? Go on Kickstarter and beg for money for another one? Whoever cast her should be horsewhipped.


I can’t wait to see their faces when Cody wins AFP


Matt – I mean, If you are Jason and Alex who would you rather have in the final three… fricken, Josh and Christmas or Paul
Raven – yeah
Matt – I don’t want him to get blindsided if someone tries to take a shot at him.. (This season is out of this world.. )
Raven – yeah
Matt – he’s been there before he’ll be fine, but ..

Is this what happens to your brain if you only eat cereal and no protein??????


You had me in stitches, could not stop laughing.


At first I thought Alex might be a credible player since she was supposed to have a better feel for the game than anyone but Paul (according to her) and was good at competitions. But I think now that she may be the dumbest person in the house. She shares with Jason that Paul has the jury stacked in his favor but she wants to take him to the final three. What the hell woman? How can you be so dumb?


As dumb as Christmas who believes Paul when he says he’s fine taking second place next to her or Matt worrying for Paul should he get blindsided or Paul can’t risk being a pawn. There’s just no words.

Olivia '92

Sorry, new to this forum. I’ve been watching BB for a while now and have never participated in voting for AFP. This year I will and was wondering when and how do you vote for AFP? Thanks in advance.


Yes, remember to use the CBS site for America’s Favorite Player. Any votes cast else where are just polls and will have no effect on the CBS tally. I’m voting Cameron just because he hasn’t annoyed me at some point this season.


and when you vote make sure you vote for Cody to send a message to Paul and his minions! I couldn’t believe it when I saw Paul say the he will probably get AFP

Sad BB Fan

Thank goodness for this website. Checking in to see the if there’s a reason to watch the show again but nope… Still boring! Too bad…. I liked Paul last year when there were other villains and he just chilled out with Pablo having Friendship talks. But unfortunately with so many sheep this year, and perhaps a different kind of motivation in him to take home the 500k, it doesn’t make for a very exciting season. Also sad that game play has turned into ostracizing individual house guests for no apparent reason.

Poor Mark

I’m not the biggest fan of Mark, but my heart goes out to him for being stuck in that house full of horrible people.

Olivia '92

Thanks so much. That is who I’m voting for………..Cody for AFP!


What does AFP stand for?
Alison’s Favorite Puppet
Alison Favors Paul
Alison F*cks Production

Joe Kerr

I’d laugh if Cody went to finale and said “I don’t think either of you deserve it. So I’m not voting.”

Probably won’t hapoen, but it’d be entertaining.


These are the nastiest people ever! What really sets my teeth on edge is CBS pubic service vids against all this behavior.

Raven's horse hair

Oh now someone swiped Raven’s bracelet? She’s going through so much…please houseguests carry her to the couch and peel her some grapes to make her two hearts feel better. Trailer trash.

Sir Loin of Beef

Only this empty-headed, 2-hearted, half-wit would try and “stage” an “alleged theft” of a $2.00 piece of junk jewelry! There’s a camera is every room isn’t there? I’m its been “caught on tape.”

If I were Alex or Kevin I’d ask to the see the video as proof.

I hope they play the video of her hiding her jewelry under the coffee maker as a “goodbye message” from Production the night she’s evicted!

That Would Be Great!

That video would make me feel better about this season. : )


I agree Cody for AFP!!! They are totally obsessed with Cody and Jessica and cannot stop talking about them. They are out of the house let it go


I wouldn’t eat any food that Raven touched with her hands ?


The saddest is Jessica and Cody lost to losers!!!