“If (Raven’s disease) BS I’m going to f* punch her, first time in history going to punch a girl”

2:37pm Matt and Raven
Matt says he looks terrible without a beard.
Matt – I have a strong chin.. it just doesn’t look right..

2:55pm Paul, Jason and Alex
Alex tells them that Raven and Matt are upstairs watching the HOh Spy screen.
Alex says Kevin asked her “Are we keeping Matt or not”
Paul – what the f*
Alex – I know.. he said I’ll do whatever you say Al.. whatever you say

Kevin joins them with M&M’s

Alex says Matt and raven have beds but they are always in the HOH naping.
Paul – they’re always up there.. even my HOH.. yours..
Jason – you know why? that’s what saved their f*ing bacon.
Jason – they realized it that as long as they’re up there.. those couples were all in the same playing field.. they were just the ones that stayed in the HOH room..
Jason – so you’re like we can’t get them out.. that’s when all the talking went down so they kinda went in..
Alex complains that they would bust in the door when she was HOH praying. They would sit on the couch and tickle around while she was trying to pray.
Jason – it worked though.. you bought into it
Alex – no I didn’t ..
They agree Cody and Jessica had to go first..
Paul says it’s impressive they got all those showmances out
Alex – Showmance killers
Jason – that was the plan from the f*ing beginning

Paul about Matt – he has a mom he says he sees her all the time, he says he talks to her every weekend
Alex – his parents got a divorce recently, that’s why he’s weird about love
Paul – is that it
Alex – he was close with his mom
Jason – that’s pathetic .. blame that on your parents.. f*ing goon you’re 33
Alex – he acts like he’s 28
Jason with a whimpering voice.. “I don’t want to fall in love my parents got divorced”
Jason – what a douche

Alex – he was close to his mom and her mom
Alex he (matt) likes all his exes and he’s friends with them all too
Jason – there’s only three of them f*
Alex says Raven is looking for a relationship it’s obvious

Kevin talking about Matt “no one is asking you to act like that grab a$$ every 5 minutes”
Kevin – I think they are just doing it to aggravate people
Jason agrees.. “everyone’s afraid to make fun of Raven at all because nobody wants to be the insensitive son of a b1tch that calls her out on every f*ing bullsh1t thing she says”

Jason about matt and RAven – “I don’t think they give a f*.. Matt doesn’t give a F* he just wanted to make it to jury that’s it
Jason – he would rather sit there and giggle
Alex says raven wants to win
Jason – she doesn’t play
Alex – she thinks she’ll get close to the end and turn it up
Jason – if this is all a bullsh1t facade, I don’t know what the f* is in her belly it’s probably the right thing I dunno
Jason – If it’s bullshit I’m going to f*ing punch her, first time in history I’m going to punch a girl
Kevin – she was saying the other day about her medical problem she said she had “ARTHUR-itis”
Kevin – there’s no ARTHUR, that’s a human being so anyone who has it who know about it would know it’s Arthritis
Kevin – you wouldn’t make a mistake like that.. ARTHUR is a human being’s name
Paul – I just don’t think it’s right to be saying that in a game sense
Kevin – me neither
Jason – it’s working.. it’s f*ing working.. it’s ballsy, it’ ain’t morale
Alex- she made it through because she’s not a threat and she can’t compete

Jason – I’ve never been around anyone in my entire life that is terminally ill, is that athletic, that flexible, eat whatever the f* they want, that coherent, that fleshy
Alex doesn’t think Raven is as Athletic as Jason is trying to say.

Kevin – she used that word with you, Terminally Ill
Jason – yeah like a hundred times
Alex – yeah, she says she’s terminally ill
Kevin – you know what that means.. you have a expectancy
Alex – it’s only a couple years
Jason – that’s what she said
Kevin – she told me she’s going to make it to my age
Kevin – I never heard terminally ill, Matt said it once..
Alex – she doesn’t think she’ll live past 30
Kevin – again in a game I don’t know if that’s proper, people do a lot of strange things man

Alex – matt though is not trying at all
Jason – he’s acting like a f* a$$ and just skating along
Alex – he literally says if you put me on the block and it’s your plan to send me home just send me home, he doesn’t care
Paul – maybe he’s just saying that so we act like he doesn’t care so he’s not a threat

Jason says week 1 Elena and Christmas asked him if he wants to get to be the first one in Jury or out before Jury. They’ll help him.
Jason – they were like do you really miss your family or do you want to get paid in jury
Paul is shocked “there was a lot of stupid sh1t said this season”

3:11pm Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul
Alex brings up Elena telling her she has a case open with 2 lawyers fighting for her to get surgery done on her hips after an accident.
Alex – 170 thousand dollar surgery.. that you probably wouldn’t get and just take the money for
Paul – that’s gnarly
The list all the physical things Elena does, Back flips, splits, etc etc..
Paul – if I was the other attorney I would be like example A .. BSCDEFG (footage from the show)
Alex – she’s (elena) spending all her money on plastic surgery, botox every week, microdermabrasion, facials, eyebrows, waxings, shavings
Paul – I don’t even know what 1/2 that sh1t means
Alex says Elena got her lip and nose done
Paul thought they were fake and asked her she said they were real
Jason – Jessica’s had to be fake
Alex wants to see Elena’s “ugly duckling” face before all the surgery
Alex – mommys credit card went a long way
Kevin brings asking Elena why she had all these little scars over her body. She told him she had her moles removed.

Alex says Elena also had the same surgery as Jillian, (gastric bypass?) Jillian told Alex that Elena had the exact same scar on her belly button, Same location and shape.

Alex – she never ate .. other than ice cream

paul – I don’t give a f*
Jason – I don’t give a fat f*
Paul – people are so f*ing bizarre

They bring sup Raven saying she was 16 dating a 30 year old man.
Paul – that’s illegal
Alex – yes..
Paul – what does that tell you about the 30 year old man
Kevin – she was 16 the family should have stopped that right
Kevin – a 30 year old comes to my house with my 16 year old daughter.. boom.. he wouldn’t leave.. I would hide him in the cellar for a month in a chair.

Paul brings up when they were all calling Cody out and Raven started with the d1ck sizes about Cody.. (I don’t remember Raven bringing up military record and service like Paul, Alex, and Xmas did. She went straight to d1ck size and it turned out to be a compliment… LOL)

4:30pm HOH Christmas and Josh
Josh – Mark is pissing me the f* off
Xmas – he’s trying to get us to blow up.. he’s going, just chill..
Josh says he’s going to gun for the HOH to take the shot at Alex
Xmas says the boot order is Jason, MAtt, Alex. She’s worried that Kevin, MAtt and Raven will band together.

5:08pm Paul, Matt, Alex, Mark, Raven, Kevin and jason
Complaining about Cody
Raven says she’s blocking Cody on all her social media.. (I can’t wait to see what the fans do to Raven when she gets out.. I don’t thin she’ll use Social media anymore)

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Just out Mark outta his misery already…let it happen now…to jury!


I’m actually respecting Mark because he has tried to campaign to stay in the house , not roll over and die like some do, even knowing his summer obsessions aka Elena will be in jury

Raven's Mom

Is an even worse person than we all thought! Not only did she get Raven into the scam she also let a 30 year old man take advantage of her daughter sexually! What a terrible terrible parent


Agree if you think Raven was telling the truth She tells stories to get attention


Just saw a clip of Zingbot zinging Cody in preparation for tonight’s episode. Were any of the zings by Zingbot shown on the live feeds this time?

Raven's Mom

feeds were blocked during Zingbot.


Thanks. At least 2 of the zings were awesome. Haven’t watched the feeds that much since they came back up because I pretty much saw Mark was a goner. Still glad he decided to try & fight


I say Zingbot for America’s Favorite Player for not being afraid to take on Paul and his dog-pound. At least he took a shot at them when nobody else would.

F*ck you f*ckball

I really think that scar on Ravens stomach means nothing. I think it was done just for sympathy. Nothing is wrong with her. Physically anyway. Mentally there’s plenty wrong with her.


Please just get Matt and raven out. If i see that guy lick his lips and fuss with his face one more time im going to throw up


So Raven & Elena are lying about medical conditions? Scammers smfh

Suicide Squad

Anybody but Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas.


Can’t root for Matt or Raven


I can understand that but at least they don’t spew 24/7 hate like the others.


Raven and Matt are always talking shit about Cody and Jessica


It’s hard to spew hate when you got your tongues locked


God help me if Mark goes I gotta go for WHAT!!! Kevin. I can’t stand any of these people. They are the worst. I can not wait till they see the negative things that people think about them. And they think people love them?


Omg did anyone see after dark last night and Matt and Raven doing it and big brother blocked it out left the sound on and I’m like why are you even showing this . And I thought they were maybe showing it just to show that these people have no shame they’re going to do it all the time . I wonder what ravens mother is thinking of her daughter doing it all the time with Matt I wonder what Matt’s family is thinking he is nuts I wonder what Matt will think of Raven after the show ..


She is a trashy, lying, hoe! Her Mammie is no better. They give trailor parks a bad name. They are more like gutter rats

Raven's Mom

Let Raven get taken advantage of sexually by a 30 year old man, so I doubt Raven’s actions in the BB house disappoint that woman.

Jessica's Birth Control

30 years old LOL!!!! That dude is 38 pushing 40 if he is a day………..

Jessica's Birth Control

Watching Veto and that 40 year old Matt is wearing a back brace! Seriously dude are you really 30???? No effin way is he 30! Hes 40 and on TRT from the clinic.

Cherry on top

The 30 year old was the man Raven dated when she was 16, not Matt

Raven's Mom

Yep – not referring to Matt – was referring to when Raven was underage and the man was 30 years old.


Which 30 year? The one she was involved with when she was 14,15,16,17. or 18??? Or the guy her mom dated who “pretended to be her boyfriend” when mom was at work?


Nothing all not!

Not too blind to see

You obviously missed Jessica and Cody getting it on. Jessica was riding him like Jason rides a bull. All three of the showmances are guilty of sex acts while on camera.Why would anyone vote any of them AFP? Maybe…………………………….ANP!

Not Raven's Mom

Raven’s momma is gonna beat the crap out of her for messing up their scam. Don’t know who’s idea it was to go on this show but it was a very BAD one.

Kevin for the win!!!!

I just read an article today where Raven’s mom was quoted as saying her “daughter is a virgin and that she and Matt have never even kissed, let alone had sex.” This is another Honey Boo Boo family. They’ll probably end up with their own tv show since they’re bat shit crazy. Gah!!!!!!


Jessica and Cody had sex in HOH room too. Then Elena and mark had sex in the rose room.

Kid Rock

I seen a clip of her under the covers giving him HEAD!!!! Now I see why Matt could care less…. He is having a great summer! He is literally getting paid to get laid!!!

Bring It On

It seems like in past seasons the HGs were given booze a lot more often than these are….maybe that’s the problem. Give them a couple of six packs of beer and few bottles of wine and maybe, just maybe, they’ll start comparing notes about Paul. Loose lips sink ships and all that jazz. God knows the feed are much easier to watch with a nice stout Crown and Coke beside me.


I know! Last year when Meech was drunk and dancing with the girls was the funniest thing ever. We need more alcohol both for the houseguests and the views who have to watch these assclowns


Jessica made mention of Elena’s scars under her breast when she was changing in the rose room.
Both do not have real chests. Jessica complimented her and said she had a good doctor.
Jessica knew where to look.


Elena has said she had a reduction. Don’t forget she was overweight before hence them being bigger previously. Jess and Elena’s move way too much to be fake imo.


Elena had a breast reduction not breast enhancement. She talked about it on live feeds to someone can’t remember who it was.


Matt made a joke about Raven’s butt implants.
Are those the implants she has?


Has anyone seen the videos of Raven dancing?
Or the feeds where she’s dancing by herself in the H.O.H?
She’s a dance major that can’t dance!

Jessica's Birth Control

It amazes me that 2 shameless pigs like Jessica and Raven are on this show. If you want to have sex on camera at least get into porn where you will make a few bucks. These 2 filthy pigs have just done multiple sex tapes……… FOR FREE!!!!
Guy from Trailer Park-“Hey Becky Jean, I just saw your daughter Raven getting cornholed by that old dude with a beard who wears that same dirty T shirt every day”.
Ravens Mom- Oh really. Did they have any foreplay first?
Guy from Trailer Park- Yes and then she quicklt transitioned to doggystyle before the facial.
Ravens Mom- Thats my girl! So proud of her!


Who were they having sex with? Oh yeah. Matt and Cory were having sex too. How easily you judge the women.


Boys will be boys….


Excellent point

Not Raven's Mom

I’m sure Raven could make way more money filming porn movies than she’s ever gonna get on go fund me scams or anything to do with BB fans.

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul is the only one of these losers who deserves to win anything.

Just sayin'

If I was in the house, I’d shave Paul’s beard while he was asleep.


While leaving a trail of his fur leading to josh’s bed lol

Suitcase sally

Silly question here…I don’t know why it even crossed my mind but are they (BB) not giving the houseguest alcohol very much this season? I’ve always been amazed in past seasons how the houseguest could make a half of a glass of wine last for 3 hrs or how they would bicker over who got the most or how one season was called out for trying to hide a bottle of wine. Not seeing much beer and wine this yr. Is there a reason?

BB Fan

Also not letting them smoke. I’m assuming that band aid looking thing on matt’s arm is a smoke patch. Only used to have to use them when they are locked out of back yard. BB canada way more alcohol and actual outside area is hot tub deck in winter weather. Winter coats on pegs by the door if they actually want some real freash air. And yes they can drink and smoke if wanted. BBAD way more interesting.


Those are the lyrics to a song and for copyright reasons some part of it needs to be obscured.


I think cuz they can’t handle it… they’re just afraid of the chaos a few beers willl bring…look at em without, they’re already insane… their so vile sober, can’t imagine the level of disgust after a few drinks in these immature assholes!!

Judgmental Judy

Good Lord, can you imagine Josh DRUNK?


One of the worst seasons ever!!!!!!


Cbs thinks were idiots at the end they show Xmas and Josh considering saving Mark what they don’t show is Xmas going to Paul telling him everything and Paul saying no Marks gone. They don’t want us to think Paul is running everything



Jessica's leave behinds

I saw on the feeds that they were all prescribed medicine for mouth sores. I guess all of those herpies on Jessica’s lips moist have worried production that the rest of the season would be of close ups with a bunch of guests with mouth sores like Jessica had. Omg !


Yep I’m sure it couldn’t have come from the discusting towel in the kitchen Matt used to clean up with after he and Raven did their deed and just left it there.


I think it was Raven with the mouth sores, not Jessica


The last line when Raven says she’s going to block Cody on all her social media made me LOL!!! Cody doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you Raven!! He could care less about your stupid social media! Give me a break b***h!!!


OMG. They are still talking about Jessica and Cody. Cody for AFP.

Spinner of Yarns

Simon or Dawg – how come some commenters names come up blue and others are regular?


Hmmm… Mark threw Christmas a bone when she was on the block and voted to keep her in the house. Now she puts Mark on the block, via the back door, and equates “listening” to his plea to stay as returning the “favor?”
Does she not understand the concept of “returning a FAVOR?”
“Now we’re even.” And she said it with a straight face! I know she never intended to save Mark, but if she couldn’t do any better than THAT, why even mention the time he did her a solid??

Jessica's Birth Control

I would like to throw Xmas a bone, but I digress. Think of the stupidity. They rub it in peoples faces when they get eliminated. How does that help these dumb shits when they need their vote in the jury? Even if you hate someone, put a smile on your face and take the high road. this is why kevin is racking up votes and paul can sense it


But for the strategic placement, Raven’s pacemaker reminds me of one of those devices you see on people who are into “body modification.” I don’t think that is the case, but I also don’t believe she is any more terminally ill than the rest of us. I mean, on sheer technicality, we’re all terminal. Besides which, she had to pass a physical in order to be on the show. If the other HGs have their doubts about her “condition,” they need only recall the screening process through which they all had to go in order to pass muster. CBS DID NOT single out Raven for special consideration.


When the show is over, Paul should donate some of his $500K toward therapy for all the houseguests who require de-programming to help them forget about Cody, Jessica, and BLOODY WEEK ONE !!!!!
A better use of all that CRITICAL JODY ENERGY would be to forget about sleeping arrangements and re-direct it toward the only other person, all season, who has so spectacularly taken up residence in your group consciousness. Hint: He is still in the house, still cracking his whip and beating you all within an inch of your respective lives. Hmmm…WHO could it be???


Week after week since Paul actually won his HOH comp, he has taken up residence in the HOH bedroom, distributing whatever critters live in his beard thither and yon… How can anyone feel comfortable in that bed, between those sheets, on those pillows? No one has said a word, or even indicated that it was a problem. But once Matt and Raven figured out that the HOH room is more than a place to knock boots, Paul mentions that they had the unmitigated gall to hang out up there, “even during MY HOH.”
Reaction? Anyone? Bueller?… Bueller?? No one?? Everyone still napping???


What is up with Kevin with him doing the fish face pucker weird for a 56 year old.

Florence McSimmons

F**k your donations.


Dear Simon & Dawg,
You have the patience of Job. I can’t believe you’re having to explain yourselves in this way, but please accept the thanks of a grateful band of “Online Big Brother ” followers.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Cause everybody wants something for nothing Simon…..must be related to Paul.

Mean mean ppl this season

I think Josh is a bully. And I think he needs some professional mental help. He has a chemical imbalance some where. And his mocho exterior is so outrageous because he is covering for the fact he is gay. Also, Im really surprised that big brother would let so much ganging up like that happen. Considering our societies opinions on bullies. I think ppl would stop watching if we have many more seasons like this.

Jessica's Birth Control

Jason – that’s pathetic .. blame that on your parents.. f*ing goon you’re 33.

Matt is most likely 43 LOL!

Jessica's Birth Control

The look on Jason’s face when he gets cornholed will be priceless!!!

JASON- your going down and too dumb to see it.

MAVEN: Now logically a warning bell should go off in Matts and Ravens head that they are next. Of course, Raven will be giving head so she wont think with her own head. 43 year old Matt will simply be happy receiving head, rather than thinking with his head. So any thought of these 2 slugs trying to work a deal to save Jason, team up with Alex and form a 4 person alliance to control the house will never happen. Dummies!

ALEX- Should realize that she is toast when jason goes up and follow the same advice. Instead Alex will run to paul and he will convince her that paul has the votes to save jason and its the 3 of them to the end! Hes lying and it will be too late for Alex, as she will be gone next after the rodeo a$$ clown.

KEVIN- he needs to realize he will be the most popular player to the jury with no blood on his hands and no double crosses. So that makes him dangerous to paul and some of the others gameplay. He needs a final 3 deal without paul in it. Logically he sould go with maven or alex/jason but he will stick with xmas josh and paul, which dooms his game.

Xmas and josh- They seem secure in a final 3 with paul. At some point they really need to take paul out and go head to head. production will talk them out of it and they will go after each other for pauls affection.

PAUL- Final 2 with Josh (maybe xmas). Josh’s big mouth kills him with the jury. To the jury, they will at least respect paul for his game and puppett master work.

Paul wins