Head of Household competition on the Live Feeds, Kevin – “F* off JOsh”

Kevin falls off..
Josh – Good job Kevi..
Kevin – F* off JOsh..

They’re all being obnoxious in the hot dogs. Xmas is cackling off to the side. Looks like slipping is a real problem.

7:14pm Matt falls..


7:24pm Josh out..

7:40pm Raven is telling them to throw the HOH out “You know who I want”
Jason ‘Who”
Raven – I want a letter from my mom..

Paul off

Raven off

Raven cries..

Matt tells them to go inside.. Says it’s shady.

Matt is shitting their pants that they are still on the hot dogs. Wants them to get off so they can eat pizza.

Jason wins the HOH!

8:09pm Feeds back..

8:12pm F*ed
Paul thinks that production shook his hot dog when he was stretching.
Matt says he fell after stretching as well.
Paul – they hate us

8:14pm Josh is telling the Kevin starts “Spazzing out” saying he didn’t do it he didn’t vote out matt.

8:17pm Jason and Kevin
Jason tells him it was Alex and him that voted out out Matt.
Jason – CAlm down.
Kevin – if you had asked me I would have voted for Matt..
Jason – just act like you don’t know
Jason tells him everything is going to be alright

8:31PM Xmas and Alex
Talking about Kevin acting weird about the vote.
Raven joins them.. Alex pretends that she didn’t know Raven had fallen off.
Raven says Kevin is the only one that hasn’t been on the block.

Paul joins them.. Raven – ‘we’re telling them Kevin’s the only one that hasn’t been on the block”
paul – we’ll I haven’t been on the block
raven – oh

8:37pm Paul and Jason

Paul says the second vote was Raven.
Jason – Kevin and Raven those were the two votes

8:50pm Kevin and Paul
kevin says Jason and Alex are formidable it’s going to come down to the two of them vs Alex and Jason.
Kevin tells them the people that voted out Mark was Alex and Jason (ZOMG)

8:55pm Paul and Jason
Paul says Kevin is going around saying the vote was from Alex.
Jaosn – No I told him it’s not Alex

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Lol on the Matt falling off “he did say he’s an expert loser! ” lovin’ it 🙂


I’m ok with a Jason HOH, calling it Raven and Matt for noms. If he noms Kevin thats bs, and he really is that stupid (although with how much he runs to alex, for verification………….)

Judge Janie

Jason won!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!


I wanted Alex to be nominated this week, and obviously Jason will never do that…I am really disappointed that Jason won.

Also, I really doubt that Jason’s wife likes Alex.


Why wouldn’t his wife like Alex? Just because she’s a female? They’ve never once acted inappropriate. They don’t lay in bed and cuddle, or hold hands like Christmas and Kevin did.

They seem more like brother and sister to me. And they talk about Jason’s wife and kids all the time. If I were Jason’s wife, I wouldn’t be worried in the slightest and I doubt she is either.


Not because she is a female! I never implied that. I just think that Alex is very annoying, rude, and unikeable. She constantly calls Jason stupid and punches him everywhere. I think Jason’s wife is beautiful and has nothing to worry about as woman with respect to Alex.

Ravens #1 Admirer

Raven looked f’n amazing with that wet top. No wonder matt ‘popped off’.

And then him telling Raven to get into the house, he wanted her as badly as every man in America!

Only problem is he gets her and we don’t.

Ravishing Raven is her new name.


Revolting Raven


Runny Revlon Raven



Smitten Kitten

Repulsive Raven

Smitten Kitten

Repugnant Raven.

Smitten Kitten

Reprehensible Raven


You sound kinda creepy


speak for yourself, there are not thick enough condoms in the world for me to wish to be with that sickly girl


Who is this? Raven’s mom


Who is this folder thanks everybody in America wants to have… with Raven


Matt is the most weak-ass specimen of a man as I’ve ever seen


And he basically said that tonight to Julie – wtf


Why is everyone being hit by the condiments except for Raven? She gets a little but not the soaking the others are getting. Clearly they want her to win.


Why would it be rigged for Raven of all people?


Don’t you know, she is dying. Just ask her or her mother.


Kevin didn’t get hit by the mustard

Judge Janie

The picture above of him looks straight up like a crime scene photo though! LOL


Raven, you may have my waterproof mascara as a donation!

Judge Janie

Raven loves when her mascara runs down her face. She wears it on purpose to be a drama queen.


Ha! That’s probably true, never thought of that.

sunny dee

explains why zingbot said she wore clown makeup. what kind of dancer doesn’t know to use waterproof mascara ?


It’s not hers she’s been stealing Xmas makeup and mascara


Not a Raven fan but the bullying done by the Houseguests is looking mild to what is going on here. Some of you need to take a long look in the mirror.


This isn’t bullying on here bc it’s not to Raven. It’s critiquing. These people are on a show for the world to see. Judging them by their words & actions come with it. That’s what CBS wanted. To put these people on display for the world to judge. Guess what? THEY SIGNED UP FOR IT. Raven gets zero pity. She asks for every bit of what she gets. Someone being bullied doesn’t dish it out.


She really did steal the makeup


Did not see tonight’s show due to football so anxiously awaiting updates. BTW, what happened with the love affair between Xmas and Kevin?

Judge Janie

Thursday Night Football is a cruel irony for us dual BB/NFL fans.


Halloween turned on Kevin when Little Paul started talking negatively about Kevin.

Kid Rock

I was about to say this…. Xmas turned on Lev soon as Pail started throwing him under the bus…. She stopped cuddling with him that day




I can’t believe I’m rooting for Raven to win! Is not that I like her, I’m just tired of Alex and Jason’s mouth. And Paul of course. She will take the first shot, and might be a semi interesting week.

Ya Momma!

Raven is so gross! She’s a skanky BJ Ho!

Vote for Cody!

Me too. I do not like Raven at all, but I dislike Alex more. I wanted her evicted before any of the other houseguests.

Please no

Please not raven though… Because I don’t think I can handle a entire 7 days of mysterious new illness

No fave

Jason won


Jason won in name only. Paul as usual is the HOH.

sunny dee

only 8 people left, it’s unlikely that her targets are not the same as more than half the house. only ones who don’t want matt/raven up there is matt/raven. it’s their choice not to interact with anyone else in any kind of meaningful ways

doesn’t even matter, put them both up since neither one will win pov to take themselves off, so if they want to back door kevin they can still do that tho why bother, break up a couple and their game to the end is over. it’s the best move for everyone in the house except matt/raven, plus it is low risk for jason/alex and improves their positions, since matt/raven would vote against them and put them up and they already know that.

Capt. Obvious

Huh? I thought not having meaningful interactions with other houseguests this season made you a fan favorite??


I believe Paul wants to drag them to Final 3 and use them to go after Jason,Alex,Xmas,Josh…Paul will nominate Kevin and Matt for Jason.


Thank God!
Alex needs to win next week!!
Anything to botch Paul,Matt,Xmas,Josh,Raven’s

Paul's Mouth (needs DUCT tape)

OK Jason, now is the time to COWBOY UP………………….


Although he’s a minion, I still like him more than every other minion so I guess I’m happy Jason won.


now if alex would just open her eyes .. and leave jason tho HIS HOH .. not paul … it could be an interesting week .. one can hope .. love to see alex and jason at the end ..


I don’t mind seeing Jason at Final 2, but not Alex. She’s nasty. Out of the minions, I don’t mind seeing him win but he has no chance if he’s next to Alex.


Please don’t let it be another week of that f’in big mouth b@tch Alex in the HOH!!!! But since it’s only her and Jason left up there if Jason wins we’ll still have to put up with her. Gahhhhhhhhhhhh

April in Paris

I hope Jason puts up Christmas and Raven. Probably no chance he’ll put up Paul

Amy in FL

They want to break up the couples so it would be Matt and Raven.


So Paul will want Matt or Raven gone, hmmm wonder who’s going up ?!! So fricken predictable it sucks !!


Don’t misunderstand me, can’t wait for one of those sex addict pos to get the boot, and def glad it won’t be Kevin or Jason, just HATE that the ” oh sh$& wonder what Jason is going to do” is gone because it’s gonna be what master Paul wants to do!!


Uh Oh….Jason won! Ok Paul, time to scramble. Jason ain’t going up this week! Bye Bye Matt!

Cat Nip

Jason is HOH.

The Foosa



Put up Matt and Kevin. Matt will lose, trying to protect Raven.

Bye bye Matt & Raven

Jason wins!


SOOOOOO HAPPY! Their little plan to get rid of Jason just got destroyed. I hate Matt and Raven but if they were smart they would turn on Paul and tell Jason about Paul’s backstabbing, and then BOOM backdoor Paul.


If only they would catch wind of Paul playing both sides….gah! Paul’s too sneaky and Maven are too dumb.


It’s not both sides, it’s all 3 sides!


Not a Raven fan but the bullying done by the Houseguests is looking mild to what is going on here. Some of you need to take a long look in the mirror.


That shows what a good player Paul is, he has all 3 pairs thinking he’s on their side. Not that the Haters will admit it.


Well, when production is telling them to all work with Paul, it makes it a lot easier…


Goodbye Kevin ……is my guess this week


I think you might be right, Paul has been setting this for the last week or so. Paul doesn’t want to lose any of his F3’s until he has to. So if Paul gets his way it will Kevin this week then Jason next week, then Matt.


I wish I didn’t agree

The Foosa

You got a lot of down votes, but I called this one along with Marky Mark 1 week ago….Production is overplaying their hand….I agree with ya.


Uh Oh “Cereal Dude” the “I Got a New Illness” is in jeopardy. Can’t believe Raven wanted them to throw it to her? LOL Too late for throwing comps.

sunny dee

can’t believe raven, after accusing alex of ‘hiding’ her bracelet, and whatever else she has done, (and mark let alex and jason know just what that was before he left) actually thought either one of them would hand it to her.


Omg….i hate comments like this but this is going to be boring as hell now. The only saving grace would be backdooring paul.


What???!!! That idiot cowboy won HOH?…I can’t stand him…


These HGs are REALLY getting a good edit for the televised shows!! You’d never know how vile most of them are if you didn’t watch the feeds.


Some of the most loved BB players were vile on the feeds. Over the years, I see what happens on the feeds and just appreciate good show edits. If I didn’t, I’d DESPISE Britney (BB12/14). She’s got some of the BEST diary sessions ever on Big Brother. If you only watched the shows, she was awesome! If you watched the feeds, you knew she was horrible, so much so that when she learned after the BB12 finale that her home had burned down, many live feeders thought it was karma. Seriously. (No, I wasn’t in the group but I understood the argument). If you watch the feeds – not just read spoilers but actually watch the feeds – it’s rare to find someone who is anything like the person depicted on the show. The show crafts characters every year to fit storylines, the feeds show the HGs for who they really are.


Wrong HG for this comment. I hated Brit in her season. BB!$ she was gold. Best DR ever other than Chilltown BB2. What was great was all the backyard stuff. pure freaking genius. Top be clear I think most was prod. But instead of just DR her backyard stuff was fierce IMHO.


okay, matt now blow up paul’s game and save yourself.

hahaha, who am i kidding? bye matt.


Happy that Jason won HOH. Now Jason think for yourself. Put up Paul and Christmas or Paul and Josh. Move away from Paul’s plan.


Paul and Kevin to go

These People

So so so so happy right now. While they are still blinded by Paul, at least Paul’s “1st choice” isn’t going home, I really hope he puts one from each side up telling them that Kevin will be blindsided and then take out Paul. But since that won’t happen, I’ll be happy with anyone but Kevin, Jason or Alex going.

Big Jim

I’d personally be thrilled to see Raven or Matt go. Waste of my eyesight..

Paul's Mouth (needs DUCT tape)

OH NO, poor Raven….NOT. What a POS….please can she be GONE this week?

Raven's brown pubic hair

She’s really going for the Tammy Faye Bakker look.


You again with your classy names? You seem quite obsessed with Raven’s body. Creepy.


Jason won!

Matt's used condom

Matt seems like a real dickhead in real life.


Matt and Kevin go up. Neither has a chance at Veto comp. If by miracle Matt saves himself, Josh goes up as pawn to get Kevin. Either way Matt or Kevin are out


Yay Jason won!!! Raven if u want to win a comp win it yourself not bcuz some1 had to throw it to u like christmas…


Yeah, couldn’t believe how last night Raven was saying she is sure she could get Alex to throw it to her….ha…No!


This is gross but don’t look like hotdogs, look like buts having a period. Sorry to gross you all out.


If you were sorry you wouldn’t have posted comment in the first place


This isn’t Paul’s HOH Alex is the HOH she the “showmance killer”… And I agree showmances ruin BB every season.


Alex and Jasons “Showmance” killed this one so…. take them out


Their relationship is annoying.


Please put up Christmas and Raven. Win the veto and send Christmas packing


Glad Jason won. I just really didn’t want Christmas or josh to win. So Jason is ok. Hopefully we can see a different set of nominations this time. I really don’t understand why they don’t want to take Matt to the final. I can’t see any way he could possibly win. Raven might get sympathy votes due to her illnesses. If they all believe it. Everyone else has comp wins. He would have one vote. Just my thoughts. But I am prettty behind on game talk and after dark. So maybe I’ve missed something. But how classy of mark to leave the way he did. Hate he’s gone. Simply based on the way he handled himself this week and showed that even though he was voted out, he’s the bigger person and didn’t talk badly about anyone else. He’s got my vote for AFP.


Honestly I actually think matt is building an ok resume! And he’s kind of playing a low key first half of the game and a majority alliance, basically just like Nicole last year!
At least on matts resume he can say that he bite the bullet to throw the comp against Cody and then used the veto strategically and not selfishly to get Cody out!
If matt can turn up some comp wins and take out players like alex Jason or Paul, he’d gain some respect from the jury!
Also he hasn’t been disgustingly rude like most the other house guests!


Raven looks like something out of A Clockwork Orange……………………….

The Foosa

Good movie for us Gen X’rs…..

Alex DeLarge

Ugh, don’t mix one of my favourite movies with that loser! I think she’s trying to be like a doll but one of those juggalo clown types mixed with a doll face. Pure trash.


Did anyone pick an apple from the tree ?


Raven or Matt gots to go!


Would like to see an apple picked by matt or raven and be the 2nd veto and the other one win the veto just to fuk Jason HOH then he would have to put 2 more people up


Glad Jason won. Raven is annoying. I hope she goes next.


Did everybody see the edit with Alex and Jason when nothing was mentioned about her being happy with third place? Guess they removed that part! Funny that Christmas actually mentioned to Julie her goal was just making it to jury. Live and couldn’t be edited out. Kevin will be the next one bullied in the house, so predictable. Bring on Survivor already!


Omg I think Alex and Jason voting Matt was the first game move of the year that was not construed by Paul. Hopefully there making a move


Looks like I jumped the gun it was Pauls plan for some reason Paul and Alex want people to think Kevin and Raven voted for Matt


Never work, why would Kevin want Matt to stay?
He openly has disdain for Matt.


Exactly they want people to believe Kevin voted for Matt and went against the house vote of Mark


They were sympathy votes.


No they were strategy votes to try to stir up a bees nest


But of course Jason has to ruin it by telling Kevin he was one of the votes. Love Jason as a cool dude but as a strategist he is lacking. Did someone say Raven was the second vote? If Paul can sell that one then skip the rest of the season and vote him the winner.

Please Something Happen

Nobody really can see a turn on Paul this week?

Only need three votes. Perfect week to do it. Put up Matt and Raven. If Paul doesnt play or doesnt win Veto throw him up there.

Then get Alex,Kevin,and Matt to vote out Paul. Bamm!


If he had any sense, he would put up josh and xmas and backdoor king Paul. Bunch of sycophantic morons.

Misted Zombies

So Paul wins HOH again. Don’t kid yourselves to think anyone will take a shot at him. They are so Misted that they noticed Kevin hasn’t been on the block yet but the Mister had to point out that neither has he. Face palm! It’s just embarrassing that even Julie has been Misted and won’t ask about Pauls game when she has them on stage.


Just wondering why in the comments many are hating on Kevin? I understand that he’s follower, but then again he is 18 years older than the next oldest, so he has to try and fly under the radar a little bit.


fly under the radar for a little bit is ok…. But which days is? 60? and he still flying under the radar?? HELLO

The Foosa

No he’s one slithery SOB….Talking out of both sides of his mouth and a showmance to boot with Hop-A-Long as a married man with how many daughters again?

Can't stand Paul

Jason put up Paul and Christmas and tell them they are pawns, really going after Matt.
Might just work.


Being totally objective:
Matt & Raven never had a game plan individually or as a pair, they are pretty much deer-in-the-headlights, missing in action kinda players. They are on BB for the ride, and being final 8 isn’t a testament to their savvy, it’s because they’ve been set aside (‘ till now) as non-entities. Let them continue their vacay in the jury house.


The look on Matt’s face tonight…he’s like “shit, I guess I have to start playing this game now.”


As he pours another bowl of cereal and heads to bed…