Josh “We just have to control it. I want Jason out. I want Jason out bad!”

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8:58pm Kitchen. Matt, Paul, Raven, Alex, Jason, Mark, Christmas and Kevin.
Jason is horsing around with the pizza cutter. He walks past Alex and turns to swing it at her as she walks past him. He nicks her hand. Alex – stop horsing around! Christmas – we’re definitely not getting that back. Alex – the hunger games are starting. Jason – I was going for your neck, your jugular.

Christmas – you send DP’s (d**k pics). Paul – no I don’t. I’m going to decorate mine and send you picks. Jason – put a little beard on it. Paul – can we give Christmas a punishment?

9:20pm Bedroom. Alex and Christmas.
Alex – Josh ran in there (the other bedroom) and looked in the drawer and there was all these used condoms but I think it was from when they (Matt & Raven) shared a room with Jessica. And then I was like wait none of them are used. They’re all opened. Christmas – yeah that was from when Jessica was here.. I can’t even speculate whether its wrapped or raw. Alex – oh god! Christmas – when we get out of here we should just ask was it wrapped or raw. Alex – even if they (Matt & Raven) haven’t, I think they just started (having s*x.) He’s been more touchier with her. They might not have. Christmas – If the world is speculating, we might as well. They’re much more affectionate. Alex – before we vote him (Matt) out we should confront him about who he voted for.

10pm Kitchen –
Paul, Matt, Raven, Josh, Mark are talking about the real world.
10:15pm – 11pm Meanwhile in the bedroom. Alex, Kevin, Christmas. Christmas – I really think that she is catching someone feelings. And when they’re along and she looks over its not just like .. It looks real, at least for her. Alex – its a Cody / Jessica thing. I think when they get out there, they’re going to be just friends. Christmas – he says he’s always been consistent with that. Alex – he always says dude when we get out of here we’ve got to ..Like you and me have to go out and act like we’re fingering. Christmas – I think he is just trying to play. Kevin – he said how lucky can I be I come on this show and get the prettiest girl. I was going to say what? are you crazy. Christmas – I honestly think he (Matt) is just keeping it up. Whatever it takes.

11:36pm – 12:05am HOH room. Christmas is crying while listening to her HOH music. She starts studying the days / events out loud.

12:39am – 1:40am HOH room. Josh and Christmas.
Josh – F**king kevin is f**king creeping me out with the stares… when we’re in a group he literally looks at me like… weird as F**K! Christmas – weird! Do you look at him back? Josh – I look at him.. I’m like dude what the f**k is your problem?! I said to him tonight that he is quiet and he said sometimes I have to let them talk. Christmas – anything else we need to talk about. Josh – Jason has been acting weird. Christmas – do you think he and Mark aligned? Josh – no. But I think that there is information that they’re keeping from us. Christmas – well that’s the thing Mark had told Alex that I’m not trustworthy. But you know what I’m going to let Alex in on a little information tomorrow. When I walked in on Mark and Elena talking .. Elena was telling Mark how Alex can’t be trusted in any situation. Josh – she really can’t! Christmas – I know! None of them f**king can. Josh we are so lucky to have this. Christmas – Jason is a f**king wildcard, Kevin is a wildcard. Josh – we just have to control it. I want Jason out. I want Jason out bad! You don’t have anything to tell me? Christmas – no, no I just wanted to catch up with you. We need you, me or Paul plugged into that group at all times. Do you want to give Kevin, Jason or Alex 500K? Josh – f**k no! Christmas – then stop f**king reacting!

Josh – its funny Matt is gunning for Kevin or Jason. Kevin is like f**king ratatouille. Going to everyone taking information. You saw how Jason went, its about to be a rattled cage. When Kevin was getting uncomfortable with our questions. He is acting like a child. Christmas – Alex withholds a lot of information. They’re good at pivoting. I want to hang out with her more. Josh – I am gunning for that HOH tomorrow. Over the next couple weeks we distance ourselves even more. I can start to become a floater. Christmas – Jason has been trying to get me out since day f**king 1! Josh – in business you get one chance. I apply that same logic in here. If you show me that you can’t be trusted, then you can’t be trusted. He (Mark) has shown me multiple times that he can’t be trusted. Christmas – you can’t let your guard down until we’re top three. Josh heads to bed. Christmas – suck it up Christmas .. jury, top eight, top 3… game face motherf**kers, GAME ON!

2:30am – 2:45am Lounge room. Josh is talking to the cameras. I feel bad about some of the things that have happened but I never claimed to be perfect. I am 23 and I am learning. I am loving life and I am the happiest man in here. I hope I win HOH and I get another letter. Josh heads back to bed…

2:45am All the house guests are sleeping..

1:06pm Thursday
Paul is pissed because “Hommie” is using his stuff. (Matt is hommie)
Xmas – I don’t understand why these people think it’s OK to take something..
Paul – she puts so much highlighter on her face
Xmas – and that’s mine.. she goes through mine and takes mine..

Xmas – I swear to god if she eats one of my truffles I will face r@pe.. (huh?)

Paul – at this point it’s getting a little crazy.
(people are sick of Matt and raven taking their sh1t)

Alex – a whole thing of soda the whole thing
Josh – who drank it
Alex – I think Raven
Jason – shows how shady she really is.. sucking off your t1*s while she really hates your guts
Josh – wait, you didn’t hide one
Alex – I did, but we were drinking it.. I drank two cups of it then the whole thing was drank
Josh – she doesn’t even drink soda like that
Alex – she drinks sprite
Josh – yeah Cola.. You should just hide it under your f*ing bed
Alex – then I won’t be cold
Alex says Raven’s food is too salty
Jason – she’s a terrible cook

1:38pm Alex and Jason
Jason whispers that everyone is “marrying up” now because they know him and Alex will never split. Points out Josh and Christmas as a pair.
Jason – as soon as we squash matt, Kevin is going to go nuts because she’ll (raven) will be stuck to Paul’s a$$
Alex – she might stick to kevin’s a$$
Jason – that would be f*ing hilarious
Alex – he might like that because he’ll finally have someone
They want to wait until after Matt and Raven leave the kitchen before they go get food.. they go back to studying.

2:40pm Xmas and Josh
Josh is fired up to win the HOH. He wants to take out Jason. Josh doesn’t trust Matt enough to do it, Xmas doesn’t either. Xmas warns him that Matt and raven always bring up Josh as a pawn.
Xmas – you can’t go up.. but we have the numbers to keep you safe
Josh – i’m not leaving my life in nobody’s hands..

3:16pm JOsh and Xmas
Pissed that Jason made a joke that he would put Xmas up.
Josh – that’s a mean a$$ joke.. he played himself..
Xmas goes on about how they are safe they have the votes etc etc..

Xmas – you cannot give up you are capable.. whatever it is I want you to hold on..
Xmas – Even if your fingernails are ripped off I still want you holding on
Xmas – warrior mindset..
Xmas – competition day you know what I eat for Breakfast… souls.
(How dare Jason that’s not what Paul wants)

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ZingBot Zings

Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. News flash, too freaking late! Zing!
Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game.. especially since the only thing you have done is… Raven! Zing!
Paul, LAst season you taught me so much.. like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose half a million dollars! Zing!
Josh, my heart goes out to you. You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you cant shed any, weight! Zing!
Poor Raven, You got the clownitard. that is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face! Zing!
Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual.. everytime you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said bye! Zing!
Alex, what do you call someone with bleached blonde hair.. likes to wear cat ears and handles lots of wieners? A ——— (sound effects) (they’re implying a ?)
Alex, I see you have been forced to carry a ton of dead weight, or as I like to call it, Jason! Zing!
Xmas , You have such a good heart. you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find 10 shattered bones, 9 weeks in a cast, 8 surgeries, 7 more xrays, 6 years of rehab, 5 titanium screws, 4 hospitals, 3 pain pills (more like 3 million),2 two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown!

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I have had zero interest left in this shit show of a season. I fast forward last nights episode to Zingbot. Even Zingbots zings could not make me give two shits for the rest of the cast except for Mark. Worst. SEASON. Ever.

Snooze fest

So true. This BB season is a total snooze fest. All are mindless slaves of Paul except for Mark, give Paul the $500,000 and be done with it.


i rated everyone at a one today and it really didn’t hurt Raven’s rating average at all. LOL


LOL raven’s at 1.15 so far!

Jason, Kevin and Mark are the only ones above 2.5 ..

This cast is not well liked.

Boxtox Pelosi

Even though I hate Paul, Josh, Alex, Xmas and Jason I still really appreciate all your hard work to keep us updated Simon. The show might suck this season but this is still the best Big Brother site on the web thanks to the efforts of you and Dawg. A huge thank you to you guys.


Hope next season they won’t have a former player! Hate Paul running the show. They are dumb!


They might as well write him the 250k check

Double D

Wouldn’t surprise me if Christmas comes back next year because of her injury.


I would rather see Jessica or Cody.


What really pisses me off is that we don’t get to see everybody’s face when they watch the live feeds and find out what was really said and done to everyone. That should be a show in itself.


actually if mark wasnt the target he would be number ones paul lapdog. he likes to suck it up to HOH and bounce from who is in power. they are all mindless zombies because production conditioned them to be that way (friendship bracelet, pauls 3 week safety etc. )


Just the fact that he gave Paul the safety this week, said it all… STUPID


Oh come on, don’t give mark too much credit! He wanted to be a Paul minion but he got caught for playing both sides! Oops!!

"Matthew?! Matthew?!"

Wait, soooo Zingbot basically confirms that Matt and Raven have sex, they find condoms in Raven’s drawer and Paul walks in on Matt and Raven having sex…… but Xmas and Alex still don’t believe it??? They are still blaming Cody and Jessica for everything? These people are so brainless it’s laughable. They are as dumb as a box of rocks!


I think when Paul said he caught them having sex, he made that up…not sure why. They could be having sex, but never walked in on them doing it…I think.


I disliked the cast of S16 even more although this bunch is a close 2nd. Wait, what about S6 Friendship, they were pretty awful too.


I haven’t watch the last 2 episodes, best believe cbs is seeing the decline of viewers, Paul said the pecking order, and everyone is following it, so I read this just to see if anyone changes it.


So true


I am an atypical fan or rather was a fan. I’m 55 and male and have been watching with my wife for about 15 years. The good news is I quit watching last week and my wife quit watching last night. I have to tell you it is liberating. I have enjoyed BB over the years, but this season has disgusted me and turning it off has become a matter of personal character.
Clearly all civilized people were disgusted by the bullying and I believe the subject has been aptly covered although NOT over stated. I believe however, that the bulling is symptomatic of a larger problem. Specifically the maturity and character of the producers, and the quality of the houseguest.
I cannot believe that Paul, who is a horrible human being, was capable of turning every other house guest into the spineless reprobates that they are without some help from the producers and without the houseguest already being seriously flawed people. Was this the year they changed or eliminated a screening process? Either way gone are the days of clever deception complicated by moral and social norms. Here we are with the night of the brown shirts except these guys are worse.
It’s a shame I think the creative team did their part in adding twists to reduce predictability and fragment the pack mentality, but something went terribly wrong. No thanks.

TT Bear 34

Exactly, all of the houseguests are followers of retread Paul. I ask, why do producers place just 1 vet in the house? A set up win because he couldn’t do it last year. I didn’t even watch last year.
Oh well looks as though BB19 will go down as the worst cast ever. Maybe CBS will come with it for the 20th season and then end it. This season is garbage, scripted for Paul to win. Be very surprised if a new HOH puts him up and out!


Theses idiots are literally GIVING the game to Paul!! Would someone please make an actual, strategic move?!? I Read on one of these posts that Xmas said Paul is a genius…no he’s not…the rest of you are just stupid. Even when Paul’s manipulations are right in their faces they choose to ignore and blindly follow the jerk. I won’t say Paul hasn’t played a decent game, but he’s the only one playing and when that happens you can only have one winner. Good Lord please let one of these fools open their eyes and see Paul for what he is and what he’s doing and get rid of him! Come on Jason get your head out of Alex’s ass, Kevin, stop farting around, Xmas, if you’re such a “bad b*tch ” make a real move, Matt, put down the cereal and pay attention, Raven, shut up and play the game, Josh, quit rambling to the cameras…its just annoying and Alex, you don’t deserve anything you are a big bully.


I’ve quit watching this hot crappy mess. These are the worst players the show has ever had. A bunch of cowardly sheep who think they are going to be famous when they get out of the house. I can’t wait for them to get out and see how horrible they come across. I hope America votes Cody, Jess, or Mark as favorite and the others realize they were the ones that acted like jerks.


I agree completely. Cody and jess are the only ones who played their own game. Mark has tried to play his own game own game but backs down too easily. The rest are just mindless idiots who think they are playing when they’re only getting played…….worse cast EVER


Cody and Jess are two incredibly flawed jackasses. Egomaniac Jessica’s priority was trying to convince the cameras that she was a soap opera star… bleeeccchhh!! They are not to be appreciated just because they’re out of sight and the remaining players keep giving you reasons to despise them.


Give Jody AFP for Bad Gameplay? Give AFP to Dom, Dom had more game then Cody & Jessica combined, but she got caught. Dom didn’t personally attacked or bully anyone, & for that alone she deserves AFP.


You don’t understand much Paul Troll!

It’s Americas FAVOURITE Player you noob!!!

Not best player but whom America likes the best. Your a complete idiot. AFP it’s the middle word moron!


ICAM as flawed as Cody’s game was at the beginning at least he knew the target was PAUL!! and I’m so sick of Paul and his minions. Mark at least knew the score that Paul is running things then he is ganged up on when Paul went off on him about “you were talking about me bro?” Mark should have said hell yeah I have.

Instead he let Paul play the ‘victim card” which is utter crap since he targets a person each week and for weeks its been Mark after he finally got Cody out of the house. There is nobody left to root for in the house.


If you stopped watching, stop commenting. nobody cares what you have to say anyway.


That’s because these oyster brains haven’t stopped watching the show
and they feel better about themselves by talking noise about complete strangers
ad nauseam in order to over compensate for their sad lives.

They had 6.325 million viewers Sunday and CBS could give 2 fucks about the same 100 – 200
people that whine multiple times per day on this site.


Without the live feed and the feed fans I don’t think BB would still be on the air.


your momma

Bye Girl Bye

So what are you doing right now. Whinging! Stop throwing stones at a glass house. We have a right to express ourselves anytime we want to on this website.


This is so true. These Whiners will whine about anything. If it wasn’t Big Brother, it would be something else. If you choose not to watch, don’t watch, move on, shut up, get a life.

Just sad

Well said…Thank you… I guess some people just live to complain about something…It is the same thing year after year after year…No one is forcing you to watch…Do something that makes you happy.


And you are complaining about the complainers……No one is forcing YOU to read these comments


I feel people are expressing their own opinion. I do not feel any one is complaintng at all. For me I loved BB before they changed the game. Just frustrated of the way the game is being played out. So on the real note believe it are not.. I stopped watching the show about 4 weeks ago. Will I watch BB again Yes when they get down to about 6 HG. I believe everyone has the right to express themselves here. We could say you’re complaining about what the commenters are saying. When it is a matter of opinion. Your comment reads as if you are mad, angry and frustrated and disappointed as well. So don’t be mad at the commenters be mad at the game. We love commenting on this website and getting updates on the HG. Sometime you don’t want to watch the show then you can come to this website and still be apart of the BB experience. Bottom line no one is complaining. This is what this website is for to Express Yourself. Ps: If you do not want to read our opinions take your own advice. You have been Checked!


Clearly you do care what he/she said because it made you reply. Taking your own advice here would work for you!!

Your Common Sense

If you’ve stopped watching, why are you still checking in on the rodents here on the blog?

Awww. You still care. *facepalm*


Next time will you *facefist*?

Your Common Sense

Sure. On you, Troll.


Face palm is so annoying and unoriginal! Jessica wannabe!


Mark more for AGO. He is such a sweet person.


I’m only recording tonight’s episode so I can fast forward to the jury house. That’s the only segment worth watching at this point. Assuming they even show it. What a mindless cast.

Raven's horse hair

I have a friend who works for Global Television in Canada, he is a huge BB fan and we had a discussion about Raven. He said a person has to be EXTREMELY healthy to get on these reality shows as the producers would never take a chance of something happening. Although Raven might have this device there is no chance in two million years she could ‘drop dead any second.’ In fact he is sure she would have had to have a letter from a doctor stating how non life threatening her condition is and how healthy she is. Did you see how many times she fell on her stomach during the veto competition? Was she or the producers worried?
Raven is a trailer trash scammer.


Plus for that POV competition, if Raven wasn’t medically cleared to play, they would announce it right before the competition starts like they do when Christmas can’t compete. That says something right there when Raven’s been cleared for that comp especially.


Did a little research gastropersis is not a terminal disease. If not treated someone could die from dehydration from vomiting. Even severe cases can be treated by diet or the pacemaker but it’s not live threatning


Oh, you MONSTER! She has a second disease! Doctors don’t even know it’s name and that’s the disease that’ll kill her. They may even name it after her, conning-gypsyitis.

Just me

This made me LOL! Good one.


I can not even believe so many people have donated to her “go fund me” page!! Especially the one she set up for herself!!! She is beyond trailer trash and only out to scam people out of money, which she apparently has done already!! So sad that there are so many people out there like her and us innocent people fall for trash like her and her mother!

The Foosa

I cant believe 6 mill+ people are actually watched the edited version of this shitshow….


So, Paul, why didn’t you lecture Zingbot about your sister who was bullied for her weight? Why’d you go in the DR and make light of it? Hypocrite.


ya lol so true
and zingbot used to give zings showing a bit of whats going on in the game (someone else just said) …its so really obvious that this season is fixed for Paul
i used to get mad when people say other seasons rigged etc..
well now i realize it 4 sure! thats why no zings regarding game because it just may have woken these idiots up and threaten pauls win!
he will be told which apple to pick soon…thats inevitable…and friggin sooo disappointing!!!


I gave you a thumbs up for your post but not for Cody for AFP. He pouted all the time and gave little entertainment value. I’m not sure anybody deserves AFP but right now the only person I could see myself voting for would be Mark. He has taken way more abuse than Cody ever did and he’s been a pretty good sport about it. Other than that I think they all stink.

Franks Fumes

Josh would make the perfect Manchurian Candidate…….. he is the easiest person to manipulate in the world!

Pink Towel

Paul and Christmas should be ashamed of themselves for winding up Josh to wreak havoc. Josh wanted to be accepted they played the dirty on him.

Paul Fan BB 19

Lol this is the best game play we have ever seen on BB. I expect this to become the new meta for future seasons. Lol at the people upset that Paul is the best to ever play the game and is having his way with these newbs.


Yes Paul you are the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ON BB
Look at what he has had to overcome,
Built in fan base (not that he is good but last year ANYONE deserved it over Nichole) ensuring he gets the first/best “twists”.
Start with more weeks of safety than anyone in the history of BB (even Rachel/Jordan didn’t need this much help).
Every Twist goes his way (Jason even broke X-Mas leg for him)
8 friendship bracelets (ready made alliance/Zombie horde).
Mother is Allison Grodner, father unknown (probably Charles Manson or prince of darkness).
Unbelievable edit (CBS should win an Emmy for polishing a turd into a diamond for the viewers).
It’s like the movie Ringer where a regular guy competes in the special Olympics just to get a medal, but sadly while he is being handed the title on a silver platter he still feels the need to belittle and attack anyone who doesn’t praise him.

My wish for finale night is for Cody to challenge Paul to a charity boxing match, Cody could ask Julie to set it up.

Your Common Sense

Cody is trained for artillery warfare, not physical. He was a Sniper.

Paul is trained for MMA. He is also equipped with “small man syndrome.”

I’d bet on a Chihuahua over a Pitbull every time.


Cody is a Marine, he might not have MMA training but they kinda of teach you a few things while you serve not just how to shoot a rifle.
“not physical” he sure looks in shape to me, his training might not be as hard as Paul’s MMA (Paul invented the martial arts and MMA, just ask him) Paul’s body says commitment and dedication right?
Small man syndrome usually means you get your *ss kicked by people not looking to fight.
Dog fighting is illegal you should be ashamed of yourself! (but after your post I can see why you would put money on the Yap Dog/Paul, Yap Dogs are annoying Pit Bulls will f*ck you up)

Your Common Sense

I didn’t say a single word about dogfighting, silly.

I have been attacked by both breeds. I stand by my previous statement. The Chihuahua caused MANY more injuries, much faster. The Pit just lunged and locked in one spot.

I don’t care about any dog’s bark, it’s the bites. Duh.

Think, Forrest, think.


Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.
Unless you are Paul

“Many more injuries”? Chihuahua’s are small dogs, how long did you let it chew on you and why? Should of kicked it, walk away or at least got up on a chair?
You would of been perfect for this cast how did they miss you?

Your Common Sense

Kindly go squabble elsewhere. I refuse to have a battle of wits with someone who is so obviously unarmed.

I’m thoughtful like that. *blows a kiss*


Thoughtful? You didn’t even know how to stop a 2 pound dog from attacking you, apparently standing by you comment isn’t the only thing you stand around for?
Unarmed? It’s not your fault you are slow on the uptake but you will catch on, try some new material your daily “think Forest think” comment is old, Josh can come up with better stuff.

*kiss* must be your pet name for Paul? how cute.

Your Common Sense

Nah. That kiss was special for you, genius. Shoo, Troll, shoo.


You decided to play and now you want to take your ball and go home?
Paul’s mist can cause this condition, I know it’s hard to hear but people can disagree with you (gasp) and the sun will still come up tomorrow.
Sorry I didn’t mean to say that I know how you delicate snowflakes fear any sun or light being shown on you, all you want to do is throw shade everywhere.
I’ll leave you and your feelings alone now.


Allison Grodner is a wh$re…


Again Paul bashing Cody! Cant wait till they all see Cody win AFP!!!

Shannon Hoon

There is no possible way Paul isn’t going to win this game.

It will be Xmas, Raven, Paul in final 3 and Paul will win the final comps and take Raven to F2.

Boom! He has every vote but Matt’s.

Cody wins AFP.

Season 19 overtakes Season 16 as worst ever.

All Stars Season. Then CBS ends BB.

ZingBot is a Loser

ZingBot complimented Xmas and insulted Jason in HER zing, WTH?

Christmas Tree

It is obvious to me that Christmas has it written in her contract that CBS has to portray her in a certain light. It was probably in the agreement for Christmas to be on the show. It is clear and obvious these house guests are recruited and some of them already have a large audience, which is exactly what CBS wants to inflate their ratings. It all connects and is just a big illusion, its not that “real” of reality tv.


This season is horrible. They might as well just give Paul the $500K. And the Zingbot is getting old since Zingbot used to give clues as to how people are playing the game but now just insults (though the Josh one was funny).


Yes the hints were very weak, he basically said Matt and Jason haven’t done anything and don’t listen to Paul because he only knows how to lose . But let’s be honest, he could have totally blown up Paul’s game, told them how he has a secret alliance with every person in there, and these morons would still protect Paul !!!


Did you notice how hard Josh laughed at everybody’s zing EXCEPT his own!

sunny dee

josh’s was stupid because he has clearly lost a lot of weight since day one.

not sure why he or anyone else hasn’t mentioned it


This season is horrible. They might as well just give Paul the $500K.


That’s what they are doing lol



Wed 11:53 AM BBT11:43 Paul says his dog King is 4 yrs old. (Interesting because his HOH letter said: – LiZinTeXaSAs you know King is old but vet said he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him. (Paul asks-What???)


Your Common Sense

Watch Kevin. The old “King.”

Gator Girl

Josh seems a little to big for his britches. He doesn’t realize that Christmas wants to take him to the end because she can beat him. I don’t think Christmas should be in the game since she can’t parcipate in the challenges. I don’t think Raven should be there since she is going to die any minute.
I kind of think Paul wants to keep Josh wants to take Josh to the end. Josh is beatable.


Josh zing should have been… “josh…you bang pots and pans, shout circus music, then go off to cry but you never embarrassed youself…you only embarrassed…your family…ZING!

Your Common Sense

Perfect. You’re hired, Dave.


I agree…Zingbot’s zings were lame as hell…..especially Paul’s. He should of said something about Minions….

I’m going to watch tonight but just to see the jury house (hopefully they show it) after that, I may stop watching until they give Paul $500K and Cody AFP.


Actually, zingbot was not lame or tame! For a daytime tv show, he called them all losers, insinuating one to be a whore/hooker, fatso, sleeps around and clown face, practically calling out someone’s sexuality, destroyed Xmas by making fun of her injury that will affect her for the rest of her life/ – handicapped! These are legit rude ass insults. They basically all got bullied! Remember, this is what the show stands for!


I loved zing bot. He had a few good ones and a few lame ones. The zing on Jason, Christmas and Raven were the best.


Why was Jason not Zinged (except for being mentioned as dead weight in Alex’s Zing) and she got Zinged twice??

Alex is the annoying little sister that nobody notices so she gets a 10k boob job and still nobody notices her. LMAO

Boobs R Us

Truthfully, I could not identify Alex’s face in a lineup.


Alex is annoying and reminds me of bossy Francine from the cartoon Arthur! LOL


Omg, you’re right!

She does look like that annoying, entitled chimpanzee!


I truly don’t understand why you guys are knocking Paul he is playing the game these people are too egotistical into their self and don’t realize how stupid they actually are not stupid as many have posted that they are following Paul but so stupid they think they got it together and it’s all about them with that said I guess what’s disturbing they why is Christmas in this game but such a severe broken foot and Raven who could die any moment and Josh who is all over the place and suspicious of everyone somebody tells him something and he hops on the bandwagon when you get Kevin who is a nervous sneaky old man and you got Mark who is the self-indulgence muscleman and Matt who’s a yes-man the people I have named are the worst players of this years big brother for the life of me if anyone had linefeed why they would vote for Cody or Jessica for America’s favorite

I See Floaters Everywhere

Paul is “playing” like an as*hole. Him telling Josh and his other minions to bully and gang up on whoever he wants out is ridiculous and totally uncalled for. All Paul does is give his orders on who to hate and who’s going next. Paul has not had to work at playing at all, my 12 year old could win this game if he had a bunch of sheep protecting him and doing whatever he told them to do. I will vote for Cody for AFP just because he at least tried to play the game, he had strategic discussions with other players and won comps.


You know absolutely nothing about the game if this is your take on it. Stick to candy crush, that may be more your speed. 🙂


Did this guy just say Paul doesnt play hard at the game?………are you serious or just blinded by your hate for the caveman lawyer……I don’t want to be rude but you may be on the crack!

Pink Towel

Paul is playing a great game blame the HG’s for falling inline. Cody played a crap game from the start. He put Paul on the block without testing the water putting a huge target on his back. He went against his alliance loosing trust and respect. He spent valuable time exploring Jessica in isolation. Even when he pleaded to stay, he basically said replace me with Paul I will do all the dirty work. e had no social game. Why would they keep someone they do not trust that has no social game. He has said nasty things about all of the cast. Jessica could have put Paul up pleaded her case in the house not on the way out of the house. She was too busy playing house with Cody.

The stans could not stand Cody the first 3-4 weeks they thought he had severe mental issues (not gonna repeat he was called the worst player in BB history.
His got lambasted for his trans comments – : “Do you really think I could give a sh*t that like .0000001 percent of the population is fu*k*ng trannies. I don’t give a fu*k. I promise you they’re not expecting me to really fu*king sympathize with their psychological cause,” – that was just one of the comments.

Cody giddily telling Matt and Jessica about people he has killed. Jessica even commented that he gets more excited about killing than looking at her breasts.

I think getting Josh to do Pot and pans and trying to isolate Dom was under the belt. He has said some crappy things but so has Cody, Jessica.


After watching BB. I think Jason and Alex will pull something out of Jason’s cowboy hat that will blindside Paul. Josh is a Dumbass. Raven needs a sock in her mouth. Tired of hearing this trailer trash screaming no-stop just to stand out. I also wish Matt would stop with the fake laughing. Kevin is Kevin. You can’t change a middle aged man from new England. So to all that thinks Cody is cool and smart. WRONG. The guy has issues…


Cody isn’t fake, that’s why I like him. Doesn’t “make nice” with people that don’t like him, is comfortable in his own skin and don’t look to others for approval.
I’d rather sit in a room for hours with someone like him that just says to me “I don’t like you” than spend a minute around a bunch of fake people who don’t like each other and talk to cover their insecurities.
Just one last FYI everyone has issues, people on this sh*t show and all of us behind our keyboards, his was just shown on Tv.


But that’s what you have to do to play big brother lol. You have to be able to be “fake”. Obviously if you sign up to be stuck in a house with a group of strangers, there are going to be people you don’t like.

So that really awesome that you think Cody’s great for “not making nice”, and actually PLAYING THE GAME, but in all honesty that’s exactly what made him a terrible contestant.


Never said Cody was great, I said I like people like him who are direct and to the point, who aren’t concerned what others think.
He must be a prophet because he knew this was going to be a sh*t show for Paul and he wasn’t on board with just handing him the money, Believe it or not some people play different and still win, Evel Dick didn’t have to play nice, he played the game he wanted and won.
“PLAYING THE GAME” he did, he played his game not knowing production had given Paul protection until BB22


Well he played it poorly. He made his allies not trust him by turning on people that the rest felt like were also their allies. He went about it all the wrong way. All he had to do was talk to Maven, Mark, Elena, and Dom. Campaign against Paul and point out he’s a vet that made F2 last season. Do it last minute if need be, make sure you have the votes.

At least that way when Paul didn’t go up due to the temptation, his allies still trusted him. You can’t just bulldoze through the game. It doesn’t work that way. Poor social skills, lack of strategy, just a bad player all the way around.


Let’s remember he had to nominate 5 people in week one ..he put up Megan and Jillian that’s what his group wanted Megan quit and his team wanted him to put up Alex..he didn’t want that so he let her win veto than put up Paul..(his idea) Paul had safety so he put up Xmas..Anyone would have enemies if they had to put 5 people in week one


Cody was dumb, trying to put Paul on the block when he didn’t even know if he would have the votes to get him out. I was looking back to beginning of season at the blogs, he and Jessica are disgusting bullies. Anyone calling out other houseguests for being bullies while saying Cody/Jessica should be AFP are hypocrites…at very least.


I agree with you Steve! I feel like she’s just waiting for the right time to make the move. Remember, it’s easy for people to call the shots, but if you don’t have the number you can’t make the move to execute the plan. Alex knows she doesn’t have the numbers, not everyone is on board with her and Jason.

I See Floaters Everywhere

Alex already said she knows that Paul has all the jury votes and will win but she will still take him to final 3. So no, there are absolutely no big moves going to happen with these pathetic “players”.


I checked a few other sites yesterday and Paul is leading in the polls. What the actual #$%&?! If he gets AFP I’m going to loose it


Paul will likely win this game or come in second and won’t be eligible for AFP.


CBS is doing exactly what Main steam news and media has been doing for decades…..forcing a narrative regardless of what the people/viewers want. They are making sure Paul and Raven make it to the final 2…FOR SURE. BB may be a game but it’s never far off from the truth… the world works. Ya don’t need guns to control the masses, money is the key.


I just finished watching BB after dark. Mark said he’d need to go to Europe to meet girls. Kevin said go to Canada, it’s only 12 miles from Buffalo. Christmas said “yah, go to Canada, it’s in the United States, Canada is a State”. She truly is a genius. ?

Brush up on your world geography Xmas

No Xmas isn’t a genius. Just geography illiterate, some Americans don’t study geography in school. Canada, where I’m from, isn’t a US state, but an independent nation.


I’m always amazed at how different Canada is over the US. every year watching Big Brother reminds me of that. The region I live in feels like a different planet most of the time..


Simon, you live in Uranus?




I’m just really hoping the next group of BBCAN HGs are watching this and taking notes on how not to behave……..(but we’re CDN, eh! So probably don’t need to be told!)

Your Common Sense

First, all this manipulation and psychological warfare IS the nature of the GAME of Big Brother. Ridiculous that so many forget this.

Just because Paul is the ONLY Houseguest this season that has mastered it does not mean he’s any of the things so many are judge, jury and executioner of in his PERSONAL life psyche. He is quite obviously here this time to win the 500k and studied for this emotional and egotistical chess game from all directions, angles and backward/forward.

He digs deeper in our increasing population of shallow thinking minds.

BB “Friendship” in Paulspeak = I can burrow in to your mind and ego deep enough to be your Master of Puppets without you even realizing it.



Paul is a narcissistic creep … and Big Brother shows it in all it’s glory.

Same as before

What the F***** is CBS doing. Don’t they see that the public can see how fixed this is. To my dismay even Zingbot acted like Xmess is a Saint. She is so vile and mean all week, but CBS only shows her with twinkles in her eye’s. Same as Paul, thank goodness for BBAD etc. I did only watch minutes of BBAD this week, because I thought Cody was back (Paul and all his imps keep talking about him and Jess). Only hope left is Karma after show is over, however the viewers do not get to see it. Only thing different about tonights show will be who CBS wants to win HOH. If Raven goes to the end because her and Paul are friends outside of the house, this would be disturbing and I will not get involved if there is another season.


Does Christmas really think she can beat Paul at the end? I know why she has Josh there because she knows she can beat him! Paul is going to want Christmas,Kevin or Raven at the end they are the easiest to beat even though I’m pretty sure Paul can win against any of these people!


Maybe this week we will start to see some drama. With the obvious choices gone, the right HOH winner might actually create some tension.

Your Common Sense


If you were friends, family, coworker, student, etc. of anyone who became a Houseguest… wouldn’t you get the feeds? Even if you never watched the show before?

I would.

Raven is gonna lose it when she’s back to reality worse than anyone else. No one is going to allow their children to be a dance student of hers any time soon. If ever. AG should just take her straight to the psyche ward post Finale.

Raven recently stated she was going to block Jess from all her Social Media when she gets out. Jessica has most assuredly beat her to it already. I just hope this season doesn’t have a suicide when they are confronted with the realities many of these numbskulls face outside this game. Yes people, there certainly are real world consequences to behavior you cannot deny, or stuff in a closet, captured forever on LIVE film.

Same for Miss I’m Here For the Exposure “Queen of Perseverance.” I would not pay her to clean my toilet, let alone train me or anyone I cared about. Mark? Yes. Miss Crossfit? No way.

Don’t even get me started on Josh’s upcoming zero dollar reality check. *shaking head*


Not to mention Raven thinks the house loves her especially Paul so when she sees that they all can’t stand her and how annoying they think she is really going to lose it

Your Common Sense

She is going to crumble when she gets done. This cast is in for such a rude awakening after the game is over.

Minus Paul… he knows what to expect and he’s gonna be 500k richer and not give a shizz about all the hating. It’ll fade and his life will go on as normal, just as he expects.

Raven and Josh especially will need some serious help through what is gonna pummel them after this game is over.

Big Tuna

Well, with Mark finally gone they will have to start turning on each other! FINALLY!!!! WTF cant Matt and Raven see that one of them will be on the block soon. When you count Mark, The last 4 evictions will be showmance couples. Are they blinded from handjobs????


Turning on each other? Kevin’s more than likely the next “house” target. Then, more than likely, Jason and Alex just because they can win whereas Matt and Raven haven’t shown any interest in really winning. Paul will either get Josh or Alex/Jason to take out Matt/Raven pair. Paul, Christmas, and Josh are a strange trio and those two will likely keep Paul around to the end even if one of them get picked off by Matt/Raven. Matt/Raven will more than likely target the Alex/Jason pair because they are towing the company line that Paul should be at the end.


I disagree. There is no “house” target….there is only Paul’s target.

And Paul wants one of each of the couples out first. He said it….Jason, Matt, Alex.

I think next he’ll go for Josh. Josh has won a couple of competitions which means he won’t be in Paul’s final 3. Once Josh is out, he’s left with “done nothings”…..Raven, Kevin, & Xmas. Xmas will have to go because of the sympathy vote.

F3 is Paul, Raven & Kevin.
F2 is Paul & Raven…..Kevin is too likable.

I would laugh hysterically if the jury was bitter & Paul lost again to a woman!

Wait…just had a thought…could Paul be bad-mouthing Kevin to insure that Alex, Jason, Xmas & Josh wouldn’t vote for him in F2???? Maybe he’s planning on taking Kevin over Raven???? Hmmmmm…..

For all those Cody fans who want him to get AFP…..Cody already has his prize…Jessica. He said so himself.

If you want to voice your objection to the bullying & minion mentality….IMHO, a better choice is Mark. He’s endured the most out of any of the housepets. He deserves something after all the bullying & Elena’s rejection….& he’s still the only human being in that house. I’m voting for Mark for AFP!

Your Common Sense

Me too re: Mark. He has taken an enormous amount of shizz and done it with more class than anyone else in this cast, so far. Mark is our family’s AFP votes this year.

Gator Girl

Josh is getting a little big for his britches. He does not realize Christmas and Paul are saving him. He thinks he is controlling the game. They both think they will beat Josh since the houseguest don’t care for him.
If Paul takes Raven to the final two he might lose to her because she will start her dying any minute crap. Can’t eat, but snacks constantly at night. She looks like she is gaining weight.
She will pull the “Oh pity me” card. The jury will feel guilty if they don’t give the sick one the money.
I am voting for Jason for Anerica’s Favorite. He is going to have a new baby and would be able to use the money. I don’t know how much a rodeo clown makes, but I probably will vote for Jason. Jessica has plenty of money, she wore $1200 shoes for her eviction.


Voting for Jason too. The only one I think will put to money to good use plus his stories he tells on the feeds have cracking up every night.


This cast remind me of characters from the wizard of oz. guess who is who?


You mean the 7 dwarfs right! Lol 😉

Fuck you alex.

Alex is a big bully.

Anti Paul Puppet

Heard that HOH is endurance. Seems kinda fishy!?!? How many intelligence/luck ones did they have while Cody was still in there. NOW, Alex/Jason are getting their names thrown around and endurance comp here we come. Nice Production! Still giving Alex a great undeserved edit and of course Jason is the lovable duffus. So of course we need these two without a brain cell between them to remain in the game. I call chicken $hit.

peace out don't let the door hit ya ...

OMG is just a show!! These boards have been completely depressing this year. Do you people have nothing to be happy about in life? Complain, complain..i hate this person..i hate that person..they suck…so boring…predictable ….OK WE GET IT. you are not happy with this season of BB. There will be another season. I promise you.

Simon, I think what you and Dawg do is amazing and I have been on these boards for years but I gotta tell ya. I’m out this season. Not that it makes any difference to anyone lol…the negativity on these boards has been stifling.

See you next year!!! Keep up the good work. :))


There simply are no “big moves” left to be made. It’s just a matter of who Paul wants out and in what order.

Sure, someone may suddenly get an epiphany and realize they have to get Paul out, and talk others into it … but the chances of that happening are virtually non-existent.

CBS would be better off just letting everyone draw straws to see who sits next to Paul so we can put this season out of it’s misery.


According to TV by the Numbers:
Top broadcast shows (including ties) in adults 18-49 for Aug. 14-20, 2017
AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Weds. 2,755,000 viewers
BIG BROTHER Thurs. 2,658,000 viewers
BIG BROTHER Weds. 2,460,000 viewers
BIG BROTHER Sun. 2,368,000 viewers
According to Wikipedia (I know a bit suspect) the average number of viewers of BB1 was 9,100,000.
It dropped every year until BB11, then took a jump back up & then consistently dropped since. I know that more people have access to cable & other shows but I don’t understand why they think BB19 is doing so well.


early drama was fun. I would love to see feed stats or BBAD as I’m thinking those people are leaving in droves.

the TV broadcast is almost a different show this season.

Jessica's Birth Control

Whats the biggest difference?
Who gets the best and the worst edit thus far?


IMHO, yes the edits are extremely biased this year vs past years. In the past there where production favs, but not to this blatant level.


Who gets the best and the worst edit thus far?


Best: Paul: due to them not showing his participation in getting everyone revved up, and not showing him doing anything bad in general. In fact watch the opening credits and look how he is posed. “The star of the show pose”; Alex: due to not showing even the surface of her deviant behavior; Xmess: they don’t show her piling on in arguments.

Worst: Josh: They show everything with him good or bad and try to make him the villain even though paul is behind it; Mark: Even though Mark is a big whiner, during the prime-time shows, they really accentuate his crying and whining.


I miss the Big Brother days (like season 8) where the HGs purposely screwed over production and played the game.

Evel Dick and Danielle have said that they could tell who production was fond of or disliked due to questions asked or subtle hinting or attempts to influence in the DR… so they accepted what was told to them and kept the info on the back burner BUT DID WHAT THEY WANTED.

I guess production asks on eviction days who they are voting for while in the DR… ED and Danielle (also Nick and whoever was in with them) would lie to production about their vote to make sure they weren’t influenced to go in another direction. THOSE HGs HAD AN AGENDA AND THAT IS REAL GAME PLAY…

I remember they whispered in each other’s ears to make sure BB didn’t hear what their plans were so that they could target whoever without BB / production interfering by telling / hinting at another HG about it in the DR. THAT IS REAL GAME PLAY.

Love Big Brother… always have and probably always will. But I’ve watched it evolve into something I’m not fond of at all. This is the only season (other than BB16 which pales in comparison) that has been intolerable to the point where I watch the shows days later or even miss some episodes. I had early favorites… but each HG that I have felt an inkling of BB love for on this season has come to disappoint me.

That’s what they are.

One last thing… Paul tells them all: I won’t win. The jury hates vets and won’t vote for me.

Well, I hope for the moment that at least one HG has a moment of realization and says it out loud to themselves or to another (whether in the presence of Paul or not) that he lost last season to an undeserved vet (most likely due to influence by Dr. Will / BB production)… so the same will happen this time.

These idiots are playing for second place or worse if he remains in the game.


That’s a good point about working against and for production. I guess they learn you play ball with productions and pandora’s’ boxes etc.. are your reward.

Jessica's Birth Control

Dr Will, Boogie, Evil Dick, Hardy, Vanessa are a few that should be in the Hall of Fame. These comatose twats belong in the Hall of Shame. I hate them all and wish they all contract herpes before they leave. As for Production, they should be smart enough to see that the over-eating executive producer plays favorites, but if you play a compelling game, you bring ratings. Lying in bed does not make a compelling show. So if you deliver ratings by making moves, The obese executive producer will stay off your junk and leave you alone. Yep, you want to know how to handle production, look at will and boogie diary room comedy skits. Or watch evel dick scheme and plot. Or watch Vanessa play game theory. You have to play your houseguests, the jury, the home viewer AND production. If these jabronis have not figured that out, they are on the wrong show….


Agree with your list except for Vanessa. She wasn’t that skillful or masterful. She was paranoid, erratic and anxiety-filled… wasn’t entertaining in the least bit.

And she didn’t win. Lol

I’m not a fan of winners like Steve or Andy (no explanation necessary). I watch the show and am a fan for HGs / winners like Dr. Will, Dick and Rachel who are competitors, in your face and real.

Your Common Sense

*Standing Ovation*

Jessica's Birth Control

okay folks, down to the “final eight” LOL tonite. So PREDICTION TIME. FROM NOW TO THE END OF GAME:

1- Who will act the most betrayed, butthurt, and outraged at being targeted/evicted?
2- Who will cry and blubber the most at being targeted/evicted?
3- Who will be the most cruel to an outgoing/evicted houseguest?

Anti Paul Puppet

1.) Raven. I think we might get to see psycho Raven again.
2.) Your Boy Josh, obvious.
3.) Alex. She likes to be dirty. She doesn’t appear to know where to draw the line.


1- Josh
2- Josh
3- Josh


Josh, the biggest crybaby.


Normally I would be sitting here yelling and swearing as BB is pre-empted for firkin football, again. However, I don’t feel as though I will miss too much as it is predictable and we already know the winner. BTW, does Josh have a speech impediment/ I really would love to be a fly on the wall when he sees how he has been portrayed.

Jessica's Birth Control

my son asked me if Josh is a Special Needs Student…..


I hope you told your son that that is not appropriate.

Jessica's Birth Control

Has anyone f@pp$d to xmas abbott pics or youtube videos?


First of all, why would you take the time to write something like that on a public site? Second of all, why would you want to know that about random people on the Internet? Ugh. Some peoples children…


Would love to see Paul ( fyi i am not a Paul fan)and anyone else in F2 and that other person wins Priceless. Only cause I want him to lose



Corey's Ass-less Chaps

It just occurred to me that Paul’s face resembles a puckered hairy bunghole.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

With a big suppository hanging in the middle.


Hoping that Jason or ALex win and refuse to put up Kevin like Paul will want them to. Even that one little thing not going Paul’s way will make me happy at this point.


I just can’t believe with as many left, and according to past seasons, there were usually two or even three at this point, that were liked, but not with this cast. As soon as the last three left, more emphasis is on those left and wow, it’s a doozie. If you didn’t like them before, you certainly can’t now. They need to just end this season already.