Alex – If we get to 6 we can literally walk our way to the end..

3:35pm Jason and Alex
Jason goes over his talk with Mark.
Jason – he’s like, is there any way I can stay
Ja – I’m like no dude you’re too f*ing dangerous I’m sorry
Ja – I said I wish it would have worked out better, And he said Jason, matt and raven are coming for you and Alex.
Ja – he said I never wanted to go against Alex, I never said anything bad about you, you’re my boy
Jason – he said If I (Mark) win I’ll put up Josh and Christmas

Alex doesn’t believe it says Mark is lying..
Alex – he’s faking you idiot
Jason – why
Alex – as soon as he wins he’s putting me and Paul on the block, You’re so stupid
Jason – what if we make him promise
Alex – Jason, his ride or die he turned on how many times ..
Alex – that was someone he actually likes
Jason – he got me I’m telling you, I was wound up

Jason – what really would be the difference
Jason – if we send Matt home we only have to beat mark .. (in the HOH)
Alex – jason..
Jason – he’s not that scary.. if it’s an endurance comp he’s f*ed
Alex – he (mark) blew his chance he knows it

Jason says he told Mark he’s got to talk to Alex and Paul and if he can get them all on the same page.
Alex – he never knew we were all together..
Jason – F*** (HAHAH)
Jason – oh god..
Alex – if you ruin our chances to get to top 3 I will kill you
Jas – what does that mean
Alex says Mark promised everything in the house to stay and he’s already backstabbed him.
Alex – he knows I’m dangerous he knows Paul’s dangerous the second he wins he’s putting us up and backdoor you .. one of us is going home

Jason says he’s certain Kevin is working with Mark.
Jason brings up asking Kevin if he’s ever thought about keeping Mark and Kevin’s response was suspicious
Jason – you’re Idea not my idea.. I didn’t f*ing say that.. Don’t tell them it’s my idea.. .
Jason – he said whatever Alex wants to do
Alex – he’s (Kevin) a liar

Alex – he’s just as bad as Cody too (Mark)
Jason – Matt and raven don’t want to be here they want to go to Jury
Alex – they want to overtake us in the end.. They think they are safe We have to surprises attack them next. we have to win HOH put both of them up Backdoor Kevin (she shows us quotes with her finger ) and send Matt out
Jason – what if one of those dip shits win HOH..
Alex says Jason was mark’s last last resort, “Do you think he’s going to keep his word”
Alex – he went to Christmas and Josh first the 2 people he hates .. where do you think you sit.. Follow the spectrum
Jason – you’re so smart.
Alex about Mark – He doesn’t deserve to win all he’s done is lie and cheat and Cry. He’s cried more than Josh
Jason – I’m dumb..
Alex – yes, let’s go over dates

Alex – the last people he (Mark) asks are the people he will target first, he knows he can take Christmas and JOsh, obviously she’s a gimp
Alex – do you see how dangerous mark is
Alex says the last people Mark talks to is Jason and Paul, “he’s going to come to you again.. HE doesn’t deserve to be here.. Matt and Raven haven’t done anything they haven’t been disloyal but we’re taking them out “
Alex – If we get to 6 we can literally walk our way to the end.. We get Josh and Christmas to take shots at each other. (They think Josh is with them )
Jason thinks Christmas will take a shot at him
Alex – she has to beat you then beat you at the POV.. then vote you out

Alex – we turn around Sorry b1tch you can’t do that you’ve served your purpose

4:12pm Raven, Xmas and Matt
Xmas – I think Alex is who she says she is
Raven isn’t sure
Raven – the restaurant she (alex) talks about going to costs $400 dollars .. she eats there..
Xmas – Alex
Raven – yeah
Raven – you don’t have enough money to fix your car but you got a boob job
Raven – 8000 to 10000, those boobs are big, those are at least 8 to 10 G boobs
Raven – so not enough money to fix car but you have money for a boob job..

Matt – boyfriend could have paid for them
Xmas – which boyfriend
Raven – well have him pay for your car.. don’t give me a sob story and contradict yourself in a way.. like..

4:16pm Kevin, Alex, and Jason APSR
Jason – matt and raven are banging in the rose room
Alex – don’t say it, it’s not nice.. they say they aren’t so…
Alex – that’s why I don’t go in that room
Kevin – no way am I going in that room at all.
Alex – it’s dirty they got their crap everywhere
Alex complains that every drawer in the bathroom has Raven sh1t in it.
Jason – she puts her f*ing underwear everywhere
Jason – it’s f*ing nasty
kevin – and lose the bracelet .. how can you find any f*ing thing (she’s so messy)
Ale x- I have one thing in the bathroom that’s mine..
Alex – they (R/M) have all their clothes on the floor
Kevin – it’s disgusting
Alex – i wouldn’t put my clothes on the floor
Kevin says she left her dirty underwear right in front of the door to the shower this morning.
Alex – it’s weird because they want to keep the kitchen clean
Jason – yeah, everything else is shit
Alex – I know that ‘s why it’s weird
Jason – somebody told them if you cook and clean the kitchen everyone will like you
Alex – that’s not true we cook and clean ourselves
Jason – I would rather not eat the shit makes period (LOL)
Alex – we’re almost out of food
Jason – i’m not eating another thing she cooks, I will guarantee you that if I take it I’ll throw it in the trash
Alex – too spicey
Jason – I’m just tired of it, eating her sh1t, it sucks
Alex- the hamburgers were good it was really salty..
jason – I threw mine away
Alex – no we kept it
kevin – we try to be nice
JAson – they’re f*ing a$$ holes
Kevin – I agree they’re f*ing a$$holes I’m been saying it for months..

kevin – I’ve never seen a healthier mother f*er that injured in my life.. It only comes up when it’s convenient, then otherwise you’re doing flips..

4:44pm Paul, Xmas, Kevin, JAson and Alex
Paul says Mark think he’s got Kevin and Jason’s vote and he’s going to talk to Alex tonight.
Paul mentions Mark told him he wasn’t the only one saying they should get Paul out. He says Jason was also playing that tune.
Paul – he said it should be Me, Alex, Jason, Kevin (ANd mark)

Paul – Wait, I should keep the two people that were talking about getting me out how does that work for me.. better take one of you out right now..
Alex says she’s going to let Mark feel very bad for wanting her out earlier in the week.

5:54pm Kevin and Jason
Jason says he told mark – “talk to Paul, Kevin and Alex.. you can convince them all I’ll do it”
Jason – I said it don’t look good for you
Kevin – did you tell Alex..
Jason – yeah, she said f* that pr1ck all he does is badmouth you (jason)
Kevin – you? why does he pick on you
Jason – I don’t know..
Kevin – Promise we’re going to get Matt next
jason – oh yeah, I’m telling you..
Kevin – maybe it’s a double we’ll send them both out here
Kevin – let’s get rid of all the showmances
jason – that was my f*ing goal from the beginning

kevin says he would have prefered to Keep Mark and Elena over Matt and raven
Jason agrees.

6:00pm Mark and Alex
Mark campaigns.. says Matt’s done sh1t in the house he doesn’t deserve to be in the game. Points out that he has nobody in the house. Matt has a ride or die.
Mark – if Raven and Matt win HOH I assume they are going after you, Kev and Jason
Mark – if you guys keep me safe I would be with you guys go after the other three..
Alex – then we go for a free for all… this is all too much..
Alex says Jason is the only person she cares about
Alex – I wish I could help you out.. I respect you.. but I mean.. oh.. man that sh1t that Cody started..
Alex- everyone’s so mad at Cody

6:48pm Raven, Matt, Paul
Paul saying how funny it was when Mark was campaigning to him, Paul Impersonates him whimpering
Paul – I said sorry bud I ain’t making a promise I can’t keep

Matt – the three of us need to discuss a negotiation strategy if it’s one of us or one of them.. up on the wall.. whatever it may be
Raven – I have an Idea
Paul – what’s this idea gypsy
Josh comes in..

7:17pm Raven, Xmas and MAtt
raven think if it’s endurance and Matt is left hanging with Alex he can convince her to drop.
She says Matt can say things like I want to give my HOH letter to Raven, “I’ve never had HOH before”

Xmas says Jason looks at her like he wants to rip her apart sometimes other times he looks at her like he wants to “Rip me apart” (Sexual?)

Matt – kevin doesn’t realize the power of women in this game..
Xmas – he doesn’t think we’re CAPABLE.. I don’t know why but Kevin doesn’t really.. I just can’t wrap my head around that guy,..

Raven saying that Ales, Jason and Kevin are not strategic.
Matt says their best case is JAson/Alex get the can’t play in HOH apple and they evict the other one.

Raven accuses Jason of liking Alex more than a friend.

7:29pm Paul and Josh
Paul tells Josh they have to give it their all in the HOH, “We have to get that fool out”
Paul – if you can protect me until 5 I’ll get us till the end.. I did it by myself last year..
Paul says if he gets clipped before final 5 he’ll tell Josh and Christmas everything he knows.
Josh – you won’t get clipped.. they don’t have the balls to do it..
Paul – somebody’s got a grow a pair at some point
Josh – they’ll clip me before they clip you
Paul tells him if Alex and Jason win the HOH they will take a shot at Matt. They have to get rid of Alex the following week.

7:47pm Xmas and Paul HOH
Xmas – apparently Alex thinks she has Josh in her pocket 100%

Paul – she thinks..
Xmas – she thinks if there’s a vote he’ll vote the way she wants him to
Paul – that’s perfect

Xmas says Kevin will be the one that goes for a apple.
Paul if he gets an apple he’s going up

Paul says it’s not a terrible idea for her to get a Apple.. in case she gets the can’t play in HOH it might be physical.
Xmas says Matt and Raven don’t feel comfortable about the apple.
Xmas says Raven is going to play the sympathy card to get HOH.

Paul – I wouldn’t feel comfortable as a pawn..
Xmas – she thinks Kevin did that thing with her bracelet.. i think it was an accident..
Paul thinks Kevin is trying to “Stir some sh1t”

They start complaining about Kevin..

Paul – I think we’re in such a good position we don’t know what to do with ourselves..
Xmas agrees.. “this is my first round”
Paul – if we can push our agendas down both their throats.. if we can get Matt/Raven or Alex/JAson to take that shot we’re fine.. if I, you or Josh get clipped next week we’re f*ed
Paul – we tell Alex matt and raven knew.. (jason was the target)
Paul counts the votes if it’s Jason vs Kevin. . Thinks they would have 4 votes to evict Jason.

JOsh comes in reports where everyone is in..

Paul – you need to turn it up on Comps..
Xmas says to throw the HOH to Raven
Josh doesn’t want to doesn’t feel comfortable.
Xmas – does it make sense for me to take that Apple..
paul says yes for sure.
Paul says even the bounty isn’t that bad “5 thousand dollars is nice but it’s not enticing”

Paul points out that Jason has Kevin but Alex has only Jason. They take out Jason that triple goes.
Xmas says Paul will got down as one of the greatest players ever if he makes it to top two.
Xmas scolds Josh for hugging her too much.

8:15pm Xmas and Paul HOH
Xmas and Paul agree that Raven lies a lot.
Paul- she’s a compulsive liar.. she believes her own lies
Xmas – yes
They go through all the little lies Raven says.. like she played Softball but didn’t have a position on the team, her favorite musician is what Xmas requested in her HOH basket yet she hasn’t listened to it once.
Xmas – either she did or kevin did, took my HOH razor..
Xmas – she said she didn’t do that.. I’m going to ask Kevin, I know it’s petty..
Xmas – I know that b1tch uses my sh1t
paul – she uses my comb in my drawer..
Xmas – that’s weird..
Paul – I walked in and Matt was using my cologne..
Xmas complains about Raven using her makeup. (Sounds like raven has really done a number on Xmas’ makeup supplies)

Xmas- if you can lie that easily with small things what are you capable of lying about anything else (houseguests really onto Raven)
Paul – I actually wouldn’t mind jason and Alex winning HOH and taking a shot at them (M/R) so it rattles them

Paul – matt asks to use my beard shampoo once.. half is gone..
Paul – guy you shower 8 times a f*ing day.. F* off

Xmas calls raven and Matt “Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb.. Humpty dumpty”
Paul – they’re rude.. .. they bang I walked in on it
Xmas – I know.. I love that zingbot called them out for it
Paul – when she said she liked my band
Xmas – that was a stretch

Paul – I have to talk sh1t I have too..

8:40pm Paul says Matt and Raven make him cringe.

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Matt and Jason

Said it all about this year, Jason freaked out on Mark for suggestioning to evict Paul, and now Matt is worried someone will take a shot and blindside Paul. Anyone want to win this game? Anyone besides Paul?! Anyone…..anyone….


Nobody, 15 other players none wanted to win, it’s sad really.

“Alex about Mark – He doesn’t deserve to win all he’s done is lie and cheat and Cry. He’s cried more than Josh”

That’s BS nobody cried more then Josh…

Caren in Canada

BB should suggest in Dr that they believe whomever takes out Paul, will probably win at the end! Would love to see it reverse and he entire house trying to get him out first! Now that would be worth watching!


The thing is, they all want Paul to win.


BB should show all the players Simon/Dawg ratings. The only ones above a 2 are Mark Jason Kevin the next 3 people going home


Imagine if Paul’s family didn’t have 90+ accounts

Yeah right

That’s not an accurate Poll How many voted there is no way that many people got one star why you put that garbage up on their Simon stop wasting our time

Butters Mom

considering I give every single one of them a 1 and Im sure Im not the only one doing so… sounds about right to me haha


Yeah it would devastate them.
“Hey all, take a look at these poll results from a blog site that has about 400-500 people on it daily. I’m sure this information has or will ruin your day, so I will give you a moment to gather yourselves….”.


BBCAN had an earned secret room that allowed one house guest, to spy, without audio on the rest of the house. A trick like this would sway the control from one side of the house to the other. Otherwise, it’s like watching paint dry right now.


Alex thinks Jason is dumb????? If Jason is dumb, Alex is downright stupid. The others are just blithering idiots!
No real game talk……………just talk crap about people who aren’t even in the game anymore.
Thanks AG………..If you felt so bad about Paul not winning the $500,000.. .why didn’t you just give him the money instead of ruining my favorite summer show with these nasty, foul-mouth, boorish imbeciles.


I agree. Alex keeps telling Jason not to “be stupid”and then he goes on to be stupid by taking her advice. Since about week 2 he has had good instincts about this game but Alex thinks she has the golden friendship with Paul and shoots down Jason.

I think the reason behind Paul getting everyone to talk bad about everyone else is for jury votes. Can’t vote for someone sketchy, a liar, a scammer or any of the things Paul is but making sure everyone thinks that of ALL the other house guests. Paul is golden. His friendship is the golden pass to….loser…but who cares as long as Paul is gold. Ugh.


Alex is a bitch. She started off as someone who wanted to go after Paul and then not even a week later she was cozying up to him. I peeked in on the livestreams a few days ago and she’s sitting with Jason, Josh, Xmas and Paul, calling Jason a moron to his face. She ended up standing up over him and calling him dumb, an idiot, a moron and, I may be wrong, but I could’ve sworn she said she wanted to hit him because of how dumb he is. Like a pussy, Jason just sat there looking confused and didn’t say anything.

This season is so disappointing, It’s become so unbearable that I’m not going to even bother watching it anymore and stick to OBB instead. The only thing I want to see now is Zingbot, but from the sounds of it, he didn’t really roast anyone enough to fuck up their game and only pointed out that Raven and Matt are loose.


I turned on the live feeds for a few minutes today, heard Ravens voice and then Paul’s……shut it down and came here for an update. I just can’t anymore. Thank you for the sacrifice.

Smitten Kitten

Great job boys, hilarious reading all summer!

Our ears thank you both for jumping on the grenade & taking the punishment for all of us.


Artificial intelligence will improve this game. I’d rather watch 16 well programmed robots compete. Big Brother is demonstrating the obsolescence of humans.


I work in a liquor store and every time someone that comes in that looks I grab a Kraken mini!


how about giving those boys at OBB a donation then?

Caren in Canada

Seriously, for what Simon and Dawg endure for us a donation is the very least we can do! They have more than earned t putting up with these imbeciles! I know I have given once but I am sure I need to give again, as they have saved me from watching it all, and keeping my sanity! Ah-mazing job guys!

Not Jason's Holly

I’m the same way. My choices last night were Matt/Raven camera or Paul/Josh playing pool. I picked neither! I haven’t turned it on today. I just can’t either.


Same here. It’s too a point where I can’t even read the feeds when Paul is in the conversation. I skip over it. Maybe they all get extra money if they let Paul win???? I bet Jason’s wife is having a stroke watching this and watching Alex control him.

Smitten Kitten

“Jason – Matt and raven are banging in the rose room.
Alex – Don’t say it, it’s not nice. They say they aren’t so…”

In walks Zingbot…

“Maaaaaatt, the only thing you’ve done in the BB house all summer is… Ra-ven, ZING!”

Can’t argue with Zingbot.

Why would they even try to deny it after they’ve been zung by Zingbot? Oh right, thats because Raven can’t be truthful about anything.


I’m waiting any day now for Raven to say yesterday’s solar eclipse is causing her second heart to malfunction.


“Miss Piggy” Ow is the embodiment of Christian hypocrisy.

Wasting Time

BUT, Alex Ow isn’t a believer. She said herself she hasn’t done the rosary since she was in school, she was relearning it. Besides, that is religion, not Faith.. two separate things. Alex also squeals GD one night while holding the rosary after someone said something funny, no one who believed would take His name in vain, especially while holding a rosary would they? Or attack someone for reading the Bible? Or treat ppl like she does and take such joy in it? She is just another person claiming to be a Christian, who has no faith or morals. She is vile and disgusting. Dominique had faith, not religion. That is the difference in the two.


Alex and that Rosay is a complete joke. This is the reason Catholicism is collapsing today, because many Catholics are hypocrites. Guaranteed she is like the many who don’t go to church all year long but have to run there on Ash Wednesday or Christmas Eve.


Don’t you know Catholics can do anything they want if they confess. Better pardoning allowed than trump


Dom also spoke in tongues.
Take that for what it’s worth.

Wasting Time

She is just a plain hypocrite period!

Crappy BB

I don’t know which one I loathe more, Alex or Paul.

Praying Back

Let’s Vote

Thumbs Down for Jason and Thumbs down for Alex to win America’s favorite houseguest.

Praying Back

Thumbs up for Jason

A. Nonymous

I’ve watched the feeds obsessively until this week. Jason came into the house a kind, believe the best in folks kind of guy with no experience in watching Big Brother. Alex has slowly turned him into becoming suspicious, suspecting, and generally foul. It’s been disheartening to watch. I wanted Jason to be AFP especially since learning he’s expecting his second child. I always root for the “good” guys so it’s hard to hear that many want Cody or Jessica to walk away with that AFP money. (No, I’m not related to nor do I personally know Jason!)

Praying Back

Let’s Vote

Thumbs up for Matt or Thumbs down for Raven for America’s Favorite Houseguest.


Sorry can’t vote for either. Matt totally has done nothing and Raven is a lying gypsy skank

Praying Back

Let’s Vote

Thumbs down for Mark or Thumbs up for Elena for America’s Favorite.

Praying Back

Let’s Vote

Thumbs up for Christmas or Thumbs down for Josh for AFH.


Dumbest cast in the history of big brother and Alex might lead the pack. Apparently big brother handpicked only those that wanted to help Paul win. Literally every move since Cody tried to vote out Paul has been made by Paul to these clowns. This is one of the more boring seasons.

Praying Back

Let’s Vote

Thumbs down for Cody or Thumbs up for Jessica for AFH.

Praying Back

Let’s vote

Thumbs up for Paul or Thumbs down for Kevin for AFP.


Doesn’t matter who we vote for AFP…….. Production will give it to whoever has followed the script of protecting Paul best.


Sorry, Kevin hasn’t done ANYTHING this season.
No thank you.


I was thinking of voting for Kevin for AFP but Jason’s reaction to the news of a new baby was most memorial thing that has happened this season to me. The money will at least go to some good use and besides Kevin already got that 25K from the first night. No way would I ever consider Jody for AFP.


I was at work today thinking about how much this season sucks. My coworkers and I used to discuss it everyday. Now barely a peep. Here’s 2 things that went wrong and I think the season could have been different.
1.) What if Megan didn’t quit? Would Cody have still tried to backdoor Paul? If neither Megan or Jillian won the veto would the noms have stayed the same? Maybe Cody wouldn’t have shown his plan so early, I mean come on he nominated (or in Paul’s case tried) 5 people that first week.
2.) What if Jessica had trusted her “gut” and taken Ramses off the block and Josh did actually go that week? Would we still have had those crazy awful bullying tantrums.
I’m curious how everyone else feels.


You’re right, had Megan not self-evicted Cody would’ve not tried to backdoor Paul, it was a spontaneous decision, that killed Cody’s game.


There hasn’t been one big move the whole year except week one. Every eviction benefited Pauls game and every vote was almost uniamous. No suspense.Josh wanted Elana out and she got 0 votes every time someone wanted to do any move Paul talked them out of it


I often contemplated the notion of Jessica backdooring Paul. I wonder why Jessica didn’t take the shot!


Hey Alex if you can’t win against Paul and are thinking that why would you ever want to take him to top 3???? Please explain this logic to me someone what kind of hold does Paul have over these people? The only 2 that do somethinking sometimes which are Kevin and Jason….but then they backtrack….if you know Matt is gunning for you(Jason) and Alex of course he should go before Mark who has no one in the game and will take a deal not to get Jason or Alex out come on these people deserve to lose!!!! Paul is laughing all the way to the bank with his 500,000


These are the next generation of humans. They are there for the Stipend. They celebrate “Making it to Jury”. If you asked people to give up their jobs to a Robot and receive a stipend, probably 10% would say yes. They would gladly spend their time Face booking and tweeting , playing computer games, etc. 20 years from now it will be 30%. By then if you asked them if they would like a chip in their head so they can talk to Siri and Alexa and tweet and Snap without a phone, 50% will say yes. Musk is right. Humans will become obsolete, voluntarily.


@ Dirk, I think you are being disingenuous. I don’t think this season represents the next generation. Kevin(a baby boomer) is not doing anything but butt kissing. I think this is just a human thing. People are so scared of bucking the system they become complacent.


How can America have a favorite player this year? None of them deserve our vote!!!


Has anyone else noticed Matt beard starting to get long he is so into Paul he wants to look like him. I keep reading hoping someone is finally going to get a clue maybe next week


It’s not getting longer, that’s just cereal crumbs and Raven crumbs stuck to his face


Can anyone else see Jason’s brain cells dying when he talks to Alex. Its like he has some really good insight into the game and then he starts talking to Alex and his eyes literally starts to dim and drool starts coming out of his mouth. I would have loved to see how Jason would have played had he not teamed up with Alex. This chick is leading him straight to his eviction.


Allison’s Favorite Pet
Anything For Paul
Another Fraud Production


With the exception of Jessica,Cody and Mark- worst cast EVER in BB history….it is like watching a car wreck. None of the fools left in the house should get $$$. Only two reasons why i am still watchimg-1. Never missed a season besides OTT 2. I cant wait to see these bullies’ faces when they get turned on or booed when evicted?


With the exception of Jessica,Cody and Mark- worst cast EVER in BB history….it is like watching a car wreck. None of the fools left in the house should get $$$. Only two reasons why i am still watchimg-1. Never missed a season besides OTT 2. I cant wait to see these bullies’ faces when they get turned on or booed when evicted?


Alex…..UGH!!!! Vile person. She tells her “ride & die”…”you’re so stupid”. And Jason looks at Alex & says “You’re so smart”!

I can’t even………………………


And when Jason watches the season back and realizes Alex was his downfall… He had a great chance of winning this season if he would NOT have blatantly aligned/agreed with this delusional “all knowing” tough talking idiot. What I do love, even though I detest Paul, is Alex reallllly thinks she is in F-2 with Paul/secret alliance.. Let’s see how that fares out in the next couple of weeks “A-hole”… (Even “Ole” is pissed at Jason!)


Not playing the race card, but I think it’s time a minority, coloured person wins this game. Especially since there was one Asian person to begin with. Go Alex go!!


No! You shouldnt be routing for someone based on ethnicity! I do agree that I would love a more diverse cast! I think it’s ridiculous that casting can only find one or two black people! And they can only cast one gay person!
It’s pathetic because survivor manages to have fairly good diversity in their casting!
But is big brother to afraid to have a gay showmance on the feeds!
Big brother needs to step away from casting wannabe celebs and a token gay, African American and an Asian!
Big brother would be much better if it had similar social experiment themes in survivor!
A blood vs water theme would be pretty cool

Fuck you you fucking fuck

Kevin looks like an old dyke.


I love your name!


If that’s the case you must idolize these f*cktards this season


I think he looks like Katherine Chancellor of Young and the Restless


Most if not all the house guests have 2 clues and 1 is lost and the other is looking for it.

Anti Paul Puppet

Biggest move so far this year… Cody single handedly ruining majority players game, including his own. LOL!


Soooooo, just checking to make sure I’ve got this straight. Mark went to Alex to campaign and the best excuse she could come up with for shutting him down was something about what CODY did??? Really??? In fact, at this point, why make ANY excuses at all?


Omg, just wait until they find out Matt wipes his c*m all over the dish towel and put it back in the kitchen. Matt and Raven deserve each other, both are disgusting!


“Jason – matt and raven are banging in the rose room
Alex – don’t say it, it’s not nice.. they say they aren’t so…”

Hang on hang on…when did Alex start caring about being nice?


Maybe the house guest were offered extra money if they kept Paul in the game. Who ever keeps him in longest gets a prize. So then Paul thinks he played a good game and was controlling everyone. That would mean they really are playing a game and not as stupid as we see them. Ok never mind, I was trying to see the game play in these people but that’s all I can come up with, but I really think they are just idiots.


Yes, because CBS feels bad they had promised Nicole the win last year and ripped it out of Paul’s hands. This is their lame way to make it up to him. Sorry, not sorry, he won’t go down as the best gamer of all time.

Ravens overly made up face

So Raven is accusing Alex of being a scammer? Lmao pot calling kettle black.. she should know about scamming when she is “$200,000 in debt ” for her gastroparesis yet she eats more garbage than anyone in the house.. her constant lies or shall I say exaggerations are just ridiculous.. I hope she gets exposed when she gets evicted and Julie asks her se real questions. And how dare Alex tell Jason he’s stupid!?!?! this cast lacks self awareness


I think Raven is lying about gastrophoresis diagnosis.


Raven – the restaurant she (alex) talks about going to costs $400 dollars .. she eats there..

I guess Raven also uses gofundme money to eat out. How dare Raven talk about what someone spends on food, at least Alex isn’t conning people for money.

Sir Loin of Beef

Raven STFU!

At least Alex doesn’t use a GD garden hose as feeding tube to eat!

Pot calling Raven Black

Cannot believe Raven actually complained about Alex getting implants when she needs money to get her car fixed. Raven had people send her money for medical bills when she got implants and a new car.


Please please please don’t throw the hoh to Raven. I would not be able to bear it…and you know entire house is clueless when it took them this long to realize what a lying attention seeking skank she is


The entire house except Matt can’t stand Raven but asshole Paul knows he can beat her in any comp and the jury would never vote for her. I know there’s not that many likeable people left but she is unbearable she has to go…

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

There is one person onto Raven for sure – Santa Claus. I heard he walked by her and said, ‘Ho Ho Ho.’ lol


Would love to know whose Baby Boy Paul really is. “Follow the Money” generally leads to answers as a rule..
Oh well, Big Brother was an interesting social experiment/show, once upon a time. Thanks for ruining it, ya lazy, recruited, fame-seeking, “look-at-ME!” ‘House guests.’
Us regular folks can’t even buy good entertainment anymore..


I’ll start watching again if and when Alex and Paul are evicted. They all suck, but those two are the worst. Not planning on voting for AFP b/c Production has it all planned and none are deserving imo. Thanks Simon & Dawg for all your hard work in this horrible season.


Am I hallucinating? Did Raven actually say Alex was being a sob story?
I.E She can’t fix her car but got a boob job?
Umm, Pot calling kettle much?


I’m trying to figure out the answer to this, perhaps someone can help:
How can some of these house guests (mostly females) look like they have three months worth of wardrobe, accessories, toiletries, hair care and makeup arrive in Big Brother house with only a medium size duffle bag ??? It looks like they would need 5 pieces of luggage !


Their stuff is in the storage room–the bags r empty

Mel B

Paul says if he gets clipped before final 5 he’ll tell Josh and Christmas everything he knows……

These two people think Paul is on their side…their closest ally. So as Paul’s closest allies shouldn’t he have already shared everything he knows? Either Paul is getting careless with his lies or he thinks he can say anything at this point, and they will believe him.

Jessica's Birth Control

Whether you love or hate Paul, i am sorry haters- HE IS THE ONLY ONE PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!!
For crissakes, they lie in bed fingering the girls and blowing the guys.WTF! You have a chance to win $500,000.
Lay off the nookie and the d@ck and focus on your damn game.
Here is the best quote of the year from the bearded gnome discussing his own eviction:
Paul – somebody’s got a grow a pair at some point!
Nope my man! None of them will grow one nevermind a pair.

Paul walks weird

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww paul is soooooooooo ugly.

The Foosa

Can I get a WTF?! These clowns really need to get back on the short bus and head home…I feel dumber by the day reading these summaries. Not sure how Simon and Dawg endure this complete nonsense….

Paul Really???

Paul, like OJ who did not get prosecuted for the right crime, should win this time because he was cheated by those idiots who gave the win to Nicole just because Paul hurt their little feelings last year. Paul aka “Jim Jones” is serving the Kool-aid and the HG can’t get enough. Such short memories on here!

Brother Utah


Take the first letter of each name and you got this season of Big Brother…crap

While the whole house is stress out (paranoia), look at Mark, happy to leave the Big Brother House. Good guy and his sportsmanship is awesome.


AG is a embarrassing excuse for a producer, she is so out of touch with reality it’s sad. Look at BBCAN or even BBUK they make SHIT interesting and BBUS is just a crinkled up cum rag tossed out on the sidewalk to dry. This season is just shiteous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seems to me that she is lazy. Everything became more formulaic when she took over. Casting, comps, diary rooms, everything. Instead of editing a story together from real people competing , she just has a bunch of wannabe actors kiss ass and read whatever they write for them. You get the stupidest wanna be actors too, because any wannabe actor that has half a brain knows that reality tv is a career killer for most.


I personally like Jason…as a person. As a player he is playing it really dumb. Hell, the guy wrestles bulls for a living, quit being a wuss in the house and grow some stones. Just when he starts to see the reality of what’s going on in the house he either lets Paul talk him out of it or Alex insult him. She is really a b*tch to him and he just sits and takes it and actually agrees with her that he’s stupid. Dude, when your intuition is telling you things, trust It! I would love for him to turn it around and quit pussyfooting and actually make a damn move…with or without Alex behind him. I agree, the most heartwarming moment of the whole season was him hearing from his family. Play the game for them…not for a couple of users that treat you like crap. Your family will be there after all this mess, not Paul and Alex!


Raven is just trash.
Matt is a freeloader.
Christmas is a nasty annoying feminist.
Paul is a bully that gets others to do it for him bc he’s a coward.
Kevin is a creepy guy.
Mark is a fool for ever turning on Cody.
Josh is a crybaby.
Jason wants to do the smart thing, but he’s too worried about pleasing the group he’s in. Big disappointment.


I bet Jason is going to get his ass handed to him by his wife when this show is over. I bet she is freaking out how is being controlled by Alex.