Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Get ready Big Brother fans! After recently wrapping up Big Brother 15 we are now getting ramped up for Big Brother Canada season 2 set to premiere in February 2014. The casting auditions have been taking place across Canada since the beginning of September and will wrap up with the final casting call in Toronto Ontario on October 19th. If you’re planning on submitting a video application you have just under a month to do it as the deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to last 75 days in the big brother Canada house? Are you able to lie, back-stab and manipulate your way to the $100,000 grand prize?

During the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions Andrew Monaghan’s brother Pete tried out to see if he had what it takes to be cast as one of the new house guests.

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Big Brother 15 Interviews, News, Scandals and MORE.. PART 2!

After just over a week since the finale the cast of Big Brother 15 have just begun to digest how the fans viewed their experience inside the BB house over the last 3 months. While some are in denial about their words and actions others have taken ownership of their mistakes and are trying to grow from the experience. Below are a number of new interviews and articles about the cast since they’ve left the Big Brother world.

During the BB15 wrap party a number of the Big Brother Canada season 1 cast joined the party and got mixed up in some of the drama.

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Big Brother 15 – After the FINALE Interviews and MORE.. “I love my job so much and $500,000”

The finale episode of Big Brother 15 concluded last night but the reality of real life outside the house is just now hitting the cast of the most controversial season of Big Brother. After being locked away from the outside world for 3 months the final 3 and jury members are now trying to make sense of how the viewing public perceived their comments and actions inside the house. It is likely going to take time for the cast to grasp the full extent of their action and comments from this social experiment. It is hard to imagine being locked in a house with extreme personalities all competing, lying and backstabbing for the chance to win a half million dollars. With time to reflect and finally see with their own eyes what transpired throughout the season, it will be interesting to see how the cast reacts and which of the house guests own up to their actions. Below is a collection of interviews of the cast that will be added to as more are released.

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Season of No Floaters “In retrospect with this cast it becomes advantageous to be a floater”

10:12pm Amanda and Candice Have nots
Amanda says she knows what Candice is going through because she has someone she cares about in the house to.
Amanda tells her to not sacrifice herself, “Fight to be here for yourself”

Candice says Amanda would feel the same way as her if there was another jewish person in the house and they came to her to support her when people were saying racial things about them. Candice says she had friends and allies in this house and they are supporting the person that said racial, hurtful and nasty things against her. She’s all alone and now she has to fight against the one person that was on her side the on person she cares about.

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Andy says if 3 of the Goof Troop go up he’ll vote out JUDD “He’s playing the most selfish game”

7:16pm Andy and Amanda bedroom
Andy fills her in on his conversation with Spencer. Spencer knows he’s a target but when he gets put up depends on who wins HOH. Andy: “he said if he won HOH he would put up Aaryn and Gm to appease everyone”
Andy brings up that Spencer is upset because he can’t wash the stink of the moving company off of him and he just wants to stick around until he can be part of something again.
Andy says he just sat there and lied to Spencer “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you.. etc etc”
Amanda tells him something he cannot tell anybody even inside the goof troop. Last night JUDD admitted to making up the entire Kaitlin thing. He made up hearing Kaitlin say she was going after Helen when he was in solitary confinement.
JUDD: “I knew it”

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JUDD has secret blood on his hands if he screws Goof Troop all that blood will come to light

5:25pm Cockpit Andy, JUDD and McCrae
JUDD tells them they have to not get too cocky and be too complacent.
JUDD leaves.
MC: “He thinks way long term”
Andy thinks that JUDD wanted Kaitlin gone because he know she wouldn’t vote for him in Jury. Andy is 99% sure that JUDD made everything up about Kaitlin targeting helen to get Kaitlin out.
MC says that right now JUDD is trying to do whatever it takes to get Helen out because he know she won’t vote for him in the end.

Andy says JUDD is closer to Aryn than they all think that is why he wants her in JURY so bad. MC agrees adds that JUDD is trying to stack the Jury to help him.
Andy brings up how Jessie is saying Big Brother will try to f*** things up because they have it all figured out and the game seems it could get boring. MC agrees but he also thinks once they get to Jury it will get pretty exciting as they will have to start taking each other out. MCcrea explains they will have to put JUDD up with Jessie to get Jessie out and Andy up with Helen to get Helen out.

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Spoilers – Amanda tells Candice she won’t campaign against her “B!tch I’m not even on the block yet”

4:25pm Backyard Howard and Candice
Candice tells him that Amanda has been talking to her like she’s on the block. She told Candice she won’t campaign against her, “B!tch i’m not even on the block yet” Candice thinks thy’re plan was to backd**r her all along. Howard says he’s being optimistic says a lot of things can happen between now and Thursday. Spencer adds that Kaitlin was going to stay up until the day before so they never know.
Candice: ‘Kaitlin was never staying.. they got to Aaryn immediately.. they talked about the secret alliance to make her look bad.. I don’t even care anymore honestly.. I’m just not talking to anybody”

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“There’s a dark side to Spencer he hasn’t told us yet.. he’s the biggest vag!na in the world”

11:03pm Aaryn and JUDD havenots
Aaryn says Howard told her if he stays he’s not going to to put her up, “He’s after Amanda and McCrae”
JUDD: ‘He’ll tell you anything”
Aaryn believes that Howard will not put her up
Aaryn: “Spencer is the biggest vag!na in the world.. he’s probably going to do the most b!tch move in the world about put up Me and Ginamarie” (the image above show you her face after she makes that statement)
A: “Like what a loser”
Aaryn mentions how Elissa has promised her safety for next week so she’s kinda hoping ELissa wins it so she can put up Spencer and Candice.
JUDD: ‘The thing with her is she doesn’t appreciate anything people have done for her in the game”
Aaryn says her and Elissa have been friendly to each other for these past couple days then earlier today “They” were making fun of Aaryn’s who voted out David speech.
A: “That speech was fully warranted.. what the hell would you expect..” Aaryn explains that Elissa was saying ‘I would have done that if I Was 16 and Big Brother was the only cool thing I have ever done.”

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Spoilers – Helen says People will do what they ask them to do.. they only need 5 votes to keep Howie

9:33pm Helen and Elissa storage room
Here is my thought the better move is to take out Amanda next week and Howard this week. Helen warns them that Amanda is getting really close to Aaryn. Helen mentions how Amanda now wants Aaryn to stay another week.

Helen says if they keep Howard for Candice she will be loyal to them to the end.
Elissa: “Nobody is going to vote Amanda out”
Helen: “People will do what we ask them to do.. we only need 5 votes”
Helen counts the votes Candice, Spencer, Elissa and Helen, “We will only need Andy, Jessie or JUDD. (She forgets that the Veto is going to be used)
Helen: “I just want to talk about all the options”

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Spoilers “I’m talking about Social Social game.. nobody in here is going to hold my d!** in their hands”

11:28pm Kitchen Spencer calls the house delivers a speech

H: “He guys guys guys may I have your attention”
H: “Irregardless of what happens .. I know it’s a game”
H: “A lot of it man is hard to muster.. When the game interferes with who you are personally”.
H: “I haven’t said one disparaging remark to any of you on a personal level”
H: ‘I respect everybody to the full.. But what’s worth more than winning this game to me is my witness”
He explains that people are saying he’s done or said things that are not true. He blames the people doing this for taking it too personally.
H: “I respect the decisions me and Aaryn talked.. that’s what people do” He tells them he won’t “Politic” against Spencer or the third nominee.
He know Aaryn gave him a chance to play for POV and that is what he’s going to do .
H: “I just ask two things”

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Lets play charades “And I came in with a white jacket over my head with a cone hood”

9:50pm HOH JUDD, Aaryn and Andy
Aaryn tells them that Howard got teary eyed and it cause Jessie to cry.
JUDD: ‘Why he cry”
Aaryn: ‘Umm because he was sad”
JUDD: “you are just a dream crusher ain’t you”
Aaryn: “I really am”
She jokes that JUDD key was last because she wanted him to know how it feels to not have your key pulled until the very end. JUDD syas that is the second time his key was pulled last the first tiem was when McCrae was HOH.
Andy says Elissa thinks he’s the MVP this week. He’s going to joke around with her and pretend like he’s safe. He’ll tell her he’s not nervous about MVP at all tomorrow.. he’s feeling safe this week

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Big Brother Spoilers Candice tells Howard “This is why I hate this season.. nobody stands up”

7:17pm Have nots Howard and Candice
Candice: “Amanda is smiling from ear to ear.. I know they are all praying my name doesn’t get pulled” (Pulled in the veto)
Candice knows Amanda orchestrating this she wants Howard out.
Candice mentions how GM totally f***ed Aaryn over last week and now that Aaryn is in power she’s ki$$ing her a$$. Howard doesn’t seem phased says it’s a game and this is what it is like.
Howard says he nervous for Candice.. “I’m worried.. good will overcome evil”
Candice: “I hate scary fake people.. “
Howard: “Don’t say hate”
Candice: “I disdain scary fake people “
Candice: “I don’t understand she’s not too scared to flip my mattress and make black and white comments.. but she’s scared to put up the person she wants to”
Candice tells him how bad she wants to win HOH. “I would put Amanda and Helen and Backdoor McCrae… and Amanda and McCrae would be sitting their a$$es up there”

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