JUDD has secret blood on his hands if he screws Goof Troop all that blood will come to light

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Big Brother 15 Nip Slip Flash back time stamps HERE

4:52pm Hammock JUDD and Jessie

Jessie going over her conversation with Spencer she told him she won’t put him up if she wins HOH. Jessie just wants to make it to sequesters.
Jessie thinks that Big Brother is going to do something to stir the game up. She feels that “They” have it all figured out and Big Brother doesn’t want that because it’s boring.
JUDD thinks it will happen this week, “Something will happen during the vote.. we have to be prepared for some reason if Howard gets the coup d’etat and McCrae/Helen go up”
JUDD: “Don’t vote out McCrae most importantly . JUDD says they need to vote out Helen because AManda nd MaCrae are more loyal to them.
JUDD thinks Aaryn deserves to go to Jury over Ginamarie. JUDD warns them they have to watch out for Amanda and McCrae the most. Jessie says that Howard and Spencer are not targeting them.


4:56pm Cockpit goof troop
Amanda says that Howard is desperate but she think he may have a power or get one soon because America likes him and the DR talks about him a lot. “What if we did get rid of Candice” They could make a deal with Howard. She thinks this way they can get out of this week without any targets on them.
The rest of the goof troop think Howard must go this week he is too big of a threat.
Amanda thinks if Howard has a power he’ll take her and him off the block. Andy: ‘There’s no way he’s going to do that”
JUDD: “You’re his biggest threat in the game”
Amanda no agrees that sticking to the plan and getting rid of Howard is best. She doesn’t want them to be mad at her for making this up she’s just talking threw all the options.

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:10pm Hammock Jessie and Amanda
Jessie saying if Spencer was smart he would go to Aaryn right now and get her to put up someone that is targeting her next week. Jessie: “He thinks he’s going up until he goes out”. Amanda tells her that Candice and Spencer do like each other when Howard goes both those players will be on their own. Amanda mentions how a side benefit of getting rid of Howard is breaking up the Howard/Candice couple. Candice will be weakened to the point where she’s no effective in the game. Amanda tells her she has the best game in the house the last thing Jessie should be wanting is a HOH. Jessie wants to keep Aaryn longer as long as she knows if it comes down to her and Aaryn they will all choose her. Amanda: ‘Of course.. that’s not even a option”

They argee that getting out Candice is weak she has no pull in the house. Jessie notes that Candice is lost.


5:25pm Cockpit Andy, JUDD and McCrae
JUDD tells them they have to not get too cocky and be too complacent.
JUDD leaves.
MC: “He thinks way long term”
Andy thinks that JUDD wanted Kaitlin gone because he know she wouldn’t vote for him in Jury. Andy is 99% sure that JUDD made everything up about Kaitlin targeting helen to get Kaitlin out.
MC says that right now JUDD is trying to do whatever it takes to get Helen out because he know she won’t vote for him in the end.

Andy says JUDD is closer to Aryn than they all think that is why he wants her in JURY so bad. MC agrees adds that JUDD is trying to stack the Jury to help him.
Andy brings up how Jessie is saying Big Brother will try to f*** things up because they have it all figured out and the game seems it could get boring. MC agrees but he also thinks once they get to Jury it will get pretty exciting as they will have to start taking each other out. MCcrea explains they will have to put JUDD up with Jessie to get Jessie out and Andy up with Helen to get Helen out.

They are kinda worried about JUDD playing on the outskirts. MC says that JUDD has secret blood on his hand so if he screws around with them all that blood will come to light .

Andy asks him what he thinks about the position Andy is in. Andy think she’s in a good post but doesn’t want people to think he’s a floater.
McCrae says there are two types of Floaters the Rachel Reilly type floater and the real type of floater. He says the Rachel Reilly floater is someone who doesn’t win sh!t the real floater is someone who works both sides and is always the swing vote.

MC says if he gets HOH he’ll put up Candice and maybe Spencer or GM.
They both agree they won’t put up Aaryn.

JUDD joins them, Andy says they are going to have to blindside Howard. The other two agree. JUDD says it makes it more fun for the viewers. Andy thinks they are plotting way more than the other side does.


5:57pm Hammock Elissa, Helen, Jessie and Amanda Girls talking about the rumor there is a 9 person Jury. Amanda says McCrae is really into Big brother and he heard rumors that it was a 9 person jury. Helen and Elissa haven’t heard anything about a 9 person jury they hope it’s not true because that would mean after Howard goes they are evicting people into jury.
Amanda says a girl has never beat a guy in final 2. They are trying to figure out who Jordan was up against on Season 11.. Amanda says Jessie is this seasons Jordan.
Elissa tells them about Shelly during season 13 and how her daughter life was threatened. Elissa: “that is my biggest fear my worst nightmare” Helen: “That is insane”


6:05pm Cockpit Spencer and Andy

Spencer saying it was him that wanted to disband the Moving Company and he told Howard and McCrae they needed to cut Jeremy and Nick.

Andy thinks America is picking the 3rd nominations. They have no idea how the editing is going on but Amanda may be shown as a super sexual person which would go down well with the families.
Spencer: “As a man that is attracted to women I am not attracted to a girl that” Spencer thinks Amanda is a 2am girl not a 2pm girl. (2pm girls are girls you want to share a life with 2am girls are girls you just sleep with)
Spencer: ‘I don’t know man I am afraid I will be on a block every week”
A: “Ya”
S: ‘And I can’t win veto every week”
A: ‘Ya”
S: “I have grown very close to you Andy.. because of your friendship and honesty.. if you weren’t here I would be fu***ed up… I know you have my back even when having my back isn’t popular”
Andy says there is a pecking order and Spencer is on the top of it. That is good news because a lot can happen between now and the.
Spencer doesn’t understand what happened to the get out Aaryn and Gm plan. He knows Aaryn winning HOH kinda changed it but still nobody talks about it anymore.
Andy says that next week if Spencer wins HOH everyone will want Aryan and Ginamaire out again.
Spencer: “Then what happens the week after that”
ANdy: “It really depends on who wins HOH”
Spencer: “I’m just waiting for the house to shift” he feels once the house shifts he’ll be in a valuable position because he’s not allied with anyone.

Spencer wants to make it to jury so he can pay of his girlfriends car and buy her an engagement ring.
Elissa joins them

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


6:18pm Aaryn and Helen
Aaryn says that Candice catches on to one thing and blows it up to suit her.
Aaryn thinks Candice is a sweet person but not very good at the game Aaryn doesn’t think they would have any problems with each other outside of the house.
Helen says she was talking to Elissa earlier in the day and Elissa thinks Aaryn is really nice and they blame Candice on bringing up all the racial slurs and making a big deal about it.
Aaryn says the racist things start with Candice, “The whole thing with Elissa probably started with Candice blowing it up to”
Aaryn mention how Candice wanted to work with Aaryn to get Miss Texas. “She would never put her name onto someone she thought was racist.. she takes her coaching seriously.. she legitimately asks me she wanted to coach me for miss Texas because she thinks I can win ”
Aaryn : “She wouldn’t say that is she thought I was racist.. we talked it out I’m not racist”
Aaryn told Candice she never meant any of the things she said in a derogatory way against anyone from a different race.
Aaryn says that Candice accepted what she said, “This was the night of the bed flipping”
Aaryn: “Now I hear her going behind my back saying Aaryn needs to leave because she’s a racist.. after she extended an olive branch and said she knew I wasn’t to my face”

Aaryn is saying that she is very worried about people thinking she is racist, she was crying alone in her bed when she found out Candice was still saying that. Aaryn cried so hard she couldn’t breath. . . She’s fearing for her safety once she gets out because people will think she’s racist when she really isn’t . “If this gets a round I fear for my safety.. I have nightmares about it”
Helen: “Lets just correct it in DR”

Helen: “My own assessment of this is It got blown in your disfavor.. Unfairly to you”
H: “Sometimes we all make comments that people twist to their advantage and if it has to do with race people are going to pull at all the heartstrings with it”
Helen says people make jokes about everything mentions that when she was young people said her last name was made up because people threw pots and pans down the stairs.
This use to offend Helen when she was young but it doesn’t anymore.

Helen adds that in this game people will try and twist thing so bad to make you like bad and them look like an angel.
Helen says she’s sorry that she thought Aaryn was a racist she knows the truth now, “I had a one sided view of you.. now after I get to know you guys I actually liked Kaitlin and I really like Ginamarie”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Man Helen is gonna feel SOOOO STUPID after she gets out of the house and watches those clips of Aaryn and GM making racist remarks about her. I don’t even know what else to say other than…..SMH


Actually think after tonight’s edit Helen looked like more of a racist because of her forcing Aaryn to put up Howard. Her edit was not nice at all and she looked like a mean, hateful bully. Also, Elissa looked like a total bitch in her edit tonight.


CBS”s is now trying to make Elissa look like a bully towards Aaryn. IMO Elissa has been the only consistent player standing up against the bullies, racists etc. and she is paying a heavy price for it. I know she is very stringent once you get on her bad side. But may she has been fooled in the past about giving people second and third chances and got burned real bad.


I think CBS is trying to do damage control with Aaryn, by not letting her get voted out last week, because if they had kept Kaitlen things would have changed in that house and I think the power would have shifted from the other side. It would have been more exciting. I think they’re making Elisa look like the bully toward Aaryn to make Aaryn seem sympathetic and like the victim, but all the editing CBS may do won’t undo what people saw, heard, and believe about Aaryn. And to ruin someone else’s reputation by portraying them as a bully is wrong, because all of a sudden even Helen is trash talking Elisa. CBS is just trying to take some of the heat off of Aaryn, and they are going to leave Aaryn in that house until they think things have calmed down or let her go to jury instead of home. Especially after that comment she made about being scared to leave the house. Big Brother will make sure Aaryn don’t get evicted.

This Season Blows

You’re kidding, right? Rachelissa has yet to get a truly bad edit and never will, considering she’s production’s pet. Production even managed to edit Rachelissa’s meltdown where she threw her alliance under the bus and freaked out on Aaryn to make Aaryn look like the instigator.


Elissa got a bad edit on ‘town hall meeting’. And there was no background to contextualize how that meeting came about other than Aaryn’s DR prefacing it. So I think Aaryn came out miles ahead of Elissa


Helen is full of shit she wants to be everyone friend it is a game.


There is a strong possibility production set it up for the racist to put both blacks on the block for ratings, and to cause more backlash for Aaryn. Yes, she is a racist, but I believe CBS is using her racism for ratings and destroying her at the same time. Why haven’t Julie revealed the other house guest comments on her show The Talk? Julie is smart and made it clear that she took Aaryn’s comments personal, and Julie is destroying this bitch by using Candace and Howard, trust me production could keep them in the house if they wanted to, and view past shows how they got Brandon back in the house for Rachael. Screw you CBS, you are adding fuel to a dangerous fire. America don’t need anymore racial crap, how in the hell can we defend ourselves from other Countries when we have such hate on our own lands? Wake up America!!!! Evil can arrive in any color, gender or religion. Those of you who are saying just get over the racial stuff it’s only a game, well was it a game when so many were killed because of their color or religion? All it takes is for a few to ignore the hatred, than before you know it grows bigger and bigger….behold KKK, Aryan Nation, Black Panthers, Skin Heads etc etc…Howard has never been a big threat, even when he was in the Moving Company, Nick and others had control. They want Howard out for one reason…….THEY FEAR THE BIG BLACK MAN!!!!


I think CBS and Big Brother have reached an all time LOW. This is by far the worst season. If Helen or anyone think the comments Aaryn made are ok just because she’s calmed down is acceptable they’re fooling themselves. A predator or murderer may no longer commit those acts, but that doesn’t change the act of the crime they committed. What’s worse is Aaryn in HER HEART really feels she’s done nothing wrong and for Helen to uphold that is crazy. CBS could have called AAryn into the diary room and told her to cut it out, but they’re only concerned with they’re ratings. To Aaryn’s worries, if something happens to her once she’s out of the house CBS should be held liable, just as CBS should be held liable for allowing Helen, Candace, Howard, and Andy Civil Rights being violated, because those remarks would get you fired on a job and shouldn’t be allowed on tv. The saddest thing of all is they are allowing Aaryn to put up the two black people after making those remarks and aren’t even concern of any backlash towards Aaryn for doing it once she get’s out of the house. Aaryn is wrong 100%, but I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her for it, because she has been allowed to believe 1 her comments aren’t racist, and 2 she can get away with it regardless of how the people she made the comments about feel.


Oh, stop it. She made some comments that came out bad, and she seems to have learned to keep her mouth shut. People in America have been so beaten to death by the p.c. organizations and the general media they now look for racism everywhere they look, even where there isn’t any.

Most of the comments I read here lead me to believe that many people on this blog don’t know what racism really is.

Racism/bigotry occurs in the work place or through police profiling (muslims in nyc) or street beatings or writing swastikas on jewish graves or (bigotry) sex discrimination when it comes to marriage. Not some silly comments by two chicks that are meant to be funny, but fall flat and end up sounding offensive.

What is she supposed to do now? Hide for the rest of her life? Kill herself? At some point, I would hope she tells everyone to F OFF and move on with her life.

Do you know what a true racist/supremacist does? He is proud of his stance or philosophy and is eager to speak about it in full light without fear of any repercussions. Do you see anything like that with Aaryn or GM? Do you see them quoting Nazi verses or talking how repulsive another race is? None of it. They made comments meant as jokes and they came out wrong. Both seem like OK people to me in that regard, just have a drier humor that most. Same goes for Amanda.

It seems to me that if a person as much as alludes to anything having to do with a race not of his or her own these days.. any sort of joke.. it is thought of by some cretins as automatically racist. And here we are.

It’s time to let go of this racism that isn’t really racism junk on BB because it’s really taking attention away from the game.


No you stop it, if CBS didn’t feel her comments were wrong or racist, they never would have put up the warnings, before every show WHICH by the way they never did. Like it or not when she made those comments they were offensive to the people she made them about and each of them said so, even those she didn’t make the comments about felt she was making racist comments. Her comments were so bad she lost her job over it, and her family had to hire someone to repair her image, so instead of saying stop it what should be said is that CBS should have never allowed it to get this bad, because at the end of the day it’s not you or me or anyone that’s posting it’s about Aaryn, and right or wrong it’s her life that is been changed by this, and all you can say is stop it. CBS doesn’t care about Aaryn, they don’t care people are outraged by her comments and how it’s going to affect her life, because if they did when they got the first backlash instead of putting of messages, they should have said something to Aaryn, but no they still have her in the house saying she don’t know what she did wrong, but yet she’s afraid to leave the house. So no don’t stop it, correct it, but regardless if you say offensive remarks that are racist or just simply hurtful most of us have been taught you don’t hide or run from it you apologize for it. If she didn’t think her comments were racist then why not say house you know what I heard I was making racist comments but I don’t feel they were, but if I offended anyone I apologize? Her comments were racist, and they were hateful. Yet I don’t wish her any hard, because again at the end of the day Big Brother didn’t have to air it, and they fish for anything else they could have shown fish to protect Aaryn, but they didn’t and they still aren’t.


CBS are trying to protect their own ass and so is her modeling agency. This is exactly the kind of paranoia I’m talking about. Nobody wants to be associated with this stuff and so the only thing available occurs which is to cut the ties and pile on that one person.

Comments uttered on BB were for the most part insensitive and in likely in bad taste, but not exactly racist.

What you’re doing is buying into the mainstream propaganda because that’s what you’re being told and you’re not willing to examine things for yourself.

Again, I don’t think many people understand what real racism is before jumping at some body’s throat because it’s the ‘thing to do’ all of a sudden.

I started piling on Aaryn over it at some point early on myself, but having looked at what happened closer, I realize now how stupid things have gotten and how stupid it is to continue.


@Goofy. You are joking right? I mean really, you’re pulling our leg…Right?


I ACTUALLY think that Helen gets it that Aaryn just said stupid ignorant racially mean comments but is not really a racist. When you are in college or in your late teens you do say stupid and insensitiue things because you are just dumb and ignorant and open your mouth before you think which is what she did, but people need to look up the description of the word RACIST before you start blowing things out of proportion. Amanda on the other hand who is so desperate to get Howard and Candice out of the house does fit the description and has said really horrible things picture could be attached to the description, and has admitted freely that she is a RACIST!


I agree people say things when they’re young that are stupid, but as time goes by that’s no longer an excuse or reason to be ignorant. Everyone today young and old knows those comments are racist. Even one of Aaryn’s housemates who seem to be on age with her told her of her racist comments and Aaryn brushed it off. It would have been understandable if Aaryn had said it once or one time and apologized for it even if she didn’t see it that way but the idea of knowing you offended someone warranted an apology, but Aaryn kept saying things not just for a day, but for weeks, and here we are almost a month into the show and yet today Aaryn still believes she’s not said one racist word, and being encouraged to believe she hasn’t. She not only said racist comments based on skin color, but she made comments based on ones accent/speech, and sexual preference, that’s not being young, that’s being intentional and hitting where it hurts, She meant to do that. She figured she had a cheering squad and thought it was cute and funny. Kids today are being taught in school to not bully, I would like to know what Aaryn considers her comments, I would like to know what she classifies as racism. Aaryn has a thing with herself that if you call her out on something she deflects by saying well so and so did it or so and so did this or did that as to say her actions are acceptable when thy aren’t. And for Helen or anyone in that house and CBS to allow her to continue really aren’t helping Aaryn or the reputation she has to repair when she gets home, and that’s the sad thing. You want to speak on her being young, well no one there are doing her any favors or seem to be concerned about her future or reputation once she gets home because in the day of internet her image will be ruined for a long time, and even with all the crap she’s said. I wouldn’t want her to start her life out as a young woman this way, but it’s what SHE did to HERSELF and what CBS STILL IS ALLOWING to happen to her.


Sorry to disagree with you there. Aaryn gets no pass on this and the comment about saying stupid things when you are young – not with this generation, at least not when you are talking racial or sexual orientation. People of Aaryn’s generation have been raised on PC. There is absolutely no excuse for this but that it is what is truly in her heart. No school I have ever visited in the past 30 years would accept the things that have come out of her mouth without reprimand.

What is almost worse in my mind is that Helen has so few principles she is willing to turn the other cheek to this behavior. This is an issue that you must stand up for – not matter the cost. Helen has sold her soul and does not deserve to get anything out of this game.


Good god, calm down!! Nobody sold their soul, there is no evil and good side, It’s a freaking game! They are all humans, the human kind make freaking mistakes and nobody is perfect and be sure that some of those people will have the biggest reality check as soon as they are out but It’s still a freaking game!!!


Evidence #1


All or most of the comments made in the house by David, Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, Ginamarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy about Helen, Candice and Howard…..Yeah it’s just a game but you don’t have to be derogatory to play the game. I don’t care how old someone is, you don’t make mistakes like this.

Big Sister

All but Howard, Candice, Elissa, and Jessie should be locked in a room and made to watch this over and over until they admit they are poor excuses for human beings. Helen should have to watch it at least ten times so she can face up to reality where Aaryn is concerned. I wanted to vomit after just a couple of minutes into this. How can Moonves and CBS allow this to go unpunished? I don’t know if I can watch much more of this season and I never thought I would ever feel this way after counting down the days for BB15 to begin. Sick feeling…


This racist controversy..really takes away from the game this year. I don’t care how nice Aaryn becomes…after she said those comments it’s really hard to root for people even if they have excellent game play. This includes people like GM, Amanda, and Spencer. I’ve even added Mcrae to list ( because he said he never heard Aaryn say a racist comment…when he clearly caught her twice). Helen is now on the list…..i understand this is a game and she’s trying to distance herself from Candice to prepare for the the following week…..but don’t comfort Candice one second and say Aaryn is horrible, and then later snuggle up to Aaryn and say Candice blew the situation out of proportion.

Honestly at this point I’m rooting for Nick’s Hat to win Big Brother, or his mug…or his shirt….or his cereal. Basically I rather see an inanimate object win Big Brother than most of these HGs.


I vote for the bear shirt to win. It appears the HG’s might agree with me since they all want to wear it.


Helen is such a LIAR. And to claim she doesn’t smoke because she’s a mom. Give me a break. This woman truly has skeletons in her closet. I know the game consists of lying and that’s ok, but when you stoop so low as to lie on people for NO REASON when no one is asking you anything, you’re volunteering information; that’s one of the worst kind of people to.


Candice may indeed be playing a game…but it’s not going well for her inside the House.

Judd's granny

Oh no! Judd’s gotta make jury. We’re broke!

CBS bigwig

Judd is going to be one meltdown away from a backdoor eviction
over the next few weeks, and seeing how quickly Helen switched
the groundlings over to a 9-0 vote rather than settling for 8-1 or 7-2
i think Judd knows this even as he is brooding over each deep hurt!


I don’t think they are turning on Judd, they are just not sure if they can fully trust him after that kaitlin deal. But I’m honestly believe that they will all stay loyal, as long as judd doesn’t keep pulling shady stuff. Goof troop till the end


So McRae complimented Andy by saying he was the good type of floater? Hand the winnings over to Andy now!

Mr. BiLL

Aaryn,Amanda,McCrae,Andy, They are the backbone of the house and are running the whole show.

Aaryn aka Aryan Nation

Aaryn is delusional. How do you go from apologizing you made racist comments to out right denial?

I dont think Aaryn is a full-blown racist, I think she and her friends are such immature vile people on the inside they dont know any better. Just plain ignorance. Silly Helen soaking this bullsht up. Aaryn did nothing but talk sht about you too, but you’ll see when you leave the House.

Oh and will CBS grow a pair and show the Housguest blaming Howard and Candice for the racism in the House? Seems to be the popular opinion in the House, although everyone on the outside can see it is not true.

Butters Mom

They only liked Judd when they thought he was stupid…. now that he is showing he can think things through…. he’s a threat.

Meat Lovers Pizza

When the super friends wonder powers get deactivated who do you think Andy will side with between Amanda and Helen? What about Judd and by extension Jessie? Personally I think Andy will choose Amanda over Helen but Judd is a toss up depending on his meds. Simon, your input would be appreciated. Thanks!


OMG! I am so sick of Aaryn backtracking and saying she is NOT a racist over and over and over again! She obviously is! Nobody makes those types of comments in day-to-day conversations! Now, she knows that people have picked up on her racist comments, and she’s trying to cover her ass!
And, Amanda needs to go sooner rather than later, but these HG’s are going to pass up on the opportunity to break up the Amanda/McCrae power couple! WTH!

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn is a good person. When she was 8 years old’, she found a bunny with a broken foot and nursed it back to health. A year later she met a hungry man and gave him that bunny.out of the goodness of her heart.


I am reminded of two rather famous (or infamous) men who were kings of denial: Richard Nixon “I am not a crook” and Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with that woman”. Just because you deny something does not mean that it did not happen. Aaryn needs, among other things, sensitivity training and counseling for her denial issues.


Lol o quit acting like clinton was in denial when he wasnt. He was the president of the usa and was scared of the blacklash if he told the truth. He knows the truth and is in nowhere near in denial


I know the majority hates her, but Amanda’s diary room sessions kill me. Loved the clown one!!

La la la

I love Amanda!


You didn’t think it was corny??!?! lol ..but I have to say her edit is pretty good on TV and she is likable …NOT on the feeds though, which are her true colors!


Yes, Amanda gets another good edit. This time Helen looked like the bad guy on TV. And once she threw Elissa under the bus, she lost the Brenchel fans. If the major battle was to be Helen vs. Amanda, CBS is hitching its wagon to Amanda.


They showed Helen telling Aaryn to put up Howard and Spencer. They showed Jessie telling Candice that Helen made a deal with Aaryn, Canidce confronting Helen about that deal and then Helen assuming it was Elissa and telling the goof troop. And they showed her being the one who says that they have to get rid of Elissa.


And they also showed Amanda telling McCrea she loved him and him saying it back.




Amanda’s diary room sessions are , Funny : no…..Awkward/cringe worthy: yes


That DR with the clown was lame!!!! It made me dislike her even more


The clown DR was lame! It made me dislike Amanda even more


They seem corny to me. All of them. I don’t know but Amanda comes across as trying too hard to be funny. As if she’s aware that she’s trying to make a large audience laugh. That’s one thing I have to give to Britney. She was hilarious in the DR and it always seemed like she was talking to her best friend. Another corny one tonight was Judd, with the women’s body part joke. How about no and talk about creeped out. And I seriously can’t believe they made Jessie say that “Officer Have reporting for duty” crap. I would’ve walked straight out of the DR the minute that exited their mouths. I think they are aware that there are no more funny characters this season. Jeremy was a douche but his Cherokee crap was pretty funny because he was so serious when he said it yet sounded so dumb. David was funny but because his IQ was like 10 and his voice was hilarious itself. Not that I want them back but the fact remains that the humor factor is gone this season and they are trying so hard to hold onto it that it looks pathetic. This season is filled with hate and no amount of clown DR sessions and corny jokes are going to make the viewers forget that.


every time i see amandas fake DR crap jokes i want to get a baseball bat and smash my tv into little pieces


Jessie and Judd: The powercouple that never was and never will be.


its just a casual fun flirty friendship

game partners who respect and trust each other


I really do not want Howard to go! Amanda needs to go home..whats up with the house? I do not like this cast..

Butters Mom

Simon, What meds does Judd take?


Judd has said in the past that he takes Adderall and also lorazepam

Adderall is an amphetamine usually prescribed for ADD or ADHD

Lorazepam has many uses including being used for anxiety, sleep, and seizures to name a few

Butters Mom


Helen's Alliance Member

Helen is this season’s Shelly. She’s always preaching holier than thou attitude and talking about not lying and being honest when in reality she’s a big hypocrite and a snake like Shelly (although she also has a pretty decent game like Shelly).


Jessie’s Thought Bubble: Judd’s not my fifth choice. But it was either him or Spencer.


jess got lucky becoming friends with judd, as he is far better for her overall game than david, nick and jeremy

where are those 3 now? oh yeah first 3 out the door

and why would any girl want to be with an ugly wimp like mcvag? you would have to ask his boyfriend aMANda


And Aaryn says, I’m not racist, my best friend was black until my dad sold him…


Blindside Howard? Andy, run that one by me one more time – he’s on the block and is fairly sure he’s leaving.


This year is just full of people not willing to make big moves. It’s sad, disappointing, and pretty boring. Also the mob mentality this season is almost unbearable. How did this Howard hate really start? Amanda constantly reaffirming it, and the others assimilating it into their own mindsets. I don’t even want to get started on Aaryn saying “she’s not a racist, and it’s all Candice’s fault”.


I wish CBS would show the Howard hate. But they probably want the Amanda McCrea showmance on the Amazing Race.


the fix is in


The Howard hate started when the Moving Company tried to target Amanda. This second blow happens when the Moving Company was exposed and he denied and lied being a part from it. To add to that he made allegiance with McCrae and Amanda, THEN made another with Judd, Gina and Kaitlyn. Given the history of how he continuously lie, his faith is sealed inside the game. With him gone I just hope Candice win HOH and get her game together, Howard destroyed and damaged her game. She was pretty aligned with Helen and Elissa until she traded them for him and now she’s pissed of at them for not sticking up for her man. Seriously, Candice get a grip! Haven’t she forgotten that she said she was ready to go down in flames with Howie. This is what she wanted and now she’s angry that the house is giving exactly what she begged for.

This Season Blows

The Howard hate started for three reasons:

1. He’s a physically fit man, and every year, all the floaters in the house get fraidy-scared and try to vote out anyone with muscles early on in the season even though barely any competitions are geared towards physical strength.

2. He’s quiet and doesn’t start unnecessary drama or blather out his every thought, making the rest of the house think he has all sorts of side deals and that he’s a lot better at the game than he actually is.

3. He’s black in a house full of people who are racist at worst, uncomfortable around black people at best.

It’s stupid – but then again, that’s to be expected from the dumbest cast in the history of the show.


spencer, elissa and jess like howard alot


Amanda is indeed a 2am girl. Even to a 2am girl Spencer is a When-Hell-Freezes-Over guy.

Dog Days

Only difference between Amanda and Spencer is that Amanda’s got bigger balls. Both disgusting pond scum.


looks like Aaryn’s parents hired Helen as Aaryns’s political campaign manager to tell America that Aaryn is not a racist. I guess production feels that it will be a great story to have an Asian American bond with a racist. this could be the greatest blindside eviction ever if these players had the balls to vote off Amanda. Amanda is so comfortable right now, that she already has plans to take out the same idiots who ‘s voting to keep her.


I don’t think Howard doesn’t have a special power and it will never happen.


Amanda’s DR session was lame.


It was a waste of a slot better tossed to Andy.


Helen is pretty repulsive.


Everything about Amanda is lame.


Why would she be scared of a John Wayne Gacy doll? He killed men. Oh, I forgot she wears the pants.


As repulsive and untrustworthy as some of the HGs are, I’d rather be stranded on a deserted island with THEM.. than with some of the lunatics who post on this blog.


1984 was driving down the road coming home from work when his girl called him on his cell. Be careful she said there is a lunatic driving down the highway the wrong way. 1984 says what do you mean one, Im seeing hundreds of them.


1984 needs to join team GM and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GM!!!! GO TEAM GM!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!




The *APPLAUSE* was for 1984….(Lurkers post snuck in between)


However your joke was semi-funny Lurker….OK I am done adding to this post!


Watching Howard right now.
He needs to be out of this house, not because I want him out, or the house wants him out.
Just because I do not think he should be there. This environment is not for him.
I think once he is out he will be relieved, all the weight of that house will just drop off of him.
CBS should send him and doofus Spencer on the Amazing Race.
You don’t need to scheme, you just need to haul ass around the world.
I think that would be more fitting for Howard.

PS- I do think if he goes this week he could go into sequester and maybe get a shot to come back.
CBS will think it looks like the right thing to do.


I agree NONAME. This is not the game for Howard. I doubt if CBS brings him back in though it would be nice for him. CBS wouldn’t do it because their scared and that’s not what the house wants…..lol


I could not be any more over this season. It’s officially crossed the threshold of ridiculous and pathetic. CBS is banking on the viewers forgetting who the true Aaryn, hence the “Elissa-villain” thing as they see that at some point their going to have to show Amanda in cahoots with the girl and continuing to show her in a racist light does nothing for the awesome path and story their trying to lay out for their beloved Amanda. Also, I love how they didn’t show Amanda mentioning Howard, with grimy Helen being portrayed as the evil person who masterminded it all. Also notice in the DR, everyone keeps saying “the powers that be” “the higher ups” instead of blatantly saying Amanda and McCrae? Bad for your storyline huh, Grodner?

This Season Blows

Speaking of “crossing the threshold of ridiculous and pathetic,” Brenchel fans like you have been ridiculous and pathetic all season. Rachelissa is not being cast as the villain. She has been handed a rigged twist for most of the game that put all the power on her side of the house. She has been given instructions and told everything that’s happening in the house by production. She was handed a rigged POV last week when she was in severe danger of going home. She flipped out on Aaryn for no reason earlier this week and production made it look like Aaryn started it. Pretty much the only time she’s looked bad on TV was her obnoxiously catty comments about Amanda looking like a stripper, and quite frankly, she didn’t need editing to look bad there.

All of this has been despite the fact that she’s a horrible player who can’t even remember the houseguests’ names after living with them for several weeks. She’s literally been carried through this game because she’s Rachel’s sister. Spare the rest of us your pity party, because the fact is you’re rooting for production’s pet and there’s nothing you can say to convince us otherwise.


Lmao wtf. What a rant for someone who knows nothing. I’m not rooting for anyone this season as the large majority of them are pathetic in one way or another. I’m more so rooting against people. This, for me, is a season of who do I not want to win not vice versa. When I said Elissa was being portrayed as a villain that does not mean I like or love her. I can’t stand her nor her side of the house at the moment. She has done nothing in the game to get the MVP and that I am aware of. I don’t like Brendon or Rachel either. Never have. What an utter fail that assumption was. However, anyone who believes Elissa got the MVP and votes were rigged is just plain crazy. The amount of support she had base on the hate of Aaryn alone is what gave her that MVP and any sane person could see that. The creation of the MVP may have been to her advantage but the votes that came with it were all America. Not that hard to figure out. It’s actually kind of funny how I mentioned Elissa once and you went off on a rampage against her. Awkward actually. That post was nothing more than an anti-Amanda rant that you read far too much into. Try again.

Aaryn's Ex

CBS can we please have more pictures of Aaryn! Aaryn don’t worry about those racial accusations. Your publicist probably already have you set up for a Sean Hannity interview and a Fox News job. You meet all the qualifications. You are cute and blonde, enough said.

Aaryn's Publicist

There is no truth to the comment above.Thank you and good nigh t.


Helen and company deserve to lose if they allow a power couple to stay!!!!! I feel bad for Candice she really thought Helen/Elissa were her friends. She should have realized maybe they had no use for her when they stopped including her in conversations, I am really disappointed in Helen (I guess what would you do for the love of money) I would be like Candice right now to F everyone they all want to be costars to Amanda/Pizza win these people would annoy the poop at of me Candice is trying to hold it together so she does not choke the crap out of Helen. I cannot believe Helen lied on her like that stating Candice bullied her no she stormed of because Candice was right


What was so scummy about it was that it wasn’t even like she was being interrogating and lied about it. She VOLUNTEERED this information and lied on Candice, the only person besides Elissa that was there for her during every one of her little meltdowns. She added on false information to get these people who already hate Candice for personal reasons to hate her even more, knowing that none of them would even go to verify the information but would take her grimy word for it. I’m sorry but that just sickened me. If you jump ship and change alliance that’s one thing but why build upon existing hate? For what reason? It made no sense and just seemed plain old cruel to me.


This has been a tactic of both Helen and Amanda. Screw them over with overt embellishments that are not true and then swoop in and claim to have saved them and they are to reimburse with unquestioning loyalty, the key being unquestioning.

Sad about big brother

Helen is going to feel like such an idiot after she watches the show. I wonder how her kids feel about her beig BFF with the girl who made the rice comment.

What I dislike most is that Amanda and pizza guy have such a feeling of entitlement. The real world is going to slap them in the face when they get out ad she has support his a**.


I continue to be amazed why CBS is pushing the Amanda angle when America put her up as the 3rd nominee. Maybe America really didn’t like the unitard.


Maybe because some of us in America actually want Amanda to stay?
Why do all the Amanda haters think they are the majority?

I want to be entertained, she entertains me. I want her, Andy and Judd to stay as long as possible.

And for everyone here whinging about how lame it all is, no game, gonna stop watching, blah blah….

Have you all considered how frickin’ insane that house is going to be once they get down to JUST
the superfriends/goof troop/knockouts? I for one am looking forward to it.
May the best schemer win, as it should be!

PS- OK, except for Helen, she needs to go. She just talks to much and her hands constantly moving distract me.
I need some JUDD drugs just to keep me chill and focused.

Sad about big brother

Really. We are now blaming Candice for Aaryn’s comments. So does that mean her rice comment was Helen’s fault?

Aaryn's Publicist



Our overly medicated, social media obsessed culture at work. I’m sure Facebook and Twitter has quite a lot of money invested in Big Pharma, and Big Pharma has lots of stock in Big Brother.


Big surge in scripts for ATAVAN and ADDERAL


All Andy does is talk shit about everyone behind their backs. I can’t wait for him to go up on the block.


Aaryn – RACIST but thinks since she hasn’t really said anything racist in the last few minutes, then she’s not. She’s so pretty, everyone should bow down to her and since she’s getting rid of the black people for everyone (Amanda and clueless Helen), then she still isn’t racist and deserves to be on the show. *Sarcasm intended*
Mcrae – You are Amanda’s b*tch and you love it. You have no desire to play the game, the amazon is doing it for you. She strokes your ego as well as your other body parts, no wonder you’re always smiling. Plus she’ll take care of you after the show! Way to go! *Sarcasm intended*
Amanda – RACIST but since she does does it joking, it’s ok. Lies like it comes as easily as breathing. Has the biggest showmance going but let’s get the other showmances out because they are a threat, not hers though, this way she and her puppy will be loved by America because thy are sooo cute together, handj*bs and fingers are so sexy and America is rooting for them to “go all the way!”! Everyone has to listen to her because she has all the power and she’s just so darn funny! *Sarcasm intended*
GM – RACIST but it’s ok because she likes Howie, just not Candice. Must be because she is so much prettier than Candice! And that accent, so hot! Who cares if she couldn’t spell her way out of a paper bag, she’s pretty! Hell, she can’t spell paper bag! Sarcasm intended*
Helen – SO STUPID – Will someone please buy “Super Mom” a clue! Was rooting for ya, now, not so much! Floats to whoever’s in power and bullies when she has it but she’s such a good friend and wants everyone to be BFF’s and wash their hair together and go skipping! Yippee! *Sarcasm intended*
Elissa – SPOILED and CLUELESS – was rooting for you too, but I got over it. I want to stay, I want to leave, just shut up and do one of them! And since you have the best husband and you have such a great life outside BB, feel free to go at any time or you can wait for Helen to do it for you. I don’t think you are a bad person, you’re wishy-washy and easily manipulated and totally not prepared for socializing with the likes of the house guest of BB15.
Candice – You’ve been through a lot of stress in that house but it’s a little too late to start going crazy. You put your faith in the wrong people except the one that truly had your back and you wouldn’t listen to him. You should have been better at this but sometimes the drama did you in, as it is now. You’re a beautiful woman, just not playing a good game.
Howie – You played the game like everyone else and you allowed them to make a fool out of you when you got caught at it. You should have stood up for yourself and played like a beast but you sat back hoping and praying you could get through this somehow. You’re a great guy and don’t deserve all the hatred being spewed at you but unfortunately, unless a miracle happens, your game is done and I will miss you.
Spencer – DISGUSTING – Every time I try to like you, you open your mouth and garbage falls out. I give you props for sticking by Howie, but your female comments are too much. You are trying to play the game now, but I think it’s too little, too late. Thank God for the POV, you may have left if not for that!
Judd – Closet RACIST – Can mumble “loyalty”, just can’t be loyal, dang it. Your word, if it can be understood, isn’t worth the panties Amanda left on the floor that you threw on MC’s bed.
Jessie – FLOATER – You’re going to float right out the door. The bullies, (Amanda, Helen) will get you out before you know it.
Andy – ULTIMATE FLOATER – Except he won’t need a life raft. With all the smoke he blows up everyone’s butt, he’ll just keep on floating on the coattails of whoever is in power. You’re a snake in the grass but you enjoy all the attention you get from the person spilling info and when you repeat said info. If there is justice, this will come back to bite you in your proverbial butt! I rooted for you too but I’m over that as well.

I am so ready for the finale.


Your shady but I love it too the t spot on description I couldn’t have said it better !!!!!!!!!!???????? 1 million thumbs up


Every 1 in the house listen to Helen, Amanda, and Andy always planting seeds


The best thing i saw this season is Amanda Band Aid bra


For: Goofy
You said, “Do you know what a true racist/supremacist does? He is proud of his stance or philosophy and is eager to speak about it in full light without fear of any repercussions.” That is the most False statement I have ever heard to describe a racist. Then what was the white sheets for? There are horrible things that have Been done toward humanity that was not done in the full light. Do one research.


i just saw the show,Pizza boy makes $ 136 every two weeks, man i wish he wins BB15


Howard is the coolest person and doesn’t deserve to be evicted that power couple mcanda need to break up this cast is slow dirfting away and now I don’t know who I want to see in the end !!!!!????????

Johnny (the european one!)

S: “I have grown very close to you Andy.. because of your friendship and honesty.. if you weren’t here I would be fu***ed up… I know you have my back even when having my back isn’t popular”

That’s just the kind of talk that shows what needs fixing in BB.
Spencer knows he’s BSing Andy.
Andy knows Spencer is BSing him
Spencer even knows that Andy knows he’s BSing him.
And Andy knows that Spencer knows that Andy knows he’s BSing him.

Still, “just in case, I don’t want to be the only one not to have sucked up to him as much as humanly possible”, it’s become what you “need to do in BB to improve your chances”.

Remember how Aaryn was the awful racist and how Candice (and to a lesser degree Howard) told everyone she’d be disgusted if anyone voted to keep her in the game? Well, turns out both Candice and Howard voted to keep Aaryn over Kaitlyn. Because in the end, they do what they think helps them out most in this game. Like telling everyone they’re truefully hurt by racist remarks. Like tell people they felt threatened by a bully. Etc.
Candice did probably feel really hurt by what Aaryn said. Still, the possibility of having an advantage in the game meant more to her. So now I just won’t believe Candice when she rants on about how awfully hurt she was. And THAT by itself is very sad, because some of the stuff that was said in this season was pretty terrible.

I meant it seriously when I asked for your guys’ opinion in my “Brainstorming” post a few days ago on what changes could be made to BB to improve the chances of what is being said actually meaning something…

Since those who only watch the CBS shows aren’t caught up into this turmoil of discussions completely void of meaning or truth, I think it should be a change in what the FEED WATCHERS get to see:
I’d suggest BB let us watch the DR sessions, at least like during a “happy hour” every day.
Yup, seriously! I know, ppl say that BB feeds them with lines and information, so BB will never agree to this.
But given how low the show has gotten, BB might actually concede that they need to do something drastical to prevent the whole franchise from ending in the US. Like this, the feed watchers could at least get the HG’s true opinions from time to time, which would actually make their fake discussions more relatable to us, and the HGs more easy to root for.

Any thoughts?


If by some miracle Amanda could be voted out on thursday night that would make my week. House guest remove the scales from off your eyes pleaseeeeeee!!