Lets play charades “And I came in with a white jacket over my head with a cone hood”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Spencer and Howard
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


9:10pm Cockpit Candice and Spencer
Candice: “Who you feeling Spence”
Spencer: “I dunno.. I want that third nominee to be.. you know.. “
Candice: “mmm hmmm.. I have a feeling it’s going to be me”
Spencer: ‘Do you think Elissa will put you up”
Candice doesn’t think Elissa will put her but if it’s anybody from the other side they will. The other side is pretty much the entire house so one of them is bound to win the MVP
Spencer: “I do not know.. I hate being up against Howard”
C: “Yeah it sucks because you’re all buddies..” She hopes the person that goes up is a really big target”
Spencer asks her who she would put up if she got MVP. Candice says someone from the other side not Elissa.
C: “you know hopefully somebody random got it and can put up a really big target”
She tells him about this season being like Big Brother 13
Spencer agrees “Full of chicken sh!ts”

9:23pm Pool table Jessie and Helen
Jessie is talking about all the spare time she has on her hands. She Mentions how earlier today she was sitting down and thought she would start working on her self she thought to herself. “I’m going to try to think while I’m sitting here.. I was thinking the entire time I was sitting there.. “
Helen: ‘On your accomplishments list how much do you have left” .. I didn’t really care to continue listening I doubt helen is either.


9:26pm Spencer and McCrae

McCrae is saying he was trying to get Gm or Elissa put up but the girls wouldn’t accept that. He has no idea what the F**** plan is this week. He thinks Howard is the target. Spencer asks about the MVP. McCrae thinks that it’s boys three week girls three weeks, He Spencer wonders if the MVP is over.

Spencer asks if GM goes up can they save Howard, McCrea doesn’t know says maybe. McCrae tells him to focus on killing the veto he thinks it’s going to be a counting one.


9:50pm HOH JUDD, Aaryn and Andy
Aaryn tells them that Howard got teary eyed and it cause Jessie to cry.
JUDD: ‘Why he cry”
Aaryn: ‘Umm because he was sad”
JUDD: “you are just a dream crusher ain’t you”
Aaryn: “I really am”
She jokes that JUDD key was last because she wanted him to know how it feels to not have your key pulled until the very end. JUDD syas that is the second time his key was pulled last the first tiem was when McCrae was HOH.
Andy says Elissa thinks he’s the MVP this week. He’s going to joke around with her and pretend like he’s safe. He’ll tell her he’s not nervous about MVP at all tomorrow.. he’s feeling safe this week

McCrae asking them what the other side is saying to her when they are campaigning
Aaryn explains they keep telling her there’s bigger fish to fry but they never name names.
McCrae wonders if they are targeting Amanda.
Aaryn says that Elissa tried to flip the house and now her and Candice are working both sides of the house.
McCrea says the other side is a sinking ship, “They don’t have enough people.. even if they come after us”
Aaryn asks if America wins MVP who will go up?
McCrae says it will be Ginamarie
Aaryn wonders if it’s Elissa again. McCrea doesn’t think so he’s sure it’ll be someone from their side but he’s not worried because it’ll most likely be America again. If there is a MVP this week.

They are talking about when Elissa was getting made at McCrae and Andy for “Making fun of her religion” Aaryn says it’s the same as someone calling you a racist. McCrae says after he talked to Elissa about what really happened she told him “I know you guys will never admit to making fun of my religion” McCrae and Andy groan MC: “I wanted to rip my face off”
Andy: “I know you would never admit it but in her mind we did it blatantly in front of her”
JUDD brings up if they were playing charades they will use ripping pages out of a bible and say it was Elissa.
Aaryn: “And I came in with a white jacket over my head with a cone hood”
Everyone howling… (the jokes going around the house is how Candice/Howard were accusing Aaryn to be a racist.)
JUDD asks Andy if he would be mad if he told her that.
Andy: ‘YES”

Amanda and GM join the group They joke around with GM saying that Candice did better in the have nots than her. GM jokingly flips out says there is no way she did. GM goes on a mini rant about Candice saying she has a photographic memory. GM says you don;t have to be a “Blain Surgeon” to do we’ll in that comp. Everyone laughs. GM adds that her head is pounding because of Candice’s voice she’s had to take 4 pills to stop the pain. JUDD thinks the sound of Candice is sweet.

Just more random Candice bashing and GM mispronouncing words.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:45pm HOH GM and Andy

GM: “I thought I knew NICk I just don’t know what the mother f****r was hiding.. I just don’t want him to forget about me”
Andy asks her who she likes and dislikes. She says she likes everyone in the house except for Candice. She didn’t like her since day one. She likes Elissa but didn’t like her getting MVP every week in the beginning. GM also finds JUDD annoying at times but all in all really likes him. She LOVES Helen and everyone else..

Andy tells her she’s Electric. GM says Aaryn is a sweet southern girl with some spunk in her but Cadnice, “Nothing special about her”


10:55pm Making slop balls.

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just goes to show that aaryn was putting on an act and week and deep down she truly is just a mean person




It’s kinda funny that everyone is blaming Howard/Candice for Aaryn’s remarks…almost as if Aaryn saying the remarks are preposterous. What’s going to be hilarious is when these housemates come out NONE of them will be on Aaryn’s side. You hear them say Candice and Howard are annoying now…but they’ll be singing a different tune after they leave… saying they “love” Candice/Howard.


I can’t wait until Aaryn gets booted out of the house & finds out she lost her job & her modelingaagency dropped her racist ass HaHa!! Jokes on you bigot 😀


Typo….Model Agency


Good grief MODELING AGENCY* I just love when auto correct FAILS Anyways I love Big Brother! I’ve watched it religiously since the 1st season :o) How many of you BB Fans watch BB Afterdark on The TV Guide Channel? I personally thought that was a really weird choice of a channel to air BB Afterdark Does anyone know why Showtime no longer airs BB Afterdark?

Aaryn's Ex

Not going to happen. Aaryn will still be in the house long after Howard and Candice are gone. Its a wrap. Aaryn is way hotter then Candice anyway. I want to see eye candy. Everyone should be rooting for Aaryn, she’s hot.


it’s also like saying that the only people who could be offended by her remarks and call her a racist are the black people in the house, that is racist in an of itself – as if people of other races couldn’t possibly take issue with those comments or see her as a racist – oh my goodness, so much wrong with this girl, I really hope she gets help/cultural sensitivity counseling/diversity training – something!!!

They f'd up

They could have gotten rid of aaryn two weeks straight. Oh well…….jeremy could have been a bully as well as kaitlin. But aaryn won the last HOH. So…..production probably may have rigged it




Hahahahaha McPizza!


Finally, at least someone on this site thinks like me…..Geez!

I don’t understand why everyone is so bashing these two. Is it not the object of the game to try anything to get to the end of the game? You have to do WHATEVER it takes to do so. So why is it any worse for Amanda to play like she is than for anyone else who has done anything similar? I would tell you anything you wanted to hear if it meant me getting further in the game. I would tell you I have the best beach in Alaska and you are welcome to come to it, if it meant me going further.

Sure bullying people is bad, but it is in the nature of the game. If you don’t like it don’t sign up for it. There are two ways to play a game like this, do well in the comps and social, Amanda and McCrae have both sides of that coin covered. Amanda has come so close to winning a couple of challenges. And McCrae has done well in a lot of the comps he has been in. The two trivia HoHs he made it to the tie breaking question. That makes them bad players? I think it makes them easily one of the strongest couples in Big Brother history. And if CBS airs any of the ‘wedding’ coming up between Amanda and McCrae, you know damn good and well that the showmance fans of this show will eat it all up and never put those two up as third nom as long as the MVP twist stays as America and stays in place period.

Amanda and McCrae are in the best position in the house, their bad people for that? WTF? And yet people like the Reilly sisters can do no wrong? I couldn’t care less if people like Rachel and Brendon or Elissa or Jeff and Jordan were in the house, if they ain’t on my side the FIRST chance I get to do so, they would all be evicted and out of the house.

Moving Company Liquidators

From Jeremy to BBFAN85 ‘You are upsetting all my fans. These BB players are stealing my moves and the fact that they are plagiarizing my game is not acceptable. By not attributing these ‘bullying game moves’ to me in your comments, is an infringement as per my counsel. To ALL MY FANS, on this thread please do not give up on Howard and the Moving Company. I am begging the producers to give me a second chance. I have promised to go FULL SHIRT-ON for the remainder of the game and will promise you will not see my $12.99 tattoos at any point during the show. XOXO.’

Jokes on You

I can’t wait until all the houseguests go back and watch the comments Aaryn made about Helen which none of them know about. Flipping the script and making Howard and Candice look like the bad guys in this situation is so ridiculous. I really hope CBS airs all of this.

M to the B

I am so sick of the trash talk. The other season had trash talk but damn least it was funny these bums say it to be mean.


We go from bashing Elissa to bashing Candice? I’m sick of these house guests constantly making fun of people, the same reasons they find some of the other people annoying, the viewers find them annoying for as well. I just want somehow Amanda get blind sided tomorrow with the Nom and Thursday with the Eviction.


I’m trying to wrap my head around what these polls mean. I mean how does Amanda poll 3rd in votes as favorite HG and then poll first in who is desired to be the 3rd nominee? Or even better how does Elissa poll first as favorite HG and second in who is desired to be the 3rd nominee. I guess what this means is that Elissa or Amanda are completely polarizing HGs. You either like them or hate them.


It’s pretty straightforward and is very similar to why Elissa goes from the MVP to the MVP nominee.

In a positive poll, If a 1/3 of the audience loves Amanda…then that means 2/3 are up for grabs and can spread to any number of people.

In a negative election, there are 2/3 that don’t love Amanda and given her current preeminent position those 2/3 (who like other HG’s better) are more likely to concentrate on her.

You basically answered your own question with that last sentence. The higher profile a player has within the game, especially the amount of power they wield to shape the game will invariably divide the audience. It easy to say somebody like Jessie is a take her or leave her player…but let her start bullying the house into following her every whim or get 3 straight MVP which control the game and I guarantee she will be just as polarizing as Elissa and Amanda.


Spot on, and have you noticed that the negative comments for Elisa have diminished since she is no longer winning the MVP.


Except for being two votes with McCrea, Amanda is no more influencial in this alliance than Helen, Elissa, Andy, or Judd. She didn’t get Elissa to put up Howard, didn’t get Helen to put him up instead of Jeremy. Judd didn’t put up him up. She is still working with these people, so how is she bullying people to do her bidding or running the house? She just really wants Howard out, which is perfectly logical, and talks about it too much. She is a big personality and people don’t like her for their own reasons, but this bully or running the show argument is good in house where you lie and exaggerate, but not really necessary here. If she were put up as MVP she will need to get Helen to see that she is a sheild for her, because Helen is perceived as the next big threat in that group after Amanda, not McCrea. And yes, Amanda is my favourite player! She’s made me laugh since day one.

They f'd up

Is arryns HOH ROOM whites only?

Aaryn's Ex

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. The player is just playing by the rules of the game. Howard and Candice are not tough enough for the game. The game evicts bad players. Aaryn understands the game. See ya!


Pretty disgusting how the house has managed to turn Around Aaryn’s racist remarks to somehow make itseem like Howard/Candice did something wrong. This season, I have no favorites, just people who I don’t hate.

Over it

And they’re making elissa look more and more palatable by the day. I’m really starting to hope her, Candice, and Howard join forces and self evict…just to deprive these people of the chance to evict them. Blegh. I’m afraid too that things are only going to get worse for them if Amanda goes up on the block. They’re all saying America is the MVP, but I honestly don’t think that any of them think
America would put Amanda up…which is bad news for Elissa, Candice, Howard and possibly Helen. Might be an opportunity for Spencer though. Which again, blegh.

On a side note however – interesting how fast Aaryn seems to be replacing Helen in the “in-crowd.” Pretty sure the writing is on the wall for Helen. But I think she’s too dumb to see it. : )


Why do I imagine you were on here last week saying how everybody was gravitating towards Judd and he was going to take a more prominent spot in the game…

Aaryn is HOH. Everybody is going to laugh at her jokes and make her feel like the belle of the ball…and as soon as the veto ceremony ends, she will go right back to being a spoke in the wheel.

Helen is in a fine position. I can’t stand her…but if you gave me the opportunity to jump into anybody’s position in the house, she’d be my choice. As soon as Howard is gone, she will only need to remind Judd, Jessie, Aaryn, Elissa, Candice, and Spencer of their previously expressed worry that Amanda was running the game. Amanda has been the big game hunter, taking out all the real players…and once all the real players are gone, Amanda will become the big game. And the best part is Amanda and McCrea will get totally blindsided by it.


If those three self-evicted it would make epic. It’s probably a good thing they don’t know in totality what these people are saying . But I’m sure you can feel “it” in the air.


I don’t think I can take this season anymore. the feeds tonight was outright disgusting. this is not looking good for CBS and the BB franchise. it wouldn’t surprise me if they lose commercial sponsorship from all the hatred being spewed. I’ve watched BB since season one and I’ve seen a few players cross the line in certain situations, but I have never seen a group of players react like these idiots, who constantly bash a player that didn’t do anything personal to them. correct me if I’m wrong, but has Candice said or did something personal away from the game against Amanda, MC, GM, Judd, Aaryn and Andy? Candice has been playing very consistent in how the game is supposed to be played. is there a rule that says Candice can’t maneuver her position and try and work out a deal with other players? Candice is using strategy and for some odd reason these players have some disturbing personal hatred for her. the sad thing about all this, no one and I mean NO ONE has come to defend Candice. I thought Andy and Jess had at least some type of compassion and at least make some type of attempt to intervene and put a stop to some of the personal attacks, but they join right and add their own hate toward Candice. I like drama in the BB house, but this is appalling and a very disturbing form of entertainment. CBS and Allison Grodner should be embarrassed and be punished for letting this type of behavior taking place.


Are you trying to say that Candice has never said anything bad? PUH-LEASE!!! She talks shit about people all the time…she has talked shit about Amanda, about Jessie, about GM, about Aaryn, about Jeremy, about Spencer…need I go on? Now granted, she might not use racial slurs like Aaryn (which is reprehensible) but she isn’t above making comments just to be hateful. So don’t play it off as she is a saint.

Now, talking shit isn’t a personal quality that I value in my friends and family…it’s not morally respectful in real life…but this is a game. Let’s not forget. People like Amanda may be hated for what she does (more for what she says) but this is her gameplay…like it or hate it…she’s playing her game. Nobody can say that anyone controls her decisions. She controls others…and that is nobody’s fault but the one’s that are too scared to do it themselves and continue to allow it to happen. I just don’t understand why people hate on someone for being controlling when they are afraid to do it themselves. Amanda uses people, she controls people, she manipulates and threatens a bit…that’s the game of BB…and at least she can say that she wasn’t afraid to play it.


first of all, if you read what I wrote, I’m saying Candice is not making personal or derogatory statements towards anyone in the house that even comes close to shit they are throwing at her. everyone talks shit about each other in the BB house, but this has gone way out of line. I don’t know what you’re watching but on the feeds it’s become hours upon hours of hatred towards Candice. as the game went by, minutes turned into hours,hours turned into days and days turned into weeks of the same BS from Amanda you call “GAME PLAY”. it’s not game play from Amanda, it’s 100% HATRED. she is a classless self serving psycho spending summer vacation in the BB house with MC. even if you think it’s game play, she will go down as one of the dumbest players in BB history for defending and excusing the racist remarks from Aaryn.


Oh my god- this is the most relevant comment! i agree with you 100%. i feel like production is letting this happen just for the publicity. this is outright disgusting and horrible.


Aaryn’s not a racist… said no one ever


Pretty sure GM and Amanda and Jeremy and Spencer said that.


Except for Aaryn.


Let me explain this to you folks (in case a couple of you are in the dark):

Assume 40% of America likes Elissa.

Assume 40% of America DISLIKES Elissa.

Assume 20% is Elissa indifferent.

When America votes for a player to have MVP powers, Elissa wins due to the fact that 40% of the fan base likes her. … The other 60% of America divides their votes among the approximately 10 other houseguests, allowing Elissa a comfortable win.

When America votes for a player to be nominated for eviction directly via the MVP voting ‘twist’, Elissa is, again, chosen due to the fact that her her dislike percentage is quite high (approximately as high as her like percentage). During this type of voting twist, the 40% of Americans who like Elissa invariably divide their votes among the other houseguests, leaving Elissa critically vulnerable.

Some people think it’s 100% illogical that a special power would alternately favor and disfavor the SAME person. In fact, these types of outcomes are 100% logical, especially when a polarizing character similar to Elissa exists.

Now, if all of Elissa’s fans were able to communicate with each other and vote for the SAME person to be nominated for eviction via the MVP power twist, Elissa would likely be spared. But this type of perfect communication and collective voting is, in reality, NOT possible.

Elissa may or may not be America’s nomination choice again this week, but do not be surprised if she is. … And, if she is, do not assume that America must have failed, once again, to understand what power they were, in fact, voting for.


don’t be surprised if Production knows it”s a better storyline to place Amanda on the block.


If only such a beautiful dream were possible. I voted 10x at least.


for sure. they aren’t stupid. they know how much this would shake up that house. it would be one of the best weeks of the season. and could lead to some epic fights and future weeks.


Aaryns an idiot last week they offered kaitlin safety and were her buddy but now where is she. I’ve watched every season and this one is by far my least favorite and now that I finally finished big brother canada today its going to be a sad summer but I hope it at least gets interesting after superfriends eliminates the other side and there is no more mvp


For the last five seasons, I always reach a point where I’m over/bored/annoyed by the poor casting and lame players and that’s when I go re-watch a past season.

This will be the earliest I abandon ship if Howard goes this week. I’m just trying to decide if I want to finally re-watch Dan’s win or go back to old reliable in All Stars.


I love season 10 but of course im bias because Dan is my big brother idol season 4 is my 2nd favorite and all stars is a great one also i really hope they do another one


I’m sad I missed big brother Canada while it was live it was a great season and would have been better with Simon and Dawgs updates. My thoughts on the season were
1.The house is much nicer then the American one.
2. These people really came to play (in the beginning)
3. I feel some of the twists were unfair like them revealing topaz’s strategy, having an elimination with no veto and bringing someone back with so few people left.
4.At the end Peter and Alec went from genius to idiots voting to keep Andrew was a horrible move but I think Peter not saving Topaz was the biggest mistake of the season.
5. Topaz is a moron but thank god she was because Jillian deserved to win much more then Gary did. Gary had an unfair advantage and Jillian also was a competition beast, was in a showmance and still managed to stay off the block the entire season that is amazing that she kept the target off her and I was disappointed in Alec and Peter for being bitter and not voting for her despite the fact she was clearly the superior player.


Topaz was ignorant….she said she was 150% sure who she picked……..she slept all day and did fûck all….gary would have won if it wasnt for her…she was a saboteur. Also peter was a punk ass bîtch who couldnt win a comp until there was 6 people left and thought he ran the house…the only reason he wasnt voted out sooner was cause he is a nerdy wimp and also has the diet of a raccoon and is allergic to salad. I mean seriously what human cant eat a salad,,,,


Yea the house was much nicer however, Jillian did not deserve to win.


U think next season CBS will put like a Asian male and two asian girls with 3 gay n lesbian n blacks so more diversity to appease fans n sponsors ?


Im not a huge Candice fan but the way they were talking about her was not cool. I have not seen anything she has done that would warrant a bash session like the one they just gave her. I felt kinda sick watching it.


The number of times I’ve felt nauseated listening to the vile and venom (especially the racism) has been too many times to count. I’m no angel, but I just don’t know anybody who takes this much pleasure in just being vicious and classless. I guess we can only hope that once they all go home and watch themselves on TV, that they sit down, look in the mirror, and really re-examine who they are as people.

And keep in mind, if I knew cameras were on me, I’d be on my best behavior…what if they feel the same way and this is their best behavior?


Am I the only one who HATES GM’s cackle laugh?


Jeremy was at a bar Woodrows in Houston tonight. Saw him there with some dude. Pretty random lol


Too bad he was not with katlyn lol


Kaitlin is in Vegas. $500/hr


Did you discover his Cherokee charm and make out with him…


Daaaamn. STILL racist comments and bashing going on? These people are shallow. Lowest of the low. I don’t understand why they can’t stop the HATE coming out of their mouths!

I agree with everyone, there is not a single person that I actually like in the house. Maybe Jessie. I wish she’d step up her game though. She’s doing very well laying super low and letting everyone else have the drama. I believe she’ll come back to fight harder when it matters for her. Being a floater is also a strategic move as well. Why do anything when you’re flying so low under the radar at the moment? I like that she’s also genuine. She’s the most deserving of the money at this point.

Andy is just hilarious. He is so using the friendly gay boy stereotype to his advantage. Not his fault that everybody trusts him to a dangerous extent. They’re the idiots. He has literally ratted out every single person in the house and has still managed to stay clear of danger for himself til now. That’s brilliant! You go, kid!

All this time I am still rooting for Elissa! I remember Rachel had her crying fits early on about everyone not liking her and being against her and blah blah. But then it turned into steam and motivation for her to start winning and kicking their asses! I am still praying that Elissa can do the same. Come on girl, where is your Reilly fire?!

Howard, maybe. He can stay so long as it doesn’t make Elissa go home.

The rest I can do without. I guess I am pulling for the “floaters” but more like the underdogs! If you were in the house and not a target, you would do the same thing! Like I said, being a floater isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as they fight when it matters for them.


i agree about jess – i hope she wins – she is a genuinely respectful, classy, nice girl


GM is all of a sudden a mafioso capo. I thought I was hearing Joe Pesci when GM was giving the “I hate rats”and “swimming with the fishes” talk. to no surprise the conversation went from that to Nick. if you’re reading this Nick, move out the country. you’re not safe having this fatal attraction broad coming out the BB house.


GM: YOU think I’m funny? NICK: what?



Andy and GM say VETO weird….listen to them sometime….VEE-toe (Emphasis on the VEE)


I love it when GM talks smack on Candace. While she thinks she is so special for working on pageants, I wonder if she realizes Candace was Miss Louisiana and competed in Miss USA/ America or whatever it is, prior to becoming a Saints cheerleader. Enough with the haterade already. Maybe she should be asking for professional advice


GM doesn’t even have a job anymore, she got fired 3 weeks ago… Lol


Gm no longer has a profession so even if she wasn’t so ignorant and actually asked for professional advice it’d be pointless


Can someone tell me what racist remarks Aaryn made to or about Candice and Howard. I know she was reciting the comic’s piece about Asian nail salons, but what did she say racist about Candice and Howard? I watch the feeds and read the blogs but I have not found anything other than what Aaryn said about Asians. I can’t find what she said about black people. Can anyone tell me?


She said “Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not see that bitch”, which would techinically be true of anyone if you were in the dark, and Candice repeatedly said Aaryn said something about the white fish are at the top of the fish tank and the black fish are at the bottom where they belong, but what I heard was at July 9 2:42pm Cam 1. Candice also went on and on about how Aaryn was trying not to feed the black fish, but I couldn’t ever find anything on the feeds showing Aaryn or anyone else saying that.

Oh yeah, and the “What you gonna do girl, what you gonna do?” comment was made after Candice had spent 10 minutes putting on a show just outside the bedroom door about all of things Shaniqua was going to do to the one’s in the bedroom now that she was in power. Candice was saying she was going to go in the bedroom and claim her bed and she was going to bang pans all night, so Aaryn turned her mattress on it’s side. A few minutes later Candice came in and saw her bed on its side and said If somebody touches my bed again all hell is going to break loose, and Aaryn called ‘Shaniqua’s” bluff by saying What you gonna do, girl, What you gonna do? (I would have done the same thing if I had overheard what someone was going to do to me and then they came at me.) Of course, Candice backed down when her bluff was called, but as soon as Howard walks in she ramps every up and starts yelling and tries to get him involved. After Howard picked Candice up and took her out of the room the whole “They attacked me because I’m black” thing took shape and Candice has beaten that dead horse from time to time ever since.

I just think Aaryn is a bitchy little mean girl and everything she says is magnified 10,000 times. Just look at how the viewing public reacts to everything Aaryn says while no one says anything about GM. GM has said a ton of things about black people, but since she’s not a bitchy little mean girl, she gets a free pass. If you have the feeds, watch July 9 2:42pm Cam 1 and you’ll see who makes the racist comments.


You must be the publicist that Aaron’s Mom hired. The spin you are trying to put on these incidents isn’t what I saw.


What you saw was what I saw and then you read a bunch of comments on various websites that talked about how racist and misogynistic 6 or 7 of the house guests were and then mob mentality took over and the whole situation took on a life of its own. Somewhere along the line GinaMarie and most of the rest of the 6 or 7 racist misogynistic house guests dropped off of everyone’s radar, and the one with the 24/7 bitch-face is tagged as the worst person in the history of mankind. Meanwhile Howard is swearing on the bible (July 13 12:35 am Cam 1), which the scriptures say not to do, and he uses every 4 letter word in the book, which the scriptures also say not to do, but no one inside or outside of the house has called him on it, not even Candice’s mother and her church that’s boycotting Big Brother. It’s really sad when dummying up some fish racism is considered worse than spitting in Jesus’ face.


That’s what I thought. Aaryn is the mean girl and that is why they pin everything on her. The feeding the fish thing was not about feeding a certain colored fish. Aaryn said, should I feed one less fish everytime someone gets evicted. I do think Candice is trying to make this more about race than it is.


Aaryn did not say black fish are on the bottom where they belong. She said white fish are swimming at the top and black fish are swimming at the bottom, are the fish trying to be segregated? Someone else said segregated first and Aaryn repeated it. She never said not to feed the black ones. Aaryn is a real brat but she is being accused of things she didn’t do.


they need to stop telling each other EVERYTHING. the entire house is full of scared flippers. they will bash elisa to kingdom come, and not at all realize they need to USE her and not sit there and just bash her.

it sucks because I finally found someone playing the game who might come up with a good gameplan or might throw in a vote here or there to mess with things(howard) and now he is the target of the darn house.

sure hope Amanda gets nominated.

I hate these guys

Somethings never change.


I think Aaryn is a passive aggressive narcissist and generallly just a rude, spiteful, horribly maladjusted person. Even calling her a “racist” is an insult to racists. At least racists know that they are offending people.

Aaryn’s “accidental racism” is arguably even more hurtful in that she denies all acknowledgement of her offensive behavior and takes no responsibility for it. If there were no people of color in the house I believe she still would have revealed herself to be an awful human being.

I hate these guys

When is CBS going to man up and show the Houseguest blaming the racism on Howard and Candice?

Charlie Hustle

To be fair, the logic is somewhat sound. If there were no black people, racists wouldn’t have a problem with black people. So in a way, black people are responsible for, for being.


To be fair, your a true ignorant jerk.


This comment was disgusting and there was nothing logically sound behind it. I really don’t care what your intentions behind it were, that was horrible delivery.



May I suggest that you add “None of the Above” to your favorite BB player? Just a thought.


GM is CLEARLY jealous of Candice, because the only way GM gets work is if she uses that “deep throat” talent she has, and when she’s evicted and finds out she was fired, she’ll be doing that again to get work.