Andy says if 3 of the Goof Troop go up he’ll vote out JUDD “He’s playing the most selfish game”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


7:04pm Cockpit Helen and Howard

He is apologizing for Candice says him and her getting close was not a game thing it was personal. Once they started spending time together they hit it off.

Helen interrupts him says she wants to go put on some makeup.

Helen: “on a personal level you are my favorite people I love you.. You Andy and Spencer will be my guy friends in the house.. I have heard a ton of things from people.. I always put that aside because I like you I like spending time with you”

Howard says him being quiet has hurt his game but, “Just because I am quiet it doesn’t mean I’m plotting against you”

Howard says she’s hearing it from his mouth he was never coming after her, Elissa and Andy. When she gets out of this house she’ll know the truth he was never once targeting those three people.
Helen: ‘Are you telling me you and Kaitlin were never allied”
Howard says no he explains how they were hanging out one night and Kaitlin approached them. He wouldn’t allie with people on the block.
Helen: ‘Well you know.. thank you for that.. from a personal standpoint”

Helen goes on about how Candice attacked her and threatened her last night, “Is she really my friend if she talks to me like that”
Helen says she doesn’t hold grudges against people so she’s not mad at Candice anymore. “I’m sorry Candice feels bad but she’s probably realising that was a ugly conversation. “ (the oncveration late last night)
Helen tells him if he can find out who the MVP is it will help him because right now everyone thinks it’s him.

Helen: ‘i love you dearly I hope you stay and if you stay win a compeition and put up who needs to be put up”
Helen: “OK.. I’m voting with the house.. OK and if the house wants to keep you OK then i’ll vote to keep you OK” (When helen lies she says OK OK OK OK it’s crazy obvious)

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:16pm Andy and Amanda bedroom
Andy fills her in on his conversation with Spencer. Spencer knows he’s a target but when he gets put up depends on who wins HOH. Andy: “he said if he won HOH he would put up Aaryn and Gm to appease everyone”
Andy brings up that Spencer is upset because he can’t wash the stink of the moving company off of him and he just wants to stick around until he can be part of something again.
Andy says he just sat there and lied to Spencer “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you.. etc etc”
Amanda tells him something he cannot tell anybody even inside the goof troop. Last night JUDD admitted to making up the entire Kaitlin thing. He made up hearing Kaitlin say she was going after Helen when he was in solitary confinement.
JUDD: “I knew it”
Amanda: “he doesn’t want anyone to know because it will ruin his game”
She’s worried that JUDD is thinking really far ahead. Andy agrees says that JUDD is preparing the jury to be against him and for JUDD.
Amanda: “Against me to”
Andy saying JUDD wants Helen out and he wants Helen to stay. Amanda agrees.
Amanda: ‘He’s going to get me out to”
Andy: “I am all for going to the end with JUDD.. I’m loyal.. but i’m not going to give him everything he wants along the way.
Andy wants Spencer and Helen in jury.
Amanda says they have to keep Jessie for awhile but not too long so that she will knock one of them out.
Amanda: “We need to keep Aaryn here longer than Jessie”
Andy: ‘ya”
Amanda: “I haven’t even told McCrae that.. I think it’s too early to talk about final 2”
Andy says he will look at final four with the strategy of going against someone he can beat and that is who he will want to take.
Amanda is worried that Jessie is making JUDD stronger, she suspects that JUDD will try to break up the couples.

Andy: “Out of all of us he’s playing the most selfish game”
Amanda is a bit worried after hearing about JUDD’s lie because even when she does a shady move she tells the goof troop. Andy thinks JUDD is playing a smart game but not as smart as he thinks he is.
Amanda says JUDD confines in McCrae & McCrae confines in her and she confines to Andy.
Andy says if JUDD turns on them he’ll rat JUDD out in a second.. Amanda agrees adds that she doesn’t feel that solid about JUDD.
Amanda: “He’s a lot smarter than he makes himself out to be”
Andy: “We’re smarter”

Andy brings up that Helen is getting worried about Aaryn and Jessie getting close. Helen plan to try and keep Aaryn as close as possible

Andy brings up the possibility that Aaryn, Jessie and JUDD will get together and do something. Amanda doesn’t think so Aaryn is closer to her than she is to anyone else in the house.
Amanda: ‘If I told her to put up you and Jessie she would have done it”

Andy and Amanda agree JUDD will be the first one to cut if they have to choose between someone in the goof troop.
Amanda brings up that JUDD told her flat out he wouldn’t want to be in the final 2 with her.
Amanda says she likes Jessie but she’s the type of person that makes it to final 3 and does nothing.
Jessie comes in.. tells them that Elissa was going off in the hammock saying how if Aaryn makes it to Jury she will flip out. Jessie: ‘Ginamarie was right there”
Amanda: ‘What the hell is wrong with her.. she kept her off the block.. she f**** hates Aaryn”

Andy: “I’m telling you she’s a robot and she’s programmed to hate Aaryn”


8:22pm Storage room Howard and Spencer

Spencer is saying that Candice is going up tomorrow and everyone thinks she is going to have a melt down.
Howard says she already is.
Spencer wants to make sure Howard doesn’t think he’s being rude because he’s been doing his own thing today. Spencer keeps telling him he thinks Howard is good this week. Wednesday he should start trying to make some deals.


8:10pm- 8:40pm Nail Party

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:40pm Last few guys in teh house milling around making food. Howard had offered to make the girls cookies

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What is it with these morons complaining about playing selfish. If they win are the going to divide their winnings amongst all members of their alliance? BB is not a team sport. They are not a member of a collective. As if Amanda, McCrae and Andy haven’t played selfishly. They have ONLY done things that benefit themselves. They don’t give a damn about other people in their so-called alliance. I am truly disappointed that there are so many weak players that they do not have the guts to take out Amanda this week and choose to evict a player who has only 2 people protecting him. What a bunch of losers.


I agree with you I’ve never seen a season where people were more interested in doing what “the house” wanted over what was best for them and “the ouse” is always amanda…..these are some of the weakest players in bb history and the mvp twist has done nothing but make the weak players stronger (they can nominate without winning anything)


Your always So freaking hateful, your comments suck, your as bitchy as all of them by calling them morons, just stop watching!


Simple solutions incorproated – if you hate the people on this show, stop watching it?


candace’s entitlement is showing. when things dont go her way instead of fighting harder she just says ‘f*** this game’, remember the chick who threw her mike in the pool and got kicked out? plenty of people have pulled themselves back from oblivion-Dan for instance. stop acting spoiled cause things dont just fall in your lap and start PLAYING.


Candice is no Chima!!!!!


I think these women are consumed by jealousy where Candice is concerned. I consider myself a pretty strong person but I can’t say how I would hold up-what with Aaryn’s BS and then having to watch her received back into the fold? I would probably have a meltdown. The only hope I have for Candice right now is that before she leaves the house that she schools these low rent bitches.


I don’t think people are comprehending what she is up against. The girls at the moment do not like her and that’s all from a personal standpoint. I mean literally despise the woman. They hate her down to her voice. Aaryn said she blocks out whatever Candice says. Talking to them is like talking to a blank wall. They don’t care for her. She could massage each one of their funky dirty feet and they would still have hate towards her. A lot of these people have formulated their opinion of her from day one and the hate has simply manifested from there; most of it with no true reasoning at all. Those that gave her a chance have now had their mind warped by the others. Her campaigning or trying to create deals would do nothing. These girls would simply run back to one another and cackle about how she begged or cry about how she threatened them. I don’t blame her for just distancing herself. Even the girls she thought were there for her can’t stand her now (for whatever made up reason). It truly would be a lost cause and she knows this.


To add on: It would be different if these people had a mind of their own. But for some reason, if she attempts to make a deal with one person, that person tells the next person who tells the next person who tells Amanda, who then quickly shuts the entire idea down. She was right. This season is full of weak people who are afraid of making big moves. She could promise them the world but if Amanda doesn’t agree it doesn’t happen and I’m pretty sure Amanda isn’t agreeing to her eviction any time soon.


I kind of liked Candice in the beginning, but now she just whines too much. And if she asks Howie if he will take her on a date one more time I am going to pull my hair out. She is so annoying right now.


is it true the Elissa went on a rant about Aaren being in jury …or was it exaggerated … I have never seen such a bunch of caddy women in my life .. I don’t think any of them would know the truth if it came out of their own mouths .. must be a short some where between the ears and their cell dead brains .. lol


The target must be kept on Elissa.


Aaryn – RACIST but thinks since she hasn’t really said anything racist in the last few minutes, then she’s not. She’s so pretty, everyone should bow down to her and since she’s getting rid of the black people for everyone (Amanda and clueless Helen), then she still isn’t racist and deserves to be on the show. *Sarcasm intended*
Mcrae – You are Amanda’s b*tch and you love it. You have no desire to play the game, the amazon is doing it for you. She strokes your ego as well as your other body parts, no wonder you’re always smiling. Plus she’ll take care of you after the show! Way to go! *Sarcasm intended*
Amanda – RACIST but since she does does it joking, it’s ok. Lies like it comes as easily as breathing. Has the biggest showmance going but let’s get the other showmances out because they are a threat, not hers though, this way she and her puppy will be loved by America because thy are sooo cute together, handj*bs and fingers are so sexy and America is rooting for them to “go all the way!”! Everyone has to listen to her because she has all the power and she’s just so darn funny! *Sarcasm intended*
GM – RACIST but it’s ok because she likes Howie, just not Candice. Must be because she is so much prettier than Candice! And that accent, so hot! Who cares if she couldn’t spell her way out of a paper bag, she’s pretty! Hell, she can’t spell paper bag! Sarcasm intended*
Helen – SO STUPID – Will someone please buy “Super Mom” a clue! Was rooting for ya, now, not so much! Floats to whoever’s in power and bullies when she has it but she’s such a good friend and wants everyone to be BFF’s and wash their hair together and go skipping! Yippee! *Sarcasm intended*
Elissa – SPOILED and CLUELESS – was rooting for you too, but I got over it. I want to stay, I want to leave, just shut up and do one of them! And since you have the best husband and you have such a great life outside BB, feel free to go at any time or you can wait for Helen to do it for you. I don’t think you are a bad person, you’re wishy-washy and easily manipulated and totally not prepared for socializing with the likes of the house guest of BB15.
Candice – You’ve been through a lot of stress in that house but it’s a little too late to start going crazy. You put your faith in the wrong people except the one that truly had your back and you wouldn’t listen to him. You should have been better at this but sometimes the drama did you in, as it is now. You’re a beautiful woman, just not playing a good game.
Howie – You played the game like everyone else and you allowed them to make a fool out of you when you got caught at it. You should have stood up for yourself and played like a beast but you sat back hoping and praying you could get through this somehow. You’re a great guy and don’t deserve all the hatred being spewed at you but unfortunately, unless a miracle happens, your game is done and I will miss you.
Spencer – DISGUSTING – Every time I try to like you, you open your mouth and garbage falls out. I give you props for sticking by Howie, but your female comments are too much. You are trying to play the game now, but I think it’s too little, too late. Thank God for the POV, you may have left if not for that!
Judd – Closet RACIST – Can mumble “loyalty”, just can’t be loyal, dang it. Your word, if it can be understood, isn’t worth the panties Amanda left on the floor that you threw on MC’s bed.
Jessie – FLOATER – You’re going to float right out the door. The bullies, (Amanda, Helen) will get you out before you know it.
Andy – ULTIMATE FLOATER – Except he won’t need a life raft. With all the smoke he blows up everyone’s butt, he’ll just keep on floating on the coattails of whoever is in power. You’re a snake in the grass but you enjoy all the attention you get from the person spilling info and when you repeat said info. If there is justice, this will come back to bite you in your proverbial butt! I rooted for you too but I’m over that as well.

I am so ready for the finale.


This season has left a bad taste in my mouth, I can not get over Helen I was routing for her but not now. These season there are a bunch of followers I am not routing for any of them now that they are getting rid of Candice and Howard. I was crying tonight seeing Candice cry and knowing her so called friends made up lies about here and Howard I could never play this game. Helen is even talking bad about Elissa and plotting getting her out Helen became a huge disappointment I can’t wait until Mcanda do her dirty, its coming alot sooner then Helen thinks lets just say if Helen was on the block as MVP she would be going home w/out question


Love your comments, Jaye. In agreement with you all the way!!!

Sad about big brother

I am not a big Ellisa fan, but at least she stands up to people sometimes. She is not putting up with Aaryn’s negative comments , which is more than I can say for Amanda and Helen.

Oh Helen, you think you are so smart, but wait till you watch this season for yourself.

When Amanda tells Andy how much she controls things, should this not be a red flag for him?


I am an Elissa fan .. don’t hold that against me .. but you are so right .. at least Elissa has drawn a line .. she was the only one to speak up when Amanda made the remark about swastika and gas masks… what it makes it right because she is jewish .. I am so fid up with Amanda .. her slander and racial remarks are just as hurtful as Aarens was .. mind you I really do believe others fed Aaren and some just don’t know enough to give it a rest … I wish production would just say enough already … lie yet , cheat yes . scheme yet its all part of the game but personal and racial assaults there is no need for it ..


dang I should proof read before I send .. sorry about the spelling boo boo `s …


As much as everyone hates Spencer he’s the one who should win HOH this week if the superfriends are to be broken up. Since he’s losing Howard his ally that means he has nobody and so if he wins everyone is fair game except for Candice.

Plus what has he got to lose? He’s already a target so he’ll just make his big move and let the chips fall where they may. So I hope he wins this week, just to see a powershift.


would like to make one more comment .. when Macrae gave the two versions of a FLOATER …I couldn’t help but think that Andy fitted into both versions… cant win a dang thing (his team always ends up on slop) and the fact that he floats from power to power… look up the word FLOATER and there you would see Andy`s face… just an observation …lol


Your not rooting for Dawg?

julies rice bowl


This Season Blows

LOL, I think that’s a lost cause.

Rachelissa, Helen, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, and Andy are some of the most unlikeable people in the history of the show, and even Candice and Judd are annoying. Not a good cast and the MVP sucked most of the intrigue out of the game. Plus the TV editing has been totally detached from reality this year.


one its Elissa .. what is it with such short minded people.. and if you think this BB is a total wash out or what ever.. then do two things 1) stop watching and 2) stop leaving brainless comments like the one you just left …since when is everything in this world so perfect .

CBS bigwig

Anything that is remotely controversial is smoothed over
and edited out. Julie Chen described the paranoia in the
BB house in Thursday’s episode yet only one comment
made it to the show. Helen trying to ferret out the “leaker”
and the information pipeline had her looking like a control
freak once again. CBS likes the MVP~USA twist that has
the HGs staring at each other and going bugnutz. it is likely
that a final Thursday tally of 4 votes for Amanda, 3 votes for
Howard and one vote for Candice still is very likely if Helen
switches signals again. What if Judd goes up instead of poor
Candice? He could be told he’s a pawn, and Amanda’s the
intended evictee as the votes line up as they did for Kaitlin!


You and everyone else lol


LOL Simon, I like it!

I should think you would be used to this by now too.
Every year you get the same shit…..I hate these people, going to stop watching, etc.

Those same folks will still be here when September rolls around, saying the exact same thing ; )


The majority of people on your site are desperately looking too. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will find anyone. We are only here because your site is awsome. Not because the players are worth watching.

Sad about big brother

I agree, Simon. It’s hard. I had decided on Judd , but then his meds didn’t work and he went crazy. I just need some chaos to happen. I need to see them all working on WINNING, not just trying to get to jury. What a waste.

I still say they need to bring in older houseguests next year. Or unleash evil Dick on them. None of them could escape his wrath.


Really SImon? You do not find Andy to be funny?
He literally makes me laugh out loud sometimes, he has some great one liners.

His rat tendencies annoyed me at first, but he really grew on me.


I thought u were team GM. FLOATER?


Repeat post-

Watching Howard right now.
He needs to be out of this house, not because I want him out, or the house wants him out.
Just because I do not think he should be there. This environment is not for him.
I think once he is out he will be relieved, all the weight of that house will just drop off of him.
CBS should send him and doofus Spencer on the Amazing Race.
You don’t need to scheme, you just need to haul ass around the world.
I think that would be more fitting for Howard.

PS- I do think if he goes this week he could go into sequester and maybe get a shot to come back.
CBS will think it looks like the right thing to do.


What an awsome idea. I think the odd couple of Howard and Spencer would be much more interesting to watch on Amazing Race than McCrea And Amanda. Hope they will think that one over.


No offense, but does Judd have some sort of mental disorder?

I liked him at first but he’s just as bad as the rest of them.


That is the key to why this season is a disaster. As much as I don’t like Amanda or Helen, they are the only one who are truly playing to win and not just get to jury. What a sorry bunch of underachiever. CBS did a terrible job in casting. This group shou;dn’t be pay anything for doing nothing so they can get to jury.

Sad about big brother

I agree. Judd should have kept his comment about making up the Kaitlen getting out Helen story to himself. He just made himself a big target.

Thank you Simon and Dawg for the posts. Your take on things are enjoyable!


Targeting Judd now??? Ugh I hate Andy so much he’s such a useless floater and kisses everyones ass. I hope Amanda leaves now.


I have no problem with liars to be honest. This is a game.

What I have a problem is with the vile and humorless remarks these houseguest make about each other. This isnt High School. Why on Earth are you attacking people personally that you barely know?

There is nobody to root for anymore. Most of the people I thought I liked ended up being sad excuses for human beings.

Oh and CBS, if your happy with this season and the Houseguest, shame on you. If Amanda wins like that CBS employee said she would I will no longer watch this show.


to everyone that wants the personal attacks to stop….

You are all crazy. This is one of the best things about the show. I could care less about who can hang on a popsicle the longest or who can eat nasty flavored ice cream. This is a social experiment as much as it is a game. The tension of people getting on each others nerves, and being stuck in the same house, is what makes the game. It makes some of the most memorable moments. And it has been going on since the start of big brother. I’ve watched every season and they’ve ALL had personal attacks in them.

My favorites:
Evel Dick against EVERYONE
Ragan against Rachel
Boogie against Kent
Dr. Will in every single DR session
Danielle in every DR session Season 3.

Best Part of the show.


Yeah, I’m just going for either McCrae, Andy, or Judd, not b/c I really like them that much or even because they are playing a good game, just because they seem like they could use the money more than the other


Yeah, I’m just going for either McCrae, Andy, or Judd, not b/c I really like them that much or even because they are playing a good game, just because they seem like they could use the money more than the others


WoW! Amanda and Judd admitting to letting the have-not door slam while Candice is sleeping in there. They justify it because Candice is slamming doors ALL the time while people are sleeping…lol I guess paybacks a bitch! The whole house is after her I will be surprised if she doesnt self-evict after Howard leaves Thurs. lol


Amanda: “when we spoon at night….I feel like im spooning a little girl…like, you need to gain weight”


ohh poor mcrae.


It’s just so funny how Andy is on no one’s radar. He’s smart to align with Amanda/MC over Helen/Elissa. He has a better chance winning in the end against them, since more people are not fans of Mcmanda.

There are still a few more days before the eviction so we will see if anyone (Helen or Elissa) goes back to targeting Amanda this week. I’m hoping this week turns into week 2 when Nick was voted out.


is it me or is amaduh slowly changing into a man?


Candice turns from one of the smartest to Rachel 2.0, seriously, her craziness with Howard is beyond belief. All the whining and crying is really getting in my nerves. Get Howard out and get back to your old self. >.<


That’s not really true ’cause Brendan and Rachel ended getting married and living their life with Rachel’s BB13 win. I don’t think Howard is interested in Candice like that, he’s said in the past that she’s not his type ( He doesn’t like innocent pageant girls) he likes bad girls. Which I find odd since he’s such a religious person but who knows HE LIES A WHOLE LOT.


I’m probably in the minority on this but I think this whole racist thing is being a bit overblown. I don’t agree with some of the things Aaryn has said, although, some of the thing GM has said actually seem worse IMO. They are going to suffer the consequences for there actions too. I just don’t why anyone gives these sort of people any credibility by getting offended by what they say and then judge and stereotype them in return. Clearly, they are just ignorant people with lots to learn and maybe they never will, but in the end, they will be the ones that have to live with it, so don’t give them power by letting it effect your life.


I totally agree. Enough already with the racism card. They are just ignorant.


I just like everyone else have had a number of people I’ve liked and now dislike in the house. Right now I have no favorite and just want more drama. I have despised Aaryn’s racist comments but at least she is nice to look at. Judd when you can understand him I think is the funniest.

production rigged it

Maybe this has been mentioned before, but Elissa, Helen, Jessie and Amanda were talking about a 9 person jury and said they hoped it wasn’t true because then after Howard people would start going into jury. That means they think 9 people would be voting plus final 2, correct me if i’m wrong but don’t they count a 9 person jury as 7 people in the jury house plus final 2 which is what they did last year and that would mean 2 more people after Howard before jury. If McCrae is such a superfan like Amanda said wouldn’t he already know this as would anybody else that watched last season.


Candice definitely seemed smart and onto things in the beginning, but she let her “Howie” interfere with her game and now she’s definitely put herself on the outs because of it.


Honestly I hate everyone, except maybe Andy, but he is not exactly the best game player, but us gingers got to root for one another.


I think someone hit the nail on the head. It is too far into the game for people to change their minds. It seems to be a consensus amongst the other girls in the house that Candice is not a likeable person. I do feel bad for her. I know people say this is just a game and blah,blah,blah,blah,blah…but I can’t just imagine myself being in Candice’s spot and not going apezhit crazy.


this is a real moment between candice and amanda. i’m impressed.


About as real as the boobs she bought – Amanda is the best actress in there. She pulled off a crying scene on the ‘dominatrix’ night.


a lot of amanda’s behavior is game, some is for the cameras. but she’s demonstrated real warmth and compassion at times. often when there was nothing in it for her.

but hate on, hater.


amanda has zero warmth and compassion

she is a mean spirited disgusting individual


Dont be. Just wait until they tell their friends.


Does anyone else just not care anymore? I literally fast forwarded most of tonight’s episode. The parts I did actually watch were so stupid. I mean, the DR with Amanda and the clown….wtf was that?!?! It made me so annoyed. Like, hey let’s make her look witty and funny, I know give her the clown and have her make stupid faces and comments. Earth to CBS, Amanda is no Brittney!!! I am gonna fast forward most of Wed too. My only enjoyment will come from watching Amanda get put on the block! If she doesn’t go home this week I am done. And I won’t miss it. This season is awful so far. So disappointing


LOLOLOL. Is there someone on the couch next to you holding a gun to your head forcing you to watch BB? Why in the world would you watch something you have to fast forward through, and anticipate fast forwarding through future episodes. Doesn’t that seem a little wacky to you? In addition, you are reading live feed transcripts AND commenting on them- about a show you are miserable watching and people you can’t stand. I mean REALLY.
LMFAO this show has the most insane fans I swear


jinx! (see below)


Are you always so self-righteous and judgemenal Stephie? I did not realize that my dislike and disappointment in this season was that hilarious. I look forward to this show and am usually excited to watch it. I have been a fan for many years. I read the blogs because I have for years and it is part of the fun. I also like to know what is going on in the house as opposed to trusting a show with a run time of approx 45 min to give the whole story. This season is painful to watch. I don’t care what any of them say or do aside from the DR sessions and competitions. Partly because I know what’s gonna happen and partly because most of the people in the house annoy me. Hence the fast forwarding. As you believe that my initial post was so funny, I believe your reply was pretty pathetic and childish.


So your boy Jeremy is gone. Moving Company dismantled. Deal with it. Are you watching just to hate on ONE player?


From what I’m gathering, Candice has positioned herself in a very comfortable ‘victim’ stance. I haven’t seen that in any other season but I may not be remembering correctly. She is not fighting back, but keeps bringing up ‘the mattress’. Everyone else has moved on day to day but her it seems. I’m not putting her down for this, I feel sorry for her (which is what she apparently wants).
I don’t think she was cut out for this game IMHO.


i know the type. and she’s glorifiying emotional weakness by saying she “has a big heart.” truly big-hearted people are giving and empathetic.

the mattress night was a rough night. she was ill-treated by rude girls. it’s time to rise above.


Candice wanted to deal with the event head on. Had she done so it may have been forced to be dealt with (maybe within the house) and Aaryn may be gone. Howard stopping her because it would ruin his game is one of the things that has ruined her game. Howard squashing her straight forward ness pulled her head out of the game. This is a game that your head can not leave or you are sunk.


If there’s one thing I got from reading the comment section of all the posts for the last 2 weeks or so, it’s that Amanda is running the house and that people in America hate her for it. Amanda: the one you love to hate?


The worst thing CBS ever did was implementing this MVP & 3rd nominee crap. Now this will most likely be an all girls jury with & will not have any strong physical players since they were all kicked off. Worst season ever; Good Job CBS.


so you read a blog about it, then whine in the comments section? i don’t get you people, and there’s plenty of you. if you’re not enjoying it log off and go out and live your lives.

me, i think the season’s been pretty entertaining.


After week getting rid of Nick (big move by the way), this season has been so predictable with so many floaters (don’t me feed that crap that they are playing a great social game). As much as I can’t stand Amanda, her social game is incredible even though she is horrible at both mental/physical competitions. Everyone wants to be part of this “Superfriends” alliance which is the whole house besides Spencer/Candice/Howard. As pathetic as this season is, I’m a big brother fan so I’ll continue to watch & I know CBS will never pull a stunt like that again.


Some people would call it good strategy. Why keep the strong physical competitors in the game?


When Howard and Spencer where playing pool all I heard was Blah blah blah, why because they said they don’t remember in any BB history that people got together and/or voted as a group/house. WHAT every year it happens at the beginning of the game. They are just pissed because they are on the outs, they didn’t play a smart game; now they are blaming others because one or both are leaving soon. The Moving Company was bad from the start because of the dynamics of the group. What the house has done is that they have picked off the physical players. Every year there were some physical players all the way through midway through the game, smart move on their part to get them out this year. It’s a part of the game. And there have been groups of men who came together and voted together, they also screwed and played many ladies in the last few years.
Now watching Candice and Amanda talking, bottom line she is just not made to play this game. But yes she hasn’t said anything racial, but she has made equally rude comments. Everyone has! This part of the game. If you’re not strong minded those people should not be in this game, its parts of the game and is used as a strategy. She was being played by Howard and she will be pissed at him, he has lied to her face. For that part I feel for her, but again she did it to herself. Can’t take her crying every minute, she needs to go. In short those on the bottom of the totem pole are just lashing out because they got beat and can’t take it.


So I take it that Aaryn can never put up Candice because of what she said really get over yourself Candice! Blehhhh so now Amanda is all buddy buddy with her well wait til Candice sees what Amanda has said about her! If Candice is really mature she would stop bringing up all the crap get over it and play the damn game geez

Say What

Candice, so Howard goes into a shell and you go bat crazy in response to him going on the block. Candice, I think the plan was to put Gina up as a replacement, but then you went crazy and made yourself public enemy. Your blog supporters justify your actions saying how mean the other girls were towards you. Candice, you went berserk and forced everyone to hate you. You isolated yourself. Now it looks like you are going home instead of Howard and he could careless. You are trying to save someone in Howard that wouldn’t reciprocate your actions. This is just so stupid a move by Candice. Yep Candice needs to go. I know…I know….she experienced racism in the house. However, Aaryn isn’t going anywhere, so if this what the meltdown is about then you should go home. Because somehow you can’t mentally and physically function knowing that Aaryn remains in the house and no one besides you cares.

I am not saying that she hasn’t experienced racism. I am saying you can’t handle the pressure imposed on you in the house. Get out of the BB house and go get yourself a lawyer.


Why did Amanda just tell that poor girl she was trying to protect her and keep her when she’s been talking shit non stop about her? Goodness Amanda is a god damn genius attempting to save face with whoever in the house with the same BS “I’ve been protecting you” line and they fall for it every time. That’s one jury vote down if Candice makes it to jury that is. “She stood up against Aaryn for me.” The devastation on that woman’s face when she makes it home and finds out the real situation. Ugh. And why were Helen and Elissa being shady and eavesdropping. Go away phonies. Want to be nice when yesterday every single one of you was talking about she was “playing the race card.” No respect for any of them. Anywho, I guarantee this makes it onto the CBS edit. Minus, of course the sharpening a butter knife and killing her, right? Right.


I love Amanda & McCrae and I hope they make it far. I don’t know why people have this hatred for Amanda- she’s playing a damn good game- yet people whine and complain when players aren’t PLAYING. Who cares about her personal stuff, geez I think when your satisfied in your own life you care less about the issues of others.


you nailed it.


Agree. I guess if you put all your money on the Moving Company, the only option in their mind is to be WHINY and vindictive.

Come Again

Candice by her actions has essentially stopped playing the game. Burn it down on your way out.


Candice got what she wanted…. ATTENTION… She stayed by herself and acted all butt hurt until people came in to see her and let her talk her nonsense. From what I can gather from her blabbering is that she’s “not a stupid person” & she’s “not a dumb person” cuz I’ve heard her say it 15 freaking times in the last 30 mins. If you’re looking around the room for the dumb person & you can’t see her that means it’s you Candice !!


Oh My Gosh!! I hate how everything that is said in the house ultimately gets back to Demand-a!! Who the hell made her boss! I hope these houseguests grow a pair and show her she is not as in control as she thought! Seeing her get blindsided would be amazing!

Roisin Dubh

This could’ve been the best season in the show’s history. They went hard, fast, alliances changing everyday but they had to make it personal and it turned what could’ve gone down as legendary play into an ugly mess. I don’t blame CBS one bit. I blame the immaturity and pettiness of all of the HG’s. BB has turned into the Real World now. The biggest surprise for me was Helen, she came on acting all nice and kumbya but she got power started bullying people, cornered them into confessing and then votes to evict them-first with Jeremy now with Howard and takes a personal glee in doing it, then she throws the only people that had her back Elissa and Candice under the bus to fit in with the cool kids. I don’t care what anyone says, this show brings out people’s true colors. I’m not falling for that it’s just a game BS. Past seasons, most of the people were for the most part civil and put aside gameplay to target the bad egg, this season, these people are all bad eggs. I’ll keep watching because I always thought this show had a pretty good pulse on societal behavior, but I long for the days when the show had people that were in the first 5 seasons that actually had a life to go back to instead of using the show for a springboard.


Most of these players are so weak they don’t know how to play the game at all. I am so sick of hearing them say “we must do what the house wants” translation we must do what Helen and Amanda want. If these people had any brains in there head at all they would get rid of Amanda now number 1 she and McCrae are a team number 2 she controls almost everyone. Her and Helen run this house, these are the people u have to get rid of. Not Howard and Candace who seem to think there on a dating show and never win anything. Waiting and waiting to get rid of Helen and Amanda is not a good game plan because the further they make it the more they can turn other people against other people and pretty soon there at the end.


And you expected the Moving Company to go all the way? How did that work out for you?