“There’s a dark side to Spencer he hasn’t told us yet.. he’s the biggest vag!na in the world”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


10:27pm Cockpit McCrae and Amanda

MC says once Candice gets nominated he’s going to start throwing Candice under the bus she just needs to keep cool. Amanda thinks it would be a good idea to Howard.

McCrae says there is no way people are going to switch from voting out Howard to voting out Amanda.

Amanda says she’s never felt like a bad competitor in her life. McCrae thinks it benefits her because nobody in the house thinks she’s strong in comps but she really is.


10:50pm Bedroom Howard and McCrae
Howard: “I just want you to know I’m not the MVP and if I was I wouldn’t put her pu”
mcCrea: Ya”
Howard: “In the event i’m making it out of this i’m still being loyal to you”
MC: ‘ya”
Howard : ”I believed in you even before the with the moving company”
MC: ‘Ya”
Howard: “We’re playing separate games candice and I”
MC: ‘Ya”
H: “You, me and Spencer are three in the same.. nothing has changed”
MC: ‘Ya.. there is still a lot of time until Thursday.. sh!t is always changing”
Amanda joins them..
H: “I don’t have the energy to to the politicking.. I don’t have the energy “
MC: “YA”
H: “I’m not going to argue with you (Amanda)”
MC: ya”
Amanda:” “If I campaign it’s for me to stay not you to go”
H: ‘i respect the game.. and all that.. I don’t hate on anybody’s game”
MC: “YA”
Howard: ‘If I get out.. i’ll have to get my 500K another way”
Mc: “YA”
Howard: “I’m kinda excited about Thursday to see what happens”
MC: “Ya”
(Every time Howard said something McCrae said YA. Howard so freaking hard to understand)

The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel. You pay a flat fee for the season.


10:58pm HOH Amanda and McCrae
Chatting about the conversation they had with Howard. McCrea doesn’t think Howard has any power but he’s a bit worried when Howard says he’s “Excited” about Thursday. Amanda says they’re plan was to knock out Beiber fever and they did. MC: “Except for Aaryn”
Amanda: “our alliance is so good”
MC: “I wish someone would f**** admit that they have the MVP … FU***”
11:01pm Candice and Howard Bedroom
There’s a dark side to spencer he hasn’t told us yet.. there’s more to that rehab story he’s not sharing with us.. Feed switch to Aaryn and JUDD in the bedroom

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:03pm Aaryn and JUDD havenots
Aaryn says Howard told her if he stays he’s not going to to put her up, “He’s after Amanda and McCrae”
JUDD: ‘He’ll tell you anything”
Aaryn believes that Howard will not put her up
Aaryn: “Spencer is the biggest vag!na in the world.. he’s probably going to do the most b!tch move in the world about put up Me and Ginamarie” (the image above show you her face after she makes that statement)
A: “Like what a loser”
Aaryn mentions how Elissa has promised her safety for next week so she’s kinda hoping ELissa wins it so she can put up Spencer and Candice.
JUDD: ‘The thing with her is she doesn’t appreciate anything people have done for her in the game”
Aaryn says her and Elissa have been friendly to each other for these past couple days then earlier today “They” were making fun of Aaryn’s who voted out David speech.
A: “That speech was fully warranted.. what the hell would you expect..” Aaryn explains that Elissa was saying ‘I would have done that if I Was 16 and Big Brother was the only cool thing I have ever done.”
J: “I risked my entire f*** game to make sure she stays because I knew at that Time Nick was a big threat to me personally” JUDD adds he didn’t know there was a secret alliance but he knew people were acting weird as f***
J: “She was gone until we flipped the vote and she doesn’t appreciate it one bit.. she says she does everything for us and we do nothing for her”
JUDD adds Ellissa is used to getting everything she wants back home
J says he want Elissa gone before Jury for sure. Aaryn agrees.
A doesn’t want Candice or Elissa in Jury because they will vote personally. JUDD says that Spencer is alright to put in Jury because he won’t vote on a personal level his vote will be based on gameplay.

Aaryn brings up their final 7 She wonders where Helen sites in it. JUDD says she’s been really wishy washy lately.
A: “Helen is so confident about this game.. she thinks she’s going to win and that scares me”
J brings up how Helen was screaming f*** you jeremy f*** you to the camera.

11:15pm JEJU in the Have nots
JUDD mentions final 2 with her.


11:35pm Cockpit Helen, Elissa and Candice
Candice is asking them to safe Howard this week. Helen doesn’t think they have the votes says it will be very tough.
C: “I don’t think it will be all that tough”
H: “It’s going to be really tough… they all want him out bad.. Jessie does to.. I’ll try i’ll try”
Helen says that Howard has done wrong to everyone in this house. C: “So has McCrae he was in the moving company alliance as well”
Helen explain to her that McCrae came to her first to expose the alliance and only after Howard couldn’t hide it anymore did he come clean.
C: ‘All last week everyone said they wanted Amanda out and now she’s on the block”
Helen says she’s a little bit loyal to McCrae but not Amanda. C: “I thought you had loyalty to me I haven’t done anything to you in this game”
Helen: “I do I love you I asked Aaryn not to put you up”
Helen tells her not to make a big stir this week because Her and Elissa will never vote her out but Helen can’t say the same for Andy, Jessie and JUDD.
H: “Jessie is going to do whatever JUDD does.. She’s not going to do what I tell her to do that’s what worries me”
H: “i could tell Jessie we’re going to flip the house sure.. what will happen is JUDD will get in her ear”
H: “you should see how she kisses Aaryn’s butt”
Elissa comes in say there is wine sits beside Candice.
H: “I will try lets see what I can offer”
Elissa is asking Candice a question so Candice is looking at Elissa this pissed Helen off
H: “I will try .. LOOK at me if you want to talk to me about this”

Helen: “I’ll try but it’s going to be tough.. we don’t have you to vote”
Candice: ‘It only takes 5 people you have 3 right here with spencer..
Jessie doesn’t have a brain”
Elissa says if Jessie would flip her vote there is a chance.
H: “Then you would need JUDD or Andy”
She says there’s no way Andy will flip his vote he hates Howard.
Candice: “I just talked to Andy he never said he hated him.. Howie never did anything to him”
Helen: “The moving company and the alliance with Kaitlin”
Candice: “It is what it is.. this is a game of deals and Clearly you have made a lot of deals in the past couple weeks between you, Elissa and McCrae, Amanda”
Candice mentions that Helen also has deals with Aaryn, “Clearly you all are running stuff”
Helen: ‘No we’re not.. She came to me”
C: I’m your ally and i’m coming to you with a deal.. i’m your ally more than Amanda”
Helen storms out pissed


11:44pm Helen and Jessie Hammock
They are trying to hide them smoking.. Helen tells her she wants Elissa, Jessie and her self final 3.
Helen: ‘This is not the week to get Amanda out”
Jessie and Helen get trouble by production for smoking around the hammock they are only allowed to smoke on the patio.

CBS Interactive Inc.


12:02AM Cockpit Jessie and Helen

Helen brings up the conversation she had with Candice, She watns Jessie that she told Candice she’s going to try to save Hwoard but it was a lie. Helen tells her she wants Howard gone this week and Aaryn gone next. She explains why they cannot let Aaryn, Amanda and McCrea make it to Jury as a block. Helen thinks Candice cannot look past her obsession with Howard. Jessie thinks Candice is thinking with her vag!na and not her brain.


12:44AM Candice and Elissa
Candice tries to explains to Elissa that Howard is not the type of person everyone is portraying him as.

Candice says she’s been loyal to Helen from the beginning and to now find out that she’s siding with Aaryn and Amanda. Candice mentions all the derogatory comments that were made and for Helen to now side with her is a slap in the face.
Candice brings up how last week there was deals to be made to save Aaryn there has to be deals to be made to save howard, “He never disrespected anyone.. If this was you I was fighting for I would do the same thing”
Candice about Howard: “When I know a good person that deserves to be here I know a good person that deserves to be here..”
Candice starts to cry and says there is a person that has been kept here for two weeks that has been rude, disrespectful and has said derogatory comments.
Candice about Helen: “Helen is my closest ally and you made a deal with her and you won’t help me and I’ve been loyal thats crazy.. to me it looks like you are with Amanda and McCrae and if you are with Amanda and McCrae be with them and just leave me alone.. thats it .. it’s war time”
Elissa: ‘Don’t you think that she’s.. working everyone obviously”

Candice says Helen was sitting with them on the Hammock just the other day saying that they need to get Amanda out and now that she’s on the block it seems like she’s not the target anymore.
Candice says nothing is lining up and she’s not a stupid girl she’ll figure it out.
Elissa: ‘I know Aaryn is not a nice person”
Candice: “Aaryn is not a nice person and it’s a slap in the face for her to work with her”
Candice: ‘That’s f** up”
Elisas: “i could have told you that last week one of us is going up”
Candice: ‘It’s hurtful coming from Helen because she’s the closest to me.. it’s hurtful.. I know it’s game and she wants to win.. but don’t fill my head with bullshit don’t say that Andy hates him it’s not true”
Elissa: “I don’t know I really don’t know what to believe “
Candice says that Howard is nothing like they say
Elissa says that is all the other girls do is is spread lies about them.
12:56AM Elissa says she came into this game with disadvantages no advantages she never was able to use the MVP the way she wanted to

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

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At this point I can only hope that after next weeks eviction Candice either wins HOH or decides to blow up on every single HG before self evicting to maintain sanity. Helen is seriously in HOH crying wolf. Candice apparently bullied and threatened to take her down. I can’t with this season anymore.


I really hope Candice makes it to at least jury…just so she can “annoy”(HGs words) these people more. Aaryn is really making this whole controversy worser, by saying statements like that “if anyone took her comments the wrong way that it’s Candice/Howards’s fault”. Comments like these are going to make it harder for people to buy her fake apology she delivers when she leaves the house.


Hi Leslie before her nominations I was all for
that. This is just my opinion judging it as
game that needs strategies and hard work
although not physical but mental. Now I
rather see Helen,Amanda and Elissa.
Why, becauae all Candice does is snuggle
with Howard and expect Helen and Elissa
to campaifn for her and Howard. I will not
reward anyone for doing nothing. Amanda
has not won anything but her mouth does
and ir is working. Helen has won.and
stated she studied hard during her HOH
wins and reign of control admitted got a
lot of blood on.her hands but got the job
done. Nick left cause Amanda and Helen
worked on it, Jeremy left Helen HOH. This
Is a game so do not blame these two
strong players to keep trying.


Well said. Candice is an annoying crybaby.
Amanda and Helen have the strongest game in the house.


I’ve given up being stressed out over Aaryans comments.
She’s in a game now, so whatever happens is fine with me.
She will definitely be paying for her ignorance when she gets out.
So enjoy the show.


Roisin Dubh

Helen stormed out because she got cold busted. She’s turning out to be more of a rat each passing day. Candice might annoying, but she’s got the best read on the house. Helen needs to be working Aaryn, forget about Jessie and Judd. So Keychain is more trusted because he was the first to rat out his alliance? Wow, if anything that should put him on weasel watch. Howard not copping to it up front shows loyalty even when the ship sunk. Stay cocky Keychain, you thought your girl wouldn’t go up either right? They’re gonna get taken out the same way Jeff and Jordan did, people are gonna get tired of them real quick after Howard’s gone, but will earn a few more weeks because Candice can’t keep her cool and Helen wants to fit in so badly it’s killing her game.


You are bitching that MC exposed his alliance and bitching that he is staying true to his alliance. WTF?? Can’t have it both ways girl.


Keep in mind, Helen’s only used to working to get a candidate the gold, not being one. Her supporting role outside of the house may be tripping her up inside of the house. I’m surprised that Andy and she aren’t closer, bc they are very much alike on the weasel side of things. I look forward to Helen taking Helen down.


Hi Roisin Helen not trying to fit in but playing a game
With ..1/2 a million dollar prize. If you were in their
positions what will you do. It is like a game of Chess.
Candice cannot win anything depends on Howard.and
cannot figure out that she is being used. She needs to
do some work and others that are afraid to give their
input afraid to get blood on their hands


He wasn’t even the first to rat out the alliance, Jeremy was. And look what happened to him. There is bias there. I said this before , but these housegues are so unikeable. I can’t find myself wanting anyone to win. I know it is a game, but to sit on their butts and let people take “personal” attacks on others is just wrong. I have never been so mad at a season as I am with this one. No amount of money is worth sitting and listening to others say hurtful things about others, No one has a back bone. (I understand Candice being upset with Helen. She was loyal and Helen became power hungry and threw her under the bus.) You can insult someone’s game play or lack of, but to continue to insult people the way the “superfirends” are doing is like slowing down when there is an accident on the side of the road. It is sickening to see. Once they evict Howard, I am done with this show. But I want to thank Simon and Dawg for their great commentary.


HOWARD is gone! Helen is AFRAID of Amanda and refused to make the BIG move and vote her out. They think another chance will come to BACKDOOR Amanda in a few weeks. She better watch WHO is talks to because someone (JESSIE) may tell the wrong person and get Helen OUT!! lol She doesn’t realize she could flip the house and force MCCRAE to work for them instead of the other way around!! Once Helen is out they will ALL fall! lol


I want McMANDA gone but if Howie goes I hope Elissa get HOH and put up Helen and Andy and get Helen out because she beyond retarded at this point….It would behoove GinaMarie, Jessie, Spencer, Elissa, Candy to vote out Amanda…..get that bitch out…. These dumb asses


I can’t see Helen putting up Elissa, that would be breaking the ‘mom alliance’. Unless Elissa starts getting really weird again – like she did last week.


Hell, let Helen tell it, she already has “so much blood” on her hands.. lol


Hi Will I rather reward one who works hard and not afraid
To get blood on her hands and willingly admits it. Those
Houseguest relying on others do not get my vote. Amanda
and Helen my opinion only are playing great and I cannot
understand why others cannot judge it as a game only
and not,be mean, personal, racially morivated
and sarcastic with their remarks.


Helen is not afraid of Amanda but she is right
That they do not have the numbers. This is
why Howard cannot establish his game and
Spencer they do not have the numbers. Helen
right on sticking with alliance now. until
the right time to get out of it.


Seems like Howard is on his way out the door unless someone decides to stop being a chicken shit and make a big move


Um, getting Howard out of the house *is* a big move, Decay!


Well i guess howard is gone, i can still vote for elissa, spenser or candice to win. Hopefully elissa so that she can follow behind her sister. Helen disgust me


Really? Helen disgusts you? Not Spencer with all his misogynistic talk?


Candice I know it sucks but Howard leaving is the best thing for your game because he was the worst thing for it.


what a bunch of idiots in the house. this class of BIG BROTHER 15 will be known as BIG BITCHES 15. nobody made no big moves in the game, when the opportunity presented itself to make a big move, they voted with the house.


They have a chance to make a big move if the p*ssies vote Amanda out, but they’re all too fcking stupid to get it right.

Shiny Happy People

Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd (and by extension Jessie) are a solid five person alliance.

Them going to Aaryn and Gina Marie and solidifying a 7 versus 4 next week would be domination. That’s assuming Spencer, Elissa, Helen and Candice are those said four, and those four are capable of working together. Candice and Helen seem to really be on the outs right now. It’s likely those four would quickly see their way out the door, giving both Amanda and Aaryn exactly what they want:: Elissa gone before jury.

The way things are starting to turn in the house though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elissa or Helen finds themselves on the block instead of Candice. What an amazing blind sight that would be!

If this proposed alliance could come together, they have the power to nominate and evict anyone they want right now, and completely decide what four people they want to compete against next week for HoH.


Thanks Candice for calling Hellen out to her face….it may get you evicted but it made my night. Helen is beyond annoying!!


Candy calling out Helen makes no difference. Candy isn’t making the jury due to the Racist club of Amanda, Andy, Judd, GM and Arryn. Real shame is Helen is systematically getting rid of her few options to outlast Amanda. Helen is douchebag trash but she was the only one with a real chance to get rid of Amanda. Helen will even work to get Ellisa out when Amanda wants it to happen.


Why is Helen doing this? I have already prepped myself for Howard’s eviction, leaving me with helen as my sole favorite, now she’s turning on Candice. After watching bbad, then reading this site, im getting to different stories. Did Candice threatened helen or was her story in the hoh exaggerated?


I didn’t think Candice threatened Helen at all. She definitely didn’t say she was going to take the four down. She is absolutely exaggerating and a few lies too. I wish someone would tell her to shut the f up.


Candice IS thinking with her vagina and not her brain. After Howard leaves, she STILL will be thinking with her vagina and not her brain. I am just completely annoyed with her. It is the same exasperation I felt when reading those damned Twilight novels, and Bella obsessing over Edward this and Edward that. THERE IS LIFE WITHOUT HOWARD, you know, exactly how you got along without Howard before you met him. I listened to Kaitlin’s exit interview…NOT with Julie Chen. I could tell she just wanted to let loose on Amanda. She was also not a fan of Aaryn. She admitted to a few things, kudos to her, and likes McCrae. She did saw for America to GET AMANDA OUT. Unfortunately, Candice was her least favorite person in the house, mainly because she wasn’t respectful of other people’s stuff. And during her entire interview, there should have been a sign that said.

Sort of sounds like this blog is writing Howard’s obituary unless someone other than Amanda grows a pair and votes out Amanda.

Ace urge

I didnt find accoutabillty with katlyn at all, she put her bad behavior all on Aaryon! Now that she is out of the house, she jumps on the I hate Aaryon bandwagon! Now that she knows what the perception is!




starting to have to root for Candace or Amanda to actually win, even though I’d be STOKED if the house would get together and try to vote out Amanda. if they don’t do that this week, it looks like a pretty easy season for the likes of mcrae.


Why is my comment awaiting moderation….it’s because im black, damn you Judd!!!


Howards a dead man walking once Candice gets put up all he will have is spencer but the game is definitely changing I have a feeling super friends is done and Elissa and Helen will be getting the boot before Aaryn and Gina and even if they wanted to flip the vote to get rid of Amanda they couldn’t because Jessie Judd and Andy are more loyal to Mcrae and Amanda.


So done with this season!!! A house full of heartless, cowardly floaters. Since week one, all these lazy wanna-be bores have been talking getting to jury and making 13 grand when the show is over. Personally, I think they looked up how much the cast make in jury and only came on for that reason. The females are grimey, stupid, trashy or whoreish and the dudes are broke, bummy, stupid and gutless. Except Howard, he’s a pretty decent guy that shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place. This cast was a waste of a season. It’s only been a few weeks and it feels like they have been on a few months. Evict the whole cast and get some real players on there!!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


I think Howard has come to terms that he will more than likely be leaving. But also, I think he had two objectives coming on to the show. First, was exposure on a national TV show to further his acting career along. Second, was to possibly go far in this game and possibly when some money in the process; he has stated that he really was not a fan of BB so his game plan was not prepared for what was to come in this surreal season of BB. Why should he get down and dirty in all the muck and mire (racism, bigotry, homophobia and misogyny). So strategically he decided that he would not get thrown off the show but would play it out (he is a college football player). But I strongly believe for his own peace of mind and well being he wants to be off BB. I guarantee that he will not be friends with many of these houseguests outside of this show.


Omg excellent comment trellagrl.


only thing that can save Howard this week, is Candice blowing a gasket and she’s evicted


I think for Candice sake and well being, when Howard is evicted she should also walk off the show with him. Basically, telling Julie and America, I will not be subjected to all the madness and personal attacks on her blackness no more. I did not come on BB for this and will not stand for any more. CBS and BB will be in for a wild media frenzy to explain themselves and what transpired this season.

production rigged it

Helen has become one of my least favorite players along with Amanda and McCrae. She tells Jessie that this isn’t the week to get Amanda out. This might be your best chance dumba$$. Plus she says she wants Aaryn gone next because she doesn’t want her in jury with Amanda and McCrae.

So out of those 3 Aaryn is the one she doesn’t want in jury knowing full well that Amanda will run jury just like she has ran everybody’s HOH and tell everybody how to vote for the winner since obviously her and McCrae will vote together.

If Howard does indeed leave or even Candice it’s just going to make Aaryn look that much worse considering all the racist stuff she’s said. CBS must really want to make her look bad, but they better be careful if it’s true about her mom hiring lawyers because of the way CBS is only portraying her as a racist and not Amanda or GinaMarie.


If Jessie was smart, this would be a dangerous comment by Helen. By saying that this is not the week to get out Amanda, she could go back to Judd and Amanda and tell them that at some point Helen does want to get rid of Amanda. Judd is already ready to fry Helen so this would elevate Jessie in the group and put a target on Helen’s back. If Helen doesn’t try and save Howard now, She will be going soon herself.


Any serious BB fan who supports Howard is an idiot. Howard has got to be one of the worst BB players in history. As I said previously, he hardly says anything in general house conversations (what a great housemate, how the hell did he get on the show.) And when he does open his mouth, virtually everyone thinks he’s a lying son of a bitch, He’s also crap at competitions, he gets into terrible alliances, he lies to nearly everyone – even to the one person – Candice – who he is most aligned with.

I’m not kidding. Anyone who likes Howard is literally insane.


Literally insane!. LOL

Well, I must agree with you though. Howard’s game is lame. When he does talk game he either outright lies or he talks in circles. Or both.
Howard needs to ‘get to stepping’!


Right now it seems like there are only a few people playing the game hard: Amanda, Helen, and Candice. Everyone else is either laying low behind Helen or laying low behind Amanda

Day yum Yum

Muscles or no muscles, Howard is as soft as dough and the worst physical competitor in this game. If anyone was paying attention during the FroYo comp, Howard bitched about Amanda not eating the Habenero/Sardine yogurt but if you watched him, he covered his face with his hand and barely placed his lips on the stuff! He maybe ate 1 teaspoon in all as he nibbled at it. Then he had the balls to bitch about Amanda! What a PUSSY! And he DOES talk in circles and makes no damned sense at all. That is his game in BB and life. He is a manipulative, phoney who has Candice wrapped around his D–K! He has literally killed her game, along with is own! Get him out! Then get those other 2 idiots, mumbling Judd and Jessie out, PLEASE!!


dum dum shoosh now


I’m not a huge Howard fan. I’d be on his side if I saw he playing the game more. He is a talker and can talk circles around anyone, but when it came to game strategy he is lacking (they kind of all are). With Helen thinking she is the queen of the house. I’d love to see the house do something else. Like Arryn throw Helen up and she gets booted. I know it’s not gonna happen, but it would change things. I wish everyone could see or acknowledge they are letting Helen run the show.


Hey Simon and Dawg,

I just want to thank you for your hard work in bringing such excellent and comprehensive BB coverage again this season. I hate coming off as whiny “I’m taking my ball and going home”…but I am. At the end of the day, I just find the vast majority of this cast kind of detestable and I find their game play uninspired and boring. This year I will remember to tune in for BB Canada, which is much more my speed, like BB America used too be, and will be back to annoy you guys with my opinions.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure to share my appreciation. Enjoy the rest of the season.


I can understand your frustration with some of the cast and the things that have been said. We will miss your comments and hope that you would stick out the season to see how it unfolds but understand if not. We also can’t wait for season 2 of BBCA to start and glad you will be back to join us then.


They should really just send candice home! She is obviously gonna turn into GM once his gone and they would be giving her what she want, give Howard a chance!


I hope the goof troop turn against Helen and Elissa, they are both sooooooo annoying!!


I hope they stop using that lame alliance name, and just stop pretending they are even a group. so annoyed with the entire bunch of them

Sam my

I think Howard is gone for sure, it is a shame that CBS allows this racist stuff to go on unchecked. Howard’s games awful and I agree he deserves to go, but for Aaryn to then put up 2 black people come on!!! She isn’t racist right??lol!! This is going to stick with Aaryn for a long time and the only place she will be save is amongst like minded people from now on…..
I am not watching for a few weeks to allow this to play out and will resume watching in a few weeks after Candice and Helen are gone….


McCrae is a b*tch. He would crumble without his boyfriend Amanda. I see why he was just a pizzaboy before this. Loser. Candice needs to get over Howard now. She’s on the wrong show. She should have gone on a dating show cus she’s going about this all wrong. Howard has too much dignity to be in this house, anyway. It’s just breaking him down. Let the rats have it. Half a million is gonna go to a douchebag cus they’re all too stupid and chicken to get out the right people. What a waste.


possibly the funniest line on this site all season…

BB15sucksNow says:
July 28, 2013 at 1:44 am
McCrae is a b*tch. He would crumble without his boyfriend Amanda


Howie this Howie that i cant wait till I dont have to hear that anymore….that baby talk she does makes me wanna go deaf….maybe if you werent stuck in candyland like an infant someone would take you serious and want to work with you. Helen wants to win not hold your damn hand like a five year old and guide you through the game. Please self evict I’m over the pity party.


Call me stupid if u want but I find it so strange that Howard isn’t freaking out about leaving and he’s so confident he isn’t going anywhere…. I have this strange feeling howard has a coup d’état… I know everyone will say it can’t be possible but hear me out. On Friday a bb voice told the houseguests to expect the unexpected which is strange….I just have A feeling something we unexpect will happen this week.. Keeping my hopes up for Howard until he walks out that door


I think “expect the unexpected” was Spencer winning the POV. Production gave him a practice puzzle and he had a half hour in the diary room to work on it. (The HGs commented on how long he was in there before the comp and after the comp they were shocked at how quickly Spencer finished the puzzle.) Amanda is on the block but I find it hard to believe production wants her out. She has been far more entertaining than Howard and thus has more value to production for ratings.


That’s a long shot. But I do remember reading when production came over the speakers but I also think Howie unfortunately is still count home. And Helen can go sick it. She is getting on my nerves lying on Candice.


Howard just might be a realist, nothing more. He took his shot with the MC and it didn’t work out. Why would he want to be around a bunch of racists 24/7. Get sent home get 13K finally night! Make the jury 13K and 90 days of racism! I think I’d take the walk if I was him to. You have no shot at the money so get out of the insane asylum with his dignity in tact. Frankly if you look at Kaitlyn and Jerm these 3 are atleast showing some class on the way out. Don’t expect that til the end.


WOW, who the hell is Helen? I don’t get her and I don’t understand her logic. She was just trying to convince Elissa to think about voting out Amanda. She knows what Amanda is doing but she keeps saying we will get Aaryn out next week when she knows Amanda wants to keep her. Aaryn is getting stronger and stronger in the game. That doesn’t make since. And I actually believe that they can get Aaryn to not put up Candice and or to vote Amanda out in a tie breaker. She has such faith in Helen’s perceived loyalty that Helen could get her to do it. Aaryn’s deal is with Helen not Amanda & the house, and actually thinks she must honor it. Helen is the first person aaryn asked who to put up. She did that. Then she asked Helen who should she put up to replace Spencer and Helen said Candace. Someone who is 100% loyal to her. I don’t understand Helens game. She is on the bottom of that alliance. Damn I wish Judd had blown up on her earlier. Someone needs to spread a lie or just tell the truth about Helen. She needs to go up.


Howard…mixed feelings. I respect that he is genuine and real BUT at the same time it’s the BB game. Get out there and start campaigning for yourself! I mean it seems like he doesn’t care. Though he really might think he’s not going home as he has said it multiple times and he’s so “excited” for Thursday. He just needs to DO something instead of sitting around and not winning or fighting. Why even be there then?

That said, I’m torn as to who to put up as MVP next week. At this point Helen is annoying me more than Amanda. Both are good at this game but they just need to go. I really want to see Jessie and Judd flip this week. I can’t stand that they are all so dumb not to use this awesome chance and get Amanda out!

It’s bad that I am wanting Spencer to win HOH because I feel like he’s the only person at this point that will make a big move. That’s bad!


aaryn will not turn on Amanda even though they aren’t even in an alliance. she is flat out scared of her. I’m not sure there is anyone in the house that has the balls to target her or mcrae. had America not been MVP so to speak, I don’t think Amanda even gets nominated for another 5-6 weeks. this is just sad. its like these people think jury=winning. take a note from mike boogie, if you want money that badly, clean up in the temptations or take the first cash gift available and get out of there ASAP. he made as much money as 3rd place last season by just taking the darn money when it was there.

either do that, or PLAY THE DARN GAME!

bunch of scared floaters, and I hate using “floaters”, but they are all just sitting there.


The more these people open their mouths the more frustrated I am with this game and the people in the show. Helen thinks she is orchestrating the greatest game in BB history. The more Candice speaks about her Howie I want to scream. Helen (in storage when talking to Amanda, McCrae and andy after MVP nom) said if Candice came to her trying to save Howie she was gonna remind her that Candice told them they are playing separate games. I guess that didn’t happen.

Elissa saying she came into the game with a disadvantage is ridiculous, production is in your back pocket. Stop whining. I don’t know how Helen stays aligned with Elissa because she has tried to mess up her game constantly.

McCrae, every time he opens his mouth he becomes a bigger d&$che . If you and Amanda just want go to jury to have s$x the whole time, you both deserve to be evicted from BB.

Judd was crazy to watch yesterday. I’m sure the drugs have a different effect if you aren’t eating enough from being a have not or maybe have a reaction with certain foods. He was more agitated than usually. One of the posters here said they are a nurse and think he has mental issues I think is spot on. Something is seriously off.

I try to watch the feeds and these people are so boring and repetitive. I know they are stuck in the house and fixating on things, it’s still not much fun to watch for very long. So again, Dawg/Simon, thanks for doing these tedious task of watching these clowns talk circles around their game and talk their way out of the house.


Great post. I will just add that a very humorous moment for me was reading that McCrae said he’s afraid to even cough around Elissa because it might offend her religion. This season I am taking a laid back approach to watching…you can enjoy the game quite a bit when it doesn’t really matter to you who is on the path to winning it.


Hahaha, yes that was funny.


I’m so sick, sick, sick of Helen, Amanda, MC, Aaryn & GM. Frakin Helen thinks she so f-n smart because she’s Asian. She’s a lying piece of garbage that’s really getting on my last nerve. Amanda is a two-faced “B”, a Ho and all the other names associated with Pros. The two racist (A & GM) no explanation necessary. MC=GARBAGE!


Hysterical. You call 2 others racist in a thread where you make a stereotype about Asians.


Shut up Helen, shut up!

Ahhh, that felt good.


Didn’t know Helen is a smoker… not sure why but this kind of shocked me.


Spencer use the POV on Howard.


No way. He is a pervert and not a retart.


This post “may” tick a few people off, but here goes. It seems that many of you think that if Amanda is NOT eliminated this week, the game is over. HOLY COW PEOPLE!… ARE YOU SERIOUS?.. As of today, THERE ARE STILL TWELVE PLAYERS LEFT! (Some seasons had that many players TOTAL!) WE ARE NOT EVEN TO JURY YET!… WE HAVE NOT HAD A DOUBLE EVICTION YET!… WE HAVE NOT HAD A PANDORA’S BOX YET!…WE HAVE NOT HAD THE MAJOR “POWER TWIST” YET!… I know Howard has many fans. I like him as well. In fact I would also like him to stay this week. But if it’s not in the cards, that’s part of the game. If he’s the ONLY reason you watch, then fine! STOP WATCHING! You won’t be missed! There are lots of summer re-runs out there. As for me, there are still three quarters of this game left to play. While you are free to head for the parking lot, I am staying in my seat.


GREAT POST! The ones whining on this board are worse than the cast they are whining about. To me, their have been many big moves made, getting David, Nick and Jeremy out when that was the “big” alliance. Those are big moves. Just because it doesn’t go the way people on here want they become a bunch of whiny infants. Either enjoy the season or stop watching and whining incessantly (Obviously this is not meant for WW)


wait a minute…last night on after dark I heard Helen clearly say that they might never get another chance to put amanda up on the block again and yet she STILL wants to vote out Howard who has no control over anyone in the house. holy shit man thats just stupid right there. honestly i dont even want Howard to win BB i just hate how one of the nicest guys is the social pariah in the house because of lies spread about him

Carlo F

Howard deserves to win this Game more than everyone else. He is always there for everyone. Everyone in the game is border line pathetic.

Go Candace!

In order of actual BB threats I would get rid of Amanda first. She and Helen appear to be playing the game best and are action oriented. They are willing to do the work necessary to win this. Aaryn is a pesky knat who can’t really do anything. Yes she is racist and a pain to have to listen to but she can’t win this. I’d worry about the bigger fish to rid the fishtank of.


Maybe the only real interesting thing late is apparent Amanda and McCrae are seeing Judd working on his end game. It’s more than I’ve seen as he and Andy’s blind loyalty is going to be their downfall. The thing brought forward was they want Jessie out before Helen and Arryn. Maybe there is a 1% chance they want to keep goof troop together til F4. I don’t think loyalty is Amanda’s strong suit mind you.

I thought Arryn was a potential F3 with Amanda bringing her along and Jessie in the house weeks after Helens gone. Maybe I’ll be a little surprised from F8 to F3.


I am taking back Amanda final three. I just read.the make
out session with Mc and if it is true just too much of a strategy
to do on national TV. Agreed on strategy and game play
but there has to be limits as how far they go. I was really
rooting for her final three and seems to have lost or
forgotte that millions of people watching and
cannot go too far in.your game play. MC just using her.


I am confused by all this dislike of Amanda. Sure, she’s pushy and “in control” but why is that a problem when there is .5 M at stake? Wouldn’t all of us here do whatever it took to get to the end? Don’t people want to see a winner deserve it? For so many seasons we have watched people who don’t really play well (or play at all much like Hayden) and get to the end forcing people to vote for the least “offensive”. Rachel offended the crap out of me but she played a hell of a game. I respect this game and I respect people who play it. At the end, if I was in jury, I would cast my vote for who played the best game, not who pissed me off the least. It is about the GAME. And Amanda has a handle on it and is working it. Yes, she is a control freak but if she was a man, I suspect more would be on board with that game-play calling it “genius” and “one of the best players ever”. You see, I got a kick out of Dan G and his masterful game play. That’s what I want to see. People playing the GAME.


Excellent post. I also do not understand the extreme dislike of Amanda. She is playing the best game by far. Plus she’s quite hilarious, albeit sometimes vulgar. She is definitely entertaining and VERY smart!

And I agree, she’s one of the best to play. Amanda found out early on that Howard mentioned her name to put on the block and, she has not forgotten. Amanda has been patient and diligently working for him to get put on the block. And there he is, on the block – likely to be going home.

Good job, Amanda!!!


you havent got very high standards if you find amanda entertaining

i refuse to look at the screen during her cbs diary room chats – the favouritism shown to amanda by cbs is a disgrace


It angers the elissa fans, as she’s not really done anything all season. They are afraid a real player like Amanda will eventually eliminate her-and they are right.


It’s not just about her being a control freak. Seems like the fervent Amanda supporters choose to ignore all the malicious and offensive things she’s said, just like CBS. Have you not been watching/reading the feeds? This woman does nothing but spew hatred. I’ve been watching the show for a long time and am all for lies and backstabbing, but this sort of disgusting behavior goes beyond the bounds of the game. And you think she should be given a pass because what, she entertains you? Do explain what death threats and racist remarks have to do w/ “playing the game”.


I’ll admit, I haven’t been watching the feeds much since Judd’s HoH…because, well, THIS CAST IS BORING.

But when I have watched, I haven’t heard amanda say or do anything that puts her above anyone else’s behavior. Do you have quotes/timestamps? Also, context of the conversation matters too. People have just gotten way too sensitive this season, and are exploiting the topic of prejudice to smear players they simply don’t like. Aaryn might genuinely be a racist, that doesn’t mean everyone in the house is a racist/misogynist/homophobe/satanist/anti-semite/republican.


please do some research nick

surely you read the comments here

over the duration of the game amandas comments and behaviour have been 100 times worse than anyone else

you wont see any poor behaviour or comments from amanda on cbs because they are giving her favouritism and protection with golden edits


So production gets upset at them if they aren’t smoking in the smoking area, and tells them to stop doing other petty things,but no one has told the houseguests to stop making derogatory comments? Production is loving this racist drama. So sad at they let this go on and on and on. I guess they are milking it for what it’s worth.


Can we send all of these people home? We’ve got racism, reverse racism (they heat me because I’m black), the c-word flows like water, sluts, unemployed loafers, liars, botox infused loony, fatal attraction, hillbilly flakes, more liars, human ashtrays when the whole planet knows smoking is a death sentence, bullies, ego maniacs, floaters, sheep, shepherds, you name it. When the show started I saw promise in Amanda, McCrae, Candice and Kaitlyn. Every time they opened their mouth, the promise faded a little more. Now I hope for the show to be cancelled just so none of them get paid in any way. A disgusting lot of humanity. If this is how young America is, the country is a bloody mess.


Helen is not as simple a character as everyone thinks she is. Unlike with some of the houseguest in the house, I feel like everything Helen does—ever obvious lie, every fake tear— is very much calculated. She has a hidden agenda, and it’s hard to tell what it entails just by looking at her actions. For me, Helen is playing one of the most complex and intricate game.


Helen needs to go… She’s so volatile and watching her literally makes me nervous. Last night she was like a broken effing record with the “SHE was threatening ME, and I told her ‘why would I keep someone in this house who’s only been lying to me since the beginning'” BITCH, SHUT THE FUCK UP.