Season of No Floaters “In retrospect with this cast it becomes advantageous to be a floater”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


9:07pm HOH Nail party Howard brign sthem cookies
Before this Amanda was talking about spooning McCrae is like spooning a little girl…
The guys are having a pool tournament


9:10pm Have nots Candice and Andy

Candice telling him she’s having a bad day and her energy levels are really low from being on slop. She starts to cry..

She says everyone will have their moment when they are up against someone they care about.

Andy tells her she’s not going home if she goes up. Andy thinks he will be going up as the pawn and people are being honest with her about that.
Andy thinks Howard is a good guy but thinks the game didn’t go his way. Candice is worried that Spence will try to cut some deals and get her out. She knows that Spencer has stabbed her in the back a couple times in the past. Andy doubts there will be any deal made up

9:30pm Andy and McCrae Cockpit

Andy says that he just talked to Candice and it was Spencer that was telling her to start campaigning for Howard to Helen. Candice thinks that Spencer is trying to set her up
Andy: “I just want you to know”
McCrea: “Thanks… thats super good information”
Andy adds that Candice is very upset she even got him tearing up

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:43pm Backyard Al bundy and Spencer chatting about Elisabeth shue

9:55pm Pool table Howard and Spencer

Spencer says it’s upsetting for him that they are in this situation that Candice has to tank her game for Howard to thrive.
Howard: ‘I don’t think people understand the anger and emotion that goes on in this game”
Howard isn’t use to dealing with blatant lies in his regular life.

Howard says Kaitlin was going to stay up until the very end so who knows this may happen again.
Howard: “Who is going to win is already pre ordained.. “
Howard says the game is getting boring as hell he hopes someone wins HOH next week and shakes this up.

Spencer: “We’re playing with a bunch of chicken sh!ts.. they’re good people though”
Howard: “There’s 6 grown people in there the rest are scared”
Howard says this season was suppose to be a season for non floaters but in retrospect with this cast it become advantageous to be a floater
Spencer asks him if he stayed and won HOH who would he put up. Howard doesn’t know he would have to think about it, “Of course I wouldn’t put up you”
They start talking about everyone doing what the house wants. Howard: “Whos the house.. 4 people that are controlling all the floaters”

Spencer says he would like GM to get HOH, he just needs to get to her first before Amanda and McCrae. Spencer says he can’t fault them for what they are doing it’s solid game play.

Spencer: “If McCrea hadn’t decided to have fallen in love we would be set Elissa would have gone home seek two.. ”


10:12pm Amanda and Candice Have nots
Amanda says she knows what Candice is going through because she has someone she cares about in the house to.
Amanda tells her to not sacrifice herself, “Fight to be here for yourself”

Candice says Amanda would feel the same way as her if there was another jewish person in the house and they came to her to support her when people were saying racial things about them. Candice says she had friends and allies in this house and they are supporting the person that said racial, hurtful and nasty things against her. She’s all alone and now she has to fight against the one person that was on her side the on person she cares about.

Candice doesn’t understand why she has to be up on the block against Howard why doesn’t Aaryn put someone else up as the pawn. if it’s true that Howard is going home then it shouldn’t matter. Amanda explains that Aaryn thought Candice was targeting her. Candice: “You don’t have to put me on the block against him.. that is fu**ed up that person said fu** up racial sh!t.. that’s horrible to put me up against him” Candice says she never thought people would leave Aaryn in the game over Kaitlin so she never considered her a target. She’s shocked that Aaryn is now still in the game making deals after all that she said and did.

Candice: “If a deal was made to keep her a$$ in the house than a deal could be made to keep me off the block.. “. Helen and Elissa are listening in on the conversation after a bit they join the conversation (See image)

Amanda says Candice was never her target but Amanda knows Candice has targeting her. Helen chimes in says Howard is against them.

Candice goes on about all the racial things that were said to her. Candice mentions when the mattress was flipped Aaryn was talking to her like a “Black” person calling Candice Shaniqua. She asks Helen how would she like it if they did that to her impersonating an Asian person.

Amanda: “I wish you would stop targeting me.. I’m not after you”
Helen chimes in and says they want to play game with Candice but as she got closer to Howard they started to back off. Helen reminds her that Howard was lying to her since day one.

Amanda reminds her this is nothing personal against Candice Howard was targeting her that is how the game works.

They start listing all the alliance Howard has tried to make in the game. Helen points out that none of them included Candice. Candice: ‘Hanging with him was comfort for me.. we never talked game”
Helen says Candice kept going around saying she’s playing a independent game but then last night she was pushing Helen and threatening her to save Howard.. “How is that playing a independent game”

Amanda: “Me getting rid of Howard was not to weaken you it’s to make you stronger”
Candice: “I knew about the boys alliance before all of you.. I told Helen” She ads that she didn’t know the full extent of the boys alliance but she knew some of it

Amanda asks her why she was campaigning to keep Howard she needs to campaign for yourself.
Candice: “clearly if McCrae was on the block you would campaign to keep him.. C’mon Amanda” Candice adds that she isn’t even on the block yet.

Helen saying Candice should be angry at Howard right now. She’s going on the block because of him and she is still protecting Howard. “You should be bitter at him not us”

Helen: “you are not listening to us and we would never lie to you”
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds



11:35pm Backyard couch Amanda and McCrae
Amanda is relaying the conversation she just had with Candice. McCrae says that Spencer is really worried now. JUDD, Howard, Jessie and Spencer join them..

11:41pm HOH Amanda, GM and Aaryn
Amanda is saying that Spencer is trying to get Candice to campaign for Howard to try and make her a bigger target than him.
Amanda: “Spencer is the next target he’s manipulative as f***”
Amanda adds that Spencer has powers over Candice and may have powers over Helen. She doesn’t like Candice one bit put thinks Spencer should go first followed by Candice. Aaryn doesn’t want them to play down what Cadnice did last night because she’s going on the block tomorrow and she needs good reasons to do that. Amanda insists they make Spencer out as the biggest target.

Amanda says Spencer is f***ing shaking right now. Amanda tells Aaryn to not worry they are in better shape if Candice wins HOH Spencer is going up. Aaryn thinks she’ll go up to.
Amanda: “Seriously Aaryn you want Spencer to be the next target”


12:02AM HOH Aaryn and Spencer Aaryn is worried she’s the target next week. Spencer knows he’s the Target. Aaryn tells him not to tell anybody this but she really doesn’t want Howard to go she thinks he’s a good guy. Aaryn saying she’s exhausted and stressed start to get emotional and tears up. She’s pissed off at Candice says she disgusts her for the things she’s does, “For someone to have won a state MS USA pageant”. Aaryn mentions how Candice will do whatever it takes to stay in the game, Lie and throw anybody under the buys”
Spencer: “That’s what she does.. she makes up sh!t and she’s a liar”

12:26AM backyard howard, GM, Andy, JEJU, Spencer and McCrae random chit chat.
Aaryn is taking a bubble bath in the HOH

CBS Interactive Inc.

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CBS needs to stop it. Dont try to turn to the Fishes when the racial issues are being brought up its to late to paint a pretty picture


I still don’t understand how Howard is a threat. Is is just because he lied to Helen about the MC? Abd, I that is the case–why doesn’t the house see how much of threat she is. Or, I sort of hate putting this out there, but is it because he is it because of his appearance —big black man? If so, shame on everyone in that house–how sterotypical of them— I think Aaryn should put Helen up—that would upset the house.

Big Sister

YouTube has a 12 minute compilation of the derogatory comments that have been made by Aaryn, Jeremy, Amanda, Spencer, GinaMarie that will make you sick. I blame CBS for letting this go on and on and on. If there is no Coup d’etat or Power of Veto given out this week, it will be a disgrace. There should be a letter campaign for sponsors of Big Brother since CBS only does lip service to being offended. Hit them in a place they will understand–their wallets!

Elissa's Botox

Candice you are a Howard vote that’s why u are going up..stop playing the race card to complain about nominations!!! Candice just self evict you are way too emotional for BB


I miss Big Brother 14. Yeah I said it.


Haha me too, I was watching some clips earlier and it was nice to see Frank, Brittney, Ian, Will- hell, even Danielle! 🙂

Elissa's Botox

Yep there were some complaints but season 14 was way better than this one

Candice is a broken record


Candice need to go, as she has no idea how to play the game. Plus her cried and B**** last time she went on the block. Evict her already.


I respect Howard in the way he’s taking on being on the block. he’s not crying or bitchin’, he’s still roaming the house and talking to people. Candice is not even on the block and she’s all emotional which is completely hurting Howard’s game. Candice fucked up Howard’s game the minute she got close to him. Howard kept reminding her day in and day out that this is a game to him. Candice is an emotional wreck right now, and I understand some of the issues she has with certain house guests in the game, but she needs to stop using Howard’s name when talking to these people. I was cringing hearing her explain to Amanda, Helen and Elissa her feelings for Howard. the Candice, Amanda, Helen and Elissa moment was fitting for how awful this season is. this is turning into a daytime soap opera.

CBS hater

Howard and Candice agreed to separate for their own games. Why Candice keeps talking about him is beyond me. Howard has dropped you girl. You agreed to drop him back. Let Howard sink. You both agreed it was necessary.


The saddest part is from the very start, Howard told Candace that they had to swallow the racism because if they made it an issue, the house would use it against them…and she has (rightly and fairly) brought it up time and again…and just like Howard predicted it is being used against them.

If CBS tries to whitewash Amanda and Helen’s campaign against Howard blaming him for the racism -including Amanda’s greasy, nappy head remark and Helen’s absolution of Aaryn today- I’m done with BB. I come here and read the nasty, racist comments and the racist campaign against Howard and tonight CBS gives us Amanda recreating her drama school class with a f***ing stuffed animal and her “romance” with McCrea and all I can say is that anonymous post claiming Amanda was production’s player has to be true. First she escapes being part of the bigotry reel, then they pretend like her “confronting” Aaryn was something other than Amanda covering her ass, and the desperate attempts to make Amanda and McCrea “America’s Couple”…despite the fact that the audience nominated her this weekend.

To me it’s clear BB is fixed.


production is working overtime tonight editing Amanda to become America’s sweetheart with that bogus uplifting conversation she had with Candice. once Amanda left the room she went straight to HOH talking shit about Candice to GM and Aaryn.

Take CBS to the Woodshed

Here’s is a suggestion – OBB posters that think the edits are rigged should make some noise about it. Go to and tell them via their Tips link (top left) or call them – number is listed on the website. It’s important, in my opinion that these comments do not turn into bashing Amanda – but rather the one-sided edits CBS is giving her and other players. The message is simple – BB is staged during its prime time show…. I would also suggest giving TMZ OBB’s website as backup.


They edited Frank the same way last season – he was nasty on the feeds – but America’s darling during prime time…


It would be delightful if they edited it the way you just phrased it. And coupled with that edit, they could edit Helen’s conversation with Howard where she tells him to wait while she goes and puts on make up because she has a feeling this might make TV, followed by her expressions of love for him and then her telling everyone he has to go…people hate him.

On a side note, I think Amanda was sincere when she initially started discussing with Candice. Her game started coming out when Helen and Elissa decided to enter the discussion. I appreciated Amanda subtley shutting Helen down when Helen made it about her and Amanda brought it back Candice.

I had wished that Candice had tore into Helen when Helen continued to assert that Candice had threatened her last night. That is when Candice should have ‘kept it real’.


I’ve never been big on the whole game is rigged thing but because this season has sucked I’ve been watching a lot of old seasons and you can really see a lot of the winners get really good edits and alot of dr time which is starting to make me think the winners are predetermined or at least final 2 is.




I agree and I understand where Candice is coming from. She is basically saying it is not fair that Aaryn is still in that house and it is a big F U to her and Howard that they chose to keep her over Katlin. Plus it is an ever bigger F U to them that Aaryn is the one that is causing Howard to go home. Amanda is just as much a racist as Aaryn and she loves that Aaryn is taking all of the heat for it. I say shame on CBS for not portraying Amanda in her true light. She is the one that wanted to keep Aaryn over Katlin and got everyone else on that band wagon. She is a bitch and if she were my daughter I would be extremely ashamed of her actions. Racism, prejudice and discrimination in any form is wrong and for someone to be rewarded for it, is just plain bullshit!!


You basically are saying that they need a free pass just because they are black and even though they are a threat to their game? Seriously, putting someone on the block that is targeting you is not racist, it is a smart gameplay. Aaryn may have made derogatory words against people but her actions of evicting someone who is black this week is not because of race. Howard and Candice may be great people outside the game but they sucked at playing big brother. Have they kept Kaitlin and she won this weeks HOH, the knockouts will be in trouble.

Charlie Hustle

And they’ve been victims of a racially hostile BB house. Whether or not there is anything said or done directly to either of them misses the point. They should never have been made to have to endure the atmosphere of hostility.

The issue isn’t black and white. No one deserves a free pass, but when you’re put on the block by the main racial antagonist and subsequently blamed for the racially hostile environment for taking offense, it is a double slap in the face/ salt in the wound. That Candice’s allies have abandoned her both in the game and emotionally is probably hard. She’s being made out to be over the top ridiculous like GM’s non-existent love affair with Nick/ Candice should feel aggreived. BB fans can wish this wasn’t the way it was. It is what it is.

This house needs a Letter from a Birmingham Jail.


Name, this is the best commentary to date. Comprehensive, extremely well said!


Howard’s game is fucked up the moment that he lied about being a member of the moving company. At that point people have a huge red flag at him, not because of his color but because of his game play. The moment when Candice aligned/hooked up with howard, that was the nail in his coffin. And although it hurt his gameplay (if he even has one), this act of candice caused more damage to her gameplay rather than the other way around. Prior to her protecting ‘her person’ (cringe), she was in a good position to take all of the mean girls out.


Howard sez: Who wins the game is preordained,thus identifying Allison Grodner as an Agent of GOD. Martyr complex. Gag me!

Forget About It!

@ BB PRODUCTION: I agree with you that Candice NEEDS TO STOP USING THE RACE CARD but Howard needs to START playing the game of BB. He has the opportunity in the game to flip this house and start convincing the HGs THE MANY REASONS TO GET AMANDA EVICTED! I am truly frustrated with him due to his cavalier attitude in regards to this is a “GAME”. We know it is a game so why are you not playing the game? I have been a fan of his but if he does not get with the program; HE DESERVES TO GO HOME!


At this point within the game he has nothing to lose.


@Forget About It!. I understand what you’re saying, but Howard has been trying to play his game. it’s either here or there how anyone feels if he’s been playing a good game or not., but Howard stayed true in how he wanted his game to be from the start. he had his chance @ POV to save himself this week but he failed. besides that, he tried to align himself with some players, but they all backstabbed him instantly. no one really is giving him a chance to prove himself to any alliance. the house guests this season want nothing to do with him. it’s a shame because Howard seems like a real kool dude to play along side with. Howard kinds of remind of Frank from last season, but Frank was a BEAST getting himself off the block winning POV’s. the question really this week shouldn’t even be about Howard’s game, when these idiots have the bigger target of Amanda starring them in the face. this move getting Howard out this week will go down as one the worst decisions ever in BB history.


That headline really says it all this really is the season of the floater when some ones HOH everyone loves them once that reigns over they all talk trash Its happened to Aaryn Helen and Judd the minute their HOH reign ends every one wants to backdoor them and have an alliance with the new HOH.I have to say even though I hate super friends their almost guaranteed jury so I guess I have to respect their strategy I just can’t wait for jury to begin so the evictions won’t be so obvious.

gonzo wannabe

JEFF’s interview with KAITLIN touches on how the MVP was supposed
to remove floaters, and let solid gameplay happen. the new rules have
created an overlapping series of alliances and a flash mob voting system.


Howard was completly right. We’re going to end up seeing Mcmanda,Andy, and Aaryn in the F4 Because people will never want to go against Amanda. Youre never going to see a power move Because Amanda has brain washed these people to take a bullet for her. This season as a whole has been rather poor. Withthem getting a former BB HG sibling on and starting a fan voted power, the producers immediatley made the game unfair. Also the fact that this is the least likeable cast ever really doesnt help. In the past you would have the HG you like and disliked, and it usually depended on how they acted in the game. This season you dont have that Because they casted the worst humanity has to offer. Im not saying Howard or Jessie are bad people but look at everybody else. They either are racialy insensitive, cindone racial, make sexist remarks, or just bulling people Because they can.

CBS hater

Howard says this season was suppose to be a season for non floaters but in retrospect with this cast it become advantageous to be a floater.

You here that CBS? Truer words have never been spoken. Please do better next season.


This is not ‘just’ a season of floaters, it just so happens that majority of the people that continuously win HOH are on the same side. Howard and Spencer made a move people against ‘the house’ by creating the moving company, in retrospect, it is the house vs the moving company (and the blondetourage). By definition, a floater is someone who moves from group to group whoever is in power, it just so happens that the power does not shift and continues to go into their opponents side. Have MC Crae not ditched MC and they continuously win HOH, Howard would not say that this season is a season of floaters. He just chose the wrong side and have a bad game play.

I’ve always enjoyed rooting for the underdogs, which is why I rooted for Daniele in season 12 and Janelle in her seasons. Apparently, the underdogs (Howard, Spencer and Candice) in this season are just really pathetic, they can’t win challenges and can’t do anything right! Right now I can’t wait for them to be evicted so the real game starts.

Helen, Amanda and Judd are the only people who are actually playing the game strategically and I can’t wait when they cut each other’s throat.


Does nobody remember what these girls subjected Jessie to? They (Aaryn , Gina, Kaitlin mostly) called her everything – slut, whore, desperate, trying to get with every man in the house (not true). Where is Jessie now – crying about that incident (actually a couple of weeks of bullying) – no. She strategically rose above that knowing that it makes them look ugly not her. Candice had an ally with Jessie (a loophole) but frustrated Jessie with negativity. C’mon. Everybody in the house has been picked on by everyone else in the house. Remember Evel – he tortured people, yet is revered. I’m not saying, it’s good or bad gameplay. It’s how how handle it that makes you go farther IMHO.

Roisin Dubh

Evel’s revered because he scared that jury into giving him the money. Don’t go against a hardcore Suicidal Tendencies fan. Those people knew the score.


very well said about jess

she has been hated on by many in that house and brushed it off and got on with things


I feel for Candice. I really do. She needs to hang in there, and if Howard does get voted off she needs to be around when Aaryn and GM get voted out.

CBS hater

Spencer should save Howard with the veto and let Candice leave. It sounds harsh, but this is really his only of having an ally in the House.


Spencer saves Howard with the veto -> Spencer goes home.

Where in your logic do they send Candice home if Spencer is still on the block? Seriously now.


Worst season ever with the most annoying cast ever. You fail CBS…


This cast really sucks idk wether to be happy I wasn’t picked to be on this season or insulted that these losers were chosen over me


If you lost out to a player like mumbles, or randy .Andy, or pervy Spencer, it might mean you were too Classy. The sad thing is some of these people never watched more than a season. what did that bring to the table for us as an audience?


I heard 40,000 people applied for this show, and this is what they chose? They really failed with this cast…all they talk about is getting to JURY! WTF people, aren’t you there to win?Howard, guess what, sorry to bring this up and all… but guess what sweetie, YOU ARE ON THE BLOCK! start campaigning, making promises you may or may not keep, sell Candice to the highest bidder, whatever! They are all in this house crying tonight, channel that energy into some gaming. Dr. Will must be so disappointed with this crew of quitters. He was on the block weekly! weekly, not kidding and he won! And he had a showmance, and an alliance he kept! this is not the same game… sorry, that is all!


this whole game can change if JUDD opens his mouth and tell jessie that amanda said your next to be evicted soon …… when people suppose to talk and run their mouth they dont especially important information like that …. …..


The formative problem here for you is hoping Judd opens his mouth…mr mumbles tries to never, ever open his mouth. But good idea in theory.


Really. candace needs to get over it already. howard just thinks of this as a game.

CBS hater

I didnt watch the CBS edit. Are regular viewers going to understand why Amanda was put on the block as the third nominee?


Ok … Rooting for Jessie .. Her biggest flaw is that she just wants to be liked .. Lol .. She is extremely sheltered and shallow which compared to the other houseguest makes her the least despised. Unfortunately her future in the game is to be ignored and then sent packing when they remember she is there (lol when she even noticed that she was hardly ever called to the DR). So go Jessie ! Enjoy your youth and don’t let these other houseguest be to bad of an influence !! They are a good example of what not to do 🙂


Anyone who finds Mike ‘Boogie’ attractive repulsive to me. Sorry but I’m a girl and I think he is gross. Helen loves him and says her husband looks like him. More for her kids to be proud of….


Helen: Howard going home will be good for your game, like Jeremy going home was good for Kaitlin’s game!

Romney: Calling 47% of the population “takers” was good for my game.

Yeah….NEITHER is true.


Candice, this group of people are a bunch of cowards.




Im a bit confused as to why McCrae takes no heat for being in the Moving Company. Howard was in it and everyone crucifies for it for it yet everyone forgets McCrae’s involvement.


You sounded like Candice, naive, emotional and in love with Howard.

Going back on week two when Elissa, Nick and Helen are on the block they needed six votes to send Nick packing. Have Mc Crae stayed true to Moving Company, Nick would’ve stayed and Elissa would be sent packing. Why would the rest of the people that he aligned himself be angry at him for saving one of their allies? Howard is taking heat because he went against the house (with the intention of throwing Jessie under the bus) even though during the first eviction he was “so called loyal”.


Exactly, being part of the MC isn’t the issue. What matters is how you voted.

CBS hater

Did you notice every girl that wasn’t already married came for a showmance? Hahahahaahahaha



There’s big money to be made with the spin-off of these showmances…Amazing Race for major bucks,covers of star magazine when it all goes terribly wrong, Celebrity Rehab, couples therapy, where are they now?, and eventually d list celebrity pancake breakfasts. What’s so terrible about all that… plus as a woman whose husband died at 36, there is just not that much out there to get you out there again.Sign me up for a showmance, got to be better than my date!

Judd's granny

Hey BoodaGal. Where you been?

yo, sup

This season kind of sucks

Roisin Dubh

Howard was never in the game to win it. He’s there to up his profile let’s be real about that. I have to give it to Amanda, she is a good manipulator, but then again she’s the smartest eighth grader in that kindergarten class. Me thinks Helen is gonna have a meltdown when she goes back and looks and the tapes and hears what the cool kid’s said about her. Candice is by far the smartest one in that house, it’s a shame she got involved with Howard, that tanked her game. Spencer is well, Spencer. Julie probably destroyed her fifth wall since Aaryn won HOH. This game has gotten so personal that it’s literally anyone’s game except Ahandjob and Keychain. They are one pow-wow away from being the sole focus of eviction. This could’ve been the season that went down in the books as legendary because of the pace from the get-go.


LMAO @ Ahandjob. perfect execution.

Roisin Dubh

That’s what keychain said before he rolled over and went to sleep.

Forget About It!

@ROISIN DUBH: Succinctly Said!


i don’t think you know what the word ‘succinctly’ means.

Judd's granny

Combo of suck and sink.


Show rachel on screen and bash everyone. :))))

Roisin Dubh

The only thing they can do at this point is lock up all their medications and let them detox for 3 days.


that’s the scary thing about Xanax, he wouldn’t make it through a couple days


Or… they could double,triple or switch up medications. That could be fun to watch!


Two MVP nominees and a double eviction!

Thank you So much for all the work you guys are doing.


CBS needs to send DAWG in the house. only DAWG can save this season.

Forget About It!



Seeing how the Ringworm epidemic in the house didn’t get the full attention it deserved I think See-BS will bring on an ebola outbreak and we can watch Amanda shed bloody tears as she watches McCrae vaporize before her eyes.In very early past seasons they would have a twist where an evicted houseguest gets the opportunity to return,watch for that little surprise if Mcmanda has to part their lips for too very long.

Judd's granny

Bomb Dog!!!


a pandoras box where amanda cant talk for an entire week

not a f-cking word or she is instantly evicted

Roisin Dubh

Simon, the sickest part about the whole thing is that the entire house except for Ahandjob and Keychain want Candice out before Howard and Aaryn is HOH? WTF is wrong with that picture?


Other than being needlessly cruel, what is the point of blindsiding Howard?


Howard should make a fake Diamond Power of Veto and hide it badly so that Judd can find it.


Not sure what they can do at this point. Maybe they could drop some balloons and make sure Howard gets the one with the extra veto similar to last year. I think it’s dis-heartening, criminal and down right wrong that the racist is HOH when the big scary black man goes home. I hope they bring him back. I really don’t think he is a great player and as far as him doing the show to advance his “acting career”, most of them are doing that including AG’s pet Amanda.

CBS hater

I think if Howard and Spencer really wanted to they could send Candice to the gutters.


They are going to throw in some of the old players to show them how to play!!!!! {Just Kidding} Actually instead of giving them film to look at {they really should put in people who are avid fans of the show} they should have them talk to former players, get their view points.


I like Candice. Not really but u have to respect her. Jessie and Helen were all for getting rid of Amanda. Candice could let the whole house know but she hasn’t yet. I think if Candice, Howard and spencer stepped up and pointed out the fact that Amanda is the #1 threat then the house can sway by thur. I just hope Judd and Helen have something up their sleeve. Now is the time for a big move. Amanda is picking exactly who goes home and Helen wants Arryan gone. Helen and demanda are gonna battle it out within a couple weeks. And just for fun. This is a list that I’ve heard Amanda wanting out:

Howard (this week)
Spencer (next week)
Candice (after spencer)
She also said
Jessie (needs to go next week)
Helen (needs to go soon)
Judd ( needs to go soon)
If I missed someone she said let me know.

And this was in last 24 hours. I think she is playing too aggressive for being up on the block. Thur is a long way away. Someone needs to put it out there that Amanda is going all the way with mccrae


Howard is a class act, glad to catch up on what happened this weekend over the past few hrs. Howard is playing it cool, Amanda crying after getting put up as 3rd nominee, priceless!, and Candice realizing her showmance is on a limited run now. Wow! Love how Andy just scurries from scene to scene trying to gather nuggets for his nest of rats. Elissa is coming off pretty mean on the show, I guess so BB can get the heat off Alison’s girlfriend, Amanda. Not working Grodner! I MISS DanG. manipulating his protege last season…and that is how you play BB! Also, Amanda was first one in the HOH door Thurs night, ahead of Aaryn too!

Judd's granny

Miss TEXAS Barbie sez: When we evict Howard, can we drag him behind a truck?


The way it looks right now, these three are gone in the next three weeks: Howard, Spencer, Candice. If the MVP comes back and Elissa get it, she may go before Candice. Then there will be some cut throatting going on.


Why is Andy allowed at the Girls’ nail parties? Any thoughts? Just ’cause you’re gay, you’re not a girl. Andy infiltrates everything. Biggest rat ever.

Judd's granny

Right! Andy Out! McDuck in!

Butters Mom

I wish they would just randomly play audio of private conversations all night long in the house …. everyone would hear first hand old convos held and learn who is lying and who has been telling the truth…

also, locking Aaryn in the HOH with a screen of clips that show her saying racial things like Julie Chen showed on CBS including the things she said about Helen while the other house guests are outside collecting prizes would be awesome. Maybe then we wont have to listen to her denying over and over again she isnt a racist.

I think Amanda is being given an unfair edit on CBS … she also isnt suffering on the outside of the house with a job loss either like some of the other players… why is that?

and candice, no matter how many ways it is explained to her is just not going to accept that she is going on the block because she is a vote for howard, not because she is black… im so sick of her … she is a narrow minded person who can not accept anything but her own ideas …. I thought she was smart at the beginning of this game but have realized she is not when it comes to the game. she was set in a great alliance with Helen and Elissa … and she blew it for Howard…. I wish Howard wouldnt have carried her out of the room the night Aaryn flipped her mattress… he should have let Candice go off on Aaryn … instead he convinced her to play it weak and now thats all she seems to know how to do.


So this new little ‘tidbit’ about Candice knowing someone to get on the show.. She just finished another show ‘Searching for’, looking for her birth mother, which he hear over and over, and immediately comes on Big Brother. I thought it took people years to get on this show. Just another famewhore wanting more spotlight. Big Brother wasn’t the place to go for that – not the best place for ‘loyal, kind-hearted, victims looking for Mr. Right (or daddy-figure).


Waa Waa Waa. It’s not fair that Howie and I are on the block together. That’s not right. I know I was coming after you to get you nominated and voted out, but now that I’m going on the block, it’s not right. Yes I was foolish to pick a fight with you Amanda and tell you to your face that I was coming after, but you should forgive me and lets move on……It’s true, Candice is just plain dumb


Any one saying Candice is playing the “race card” needs to watch the YouTube clip someone posted in another comment section, it’s disturbing, appalling and at times difficult to watch.

Imagine being cooped up with these people 24/7 (game or not) and knowing how vile they have been towards you…saying she should move on is tantamount to condoning it, or worse making excuses for it like Helen did. Helen is in for a rude awakening when she watches it back.

I hope CBS hosts an after-show with this cast to explore the impact it’s had on their lives. No other season, that I can recall, has had such an ignorant group of bigoted individuals. I thought Howard was not right for this type of game, but I thinks it’s just been such a toxic environment how could he be expected to “play” with these people.


In addition to this, the fact is that Candice was one of the last people to talk about the racism thing. Conversations about it were going on long before she got wind of it. Then, people began having full on conversations with it, bringing it up with her and acting like they cared. The issue at hand is that both AMERICA and the houseguests were discussing this racist thing way before Candice was, and now that she wants to talk about it many feel that the discussion is over. “Get over it.” they say. And just like the houseguests at the moment, ‘Murika is over it. I called it before. Everyone cares until the victim speaks out, then ‘Murika just considers it complaining. Now she’s “playing the race card.” When the fact is that everything Candice is calling for is something that we all as viewers wanted not only 3 weeks ago, but just this past week as well, and that’s for Aaryn to be gone. We ALL said its not fair that CBS is doing nothing and she’s still in the game but when Candice points out the same thing, she needs to “get over herself.” Typical America. Everyone expects victims of things like these to behave like Howard just so they can say “Oh look what a good boy he is.” not realizing that people have feelings too. Just remember, when we were all complaining about the racism, Candice wasn’t. These people made it seem like they cared, questioned asked in the DR only for nothing to be done but CBS profitting off of her misery and outright allowing it to continue which just condoned the situation all together. Then, nothing has been done for so long that people are not only continuing with the comments, but are making excuses for the previous comments made – even Candice’s fellow minorities in the house. Just because these people stop for a millisecond does not erase off the racial tension in the house. Candice had to deal with it behind her back and then blatantly to her face, which all went BEYOND game into something extremely cruel and personal – that none of the other HGs had to deal with. Now add to that the fact that it’s nearly everybody in the house, meanwhile to Candice’s knowledge, it’s only Aaryn and GM. Sick. These are tight quarters and while Candice is dumb at times, the woman is not stupid. It’s been like this from day one in the house and formulated opinions from day one are not changing. The hate has already manifested and grown to the point where her own friends don’t like her either and all of it is for no real reason. When she goes into a room, people scatter. Couple that with the racist talk + everyone being buddy buddy with Aaryn and there you have it. The sad fact of the matter is that Anerica pretends to care for a week and then moves on to something else. Everyone was calling for Aaryn’s head a week ago and now it’s Candice that needs to stop? When just yesterday they were going off about her and her “nappy hair”, etc. Come on. Like I said, fact is, when America moves on they expect everyone else to do so with them, but we have to remember, when we don’t like what’s being said, we get to walk away from our computer, put down our phone and shut off our TV. Candice doesn’t get that luxury.


very well said Hello I agree 100%.


Next year, half all-stars & half newbies.


Candace, stop whining. Your going up anyway. Howard will be gone this week.


Omg Candice you need to stop crying and get yourself together you are on Big Brother to win the money and focus on winning HOH Let goooooooooooo


next year it should be all star big brother16 2014


Amanda is playing a good game – I would suggest the House guest grow some balls and get ride of her – or just have CBS give her the check….and just the change the name of the show “Amanda’s show” Starring Amanda and her co-star is Mc……also, Andy, Helen, Judd(mumbles – love that), Aaryn, GM and the rest….

If she stay ….she will keep being America’s MVP…..


Candice needs to go home. It’s very difficult trying to fight these white bit**es who are a bunch of ignorant and vicious backstabbers including the one Asian who probably identifies with them since her husband is white…….can’t wait for her to see the comments they made about her which will surely bring her (Helen) down to earth. CBS should be ashamed for not nipping this racism crap in the bud when it started. Worst season of US Big Brother. I hope our future Canadian episodes do not pattern this type of behaviour.