Spoilers – Amanda tells Candice she won’t campaign against her “B!tch I’m not even on the block yet”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


Big Brother 15 Nip Slip Flash back time stamps HERE

3:00pm Helen and Spencer Hammock

H: “I’m glad you won”
S: “Thank you”
Spencer starts to explain the power of Veto competition. Helen wants to know what he thought when he say it was a puzzle. Spencer didn’t think anything of it.
Helen: “I thought you were good at puzzles”
Spencer: “I’m alright I can figure sh!t out”

Helen wants to know about Howard. Spencer says he knows what is in store for him, he’s doing alright.

Helen: ‘I love Howard you know.. as a person”
Spencer: “I know he comes across as shady because he doesn’t talk to people”
Helen: ‘He talks to no one”
Spencer explains that Howard thinks if he trusts people he doesn’t need to talk to them. The problem with some of these people he trusts is they don’t trust him
Spencer: ‘Just coming from me you can trust him.. I don’t think other people will”
Helen: “I can’t move it.. I can’t”
Spencer: “I know if he’s not gone this week all it will do is buy him another week”
Helen says that Candice cornered her and bullied her into keep Howard.
Helen: ‘Oh my god Spencer… “
Helen retells her conversation with Candice last night skewed to make it look like Candice was bullying and threatening her. Helen mentions how Candice called her out with having a final 4 with McCrae, Amanda and Elissa.
Helen: “She was forceful and bitchy.. she said if Howard doesn’t go Me, McCrae and Amanda are going to go”
Helen: “I just don’t have the power.. I know how everyone feels”
Helen: “She’s my closest Ally I would never threaten my closest ally”

Spencer points out how will Candice take them down she really doesn’t have a whole lot.

Helen asks if Spencer and Elissa had up. Spencer says they’re talking now.


3:33pm Lounging around the backyard random chit chat

JUDD: “Grab your tequila and tetanus shots it’s time for the veto competition”
Amanda: “Grab your swastika and gas mask it’s time for the veto ceremony”
Nobody laughs.. Elissa: “Amanda that is really bad”
Amanda thinks she can say that because she is Jewish.

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:50pm Aaryn stays inside cleaning up the kitchen


3:55pm Amanda and Helen Looking at the Memory wall
They admire their work saying they have been responsible for every eviction and in a couple weeks the super friends will have made it like they planned from the beginning. Briefly chatting about Jeremy and how they are lucky he played the game like he did because if he was nice and sweet he would be very dangerous. Amanda mentions Jeremy was good for Television but bad for game.
Amanda says the one thing she dislikes are people that prey on the weak and bully people. She adds that Jeremy and Aaryn were just like that the first couple weeks.
Helen says that Spencer needs to go before Candice. Amanda doesn’t care because neither of them will vote for her in the final 2 so as long as they are out before jury she’s on board.
Amanda: “I think JUDD wants to keep Spencer because he’s gunning for me and you”
AManda: ‘I want him gone next week
Helen: ‘I have no problem with that”


4:05pm HOH Helen, McCrae and Aaryn

Helen says she’s happy that Aaryn kept her side of the deal. Helen wants Howard gone this week and next week Spencer. She wants Aaryn to help them get Spencer out.

Helen: “I realize a lot of things ELisa has said about you is skewed” Helen apologizes for some of the things she may have said in the Diary room. She blames it on the things Elissa told her about Aaryn. Helen tells them Spencer is coming after her and Elissa next week he’s got to go home.

Andy joins them
MC says Spencer is campaigning to keep Howard so he’s been telling spencer there is a slight chance just to make the days go by easier. Andy agrees that this is the best approach.

MC and Andy mention they have been telling Spencer if they win HOH next week they will put up Aaryn and Ginamarie.
Aaryn says that spencer is such a pu$$y he’ll put up Gm and her.
Andy joins them
Aaryn says she’s thinking Elissa will win the next HOH. She wonders who Elissa will put up. Helen says it will be Spencer and Ginamarie.
McCrae: “We have numbers no matter what happens at this point”
Helen says once they get to Jury it’s game on, “If you all help me get to jury I will be happy to win it but also happy if any of you win it”

Helen says she’s happy they are going to make it to Jury they all made big moves deserve to be there.

FYI nail party tonight


4:25pm Backyard Howard and Candice
Candice tells him that Amanda has been talking to her like she’s on the block. She told Candice she won’t campaign against her, “B!tch i’m not even on the block yet” Candice thinks thy’re plan was to backd**r her all along. Howard says he’s being optimistic says a lot of things can happen between now and Thursday. Spencer adds that Kaitlin was going to stay up until the day before so they never know.
Candice: ‘Kaitlin was never staying.. they got to Aaryn immediately.. they talked about the secret alliance to make her look bad.. I don’t even care anymore honestly.. I’m just not talking to anybody”

4:43pm Backyard Amanda and Howard

Howard says if he stays his allegiance is with Amanda, McCrae and Spencer. Amanda: “Lets be honest you were coming after me I was coming after you. Amanda says Howard’s best bet is to let Candice keep threatening people. Andy joins them


4:48pm HOH Spencer and Aaryn
Aaryn I bet you are so happy. She mentions that he’s probably the target next week. Spencer knows he sees the handwriting on the wall. Aaryn says if he put her up against GM she will stay because of what she did for the superfriends.
Spencer asks if Helen and Elissa are targeting him. Aaryn says they don’t let her in on the private big picture conversations. She’s in the same position as him on the outs.
Spencer: “Who is after me that you are aware of”
Aaryn: ‘I’ve never heard of anyone being after you.. the reason you are up on the block is because of Howard”
Aaryn says the 4 strongest people in the house are Amanda/McCrae and Helen/Elissa
She recommends if he wins HOH he goes to them and asks for a deal so it buys him another week. This is why she’s safe next week because she made a deal. “Unless you want to rally the other side of the house”
Spencer doesn’t think the other side will rally they are too scared of messing up their games.
Aaryn says she had no issues with Howard and Spencer she only put them up because of her deal with Helen.
Aaryn: “If it was my noms I would have put up Elissa and Candice”
Aaryn says McCrae wouldn’t put her him up. Spencer Doesn’t think Andy, Judd or Jessie would. He thinks it would be Elissa, Amanda and Helen that put him up.

Aaryn says there is a lot of lying going on in the house just like Helen telling Candice

Spencer: “Candice is f****ing up Howards game.. “
Aaryn: ‘Are you allied with Candice”
Spencer: “F*** no I don’t even like that b!tch”
Aaryn says if he makes a deal with McCrae and works with him he’s set until mid jury.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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aaryn really thinks people will stay loyal to her if she is on the block against gm next week? I really hope amanda or helen win this season because these are the only two people in the house with half a brain

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Does Adderall make you more delusional? LOL

Amanda who???

Blame Aa all you want but that was her best move..to buy herself one more week..she has not said that these people will be loyal to her, she knows that she is being used, but what to do? She looked at her options and saw how How/Sp/Cand was a sinking ship and she took a better option. Judd, Mc, Andy always see very far ahead, so they started working her way before How/Spe did. Putting up How/Spe was way better for her game than Cand/Elisa..this way she would be creating enemies from both camps..now she is silent and watching..she very well knows the tension between Hel/El and Ama/Mc so when her days are numbered she will use this to her advantage..just not now…


What else is she supposed to do? It’s either going with Helen/Amanda and their entire group OR side with Spencer and Howard. What are those 2 guys going to do for her? Nothing. They can’t protect her. They can’t even protect themselves. Aaryn ‘s in a position where she has to go with what the big group tells her and hope for the best. Probably won’t be good enough anymore, but there is nothing else for her.

Helen and Amanda still aren’t officially going at each other’s throats yet.


there isn’t going to be any surprises this week. everyone votes with the house. Howard is gone. this is the season of the sheep. if anyone has time they need to go on youtube and search for “BB15 Bigotry supercut”. hey Simon can I post the link to the youtube video?


Here’s an update:

Howard’s target: Amanda
Amanda’s target: Howard/Candice
McCrae’s target: Howard/Candice
Spencer’s target: Amanda
Candice’s target: Helen/Aaryn/GinaMarrie/Amanda
GM’s target: Pandora’s box to get nick back in the game. (Judd/Candice)
Elissa’s target: Spencer/Aaryn?
Helen’s target: Spencer, Aaryn, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Candice, Judd
Aaryn’s target: Elissa?/Howard/Candice
Judd’s target: Elissa, Helen, Howard, Candice, GinaMarie, Aaryn
Jessie’s target: I even forget she exists half the time so idk.
Andy’s target: Howard/Candice

People after them:
Amanda = 4
McCrae = 1
Howard = 5
Helen = 2
Aaryn = 4
GM = 2
Elissa = 2
Spencer = 2
Jessie = 1
Judd = 2
Candice = 6
Andy = 0

Am I the only one catching on? Who is no one’s target and who does not openly admit to? Andy might win Big Brother…for now.
Helen/Elissa/Jessie/Judd should all flip on McManda this week, spice this up and go after McManda/Aaryn/GM/Andy, they might lose a few on the way…but I need war people, war. Howard could try to save his ass this week and stop preaching for one, pull a Dan.

Zingbot Fan

Great post Janelleftw.


I laughed when I got to Helen`s target. So true about Jessie too, I only really know her as the girl Judd is working with.

Johnny (the european one!)

“Helen’s target: Spencer, Aaryn, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Candice, Judd”
LOL! Oh, come on! If it allowed her to make another fake deal, she wouldn’t mind targeting Andy as well!
And she’s already had several talks about getting rid of Elyssa. One might think that those were bs talks, but Helen obviously came into this house ready to screw everyone over and planning on her word being worth absolutely nothing.

Teri B

I just watched it….disgusting. Just totally reinforces my opinion of Demanda. She needs to go down, and CBS will fuckin’ reward her instead. Oh, and she IS just as bad as Aaryn.

This will probably be my last year to watch…I will have to go thru withdrawals though, as I am an addict for this show. CBS should be ashamed….I know I am.


heres some more from CBS’ favourite racist bully amanda…

Amanda: “Grab your swastika and gas mask it’s time for the veto ceremony”
Nobody laughs.. Elissa: “Amanda that is really bad”

utterly disgraceful comment, and not something to joke about

Amanda says the one thing she dislikes are people that prey on the weak and bully people.

so the above comment means amanda dislikes people like herself


WOW! I just watched “BB15 Bigotry supercut” on YouTube. It is sooo vile. It is dangerously sickening! I am trying not to cry right now. No, actually I am too stunned to cry. I don’t think I can continue watching big brother. Wow! Being black in America is not for the faint of heart.


thought howard was all but gone, but if candice keeps on freakin’ out, she might save howard – by convincing the house to get rid of her instead! yes, a lot can happen between now and thursday, but i don’t think there’s enough trust in the house for howard to make any legit deals. looks like hes gone.

Dollar Bag

Candice was always more loyal to Howard then the other way around. Candice needs to go to the diary room and get the good drugs that Amanda gets. This might calm her down. Don’t get the drugs that Judd gets. Whatever Judd is taking is not working. Judd is being short tempered with everyone. Candice has literally lost her mind over this Howard nomination. I guess if Howard walks out through that door, Candice is going to walk out right with him. I thought Gina was the crazy one when Nick left. But now we have a new contender in Candice. Candice, your strength is your kind heart, honesty, and your genuine expression of friendship. You can’t play Amanda and Helen’s game of trying to bully people, stick with your strengths..


And at this point if I were her I wouldn’t care. There’s isn’t thing should could do even if she was agreeable. Especially after listening to part sof Aaryn’s Diary Room sessions as well as Helen’s lies. The alliances and lines were drawn in the first 2-3 weeks. So whether she messes it up for herself or doesn’t I definitely would give a sh*t. I doubt she thought she would be in the house 24/7 with those types of people and they sort of mentalities they have as a whole. With her being a woman it’s probably a litter worse since you have so many catty lying b*tches in there that will twist a conversation like it’s a natural reflex. Besides even if by some miracle she made it to the end I don’t think any of those people would vote for her to win no matter who she sat next to. That’s the reality.


Did AMANDA really say that? Just because she is Jewish the things she says SHOULDN”T come out of her mouth! Now she will have the JEWISH community and the families of Jewish SURVIVORS on her ASS!!! IT looks like it’s the AMANDA Show AgAin!! But the public won’t SEE/HEAR those comments will they? lol PRODUCTION wants her to WIN so bad!!

Aaryn's Ex

You Jewish people are way to sensitive. Amanda was making a joke, relax! You are starting to sound like Candice who sees racism in everything people say. Its starting to get that you can’t make a joke in this country without offending someone.


You can make a joke in this country without offending anyone, if in fact you are making a joke. Arian’s comments were all about the hate speech. She is just too much of a coward to stand behind her “jokes”. Imagine that, no conviction to stand behind what you think and beleive–she is a waste of air. Arian, gibe that air to someone else, you’re wasting it!


Ok BB just made my night. I absolutely love Poppy Montgomery.


“Amanda says the one thing she dislikes are people that prey on the weak and bully people”
me : …………

Teri B

I know, right? I wanted to comment on that, too, but ran out of characters. LOL. What a bigot, racist, bitch. Absolutely as bad as Aaryn and the rest of the assholes. This year is a fuckin joke.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

“Amanda says the one thing she dislikes are people that prey on the weak and bully people.”

You mean what’s she’s been doing this entire time?

Is this b***h serious?


Once again, she got a great edit on tonight’s show. BB doesn’t want her to be the 3rd nominee.


exactly cbs going out of their way to give amanda the best edit possible to lessen the chance she is 3rd nom again if not voted out this week

cbs should be ashamed of themselves for firstly not showing her offensive statements and behaviour and secondly for continually giving her golden edits

She Said What

Really getting a kick out of this post. Every time the conversation and players change – up pops Andy. I’m starting to try and guess where in the paragraphs he’ll appear – the HG’s seem to treat him like the house pet.

Shockerzz 2.0

Helen + amanda says thy were responsoble for the people that went home….but rember i think the key player was spencer at the beginning, evn though i hate spencers scheming, but becsuse he flipped to evict david, nick and jeremy it put the nail in da coffin and helped elissa stay in the house. In turn it benifited helen+amanda’s game.


He didn’t flip, he was flipped. He floats to the power. Everyone accuses Andy of being the biggest floater, but it is Spencer that keeps changing his vote to go along with the majority.


now this is really getting boring as hell!…can’t take it!…will check back after a few weeks!
ugh…this season sucks! everyone is sucking up to the bully!….amanda is a freakin hypocrite!!….can’t stand these people!…
everyone is a freakin w*ss!!! HONESTLY!….
this season wreaks!…it’s the worst season yet!


C Ya !!!!


Anyone else feel that BB production/pr gave Aaron insight to her issues outside the house? I only read this blog, and sometimes watch online reruns, but it seems as though she’s redeeming herself?


Oh yeah she knows…


You’re right, she’s actually been somewhat likable the past couple of weeks. I think her new found humility probably comes as much from all her allies being voted out and her lowly status within the hierarchy of the group than from any warning production may have given her. She finally figured out that the Queen Bitch of the Universe act wasn’t doing much for her longevity in the game.


CBS was targeting Aaryn while Amanda and Kaitlin and the others get by with saying so much worse while lest not forget Spencer or GM who they grant great edits. I actually think Aaryn is not a “racist” but just ignorant southern spoiled college kid who repeats crap she has heard without thinking, and think she has actually become quite likable. She did not want to put Howard up that is all HELEN and ELISSA and Amanda. So who really is the racist?


Not on CBS..Amanda and Judd Whjtewashed. Aaryn’s slip about AXE highlight ed. Grodner and Julie determined to portray Aaryn as THE RACIST.


CBS should be sued! When Aryan made the AXE comment she was talking to GM not Candice. People from New York say AXE also. The comment had nothing to do with race or Candice. This slander edit was pitiful.

Shockerzz 2.0

I dont like spencers scheming but he has been playing a rigourous social game from he beginning and made big risky game moves evnthough he hasnt won hoh, but now gots veto…so i do give him a lil credit(he probly deserves more from a game standpoint, but he doesnt seem trustyworthy). I can see why amanda wants howard and spencer out so bad cuz amanda is jus like thm in every way but she is on the “otherside” of the house alliance


Next week Helen, Amanda, and Andy would be a good mix to be on the block. Let them trash talk each other. The House needs a good shake up.


So Helen and Amanda Hate people who bully the weak into doing what they want. Werent they Bulling Jessie into usinv POV on Amanda. Then Helen tells everyone to vote with the house or else theyre going home. They should probably realise things like this are what makes them unpopular


Omfg did they really just play the bachelorette music when Amanda and McCrae were in the tub. I just threw up in my mouth. Obviously Amanda is golden and won’t be the MVP nominee next week.

Zingbot Fan

That have not competition was awesome. Very creative.

Sad about bb

If Amanda or Helen wins, I will die. They are playing strong, they just personally get on my nerves.

Wouldn’t it be great if the unleashed Evil Dick on the house to set some of these people straight! I would love to see him confront the super friends.

Aaryn's Ex

If you hate Helen or Amanda then root for an underdog. Cheer for Aaryn! In the end Aaryn will outsmart Helen. Helen thinks she is using Aaryn. Aaryn is just bidding her time. When Helen makes that move on Amanda, and Helen thinks she has Aaryn’s vote, that’s when Aaryn will be making hers. It was Jessie that told Aaryn go make a deal with Helen that kept her in the game. Aaryn actually is friends with not only Jessie but Elissa as well. Elissa and Aaryn have been bonding in the HOH room. Amanda, Judd and Helen can play all their games, but Aaryn will be around when it matters.

Hot Dog!

Hated Evil Dick. Never wanna see that fugly bitch again on BB. EVER!


I was JUST thinking about how I miss Evil Dick. I was, and still am SUPER bummed that he had to leave his last season for whatever reason.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

As a proud Jew I need Amanda gone as soon as possible.. when any person of a race or religion says something derogatory about their race or religion it sickens me that their justification is “its OK i am ____” … if you are a true and proud Jew you do not say that because of the Jewish history…

I want Amanda plus Aryan self evicted — the racism was always bad but when I find it personal I get it even madder!!!!

My mini rant is over but LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!


genuine question: what’s your opinion of writers like matt stone?


The Big Brother motto should be “The Dumber The Better” or “Expect a bunch of Dumb A$$es” What did they do give an IQ test and take the 16 lowest scores.


“Howard says if he stays his allegiance is with Amanda, McCrae and Spencer. Amanda: “Lets be honest you were coming after me I was coming after you. Amanda says Howard’s best bet is to let Candice keep threatening people.”

How many deals has Howard offered now? Too funny, I’m glad Amanda shut him down.


Wow Helen is so un loyal is really 500,000 worth your dignity


Dude, you do know it’s big brother right??!!


Helen works in politics. More than likely does this stuff everyday. It works for her.


Candice…if you’re so set on protecting Howard, the best you can do is not talk to anybody. The House will vote you out. If you’re out, Howard has a damned shot. I’ve went back and read prior blogs and all the people who were onto Amanda are gone. Howard is the only one left, and despite everyone ripping on him because he is measured and contemplative, he basically has a good read on people. Aaryn and GM don’t have anything against him. Their biff is with Candice.


Howard is a smart dude and does seem to have a good read on people, he’s just a damned horrible communicator. He’s reserved, he talks in circles and generalities when he does speak, he looks like a friggin beast, and he was the last to come clean about the Moving Company – add it all up and you can see why he’s headed out the door this week.

Come Again

I am adding and don’t come up with the same numbers you get? Howard has a good read on people? We are talking about Howard right? The Howard on Big Brother right? You say he has a good read on people, well lets go to the video tape. Howard trusts Andy, everything Howard tells Andy makes its way to Amanda. Howard still hasn’t figured out that Andy is not to be trusted. Howard makes a 5 person alliance with Judd. Howard personally vouches for him to Spencer. Judd is working with both Amanda and Helen. Howard had the right idea in the beginning about not being in a showmance; However, when he was on the ropes, he broke his own rule and created one with Candice. Candice actually hurt his game. He at least established a line of communication with Aaryn, Gina and Kait. Something that Candice didn’t have and through her actions destroyed Howard’s relationship with the Mean Girls.

Howard’s a horrible communicator, again I have to differ with you. Howard’s a great communicator, he just keeps it real. In the words of Dave Chappelle, sometimes keeping it real goes wrong. Howard sees how McCrae is just outright whipped literally and figuratively by Amanda. He then proceeds to tell the house I hold my own **** in my hands. Perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong. I think the house got a clear understanding of what he meant, there was no lack of communication there. The problem was if you are on the receiving end of that speech, you might take offense, as McCrae did.

Last to come clean about the Moving Company, that’s true. However, the flip side of that, he was the most loyal person of the Moving Company. It was Spencer and McCrae that broke ranks with the Moving Company. Howard always remained loyal to MC, that’s why I found it so odd what Jeremy said to Kait and Helen to get Howard out the game next. Why Howard Jeremy? Howard stayed loyal to the Moving Company. I thought he was a real Black Man in your opinion, not that you ever knew what’s a real black man.

You say Howard is a beast. Ok that’s true, but its amplified even more because of the other puny house guests. McCrae is what 160 lbs and Judd about 170 lbs. So you compare Howard’s physique with McCrae/Judd and it not even close. However, did you consider Jeremy a beast? I am not sure why you say Howard’s a beast in a negative way. Do you mean Howard’s physically threatening? Howard hasn’t in the slightest way ever physically threaten anyone in the house.


Production! Seriously?! Why aren’t you showing Amanda for the racist sk*nk she is instead of making out like she’s the next Lucille Ball? Helen is such an idiot for backing down and now considers Aaryn, the one she wanted out the most, as one of her BFF’s! Come on! I’m so disgusted with these people! There is no real player, they all float to whoever is HOH, kiss their butt, plot against the very people who helped them last week, and all in the name of friendship! Friends like these don’t need enemies, they are their own worst enemy! Is something put in the drinking water where they can’t remember what goes on week to week? Please, please, please Production, enlighten these people! I just don’t get it! I’m at the point, I just wish they’d go head and get to the finale. That will be epic when all the racism and bigotry and hatred are thrown back into the faces of these idiots! I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when it’s all over and the truth comes out. In the mean time, we are stuck watching the worst traits and behavior in human beings. I love BB, always have, but this season has really sunk to lows I never thought could be reached. So come on finale and let’s go BB16 and a better cast!


Amanda and it’s not right! Simon, any chance something might happen before Thursday to shake up this pitiful game?

Teri B

Simon, I like the way you think, Buddy!! This cast is the pits.


I think the best chance at fireworks we can hope for this week is it getting back to Candice that Howard is trying to distance himself from her. He’s telling others that he doesn’t want “her actions” to reflect negatively on him, when “her actions” have been to make herself look like a jackass in an attempt to protect him. She’s gonna flip her lid.


Amanda got the best edit anyone could ever ask for. She was playing with that stupid clown in her DR sessions. They made her look like freakin Mother Mary. She and McCrae smooched in the tub in HOH it was disgusting. On a side note cbs did expose Helens dramatic retelling of her conversations with Candice. That’s a plus. Overall Amanda was a saint as per usual.

Dan's Mist

Oh 100% Amanda got the good edit.


Amanda Gold Helen Smart ALissa flexible and funny ,Poor poor Candice and howie, Spencer honorable, Aaryn worst person in the world, Others nothing.


I thought Aaryn got a pretty good edit tonight. She was honest with Howard and Spencer and stayed true to her agreement with Helen. She said she did not want Howard gone but had explained to him the deal she had with Helen to protect herself, and stated that she thinks Howard is a great guy. All in all a pretty good edit. Helen got a horrible edit and so did Elissa who looked like a biotch and Helen a lying bully, but yes Amanda came off looking like a saint. No surprise since she is best friends with Allison Grodner and is apparently the destined winner this year. I am amazed that they do not show Amanda for the racist, lying, bigot that she is. She is the biggest one in the house by far! Candice came off looking like a total nutcase.


Lola I agree. Portraying the deal relative to the nominees appeared intended to take the heat off CBS and Aaryn. Helen came out the most exposed in the edit.


Q: How much money is BB paying black people to be a part of this show? The only reason Aaryn does not like Candice or Elissa bcause if you stop and think about it… she is jealous. This blonde white chick with blue eyes is Klan Klan Klan! oh smack… is that racist? lol

Christian Howard represents survival in this messed up society. You got to stay strong and loyal to something… let it be GOD!

Enlight of the Trayvon Martin Case…
I want Candice and Howard to leave. Only bcause it would stop their suffering of all the abuse which will take months to recover.
Color or race should not be a part of this game but unfortunately every year on BB it is. This year BB was able to top it.

Did anyone comment on Amanda doubling up on Adderall medication?… all I have to say is… Have you ever seen the movie Limitless?
It’s the new focus drug.


They once again showed Amanda’s Trying Too Hard to be funny and witty Diary Room Sessions. I actually can’t think of on negative thing they showed about her. If they did it wasn’t memorable since I just finished watching the show an hour ago. This week seemed to be more about look at Super Mom Helen being transformed into the Super Sketchy and how Aaryn came to her obvious nominations handed to her from her commanders who apparently saved her life and gave her CPR in the game.

CBS bigwig

Poppy Montgomery did! The whole cast got a brutal
wheat from chaff edit that cut out all the good stuff!

Say What

Howard is still delusional. Howard says if he stays, his best bet is with Amanda, McCrae and Spencer. Howard why would that be the case? Amanda hates you. She has been trying to get you on the block for the last 3 weeks and this is the woman you think you can work with. Amanda whose one of the house bullies that everyone hates but is to scared to put on the block. That’s the Amanda you want to align with if you stay. Come on Howard, use more common sense then that man. The one thing a sinking ship does not need is more water, but for some reason Howard, you go out of your way to take on more water. McCrae, who just like Judd, is always talking brave in front of Amanda about how much he wants to punch you in the face behind your back; However, he’s all smiles when you see him face to face. That’s the McCrae you think you can work with. Howard, your performance is just disappointing. If you are going to play BB, you must do at least one of the following well: win comps, build a strong alliance or have a great social game. Howard has none of these qualities. CBS might save you on Thursday and say there is no vote. However, everything that it takes to win Big Brother, I can honestly say you don’t have. Keeping you around another week would just delay the inevitable.

I can only hope that Candice realizes that Howard always thought she was expendable. Candice needs to start playing her own game and concentrate on next week only. If you win HOH do not make a deal with Helen or Amanda, neither of those two ladies honor their deals. Please do not make it personal and put Aaryn on the block. There is no reason for you to play it safe, neither Helen or Amanda will bring you along to the final four. You have to put up both and try to make an alliance with any of the remaining players for your safety the following week. All this depends on you winning an HOH, something you have not shown the ability to do so far.


Real class


They wouldn’t let EVIL DICK back because he would call out ALLISON/PRODUCTION and he would let AMERICA know how RIGGED and CONTROLLED Big Brother really is? Watch his show he is nailing it every week almost like he is helping produce it…lol


So what your saying is that it was rigged for him to win and now he is biting the hand that fed him.


Good luck with that Candace. Hopefully, you won’t get evicted.


AMANDA again got the good edit!! So she won’t be picked MVP nominee again anytime soon!! but PRODUCTION also had to show their sweetheart Ellisa!! they must have needed to fill 5 mins for the show by showing all that joga stuff lol REALLY??


Elissa, I love ya darling but you need to show Aaryn some apperiation. Girl a simple thankyou would have done at nominations. geranteed she is not your best friend but you two could go far as allies. meet in private and make a truce. then play like you still hate each other. girl play the dam game. you should have never played if you can not bend your morals. the game is not for you. Rachel understood that!

Arya Stark is a Badass

Someone needs to grow a pair and get Amanda out this week or this game is over.

Arya Stark is a Badass

Aaryn before you sleep in the HOH room you might want to get production to run a black light over your blankets for McCrae’s DNA.


Isn’t it strange that Aaryn conveniently gets the highest number on her own and becomes HOH??? This is the person who should’ve been gone immediately after all the racial comments she’s made…Elissa is the only one who has held up her true feelings for the b@#*h…when is the HOH actually gonna play their own game and stop being puppets for the other fools in the house? I’ve never seen so many wishy washy people on this show as this season….everyone says whatever that person wants to hear….come on HGs…grow a pair and play the game the way you want it to be played to win!

Arya Stark is a Badass

I’m no Aaryn fan but the HOH competition was fair.


This season has a house filled with weak minded people who are afraid to go up against the “beast”…known as Amanda. Targeting Howard & Candice (two of your weaker competitors) makes ZERO sense when they all should be coming together to get rid of Amanda/Mcrae and/or Helen/Ellisa! But like an above comment says, this is the season of sheep…They don’t wanna ruffle any feathers so they choose to target the desires of the Big Bad Brunette (Amanda) BTW< what is with her underlying hate for Howard?? My guess is he may have ignored signals she threw his way in weeks past making her bitter she got stuck with McCrae…(just a theory)


What kinda sheep have feathers?

Aaryn's Ex

Finally they have a great shot of my girl Aaryn. She’s looking so hot and she’s not even trying. Spencer must be loving it, that Aaryn is willing to bid him the time of day. Spencer finally understands that its Aaryn, not Jessie that he should be fantasizing about. Look all you want now Spencer, because come October when she is the playmate of the month. Its going to cost you $12.00 dollars.


Hey Ex…I heard that Aaryn’s publicist is trolling this board using the name SIMON. Know anything about that?


Just finished watching the show on CBS, threw up a lil in my my mouth, omg could they paint a better picture for Mcramda, the word Howard never came out of her mouth, only showed that she had fell in love with a pizza boy who makes 136.00 a week, they put it all on Hell-en, which i’m ok with that but to hide the true villain from America is just wrong,and poor Aaryn can only do as she’s told now, just threw up a lil again. Big Production 15 is on a roll !!!


what a cast! weak minded, weak game play, weak charakters. its a pain to watch atm…and the sad thing is, i dont see things to change.


One has to wonder if the rumors of Amanda being set up to win this season are true after that great edit she got tonight. Hopefully they will show her disturbing rant on Wednesday, but I will not hold my breath. I find it interesting that they showed Helen (another minority) to look like the bad guy. They need to show the conversation with most of the houseguests siding with Aaryn and saying that she is not racist that Howard and Candice took her comments wrong. They also need to show how Aaryn believes that Candice has ruined Aaryn’s life outside of the house and has made the house a bad environment (can’t remember her exact words) for Aaryn. The entire shows edit is BS.


it is true


I feel that the only way to shake this game up is for CBS to give some of the non-entities more power. Jesse, Judd and Andy pull cards that grants them safety for the next TWO weeks. Knowing they’re safe, I wonder how that will change the game a bit. If they’re assured a jury spot, they may try taking out Amanda. At this point, I don’t think bringing in someone is going to help, as Amanda’s been in there for so long and has infiltrated basically every nook and cranny of that house. How would CBS construct this so this isn’t a blatant giveaway?


So glad none of you geniuses are in charge of this or any show.


Well said…….Chuckles has my vote or MVP.


or = for


Helen is such a LIAR. And to claim she doesn’t smoke because she’s a mom. Give me a break. This woman truly has skeletons in her closet. I know the game consists of lying and that’s ok, but when you stoop so low as to lie on people for NO REASON when no one is asking you anything, you’re volunteering information; that’s one of the worst kind of people to.


Yeah, I don’t care if they lie, are villains, scheme, what they use or anything when it comes to strategy. Some of what has went on isn’t strategy. She just seems to go overboard with every thing she does whether it’s talking too much, even the Howard is shady and lied to be campaign was overboard. I think she is used to acting the way she is and some of it isn’t just game play. Like she’s thinks she’s some sort of social engineer. I hope it blows up in her face she’s a major turn off for me.


I went to vote for my favorite houseguest and realized I don’t have one.

Aaryn's Ex

Then you need to get on the Aaryn bandwagon. She’s cute, hot, funny, a fighter and underdog. Did I mention she’s hot?