Spoilers “I’m talking about Social Social game.. nobody in here is going to hold my d!** in their hands”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Spencer and Howard
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


11:24pm Pool Table Spencer and Howard

Spencer: ‘Feels weird everyone acts like we have lepers right now’
Spencer says if Elissa goes up as the MVP nom they are both in good shape but if it’s Candice they are going to try to take out one of them.
Howard: “I think if it’s candice she’s definitely going if it’s Elissa she’s definitely going”

Howard: “I just need another week.. I’m talking about Social Social game”
Spencer: “ya”
Howard says he’s gotta win something if he doesn’t he’s back on the block.
Howard: “Unless somebody drops their nuts”
Spencer: ‘We can’t expect that to happen.. we’re the only motherf**** with the nuts to do anything”
Spencer: “And if I rolled a 36 instead if 34 me you would be having a whole different conversation right now in the HOH room”
Howard: ‘Eh.. give me a minute.. you can come in” howard goes into the kitchen


11:28pm Kitchen Spencer calls the house delivers a speech

H: “He guys guys guys may I have your attention”
H: “Irregardless of what happens .. I know it’s a game”
H: “A lot of it man is hard to muster.. When the game interferes with who you are personally”.
H: “I haven’t said one disparaging remark to any of you on a personal level”
H: ‘I respect everybody to the full.. But what’s worth more than winning this game to me is my witness”
He explains that people are saying he’s done or said things that are not true. He blames the people doing this for taking it too personally.
H: “I respect the decisions me and Aaryn talked.. that’s what people do” He tells them he won’t “Politic” against Spencer or the third nominee.
He know Aaryn gave him a chance to play for POV and that is what he’s going to do .
H: “I just ask two things”
1) If you hear something about him he would think they knew him well knew from their personal conversations to know that’s not him, “Please don’t believe it”.
2) If somebody does say something and it doesn’t hurt your game and you got a pair just say “That is not what I would do”

H: “nobody in here is going to hold my d!ck in their hands”
Mc: ‘YA”
H: “At all nobody is going to tell me what to do either and that’s just me.. at some point you gotta battle.. I know it’s a strategy to a point but at teh same time I’m grown”
THey thank him

11:30pm Pool
Spencer you laid it down
Howard damn Right
Spencer: “they got to respect you dude”
H: “Even if it’s me going home someone gots to shake the game up if something doesn’t happen soon there will be four people winning this game and it will be easy for them”
S: “I think JUDD has the balls to act but he doesn’t have the brain to know when to do it. “
S: “he was our mole the whole time. “

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:30pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae

McCrae says he was so close to say something during Howard’s speech, “Dude I was so f**** close”. McCrae says he didn’t say anything just incase Spencer won veto then he would be gunning for him.
Amanda says she wanted to laugh during Howard’s speech.
McCrae rolling his eye a lot, Amanda: ‘That sh!t isn’t going to work on people right”
MC: “Don’t say right like that it worries me”
They agree it makes Howard look more shady Amanda calls Spencer a weirdo because of how he was acting during the speech.
MC: ‘They’re so paranoid right now”
MC says they have to keep their cool until after the veto is played because they are the biggest targets in the house.

McCrea now regretting not saying “Who does have a secret alliance with Howard” during the speech “That would be the perfect time to do it”
They start counting votes in the event one of them goes up as the MVP nomination . MC tells her they need five votes, Jessie, JUDD, Andy, either Mc or Amanda and Helen or Jessie.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:37 Jessie joins them laughing..
Jessie: “Did he tell Aaryn he was working with Kaitlin.. “
Amanda: “No”
Jessie: ‘Than what the f*** if that’s his strategy it’s a really shitty strategy”
MC: ‘What did he even say.. do you even remember what he said”

Jessie: “People need to grow a pair and nobody has him by the d**k”
J: ‘To me it was completely out of left field.. and it’s a little early to make statements like that you just got nominated ” (LOL good point)
Jessie says he’s got to go. Mc: ‘He’s getting desperate”


11:40pm HOH Aaryn and Jessie
Jessie says that Howard and Spencer have the shittest attitudes right now. Jessie say them on the couch tonight with Cadnice looking all “Sour puss” Jessie thinks there is such a cool happy vibe in the house and then you have the people on the block who are making it awkward.
Jessie: ‘I know you are on the block and it sucks.. but suck it up everybody has been in that position”

Aaryn: “And also suck it up because they almost got me sent home”
Jessie: “Dude Spencer is a bad man”
Aaryn: “He is fully a bad man”
J: “THe more I am around him the more I realize he is a d!ck at home”
A: “Complete womanizer.. he probably treats his girlfriend like a$$hole”
Jessie says he hasn’t bought his girlfriend a piece of jewelry in three years. (Oh my god)
Aaryn says he’s the type of man that does not treat women right.
Jessie says he has a inner anger.

Aaryn tells her this is a good week for them because they are so tight, “I feel like you’re my best friend in the house now again finally”.

Aaryn says she’s now off the radar of a lot of people. She adds it will help her out a lot which will help Jessie out a lot because she will never put Jessie up. The longer she is here the longer JEssie is here.

Jessie: “I want Me and you and JUDD to keep winning things”

Aaryn is hoping Amanda isn’t upset with her for where she put her key during nominations, “I had to do that because if I put her key in the front everyone would say I knew that was Amanda’s plan.. I don’t want them to know we’re working together”

Jessie tells McCrae the D**k comment was directed toward him. Aaryn says they are both afraid because they are nominated. McCrae calls Howard’s speech the worst Speech ever. He tells them the reason Howard said it when he did was because he knew nobody would say anything because he still might win the veto.


12:04am HOH Aaryn, Jessie JUDD and McCrae
She says if Spencer stays he’s told her he’s putting her up but if Howard stays he’s not going to put her up. McCrae doesn’t think Spencer would put her up his guess would be Elissa and GM.
Aaryn thinks it will be Amanda and herself.


12:15AM Hammock Helen and Howard
Howard: “what do you got super mom“
Helen: “you go to win POV “

12:30AM Hammock Candice and Helen
Candice tells her that Howard is struggling financially and he really wants to make it to jury.
Candice is sad that Her Howie could be going home. Helen tells her to not be so down she will see him in 2 months. Candice says she’s 30 years old she doesn’t get Puppy love. “I’ve lost so mush love in my life.. it’s not devastating to me life goes on”
Helen asks her if they’ve talked about seeing each other after the show. Candice says Howard mentioned it today that he wouldn’t mind dating her after this. She told him she’ll need to see his Diary room sessions first. Candice says she lost someone very close to her. After they broke up she couldn’t get out for a year it was so upsetting.


12:50AM Elissa and Aaryn Talking about not understanding what Howard said because he talks in circles and doesn’t get to the point. ELissa wonders if it was strategy. Aaryn thinks it was. Elissa didn’t understand what he was saying. Aaryn adds that the general feeling of the house is nobody understands what Howard’s speech was all about. Helen joins them says she was talking to Howard in the hammock. Helen says he really didn’t say he was targeting anybody he just said he was going to play the best game he can. Helen: “you know I felt kinda bad for him” Helen: ‘I don’t think if he stays the three of us are his targets”

Aaryn agrees tells them that Spencer told her he’s coming after her if he stays, “He had a pretty bad attitude” .
Helen says that Amanda wants Howard out. Aaryn tells them about when Spencer said Jessie’e Pu$$y must tasted like butterscotch.
They chat about The POV being used. Helen says it has to be GM or Candice. If it’s Candice she’ll need to be forewarned.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I hate these guys so much

Its sad that the Superfriends made me dislike them just as much as I disliked Aaryn and her friends the first few weeks. But it works out now that she is one of them. Now my hate is mutual.

Charlie Hustle

They’re all just so Hate-able.




Did you all hear that mcpussy was so close to saying something?

Really he was, if howard would have talked for just 15 seconds more, mcpussy would have got in his face and maybe even physically thrown him out of the house! Because mcpussy is that damn tough.

The Brigade

I dont think anything McCrae could say would make Howard angry enough to hit him. But it would be funny to see gentle giant Howard go Hulk on these Houseguest. He better go Hulk in that POV, or his ass is out the door.

Amanda is fat

McPussy would never be able to deliver another Pizza ever again….


McRae just talks a lot of smack because its already embarrassing enough how much he is bitched around by Amanda. This game so far has been 99.9 percent talking behind people’s backs and 0.1% confrontational. Please let Aaryn and Elissa get into it again because at least that was interesting.

And btw hearing Helen try to dictate anything is hilarious. She’s beyond annoying now.

Amanda is fat

Aaryn has really toned down her comments recently. Amanda, well not so much… She’s delusional. She’s claiming Howard is racist. She gets to make racist comments but CBS gives her her golden child edit. I hate Amanda and her corny Diary rooms (some of them are funny), I hate how she streaks around the house showing off her fat body, hate how she’s allowed to aggressively throw out names but if someone does the same to her she flips out, I hate her arrogant comments, I hate how she thinks she’s so slick and is such a good player. I hope she doesn’t make it to jury.


Worst people on earth: Amanda Z, Allison G, Julie C

BB15 letdown

He wanted to but didn’t. Why? Because he did not have the permission from Amanda. Howard makes says no one is gonna hold his d*ck in their hands” and that is when McCrea decides to chip in. The irony is not lost on me. Its pretty funny actually.


‘no balls’ mcvag almost said something, with the emphasis on almost


howard sets them straight and they are threaten by it, why talk face to face when you can belittle someone behind their backs.


What exactly did he set them straight on, nobody could understand what the hell he was talking about…….. as usual. I can’t figure out whether Howard just has horrible communication skills or if he’s too afraid to ever say what he means for fear that the target on him will be inflated. Which ever it is, these confusing speeches and conversations he continues to have with people just makes everyone more suspicious and will be his downfall.

Bald Speemps

No one understood what Howard said.

Its Over

Howard is going home. The sooner Howard’s supporters realize that, the better everyone will feel. The only thing that will help Howard now is divine intervention or BB Production. BB Production saved Frank twice last season and also let him cheat at least once during the POV selection. Howard should take a page from Frank and cheat. BB doesn’t care if you cheat, as long as you don’t make it to obvious. The comp will be made for Howard. It will be a test of strength. I just wonder if Howard realizes he needs to win this POV comp? Howard said he can turn it on at any time and win a comp. Howard hasn’t won a HOH or POV comp yet, maybe he’s waiting for when he gets home to start winning.


So why the hell do they (an amoeba named AMANDA) think he is such a threat?! Howard is really the only decent person in the house. That’s why they couldn’t understand his speech. It was too real and honest. The rest are truly sub-human. Just the bottom of the barrel. If Howard goes, I’m out. They all literally make me sick in my stomach.


Howard, you lost me at ‘irregardless’.

Simon, did he really use that ‘word’? What an idiot! At least GM acknowledges her creative vocabulary. Howard uses made up words and tries to give a speech. None of what he said made any sense either. smh


Irregardless is a word, it has been used for hundreds of years. People don’t like its use because of the double negative, but Howard didn’t make it up. I’ve read it, heard it, and even used it myself on occasion. Now let’s vote Howard out!

The Brigade

Helen is going to win the game. Everyone in the House likes her and she isnt a “floater”. Too bad CBS never showed her controlling nature and power streak.


She got the job done.


in the11:37 blog, you left the cuss words in uncensored which I know you were not doing for sponsorship reasons

Amanda is fat

Amanda and McCrae are wayyyyy too cocky. Can’t wait for Amanda to be evicted. It will humble McCrae a little who I actually like but hate his showmance.

Its Over

You might be waiting a long time. Howard this week, Spencer next week, then Candice, then Gina, Elissa and Aaryn. You have at least 6 weeks to wait, and I still don’t think that will happen. Amanda will run this house after Howard and Spencer leave. Get on the Amanda bandwagon. She’s going to win this thing.

Amanda is fat

I’d rather Amanda leave than GinaMarie and Aaryn. And, that’s saying something….


She and Elissa are horrible. Glad CBS is finally showing Elissa for the snobby c-word she is. GM is annoying as hell but at least she stands up for herself and doesn’t smack talk anyone. Candice and Jessie should just sleep until they are evicted.

Aaryn is just a sheltered spoiled girl, she doesn’t seem to know better. Elissa and Amanda do.


“Amanda is fat” your also a bully.


I think you mean to say you’re not your.


Funny how Amanda makes every HOH nomination yet she hasn’t won a single thing herself. No idea why everyone is scared of her/is listening to her.

This reminds me of Frank keeping Dan around (Aaryn keeping Elissa) which will come back to bite her hard. There’s no way if Elissa wins HOH she doesn’t put up Aaryn and two pons.


Amanda is guiding every HOH, because she’s got GAME.
She’s super smart and very funny. I don’t understand why the Amanda hate. And the comments about her body are just plain bullying. It’s typical for the bullies to resort to criticizing a woman’s body – it always ends up the topic for the bully jerks on here.


elissa didn’t put up Howard, Helen didn’t put up Howard, Judd didn’t put up Howard. How has she picked all the nominations so far?


week 1 – moving company target was david, he went home (nicks suggestion)

week 2 – candace(suggested to elissa to put up nick as 3rd nom), helen(tireless work to save elissa whilst helen was also on the block), spencer(vote), jess(vote and turning her back on her alliance) were important in getting out nick

week 3 – helen initiated and controlled jeremy leaving…amanda wanted him to stay, but he was evicted

week 4 – amanda told judd he should put up howard and spencer – and judd rejected that as both judd and jess wanted kaitlyn gone – judd also helped aaryn stay by starting the fake rumour of kaitlyn targeting helen – and kaitltn is evicted(judds target), not howard(amandas target)

week 5 – aaryn agreeing to her deal with helen and co to put up howard and spencer if she won hoh


I can’t wait to see MC face when Amanda’s gets placed on the MVP block. looks like Jessie is in love with Aaryn.


looks like jess is playing smart and being on good terms with everyone


Helen says he really didn’t say he was targeting anybody he just said he was going to play the best game he can. Helen: “you know I felt kinda bad for him” Helen: ‘I don’t think if he stays the three of us are his targets”Aaryn agrees

Which is why you’re all idiots for listening to Amanda and putting him on the block in the first place.

Charlie Hustle

Of course Spencer is going to encourage that mess. Spencer is like wow, I am 100 now.


Love McCrae!!


You must be joking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but c’mon. Amanda has him so strung by his balls. Such a weak, lazy man…no, not a man. I’d say puppy dog but puppy dogs are cute. I don’t know what he is other than a super-friend wimp.


If I was Aaryn mom I would call the producers and act like there is a family emergency and get her out of that house before she ruined the rest of her life. Instead Aaryn is still in the house cont w/ her racial slurs along w/ Amanda Aaryn mother hires a PR firm already for when she exits the house if she is there even a week longer acting the way she is now NO PR Firm in the world gonna help her ask Paula Dean


On the live feeds, did anyone catch what Judd said after Amanda offered him some Have Not food she made? I thought I heard Judd ask who already had some, if Candice had some, he didn’t want to eat it after Candice. Can anyone clarify? Thanks. I can’t understand Judd most of the time, he doesn’t move his lips!


Production literaly went out and got a cast of High school students
Athlete-Howard Jeremy, Nick, David
Mean Girls- Aaryn GM Kaitlyn
Gay kid everyone likes-Andy
Everyones best friend-Helen
Victim of Mean girls-Candide Elissa
Weird guy who only talks about sex- Spencer
Annoying couple- Amanda Mcrae
Odd couple- Jessie Judd
Add in the usual High school drama of lying, backstabbing and not having the balls to say something to peoples face, and you get Big Brother high.


And I am so glad they figured out Judd cant be trusted and was the MOLE!!! More like a Rat

Roisin Dubh

Shut up Keychain, you weren’t gonna say anything. They all got mad because Howard basically called them a bunch of sh!t talking cowards and it hit home on all of them. So what do they do? “I don’t understand what he was trying to say” Man, if they would’ve gotten David instead of Keychain in the MC and Jeremy didn’t go into dick mode right off the bat, they would be sitting pretty right about now. I still think Judd is gonna be the one who destroys Amanda and her keychain, but they’re gonna need subtitles when he puts them up on the block. They talk about Spencer, Howard and Candice being poor sports, brother/sister wait till Amanda gets put up, you ain’t seen nothing until that goes down.

BB15 letdown

Yeah but if Moving Company ran the house it would be just as boring as it is now. When one alliance rules the entire time it makes for bad tv. Overall I liked BB12 but toward the end when the Brigade just picked people off it was boring. Ditto for BB6 and the super annoying Friendship alliance. Its just not fun when it gets predictable.

i'm tall

say what you want about howard but that dude is a real man. this game can be so petty and childish and the cast this year exemplifies all of that and more. who does the house think they are to sit back degrade a man because of his beliefs or the fact that he stays quiet and actually listens to your convo’s for his game. we all know if he wanted to he could kill these cats in physical comps but he chose not to. his speech was on point. they said he talked in circles? no you idiots he was clear as can be. if you u all just listen and stop being so self-loathing like the world revolves around them. the personal attacks on a person in this game are uncalled for and mostly unwarranted. i admire howard’s knack to be resistant to things that i know i would want to react in a different manner. the show to me has taken a turn for the worse. cbs is really killing my vibe with the racist, derogatory comments and undertones. and just like spineless mice they all ran to respected quarters to laugh and talk about the man behind his back yet again. if you have something to say man up and say it to his face just like he to the entire house. but then again we are not talking about rational people.


Howard is an immature man/child!!


Sorry but I think that hurts him more. He has made comments about the other women in BB. Second it’s not what he said….but how he came off and said it. This could turn out as a Jeremy 2.0. He better win or it is over no matter who the 3rd nom is.


there has to be a highlight reel made of the 100 times mcrae has said to Amanda “I almost said, or I was going to say” etc. hes always JUST ABOUT to do something.

game theory is game theory

i hope howard stays. if he gets PoV how he uses it changes the game.
in the three way poor spencer might be leaving if there is a switch at the
last minute like with kaitlin. GM, elissa or amanda might go up as MVP-USA!

Its Over

Its over! Stop dreaming and get real. Howard is gone. Let me repeat, Howard is gone. Howard had no game and couldn’t read a lie to save his life. He thought Judd and Andy were all on his side, but he couldn’t figure it out. Lets start giving some air time to real players. Judd has game, lets see someone like him more.


I kind of agree….Judd is ok, but so is Howard…He’s real (No doubt about that)

the Truth

Sure McCrae ….you were going to say something to Howard, but first you have to get permission from your mommy Amanda. Lol this idiot is so blind….just keep sucking Amanda’s tit and be a good little boy until she gives you instructions…McCrae is a pussy!


“Nobody has me by the D!@k” — Howard

Uhmmm……..we have seen video of CANDICE having you in her hand there big guy!

You’re leaving soon….I am hoping he has one of those speeches that exposes everything before he walks out on live TV though….would be epic.


Does anyone else find it odd that the polls on this site contradict each other? On the “Who do you want the 3rd nom to be” poll Elissa is in second place which would lead you to believe people don’t like her, but on the “Your Favorite BB15 Player left in the house” poll Elissa is in first place which would lead you to believe that people love her. I just don’t get it.

Zingbot Fan

Elissa is a love her or hate her kind of person. Rachel fans, moms,people of fatih, guys who appreciate her good body, etc. all have something to like about her.

On the down side the unfairness of getting the MVP every week, the constant whinning, and her unstable mental state give people plenty of reasons to dislike her. I think that explains her high standing in both polls.


haha mcrea acting badass , only thing that kid can say is thanks for the 2 dollar tip sir enjoy your large cheese amd buffalo wings . he better bang Amanda cuz after this is done shes bouncing his sorry ass , unless ofcourse he wins then she ll just rob the kid till hes broke




Judd really missed his calling in life – he should have been a ventriloquist – he never moves his lips, he’s got a lazy tongue and he talks from his nose. I cannot understand anything he says – can CBS please give us captions when he speaks?

Also, I love how some of the girls came into the house as perfect blondes and now we watch their roots grow and grow – fake females in so many ways – so appropriate.


Amanda is the skidmark of society


Just in case amanda won pov, i voted for candice as the replacement nom.


Howard is such a liar and I think its funny how he can keep such a straight face and seem so legitimately offended that people would accuse him of things that he has actually done. I still like him better the Spencer though. I’m really hoping Spencer or Elissa go home this week but we’ll see how it all plays out.


OK…When did Aaryn and Elissa start talking to each other????


I want them to team up…they could be very powerful together….but not with howard/spencer


Amanada hate again and yet she got the noms she wanted on the block…jealous much there idiots?



Hey Simon. Love the site. Been here for over 4to 5 years now. You gys do an awesome job. Kudos. Love the format and the diligence yous exhibit.

If I may, I have a question / suggestion.

Would it be possible to have a section on the OBB website dedicated to houseguest interviews/information before going into the house and interviews/information after being evicted. Like Kaitlin being interviewed by Jeff Schroeder or things going on right after the houseguest is evicted.

Some guests may never click the links in that particular section, but I’m positive some people will click on those links. (i.e. – Feed down time)

I think it would be a great addition to the site.

P.S. — You may already have this and I just dunno where to look. If it is here, can you please point me toward it? 🙂 Thank you Simon and Dawg.

Thank you very much for this site. 🙂


Howard: “nobody in here is going to hold my d!ck in their hands”

What about Candace? (she did give him a handi-jay one night :S)


If Howard survives this week and somehow win HOH, I wouldn’t be surprised if Production arranged a Pandora’s Box with a Coup d’etat.

Its Over

Howard was right good will win over evil. Aaryn represents the good and she has defeated the evil as represented in Howard. This is the first time Howard got something right.


It’s crazy to keep fighting over who is good and who is evil…both of them have a level of evil in them…it is soooo easy to see!

Its Over

Oh please stop Howard. You are spoiling HOH for Aaryn. Howard, Candice and Spencer are pouting, can’t ya’ll be happy as everyone votes to convict you.


Did I say something wrong in my post made here at 6:01am July 27th 2013?

I saw it was awaiting moderation and then poof it was gone.

I prolly did something wrong. lol

Sorry Simon/Dawg if I said something bad. 🙁


You didn’t say anything wrong. I left your comment in moderation for simon to see when he has time. Simon and I are both very busy trying to keep the site updated on top of our personal lives and can’t always write back or reply right away. We really appreciate you suggestion and I like it so I wanted to make sure simon saw it too.


And there you have it – Howard’s problem – no social game whatsoever


“McCrae says he was so close to say something during Howard’s speech, “Dude I was so f**** close”.

No McCrae, no you weren’t…and I know this for two reasons: 1) Because you say this at least once a day, then check the door to make sure the HG you were going to let have it isn’t listening and 2) you don’t do anything without Amanda’s direction/approval.


McCrae: ““Who does have a secret alliance with Howard” ”

That’s all he wanted to say? God this dude is a b***h, no wonder why Amanda has him by the balls leading him around like a dog. You can tell if this relationship is real, he’s going to still be a pizza boy living off Amanda, and she’s going to be f**king every one of her high class men who have real jobs and he’s going to be the “cuckold”…. McCrae is the right name for a “cuckold”.


I’m getting really tired of HGs and some posters here who accuse people of lying; it’s a point of play, not an indictment of their character. Enough already. I really don’t understand the “hate-on” with Howard at all, I think he’s the only one with any degree of integrity in there. Jessie too maybe, but she hasn’t been tested in the least, so who knows? With the final exception of Judd, they’re all detestable.


Jessie I love you but she needs to stop with the Howard bashing….Jessie what have you done in this game? Ok so stop and being friends with Aaryn not going to help you….She will turn on you in a split second


dude she likes howard…prays with him, they joke around, he tickles her with her laughing, and they respect each other

king wolverine

1) With the exception of Howard, all of these houseguests are spineless and fake. And also narrow-minded. What makes Howard any more of a threat than Amanda. Sure Howard is physically strong but Amanda is mentally strong and has a stronger showmance than Howard. I wish someone in the house would realize that Amanda is a bigger threat.

2) While Amanda and Helen are playing the best games right now, they wouldn’t survive in any strong season of bb such as 3, 8, and 10. Being bossy and a control freak wouldn’t help a houseguest at all. Examples, Josh (season 3), Kail (season 8), Brian (season 10), Libra( season 10), and April (season 10).

3) Final thoughts for every houseguest right now
Aaryn- spineless racist and homophobe that is really full of herself and seriously thinks she didn’t do anything wrong.
Amanda- liked her the first 2 weeks until she started to act really bossy. And also a slut for hooking up with McCrae while having a boyfriend outside the house. And am I the only person that thinks she is trying too hard to act like Britney but comes off more bitchy and sarcastic while Britney was genuinely funny.
Andy- spineless floater who talks crap about everybody else and tries too hard to be like Ragan. It’s a coincidence that they’re both college professors but Andy tries to act like him especially in the DR.
Candice- smarter than most people give her credit for but is trying too hard to save Howard and that will backfire on her.
Elissa- reveals her cards too much and pouted quite a bit recently. Slowly growing more intolerable.
GM- spineless racist but useless in the game
Helen- playing a good game so far but too bossy. She wouldn’t go far in any other season
Howard- similar to Kaysar. Nice and likeable but too laid-back. He needs to be more direct and stand up for himself. Pull a Dan and convince the hgs that Mcranda is a bigger threat.
Jessie- spineless floater but also desperate. She tried to go for David, Nick and Jeremy first before settling on Judd.
Judd- the only other tolerable hg this year but also spineless and he’s growing more into a backbiter.
MC-was my preseason pick to win the game because he was an underrated competitor and i thought he can pull the strings. I was dead wrong. Worst thing he made was choosing Amanda over the Moving Company. Now he’s getting controlled by Amanda instead of controlling an alliance
Spencer- pretty perverted and vile. Suprisingly aware however. Biggest problem is that he is annoying all the women in the house with the things he says.



bizarre you failed to mention amandas racism and homophobic comments as reasons for not liking her

i would probably float too until i secured jury…nothing wrong with being understated

david, nick, jeremy who cares about them? they were the first 3 gone…jess was only looking for a game partner to trust and share mutual respect, with some fun flirting on the side, and jess found that in judd


I read on another site that Amanda knows Allison (BB producer) and that Amanda is slated to win.