Big Brother Spoilers Candice tells Howard “This is why I hate this season.. nobody stands up”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Spencer and Howard
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


7:01pm Havenots Jessie and Howard

Jessie says that Howard didn’t get his opportunity to play in the NFL because of his injury she feels like Big brother is a second chance for him a second opportunity she doesn’t want him to get discouraged and give up

Howard says he’s always been real with her and the people in the house he’s going to fight to stay but won’t play dirty and throw people’s names in the mud.
Jessie: “Just win the freaking POV”
Howard: ‘It’s OK”
Howard starts to pray..


7:05pm Storage room Spencer and JUDD
JUDD says he thinks Howard is the target because he’s being sneaky. Spencer says it’s not that he’s sneaky he’s just being quiet. JUDD doesn’t think Spencer has anything to worry about unless Howard wins HOH and even then Candice will go up
JUDD: “As long as it’s not lifting weights you got a good chance”


7:11pm Bedroom
Spencer: “I think Candice will get MVP”
Jessie: ‘That would be a fussy situation.. pawns go up all the time:”
Spencer: ‘Between you and me his game is hurting my game”
Jessie: “What is his game”
Spencer: ‘I don’t know”
Jessie says that he’s only talked game to her twice and only for a couple minutes so she doesn’t know what other people are talking about Howard being a hady.
Jessie says if Howard pulls himself off the block Candice will be the target.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:17pm Have nots Howard and Candice
Candice: “Amanda is smiling from ear to ear.. I know they are all praying my name doesn’t get pulled” (Pulled in the veto)
Candice knows Amanda orchestrating this she wants Howard out.
Candice mentions how GM totally f***ed Aaryn over last week and now that Aaryn is in power she’s ki$$ing her a$$. Howard doesn’t seem phased says it’s a game and this is what it is like.
Howard says he nervous for Candice.. “I’m worried.. good will overcome evil”
Candice: “I hate scary fake people.. “
Howard: “Don’t say hate”
Candice: “I disdain scary fake people “
Candice: “I don’t understand she’s not too scared to flip my mattress and make black and white comments.. but she’s scared to put up the person she wants to”
Candice tells him how bad she wants to win HOH. “I would put Amanda and Helen and Backdoor McCrae… and Amanda and McCrae would be sitting their a$$es up there”

Howard tells her if she is the third nomination and he wins the Power of Veto he’ll use it to take her off the block.
Candice: “I wonder if Elissa will get it again.. I wonder who she would put up.. I don’t think she’ll put me up..”

Candice thinks if someone else wins the MVP or if Spencer wins POV they will put her on the block because that would mean it’s one less vote for Howard.
Candice knows that Helen wants Spencer out so he needs to work on her.
Candice “Why are people scared to flip someones mattress but they are scared of putting someone up”

Candice: “This is why I hate this season… “
Candice brings up what happened in Big Brother 13 is the same thing that is happening right now in Big Brother 15.

Candice says how boring season 13 was for the viewers because one side had all the power. Candice: “the only person that was strong enough to stick up was Cassie.. she didn’t have the numbers and they all got plucked off one by one until Rachel won.. the same thing is happening right now”
JUDD joins them starts talking about Big Brother 13 how Shelly fu*** over the newbies but near the end they stood up to the vets.
Candice: ‘It gets boring to viewers if nobody stands up” (yes)


7:38pm Howard and JUDD

Howard: “Yo man i’m not going to campaign against anyone i’m on the block with.. I’m not going to be vile and vindictive in this game.. other people make up lies and gimmicks to make other people look bad I don’t do that”
Judd just agreeing to everything Howard says.
JUDD: ‘It doesn’t matter who Elissa puts up it only matters who wins the veto”:


7:51pm Aaryn, GM and Jessie HOH

Aaryn tells them that Howard memorised her HOH letter and used it to talk to her before the nominations.
Jessie: “there are some smart cookies in here “
GM leaves
Aaryn tells her what the sequence of evicts the “House” wants Howard then Spencer then Candice then GM followed by Aaryn.

Jessie: “I don’t think Amanda will keep me over you”
Aaryn says that Jessie is with JUDD and jumped on the Amanda bandwagon earlier than her she knows that Jessie is higher up on the totem pole than her.

Aaryn warns Jessie that “Mccrea and Amanda will always choose the other one and whoever goes up against them is going home.. “
Aaryn: “Janelle would have never made it to final 3 if she didn’t win competitions”
Jessie starts telling her how deadly she is in competitions. Aaryn builds her up says Jessie is going to win a competition soon she’s stronger than most of the other players in the house.
Aaryn says the top six will be 3 sets of pairs, McCrea/Amanda Andy/Helen and Jessie/JUDD.
Jessie wonders if the top 6 is solid. Aaryn says they are rock solid.
Aaryn says yes she thinks McCrea/Amanda, Anady/Helen and Jessie/JUDD will “Gel” this leaves just her. If she doesn’t win HOH during the final 7 she’s going home and she knows it.

Aaryn says if jessie gets hoh she will be ordered to put up Candice and Spencer up.
They realize they are on the bottom of the superfriends alliance. Jessie asks Aaryn to tell her if she in danger. Aaryn says of course as long as jessie does the same.


8:18pm Cockpit Howard and Candice
Howard is joking around saying he cried for Candice trying to get the MVP. Candice: ‘Ohh BOOO”
He tells her he found a cricket today. Candice: “Crickets mean really good luck Howie it’s like seeing a lady bug… it means good luck howie”
Candice says she wants to spend all the minutes she has with Howard.
She jokes that this time next week he could be walking around like GM holding her earrings in his hand. He laughs… Candice: “How about a pair of my thongs”
They laugh
Talk gets a bit dirty and Candice says she’s going to keep him in check. Say his pastor wouldn’t be proud of him. They laugh


8:34pm Amanda is saying she’s been funnier in the DR…


8:38pm Helen going on and on about her life, grad school and letting her life work itself out.. etc etc. .

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I actually agree with Candice for once. This is by far the smartest thing that been said in the house so far


I honestly hope Candice wins the POV and takes Howard off, this will stir the house. I think Aaryn would want Elissa to be the replacement nominee..however if Amanda is the MVP nominee i don’t think she would be comfortable sitting on the block with Spencer and Elissa. Amanda might push for someone like Jessie or GM to sit on the block with her. Basically if Amanda decides to direct Aaryn to put GM or Elissa as Howard’s replacement….and it gets out…Amanda has a really good chance at going.


i have a feeling howard is goint to stay…. aaryn is starting to realize that she is at the bottom of the alliance and soo is Jessie. if those to keep talking i coyld see aaryn fliping the house.


CBS decided to show America that Aaryn is such a racist and Candice and Howard are her victims. Now if Howard goes home on Aaryn’s clock, CBS will look really shady!!!!!!! Especially if come Thursday Howard and Candice are on the block. So what is production going to do now? LOL. Ok so they tried to get Aaryn out by allowing America to vote for 3rd nominee but the house decided to keep Aaryn – oh no wait Amanda decided to keep Aaryn and the house got their tails between their legs and followed Amanda’s orders. Amanda, who wants Howard out is one of production’s favorite pets.CBS tried again to allow America to get Aaryn evicted but she won HOH. Will they let America see that CBS has condoned this racism and the racist is the queen of the house sending her victims first on the block and then out of the house? Or will production do their thing, save Howard and save face? Either way production is in a quagmire… sigh


I second those sentiments Lex!


Never happens… She actually is telling Jessie what at best can be Jessie’s 6th place on the totem pole. Arryn doesn’t believe that for a second. At worst Arryn sees herself 6th IMHO. She may be despicable but she isn’t dumb. She couldn’t turn the house and the numbers weren’t there to go against Amanda and Helen. My best guess until MVP nom is she likely feels Amanda is stronger than Helen. I’d agree with that at present. She just needs to stay around long enough for Helen versus Amanda and pick a side.

I will say I disagree with the couples as listed. Judd and Andy are definitely a pair. McManda is of course and Helen makes 5 and Ellisa will get booted so Arryn 6th, Jessie 7th. Everyone has to decide who to sit beside F2. Arryn over Jessie but Judd and Andy may go Jessie for the more sure vote to support them. The boys will need Helen or Mcmanda. I’m thinking this isn’t getting sorted out til late August at the earliest. Status quo favours the core 5 no reason to mess it up early.

Please hurry up with the 1st double eviction. Thursday or next Thursday at the latest! Oh crap I just realize… hehehe…. how can we do a double if the MVP/3rd nom is still in the freaking game? This may drag on awhile with predictable results. jesus mary mother and joseph(JMMJ)…:P 😛 😛


I have to say I already miss Jeremy. And I really disliked him. But you knew where he stood, he was not afraid of anyone and did what was best for him. Right about now I would like that person back on the show. Wish Aaryn would have gone home in his place! At least then this season would not be a total bore.


You must really like Amanda now. She fits everything you itemized.


i hate saying this but shit please rigg this POV for my african brother … WEAK ass elissa could of pull out a pov victory…. howard lets go…. production u still have a racist story to tell u already start the story line we need howard to finish it ……. when howard wins this POV i will be singing imma ball till the day i fall lmao


Did I miss someone? Who the f**k is African? I thought this was Big Brother United States of America. Is someone on there your brother?


@MyNameIs who said:

“Did I miss someone? Who the f**k is African? I thought this was Big Brother United States of America. Is someone on there your brother?”

Shut up!! Just hush. HURRSSSHHHH!!!!!!

You sound like someone who finished middle school and failed to advance emotionally, mentally, or academically.

It’d be best if you just keep your thoughts to yourself if that’s the best you can do.


Get Howard or Spencer out, they continue to target Helen and Elissa not knowing that they would likely be the two who would be capable of flipping the house. Howard is hurting Candice’s game so much, he is planting seed against Helen (not that she’s not guilty) but she is actually the sole chance of Candice to stay longer.

I am on the bandwagon on getting Amanda out but I have to say she is very good at the game. Her social skills actually allows her work on the shadow of any HOH.


Carlos, Candace tried Helen several times and she threw Candace under the bus to Amanda. Candace knows that she has been telling Amanda the things she tells her and Helen has know started to make up stuff on Candace to Amanda. Helen cannot be trusted. If she does get hoh she needs to put Amanda & McCrea not Amanda & Helen because if McCre wins the pov, he can save himself and Amanda. However, if they are both on the block he can only save one. Thats why I don’t understand why they didn’t put Howard & Candace up. If Candace wins.. she can save herself & Howard.


If Candice is on the block and wins, she can only take herself off, not herself and Howard


True, but she is NOT on the block.


Your comment was why they didn’t put Candice and Howard on the block so Candace can win and take herself and Howard off. That’s why I commented the way that I did.


her game is called BULLING .. nothing less then .. and lately nothing but vial racist comments have come out of her mouth .. I sure don’t give a dang how funny she thinks she is in the DR .. she is what Aaren is butt meaner


Well I’m not quite sure but I think Spencer freaks people out. Do you not hear the gross stuff he says. He is disgusting. I love when he talks about he would never have a showmance. Well guess what buddy noone wants you! So you could’nt have a showmance if you wanted to! EGAD!


Carlos, Candace tried Helen several times and she threw Candace under the bus to Amanda. Candace knows that she has been telling Amanda the things she tells her and Helen has know started to make up stuff on Candace to Amanda. Helen cannot be trusted. If she does get hoh she needs to put Amanda & McCrea not Amanda & Helen because if McCre wins the pov, he can save himself and Amanda. However, if they are both on the block he can only save one. Thats why I don’t understand why they didn’t put Howard & Candace up. If Candace wins.. she can save herself & Howard.


Please describe in detail what Helen was talking about with her life, school, etc. I’m so interested. Haha


“Its what the house wants”. No it what Amanda wants, everyone is to scared to stand up to her and she’ll win this game easily


I have a feeling Elissa will get the 3rd nom. And she will freak out as she finds out America wants her out. Nobody can follow her train of thinking; she is all over the place and does LISTEN to anyone, just talks down and over the others, has no common sense. She is just not all there. But I think Howard is going home. Everything he tries just back fires. Not playing a good game in either the comps or socially. He is about to explode, he is always having to go in a corner and gain his composure. Loose cannon.


The two people you speak of are both loose cannons! HAHAHA. I thought Rachael had a screw loose, but Elissa makes Rachael seem normal. ( I said seem).


Why are Howard and Candice being ostracized? And what does Amanda have against him and Spencer? I hope they evict Amanda out this week, that would be priceless!!


Probably because they look like they’re on a very bad episode of ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’. Also, her voice is getting under people’s skin, her bubble-gum pink onesie, her baby blue onesie certainly didn’t help. She looked like a fool IMO.


yep, that’s a really good reason to not like somebody and ostracize them. The clothes they wear and the natural tone of their voice. Just as good of a reason as the color of their skin.


That right there is the problem. Who said anything about the color of her skin? The way she talks to Howard is totally ‘put on’. She’s trying to sound cute. When she talks to other people she doesn’t sound the same. I did not mention anything about her skin color. Wow. Now I see where the problem is. If I or anyone doesn’t like Candice, it’s because of her skin color. Very sad state of mind you dwell in.


That right there is the problem. Who said anything about the color of her skin? The way she talks to Howard is totally ‘put on’. She’s trying to sound cute. When she talks to other people she doesn’t sound the same. I did not mention anything about her skin color. Wow. Now I see where the problem is. If I or anyone doesn’t like Candice, it’s because of her skin color. Very sad state of mind you dwell in.


I’d really like to correct my grammar and tried but the comment has not shown up:
I meant to phrase this as a question —– If anyone doesn’t like Candice, it’s because of her skin color?


The only people ostracizing Howard & Candice – is Howard & Candice.


They are both being ostracizes for actually wanting to play the game by their rules and not by Amanda’s. The “lies” spread in the house are venomous coming from the mouth of the snake- Amanda.


I can’t believe how Aaryn and Jessie are such timid people. Especially Aaryn of how she was all up in Candice face last week and now she being like a puppy being trained by her master. She has admitted tonite the order of eviction but yet to scared to make a big move. One who can be vulgar of making racial slurs and being loud but yet not when it comes down to your game your scared of someone coming after you. Hello Aaryn they are going to do that anyway. lmbo As far her stating Howie memorize her letter. Not, he just gave her food for thought as to the morals her mom was speaking of. Which her mother wasted her breathe bcuz she wants to be a playboy. LOL What Candice said tonight is true BB this yr is very boring. All of us from the outside and inside see where this going. No suspense at all. I never heard of anyone wanting to be in 3rd, 4th, 5th & etc, place and not striving to be the 1st place winner. What a joke!!!


Playboy won’t have her in their magazine because of all the negative press and her racial comments. That Farrah from 16 and Pregnant stated she wanted to be in there and they flat out told her NO. They don;t want trash or that kind of controversy.


I don’t think Playboy cares about politically correct. A blond nude maybe.


Say what you want about Hef he isn’t putting that racist in his mag. She should have a shot at Swank/Hustler!


Larry Flynt hates racism.


It’s called learning from your mistakes and adapting your gameplay. Are you seriously complaining that Aaryn is no longer being a racist b*tch?


It gets boring to viewers if nobody stands up. Should be the defining theme of this season


Thank you Candice for thinking about us, the viewers!


I think Candice lives on helium.

Butters Mom

Maybe thats her drug of choice… everyone in the house seems to have one. lol

Roisin Dubh

The amazing thing is that everybody knows the game Amanda and the keychain are playing but still do their bidding. How can you be scared of two people that literally lie around on sofas and beds all day long? She can’t even win a comp but still wields power and keychain hasn’t done anything outside of the first week. Howard says he was throwing all those comps, I’m not so sure about that one, remember Powerhouse? Simon, Dawg, the powerhouse pictures were the greatest. That made me fall in love with this site. Anyway, this is gonna be boring until MVP is announced and if it’s Elissa, it’s a waste of Aaryn’s HOH because she basically in charge of getting rid of a person that would keep her around, yes Elissa would because Helen finally came around and figured it’s a numbers game now and everybody pretty much knows the score but doesn’t have the sack to stand up and shift the power. It’s really Amanda keychain and Opie Vs everyone else. Those three realize it and the rest are sucking up to some fake alliance and even know the order in which they’re leaving. This is an amazing story even Shakespere would admire.


Can we get a season without “showmances” PLEASE? I’m tired of every season they get 2 people together, hogging the camera time most of the summer, when that s**t is never entertaining. Next season have every other HG be married… Just ONE season. Like there’s other HGs too Big Brother.. ROLMFAO


Man I feel for howard, he’s a good guy, Amanda and her puppets have been trying to make him look like the bad guy all season, but he’s such a cool dude he don’t wanna talk back


Candice…STAND UP TO THE BULLY AMANDA!!!!!…why is everyone afraid of amanda? just cuz she talks fearlessly? c’mon!!!!…(I do admire that)
but she’s a complete bully!…she wants howard gone for no freakin reason!…
and aaryn is a wu**y anyways!….the only reason she flipped candice’s mattress was cuz she had jeremy and the only reason she made those racist remarks were cuz she had Jeremy….(i do miss him as a villian!…without him the game is so lame…everyone is so freakin scared of amanda!….whyyyyyyyyyyyy?
they can all backdoor her next week if not this week! (hopefully she’s the third nominee by America as MVP….i sure will stir things up!) ^_^ it’s so boring….no one is standing up to the freakin bully!….
we need a bit of entertainment here -_- Pandora’s box…c’mon CBS! (fingers crossed)


Can’t take all this crying, blah blah blah. Girls crying… guys crying….Grow some, and play the game.


It might get interesting if Amanda is the third nominee and the HG think Candice is MVP – keep that thought Spencer.


2 ways we can potentially see an exciting week: 1. If Amanda goes up as the 3rd nominee AND 2. If Howard wins the POV. If one of these two things don’t happen I think we’re in for a loooooooooooooooong week. However if Amanda is on the block AND Howard takes himself off the block then the oppurtunity would be perfect to get Amanda out of this game. Let’s go Howard! By the way I can not STAND when Candaice calls Howard “Howie” like seriously…? You sound like a 3 year old stop.


Spot on.


ok Simon/Dawg I don’t know if this has been covered already but why is Judd’s name always in caps?? Are you trying to tell us something 🙂


haha ohhh I see. I thought it might be some kind of secret code! hehe It has been driving me crazy wondering what it meant!

Thanks for the updates


Simon and Dawg Thank you as always for your time and dedication!!

Do you know when will be find out the MVP nomination?


who u think is mvp simon


Darn I was hoping for Candice or Elissa. Can you imagine the backlash if both Howard & Candice are on the block with Aaryn as HOH?? B/c we all know that everybody always does “what the house wants” – LOL!!
Hopefully something entertaining will happen soon. Just waiting on that weightlifting POV – LOL!!


1) Candace needs to shut up. The girl started out very smart and could have gone far, but folks,
lets be real here, she is AS BAD AS AMANDA. She does nothing but complain about Amanda
while she sits on her ass and pouts. SHE has not come close to winning either.

2) The talk about the racist getting Howard out needs to stop. Aryan is a racist, but at this point
her moves are about game, NOT race. She is trying to protect herself and prove her loyalty.
It may not be smart because she will get shanked soon, but her motives have nothing to
do with her racial beliefs.

3) Stop feeling bad for Howard. He played a shit game up to this point. I feel bad for him at times,
but what has he done except make too many deals? And bad deals at that.
Do you not think if he had gone to MC and Amanda after week 2 and said lets do this that it could
have been one hell of a powerful alliance in that house? If he had taken 30 minutes to explain to
Amanda why he was wanting her out (to protect Moving Company) and that it was the past he could
have been golden. He let it slide for too long, and the sneak vote in week 2 screwed him also.
But NO, he stuck with creepy uncle Spencer who no one in the house trusts, which tainted his game.

Just my musings….


and one more-

4) What is the deal with Jess? Why is she all of the sudden Howards buddy?
Was she not on the get Howard out train like up until noms????
Did I miss something on the feeds?

Or is she just sucking up in case he stays?


I think Jessie is a genuinely nice person and recognized that Howard is a fellow genuinely nice person and felt bad that he’s likely going home simply because Amanda is obsessed with him. I’d also bet she’s not nuts how people talk about him, given how nice he has treated her and since he’s not in anyway a threat to her, she’s just along for the ride. The fact that Aaryn had to explain her own alliance to her tells me she’s not particularly engaged, so I think her reaction was very genuine.

Butters Mom

I think its weird that Aaryn (Texas State student) has to explain anything to Jessie (University of Texas student)…. I still say I dont think I believe Jessie is a UT student! lol…. she just doesnt seem smart enough.


As I understand US University system Jessie just needs to be a legacy and not smart. Hook em horns! 🙂 🙂


Like Vince Young?

Helen's co-worker

As a TCU grad myself, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the “Texas State girl explaining it to a Longhorn” thing. *high five!*


very well said

Howard and Jess are the 2 nicest people there, and have a genuine respect and like for each other

David's fan

Spencer: Between you and me his game is hurting my game.
Jessie: What is his game?
Spencer: I don’t know.

It is this type of in depth game play that makes you think that casting is just pulling names out of a hat.


LOL good on ya, you are right.




Sorry, terribly worded question. (little sleepy)

Do you know when we will find out who the MVP nominated?


If any of the girls should be scrutinized about their hair, has anyone seen that nasty nest on Gina head? When she doesn’t wear it in a Jersey-style trashy pouf it looks smelly and greasy and just skanky. Pageant coordinator?


She hides slopballs in her hair.


i like how kaitlyn in her interview with jeff basically put the blame all on aaryn, that her negativity and cattiness rubbed off on her, whatever be responsible for your own actions stop blaming over people


Well if I remember correctly after she was evicted Julie had some long round about question regarding Aaryn & GM rubbing off on her. So basically Julie was attempting to cue her how to answer the question plus get another dig in on Aaryn.
I agree – stop blaming people – take responsibility for your actions.


It would likely never happen but I am hoping Howard wins Veto and Aaryn puts Mc on the block w/ Amanda being the 3rd nominee. That would give an opportunity for Howard, Candice, GM, Helen and Elissa to vote out Amanda.

An interesting trend is that in each week the evicted nominee was top 2 or 3 in the HOH comp. This is truly a game of inches/chance. I dislike Amanda but the way things are playing out she has hypnotized the house in beileving she has everyone’s back. Mc is just sitting back and letting Amanda do all of the dirty work.

I am just praying for some chaos before the season is over. After yesterday I decided to try out the live feeds – it is good but I have to say this site is still a Fav. Simon, I know you hear this all the time but thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. This has made BB and much better experience. It has become part of my regular routine – BB reader’s digest =)


I doubt the producers will allow this to continue. I’m sure they want a powershift as much as we do.


I have to say – my problem with hw the house is going is this – is Amanda playing a good game by manipulating it? Yep. Does she hv mcrib on a leash? Yep. However…my prob is she is the most backdealing person in the house, using scare tactics and whatnot. Like chick, u r not all of that. When u leave the house, win or lose, ull be like the rest of us. My problem lies witg the hgs. They have no backbones and they all think they have this final deal with her. As someone who usually roots for villains, I cannot get behind how she is a dictator. She has had it out for Howard since week two…and dude aint did nothing. She talks noise abt everyone else but when the talk is bout her she gets offended. I HATE Andy ole wormy ass. That dude pop up everywhere. He’s like a roach that comes out or like a wino who hears a bottle popped. Im tired of it. Im not trying to watch Amanda coast to the end. Oh…ajd somebody tell her to stay out of the hoh bed for one day. Dang.


im telling alot of people out there if amanda ant on the block i be shock go to online big brother 15 in go down in check the poll its 52percent want amanda up in 20 percent elssia so to me amanda going up to many people voted for her how she get out simon


Even If Amanda goes up she is not going home. There are too many people/numbers in their group. America isn’t voting to take her out. People don’t like her, either do I, but Howard really doesn’t have the numbers in the house. Only way he stays is he win veto and takes himself off. Don’t know if he has thrown comps to this point, well he has a few, but he has to win. And yes there are others, who most of us agree, should leave first, but it is what it is. We can’t cast the votes. But, Elissa, Amanda, Spencer, and Aaryn will be going down the road.


My torture chamber/room would include Helen talking about her life non stop and Jessie saying like and you know what I mean repeatedly. Oh and throw in a little Candace trying to weasel in a showmance with Howard. FML listening to all of their annoying ass voices.


Mccrae looks like such a tool wearing his hat sideways…and to think before the season started I thought HE would be my favorite? Little did I know that he was a spineless, weak, lovestruck puppy dog.


I agree…and I wish McCrae would either take the darn tag off that one cap he’s been wearing lately or at least tuck it up. Instead it hangs on his forehead. I’m surprised Captain Amanda hasn’t already told him to fix it.


It reminded me of the MAD HATTER!!!

billy bob

i wanna see elissa picked for pov,win it,and take howard down,thatll be great tv,and amanda as 3rd nominee leave,

Butters Mom

I like scenerio 1!


I thought Elissa can’t play in POV this week. Did I miss something?


You’re correct – Elissa can’t play in this weeks POV. She took that penalty in the last POV to get those 20 points & ultimately win.


That’s right, she can’t that was her punishment last week if I remember right.


Elissa can’t play in the POV Comp this week (remember the last POV comp?)


Time to flip the coin, Spencer and Howard are on the block…. Amanda or Rachel’s sister as MVP nom. I’m thinking the pov is going to be geared to the “beast” Howard, Helen flips…. Good bye MVP nom!


Then she will go home.


Hey Amanda and MC is not sitting on the bed………….OMG!!!! 🙂


McCranda may not be on the HOH bed YET…but don’t think they’re not thinking about it. All Aaryn has to do is leave the room long enough. Let’s see how long it will take!




idk …. if Amanada goes up there is a pretty good chance she could go home. The way jessie and aa are talking … the house my see this as a better move to get out the power couple. This season has been full of surprises. everyone keeps asking why Amanada wants howard out … well, remember the first and second week howard and spenser kept bringing her name up, it got back to Amanada and she has been after them since. I am i way out there in saying there is a chance Amanda can go home if put on the block?


Thanx for the explaination. I had totally forgotten about that. At least they were on the right track trying to get her out early. It just didn”t work out


SIMON and DAWG, Just donated


I missed something, who was Howard talking about when he was talking to Spencer when he said “he would have to back door her, it is what it is”?


Thank You!


Does anyone know if Helen made a final 2 deal with Aaryn? I think I heard that somewhere but I don’t remember seeing it. I think Amanda has a good chance of going up as MVP nom if the Brenchel Army didn’t get confused again. Apparently Dan Gheesling was getting alot of texts asking him if they could change their vote. Then again, Elissa lost some fans this week due to the lovely edit AG gave her this week. It will be interesting to see if they are finally going to give Amanda the edit she deserves. I am doubtful. As bad as Amanda’s comments were today (her father excuses these comments because she was mad) I find her comments about slitting Elissa’s throat so she couldn’t scream while someone raped her to be deeply disturbing. That is not normal conversation where I come from. Elissa insulted her bathing suit and told her she looked like a stripper. She wanted to look like a stripper. All an act to get airtime and make Elissa look bad. After all she too is an actress.As odd as people may find Elissa, she has never said anything so vile about anyone in that house.


I think her comment is totally acceptable and I agree with it. Elissa is as fake as her Botox face F HER. Go Amanda f the haters

STFU Donnie

As a biased Howard guy, either him or Candice has to win POV or he’s finished…and I have to admit I may be finished too. I had a rant on an earlier post about casting, which I won’t repeat, but my single biggest issue is that the casting choices as far as personality types and the general lack of a will to win among the last several seasons is just not my cup of tea. Too many looking for showmances or just happy to make jury.

Anyway, the one theme I’m seeing a lot of is that Amanda has a clear path to victory once Howard goes. Now if the rumors of a fix for her are true then that might be the case, but if the game is on the up-and-up, the seeds have already been planted for her demise in short order. You can already hear it in the conversations throughout the house and I suspect at the earliest opportunity, “the house” will move on her.

People are mistaking Amanda’s dominant personality for a dominant game. The truth is that an order was established the week Nick would end up leaving. The psychology of the majority group was quite simple. In Jeremy, they saw his aggressive personality plus his size and athleticism and fear set in. A savvier player might have seen the usefulness of keeping this type of player around and deprive him of his acolytes, but the “leaders” emerged and established the dynamic of identify the “biggest threat: and put them down. Following Jeremy’s eviction, Amanda succeeded in painting Howard as the new Jeremy…but with her relentless and domineering efforts, she also began to be the topic of whispers with the majority.

Let’s assume Howard leaves this week. The psychology of fear is still pervasive and while Amanda is assuming with the last “big threat” gone threat the house will become very orderly as she dictates the order of eviction like she did this week. However, Amanda’s strength was built on the fear she instilled in the majority and without another “big threat”, that void will need to be filled. What Amanda does not seem to see coming is that her sheep will need a new wolf and unless she can conjure one (since I don’t see one she can sell), then she will become the wolf.


Let me explain this to you folks (in case a couple of you are in the dark):

Assume 40% of America likes Elissa.

Assume 40% of America DISLIKES Elissa.

Assume 20% is Elissa indifferent.

When America votes for a player to have MVP powers, Elissa wins due to the fact that 40% of the fan base likes her. … The other 60% of America divides their votes among the approximately 10 other houseguests, allowing Elissa a comfortable win.

When America votes for a player to be nominated for eviction directly via the MVP voting ‘twist’, Elissa is, again, chosen due to the fact that her her dislike percentage quite high (approximately as high as her like percentage). During this type of vote, the 40% of Americans who like Elissa invariably divide their votes among the other houseguests.

Some people think it’s 100% illogical that a special power would alternately favor and disfavor the SAME person. In fact, these types of outcomes are 100% logical.

Now, if all of Elissa’s fans were able to communicate with each other and vote for the SAME person to be nominated for eviction via the MVP power twist, Elissa would likely be spared. But this type of perfect communication and collective voting is, in reality, NOT possible.

Elissa may or may not be America’s nomination choice again this week, but do not be surprised if she is. … And, if she is, do not assume that America must have failed to understand what power they are, in fact, voting for.


I see Macranda wont go on Aaryns bed. They know not to play with Aaryn like that!!


This season is boring all they do is talk about Howard and Candice


does anyone know how Aaryn found out about America’s reaction to her?


It seems that CBS has taken Aaren to the woodshed over her outrages remarks.If you go on other BB sites that highlite comments made
by all the houseguest from day 1 you will see everyone of them are just as guilty of the same thing.(some worse) I guess people who watch
the live feeds blog on this stuff.With cleaver editing,comments can be overlooked when there is a show and an agenda to put out.
Im not an Aaren fan,but lets be fair and not single out one sinner when you have a cast of them*