Spoilers – Helen says People will do what they ask them to do.. they only need 5 votes to keep Howie

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


8:14pm have nots Howard and Candice
Candice says after Thursday either him or her are going to be trapped in this house with all the crazy people. Candice says that Helen knows this game and she came here to play. She thinks there is a good chance Helen will take this opportunity to take out a big player. Candice ads
Howard: “You know i’m excited about Thursday I want to see what everybody is going to do.. I’ll have be speech prep.. I really don’t think I’m going.. I’m do for a win at some point”
Howard says if they go home then it is what it is, They didn’t side with the right people and they didn’t win when they needed to
Candice is pissed at Jessie for turning her back on them. howard points out she’s just a little girl coming into her own


Big Brother 15 Nip Slip Flash back time stamps HERE

8:26pm Cockpit JUDD and Amanda

Amanda if they were smart they would keep me until the end I’m not going to get any votes.
Amanda asks him if she’s going to stay this week. JUDD says for sure she has nothing to worry about. JUDD: “trust me Helen needs to go soon.. she has side deals with too many people.. she has side deals and they are not secret”

McCrea joins them says that Spencer isn’t pissed at him anymore. They start talking about twists and pandora’s Boxes. Amanda thinks it’s overpowered to throw twists into the game it hurts the players playing strategically.
Andy joins them

Amanda says nobody is rooting for Howard to win this game she thinks they are rooting for JUDD, Andy or McCrae.

Andy: “I think America is obsessed with the goof troop” JUDD says that America loves Howard. They start making fun of Howard’s praying JUDD says that people are doing “The Howard” all over the place (Starts praying)

MC: ‘look at the guy doing the Howard”

Amanda starts saying there is no way Howard has a power otherwise he wouldn’t have done that speech last night. Andy says Candice has a better chance to win the next HOH he doubts Spencer will.
JUDD leaves to take a nap
Amanda says she’s playing the game unlike people like Jessie that just stick around. Amanda says she’s been playing the game hard and if she goes home because of a power then there’s nothing she can do

They start talking about possible scenarios if McCrae goes up.
MC: “I’m going to yell at Elissa calling her a skunk and a Sk*nk wh*re so she votes against me and split the vote” He also plans to call out her family and religion do whatever it takes to get her to hate him.
Andy: ‘Howard is going home and you get to sit there and smile as he goes”
Andy: “if anything begins to sway I will fix it”
Amanda: “The only people I’m worried about is Helen and Elissa”
She adds that Jessie might sway to , “She Cried when Howard was on the block”
Mc isn’t worried about Jessie she’s so grateful to be in their group she’ll listen to them.
MC tells them this is perfect if Candice wins HOH she will target GM and Aaryn. MC: “And MVP will go to someone random” Andy adds that GM and Candice cannot stand each other they literally do not speak to each other.
Andy: ‘I swear to god I will tell you if I get MVP”
MC: “I will to.. If any of the goof troop wins it we’ll plot and destroy”
MC says that JUDD is playing long term very long term which is fine but not the best for the group.
Andy brings up how weird JUDD was this morning.
MC says he’s worried to be around Elissa he’s scared if he coughs the wrong way he’ll be “insulting her religion”
McCrae brings up when he was talking Elissa the other day about Aaryn there was a 5 minute stretch were she didn’t blink.


CBS Interactive Inc.


9:30pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae

Amanda wonders if they will blindside her. McCrae doesn’t think so because Andy and JUDD need her
MC: “If they fu** me over.. I’m still going to be here”
Amanda wonders if JUDD will make something up like he did to get Kaitlin out. McCrae says JUDD had 24 hours to think “he’s schemer”

McCrae: ‘You’re coming with me to Jury so we can bang all the time”


9:33pm Helen and Elissa storage room
Here is my thought the better move is to take out Amanda next week and Howard this week. Helen warns them that Amanda is getting really close to Aaryn. Helen mentions how Amanda now wants Aaryn to stay another week.

Helen says if they keep Howard for Candice she will be loyal to them to the end.
Elissa: “Nobody is going to vote Amanda out”
Helen: “People will do what we ask them to do.. we only need 5 votes”
Helen counts the votes Candice, Spencer, Elissa and Helen, “We will only need Andy, Jessie or JUDD. (She forgets that the Veto is going to be used)
Helen: “I just want to talk about all the options”
Helen thinks that Andy will go with them but she’s not sure about Jessie .
Helen: ‘Howard is too much of a gamble here to keep Howard and Spencer in the game that is why I’m leaning towards getting out Howard”
Helen thinks if Amanda goes up as MVP next week that is who they take out.
Elissa: “If we get rid of her this week McCrae will be gunning for us.. it will totally break every deal we’ve ever had”
Helen: ‘I don’t want to upset McCrae that is why I am keeping Amanda.. but we have to be on the same page that Amanda and Aaryn are getting close and they are going to try to take over the house with McCrae”
Helen: “I’m thinking that Amanda goes before Aaryn”
Helen: ‘Howard is going out.. let me see what JEssie says.. McCrae will gun for us but if it’s the house.. i dunno”
Helen: ‘It will be Aaryn, McCrae and GM versus the house and McCrae is smart enough to comes with us”
Helen says if Howard leaves then maybe Amanda will never go up as the third nominee again. She worried that by losing howard the MVP vote will be lost. Helen: “I’m all for Howard going out of the game.. I feel bad for Candice.. Howard needs to go but if Howard goes how does Amanda go back on the block.. ever?”
Elissa: “One of us will get MVP and if Howard goes Candice will be out for revenged”
Helen: ‘We have to be mindful that Aaryn and Amanda taking over the game.. I told McCrea Aaryn better not make jury”
Elissa says howard is a bigger physical threat but Amanda is a bigger strategic threat. Helen agrees

Helen tells her that Amanda is going to run the Jury house. Helen adds they don’t have too much time before Jury if they can’t get Amanda/Aaryn out next week they only have one more shot. She points out how strong Amanda and McCrae are as a couple so even if they take Aaryn out they are still dealing with a power couple.

Elissa thinks that Aaryn should go next week followed by Amanda. Helen: “you just watch Amanda will run this house to keep Aaryn safe.. you just watch” Elissa points out if it’s either of them against Amanda in the final 2 Aaryn will be the swing vote.

Helen: ‘Amanda is keeping her till jury.. you watch.. and she’s going to use one of us to take her out and Amanda or McCrae will win the game”
Helen: ‘How scared are we of McCrea.. ” (She smirks)

Helen now saying she’s fine with Amanda making it to Jury but isn’t fine with Amanad and aaryn making it to Jury.
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

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Bottom line Howards hasn’t or can’t seem to win anything AGAIN!! Candice bragged about having a photographic memory, there have two comp that I know of that required memorizing and she has lost both times. But if she goes up, I think she will be safe this week. Howard is going home. And all this stuff about nobody taking out big targets, they have (3 guys and one girl, and some of them where winning things, and another one, with possibly Howard). They have picked off most of the physical players. Yes there are many more great targets, but you got to either play hard and win comps, or are great at the social game, it seems Howard isn’t good at either. This is not a popularity contest, it’s a game!

Charlie Hustle

Frankly, Howard’s social game isn’t that hot either. His speech last night was bizarre to say the least. It sucks that Aaryn was so culturally insensitive early, because now her motivations are suspect. I don’t think either Howard or Candice have proven to be much more than weekly votes (by no means a sure vote) and if in the jury, Aaryn could kiss their support goodbye…they are of no use to her as far as the game goes. That she hates them for just being, is sad, but secondary to BB. As per Howard, they really couldn’t have chosen a different side, only one side would accept them, but they could have won something, they could have worked harder to get certain people out, and Howard could have not had everything he’s done backfire.

I am of the opinion that for players like Helen, Spencer, Judd and even McCrae to win, Amanda is the best bet to get out. She tried to downplay her own game, but next to Helen, she’s played the best IMO, and for having not won anything she’s the games biggest player. Whether that can be done later is a real concern. H and E pointed out that neither of them should want Aaryn in the Jury and it’s getting close. Getting Howard out to pre-empt some dormant dominance (unlikely), or Candice is the same as getting out GM or Jessie…it doesn’t affect the game in any real way and is only a jury move. Those who want them there should fight to keep them and those who don’t….


All of this is insightful. What I twigged to in the H&E talk was they really shouldn’t want Amanda in the jury as she’d like run that too. I’m also happy it came down to a smirk over whether to be worried at Mcrae or not. When they first mentioned not wanting to make him mad, I thought, “and you’re worried about him because…?”

This season is so strange: 1001 shaky alliances and deals, tepid showmances (at best), less than stellar comp play, nothing strongly likable or interesting about anybody…


Well said. It does stink that Aaryn is there longer than Howards and/or Candice if she does in fact go up, but at this point in the game she is here. Howard could have jumped ship when Jeremy went out as the others did. But he didn’t. That plus a few other things he has done, said and tried (which backfired on him) and his speech last night could have also hurt him. Again, possibly not what he said but how it came across. Anyway, I guess what I am saying is without him winning anything and some bad game play; I think he should have gone with the number side and waited for a more opportunistic time to strike. But that is in my option. Ultimately he is leaving this week. It’s is what it is, I guess.


Helen basically listed all the reasons why they should get rid of Amanda THIS week (capable of taking control of the house and the jury house; part of a power couple; in controll of Aaryn, etc.) and YET she still is vacillating about eliminating her rather than Howard this week. Helen (and Elissa) seem to think they’ll have another opportunity to get Amanda out. Surprise! This coming Thursday McCrae OR Amanda could win HOH. Then it’s “Buh-bye Helen or Elissa (probably Helen because Helen is the shrewder player and Amanda knows that). Amanda will feel that she no longer needs Helen’s vote because she has Aaryn under her control. Now is the ONLY time to see to it that Amanda is voted out. This might prove difficult to do because we don’t know who the replacement nominee will be. It could be Candice or Elissa. Both of these votes are important in order to keep Howard.

I honestly don’t care if Howard stays or goes. He hasn’t been much of a player other than to scheme with the majority of the men in the house in his own private alliances. I just think the house can afford to keep him for another week or so. They can’t assume they’ll “eventually” be able to get Amanda out. It’s the lack of clear and precise thinking in the majority of the houseguests that will ensure Amanda and/or McCrae end up winning.


Comeon Helen pull this off!!! Get Amanda out. I hate you right now but if you do this ill love you forever


Elissa is good eye candy, I want to meet her husband and offer him a shoe shine personally.


(crickets) ???

Mike B

Omg what is with these people BREAK THEM UP NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Who cares about McCrea give us a good season damn it. Helen and her bullshit about who goes next. Talking about how Aaryn don’t need to go to Jury well you had two chances to get that bitch out and you didn’t do it.

florence staten

why it it that a black person never never go to the jury thay need more black on here ss


You’re wrong… black people have gone to jury.


I don’t understand what the point is of getting a black person to jury just for the sake of ‘getting a black person to jury’. This is extremely racist thinking on your part. If it doesn’t fit you must acquit. Do your homework on Big Brother before making such biased and erroneous statements.


With the utmost respect, I think we are all tired of hearing your uninformed opinions of what is racist, especially since you don’t even know what the word means. You have overplayed your facetiousness in this regard. I know your instinct will be to ask, What else have I said, blah, blah, blah. Again, with all due respect, please move on to something else.


Oh, and I won’t be checking this post for comments. So, spare yourself the emotion, and resist the urge to ‘get me back.’


You are obviously a newbie and an idiot. Dont make dumb statements like that.


you are right african americans are really underrepresented in big brother. there is always just two per season, just enough so nobody can call cbs out.


Amanda says nobody is rooting for Howard to win this game she thinks they are rooting for JUDD, Andy or McCrae.

Andy: “I think America is obsessed with the goof troop” JUDD says that America loves Howard. They start making fun of Howard’s praying JUDD says that people are doing “The Howard” all over the place (Starts praying)

MC: ‘look at the guy doing the Howard”

These idiots are all delusional.

Charlie Hustle

Amanda is just stroking their egos. Letting them know they’re the favorites and no one wants to see Howard. It is Psych 99.


I know people are saying Andy is a floater, but I definitely don’t think he is anymore…he’s playing a pretty solid game, social-wise and strategic wise as he is protecting his main group (The Goof Troop) and being a rat to get info from every other corner of the house. Andy is kind of the mold that keeps the Goof Troop together and even if Elissa and Helen do start to sway, which I don’t think they will, Andy will turn it back around.


Andy looks like a guy you won’t leave your children alone with. he scares the shit out me with his kindergartener attire. does he own any adult clothing? where does he shop? kids r’ us? he also needs some sun and vitamins for that chalky pale skin. his body looks like rigamortis has taken over.


Def the funniest comment of the day!!!!!


If Helen and Elissa were clever, they would wait until the replacement nominee was selected BEFORE attempting to gather five houseguests to vote out Amanda. As I mentioned above, I think they will lose one of the necessary five votes by having Aaryn put either Elissa or Candice up in Spencer’s place. If Helen approaches Andy too soon (and Andy is truly a diabolical player as well as a rat since he has been “scurrying” back and forth between various alliances), he will turn around and give the information that Helen and Elissa are out to get Amanda and McCrae. Amanda could then very easily ensure that Helen goes up as a “pawn” replacement by Aaryn. Helen might not necessarily be voted out; but that move would frighten her out of taking on Amanda again. Amanda needs to go this week or she’ll end up in jury (too persuasive) or as a finalist with McCrae by her side.


helen, use your brain. now is the week to make the play for demanda. try to remember all that talk about “oh we’ll get aaryn next week”. need to take your opportunities when you can. for all you know, demanda (or her little totebag mcpussy) will win HOH next time.

i wish you knew how demanda and her sheep talked bad behind your back, talking about targetting you. get them before they get you.

do it now plz!!


Gotta love mcpussy!!

Ugliest guy on big brother since cowboy, yet still with so much confidence. Of course this confidence is only when he is behind closed doors, he would never have the balls to say those incredibly vile things to elissa’s face in front of the national audience.


Unless you mean straight guys id have to reject your statement because Andy is without a doubt the ugliest guy in bb history. Mccrea may be a wuss but I think ugly is a little harsh hes average


Spencer is by.far the ugliest.

Uri Dequad

Elissa- out to lunch: fake lips fake boobs fake person
McCray- McPu$$ywhipped
Spencer- butterscotch lover
Howard- strong “silent” type
Gina Marie- English major
Andy- parrot – repeats everything
Amanda- A – Man – Da
Judd- the mumbler
Jessie- the follower
Helen- “Don’t tell anyone…then she tells everyone
Aaryn- upstanding citizen( or RACIST)
Candace- floater


jess already turned her back on one alliance, then told amanda she would be taking veto prizes and not taking amanda off the block if she won veto

she gets on well with most of the house, and doesnt follow anything but her instincts, to maximize her staying as long as possible in the game


I think it’s funny that they’re afraid of Howard mostly cuz of his size. He hasn’t showed that he could be good in comps and his social game is mediocre at best. Amanda is a way bigger threat than Howard cuz of her ability to puppeteer everyone in the house. It makes way more sense to evict her based in her social game play. Hopefully Helen takes the opportunity and convinces the HG to do the same. Hope they pull their heads out of their asses and see its in all their best interest to evict Amanda


In the BB live feeds chat room, someone said Amanda actually hit on Howard at the start, and Howard turned her down. One or two others said they saw this, too. (I didn’t.) If it’s true, that would be the source of Amanda’s vitriol directed at Howard. I mean, I’m sure that it’s Amanda who really started the house-wide ‘Howard must go’ campaign, and certainly is the one who keeps it going. (Sure, Helen and he had a moment of tension, but it was pretty private emotionally between the two of them. Amanda is the one on the hunt.)


If they ever had a chance to take out Amanda, this would be the week, she won’t be on the block next week.

Howard isn’t a physical or strategic threat, taking him out is a weak move, he’s not winning anything, all he’s managed to be successful at is Candice, and that’s nothing.

Not taking out Amanda now, is a bad move for Helen and Elissa, if they wanted to, they could get the numbers to evict Amanda, but I guess they don’t want to win. Just cut Amanda the check, she made these fools go full retard.


And so it’s starting… Come on Helen, keep using your brain. This is your chance at getting Amanda out.
Don’t think about this week, take the change in front of you right now and eliminate amanda.
I think Helen can make a good argument and get Andy, jessi, elisa, spencer to vote out Amanda. That’s enough votes with her.
How can McG go after them when he is not winning competitions.


It would be hilarious to see Amanda’s face on thursday after Julie says she’s been evicted


Where does Ginamarie stand? You don’t think she could be swayed to vote out Amanda?


Simon, if she can get them to use their brain, it will happen. She is right on point with what Amanda is up too. Elissa is easy to to get. She needs to get Judd, who hates her and if she does that, then Jessie will follow. Someone needs to clue her in on Andy. He cannot be trusted. If Helen makes this happen, she is a serious threat.


its the other way round

jess hates amanda as she has been treated with alot of disrespect by amanda

so jess would gladly vote her out if they also have spencer, helen, elissa

then jess would have to convince judd

or helen convince gina

or if its 4-4 tie then jess and helen could both convince aaryn

then amanda goes and mccrae, andy would be on their own


I think this is about right Simon. It certainly appears Andy has chosen Amanda over Helen. I’m not sure Mumbles would flip and a 4-4 tie Arryn sends Howard home. I figure by Thursday the vote will be 8-0 to evict Howard.

Helen appears to be backing herself and Ellisa into a corner. Every person that Amanda gets out is 1 less person Helen could have potentially used to get Amanda out. She is quickly getting herself in real trouble if Amanda decides to eliminate her and Ellisa. Amanda is definitely keeping Arryn next week and for quite a while after as well if she can. That’s a reliable vote to add to the goof troop. It also potentially brings along GM. Jessie going forward with Judds help and Helen has left Ellisa, Candy and Spencer as most likely allies. It sure doesn’t look good for this political strategist.

Not sure she can rally enough votes this week if she tried but going forward Amanda could be 3rd nom every week until MVP is removed she likely never gets evicted. I expect talk after Thursday will center on who makes the jury. Lets say Howard goes then Candy and maybe Ellisa over Spencer. Basically since Jerm left the games jury makeup has only changed in that Arryn makes it and Ellisa may not. If Ellisa makes jury then Spencer won’t.

Sad truth would appear to be production will do nothing to save Howard, deal with the symbolism of a racist having 2 black HG’s nominated by her. AG has given Amanda such a good edit it has to be evident to most fair minded people that Amanda is her girl as was suggested on the net. Amanda won’t need AG’s help much longer anyway as the game is shaping up as the Amanda power game after the MVP power is removed.

PS….. To Andy and mumbles(JUDD)…… they don’t give a prize for 3rd or 4th place IDIOTS! What’s your end game to get rid of Amanda and McCrae? And you 2 aren’t finishing 3rd and 4th. Amanda may take Arryn F2 screwing McMcrae in the end. If I were that racist skunkface that’s who I’d sit beside.

Order of eviction going forward

7…….Gina Marie
2 Arryn
1 Amanda

I see the final 3 being Arryn winning the 3 part final and taking Amanda over McCrae. 6/5/4 any order you like as production will use a heavy hand/twists to keep Amanda in the game. I truly believe Judd will spend the week being sad thinking Jessie’s turn to go only to see his buddy Andy and “friends” blindside him! The only hope I see for F4 going differently McCrae/Jessie/Arryn winning HOH and Jessie winning POV and sending Amanda home and this is a pure longshot. I think pizza boy will end up just as Danielle did on BB14 with 3rd and no dough! God bless America out of this collection of trash who gets America choice. Gotta be Ellisa I guess…..huray?


Sorry guys forgot to put my name on the above comment

Roisin Dubh

Just from watching the feeds from a few minutes ago. Candice and Helen are just too stupid for words. Both will be gone within two weeks only if there’s no double eviction, which in that case both are going home the same night. For being in politics, Helen sure sucks at formulating a plan. I think her job is getting coffee for the crew while thinking in her head she’s Tess from Working Girl.

Roisin Dubh

I think Aaryn is the key, if Helen can get her, she’s also got GM and that’s a lock right there. She needs to sit Aaryn, El and Candice down, tell them to cut the personal shit out for the next 3-4 weeks convince Aaryn that all she’s doing is getting blood on your hands for Amanda by going with her, get her out of the picture, get rid of P-I double LL popping Judd, then it’s a free ride to the juryhouse and who knows, you might be in it for 50k since you can win comps and maybe even 500k. Just tell her who saved you with logic and who saved you attached and who saved you with a boulder around your ankle, that would make it a very clear choice. Any other season, this would’ve been a sound approach but these idiots want to go the hard way.


With the way Judd has been RAGING about Helen there is no way that he will flip for a scheme by her. Howard sadly will be sent packing by the Klanswoman Aaryn of all people


So is CBS going to show Aaryn and the other Superfriends denying any racist comments made and the idea that Howard and Candice started the whole racism fiasco in the House?

Hopefully, when they leave the House they will see it was and still is the viewers fed up with these houseguest.

A Confused Guy

“Elissa says howard is a bigger physical threat but Amanda is a bigger strategic threat. Helen agrees”

You’ve got to be kidding me? Howard hasn’t won anything. How is he a physical threat in any stretch of the imagination? The closest time he came in winning anything was that Questions HoH that Helen won (tie-breaker round). :/


It’s the “big black man” effect. He is big, he is black, they are scared.


Maybe that’s what your momma taught you but this ‘big black man’ has nothing in the way of social skills, sense of humor, physical prowess, and …..should I go on? Maybe you should rethink your programmed brain.


Actually that is what life taught me. But you are right, Howard does not have a game, physical or mental, which brings us bak to the origianl question, WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED OF HIM??? You made my point for me. Thankss you.


That’s so stupid. And racist, actually. Keep the fucking race out of this shit.


Well I’m black. So am I racist against my own race? I was speaking truth. Have you ever been under suspicion because of the color of your skin? And trust me, I never would have brought race up, if it already wasn’t a part part of this season. I have watched BB since season 3 and I have never discuss race within this game. This is the first year. I wonder why? Maybe i should be the good little black girl and do what ALL the HG’s are doing; be quiet, don’t say anything about it, and act as if it doesn’t exist., and you can do what Amanda and the sheep are doing, blame me for making it an issue when Im merely pointing out what is happening and has happened. Related to Amanda? Did i make it up like Howard & Candice did? SILENCE IMPLIES CONSENT. That is a very popular social interaction concept that has proven to be true. .Look it up. Yes, this is a game and on t.v. to entertain, but for me and a lot of people it stop being a game when Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, & Amanda starting attacking people based on their race and nothing else. And their certainly isn’t anthing entertaining about that! For many people, white, black, asian, latino etc, how a group of people respond to this type of horrible behavior is important and can be socially impactful. Remember, monkey see, monkey do.


I still stand on my belief that Howard could have crushed the racist slurs very early on in the house by simply proclaiming in an assertive manner, not aggressively, to the ‘mean girls’ that racial remarks are inappropriate and unacceptable. His silence was not ‘golden’ to me in that situation.


Ikr. The other people have proven better in comps. In that HOH comp, he didn’t seem like he waited for the right timing to try to get a 36. Even if it’s some type of endurance competition I’m not too sure he would be able to last as long as some of the women unless it’s purely based on strength. I guess big muscles = super hero. They probably think he’s hiding a big H underneath his clothes like Superman.


I love the fact that Helen and Elissa are considering taking Amanda out. This is what BB is all about!


I would piss my pants if Helen saved Howard this week, and then Howard or Spencer won HOH next week and took her out.


Spencer Clawson should be immediately removed.What Spencer did on camera was very literally sexually deviant and dangerous behaviour. Flashing someone is assault. That is pure evil. Production should have IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT HESITATION evicted him.

July 1 6:57:40 Camera 1 This is without question sexually disturbing. There should be a petition to have him removed. If someone has any ideas, I am willing to get it going.


Shad up.


get lost loser !!


I can’t stand Aaryn but if I get to vote again I’m voting Amanda 100% Hope to see her on the block again. These people have to know that they need to break up her and McCrea


“We can get her out next week”
Do these people understand how the game works? For starters, anyone but Aaryn can win HOH next week. Then what? Idiots.

Can someone explain to me what it is that Howard has done that has Amanda so out to get him? I don’t care for either of them but I feel like I missed something.

Teri B

Yes, these people ARE idiots. Totally and completely. When I saw Helen say “we can get her out next week” I wanted to scream……”LIKE WITH AARYN?”


I hate being addicted to this damned show when everything is so awful. I just watched BB Canada and the “winner” wasn’t even really the winner. GEESH.

Sorry, needed to vent. I’m so sick of seeing Amanda and her lap dog sitting in the HOH bed, lording over the house…..and then the HUGE letdown with BB Canada. It’s been a sad night for me. Oh well…tomorrow is another day, after all!


Amanda heard that Howard was coming after her from way back when the Moving Company was still going on. He and Spencer (and the rest) kept saying that they needed to “refocus” McCrae. After the destruction of the MC…Amanda heard about Howard and Spencer’s plan to get rid of her through the grapevine…and once Howard voted with the other side of the house and lied about the MC to Helen…it kind of sealed his fate in her mind (I’m speculating here).

My opinion? Why wouldn’t you try to get out the person you’ve heard is going after you? He really was trying to rally to get her out…and still is….in his “Howard” roundabout way.

The right opinion

Howard could easily stay, if aaryn puts up Candice ; Howard could give aaryn that bad rep speech and how she could fix it by keeping him and Candice. Howard did memorize her letter from home. All he needs is 4 votes.


HAHAHA you actually said the racist Aaryn will keep the black guy in a tiebreaker…LOLOL good one! But seriously besides that basic fact, Aaryn is completely and utterly owned by Amanda and will do whatever is asked of her. 4 votes and TB dont cut it—-5 votes or its a wrap!


Aaryn choosing to save Howard in a tiebreaker sounds great in theory. Sadly, the only way that would possibly happen would be if Big Brother production came down VERY persuasively on Aaryn and told her to keep Howard in case of a tiebreaker. So, if it does come down to a tiebreaker, and Aaryn suddenly gets an attack of conscience, we’ll have Big Brother production to thank for it.


C’mon Helen! If you get Amanda out, everyone will love you again and forget about how annoying you are!

I honestly think she can do it if she goes about it the right way. She can’t tell Andy or Judd because then they will just run to Amanda and she will be f*cked. She already has herself, Elissa, and Spencer’s vote. Jessie also seems on board with the get Amanda out trend but she is iffy. GM really has no allies so why not join up with Helen/Elissa to vote out Amanda? PLEASE VOTE AMANDA OUT!!!


I’ll up the ante and say if Helen is able to get Amanda out, she’s deserves the $500G along with my undying admiration.


Spencer, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Judd is five. But it is not going to happen.


I think you are right. I can’t see Judd changing. He is so hateful right now. They will have to make up some lie to tell him.


What day are the houseguests on?




Jessie would be receptive to voting Amanda out. She was threatened by Amanda just like she was threatened by Jeremy when she was bullied. I think Judd would sign on too. The key is getting Helen and Alissa to join in to get rid of Amanda. I think Amanda is playing a great game but I want to see the drama!

And Then???

Am so sick of people saying ” I think Amanda is playing a great game but I want to see the drama!” or “I do not want to see Amanda go but just voting her for the drama” So you enjoying the game comes at her expense? Or should she stop playing the damn good game and become Jessie?? Then she will be safe with you guys??? And I keep reading it all the time!!!!! Just say..I hate her game and want her out..simple and clear and makes more sense..otherwise you are not making any sense


Perfectly stated. Right on!


news flash many in the house want amanda gone due to amandas poor overplaying

nobody is targeting jess and has played a smarter overall game


hellen doesnt have the votes this week andy so deep into amanda web he will tell her if hellen makes amove … judd doesnt like hellen but her best bet is judd even though he already told amanda he wants hellen gone …. I feel so sad for howard hopefully JULIE let us know sunday america will be voting someone out this week expect the unexpected or they just hand howard a power or better yet just give stinking ass aaryn a pandora box let her open it something has to shake up because theirs no way superfriends dominate this game production better plant a seed in judd crazy head because i am sick of the same people in power ….

eli rules

I have never seen a season of hg’s obsessed with getting into the jury house! I understand that they’re broke and they need the 13K, but no one has put together a long term plan since the moving company was blown up.

Btw—as I wrote in the last post, Helen is considering the pros and cons of evicting Amanda.


when its time for hellen to be bossy,, dictator and taking charge she fumbles …. I dont like u hellen but this the week to act like hellen who had her HOH … next week amanda will have her minions AARYN ,,gina JUDD, JESSIE ,, ANDY hellen can not compete against that .. this is the weeek for her to make her move …….. hellen needs to send a message bostin rob style she needs to start getting her army ready draw first blood now that she’s on the block

Teri B

God, how I wish that would happen….but it won’t. For some reason they are all scared of Demanda and her lap dog. My 10 votes are going to Demanda every chance I get.


judd and jess are nobodies minions – you are mistaking them for mcvag and third wheel conversation crasher andy

judd and jess rejected amandas nom idea last week and put up kaitlyn and aaryn instead

this week amanda tried to tell jess what to do and jess basically told her that the only person that makes the decisions of jess is jess


Whoever wins HOH next week and puts aaryn up, there is a possibility that Amanda could go up as MVP nominee again. Or if the HOH next week do not put up Aaryn she’ll most likely go up as America’s choice. So the possibily Amanda going up again is slim. I think they should just get rid of her this week.


Howard said he won’t campaign against anyone else who’s on the block, but it might be worthwhile to tell Helen, Elissa and perhaps Jessie that Amanda woke him up the night before the HOH that Judd won and offered a F4 deal (McCrea, Amanda, Howard, Spencer) to cover M/A’s collective a$$. Plant those seeds of doubt in the not-so-ambiguously Paranoid Mom duo that, had Spencer or Howard won that HOH instead of Judd, Helen and Elissa likely would have landed on the block. Of course, it also gets his side of the story out. Sure, Spencer and Howard have been shady about making secret alliances. But so have Amanda and McCrae. And, of course, McCrae was already disloyal to an alliance and acted in his own self-interest to get laid. Might he do the same thing to Helen and Elissa? Plant that seed, Howard (just not in Candice).



Pizza Boy with the Delivery

I agree with Simon that the only way Amanda leaves is if Judd and Jesse flip.

Once Andy relays the info that Helen is coming after Amanda (when Helen tells him) and when that info gets back to Judd the Goof Troop has the possibility to get stronger… A stronger Goof Troop puts Amanda and McPizza in a great situation with Judd/Andy/Aryan …

Helen needs to stop thinking this cause I honestly cannot see Judd leaving the Goof Troop for Helen and that does not seem what Judd wants to do.

McCray is ma boy!!! F*** da Haterzzz


Helen is an idiot. Helen is gonna be evicted next week. she has Amanda right now on the block and she doesn’t want to pull the trigger. she’s going back and forth with Elissa about Howard and it’s plain to see that Amanda should be the one evictied this week. all this “going with the house” vote is fuckin’ annoying. Simon, did you catch Elissa say to Helen if they keep Amanda it will be more entertaining for the show? who the hell uses “more entertaining for the show” to save someone from eviction? production? either Elissa is a airhead or she’s already getting instructions from production to make sure Amanda stays this week.


If Elissa said that and meant it than when Amanda goes all Amanda on her and starts on her Elissa hate recruiting campaign she’ll wish she would have gotten her out and it won’t be so entertaining. Lol.


Listen, I really do not like Aaryn, Elissa and Spencer out of the remaining house quest right now, but the game changes each week as shown with this last week. And yes, I think EVERYONE wants Aaryn out before Howard and Candice, because of the comments she made the first few weeks. But the facts are she still is here, and there is nothing that’s going to change that this week. The next 3 weeks things are going to be crazy and Aaryn will get what’s coming to her when she hits the door. Most people will have a little grief when they leave, but Aayrn will have a life changing experience. Not one other these players are innocent and have made crazy statements, but 95% of those comments will not haunt them, they will be OK. Is this any worst than other BB? I don’t think so, every year the boards are going nuts over things that have been said. Again…this is a game!!! But for Aaryn, she may get the worst public lashing in BB history.

Roisin Dubh

Should’ve kept Jeremy Helen. He would have been on board and would’ve had the juice to get rid of Amanda. Your only hope now is Aaryn and that ain’t much of a hope. But you’ll realize it when they put you up next week.


This plan will never happen.

All Amanda and co have to do if they even suspect helen and elissa flipping on them, is take the core four (andy, judd, amanda, mccrae) to aaryn and promise to protect her next week. Aaryn knows she would have gina marie and jessie to add to that, making a solid 7 versus 4 next week.

Hell, if Amanda acts fast, she could even throw out to Aaryn that Aaryn could put Elissa up as the third nominee when Spencer comes down. It would really shake up Helen’s game, and although it would leave Howard in the house working with Spencer, they are a lot less likely to form a cohesive alliance with Helen and Candice. Even if they do, they would have flipped the house on its head, and Aaryn has six people going to bat for her next week when she can’t play for HoH.

Not to mention Aaryn is HoH, and what she’d really like to do is follow Howard’s advice, and go after the people that would like to eliminate her: Elissa. By doing this, Howard and Spencer owe her one, leaving Helen as the only person in the house that would be after her, and she’d most certainly, “have bigger fish to try.” I don’t think Candice would even go after Aaryn as HoH, she’d have bigger targets, and she’d be a little glad Howard was still in the game (not to mention herself).

This would be the best way for Aaryn to preserve her game…not rooting for the girl, but if she’s smart, she’d take that opportunity.

Oliver Kloshauf

Way to loooonnnngg



My post was the equivalent of the blurb on the back cover of a book.

Seriously, this is what America has been reduced to?


I think cbs would love for Howard and Candice to be evicted. That way everyone can forget about this whole racism thing since the season is so long. Wont be suprised at all if Candice is gone next week.


Your basically 100% WRONG! The nasty talk will magnify after they are evicted. You let racism go unchecked and the vile filth said gets worse not subsides. As for CBS it is clear by their action they do NOT care… period! If there are no financial consequences CBS will do absolutely nothing going forward.


I really think it is the lowest of lows when a person’s religion is attacked. IMHO it shows that they have absolutely no respect for anyone. I personally don’t like how Howard swears on the bible a lot but when MC and Andy say that they are going to attack alissa’s religion and family I have no respect for either of them….not that I had any for MC anyway.

Also Helen wanting to get Howard out this week and Amanda next…..nooooooo….get her out now cause you don’t know if she will be on the block next week. She is manipulating to many people in the house. No one has even questioned the fact as to why she is even up there. I would be wondering what others are seeing but they aren’t.


The only reason that religion has been brought into the mix is because both Howard (with his constant praying) and Elissa (with her constant judgmental smirks and remarks) are projecting their “I am holier than thou” attitude. It’s their own fault that their religion is being insulted!

production rigged it

Helen and Elissa are making all of these great points to get Amanda out saying she’s a better strategical player, that she will run the jury house, that she wants Aaryn to make it to jury so she can use her vote and they may not get another shot to get her on the block since they believe Howard is the MVP. So if you’re smart enough to realize all of this then why are you not smart enough to follow through and get her out then. You could easily have the votes. Just go to Aaryn tell her that Amanda is just using her and wants her out next week, this will convince her to get Amanda out this week. Tell her to talk to GinaMarie that’s 1 vote, Helen and Elissa that makes 3 votes, Spencer makes 4 and if Helen tells Jessie they have the votes then Jessie will vote with them and that makes 5 and Amanda is gone.


jessie votes with judd

judd votes with andy and mccrae

That’s four. Even if it’s a tiebreaker, Aaryn would be a lot smarter siding with Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Judd, Andy (and Gina Marie) than siding with Elissa, Helen, Candice and….Spencer?

It’s simple numbers. Evicting Amanda in a tie-breaker assures that McCrae, Judd and Andy are for sure coming after you, and you’ll never likely get Jessie on your side again. Also, leaving Howard in the game leaves a strong pair in him and Spencer that would maybe gun for Aaryn since she put them up in the first place. The only people left protecting you were only able to do so because they offered you numbers, but since America was so smart in nominating Amanda, lines have been drawn, and Elissa and Helen don’t have the numbers anymore.


if there are 4 votes locked and jess has the opportunity to evict amanda, even if judd is against it, jess could well do it

Teri B

I keep forgetting to tell you……I LOVE YOUR NAME!!! Every time I see one of your comments, I mean to say that..LOVE IT!! (Plus it’s so effing true)

production rigged it

I assume you’re talking about me if so thanks.

La la la

Omg Helen is getting on my last nerve! She is all over the place!

La la la

Also f**k Howie! He needs to go! Pretty much sucks at the game!

Losers make me sick

All you Amanda haters make me sick, let go of your hate for a good game player. Team Amanda and McCrae all the way!

Roisin Dubh

That’s the thing, she’s really not playing a good game. If you really want to go by gameplay Andy’s got her beat ten fold. Candice had her beat until she got love struck by Howard. The only move she made was hooking up with the first dude that got power in the game.

Roisin Dubh

Dude Julie is gonna be pissed off next week, GM and Amanda are doing the Asian impersonations again. There’s gonna be some hardcore changes to the casting next season.


I just don’t see Amanda getting voted off here. Jessie still seems intent on voting with the cool kids. And the cool kids are not Helen, Elissa, or Candice. Of course, I don’t think they’re cool, but Jessie is getting chummy again with Aaryn.


jess hates amanda as amanda has treated her so poorly and jess will do what is best for her own game – if it involves voting out amanda she will do it

Kaitlin Don't Let door hit you on your meat wallet

Simon, Spencer’s ugly mug neesds the P.O.V. sign, I was confused looking at the pictures chart or should I say shart? Lol!
So glad I don’t have to look at Kaitlin’s Sarpie Chola Eyebrows anymore….


I don’t agree with any of the r@cism going on here, but I’m also not on board with Candice. She’s done nothing to impress me at all. However, if Howard is gone, and Amanda stays…I see much more potential for Candice, because she won’t be so busy smothering Howard.


Funny thing is…it’s not even about Howard. F**k Howard. I mean I like the guy but his game sucks.

This is about Amanda and seeing if these lemmings can break from her unforgiving Hell Fire Mist. That is the story for me in this season. The whole Howard thing isn’t even a concern for me anymore.

Teri B

Agree…..Howard who?

Get the bitch OUT!!!! There probably won’t be another opportunity, or at least not for a VERY long time. USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE, THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!!!


I feel like some of you have stated, that no one in the house really understand how the game works. Helen thinks she is running stuff, she’s not. Elissa thinks she is running stuff, she’s not. Saying things like “we can get her out next week” ….that implies you think you somehow will have the power to do that by default.

Wish I could walk into that house and pull an Amanda and just go hella confrontational on their asses. Look, as long as those two are in the game and you let them run shit you might as well give up and go home. You aren’t going to win crap. Everytime you do what they say and kick out who they want you are furthering their game, not your own. You do it saying the house wants it, but the house only wants it because Amanda and McCrae bullied you into wanting it. Make your own decisions, further your own games. Being a low rung out of a group of 5 or 6 means nothing. Keep your eyes on the prize and ask yourself if the decision you are making now will get you to the end. if the answer is no or i don’t know, make a better decision.


Lots of great comments and observations on this thread. Many “get Amanda now” folks and a significant number of Howards time is up. I think both groups are right. The formula to get out Amanda is interesting IMO.

It’s been touched on by others but it’s clear to me getting Amanda evicted requires Helen and Ellisa’s votes 1st. I do not think Arryn would ever break a 4-4 tie to vote out Amanda. So the only option Helen would potentially have is convincing her to not put up Candy. Helen would need to sell her on the “bad symbolism” of Arryn putting up 2 black people. Get GM up instead as an example. I think this is the real key to getting 5 votes. Helen and Ellisa then add Candy plus Spencer. They then need Jessie to evict Amanda Thursday.

The alternative looks a lot tougher as Candy goes up. Andy, McCrae are solid to save Amanda add GM and it comes down to Judd. the way he’s behaved all day I don’t think Hellen would risk counting on Judd’s vote. So as I see it the replacement is the present key to the eviction Thursday. If Helen really wants to make a move and isn’t just posturing she needs to convince Arryn not to put up Candy as the renom. Howards gone and I wouldn’t see this as a loss if it wasn’t for Arryn the racists involvement. Howards game is non existant IMHO!


Yeah it’s a bit of work, but really all someone needs to do is put it out there to people. Look, we need to get rid of her now because we really don’t have a whole lot of game left if we don’t. So I am not sure what the deal is. I think everyone is afraid of confrontation but Amanda and Elissa and the only reason Elissa is not on the get Amanda bandwagon is that as long as this keeps up the way it is going she feels like there are a long list of targets before her. The only problem is for us viewers I think if Amanda stays after this perfect opportunity to get her out, well the rest of the game might as well be scripted. I ean if she stays after someone really tried, really tried to make it work, then fine, but no one is even trying, I mean for real trying. Candace tells Jessie and pisses her off, she tells Helene and pisses her off. That is not trying. Someone has got to map it out for people.
It pains me when people talk about anyone this season’s gameplay being good, I think really the only person with good game play this season is McCrae. He knows enough to hitch his wagon to the biggest bully in the house and be quiet and do what she says. Having said that I still don’t want him to win for that very reason.


For all of the ‘black and white’ thinkers: just remember this IS a game like Monopoly or Chess. It is not a RACE race but a strategic, physical and social race to the end. Let’s not forget that. Peace.


we need a Candace POV win. pull howard off the block, then make these people re-think the week. if they then vote out spencer, they are cowards


I know Kaitlin is out of the house n obsolete but I just read in an interview that she did that she hopes Helen wins it all. Why would Kaitlin want the person who evicted her showmance, Jeremy to win? Also, Helen was supposed to keep Kaitlin safe for 2 weeks for using the veto on herself but didnt come through on that deal and voted her out the very next week. Just wondering what are you guys thoughts on that. Simon?


I just saw her interview with Jeff. SHe said if she had stayed in the house and won HOH, she would have put up Amanda & McCrea. WOW! And, she hasn’t seen the episodes yet and doesn’t know anything that has happened. She just said that Amanda is running the house, getting more aggressive every day, and that she is so manipulative. This is what happens when you let the house deiced your fate. Howard, Candace, Spencer, Helen, Elissa, she was not in a true alliance with you but she would have made the power move that no one else seems to have the balls to do. You guys should have stood your ground and kept her.

But then again, she could just be delusional or a liar. She also said that, she stuck up for people in the house and was never apart of the racist and bulling. But she did bully Jesse and told Candice her black side was coming out during the bed flipping episode. She used the n-word and laughed at all of Aaryn’s racial jokes. She aslo dosen’t understand why America would vote to put GM up even though she was there when GM said those things, and I never saw her defend anyone. Did you Simon?


GM said her black side was coming out not Kaitlin. She laughed at the argument but she didn’t really say anything racist.