Big Brother 15 Spoilers Power of Veto Results “Why would anyone wear shoes DUDE”

POV ceremony involved mud, honey and spelling. McRae is very happy someone mentions that McRae was a beast. The bathroom is covered in saran wrap as the POV players clean off the honey.

McRae wins the POV keeps telling everyone he can’t spell worth sh!t. McRae says he’s glad he didn’t go out with “technotronics” he goes on to explain Jeff’s performance in a spelling competition during Big Brother 11 . Everyone giving McRae fist bumps and congratulations. McRae is modest says he’s surprised he won a spelling comp.

9:06pm Andy and Spencer Storage room Andy says “the target is Candace.. ” Spencer smiles and nodes

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Big Brother Spoilers Elissa’s Game “She’s in the middle of the f***** ocean and she’s drowning”

5:15pm Cam 1-2 Storage room David and Aaryn
David recaps his conversation with Elissa. Aaryn is pissed at David for chatting with Elissa. David says he’s going to stop talking to Elissa, Aaryn doesn’t care because he’s already talked to her. (She treats this like a HUGE betrayal to their alliance)

David doesn’t understand why she’s so mad he was just talking to her and listening to what she had to say. Aaryn is furious tells him he doesn’t understand the game “There is no reason to talk to her” Aaryn points out that David listens to what Jeremy tells him why didn’t he listen to her. (apparently she gave him orders not to talk to Elissa earlier in the day)

Aaryn: “I just know if you come off the block i’m going up.. and now I hear that you want talk to her and she’s telling you she didn’t put you up and that you should get yourself off the block”

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Big Brother 15 MVP Results

3:44 HOH Amanda and McRae talking about getting Elissa out of the house

McRae: “She told me she was MVP and I told her (nominate) David”
Amanda: “who do you want gone”
McRae: “I want her gone..” (Elissa)
Amanda wants to have an alliance with McRae and Helen. Amanda: “Everyone loves Helen” Amanda thinks that the three of them can run the house from the sidelines. McRae agrees says they have to keep it on the downlow.
McRae doesn’t seem worried if Elissa stay this week since he’s in pretty good standing with her. “It doesn’t matter who goes home”
Amanda doesn’t want Elissa to stay really wants her gone this week more than any one else.

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Elissa tells McCrae that she is the Most Valuable Player!

11:10pm Elissa is up in the HOH room telling McCrae that she is MVP. McCrae tells her she needs to clarify the rules with the diary room. Elissa says that this is better than winning a pageant.. this is so flattering. McCrae says yeah its America voting for you. Elissa starts talking about how mean Aaryn has been to her but that even if she goes up.. I know she won’t go home. Candice or Jessie will go over her. McCrae says that he will still have to put her up because it would mess up my game if I don’t because that’s what the house wants. Elissa tells McCrae not to tell anyone that she is MVP. He says that he won’t. Elissa says that you promised me you would not put me up or back door me. McCrae says that I have to or it messes up my game. Elissa says well I can’t work with you moving forward then. McCrae says that you need to put up the strongest player so that way when they win POV.. He tells her to put up David. Elissa says if I go up I am going home! McCrae says that he can work the votes to keep her. Elissa says if you put me up, that is just so dumb! I will go home!

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Amanda says if anyone but Elissa goes up on the block then we know she is the MVP because everyone wants her out.

9:50am In the living room – David, Andy, Howard, Jessie, McCrae, Candice and Judd are talking about math. They wonder if they are asked a question about how many minutes they were up on the posicles how to figure it out. Helen explains to Judd how to multiply the number by 60. Judd says that he is bad at math unless he has a calculator. They continue to talk about random stuff. Spencer and Aaryn join them. Judd leaves to go into the havenot room.

10:10am Meanwhile in the have not room – Elissa is reading the bible, while Judd tries to nap on the seats in front of her.

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Andy tells Gina she should just self-evict over her hurt foot and make it easier on everyone.

8am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the fish screen to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds come back – In the storage room David and Aaryn complain to each other about how even though they go to bed early they can’t sleep because of how loud everyone is when they stay up late. They talk about telling the other it’s not fair. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Andy tells GinaMarie that she should just self evict over her hurt foot and make it easier on everyone. They both laugh.

In the have not room Eliss and Helen are talking. Elissa doesn’t understand why the others want her out. They talk about the possibility of how there a number of them who have no siblings and the others are each a sibling of a past house guest. Elissa says that she is admitting to the fact that Rachel is her sister but that no one else is admitting to anything. Judd comes in and Helen questions him asking him if he is a only child.

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Judd says I hope I don’t do anything weird on the feeds. Amanda yeah that’s what I am worried about like that I have sem*n on my face.

3:50am In the kitchen – Judd, Spencer, Andy, Amanda, McCrae talking about random stuff. Judd says that he just hopes he doesn’t do anything weird on the feeds. Amanda yeah that’s what I am worried about like that I have semen on my face.

3:55am Jeremy and Kaitlin are in bed together talk about still trying to comprehend being in the house. They talk about how Jessie was chewing Jeremy out today. Jeremy thinks that if there is drama on us …then it will put a target on us. Amanda joins them. She says that she was so wrapped up in not showing her titties earlier that she can’t remember where she put her sunglasses. Amanda puts a weave over her face and pretends to be like the girl from the movie The Grudge.

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Amanda tells McCrae he has to get rid of Elissa because that’s what he’s told the whole house. You would be the hero!

1:58pm – 2:15pm McCrae, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Judd are in the lounge room talking about how McCrae wants to call Elissa out this week. They talk about how they know Elissa is Rachel’s sister. Judd tells McCrae that he will go down in history for evicting Rachel’s sister.

They all laugh about how they figured out Elissa was Rachel Reilly’s sister on the second day. Kaitlin comments that Candice acted like a fu*king nut case in the have / have not competition. She says she was yelling shut the fu*k up. Jeremy says that she turned into a monster out there. Kaitlin says that she repeatedly yelled at me. Kaitlin hold her fingers up to her head and pretends to blow her brains out. Jeremy says that if he wins HOH next week he will put her up again. Jeremy and Judd leave the room. Kaitlin and McCrae talk about how Elissa blew up on him and started freaking out. McCrae says I don’t know what she was thinking, I still have power this week. McCrae says that he told both of them (Elissa & Jessie) that they were going up and one took it well and the other didn’t.

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Big Brother Spoilers “There’s lots of F*** Rachel haters out there”

12:26AM Aaryn and DAvid

Aaryn is pissed off that half the people in the house don’t know how the Power of Veto works. Aaryn is also stressed that Elissa will continue to win MVP because she’s rachel’s sister and will have Rachel/Brendon campaigning for her to win it. She explains to David how the MVP works. Elissa can put up anyone she wants, nobody will know what happens and therefore Elissa will not get any blood on her hands. Aaryn adds that the MVP twist essentially makes Big Brother a game of chance.

Aaryn mentions that Helen and Elissa are very close they have to be tight lipped around them. David and Aaryn both say they fully trust each other and they only have each other in the house.

Aaryn says that Kaitlin was an alternate during the casting. Davide mentions that Katilin had failed her drug test and was having trouble getting on the show.

David points out that Spencer has been weird lately. He mentions that Howard was getting Chummy with him earlier in the day. Aaryn says that David needs to get closer to Howard because that is a vote. She adds that there is so few people in the house that understand the game.. “They’re fu*** retards”

Aaryn goes on and on that she worked so hard to get on the show, studied it over and over..

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Big Brother 15 Nominations Week One “The Moving Company Alliance” yo

9:26pm HOH Howard and Nick

Nick “Jeremy told everybody.. McRae knows I know.. everyone knows.. he totally exposed himself he told everybody.. “ (Didn’t catch it all but I think it had something to do with the blonde alliance)

Nick “The BlondeTourage.. Everyone knows they are together.. it’s so stupid”. They both comment on how the Blonde girls have been walking around spending all their time together since they’ve been in the house.

Howard says if Rachel2.0 stays for a couple weeks she’s going to be dangerous.

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