Big Brother 15 Spoilers Power of Veto Results “Why would anyone wear shoes DUDE”

POV Holder: McRae Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


POV ceremony involved mud, honey and spelling. McRae is very happy someone mentions that McRae was a beast. The bathroom is covered in saran wrap as the POV players clean off the honey.

McRae wins the POV keeps telling everyone he can’t spell worth sh!t. McRae says he’s glad he didn’t go out with “technotronics” he goes on to explain Jeff’s performance in a spelling competition during Big Brother 11 . Everyone giving McRae fist bumps and congratulations. McRae is modest says he’s surprised he won a spelling comp.



9:06pm Andy and Spencer Storage room Andy says “the target is Candace.. ” Spencer smiles and nodes


9:18pm Nothing substantial going on.. McRae is rehashing the comp. Andy and Aaryn were up in the HOH talking about how safe they feel. You can hear David in the bathroom saying “Why would anyone where shoes DUDE” (why would they?)


9:35pm HOH Cam 1-2 Nick and Mcrae
Nick: “Dude OK.. master plan and we need to think about this”

Nicke: “Don’t use it.. wait hear me out.. you don’t want to stir up the house.. make a back deal with Elissa.. tell her all you need from her is one vote”
Nick: “Blondie goes home”
McRae: ‘Blondie?”
Nick: “Ya Blonde.. take the threat out now.. he’s a mega threat”

Nick explain that after David goes home he will fill the vacuum in the “Blondetourage” and place the blame of David eviction on Elissa.

McRae: “I want to put her up no matter what.. I can save Candace and get her vote”

McRae says that the entire house will be pissed at him if he doesn’t put her up. Nick disagrees says they will be going into next week with 4 solid people.

Nick: “So you want to send David home”
McRae: “YES.. but I want her to be on the block”

McRae: “We need to send him home…We need to send him home no matter what! Nick says this sets us up, we can steam roll“ McCrae says that he has to put up Elissa because no one will trust me. If I don’t most likely I will go up next week. Amanda comes up with the veto all washed and cleaned up. She then heads back down stairs. Nick and McCrae both comment on how they want Amanda gone next. McCrae says that he can’t stand her she is always on him talking game. Jeremy and Jessie come up to join them. Jessie says not gonna lie I wanted to win that but if anyone one I am glad you won McCrae! Amanda joins them.


10:05pm Helen and Elissa Helen is telling he she has to win the next HOH competition or she will be going home.. Helen: “The old lady playing this game doesn’t work anymore.. you have to win it.. everyone”

Elissa leaves.. Helen says aloud “If she breaks down I can’t help her.. Please don’t break down” (Nobody is in the room)

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:10pm Aaryn and Jessie head up to the HOH to take a bubble bath. Andy, Amanda are chit chatting in the HOH room.


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Oh Snap HOH and POV winner, now he either keep moms the same or make a move, I hope he makes a move shack it up early..




What did Elissa do to make the house hate her? I mean it must have been something besides being Rachel’s sister because they do only allow grown ups on the show right? I am just shocked at how they could have only been there for just a couple days but there is already one person that the entire house hates? Are all the other girls being honest about what Elissa is saying. I mean it is possible, and if it is true, then I missed something huge that Elissa did, right?

yo, sup

They all want her out because they know she’ll keep winning MVP because of all the Rachel fans out there


From what I understand she is a liar and gets caught all of the time. It doesn’t help she is Rachel;ls sister and the hg know they have a large fan base to help her, which is exacyly what is happening. I would like to see her gone and the unknown battle it out on the level.


Welp…Nick and Mc Cray Cray have REALLY started playing the game now…about damn time. Welcome to Big Brother fellas. Cya later Surfer David (I was actually quite fond of him too)


Don’t get too excited, Mcray said earlier that he didn’t trust Nick. He’s just hearing him out & playing along until the pov ceremony. If Mcray says NO right off the bat, then Nick will keep bugging him over & over every 20 mins. In big brother you gotta tell ppl what they want to hear just so they stfu & leave you alone LOL.


From what I’ve read so far, it seems like Nick is the only one with his eye on the prize and the intelligence to get there. Everybody else seems to be not particularly bright or emotionally unhinged or with loose lips where the paint themselves into corners or far too conniving, thereby laying landmines throughout the house that could blow up at any time. Unfortunately, because Nick seems like the only one who really gets it, he needs to be working very hard to either make himself under the radar popular or indispensable, as he will eventually have a target on his back for not being dumb, emotionally unhinged, loose lips, brimming with double talk, etc.


I’m really liking Nick, he is playing the game, if this keeps up, he will be deserving of MVP. I think Cray will regret putting Elissa up if she is not the target, the house will get over her not being put up, Elissa will not forget being put up.


It won’t matter if Elissa forgets she will be leaving the house.


So the alliance is elissa, Helen McCrae and nick I like it


are you sure about this. I like the sound out it but im not so sure about McCrae and Nick


I hope elissa stays in the house who cares if she is the sister of Rachel and I don’t understand why all the houseguests especially the girls hating her like really are they in high school again and I know its a game and want the biggest threat out but if I was in the house I would want Elissa on my side then voting her out week 1 and personally I would try to get rid of any showmance that is going to start like getting rid of kaitlin or Jeremy or aaryn or David hopefully it is David who goes but who knows there is still a week before eviction I hope Elissa finds a way to stay


I’d take Elissa on my side as long as it was super secret, nobody ever knows on my side. She’s far too volatile and annoying like her sister…which is exactly why EVERYBODY should want her to stick around for awhile. She’s the perpetual target. If I’m a HG, I do everything I can to protect her without it ever looking like we are friends and allies in any way (I’d very carefully stoke the fire if it ever looked like others were softening on her or prod her into being annoying or do something to start a fight) and when the week comes where I feel even slightly threatened, then that’s when I toss her under the bus.

La la la

Keep Elissa!!!

King Silva

God I hope this stays as the plan for the next 5 days or so [anything can happen though]!

I would like an alliance of McCrae [so far is a challenge beast!], Nick [I guess I was wrong about him he is not that bad], Helen [one of my pre-show favs], and Elissa [underdog sister of Rachel – my favorite winner].

Sadly it seems a couple people want Amanda out. She wants Elissa out bad so I guess I have to pick a side. 🙁

Jon L

“underdog sister of rachels” … sorry buddy she is no underdog … not with this MVP thing ….. supposedly it is about who is playing the best … NOPE … it’ll be a popularity contest. if MCrae doesn’t get MVP next week then it is defintely rigged for elissa ….. So who is she the “underdog” when she is quite obviously going to be productions PET of teh season … every season they have 1 pet


I can’t figure out what Elissa did either. Simon. .. can you catch me up. Watching bbad and reading this but still can’t figure it out.


I think a lot of us expected McCrae to be a better player than this before the game started. All this comp winning right off the bat is not good for his game. At first we made excuses for his winning the HOH (even Dan Gheesling tweeted it was unnecessary) but now he won the pov which puts him in an even stickier situation.


Jeremy kind of looks like a younger Howie from BB6/All Stars, with darker, slicked back hair


I’d like to see the pov used on David, and backdoor Amanda, (she has been a bit much, so soon, with no real power of her own merit.)

Janelle pov queen

Get David out this week and Jeremy next week will be the smart thing brake up that showmance McCray is so scared of the house being mad at him for not puting Elissa out like play your own game you scary bitch boy


That’s why he’s a bad player and needs to attach himself to Nick. I don’t think winning the comps is necessarily bad as it shows those who would ally with him that he can be relied upon to win stuff and in their mind, be a bigger target. But where he made potentially a fatal error is joining in the Bash Elisa Brigade. He joined in with everybody and talked so much that he verbally painted himself in a corner. The smart move would have been just to listen and nod in silent agreement. Let the others think you agree without joining in. Then you can easily explain not nominating her with some BS like “I just think she wasn’t given a fair shot by the rest of us and I want to let my noms and the MVP choice stand and let the chips fall where they may”. But McCrae is far too insecure to pull that off. He just had to go where the wind was blowing and bank hard in that direction. He’s still smart to follow Nick and not nominate Elissa, but he needs to head off the ire of the girls and Jeremy and get a target on Aaryn, while trying to calm Elissa so she avoids confrontation, which with her volatility, could lead her to reveal his week of two faced double talk in the HOH. Elissa could even do this as a smart move to ingratiate herself with the rest of the house and get the target off of her regardless, especially if she feels friendless, so McCrae is in some warming water either way.


mcrae is way overplaying for week 1 and is definitely not gonna last long in the house. Hes winning all the comps and making deals with everyone

Bruiser Brody

I believe McCrae is the illegitimate son of Geddy Lee. Just waiting for him to break out some “Tom Sawyer.”


Who is Candace bitch ain’t even around


“My strategy is just to win competitions”-Jeremy….LOL how philosophical and smart of you…


Simon, how do I get my feeds working in Canada? Ive bought and paid for a VPN. Its says connected. Ive tried explorer, chrome and firefox. Each time it says its blocked in my region. This is so frustrating


Is there anyway you give me step by step directions on how to edit that cookie? Like is the cookie manager plugin the same thing as am add on?


His name is “McCrae” not “McRae”!


Just wondering, will there be youtube videos of live feeds like before?


Cya surfer boy, have fun in the sun. Go hang out with Brayden from big brother 11.


Candace is this years jen. She is never on camera… she pops up once a day and people are like whoaaaa who da fuck is that????