Amanda tells McCrae he has to get rid of Elissa because that’s what he’s told the whole house. You would be the hero!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots ?

Big Brother Live Feeds

2:10Am Kitchen Spencer, Andy, Judd, Kaitlin chit chatting
2:24pm lounge Judd, Andy, Howard, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer

Kaitin calling Jeremy Fresh prince of bel air because of the yellow baseball cap he’s wearing backwards. Kaitlin says that she misses her phone so much. She adds that the other day she heard a apple Iphone ring in the walls. Kaitlin: “I have never in my life received a dick pick.. I Never want to receive one” The guys joke that they will all send her one when they get out of the Big Brother House.

Judd asks them if they have seen the movie Troll 2.. Kaitlin asks if they’ve seen “Teeth” ( they all start to giggle.

Spencer says that Helen is probably A CEO of a big company. He points out how smart and helpful she is. Andy agrees mentions that Helen did his laundry. (Earlier in the day Candace and Jessie were saying that Helen was very nice and gave the best advice in the house)

1:58pm – 2:15pm Meanwhile – McCrae, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Judd are in the lounge room talking about how McCrae wants to call Elissa out this week. They talk about how they know Elissa is Rachel’s sister. Judd tells McCrae that he will go down in history for evicting Rachel’s sister.


They all laugh about how they figured out Elissa was Rachel Reilly’s sister on the second day. Kaitlin comments that Candice acted like a fu*king nut case in the have / have not competition. She says she was yelling shut the fu*k up. Jeremy says that she turned into a monster out there. Kaitlin says that she repeatedly yelled at me. Kaitlin hold her fingers up to her head and pretends to blow her brains out. Jeremy says that if he wins HOH next week he will put her up again. Jeremy and Judd leave the room. Kaitlin and McCrae talk about how Elissa blew up on him and started freaking out. McCrae says I don’t know what she was thinking, I still have power this week. McCrae says that he told both of them (Elissa & Jessie) that they were going up and one took it well and the other didn’t. McCrae says that he wants Jessie to stay. Kaitlin says I will tell you right now, Elissa is starting all of this drama. I am so sorry she is so far up you’re a$$ hole. McCrae says that it’s okay I am going to keep telling her she is safe and then get her out of here. Kaitlin says that McCrae will get out of this week without any targets this week. McCrae says that he isn’t so sure and says that if Candice stays she will definitely be coming after me.
CBS Interactive Inc.


2:18am – 2:35am McCrae heads up to the HOH room and Amanda follows him up to talk to him. She starts recounting the events of the day. She says that Candice is an idiot. Do none of these people know how to play the game? Either everyone is playing dumb or just ignorant. McCrae says willfully ignorant. Amanda says that Candice was telling Kaitlin that you are in an alliance with Elissa. Amanda says I don’t think it would make sense for you to align with Elissa but you need to figure out who he can trust. Amanda asks McCrae what Elissa was up here talking to him about earlier. McCrae says he doesn’t remember. Amanda says I am telling you things and you are giving me nothing. McCrae says Elissa started talking about how she thinks there are 4 super fans, 4 super families. Amanda comments she’s making things up!!

McCrae says that Judd is acting weird and so is Spencer. He is acting like a total di*k now out of nowhere. Amanda says that he and her need to start thinking about alliances. She says it will be me, you, Howard, Jeremy, Aaryn and David. Amanda says that people will try and take out the couple (Aaryn & David) before us. Amanda says that no one will suspect you and I to be working together. It is only a matter of time before people put Jeremy up on the bloc. We can then sit down with him and tell him that we are doing him a favour to save him. They talk about how they need to get rid of Elissa. Amanda says that she doesn’t trust Judd at all, he is acting like he is dumb. He was walking around real paranoid today. Amanda says I really feel like I am concocting, like I am a genius right now.


2:40am – 3:10am Amanda tells McCrae that he has to get rid of Elissa because that is what he has told the whole house. She says then you would be the hero! Amanda asks McCrae if Elissa went into her Jekyll and Hyde (Elissa and Rachel). McCrae says that she was Rachel the whole time! Amanda says that Elissa is bad news. The conversation turns to talking about how Jeremy doesn’t know the game and that’s why he needs us. He doesn’t know when to shut up. Kaitlin joins them and asks them what they’re talking about. Amanda says nothing just the same thing we’ve all been talking about all day. Kaitlin talks about how Candice is confiding in her now … I was one of the people that threw out your name! She talks again about how Candice was flipping out in the competition. She says you are intimidating right now, your black side is coming out! Kaitlin starts talking about how Jessie liked Jeremy. Jessie getting upset over Jeremy and Kaitlin flirting. Kaitlin says but just the other day she liked Nick. Kaitlin says that she was fine with the fact that Jessie liked him because she thought it was fun just flirting. Kaitlin says but now Jessie is mad at me. Kaitlin says that Jessie is in here for a showmance. Kaitlin saying that she didn’t do the pageant because she thought Jessie would be mad if Jeremy gave her attention. Amanda and Kaitlin talk about how no one likes David in the way that Aaryn does. Kaitlin says that David doesn’t even talk to anyone else. She says that Aaryn is very protective of him .. like day 5!!

3:15am Amanda, McCrae and Kaitlin are talking in the HOH room. Amanda says that she has no read on Gina, she is very diplomatic. Amanda stands up and starts talking about the MVP twist. They discuss how the MVP could hold the power in consecutive weeks if America voted for them again. They comment on how Julie Chen said “floater grab your life vests” Kaitlin says this twist is all about Rachel and her sister. Sorry America we figured it out day two. Kaitlin comments that Elissa looks like a praying mantis because of all her plastic surgery.



2:54AM Meanwhile – Jeremy and David

Jeremy: “If Aaryn goes up tomorrow we know Elissa put her up there”. Jeremy explains to David that they need to get Elissa out and to do so they will take Jessie off the block.

Jeremy: “Worse comes to worse Candace goes home not Elissa” Jeremy says the “Whole F***ing house” wants to get rid of Elissa. He explains that he was up in the Head of House room and everyone was wanting Elissa gone. David: “I’m tripping out bro”

3:05AM Lounge Cam 3-4 Andy, Judd and Spencer
Judd: “All you get from this show as far as Fame goes is ashit load of twitter followers” McRae joins them that the girls are having a funny conversation in the HOH.. “I dunno girls problems and stuff” Spencer says that Amana isn’t being her real self, “I want her to drop her guard.. you know human to human.” Andy Agrees says she saw her crying before.

Spencer: “I like to talk and cuss and suck c**k” Spencer says that Amanda looks better without makeup than the other girls do. Judd agrees.

they chat about the players in the house that have never seen the show and right now they are worried. Judd says he tried to get on Big Brother for 4 years. Spencer: “I want someone to win the game that loves it”

Andy leaves. Spencer tells Judd that he feels that they don’t talk very much and he wants that to change. He knows they are both on the same page.

Spencer: “These hot little B1tches they use their sexuality to get what they want.. They don’t want to F** me” Spencer implies that the girls will not be able to use their sexuality on him.

Andy comes back. Spencer tells them than he trusts them and he feels that they could help each other out share information. Andy agrees. Spencer points out that the three of them are all fans of the show and they want a fan to win it. Spencer: “I’m very proud that win or lose i’ll be going back to my job”

They start talking about game. Judd is positive the girls are going to destroy each other he can see it already. Andy says the one guy he’s worried about is Nick. Spencer points out how smart Nick is, “He could be Dr. Uhas”

3:21AM Andy is saying he thinks they should keep Elissa. Spencer thinks if they keep her in the house then she has a really good chance to win MVP every week because Rachel will “Lite up Twitter”

Andy says if what does it matter if Elissa win MVP every week when she’s on their side. Judd brings up that Aaryn and Elissa have gotten into it already so if Aaryn goes up they know MVP was Elissa.


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Okay it’s official: I don’t like Kaitlin and Amanda at all. What a bunch of insecure catty girls (mostly Kaitlin). It’s funny because before the season even started I thought Kaitlin had the potential to be one of my favorites…definitely not the case anymore. These girls need to tone down the EXTREME cattiness…I feel like I’m in the movie Mean Girls or something.


yeah but Kaitlin is hot


Completely agree, this is what happens when you put a bunch of girls who all think their hot shit in one house. From what I have read, it seems like Helen is the least catty( if any).


Elissa isn’t even that bad, Kaitlin and Amanda are no different than how Britney and Monet treated Rachel. They are just trying to get rid of girls based on cattiness not strategy.


yeah, I don’t get why people are hating on her just because she is Rachel’s sister…if you know anything about siblings, especially sisters close in age, they are usually pretty different – me and my sister are complete opposites in almost every way.


I love the little movie clip/gifs you guys have been adding to the end of the posts. :)

Did anyone catch exactly how long they’ve been in the house? Shortly after the feeds came on I heard someone (Judd, I think) say it was 48 hours. But then later it sounded like it’s been 6 days. (It was a confusing first few hours on the feeds.) ;)


It will look super shady If CBS gives MVP to Elissa.. I hope Mccrae gets it


One dollar if Elissa will crack.

Chilltown Fan

Elissa is actually one of the more likable women in the house. I thought I was going to dislike her like I did her sister.

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy is obnoxious, he’s got a big mouth that will be his eventual downfall.


Pretty sure the Veto wasn’t two months ago lol. But anyway, after one episode I have to say that I am not really impressed by anyone. I hope the gameplay gets more interesting because right now IMO nobody is deserving of that cash. One thing I will say though is there must have been a lot of male casting directors because every female in the house is attractive.


” your blackside is coming out”. WTF does that mean Kaitlyn?


obligatory ignorant racist houseguest…..uugghhhh

King Silva


I can’t believe she said that to someone!

She needs to go..

I really want Elissa to stay just to cause drama.

It would be awesome if she won HOH week 2. :p


Mccrae is rad playing this whole house laughed so hard when nobody thought he was actually a pizza boy


If Elissa wins MVP it’s not necessarily due to CBS. I didn’t vote, but I would have voted for her. I just thinks its unfair that she’s associated with Rachel, although I was always rooting for Rachel because of her underdog status. Like Spencer said, Elissa could win the MVP every week if Rachel gets followers to vote for her. I think the MVP is a joke because it’s really america’s favorite player, not who plays the best.


The only reason they should probably get rid of Elissa is because she has the potential to be a powerhouse in competitions like Rachel was, but I’m happy Elissa doesn’t act the way Rachel did. I still can’t believe it took them two whole days to realize that Elissa is Rachel’s sister, they look identical !

La la la

I love Elissa cant stand Amanda and Kaitlyn


Kaitlin is really hot but she is a total bitch. Only girls I like are Elissa and helen


Am I the only one that doesn’t think Kaitlyn is a bitch? Haha