Big Brother 15 Feeds are ON!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are ON! Please be patient while we make sense of the madness in the house. In case you missed the first episode here is the skiny

In case you missed it HOH Winner: McRae
With only 4 players left in the HOH comp Julie Chen game them the option to jump off and have a one in two chance to win a never not pass which excepts them from being a have nots for the ENTIRE SEASON! David jumps down first and doesn’t get it. Jeremy is the second to jump and wins the Ticket. This Leaves Nick and McRae on the popsicle. Nick made a deal with McRae to be safe this week leaving the first Big Brother HOH win to McRae. Julie Chen also explains in more detail the MVP twist to the House guests

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:07pm HOH Jeremy, Judd, Andy, Amanda, David
Chatting about whether or not they are on the live feeds. Jeremy thinks production will tell them before the feeds come on. Amanda says Jeremy is giving her the “Indian Chief Stare”

Kaitlin and Aaryn Join them..



9:11pm Bathroom ,Rachel2.0, GiGi , Helen, Howard

GiGI is doing Helen’s makeup tells them if she had her “Airbrush machine.. all you b!tches would be done”

Sounds like they are getting ready for a “BB Fashion show”

Lots of random chit chat.. lots of confusion by me


9:15pm Spencer walks into the bathroom comments on the girls being so attractive on his way out says “It’s b*ner season in there”
Girls are saying that Helen looks better than Julie

9:18pm bathroom Rachel2.0 and Candace are talking about the season being full of pretty girls. They both talk about their ‘hot’ girl alliance and how they are going to take out the boys.

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I’m in Canada so I got the VPN and everything and when I go to the feeds it says they are restricted in my country!?!


ME TOO! help simon and dawg i know you are canadian


I paid for the vpn also and its not working. Im flipping the fuck out!


I miss Showtime. Simon – do ya’ll get TVGN? If so, are they on a delay so the feeds can be sensored? UGH!! I may need to get the live feeds.
Vote for Dawg! Go Dawg Go!!

Chilltown Fan

I agree with SImon, Nick will either play too hard/too fast early or be a master strategist. I get the Boogie vibe from Nick.


Ohh yikes, the havenot room is AWFUL.


I have a bit of a problem here, I’ve purchased the Early Bird Special, I get no restriction message, but no video comes up at all, it’s just a black screen, any tips? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?


I had the same problem. I used google chrome, clicked on flashback (the little calendar at the bottom), hit 9pm on June 26th, then hit quad view. It worked for me. Hope that helps.


I had the same problem. I got a VPN and it was just a black screen…. I however experienced a similar problem when viewing youtube at one point and it simply means you need to delete your cookies. Google how to do it. Problem solved!!! I’m in canada land and watching the feeds yoooo :D


Hey all…. lots of people seem to be experiencing a similar problem with the feeds being all black. This happened for me as well! Simply delete all your cookies and it will work (hopefully) it did for me. I like Simon am using strong VPN but with safari.

Time for some BB fun!!! already better than Canada’s (even though I live here). BB isn’t BB without a proper outdoor space, not a winter room with a germ infested hot tub. But I guess its just too darn cold here lol.


I would get the feeds but I wanted to know what android phones it works on. I have a samsung galaxy s3…Im a huge BB fan and read this site all last summer so im hoping to help and get the feeds thru your site simon and dawg :)


Can’t wait to see the nudes this season. Some quality, grade A ladies in there


Anyone who has the CBS feeds…

Do you HAVE the feeds up? I have a black screen…GRRRRR


Hi guys. Is your feed working? I can’t even load a camera or any of those chatrooms there (those don’t even show up on a list). I found the feed on the stupid TVGuide network on the TV and that is showing, but of course they bleep out any cursing and the feed is in standard definition and looks like absolute hell on my big TV (had to switch to a smaller TV for it to be watchable). Anyway, do they shut down the feeds when they’re showing After Dark forcing people to watch on their TV or is there something wrong with my browsers because I just can’t load them on (i get a black screen that lets me choose 1-4 camera links but none is loading)? This isn’t location related.. I’m in the US.


I had the same problem with black screen. I saw where someone posted this and I tried it and it works this way:
Click onto the flashback icon on the screen… (the tiny little calendar icon in the black screen). Select 9:01pm June 26 and camera 2. It should take you to when the live feeds began. After “go Live” finally pops up, click on that and you will be watching LIVE.

I hope this works for you. I missed an hour of the feeds trying to get on there!


Thank you. The time you gave didn’t work, but I started manipulating different times and cameras and that finally got it to work right.

Simon — Is there any 3rd party player available like that cool BB Lite app last season?


Keep us posted if you find anything like that, please.


Here we go so guess what I got?? I got TVGN OMG its my first time watching Big Brother After Dark ITS AMAZING lol and it seems like Aaron is sitting by that blonde curly hair dude I dono who it is I forgot his name oh well but they might become a showmance?? And it kinda seems like Spencer is left alone to be honest lol hope not:/ Don’t worry im cheering for ya Spencer and there’s alota fans out there don’t worry:/ Woohooo let the games begin lets go Aaron lets go lets go Aaron I think she is sooooo pretty she looks like a Barbie doll lol man that Kaitlyn chic reminds me of Peta Murgatroyd from Dancing With The Stars but Peta a Blond and Kaitlyn a dark-headed one?? She sooo looks a lot like Peta don’t you guys think that?? Look up Peta Murgatroyd and images she looks JUST like her?? Hmm weird??


what channel is it on? I am in canada and I have been trying to find out


Slice is the channel that BB After Dark is on in Canada. Starts at 4AM though because of timezone differences.


why can’t I see the live feeds on my iPhone or IPad? I bought the live feeds over a week ago and I am confused why they aren’t working. Please help Simon

production rigged it

Well i predict that this will be the last season of BBAD, since they moved it from showtime to tvgn Plus when you add in the fact that b!tch who’s the president of tvgn flat out lied and said that it was still going to be uncensored because even though it’s a basic cable channel the standards were really relaxed at later times. Can you say liar, like every 15 or 20 seconds something is muted. What a joke, at least i don’t have to pay anything extra since i have directv or i would be really pissed! RIP BBAD!!


I’m with ya on this BBAD – it’s horrendous to those who were used to it uncensored on Showtime. And I swear I can’t hear anything! Nothing good can come of having this on TVGN. Since I would’ve had to order Showtime tonight had it been there, I think I’ll be getting the live feeds once the bugs are knocked out & we get our new phones & my Kindle Fire next week. Until then I’m just relying on Simon & Dawg!! :)
Too early for me to pick any favorites b/c I haven’t been able to hear anything tonight – lol!


Watching this on TVGN but if that dress Ginamarie (sp??) is wearing rides up anymore TVGN will have to blur out things that can’t be shown on tv! LOL!!


I find Ginamarie very loud, rude and obnoxious. You can hear her laugh and voice over everyone in the house. I already don’t like her


This is total bullshit. I liked Afterdark because it was uncensored. Now it’s on this new station and I can’t even understand what they’re saying because every other fucking word is censored. What the hell is the point of even watching it now? It’s fucking useless and frustrating just to try and figure out the conversations between the gap in sound created by the censor.


Seriously – I heard & saw worse when I was watching the Jodi Arias trial on HLN a few weeks ago. As long as they warned everybody throughout it they pretty went with the flow – language & all. This is ridiculous!


I totally agree! I am so fucking pissed right now! What idiot made the decision to switch to a BASIC CABLE channel and then feed us a line of bullshit that it would be the SAME as BBAD on Showtime? I turned it off after 20 minutes of muffled muted conversation impossible to follow. Have to get my updates here from now on! BOOOO!!


It was impossible to listen to the convo between Nick and Howard earlier, they were bleeping out so much of it. BBAD with editing is a joke.


feeds are not on here. maybe something I am doing wrong. cbs helpline is out of order also.


i can view live feeds on my ipad but not on my laptop which I could up until today. I also found out that you cant use strongVPN on 2 different devices at once. So if I want to watch BB on ipad then no one else can use VPN at same time on another device. I need help on watching livefeeds on laptop and also what is the channel for TVGN?


CBS feed viewers-

If you have a black screen try doing a flashback to 11PM on the 26th, QuadCam.
It worked, no clue WHY tho. I saw the advice on another site.



Everyone questioned whether Nick would be an early exit because he would play too hard, too fast. It looks like the whole house is and he has placed himself perfectly to be in it for awhile.


confusion here…lol.. have the nominations been done .. I see that on your picture board .. but not in writing…lol… please unconfused me .. thanks ;-)


No nominations yet.


For people having trouble with the feeds. I had the black screen as well and you need to go to a flashback. I chose 9:07PM Wednesday and Cam 2. Then once you get a flashback working you have to go to hit “Go Live” and everything works beautifully.

King Silva

So wait the nominees are Jessie and David according to the face pictures on the right side but I don’t see that confirmed in one of these articles..?

filthy mutt

I was able to get the live feeds going by hitting the highlights tab and clicked watch.


OMG OMG Aaron and david seem like they are starting a showmance?? If it starts that way HOPEFULLY it will stay like that until the show is over and hopefully when the show is over they are still together like Jeff and Jordan go Aaron who all is a Aaron fan I know MEEE:))


Who does everyone hate aside from Rachel 2.0 and Ginamarie? I need to know who to root for that everyone else can’t stand.


I really cannot stand Gina’s loud ass annoying voice already.


That chick may be the most annoying girl they had on BB yet.


I had probs with trying to get feeds as well, and im in the US. Click on the highlight tab and click the video. Once video plays, click the live button. Had black screen for the first 45 mins and did that (tip from someone) and it worked. Also, Judd, howard, helen and someone else are Have Nots. The first 3 are confirmed.


if you have a blank screen change your computer’s time zone to pacific time. then close and reopen your browser.


Was still having problems with the live feed since my previous posts on the subject earlier. Then someone mentioned on Survivor Sucks BB forum that you might have to change your computer to pacific time. IT WORKED! Hooray. I’m using Firefox with Hotspot Shield (VPN which is free) and I also changed the CBS cookie on my PC to GB to US using a Firefox add-on – I’m watching BB from the UK.


iwant to watch live feeds in canada how do i get them they have been paid for took my money but still no live feed


Here are the instructions for watching the feeds in Canada: