Big Brother 15 Nominations Week One “The Moving Company Alliance” yo

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots ?


9:26pm HOH Howard and Nick

Nick “Jeremy told everybody.. McRae knows I know.. everyone knows.. he totally exposed himself he told everybody.. “ (Didn’t catch it all but I think it had something to do with the blonde alliance)

Nick “The BlondeTourage.. Everyone knows they are together.. it’s so stupid”. They both comment on how the Blonde girls have been walking around spending all their time together since they’ve been in the house.

Howard says if Rachel2.0 stays for a couple weeks she’s going to be dangerous.

Nick wants to Get rid of David he totally trusts McRae Says his nominations proved that to NIck.

They briefly talk about their Moving Company alliance , McRae, Howard, Nick, Jeremy and spencer. Nick is glad the nomination are what they are. He says week one is the most difficult to survive.

Rachel2.0 briefly comes up and chit chats.. When she leaves Howard and Nick go back to game talk. They both agree that the hardest thing will be to make sure they stay far enough apart so people do not think they are together. Nick thinks the other players in the house are playing too hard, “Non stop game talk” Nick: “I trust everyone in our alliance 1000%”. Howard warns Nick that they have to be humble in their wins they also have to watch out for the girls and make sure they don’t get to the. Nick agrees adds that the MVP twist helps the Moving Company because it introduces chaos into the house and as long as they control the votes they’re fine. They wonder where Andy sits in the house.. Nick thinks he’s the wild card right now.

McRae and Spencer Join them..

Jeremy and Nick will move towards the blondetourage and Howard, McRae and Spencer move towards the other side of the house.

Judd and Andy join them and chit chat about the upcoming fashion show begins.




9:53PM Bedroom David getting dressed up by the girls.. Aaryn says that his “Package is sticking out”

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Gotdogit, not another Brigade. I hope this won’t be a repeat of season 12 where everyone was clueless about the guys working together.


Can we not get the live feeds anywhere in canada?


I really hope Elissa (Rachel2.0) doesn’t go up/ home. It would really suck for her to get home first simply because of who her sister is. Give her a week or two to prove that she is annoying/dangerous and then go from there.


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure she has the first MVP title in the bag.


Mccrae can’t be voted as the MVP?


Are you sure? I didn’t catch everything Julie said during the show, but I thought it was announced that America would vote for an MVP & that person would nominate in private. If the HOH wins MVP then he controls all the noms. And McCrae is on the CBS voting page


oh okay good to know! I was worried Mccrae’s plans would get f’d up. VOTE MCCRAE :D

Janelle pov queen

If they was smart they would keep Jessie since she hate all the girls but pls send her home now can’t stand the site of her I think Howard is playing to hard to fast and I hate this MVP thing is like the power to back door someone


already making OBB my BB home base, the work put into transcribing makes everything so much easier to digest and enjoyable with the color commentary. Looks like BB15 will provide tons of lulz and hilarious drama. I predict a record # of alliances in a season lol

Another season of BB begins

Hoping this is a great season! Cant wait to experience it all with you. Still forming my initial impressions but I think Nick is playing too hard too fast. For now he has got an alliance together but the houseguests are only a few days in the game. The moving company wont stick together for the whole season. Really looking forward to seeing McCrae, Helen, and Andy play the game.

Biff Tannen

First impressions:

I really think I’m going to like this season. It’s so nice having a fresh cast because they obviously don’t know what they’re doing yet, except for Spencer, Helen and maybe Amanda.

Jeremy is 1/16 Cherokee (along with pretty much every other US citizen) & 15/16 douche. Were he a chief his name would be Sitting Bulls**t.

David = a cartoon character or a comic relief in an 80s B movie.

Line of the night goes to McRae re: Howard. “I’m not gay, But if I was I would tear him apart.”


My initial impression is that this could be a good cast. They’re trying to have fun now, but I can see some of those people get nasty when the show gets going.

May be surprising, but Rachel’s sister seems like the coolest of the girls. Kaitlin and Aaryn seems alright too. The Staten Island bimbo is the most annoying so far.

Nick and David and Pizza Boy have me annoyed already. Spencer looks the most serious of the guys – he was sitting during that beauty show they did thinking to himself… I signed up for this hell for 3 months!?!


When he said that I was thinking and who the heck isn’t lol. Not a fan of most the guys and the blond from NY is annoying


People say Jessie is full of herself but looks like she was right because they are going for her first. Just like BBCAN they vote out the hottest girl in the house first, lame!


She’s in love with Jeremy already. Might be this year’s version of Danielle, lol.

Janelle pov queen

Simon why you did not post about the fight between Elissa with Aaryn and Candice? And every one seem to hate Candice is it because she is black? I think so stay pressed #teamElissa.


Simon, are feeds down? All I have is black screen for every cam…


so according to the At Night airing on Day 1 (Wednesday), they’ve been in the house 48 hours … is there a 2 day shooting delay?


I feel like these noobs are playing WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too fast right now. I want to like Nick but he’s trying way too hard. I still haven’t formed a favorite yet, but like I said I feel like these noobs are playing way too fast and they are already letting their emotions get the best of them. Kaitlin is WAY too emotional right now. I don’t know guys I’m not feeling this cast so far…


The girls are catty this year…I love it


I love watching the cattiness as long as you can take it as well as you dish it.


Points why BBAD is worse this year: 1. They bleep out pretty much all cussing. 2. You can barely see the screen due to the TV listings.
Points why BBAD is better this year: 1. No commercials. 2. Better/More fun cast to watch.


Howard, Nick, and Jeremy are playing way to fast. Jeremy thinks by going with all these alliances he’s doing the smart thing..clearly wrong. Wait until they all find out he has alliances with other people. Nick and Howard are just game talking too early.

King Silva

So it is going to be another all male alliance?

Not liking that especially since most of the guys are not my favorites.

I’m hoping Jessie goes first but then a girl like Aaryn wins and nominates two guys [probably Jeremy and Nick/Howard].

Who knows who the 3rd nominee will be for Week 2 [or this week!]..

production rigged it

If somebody doesn’t figure out the Moving Company Alliance then it will be another repeat of season 12 and the Brigade. Great for them but horrible for us viewers because they will control what happens pretty much every week which will make for a snoozefest of a season which is already ruined because of the BBAD move from Showtime to TVGN. Hopefully somebody will overhear something or maybe Rachel’s sister Elissa wil figure it out for the sake of the ratings which i’m sure will be bad enough as is.

David's junk

Wow, this looks like it’ll be a fun ride. Yep, girls are way catty, and moving alliance moving too fast.


Loving the Aaryn and Kaitlin alliance/friendship going on. They could do some pretty heavy damage together if they teamed up with a couple guys. It would be amazing to see Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Nick team up. That would be an alpha alliance right there.

BB is back!

Though most the cast initially seems pretty clueless it’s great to see a brand new cast! This is exactly what I was hoping for coming off big brother Canada. There are a lot of similarities in this season’s cast and BB Canada’s cast! I would say get ready for some showmances and all these day 1 alliances to self destruct! Can’t wait! So excited to spend the summer with dawg and Simon!

Can't Stand

I’m watching BBAD & I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt like shooting myself & changing the channel. I can absolutely not stand Candice I thought I liked her but she is so annoying. Same goes for Amanda, can the girl ever shut up?! I’m definitely rooting for the moving company alliance even though I actually like judd, I wish he was apart of that. The whole time I thought I’d loathe Elissa when in fact she’s the least of our worries.


Are you sure you have the noms right? Listening to this conversation with Aaryn and Kaitlin, Aaryn is talking like she is currently on the block.


Never mind, they are talking hypothetical situations


I can only get sound from one camera right now (Live Feeds) – regardless of the camera that I choose. I have been listening to Candice go on and on – trying to change cameras & get the correct sound. Right now, I hope that Candice gets evicted. Candice being evicted is based on the annoying fact of hearing her voice regardless of which camera I chose.


Moving company alliance aka Brigade 2.0. That would awesome.