Big Brother 15 MVP Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


3:44 HOH Amanda and McRae talking about getting Elissa out of the house

McRae: “She told me she was MVP and I told her (nominate) David”
Amanda: “who do you want gone”
McRae: “I want her gone..” (Elissa)
Amanda wants to have an alliance with McRae and Helen. Amanda: “Everyone loves Helen” Amanda thinks that the three of them can run the house from the sidelines. McRae agrees says they have to keep it on the downlow.
McRae doesn’t seem worried if Elissa stay this week since he’s in pretty good standing with her. “It doesn’t matter who goes home”
Amanda doesn’t want Elissa to stay really wants her gone this week more than any one else.

Elissa joins them.. Amanda leaves. McRae explains to Elissa he told Amanda that she was the MVP, McRae thinks it might have been the smartest move to make. Elissa is a bit pissed that he told her because Amanda is going around the house talking to everyone. Elissa now thinks the entire house will eventually know and it’s going to hurt her game.
Elissa knows that McRae will put her up as a replacement nominee if the POV is played. She’s thought they they were together. McRae says he has to do it because he can guarantee she’s going to stay. McRae wants to get rid of David.

Elissa: “I can’t believe you told her.. “
McRae: “I f*** up man.. I don’t know”
Elissa: “You’ve done this before”
McRae:”I don’t know.. “
Elissa thinks that they should tell people that Nick got the MVP.

Elissa leaves and GIGI, Jeremy, Jessie, Amanda and Spencer join Mcrae in the HOH. They all start bashing Elissa from the sounds of it they all want her gone. Jeremy says Elissa is either a retard or incredibly smart.

Elissa comes up and and Jeremy confronts her. He asks her why she told him that her sister was a model. Elissa says her sister is not a model. Jeremy wants to know why she told him that. Elissa explains that it was a joke that she was saying her sister was Gisele Bündchen.
Jeremy: “Sorry I don’t get your jokes”
Elissa: “Isn’t there enough guys for you to pick on”
Jeremy: “I was just clearing the air.. if you got somewhere to be then walk downstairs.. “
Elissa: “You are picking on a women.. you are calling me out.. why are you doing that because you have MVP”
Jeremy: “If I won MVP I wouldn’t have nominated David”
Elissa: “Why because you have an alliance”

They simmer down a bit but there is still a lot of tension in the room. You can tell that Elissa is feeling uncomfortable in the room. Jeremy starts to floss his teeth.
Jeremy: “I have a cousin that has down syndrome and he’s the funniest mofo I have ever met.. He calls everyone”
Random chit chat..

MVP Results Elissa puts David up. Everyone knows Elissa was the MVP
GiGi is the host for the POV
POV players Mcrae, Elissa, David, Jessie, Candace


4:07pm Bedroom Aaryn and David Cam3-4 They are acting sad that David is on the block. Aaryn keeps on about how the players in the house don’t know how to play the game. She brings up yesterday when a group of the houseguests didn’t know the rules of the POV. (all the conversation I hear from her revolve around her having to explain the rules of the POV to “people”)

CBS Interactive Inc.

4:14pm Bathroom Amanda and David Amanda says as long as Elissa doesn’t win the POV McRae will put her up as a replacement nominee and she will go home. Amanda makes it sound like the entire house wants Elissa gone and if McRae doesn’t put her up he’ll have 14 people against him.


4:22pm HOH McRae, Spencer, Jessie and Elissa Elissa explains the story when Jeremy asked her who her sister was. (Really wasn’t a bit deal she said it was a Victoria secrets model)
Elissa: “that was really nasty of him.. He was just trying to be smart”
Elissa says she’s never done anything to Jeremy so doesn’t understand why he was aggressive to her.
Elissa is worried that she’s being portrayed as a idiot. McRae and Spencer explain that she needs to tune all the internets out and not worry because they are all being portrayed as idiots. Elissa mentions the Jeff and Jordan fans sending death threats to Shelly after Big Brother 13.


4:30pm Bedroom Howard and David David says he had a feeling he was going up.
Howard tells him if he wins the Power of Veto he will take Jessie off. Howard: “If I win either candace .. or what’s her name the crazy one… ”
David: “GIGI”
Howard: “No no no”
David: “The crazy one.. umm Elissa”
Howard: “YA.. they are going to put her up and one of them is going home” (Either Candace or Elissa)

Howard: “I’m kinda like you i’m neutral to”

4:40pm Cam 1 Motor boat

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elissa is a target right from the start.. just like rachel every week she had to win hope she kick ass in POV comp


mcrae is letting it go to his head. it DOES matter who goes. and getting rid of an outcast like Rachel’s sister? mistake. especially with the lines being drawn so quickly in the sand

Janelle pov queen

Elissa win pov so I can se the ass kissing why do everybody hate her? It’s so sad


because when you look up idiots and catty women you get the pic of these house guest .. they discust me already …


I am guessing here .. but I think Elissa is safe from going on the block being the mvp… seems pretty dumb if they can put her up … that would not make sense


Why? THey didnt even have to know she was MVP? If she was chosen as a replacement and were told no you cant then it is a dead give away and hurts the mvp’s game who is supposed to nominate in private/ secret. They never said it was a nomination imunity, just that they made the third nom in secret.

her being MVP and the rest of the house finding out about it is her own mistake for blabbing about it


I feel bad for Elissa. I hope she stays this week just to piss off the others.

King Silva

God I want Elissa to win POV!

Wait are there only people playing the Veto competition?

POV players Mcrae, Elissa, David, Jessie, Candace.

King Silva

*Meant to say 5 people *stupid number lock being off*..


I thought I was going to like Aaryn, but goddamn what an immature, emotional, airhead she is. Love drama already. She doesn’t even want her boy toy (David) talking to another contestant (Rachel). She herself should go have a conversation with her to see how things stand with her as a contestant. I’d tell her to go F herself, if I were David. I wouldn’t deal with any of this emotional blackmail Aaryn is putting him through. They’re forgetting this is BB, not a dating show.


Aaryn to David on talking to Rachel: it beaks my heart and I feel like this is betrayal. For an hour now. Holy crap.

Jon L

man If i was on she’d leave crying …… all i would have to say is ” are you fucking kidding me?”


Ahhhh….I am so tired of the lynch mob. The houseguests are acting like the game of Big Brother is for one person to lose and then game over; the remaining 15 will be the winners. I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks when some solidified lines begin to be drawn. How many alliances is McRae in already? Uhhh….(this has been a great less than 24 hours on the feeds)!!!


I feel bad for Rachel 2.0.


F’n bullies!


Wow shocker Elissa won MVP…. Not I love Elissa atleast she isn’t loud mouth like Rachel I loved Rachel I just DID NOT like her red hair it was disgusting to see but Elissa is soooooooooooo much cuter than Rachel I love the showmance with David and Aaron it gives it a lot of flavor but for Rachel to nom David is wrong and at least it wasn’t Aaron nom the third time third times the charm however I do get that he is the stronger threat I would get him out to because he is the stronger there but is the cutest guy there and Aaron is the cutest girl there:)) Man I just can’t wait to watch TVGN for Big Brother After Dark oh and hey Simon and Dawg does Big Brother cut out the bad words?? Because I cant understand what they say it seems like they cut a lot out do they?? Simon and Dawg who is your favorite so far?? Mine is Aaron because she is starting a showmance and is soooooo pretty she looks like a doll lol and my 2nd is David because he is cute and is a showmance with Aaron however I just don’t like that he don’t take a shower that is just DISGUSTING if I had a boyfriend, husband I would dump and get a divorce ASAP its just like living in the forest and not having a shower/bath DISGUSTING lets go Aaron woohoo cheering for ya girly:))

Kenneth Chow

this season is just in week 1 and everything is already a mess and i can’t even keep track of who is with who…the thing is i think that McCrae is playing too hard too fast…he is making alliances with everyone and he will have to break a lot of the alliances people have with people soon…he pretty much has everyone covered right now…sooner or later, when he needs to turn on someone, he is going to get caught big time. I got to admit what he doing is pretty incredible right now…but it’s way too early to be playing the way he is playing right now…just my opinion…


Aaryn obviously thinks this is that show called “Elimidate.” Grow up, girl. Elissa is married and not interested in David, for goodness sake. I hope Elissa wins the POV.

Jon L

There is no “real” looking people this year except the guy with the beard. Everyone looks like they are models. This I think they are trying to push showmances and stupid drama crap….. its slowly falling apart and i think they may have just about reached the end of the concept

filthy mutt

I thought I was gonna like the beard. But then he said Kill Bill sucked. He is dead to me.

filthy mutt

Damn that hot chick aaryn just got super ugly to me! Psycho freak you have known this dude for 7 days and bust out a bitch fit cause he talked to a married chick hoping to find out why he got nominated!


That girl, Aaryn…major jealousy issues.

Chilltown Fan

Elissa is going to get backdoored unless she wins POV, it’s unfortunate. Aaryn is becoming more unlikable everytime I hear her speak. Amanda is playing too hard/too fast. McCrae is making deals with everyone, he can get away with it at this point, but down the road he needs to solidify an alliance. The MC alliance, he’s at the bottom.


I like Elissa…I hope she stays because I pretty much hate everyone else.

Chilltown Fan

In Aaryn’s pre-season bio, she said she had high standards, and then becomes a “Stage 5 Clinger” to David–funny stuff.


Aaryn is the next Danielle M. and she is a super freaky.


God I hope not! Danielle was the!


So the MVP isn’t protected form elimination? Damn my ears, I didn’t heart all that chenbot said. Elissa STILL have to win to stay safe, you go girl.. But don’t break down, play that social game better then Rachel did, her winning kept her standing, her social game was mostly s**t.

Only thing I like about Elissa right now, she’s a ton cuter than Rachel.




***ZOMG*** I think we might just get some Nakeds this season….. PLEASE Boobie Gods, hit us hard…..


Hey, I didn’t get the feeds this year, but from what I’ve read so far & seen on BBAD lastnight. It seems like there’s 5,000 diff alliances. I’d really appre ciate it, if someone would plz help me out & post the names of them & the ppl in them 4 me. Plz plz plz & thank you:)

On another note, I agree with so in so up there who said there’s no real ppl in the house this year. Other than Spencer, McRae, & the Professor(whatever his name is). I completely agree. It seems as if they’re all models & the casting director’s(Robyn) sole purpose was to cast ppl for hookups, jealousy fights, & lots of catty BS! I mean don’t get me wrong, I like entertainment, but I liked BB better when it was more real & natural. Now they’re casting ppl based on their views & personalities/appearance just so they can start more drama. I still don’t even have all their names matched to their faces yet. But it seems to me like there’s a lot of ppl hooking up or liking each other. Idk. Caitlyn/Jeremy/Jessie, Gigi/Jessie/Nick??? Aaryn/Dumbass(oops I mean Frank Jr. Well shit I meant David,. However, I do think it’ll be a good season though.

1 more thing. Can someone also tell me y everyone’s so out to get Elissa, already? What the hell did she do? Or is it strictly based on who her sister is? If that’s the case than that’s some real BULLSHIT! Just bc a relative is a certain way doesn’t mean you’re that way 2. They should judge her for her, not her sister. And they’ll all look really stupid if that’s what they’re doing. ***** I personally didn’t care for Rachel a whole lot. I did in the beginning. But quit liking her


I got cut off. I accidentally hit “Submit”. Whoopsie. Anyhow, as I was saying.; I stopped liking Rachel during BB13 when she turned on Dani & Dominic, she was also a rude little bitch most of the time. Especially when she didn’t have daily bottle of wine:) However, towards the end I kinda started liking ber again. So I have this hate to love her relationship. Lol. I do however like Elissa. So far……………………… that’s only based on the 5mins I’ve seen from her;) I am happy she won MVP. But she really needs to win POV. I hope she wins. Plz win:)

production rigged it

Is it too late to get some new players this year. From what i’ve seen so far practically everybody is either too stupid or at least acting like it, playing way too hard way too fast, has an alliance with like everybody, too catty, think they’re god’s gift to women, are overthinking the game because they think they’re smarter than they actually are, or more worried about a showmance than trying to win half a million. It would be nice to get an entire cast that was actually here to play and also knew how to play. Some didn’t even know how the pov worked…so sad. Also GinaMarie and Elissa are not as bad as i thought they were going to be either.


Good God these house guests are absolute idiots…Rachel 2.0 seems more level headed and dare I say… more sane? than these dumb catty broads/and meat heads…RACHEL 2.0 GET THAT POV


I want Big Wave Dave gone. Does he really think his hair looks good? LOL

Day Yum Yum

I hate them all except Elissa. They are all so immature and the dorky pizza dude thinks he is Has won already. How many alliances is he in now? Dumb ass! You go Elissa girl!


Ewwww. Why is that dumb blonde flashing her (left) football shaped boob around?