Big Brother Spoilers Elissa’s Game “She’s in the middle of the f***** ocean and she’s drowning”

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


5:01pm David and Elissa Kitchen

Elissa explains the conversation she had with Jeremy in the HOH. She says when Jeremy asked her who her sister was she made a joike and said Gisele Bündchen. (Previous post HOH conv)

Elissa tells him that she’s not the MVP in fact she would be “Completely Shocked” that people liked her she was never in pageants, doesn’t have fans, or a large group of social friends. “I’m a mom and a wife” Elissa starts to tear up.

Elissa: “I don’t understand why everyone is being so mean to me”
David says she’s tripping him out right now because this is the first conversation them have had in awhile.

David asks her up front if she was the MVP would she nominate him and tell him.

Elissa: “I just feel like everything in this game is used against you.. Nobody is focusing on the other lies”
Elissa tells David he needs to win the POV and get himself off the block.


5:15pm Cam 1-2 Storage room David and Aaryn
David recaps his conversation with Elissa. Aaryn is pissed at David for chatting with Elissa. David says he’s going to stop talking to Elissa, Aaryn doesn’t care because he’s already talked to her. (She treats this like a HUGE betrayal to their alliance)

David doesn’t understand why she’s so mad he was just talking to her and listening to what she had to say. Aaryn is furious tells him he doesn’t understand the game “There is no reason to talk to her” Aaryn points out that David listens to what Jeremy tells him why didn’t he listen to her. (apparently she gave him orders not to talk to Elissa earlier in the day)

Aaryn: “I just know if you come off the block i’m going up.. and now I hear that you want talk to her and she’s telling you she didn’t put you up and that you should get yourself off the block”
David: “What.. I cared about you since the minute we came into the house.. you know how I feel about you.. everyone in this house is telling me what to do but with us we’re on the same wavelength”

David explains to her that he wanted to talk to Elissa to see if she was the MVP. Aaryn scolds him says that Elissa wants him to use the POV on himself so that Aaryn can be the replacement nominee. David says he has already promised her taht if he wins the POV he’ll use it to save Jessie.

Aaryn: “I don’t want you talking to her.. I’m walking out right now..”
David: “What why what are you doing”


She goes into the lounge where the conversation continues.

Aaryn: “I put all my trust in you and you are not listening to me.. I told you she is a liar.. if you trusted me and listened to me you would not have gone and talked to her”
Aaryn goes on and on about Elissa going around spreading lies and targeting Aaryn.

David: “Sorry I made a mistake”
Aaryn: “whatever goes in one ear comes out another.. why do I have to tell you what to do all the time.. you should be smart enough on your own”

Aaryn: “I told you this girl is my biggest enemy in the house.. she made Helen cry.. why do you think she would be faithful to you.. I know i’m getting mean but you just don’t know how serious it is”

She continues to Harp on him about not caring that she will be nominated if he uses the POV on himself. This goes on for well over a hour..

They finally hug



5:47pm HOH Amanda, Andy, Candace, McRae, Judd Amanda is telling them she wants Elissa gone.
Amanda: “It’s a Game we don’t need to be mean to her”
GiGi:”I don’t think anybody is mean”
Amanda: “I think we are all on the same page and we’re all being honest with each other”
Amanda points out that Elissa is trying to make and alliance here and there because she is desperate, “She’s in the middle of the f***ing ocean and she’s drowning”
Amanda: “She’s isolated.. we want her out.. I feel bad.. it sucks you know what I mean.. she put herself in that position .. we all agree on this one”
GiGi says she’s glad she is the host. Andy jokes that the Host usually goes home.

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:50pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Jeremy and Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a bit worried that Elissa is going to stay in the house. She knows the “entire” house wants Elissa out but the POV still needs to be played. Kaitlin: “That B!tch needs to leave but if it’s not her it’s Candace.. I could handle another week of Candace in the house”

Jeremy: “Whoever stays goes up next week with Amanda”
Kaitlin: ‘It’s sad because she think we are in an alliance” (Amanda and kaitlin)

Kaitlin telling him that she would have put Candace and Amanda on the block if she one Head of Household. Kaitlin: “Amanda is all over the place..”
Kaitlin calls Amanda a floater.
Jeremy: ‘She’s playing CRA CRA”

She find it funny that Elissa goes around telling everyone that having Rachel as a sister doesn’t matter when at the beginning she was hiding it from everyone.
Spencer and Candace join them and they start talking about weed.. Spencer shares a story about when he had no weed so went to the bar to get a drink (Blamo see twitter pic below)



6:43pm Bathroom David and Jessie

David explain his conversation with Aaryn. Jessie thinks that David should be allowed to talk to Elissa, “You have to do your own research” David claims he only talked to Elissa for a couple minutes because he wanted to know if she was the MVP

Jessie tells him that Elissa wants David to be evicted.

David: “I know for a fact McRae is going to back door her” (Elissa)
Jessie: “He is.. he’s told the entire house if he doesn’t he’ll look shady”
David: “Why did I go up”
Jessie: “I just want to tell you because we’ve been cool since day one.. please don’t repeat this.. this is just a hunch .. I do not really trust Nick”
David: “I don’t either”
Jessie: “He’s really smart.. He’s the only other person I think would have put you up.. Can HOH stil get MVP?” (Elissa and Nick would be her predictions for MVP)
David: “Yes I think so.. “
Jessie: “I don’t think he would have been MVP though.. it’s either Elissa or Nick”
David is still unclear why he was put up if they were trying to Backdoor Elissa. Jessie thinks it’s because David has a good chance to win the POV, “It was either you or Jeremy that was going to be nominated”

Candace joins them.. Jessie tells David is in a tough spot right now.

(David isn’t as dumb as I thought.. he really plays up the surfer dude act)


6:53pm HOH, Cam 3-4 David and McRae
David: “So.. I need to know.. me and you haven’t really talked strategy..”
David: “you are for sure going to backdoor her”
McRae: ‘Yeah.. cause if I don’t put her up” FEEDS CUT to Trivia mid sentence.. it’s the Power of Veto competition yo!

7:47pm Trivia

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Elissa is probably be thanking Rachel for voting for her.


And Rachel diehard fans, but that won’t keep her safe unfortunately. I though I heard Julie say that the MVP was save from eviction, but I was wrong.

She gotta win, now that the the majority of the house knows who she is.

I know that Rachel’s connections had a hand in her being on the show, but F***, she got a up-hill battle for an unfair reason.

It’s one thing HGs not liking her because of her attitude, like people did with Rachel in her seasons, but she’s being targeted because of Rachel.

Elissa was F****ed soon as she entered the house, looking like Rachel.

Her chances of winning are slim to none, unless she wins, social game just isn’t enough.


** Not majority, some of the HGs**

Get Serious

David is dumb.. if he wins POV and pulls anyone other than himself off. Grow a set and stop listening to the blonde tramp!

Chilltown Fan

The guy is deadwood, and Aaryn is completely throwing her game away for David. She puts a target on her back by associating herself with him. I’ve always felt that for a showmance to be successful in BB, you got to let it blossom slowly. You go full throttle at the showmance out of the gate, you’re going to limit your gameplay options.


I’m seriously so sick of everyone trashing Aaryn. Like she’s in there to play a game, she has this guy wrapped around her finger, why would she not tell him what to do? You’re watching the feeds, not the actual episodes. You have no idea what she is saying in the Diary Room. You don’t know if she’s just playing him or not. Maybe she’s playing a little too hard too fast, but at least she’s a competitor.


I personally think she is into the guy, and that she ain’t playing him. I was a bit skeptical, but after she went mental on David after he talked Elissa, it’s quite clear she has puppy love. Best case scenario, Elissa wins POV, and David ends up getting the boot. Aaryn can then get back to the game.


I wont lie, I wouldn’t care about David going home. It would be beneficial for Aaryn. I’m just saying, she is in it to win. She isn’t a brainless blonde. But why would she not want David to use the PoV on himself when she knows that Elissa would go up, not her? That’s why I’m not 100% sure that this “flirtmance” is real.


Crack the whip hate this biotch

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn–Stage 5 Clinger Alert! Amanda talked way too much too early.

Janelle pov queen

Aaryn this is big brother!!!!!! Bitch wake up you mad because he talking about game to someone??? This bitch is a joke Go home you lose Bitch!!!


“I cared about you since the minute we came into the house.. you know how I feel about you.”

How in the hell has she developed personal feelings like this? Stalker, much?


Danielle 2.0 about to get the rabbits boiling LOL


I’m someone who is only reading this website, not watching the feeds, but from what I’ve read I’m with those who question Aaryn’s mental stability. She’s a girl who seems attractive and normal on the outside, but a two minute conversation that elicits an hour long rant about betrayal and his stupidity, blah blah blah, that should register a little bit on the wacko chart for him. Furthermore, this also makes me question David a little bit. He seemed to be just dociley sitting there while she went full tilt and didn’t bother to tell her to back off. He didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t need to defend his actions, but geez. As of now I just can’t hope for them as a couple, if the roles were reversed everyone would be telling her to run, so maybe David ought to take that as a clue and get out while he can.


I hate how Arryn is trying to control David by telling him what to do. He should really soon realizes she’s a bitch if she thinks she’s the boss of him.


Please tell me this dummy isn’t serious about using the POV on anyone other than himself if he wins it…


If he uses the POV on anyone other than himself, he deserves to be sent packing. I almost feel like not using the POV on yourself while you are on the block should be considered a self eviction.


Just like holing onto a Immunity Idol and not using it, and being sent home with it…. Some people are that dumb.


he’d become the marcellas


David needs to realize ASAP that Aaryn is all sorts of crazy! Yikes! I’m a bit worried for him!


Earth to David……Wake up, Elissa just toying with you. You been staying to long in the sun. This ain’t no beach……this is big brother, you better win that PoV so you can keep yourself off the block.


Does anyone know when pov will be played?


Thanks :))


David David David what are ya doing? By using a veto on another contestant?? Haha that’s dumb you need to save yourself not someone else however if your girlfriend (I call it a girlfriend) was on the block I would of used it I mean look at Aaron’s face lol that cracks me up oh hey Aaron is that your husband there? Because it seems like your a couple that argue’s just because he talked to Elissa hmm weird?? It seems like he’s cheeting on her and she wants a divorce lol Aaron Aaron Aaron you totally crack me up in a good way ya girl you may be pretty but hmm… you sound really mad Good luck to all contestants


Can someone summarize the alliances forming now? Haha, Aside from the fact that everyone ‘seem’ to hate on Rachel 2.0, I’m lost.


Im still going to watch the noms and veto but Simon what is the Veto like what are the contestants doing in the Veto? Could you Simon or Dawg find out what they are doing in the veto?


If these people were smart then they realize that they can use Elissa to their advantage. Whoever would form an alliance with Elissa would control a weekly nominee. These guys are idiots.


That picture above with Aaryn mad and David stressing is freaking brilliant.


I was really really hoping Captainwedgie sent in his tape and was gonna be a contestant this year :-)


just wondering where are the clips??


These pretzels are making me thirsty


Guys…did Big Brother put something in their food/and or water? WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. WRONG. WITH. THESE. GIRLS???? Holy crap….and I thought Dani was bad last year…this is only the first week and they are absolutely TRIPPING….


So happy the new season has started! Thanks as always Simon and Dawg (vote for Dawg!).

Can anyone clear the MVP situation up for me? So apparently Elissa was the MVP and named David as the 3rd nominee. Why are they all worried about him winning POV? Wouldn’t McRae name the replacement nominee if David pulled himself off? Or if the MVP’s nominee is the one pulled off, the MVP gets to name the replacement?

I’m a bit confused because they all seem to be acting like they can’t backdoor Elissa if David wins POV and uses it on himself.


Not liking Amanda and Aaryn right now…..Cra Cra is right and it isn’t even into the 2nd week yet. David needs to grow some and I also don’t understand why they want to get rid of Elissa. I would have aligned with her instantly….If she had an alliance and she got MVP frequently, that would be huge on getting the opposition out….Plus all the info Rachel gace her.


Feeds back up! Elissa did not win hence the “happy” mood in the house *BS it was a spelling word comp like Jeff’s infamous technotronics comp. Sooooo whooompppp whooomppp Elissa is gonna be gone. Le sigh. Hopefully something happens by wed!! Still lots of time, and time for Grodner to think of new ways to “save” Elissa with her MVP twist.


HOH wins POV



Jake K.

Mc-Fucking-Crae. Pulled another one out! He is a force to be reckoned with if he keeps this up and gets Elissa out. Who would have thought? The pizza boy from Minnesota killing it the first week.

Sticky Honey

Surprised most of the house doesnt see the “Power Couples”…Isnt the rule of thumb to get the “Power Couples” out??…On a side note, this group of Houseguests NEED some alcohol! Ratings would SKYROCKET!


Aaryn and Kaitlen are both conceited and think they rule the house. Big Wave Dave lets Air-in-Head walk all over him because he is a sucker for blondes.