Elissa tells McCrae that she is the Most Valuable Player!

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


11:10pm Elissa is up in the HOH room telling McCrae that she is MVP. McCrae tells her she needs to clarify the rules with the diary room. Elissa says that this is better than winning a pageant.. this is so flattering. McCrae says yeah its America voting for you. Elissa starts talking about how mean Aaryn has been to her but that even if she goes up.. I know she won’t go home. Candice or Jessie will go over her. McCrae says that he will still have to put her up because it would mess up my game if I don’t because that’s what the house wants. Elissa tells McCrae not to tell anyone that she is MVP. He says that he won’t. Elissa says that you promised me you would not put me up or back door me. McCrae says that I have to or it messes up my game. Elissa says well I can’t work with you moving forward then. McCrae says that you need to put up the strongest player so that way when they win POV.. He tells her to put up David. Elissa says if I go up I am going home! McCrae says that he can work the votes to keep her. Elissa says if you put me up, that is just so dumb! I will go home!

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11:25am – 11:40am Judd comes up to the HOH and asks Elissa immediately if she go the MVP? Elissa says no! Aaryn must have gotten it. Elissa says that she thinks Aaryn is so mean and says that she thinks Aaryn is related to Hayden. Judd says yeah she does look like him. Judd hugs Elissa and asks her again if she got it, you swear you didn’t get it?! Elissa says I can’t swear.. I feel like I am the only one that has had to reveal everything and it comes back to bite me. Judd asks what me? Elissa says no not you. He says good because we are working together. Judd leaves because he doesnt want it to seem suspicious that hes up here. Judd leaves. Amanda and Jessie come into the HOH. Elissa tell them that she just needs to talk to McCrae alone. Jessie says yeah I’ll just use the washroom. Jessie and Amanda leave. McCrae and Elissa continue to talk. McCrae tells Elissa that she isn’t tactful some times. Elissa says like what? McCrae says like starting drama with Aaryn. He says but that can help you because you can tell people that you will always be a bigger target. Elissa says that Aaryn started it.. she even came out into the backyard when I was doing yoga and said “The snakes are in the yard”. Elissa comments that Aaryn is just a young 21 year old attacking a married mother.


11:45am McCrae asks Elissa if she can make some tears when she leaves, that would be awesome. McCrae says that this plan is so fu*king solid and it make it look like we are not working together. You want someone to win veto, you want David to win veto, because then you get to pick who goes up next. McCrae says that he didn’t realize that as MVP you get the opportunity to back door someone. McCrae says that neither of those girls are going to win veto. David will win the veto .. then as MVP you get to choose the replacement. Elissa asks so do you have to put me up? McCrae says yeah we have to and then you have to put up someone that we can make a better case against them over you. Elissa says this just sucks because this isn’t the way I wanted to play the game. McCrae says yeah I didn’t want to play with this MVP. McCrae says neither Candice or Jessie will win the veto. McCrae asks Elissa to turn on the water works.

12pm Spencer, Judd and Jeremy come up to the HOH room. As they walk in and Elissa walks out. Elissa says I can’t believe you just said that to me McCrae! McCrae tells the guys that he just told Elissa that if someone wins the Veto she is going up. They ask him why he told her? McCrae says because she is a loose cannon and I want her to blow up. They all tell McCrae that he is a smart player. They talk about it was perfect to tell her right before the veto so that she cracks under pressure. Amanda comes up and talks about how Helen is upset. Helen is crying because feels like she was manipulated by Elissa. Amanda says that she filled her in on what Elissa was doing. Amanda says that Helen now feels stupid.

12:10pm Candice comes up and asks if she can talk to McCrae alone. McCrae tells Candice if she gets House Guest choice she needs to pick someone who will go balls out. Candice says like Jeremy. McCrae says yeah. McCrae says you or Jessie need to win the veto so that I can put her (Eliss) up. As long as we are all on the same page. McCrae says that even if she picks a strong player we are still good because then hopefully that person can win it and take you or Jessie off so I can put up Elissa. Amanada joins them. Amanda tells Candice that she owns them now because they have helped her. Amanda says and you can’t go after McCrae. Amanda tells Candice the reason why she went up on the block was because the way she acted in the have not competition telling her teammates to “shut the fu*k up!” Candice says that she didn’t remember saying that. Amanda says I threw myself in the fire for you .. for telling Helen.

12:20pm – 12:30pm Amanada asks Mccrae if he asked Elissa if she got MVP. McCrae says she says that she didn’t but that it doesn’t even matter because we are all on the same page. Amanda tells Candice to not tell anyone that she was a pawn. Just lay low, do your own thing, no more game play. The conversation turns to talking about what the POV competition will be like.

12:30pm – 12:45pm Aaryn and Andy have a chat in the bathroom about how he has her back. Andy says that he is team Aaryn. Aaryn tells him that people in the house think that he is working with Helen and Elissa. Andy says that couldn’t be further from the truth. Aaryn says I would suggest not hanging out with them then. Andy leaves and heads up to the HOH room. Andy tells Amanda and McCrae what Aaryn just told him. Amanda says that Aaryn is just paranoid and spreading things, like she was yesterday. Andy, Amanda and McCrae discuss the veto and MVP power. Andy says that he wants to tell Aaryn to cool it. Andy leaves. Amanda tells McCrae that he owes her because I just took care of the only threat you had (Canadice). They continue to talk about not wanting Elissa to win POV and how great it would be for her to not be picked. McCrae gets called to the diary room.

12:55pm Down in the kitchen – The other house guests are hanging out and eating while they wait for the power of veto competition to start. Meanwhile, Jessie plays Spencer in a game of chess while David watches.

12:55pm – 1:15pm In the bedroom Amanda and Kaitlin are talking. Amanda explains that situation with Helen earlier. Kaitlin starts talking about how embarrassed she is about the whole triangle thing with Jeremy and Jessie. Kaitlin says that she was on board with making Jeremy looking like a pimp on tv.. but Jessie’s emotions got involved. Amanda explains that right now people are looking for people that can be rational ..so that down the road they know who they can work with. Kaitlin says I am rational. Amanda says let her be irrational. Kaitlin says that she told Jeremy to just make Jessie happy. I just don’t want her to turn on us. Amanda says you should just let Jeremy do what he wants.

1:20pm In the living room – David, Andy, Judd, Jeremy and Spencer are talking and joking around. The talk about Kelsey Grammer wife and how she called him out on tv for having a small peni$. Jeremy and Spencer both agree that’s not right to call someone out like that. Meanwhile in the havenot room Howard talks to Amanda about how they are good. Amanda says that we will pull Jeremy into our alliance only when he is on the block so that we can save him and he’ll owe us. Amanda brings up to Howard how she was told by McCrae that he doesn’t quiet know where you stand. Howard isn’t sure why. Judd comes in and leaves. Amanda and Howard both comment on how they don’t trust Judd.


1:30pm – 1:45pm Up in the HOH room Helen and McCrae are talking. McCrae says that he wants David out because he doesn’t talk game with me and he doesn’t believe I am a pizza delivery driver. Helen says best case is that Elissa gets MVP. McCrae says yeah if she gets MVP we can work to keep her. Helen explains how they only need 5 votes with 3 people on the block. That means that there are 12 votes out there and you break the tie. Helen says that we just need to get Elissa to put up a big guy. They talk about keeping their alliance silent. Helen says that she is going to pretend everything is okay between her and Elissa so it doesn’t look like the girls tipped me off that Elissa is playing me. They head out to play chess to not look suspicious.


1:50pm Kaitlin and Candice are talking in bed about the POV competition. Candice says that she already said that she would pick Jeremy if she got house guest choice but that she doesn’t want to if he doesn’t want to play. Kaitlin says that he does, he is a competitor.

1:52pm The live feeds switch to the we’ll be right back screen. The players for the power of veto competition are likely being picked now.

2:10pm The we’ll be right back screen gets switched to the TRIVIA screen… Most likely the Players for the POV competition will be picked and right after the House Guests will compete for the Power of Veto. The live feeds might be down for the next few hours or more..

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:50pm Still TRIVIA..

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Come on Rachel 2.0, I’m rooting for ya!


She’s already starting up this Rachel drama


Why are they hating on Rachel 2.0


Most are spooked out that she’s Rachel sister which will help her win all the MVP votes.
Last night some of the players were talking about how rich R2 was. They believe only people that need the money should be on the show. There has also been some arguments between R2 and Aaryn which have rubbed the house the wrong way./


It annoys the hell out of me when people says that others don’t “need the money” on these types of shows. Believe it or not, some people come for the experience – I know that’d be my primary reason. In fact, I think that people who only come on Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race for the money should not be cast.

Chilltown Fan

Agree, some people are there to win the game, and the money is just an added bonus. Russell Hantz was an oil tycoon on survivor, some of the bitter juries he got hated the fact he had money.


Russel lost mostly because he was an A**hole, that’s why he didn’t win either of his season, yes we loved him because of this, but he rubbed people the wrong way.

Hantz family are crazy as hell, but we love them…

Chilltown Fan

Valid point, but the juries he had were bitter. I’ll admit his social game was lacking, but I still feel he’s the greatest strategist in Survivor. Dick won BB, and he is King A**hole of BB. It depends on if you get a jury that votes on gameplay or one that make their votes personal.


Part of the reason that Dick won BB because the jury wanted to spite him. He told the people in the house to vote for his daughter and they wouldn’t vote for her since
1. it’s what he wanted and
2. she didn’t really do a lot that season
If ED had been up against a likable person in the final 2 he would have lost.


No, every single person who goes on those show doing it for the money.

Yes, there’s people that say, they only come there for the experience, but that’s only when they know they have little chance of winning or is trying to get the attention off of them.

Who would pass 500,000/1,000,000 up for some mediocre experience that has a 90% chance of leading them nowhere?

Not many people who come on these shows and lose are famous now, most of them fall back into the unknown.


she may have money now bc her husband has money (who even knows how much, people always seem to have more money than they do) but I am pretty sure she was a single mother for a long time before she got married and that’s never easy, especially on a yoga instructor’s salary


I thought the MVP was supposed too keep it a secret??? And I don’t believe for one second McCrae isn’t gonna tell people, that was dumb on her part!

WaWaWaWHAT fma Dark Horse

They could keep it a secret…it’s their choice.


You can tell whoever you wish.


I thought so, as well. All I know is I hope she is MVP every week and watches everyone leave the house one by one.


On the next Big brother exposed
Elissa: Hey Rachel, guess what I’m MVP. Thanks to you and your peeps.
Rachel: I know you can do it, just dismantle the all guys alliance and you be okay.
Elissa: What about Andy aka Regan 2.0?
Rachel: He is lame as Regan, the saboteur thing. He just want to win the America favorite houseguest.
Elissa: What about Helen?
Rachel: Who?
Elissa: Helen! The Jun Song 2.0
Rachel: Oh! She to busy blogging and give the advice to the mentor.
Elissa: Oh yeah! Everybody just gang on me of getting evicted.
Rachel: Don’t worry, just focus of winning the next HoH with PoV.
Elissa: Thanks big sis, I feel much better.
Rachel: Just Don’t tell anyone okay, Remember Willie got kicked out.
Elissa: Oh yeah, that guy. I won’t end up like him getting arrested or anything. Not even my kid.
Rachel: Just don’t tell anyone okay.
Elissa: Okay, I get my point.


Like Elissa, she’ll make for good TV, but this bitch better not send Aaryn packing or I am personally gonna jump into that house and go bananas.

Do any of you think Aaryn will go up? And if she does will she go home? I wanna see what other people think…

Chilltown Fan

Love to see Aaryn go up. She is making a showmance with David, who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Bad gameplay on her part.


Ugh, I have a feeling either her or David will go up. I dont care about David going home, but Aaryn has a lot of potential that I want to see play out.

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn does have potential to be a major gamer. My dislike for her is she wont shut up about Elissa, it’s every 30 seconds.

King Silva

Looks like Elissa is a goner.

Shame too since she probably could have been good they just are scared bitches.

I’d want to align with her considering the MVP thing could only help me if she is my close ally.

Again it is just unfortunate for her that people are not giving her a chance they already wrote her off when they found out she was related to Rachel.


I agree! If I were anyone in that house, I would crack some secret alliance with Elissa because out of everyone, she would be most likely to become MVP.


I also thought the MVP was supposed to be a secret , perhaps I misunderstood… But I guess the rules am change of you are a Reilly ( or whatever she is now) …

WaWaWaWHAT fma Dark Horse

Is Bill Clinton really Amanda’s uncle or was she just using that as an example?

So is McCrae really with Elissa aka Rachel 2.0? Looking at that first pic…its like Rachel is STILL in the house!


I’m still confused abut the whole MVP thing, what happens first MVP nom, or POV ceremony, and if MVP nom is first couldn’t Elissa(if what she is saying is true) put up the POV winner so he could not take one of the other two off, and if this happens does HOH get the third nom, or does the MVP have a backup nominee. I’m so confused.


It’s before the pov ceremony not the pov comp. So i would think the pov winner would be safe, they usually are always safe, even from special twists/powers/rigging. But of course it wouldn’t surprise me if production notices how everyone wants Elissa out & changes the MVP to have even more power to save Elissa every week. Simon/Dawg has there been any changed in the MVP from the first tv episode?


All-girl alliance already failing


Was there any doubt that wouldn’t fail horribly?

1st obvious sign is, they’re WOMEN, women can’t get along, stop the emotional bickering amongst each other and work together.

Every time I see women talking about “girl power”, I get the popcorn out, because a Soap Opera is about to begin within the group LOL

Girl Power, needs a couple men in the fold to keep their heads on straight and focus.

John Q

These girls are way too catty to have an all girl alliance.


I’m so confused McCrae playing the whole house or is he just playing certain people somebody please explain


From a current HOH standpoint, he could be playing for next week, just incase one of the others win HOH or POV, so he’s protected either way.


Someone tell me, who started the fight(s) between Aaryn and Elissa? I’m trying to catch up. Is Elissa being unfairly targeted, or is she starting mess?


You know this cast sucks when you ALMOST feel bad for someone related to Rachel…I kind of want Rachel 2.0 to stay this week. Not sticking up for her at all but looking at it from an objective point of view…besides being related to Rachel what has Rachel 2.0 done to make these house guests feel “threatened”?


Moving Company Alliance (Brigade 2.0) yo. I bet all girl alliance will fall.


Such a stupid name too, almost make brigade look like an excellent alliance name LOL


Really, what alliance had in mind? Everybody has there own opinion.


Simon, who is MVP of this week?


For all the talk from the HGs about Elissa not “deserving” to be on the show, from where I stand the people who have been recruited and know close to nothing about the show are just as undeserving. Candice didn’t even know how the Veto works. At least with Elissa we can assume that she knows the basics of the game.


IMO the showmance couples need stopped right now. Elissa can go later.

Chilltown Fan

I agree it’s too early for full on Showmances. Nick/Gina Marie have some sort of thing going, but i’ts not already “in your face OTT.” They have potential to let a possible showmance bloom into something beneficial to both of them in the game. The Aaryn/David showmance is just bad gameplay, David is not smart, and Aaryn is making herself a target by going on full showmance with him right out of the gate. Jeremy and his girls, Jessie/Kaitlin are just there. I don’t see Jeremy lasting long unless he rides on coattails, he’s already disclosed too much info. to others.


just save elisa, she is NOT the problem child of the 16.


So, who are the “showmances” I’m guess ing GIGi and David, Saw that gif of her touching his boner… Who else?

VA Vet

Fear not folks. Rachel 2.0 isn’t going anywhere this week. Production will make sure that the she gets protected one way or the another.


The Moving Company or the MC Alliance

Aaryn + David
Kaitlin + Jeremy


Simon, I love it. Here is the role of mc alliance
The Moving Company or the MC Alliance
Nick aka the brains
McRae aka the mastermind
Howard aka the animal
Jeremy aka the beast
Spencer aka the powerhouse
What you think Simon? MC alliance (Brigade 2.0)

Chilltown Foreva

Na, I thought Nick was the second coming of Dr. Will but it is clear he is just a recent fan of the show.
MCray could be good if he can solidify a real alliance and not get stuck in the middle.
Jeremy is a fool. He never watched the show and wants that pus**.
Howard and Spencer seem that they could be fairly strong player just because they do not seem to dumb but Howard throwing challenges early is a never a good sign.

I really do thing MCray can run the table if he, Helen, and Spencer come up with some sort of mutual agreement for the future.
Amanda could be decent.

We just gotta see how it shakes out but as a huge fan a cannot believe BB chose to go the showmance route with a limited amount of real fans.

Chiltown Fan

I got more of a Boogie wannabe type vibe from Nick. I still like him though, just needs to be careful about play too hard/too fast.


I disagree on that, Moving Company Alliance is definitely legit. Solid and better yet, more like Brigade & Chilltown will have unique style.


I think she’s hot. Best body on the show, hands down.


Amanda is a retard she keeps saying that people will owe her… This isn’t the mafia just because u saved me or did something for me doesn’t mean shit in the bb house


so much he said she said from everybody is soo confusing!! There are too many alliances to keep up with… I like nick he is just chilled barely heard his name


I’d love for Jeremy to go up. I just get a terrible vibe from that dude. Also, this is my third season with OBB. Keep it up Simon and Dawg!!!


Me too. He just had an exchange with Rachel and came off like a total d-bag.


This is what the Live Feed interface looks like this year. Other than the image quality being the same the interface is a HUGE improvement to what we’ve had in previous years with Superpass. Switching between cams is fast and reliable. Streams stay up longer even through the VPN. Plus Feeds are cheaper this year!

CBS Interactive Inc.


To all you idiots who voted for Elissa, please explain to me how she’s playing the best game. PLEASE. She hasn’t done crap besides be the sister of the most annoying and hated Big Brother player ever. Pretty sure you were supposed to vote for who’s playing the best game. Elissa, who is now being targeted by everyone in the house because they found out the truth about her within 2 days certainly doesn’t qualify to me.

Chiltown Fan

I want her to stay at this point just to stir shit up. All the other girls wont shut up about her. I very much disliked Rachel, but Elissa is coming across as very likeable. Though, I didn’t vote for her as MVP. The MVP is essentially going to be a popularity contest.


I honestly feel like she’s the coolest girl in the house.


People aren’t going to vote for who’s playing the best game, heck I don’t care who’s playing the best game it’s about who I like in the game and who I feel will put up the people I dislike. It’s possible that the person playing the best game will be the ‘villain’ of BB, do you think people will make them MVP?

I am admitting I’ll be very very biased in my vote for MVP. Think Jesse’s season, if this twist was there Jessse was playing a great game, had a good loyal alliance do you think people would have given hin MVP over Jeff or Jordan who were doing terribly? Truth is, the voting will NEVER be about best game, and it’s not because people are idiots, it’s coz once you like a player you’ll root for them even over better players that you hate.

Of course now and then it6’s good to be objective but right now with the MVP, puh-lease. I have to like you to give it to you. Screw ‘best game’.

Jon L

the first vote was about who basically had the best strategy going in but she got it from the fact who her sister is


I think if you’re the MVP then you shouldn’t be able to vote them off – GO RACHEL 2.0!!!


Hey Simon, who are three other players in PoV competition and MVP nominee?

Killer K

I don’t really see a benefit to telling someone that you’re MVP….am I missing an angle here or something? I think it would be hilarious if BB’s fav Elissa got bounced right off the bat though….NOT digging the showmances at all! I can’t believe how these girls take themselves apart over a guy, Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlyn ALL not thinking game now …This isn’t “the bachelor” ladies, let’s go! I was hoping for an awesome all girl alliance and it’s just not looking too good! Maybe somehow David will go and Aaryn can get back on track….BTW, Jeremy = DB! Wow that guy sucks….

John Q

I don’t dislike Elissa, it’s just I hated how production helped Rachel stay in the game. And now so far she’s won MVP, and is playing in the Veto to prevent a back door that was talked about by the houseguests. All I’m saying is if she wins this POV….


i would love to see a girls alliance but that would be impossible seen that women cant get along …