Amanda says if anyone but Elissa goes up on the block then we know she is the MVP because everyone wants her out.

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


9:50am In the living room – David, Andy, Howard, Jessie, McCrae, Candice and Judd are talking about math. They wonder if they are asked a question about how many minutes they were up on the popsicles how to figure it out. Helen explains to Judd how to multiply the number by 60. Judd says that he is bad at math unless he has a calculator. They continue to talk about random stuff. Spencer and Aaryn join them. Judd leaves to go into the havenot room.

10:10am Meanwhile in the have not room – Elissa is reading the bible, while Judd tries to nap on the seats in front of her. Up outside the HOH room – David and Howard play a game of chess. David asks Howard if he would be down to play in the POV. Howard says yeah, I would be cool either way.


CBS Interactive Inc.
10:15am Andy joins Elissa in the have not room. He asks her if she is related to Rachel Reilly. Elissa says that she wasn’t trying to hide it, she just didn’t want to be targeted because of it. She brings up how others are talking about back dooring her and says that it hurts her feelings that some people are so focused on calling me out. Elissa says that she didn’t want to bring it up but that if she didn’t and waits till after the POV then people will think that I am lying. Andy tells her to lay low and not let people think you are a threat. He says but if you feel threatened them fight your a$$ of in the POV.



10:20am – 10:40am In the bedroom – Gina, Nick and Amanda are talking about dreams and the wake up songs. Amanda brings up how she doesn’t think Aaryn would go up on the block. Gina says that she saw Elissa talking to Nick about her hair and so I went up to co*k block. Nick says that it was 95 / 5. Amanda asks what does that mean. Nick says Elissa was talking 95 not game / 5% game. Amanda says I don’t even think she has game. Amanda says if anyone but Elissa goes up on the block then we know she is the MVP because everyone wants her out. Gina says that I am not a brain scientist.. Nick and Amanada laugh and ask you mean you aren’t a rocket scientist? They laugh. Gina thinks that Elissa is making up a fight with Aaryn because she doesn’t want us to think she is in alliance with her. Nick wonders if the MVP uses the power to veto themselves off the block ..then they get to choose the replacement and not McCrae right? Gina says yeah. Nick leaves the room and Amanda and Gina count the votes.


10:50am Gina, Aaryn and Amanda continue to talk about who to get out this week. Amanda says that we all want Elissa out but we need a plan B and that should be Candice. Amanda says that if anyone but Elissa goes up then we know she is the MVP. Amanda says we shouldn’t even stray from the plan or listen to what Elissa says. Nick joins them. Gina asks him if he slept well with her last night. Nick says that he did, I really did. Gina says see I told you, take the test if you don’t like it you can return it and go back to your mattress. Amanda tells them that McCrae isn’t going to do anything shaddy. She says I really believe he is a pizza boy, I think he is smart but not that smart. He knows Big Brother but doesn’t know how to play the game that well. Amanda then says circle of trust … Elissa is Rachel’s sister. Aaryn wonders why Amanda is protecting Elissa. Amanda says that she isn’t, we are keeping this secret to use it against her to out her if she is the MVP and stays this week. Gina says who cares if Rachel is her sister! They can both be totally different. My uncle is Bill Clinton.. how the hell is that going to help me. Aaryn says that it does matter because Rachel has been through this before. Gina says yeah here is a hand book on how to play the game. Aaryn says Rachel has the fan and can get them to vote for Elissa to be MVP every week. Amanda says just because you are MVP doesn’t mean you are safe from the block.


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King Silva

So wait if the MVP is already a nominee they can veto themselves off the block? Is that even confirmed?

If it is true then that would clearly tell everyone they were the MVP but it would save them so that would be great for them.

Just to fuck with a lot of people I’m hoping Elissa stays for a couple weeks at least.


Julie Chen explained the MVP, watch the first episode to see what it does. It is not a POV.


I bet Elissa probably use the Rachel’s technique


Elissa is MVP it just happened on the live feeds


I think that was a given


Are you sure Elissa is MVP?


If Ellissa is the MVP of this week, I wouldn’t be surprised, c’mon everyone knows who she is, ner time in the house is numbered.

Don’t evict her just yet, we need more time with her so we can be entertained by another Reilly emo basket case.


Moving Company Alliance? I don’t get it.


Hey Simon, where is the Big Brother Canada Stats? I email you and I know your busy with big brother 15. Just post the link and take the look and looking forward for big brother Canada 2. I’ll just wait.


Sorry about that I forgot.. I’ll get them up as soon as I can.


just goes to show how dumb some of these players are .. grow a hate on a girl because of her sister … geesh what a bunch of CATTY BIATCHES


I will be rooting for Elissa, Pizza Boy and Andy… bring those wanna be goons down…lol


Yes! I’ve been hoping that Elissa, McCrae, and Andy would get in an alliance :D


If Elissa did get it .. I am so glad for her .. now its time to bring out her claws … if I could vote I would vote for her to be mvp for at least a few weeks .. and then listen to those girls change their tunes ..


The whole MVP thing sucks…a terrible idea! It will always go to the person production wants left in the house. It will be the major way that production manipulates the houseguests that will make it the furthest. I am not thrilled with this prospect!



What happens if America chooses the same person every week.. Let’s say Elissa a.k.a Rachel 2.0 get’s Rachel’s fans vote every week, that’s how the twist will be a utterly terrible idea.

I don’t believe America’s Vote wouldn’t impact the game that much, production will have the final say who get’s MVP.

Hopefully, the same person can’t win it every week, if they do that, then they’re making it unfair to everyone else.

Not that one should expect any less from production, I never believed we had a real vote other than what the Have Nots get to eat.


I agree. Production will give the most air time and the best edit to whoever they want to win the MVP (in addition to munipulating everyone in the DR) on any given week.

Janelle pov queen

I think I might hate all the girls this season except Hellen and Elissa I hate all the Boys to except Andy I hate Howard so much can’t stand David hate spencer ugh

Chilltown Fan

I want Elissa to stay, she has the best chance to blow up the Moving Company(Brigade 2.0) quickly before it turns into season 12…


I f***ng hate these girls they are annoying


Everyone in this house is annoying. They can’t give Elissa a chance and from what I’ve seen Elissa and Rachel aren’t that similar. I hope Elissa puts Amanda up.


Also this is the same thing what the cast did to Willie last year. He wasn’t given a chance at all.


these girls hate rachel sister elissa for what i hate most of these girls ..


I want to not like Elissa, but I say give her a week to prove if she’s a team player or a catty bitch…she shouldn’t be guilty by association