Big Brother Spoilers Everyone wants a piece of Jeremy “GIGI put my hand on her bare b**b today.. like in her shirt”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots ?


10:30pm Pageant
(Missed a big chunk of this.. I’m still working through the bugs with this VPN.. Thanks CBS:( ) Helen wins the pageant.

10:40pm Jessie, KAitlin and Aaryn bathroom

Chatting about how much it sucks for Jessie to be nominated first week.
Kaitlin: “Look at me.. LOOK AT ME.. everyone wants Candace out” Kaitlin also points out the the house wants Rachel2.0 out even more than Candace.
Jessie says she’ll feel a lot better once She wins the Power of Veto. Kaitlin tells her that she will do everything in her power to keep Jessie safe this week.

Kaitlin tells Jessie that McRae wants to BAckdoor Rachel 2.0..


11:05pm HOH Random conversations..


11:15 bedroom Nick and Jessie

Nick and Jessie. Jessie is upset because she feels that everyone is ignoring her because she’s the girl on the block. He tells her not to worry so much because at this point anyone of them can go up and home. Andy joins them and tells her to do what she is doing.. “Don’t go around ruffle feathers.. keep your cool”

Jessie: “I feel icky.. I don’t want all this negative attention.. I want to chill out and be happy”


11:23pm Bedroom Jessie and Aaryn

Jessie is pissed that Jeremy was flirting with her for an entire day then she finds out he was sleeping with kaitlin (Don’t think she means sex sleeping)
Aaryn points out to her that Jeremy is flirting with all the girls in the house. Jessie says she’s mostly worried she’ll look like a idiot on TV. Aaryn tries to explain to her that they will all look like idiots before the season is over.


11:38pm Jeremy and Jessie

Jeremy says that Aaryn, Kaitlin and GIGI are all over him. She tells him she feels like “Snuggling” up to him but it’s hard after she see’s him snuggle up to Kaitlin.

Jeremy: “GIGI put my hand on her boob today..My hand on her boob.. like in her shirt.. on her full T!tty” He explains again how these girls in the house are throwing themselves on him. He explains to her over and over that he spends more time with Jessie than with Kaitlin. Jeremy: “What do you want me to do” (LOL) He adds that he didn’t come on the show to met someone. (Jessie is this years Danielle) Jeremy tells her that he knows the girls are “Mind Fu**ers” and he’s worried about getting his game messed up. Jessie says she’s going to look stupid on TV because they were flirting together and then that night he was sleeping with Kaitlin. Jeremy: “I have no control of what they put up on TV.. If you were sleeping in that bed like you said you were going to she would not have been in that bed” Jessie: “I’m going to look so stupid” Jeremy: “We were just sitting and ya she was snuggled up.. I’m just being me.. GIGI snuggles up all the time you going to get upset about that?” Jeremy tells her that he has eyes for Jessie. Jessie says she wasn’t interested in Jeremy for the first couple days but then something happened. Jeremy claims to have been interested in JEssie since day one.


11:43pm McRae and Rachel

Rachel tells him that Jeremy and KAitlin are working together. He explain that he doesn’t want the POV to be played but if it does get played maybe David should go up.

McRae mentions that Andy is on slop and he’s weak so he should keep him around for another week.

(Hard to determine if McRae or Rachel have an secret alliance.. I think he’s just trying to make her feel safe so when she does win MVP she doesn’t use it)

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I can only get sound from Camera 1 on the Live Feed – is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to fix it? Thanks!


Yeah, that was my problem and I was getting pretty pissed off. Thought it was my browsers. I can get sound from each feed now, so I think it was CBS doing something.


I think all of those girls are acting like whores.


Who do you think is the hottest girl this time around? I’m leaning toward Kaitlin.


This is what I was nervous about in regards to having such a relatively young cast…they can’t keep their feelings in CHECK. Especially the gals (no offense). Really Jessie after a few days and you’re already whining over freaking Jeremy? Then Kaitlin is bugging out because she feels bad for Jessie and she ALSO has a crush on Jeremy. Really girls? Jeremy? The class A douchebag.? These girls need to QUICKLY remind themselves that this is not a damn dating show, you’re playing for $500,000 ladies start showing it. Keep your feelings in check or else you’ll both be out.


This better not turn into The Bachelor. lol


Lol agreed!


Jeremy better watch out. Jessie’s starting to remind me of BB14 Danielle.


Rachel 2.0 needs MVP so she can have a classic Reilly moment of going upstairs and going, “Well I have MVP and that means I can put anyone I want on the block so what are you going to do for me?”

honestly they’re probably trying to rid of her before a Pandora’s Box unleashes Rachel in the house ala BB12


Wait, Aaryn is nominated!? NOOOOOOOOO she’s one of the few cast members that I actually kind of like!

Biff Tannen

I’m more than a little bummed that McCrae has nominated two of the hottest chicks in the house!


What does everyone think about bbad on tvgn? I hate it. All the good stuff was cut out, its two hrs instead of three and I feel as though Im watching a kung fu movie with no fights, cussing and nudity!!! Damn shame too as this yr every chick on here is attractive.#BringBackBBAD2Sho2


NOOOOOOOOOO Please don’t… don’t place David he is the cutest guy there uhhhhhh I was SOOO angry that Mcrae was the first HOH like really? How could them guys not do better they are soo stronger than him?? like that black dude or David they are waayyyy stronger than McRae I don’t care if he puts up David the showmance but PLEASE nooo don’t put up Aaron if the POV is used but I rather not see David go up on the block oh and sooo glad David, Aaron, and Spencer is not Have-Nots thank goodness but if David plays and wins over the houseguests he would probley win and mabe just mabe not use the POV because you know I can see a showmance growing between David and Aaron but he may because he might want to get rid of Elissa I wouldn’t get rid of her If I was there I would LOVE to be with the guys but I would be with a girl because im a girl so my gameplay was to get all the guys out because they are strong/er and get out the stonger guys to beat them the final 4 or 2 or the finale however, if I needed to go with the boys I would because they are stronger than the woman’s and would carry me along with them so I would do both ways I want to be with the girls but they aren’t strong I want to be with the guys they are strong and would mabe carry me along however to be honest I wouldn’t float if I did I would be the NEXT target but if you go strong your way ore of a target than just floating around. Here’s myself a question would I stay longer and be the first HOH mabe but here’s the thing once you first win the comp and done with the HOH by next week you ARE a target and would probley go home week 2 so you might want to stay and just enjoy before you leave that’s my advice I would love to float but that’s just not my gameplay if I were there and sometimes floaters win oh and I don’t get this part…. well ok Big Brother said this season there will be NOOO FLOATERS BUT they don’t know yeah they’ll come to the casting and say nope not a floater well wait tell I get in the game I have to admit im a floater well what does Big Brother do huh?? Evict the contestant?? and ask more girls/guys if they are more floating im a floater just wait wait wait wait for it all houseguests are all floaters so that means you all are evicted well whats the question who won who’s last standing?? No one the only last standing was Julie Chen oh wait?? An’t she the host? not the houseguest? well she is the host but since all houseguests have been expelled Mrs Julie Chen is the next Big Brother 15 well since all houseguest’s been expelled someone has to take it hmm wonder whoo?? Mrs Julie took it horay for Julie even though she didn’t win a Comp she won the hosting and not just that Big Brother horay Julie:)) Good for you Julie lol


Why do guys with the most disgusting-looking nipples insist on showing them? Judd looks like he’s lactating. Just gross, man. McCrae looks like he’s about 33 not 23.

King Silva

LMFAO I know right?!


These girls are acting like hoes. i dont even want to watch them.


I certainly will :)

Lennon's Ghost

I was worried about BBAD’s switch from Showtime to TVGN. The result was as bad or worse than I expected.

I figured that it would be bad in that when it was on Showtime it was rated TV-MA and now that it is on TVGN it is rated TV-14.

BBAD has been cut down from 3 hours per night to just 2 hours. Don’t be fooled by the lack of commercials, TVGN has already stated that it would be “commercial-free” for only the first week. Just wait until next week when the commercials kick-in and we might actually see a cumulative total of a little over an hour of actual censored programming.

It seems to be a conscious effort by CBS to push fans to purchase the Live Feeds (more revenue for CBS/Viacom). It may backfire on them.

It is heavily censored on TVGN. (False Advertising by CBS). So much so that much of the “strategy talks” were unintelligible. It was very hard to watch.

Can anyone imagine trying to watch Seasons 8 or 9 (both wild seasons filled with nudity and language) under these circumstances? This cast has the potential to rival those earlier casts for wildness and creativity. Unfortunately we will miss most of it due to the new ratings on TVGN. Bad move by CBS/Viacom.

I guess I’ll have to wait until the “bugs” are worked out with the “Live Feeds” and purchase them.

That’s why I love OBB with Simon & Dawg! They will keep us informed as to what is going on in the Big Brother house.

Thanks Simon & Dawg!

Lennon's Ghost

Good to be back! I peeked in during BBCA and loved it.

I’m looking forward to another great season this year, albeit without BBAD on TVGN. That show was nearly impossible to watch due to the censorship.

I’ll be contacting you in the morning about the Live Feeds (I got the memo).

Any thoughts on the new MVP twist? It’s probably too early to tell yet. It looks like a promising cast this year. All newbies! Yea! Even Rachel 2.0 (Elissa) doesn’t seem too bad, although I think she’ll be bounced fairly quickly just because of her being Rachel’s sister.

Grenades YO!


BBAD on TVGN is not making me want to buy the feeds, it makes me want to cancel Showtime since the only show I watched on this channel is now gone.


So BBAD on TVGN is terrible and was annoying to watch…it would be easier to understand of they bleeped so I understand what was said, but they completely mute it and it’s hard to listen to whole convo

Lame move CBS!!

Lennon's Ghost

Hi Layla. Good to have you back.

They were even muting minor cuss words like “ass” but kept it muted through much of the rest of the conversation, thus making it unintelligible. I’ve heard worse words on the news and other G-Rated programs.

Can you imaging how confusing and annoying it will be when the house guests are arguing and/or defending themselves and the entire exchange will be muted out? Ugh. How frustrating and boring will that be?

This was a very bad move by CBS/Viacom and may actually lose viewership for them. I know I won’t last too long watching this censored broadcast. For them to advertise that this is “a live and uncensored look at life in the Big Brother house that can only be shown ‘after the sun goes down’ on Big Brother After Dark” is false advertising by CBS/Viacom. It is NOT uncensored!

BBAD on Showtime was uncensored as the program was rated TV-MA.
BBAD on TVGN is censored as the program is rated TV-14.

Huge difference. Shame on CBS/Viacom for ruining a good program (Big Brother After Dark).


It’s spelled Candice lol