Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Butterscotch Vs. Jigsaw


Butterscotch Vs. Jigsaw

Alliance break down – [] Bracket denote real final 2 deals

3AM alliance ([Andy,Aaryn] and [McCrae/Amanda])
Mom Squad [Elissa and Helen]
3 person (McCrae, Helen, Andy)
Boys (Andy, Spencer, McCrae)
Bunnies [GM/Aaryn]
Ginger (Spencer/Andy)

Essentially it’s the 3am alliance running the game, they have established side alliances with everyone in the house and have set themselves up nicely going into this new week. They have the numbers, the comp wins and strategy all that stands in their way is Helen and possibly some Pandora’s boxes. It’ll be interesting to see if Helen and Elissa figure out the 3am alliance before it’s too late. One thing holding this back is Andy. Helen trusts him too much and it could be the game for her.

I would not be surprised that Helen wins the HOH tonight, She’s strong, Smart and it’s a win that will bring drama. If she gets the HOH she will most likely make a move to take out Amanda. On the flip side the 3AM are positioned very nicely with 5 of the 7 HOH players playing on the 3AM side. Regardless of who wins the HOH we’re getting to the point where the 4 players that have been running this game are about to get in the hot seat. It’s going to be some great fun on the feeds this weekend.
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My predictions
Jessie goes home with all the votes against
Helen wins HOH

Actual results
Helen votes to evict Jessie
Elissa votes to evict Jessie
McCrae votes to evict Jessie
Amanda votes to evict Jessie
Aaryn votes to evict Jessie
GM votes to evict Jessie

Evicted House guest = Jessie

HOH = Aaryn

New Twist = Next Thursday JUDD, Jessie, Candice and whoever gets evicted compete with the winner coming back into the game

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219 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Eviction and HOH Results Butterscotch Vs. Jigsaw

  1. Jessie: I know I’m headed to the jury house tonight. I can’t wait to see Judd. Spencer, I know that your a really smart guy. Can I ask you a few questions? Like how will I know if I’m ready for sex with him?

    Andy shows up

    Spencer : Ask Judd. He’ll know when the time is right. When it comes to love and sex, men are much more responsible, since they’re not as emotionally confused as women. It’s a proven fact.

    Jessie: Should I have sex on the first date? What do you think?

    Spencer: YES. Before if possible. Just ask Judd. He will steer you in the right direction

    Jessie: You may not believe this but I’m a virgin. What exactly happens during the act of sex?

    Spencer: Again, this is entirely up Judd. The important thing to remember is that you must do whatever he tells you without question. Sometimes, however, he may ask you to do certain things that may at first seem strange to you. Do them anyway.

    Jessie: How long should the sex last?

    Spencer: Don’t worry about time as it’s all up to Judd. This is a natural and normal part of nature, so don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. After you’ve finished making love, Judd may have a natural desire to leave you suddenly and go out to play golf. Or perhaps another activity, such as going out with his friends to the pub for the purpose of consuming large amounts of alcohol. Don’t feel left out — while he’s gone you can busy yourself by doing laundry, cleaning the jury house or perhaps even going out to buy him an expensive gift. He’ll come back when he’s ready.

    Jessie: Is there such a thing as “afterplay?”

    Spencer: After Judd has finished making love, he needs to replenish his manly energy. “Afterplay” is simply a
    list of important activities for you to do after lovemaking. This includes lighting his cigarette, making him a sandwich or pizza, bringing him a few beers, or leaving him alone to sleep while you go out and buy him an expensive gift.

    Jessie: I’ve been wondering how big Judd is. Does the size of the penis matter?

    Spencer: Yes. Although many women believe that quality, not quantity, is important, studies show this is simply not true. The average erect male penis measures about three inches. Anything longer than that is extremely rare and if by some chance Judd’s sexual organ is four inches or over, you should go down on your knees and thank your lucky stars and do everything possible to please Judd, such as doing his laundry, cleaning the jury house or buying him an expensive gift.

    Jessie: What about the female orgasm?
    Spencer: What about it? There’s no such thing. It’s a myth.

      1. Aaaaaaaaand, of course lurker is lurking around again doing another one of his tired fake conversations. These weren’t funny the first 20 times you did them, and they only seem to get longer and less funny. In person you may get a few awkward laughs when you lurk and try to be funny, but here, I will say again, for the 4th week in a row…an attempt at humor doesn’t get funnier the more you try it…

        Best moment of the night…a tie between dumb little GM knocking Super Helen out in rd 1 of the HOH and finding out a jury member comes back
        Worst moment of the night…a tie between Helen’s vote speech and Helen’s subsequent goodbye message trying to get Jesse’s jury vote
        Funniest moment of the night…a tie between Andy crying after the eviction HE engineered and the look on Arryn’s face when she realized Amanda just threw the HOH so Arryn gets the blood on her hands evicting Helen or Elisssa while simultaneously putting a bigger target on her own back for winning another comp.

        Finally, the season has started…

        1. aaryns target now will not decrease no matter what put up Helen elissa within the next couple weeks everyon e will turn on her shes to good get as many as you can out the only way to get aaryn out is backdoor

      1. There once was a gal named Lewinsky
        Who played on a flute like Stravinsky
        ‘Twas “Hail to the Chief”
        On this flute made of beef
        That stole the front page from Kaczynski.

        1. Lewinsky and Clinton have shown
          What Kaczynski must surely have known:
          That an intern is better
          Than a bomb in a letter
          Given the choice to be blown.

          1. I think Pinnocchio Obama know how to spell their own screen name. Maybe they do not spell it the way you want him (or Her) to but since it is their screen name then they are the one who is spelling it. Duh!

  2. I’d like to see a Pandora’s Box that puts Amanda, Aaryn and Helen into the jury house, and brings back Judd, Jessie and Candice.

  3. Elissa just asked Helen is it time to vote out Amanda. She said no. Elissa get a clue, Helen would vote you out before she votes out Amanda.

      1. Forbidden

        You don’t have permission to access /error/ on this server.
        This is what it says when I click the link for live feeds on the right hand side of this page Anyone know why? I’ve never had any issues with watching the feeds on my Samsung S4 untol right before the show ce on 9pm eastern time Help someone! Pleeeease! Thanks

    1. Did you ever get this Forbidden/ access error resolved?? I am having the same issues and am starting to have withdrawals :-) thanks

  4. The problem with Helen winning HOH is that she will want to back door Amanda. Back doors aren’t a sure thing until after the POV holder uses it to remove someone. Who besides Helen and Elissa would use the POV? Since Helen is too dumb to figure that out, watch this week be another ho-hum event with another “follower” going out the door.

    Hope I’m wrong, but with these losers, the chances are better for Helen to get the boot than Amanda.

      1. If I were in good enough shape to serve again, I’d try out for BB. I’d make so many moves that nobody, and I mean nobody, would know what to expect next. Of course I’d get booted the first few weeks but I’d have fun while it lasted.

  5. I hope they don’t bring any house guests back into the game. What would Candice do if she comes back? Try to evict Spencer. What would Judd do? He would put Aaryn and Gina on the block. What would Jessie do? Whatever Helen wants. At this point bringing these players back into the game wouldn’t change the power balance in the game.

    1. That’s why it’s extremely obvious that the chance to return to the game is reserved for Amanda or Elissa. Candice, Jessie, and Judd wouldn’t do shit.

          1. heres a different one, so did i miss the recap of the flip outs? that was the main reason i wanted to watch tonight

        1. It wouldn’t work for me either :-(

          Too late now… Thank goodness for Online Big Brother :-) The past 2 weeks in Columbus, Ohio they have been airing the Cleveland Brownsn preseason games and showing Big Brother at 3 am -___- Last week I was able to watch online but this week it didn’t work.

  6. I would have loved to see GM and Aaryn fight. Curbstomp in GM’s favor. look at that. Im so bored with the sheep that i actually want them to fight eah other

  7. its gone live, finally. Julie is having a Q + A session.
    She asked a few about Judd. Helen is hit by the
    ” when the big moves?” question! here comes the vote!

  8. OMFG here goes the sheep proclaiming they made big moves…. RILMFAO what a fucking joke this cast is.

    Doing what the house wants, has NEVER been Big Moves.

    1. Absolutely correct! I kept meaning to make this comment but never did! I crack up every time I see him & I looking for Frosty! LOL!!

      1. Guys, I believe the correct holiday special animation is rudolph the red nosed reindeer, not frosty, he goes over the cliff with the abonible snowman, not frosty snowman.

        1. Abominable snowman I mean. The one who got his teeth pulled by herbie the dentist elf, now would herbie be Andy personality And Davies look.

    2. Yukon is from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, not Frosty.

      While we are at it though, David looks like Hermie the Elf Dentist from
      the same show (It is the hair).

  9. Julie just asked Helen a question fr a fan on air.

    “When is a big move going to be mad in the house”

    Helen’s response

    “Getting Judd out was a big move”

  10. “We made big moves,” the cast says while they evict another floater instead of getting Demanda or Helen out.

  11. Every time Helen casts her vote, I want to go through my TV screen and smack her. She just seems like an annoying 13 year old. Ugh…

  12. What the HELL was that shoulder, hair flip thing Helen did when she voted?! Please get that cocky b!$&@ on the block. BLINDSIDE HELEN

    1. She does that every single time and you can tell she is intentionally angling her face to what she must think is her “best side”. It’s so overbearing & annoying….much like Helen herself.

    2. Amanda always does this thing where her eyes roll to the top left like she’s thinking before she answers, trying to be cute. IT AIN’T WORKING. And she’s trying to come across as the devious leader. It’s easy to run the game when you have a loyal rat on your side. Without her girlfriend Mcrae and her rat, Amanda would be gone already.

  13. Is Aaryn not wearing the black dress she and Gina Marie accused Candice of taking with her. These morons can go to any length to tarnish anybody’s image,am sure Jessie is next in turn now ….

  14. Julie just said that JUDD and Candice are in the JURY house!! I guess PRODUCTION is changing the game again!! What else is NEW? So NO ONE is in sequester!! I see a PANDORAS box next week!! but NO one is coming back!!

  15. What happened to Aaryn’s face? Is she sick?
    Seems like more than just the eyebrow thing.
    She completely looks like someone else.
    Anybody have any ideas?

  16. Helen may be HOH this week but she’s gone the following week. Other then Elissa, there is no one in the house that supports her. Helen thinks Andy is on her side, and he’s not. Helen whose double crossed everyone is being double crossed by Andy and she doesn’t have a clue. No matter who Helen sends home this week, Helen is in deep trouble.

  17. Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /error/ on this server.
    This is the message I keep getting every time I try to click the Big Brother Live Feed Link on the right hand of this page Anyone know why? I have a monthly pass that I purchased with my bank card & it’s work fine until the show started at 9pm eastern time Anyone know if it’s bc the shows on over on the east coast wherw I’m located? I’ve been watching with no problems for 3wks now

    1. Try logging out of the live feeds then back in. When you go into Accounts see what your status is it’ll tell you how much time remains on your subscription.

  18. Aaryn is in dyer need of a makeup consultant. I think she plowed the stuff on with a paint brush for tonight’s Live Eviction. She looked like a clown.

  19. Julie keeps saying goodbyes “for now” and it “is a long summer”.

    How obvious is it that AT LEAST one person is coming back in the house?

  20. I’d rather see Elissa to win HOH, Helen is still sheeping for Amanda and McCrae, she expects others people to make the 1st official big move of the season.

  21. I can’t believe Amanda’s outgoing tape to Jessie. Does she realize the Jury votes for the winner? Or is she so sure her and Mcwhipped will be the final 2.

    1. She knows that she was the pre-determined winner of Big Brother so she knows she can be the biggest bitch and win the game anyway.

      1. Amanda stood like a dead fish when Jessie hugged her good-bye. And the look on her face was beyond obnoxious! Get rid of her, even if she is the darling for CBS. She has absolutely no class at all!!

    2. What about Andy’s goodbye to Jesse? He is deluded enough to believe he “carried” Jesse this far along. Andy, really?

  22. Helen probabaly feels like the biggest fuck up right now. On a scale of 1 to 10 on much of a fuck up she is…she’s at an 11

  23. Looks like Aaryn steroids(Adderall) won it for her again, It is now officially the worst big brother ever.Watch big brother do a returning player twist like anyone actually cares, all judd is going to do is run to amanda and candice and jessie can not win HOH’s…..BORING!!!

    1. I’m sorry but adderall is not a performance enhancing drug, it helps you concentrate more when the people DIAGNOSED with ADHD wouldn’t normally be able to. All it is doing is helping aaryn, who would have had to be diagnosed with a lack of attention, to do normal in concentrating– and in this case, the competition. It’s not her fault she is casted with a bunch of dummies who can’t do anything right, including win. Also, Amanda has been the one known to double up on hers, so why hasn’t she won ANYTHING if the same drug is “the only reason Aaryn’s winning?” I’m not necessarily an Aaryn supporter, but you sound dumb by saying Adderall is the reason she won.

    2. Get on the Aaryn bandwagon. Aaryn is going to win this thing. Backdoor is coming. Hope its Helen. Helen was just telling Andy how she was going to break her deal with Aaryn. Oh well, Helen you will not see this coming.

    1. LOL. Amanda didn’t do shit in that competition. She floated to the final 3, then McCrae threw it, then she failed miserably.

  24. It will be interesting to see what Aaryn does with this HOH.. I have a strong feeling Amanda will be evicted this week, despite the 3am alliance.

    1. Jessie is a weak player just like Candice. What would Jessie do differently then what she did before she left? Talk to Andy and flip the house? That went well the 3rd and 4th time. Why not tell Andy your intentions the 5th time. What will Jessie do…..pledge allegiance to Amanda again…..that worked well the first time around. Maybe work with Helen again, so Helen can put her back on the block. No I don’t want to see another rerun of a weak player. If you really want to have a twist. Bring Nick back into the game, Now that would be a twist.

  25. And here we go again. Aaryn is HOH again. So another boring week. Elissa and Spencer go up and Elissa goes home unless she wins Veto. Garbage. Amanda threw that last question. Boring Boring Boring….. Straight trash! Jessie or Judd will come back. Unless Elissa is voted out and the. Brought right back in which will happen because this season sucks friggin’ Ass!!!! MAJOR LETDOWN DUDE…

  26. Expect another “whine session” from Amanda, hopefully she makes it entertaining, and chew someone’s head off, maybe Aaryn? she looked like she was a little shocked she buzzed 1st.

  27. Talk about rooting for the least of 2 evils! I went with Aaryn, Amanda’s too obnoxious for my taste. Between 2 racists, I guess I’d rather put up with the one with a better hygiene

  28. OMG, these people are so f’in stupid! They can not even think rationally on how to strategically pick the order to their advantage in a simple game.

    1. Sheep don’t think, they just follow the leader. Notice how NOBODY picked Amanda, and she floated to the end. If that’s not sheep at work, I don’t know what is.

  29. That disgusting lazy dictator (oh yeah I have to identify WHICH one I mean – Amanda), threw that HOH. I would put her ass right up on the block if I was Aaryn.

    1. Nope! it will be Amanda. didn’t you hear Julie? Next weeks evicted houseguest will be included in the playoff to see who comes back. They knew Amanda would finally be voted out and they had to fix it so she will come back in.

  30. I officially have stopped watching BB15! I haven’t watched it in near 2 weeks. Aaryn HOH again. It’s those pills she’s on. This game is unfair, predictable, unexciting, ridiculous, demeaning, etc!

  31. even if hellen gets evicted she will reenter the game. she can beat those wits in the jury in a competetion so even if aaryn nominates hellen her HOH meant shit if hellen returns …. THIS IS WHERE HELLEN WILL SEE WHERE ANDY LOYALTY IS CANT WAIT

  32. As much as I don’t like aaryn, because she’s ignorant and such; at his point she’s the only one deserving to get the money…and it hurts to say that…

  33. Seems as though one of the racist may win BB15. SMH! That’s America for you. They should have been kicked off the show. Hell, didn’t Chima get kicked off? Is Big brother racist too? Kick off the black girl with the big bully mouth, but let the Amanda and Aaryn stay and more than likely win?

    1. Big Brother keeps the racists Aaryn and Amanda, but kicked Chima out over a mic? I believe Big Brother allowed for Amanda and Aaryn to stay because they think just like them. Chima out (she’s black). The white racists stay!

      1. You are so racists! Chima got thrown out because she refused to go to diary room and then threw her mic in the hot tub. Why do you have to try to excuse bad behavior by claiming she was discriminated against.

  34. Just hand Aaryn the money now, nobody else deserves to win. At least Aaryn actually wins competitions and somehow has become the least objectionable of the remaining houseguests.

    1. She wins because she is on a certain medication!! People, don’t you get it! I know young people who have take this medication for anxiety or ADHD and in turn it increases your focus, your ability to recall and improve test results in school!!

  35. Remember that one time where the House voted Kaitlin out over Aaryn because they thought Kaitlin was good at comp’s? Aaryn is NEVER going to leave. And she won’t EVER put up GM. So…

  36. By the way, as someone with ADHD, those pills aren’t “steroids” like people are ludicrously claiming. Aaryn needs them to operate at the same level as the rest of the house. I really hope people don’t actually think you’d need pills to beat this group of weak losers and choke artists in competitions.

    1. YOU may legitimately need drugs for ADHD, but Aaryn is a model and Adderall is commonly abused to control weight. It is a drug that is quite often abused. I question whether either Amanda or Aaryn truly has ADHD or if they were misdiagnosed a la Lindsay Lohan.

  37. they all puddle~ducked in & voted jessie out.
    there was not a dissenting or contrary vote…
    can we say orchestrated lockstep groupthink?
    i feel i am looking intew a cult group’s innards…
    yes there are big landslides but in real life there
    are 3rd party choices aplenty. this is 1 party govt…

    1. Bugger off troll whoever you are – I have this username and have already changed for other copycats – I’ll report your IP address to Simon/Dawg if you don’t stop trolling.

  38. The first 4 evicted Jury members will compete next Thursday to get back inside the house. Either Candice, Judd, Jessie, or next week’s evicted HG will be back. Who do you want it to be?

    This is crap. So if Amanda or Helen gets backdoor. 4th evicted. Play o come back. This wa in place to
    For CBS to get a power player back in game. Watch and see

    1. Sadly, the competition will be rigged for Rachelissa if she gets evicted, just like the veto she “won.”

      1. In a House full of floaters, the one who is consistent gets all the respect. Amanda is consistently brash, loud-mouthed and consistently devoid of any sort of humility. Everyone was rooting for Jessie, but she was inconsistent…if she was going to go full-on B***CH ON WHEELS, she should have started three weeks earlier and kept going!!!

  39. Only hope is maybe Helen gets a taste of her medicine…. I think Spencer and GM go up and 3AM tries to backdoor Helen. Question is if Aaryn would go with it.

    To make things interesting BB should bring back LAWON… =o)). The guy has been praying for that secret power for ages… With this season he might just self evict again.

  40. For all the people rooting for Judd to come back in, what would he really do? He blamed Helen, Elissa, and Jessie for his eviction. He would just run back to mommy (Amanda) and plead that he was not MVP. None of the jury members will have a shot at winning so root for Candice or Jessie to come back and hope that they can bring some drama into the house. The season is ruined for me and if Aaryn or Amanda win then I am out for BB 16 and beyond.

    1. @ Dr Hacker – My sentiments exactly. Out of the last six episodes, I only watched one, the double eviction one because I hoped something interesting would happen but it did not. Now I just come here daily to catch up. Even tonight I waited for the updates on here. I refuse to give CBS any ratings. I have been a die hard BB addict every summer until now. I will watch again when/if based on what I read here it seems like there is something interesting coming up.

      Thanks Simon and Dawg for this site! We love you!

  41. Aaryn needs to make a big move and I would love to see Andy and Amanda nominated. It’s so far out a thought but would love to see the fireworks, back stabbing,etc. I think Helen and Spencer are the easy ones for her to nominate. Hope a real fighter like Candace or Jessie return but what about the most repulsive guy – Jeremy – he would knock the house on its but! We will wait and see Amanda dictate and Helen kiss everyone’s but in the house. Really a sad season.

  42. on a gut level i keep on thinking a queen bee battle that shall turn two people bald could happen
    especially if if amanda is unaware of the twist julie chen told the BB viewers about!!! helen could be
    backdoored and then she could win the competition to re-enter the game. on Survivor the poor guy
    who dueled his way back in from the much smaller island then got voted out a second time. helen
    is so close to being backdoored. the flip side of the coin can be said about backdooring amanda!

    1. the three jury members are all much nicer than the players
      still in the game. we all know helen is so close to a classic
      blindsiding. on thursday the groupthink might make a safe
      move or someone might go boldly ‘nuclear’ & preemptive!!!

  43. Soooo, Jessie,Judd,Candice and whoever gets voted out next week ha a chance to come back?

    For some reason I think Amanda,Helen, or Elissa will be voted out and one of them will be returning… Niether Judd, Jessie or Candice will make the return entertaining.

    Judd will got right back to sheeping for Amanda and McCrae at Andy’s convincing, Candice will get into it with GM and Aaryn, and Jessie will fail at winning HOH, all 3 would be voted out the next week, too boring.

  44. I know Amanda and Helen are going after each other. Too bad they can’t both be evicted this week. I hope one goes this week and that Jessie wins her way back into the house to vote out the other one.

  45. Where’s the real HOH challenges?! These challenges have gotten hell of lame. BB have gone downhill. Only one playing the game is a f*cking racist!

  46. Ok, how do the houseguest know what game will be played? The predicted stay and hold in veto last weekend and they discussed how they would play a knock out game. BB has to change up some of their games even the hgs know what up coming. My guess is next week will be the endurance. Be interesting to know what AA does. I am betting she puts up Spenser and Ellissa with the plan to backdoor Helen. Why shouldn’t it go Amanada’s way for another week. If only she, helen and spenser compare the alliances andy, amanda and mcree are in. Wish Julie would more tough questions, BBC some of the hgs were called out. Another thing that would be awesome is if the audience was allowed to cheer or boo during the vote …. that would again make a more telling to the hgs who think this is the greatest season, biggest moves, favortive by america … lol

  47. really hoping that helen leaves this week. she just seems so utterly fake. idk how people in the house seem to like her so much. those fake hugs and those fake jumps for joy when someone wins HOH. god aaryn put this idiot on the block. she makes the most asinine comments. no one wants to stab her children. no one wants to come up to you and take pictures with you or get your autograph. calm the hell down.

  48. So Elissa didn’t want to sit next to Aaryn or GM because of the things that they say – they are not PC. Of course, Aaryn and GM can’t believe that she would say that and that it has to do with Elissa having money and looking down on them. Hell, I wouldn’t want to sit next to those two either. They are disgusting sub-humans. Elissa may not be the brightest in the room, but she does have values and morals and appears to try to stand by them. I will take Elissa over the rest of these animals any day.

  49. I don’t get why no one even contemplates putting up Andy as a pawn. It would actually make 100% for Aaryn’s game and his alliance with him as it would take away any possible suspect that they were working together. And she would keep GM in her back pocket by keeping her off the block. Then depending on the veto results, she can decide whether she wants to simply evict Spener (which someone has to do at some point) or go for a big move.

  50. everyone is saying amanda will get evicted and come back in but to me it’s seeming like aaryn won’t put her on the block considering the whole 3 am thing?

  51. I just saw on another site that posted on the live feeds Amanduh ran to the storage room and is hiding behind the garbage can crying…wth???

  52. Well there should be talk tonight about that twitter question (big moves and what the house wants). I hope those morons (the HGs) figure out the real message and hang their head in shame.

  53. arayn should put up amanda an andy in if one comes down put up mcrea you heard what amanda said they made that game for her what a joke if that was true you sill didnt get it wright next time ask for the answers but we all know aryan going to do what amanda wants this will be angry for fans cause we love big brother in we tired of her tell people who to put up win one then you could do it everybody kissing her ass come on aryan put her up but i think andy go up this week so aryan want have nothing on her hands

  54. Just like I thought Amanda was whining about losing in yet another competition(this time behind a trashcan, Hilarious), so she didn’t’ “throw” it like people thought, you could clearly see her mad that Aaryn buzzed before her.

  55. Delusions and Laughter of the Day: In his goodbye speech to the just evicted Jesse, Andy in his own deluded mind tells Jesse he “couldn’t carry her” any longer. Really, Andy? Besides last week’s Veto and HOH when did you all of a sudden become a power player? Did anyone else catch this deluded nonsense from Andy?

  56. well, amanda is crying now that she can’t win anything and even more upset when McCree told her so. AA is already running to them so they can decide her nominations. Looks like Helen and Ellissa are going up with Helen as the target. Not the best case scenerio but i dislike Amanda more than anyone else in the house. Be nice to see helen scramble all week. So, this week will be a little different. HA HA Helen help evict everyone who would have been a vote to keep her.

    1. Yes, Helen is supposedly a political strategist. But it has been so bewildering to watch her week after week after week voting out people who would keep her if she was ever on the block and who would vote for her to win if she ends up in final two. For me that has been the most confusing thing this summer

  57. Addh would help in physical events not brain power which Arryn had to guess the correct tunes. I want Arryn to win BB. She is great at comps and beautiful. Barbie & Arryn are twins. For sure she puts up Spencer and Elissa. She doesn’t have it in her to make a big move it would come from Amanda, lets see what she (am) decides to put up, it’s her game to lose.

  58. my problem with the whole amanda coming back theory is she SUCKS at challenges. she can’t even win one when people are throwing it for her. not that judd, candice and jessie are that great either, but unless it was somehow balanced in her favor like the POV that elissa won with the numbers, i really don’t see her winning against 3 people who will not throw it to her..

  59. I was thinking when that HOH comp came up….”Here we go, one set up so Elissa and Helen can win,” and they were out right away! Hoping whoever comes back next week really shakes up the house.

  60. Sadly it seems like Aaryn is becoming more of a tolerable person now. Who deserves to win this game at this point America??

  61. I wonder if Aaryn will get to play in the next HOH since there will be a returning player and most likely the returning player will participate in the HOH. Kind of like a reset.

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