Andy says he knows Jessie is mad at him she said goodnight to me and it was kind of c**ty.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


12:50am In the kitchen – Ginamarie tells Spencer to come into the bathroom, I want to show you something. She takes him to the bathroom stall and says look at this. She reads aloud “Jessie K loves Dan was here” Spencer laughs that’s kind of funny did she write that? Gina says yeah. Elissa asks if that’s a camera or a mic. Spencer says a mic. Aaryn joins them and comments that there are camera’s in the bathroom stalls and showers – It was in the packet, it’s for safety so that we don’t go in there and hurt ourselves.

1am Up in the HOH room – Helen, Gina, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy are hanging out talking. Everyone talks about how Jessie ruined the havenot happy hour. They talk about how Jessie asked Ginamarie if she was going to miss her when she was gone. Aaryn tells them that Amanda is done in the havenot room telling Jessie everything starting with the veto competition. Andy questions why she would do that? That makes me look bad. Aaryn says I guess for jury votes. Andy storms out of the HOH room. McCrae says that he doesn’t know what Amanda is thinking. He says that kind of screws me because my goodbye message was “Jessie if you’re seeing this, I don’t know what happened, you’re too smart for your own good maybe that’s probably why you’re leaving.” Jessie joins them and says good night ya’ll and leaves. Andy joins them and says he knows Jessie was mad at him she said goodnight to me and it was kind of c**ty. Andy says that he hasn’t talked to Amanda yet but that he is pissed. Aaryn says that she is going to question Amanda about what she was talking about with Jessie. Aaryn says Amanda is trying to smooth things over to try and get her jury vote.

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Meanwhile in the Havenot room – Amanda is talking to Jessie. Jessie says when I needed her she was not there, when I called for her name she did not answer. Jessie and Amanda laugh. Jessie says my best case scenario was to throw her under the bus in hopes that you would see that her and I would work together again. Amanda is talking to Jessie. Amanda says and she said you told her that if you stayed you would be loyal to her for the rest of the game. Jessie says I didn’t say that, she probably just told you that to scare you. Jessie says and it worked you believe her. Amanda says I knew you were most likely going home the moment you were nominated. Jessie says she thought so from the moment Andy nominated her. Amanda says she doesn’t think Jessie was Andy’s target. Amanda knows that Jessie’s big plan was to get Andy to back door me. Jessie agrees and says it wasn’t the best plan. Amanda tells Jessie their strategy to knock her out of the veto. Amanda says out of respect for Andy no of us were going to use it. Jessie asks if Andy ever said I was the pawn. Elissa joins them. Amanda says yeah he told us that. Amanda says that you wronged us a little more than Spencer. Jessie and Amanda end their conversation. Amanda tells Elissa that she told Jessie that she is basically leaving. Amanda says long story short Elissa and Helen have never done anything to betray me. Elissa says I want her to come back in here and tell you because I did not say any of that stuff and I want her to admit it to you before she goes. Amanda asks if Helen did? Elissa says I don’t think so. Amanda says I don’t think you had anything to do with it. I didn’t think you put me up as MVP. Amanda says I don’t think after me fighting to keep you here, I don’t think you would be fighting to get me out. I trust you more than I trust Helen 100%. I would rather take you to the final 3 to be honest with you. I can’t even say that I would want to take McCrae over you because I can’t beat him. Amanda says what she thinks happened last week is that Jessie said to Helen that Amanda wanted to backdoor Helen and then Helen told Elissa that so Elissa said Amanda should go. Elissa says she never said she wanted Amanda out last week, and she wanted Spencer out that week. Elissa says that Helen never mentioned anything to her except that Judd and Jessie were trying to flip the house, and then that Judd wasn’t involved after Helen said she had talked to Judd. Andy joins them. He tells Amanda that Aaryn came up to the HOH room and said that she didn’t think you were selling me out but that.. Amanda tells them what she said to Jessie.

1:30am In the lounge room – Helen talks to McCrae. Helen tells McCrae that she is keeping Amanda here for him. Helen says that she is scared that Amanda is going to believe Jessie. She says that Jessie is trying to throw her under the bus to make me out to be the mastermind behind trying to get Amanda evicted. Helen tells him that she wonders if his final 3 deal with her is real or fake since Amanda is doubting her. Helen tells McCrae that she hasn’t been targeting Amanda and that she knows that everyone would come after her if she did. McCrae says that Amanda can’t go home next week. McCrae says that he doesn’t want to go up against Elissa in the final two because he thinks she has a good chance of winning the game. Helen agrees. Helen says that Elissa will come out of this game pretty clean because I have been making the moves and getting the blood on my hands. McCrae says that he wonders if Elissa might be pretending not to be good at competitions and she could start trying to win them at some point. McCrae says that he thinks she could win an endurance competition. Andy joins them.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:45am Helen tells Andy about how Jessie was telling Amanda that Helen and Elissa were leading the charge to get Amanda out. Helen asks hy would I lead the charge and have all you guys come after me? McCrae says that he doesn’t think Amanda would believe that. Andy says that Amanda doesn’t believe anything Jessie says. Helen says that Jessie was pleading with her to let her stay one more week because she wanted more camera time. Helen says that she is worried that Jessie is going to taint the Jury against her. Helen says that before Candice left the house she told her and Elissa that the one person she could trust in this game is Jessie. McCrae leaves. Andy and Helen continue to talk. Helen says that she is worried about Spencer. She says that she thinks he would put up her and Amanda. Andy says don’t let him win HOH! Helen wonders who Ginamarie would put up if she won HOH. Andy says that he doesn’t know but says he made a deal with her not to put him up. Andy says that he thinks they could steer Ginamarie to put up Spencer and Elissa to get Spencer out. Andy tells Helen that he really likes this thing we have with McCrae! Helen agrees.

2am Up in the HOH room – Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Helen are talking about random things. They realize after tomorrows eviction they will all have their own beds to sleep in. McCrae says it’s a milestone and says that he hopes they get a smaller table tomorrow. Amanda tells them that Elissa was being funny earlier when she was talking to Jessie. Amanda says that Jessie was trying to talk to me privately and Elissa came in and just stood there staring at us. Amanda says that Jessie was trying to drop the hint to Elissa to leave but she wasn’t going anywhere. Helen tells them what Jessie told her to try and get her to keep her. Helen says that Jessie wanted another week of camera time to try and repair her image. Helen says that she told Jessie they have cameras in jury. Helen says it made her sad for Jessie when she was crying about looking bad on the show. Helen says that Jessie was really pushing for Spencer to go this week instead because is if far more dangerous and that Jessie would throw the HOH/POV competitions. Helen says that she doesn’t understand why Jessie would tell her she will do all Helen’s dirty work if she keeps her and then tell Amanda that I can’t be trusted. McCrae says because Jessie a flip flopper. Helen says that Jessie is trying to ruin my game before leaving. Amanda says that no one can trust anything Jessie says. McCrae says that it killed Jessie that none of the guys wanted a showmance with her. They all agree Judd will be happy to see Jessie walk out the door and into jury. They laugh about how when Judd won HOH Jessie brought her suit case up and the very next day she was a havenot. They finish talking and leave the HOH room. McCrae and Amanda decide to play a game of chess.

2:30am In the bathroom – Helen and Ginamarie are talking. Ginamarie and Helen agree that they aren’t coming after each other. Helen says that she wants Ginamarie to stay in the house. Helen talks about how she really likes Aaryn. Ginamarie agrees and says she does too. Ginamarie says her and Aaryn fight like sisters but we always make up. Ginamarie says I am generally a happy person and if things work out with Nick I will be even happier. They talk about Jessie and Ginamarie says that even when Nick was in the house she and him would never talk in front of Jessie because she knew Jessie couldn’t be trusted. They continue to talk about how Jessie flips each week and kisses a$$ with whoever is in power. Ginamarie says and just yesterday Jessie said just watch what happens I’m going to make everyone hate each other. Gina says that Jessie was so happy when Aaryn and I were fighting. Gina says everyone just needs to stay calm and not let Jessie stir sh*t up. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Andy and Spencer are talking about a final three deal with McCrae. Spencer says that he thinks Aaryn is playing the middle of McCrae/Amanda and Helen/Elissa. Spencer says that he doesn’t know how Aaryn fits into the puzzle. Andy says that he thinks people are giving Aaryn too much credit for he HOH wins. He says that Jeremy really won that one the he gave to her. Spencer leaves and joins Ginamarie in the bathroom. She tells him that it will be a unanimous vote to evict Jessie tomorrow. She says she will give him a look to tell him he is good. Spencer says thank you and heads to bed.

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3am Up in the HOH – McCrae, Andy and Amanda are talking. McCrae tells that about is conversation with Helen in the lounge earlier. He says that Helen was paranoid about her final three deal with McCrae and Andy. He says that Helen was worried it was just a way to keep tabs on her. McCrae says what are the odds that she would even think of that?! Andy tells Amanda and McCrae how Spencer wanted to make a final three deal with him and McCrae. McCrae says that Helen doesn’t want us to go after Aaryn. He says that Helen is getting really close with her. Amanda is surprised that Helen doesn’t want Aaryn to go up at all. Amanda says it’s imperative that Helen goes home! We have two weeks to get rid of her. McCrae tells them that he is worried Helen is catching on to us. Andy reassured them that she isn’t. Andy says that Spencer will go after Helen and Elissa. Amanda says that’s what he told her too. McCrae says Andy needs to stay close to Helen to know what she’s up to. Andy says that he loves Helen but it has to be done. McCrae says that Helen is too good. Andy says that Helen will tell him if she suspects something is up. They talk about how easy it will be to get Elissa out after Helen because she will be lost without Helen. Amanda says that she thinks the best way to get rid of Helen is to put up Spencer and Elissa and then back door Helen. McCrae says that Helen could win veto and take Elissa off the block, so they decide it would be better to put Spencer and Ginamarie up. Amanda and McCrae head downstairs.


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:25am – 4am In the lounge – McCrae and Amand talk about how they don’t want Ginamarie or Spencer to win the HOH. They talk about what the upcoming HOH competition will be. McCrae says that he wants to win it so bad. Amanda says that she needs to win it. They worry about Helen getting suspicious and McCrae tells Amanda not to tell Elissa anything because it will get back to Helen. Amanda says that she isn’t scared to be evicted anymore and says she is happy with the game she played. She tells McCrae that she loves him and wants them to be the first showmance to make it to final two. She says we’re so close. McCrae says that he thinks Elissa would pick Amanda over him. Amanda tells McCrae that he’s pulling a Judd. She asks him if he wants her gone? Amanda says the way you think sometimes is insulting. She says you’re thinking like a person that wants me out! McCrae says that he is worried that Helen will win HOH and put us up. Amanda says she doesn’t think Helen would do that. Amanda and McCrae then head to bed.

7:55am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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surely people are catching onto how amanda ALWAYS says the word “me” and not “we.” surely they see how she is only planning for herself right? im really just watching this season just to see if amanda is finally kicked off. there is strategy and good game play going on, but i dont appreciate the bb game because its very one sided.

Ginger Rat

Totally agree about DeManda. And supposively Judd was playing the most selfish game


Whoever wins tonight needs to put up Helen AND Amanda… of them will for sure go home. I think Spencer’s the only one who will do it, so GO Spencer.


and these are the morons that wanted to keep amanduh around……………. she is sellin them out left n right.


“Ginamarie says I am generally a happy person and if things work out with Nick I will be even happier.”

Alex Forrest still delusional, I see. She got double dose of “rude awakening” when she gets out. Lost her job and Nick don’t like her in the way she pretends he does.

rs wilson

this is when it gets good you know that Helen and Amanda don’t have a chance so its between other 6


Goodbye season 15 of bb. I don’t know why I can’t stop watching it, but i’ll say I’m gone, but i’ll be back tomorrow goodbye.


Every year when BB tanks (the last 5 years for me…and this year was the earliest ever), I head to Youtube and watch an old GOOD season. So this year I’ve been re-watching All Stars and I’m at final 4. Watching All Stars, then coming here to see what’s happening is like watching the Heat versus the Spurs, then reading the recap of a junior high game…


All Stars, S8 and S2 were THE BEST EVER. HANDS DOWN.


Getting good. Just about everyone wants to win next HOH. Fear is rampant at last!


If there was one positive to Judd being evicted is that it seems to have put some fear into people’s hearts, because he was a pretty established player.


Couldn’t believe that Amanda pulled down her pants and stuck her hands into her thong and powder her wussy. The look on Andy and Spencer face was totally PRICELESS!!


Yep the demure Amanda, she’s reaching in her crotch in front everyone. Yet whatever Howard said, she never heard before…..LOL! Amanda literally rapes McCrae, jumps on top of Candice and talks about strapping a dildo on and going at Candice…LOL! Yet but Howard said something so heinous that Amanda thought she was being raped.


She is completely shameless.


all these people suck

Still Too Soon Helen??

I think that would be my greeting to her in the JH.

Helen has successfully gotten rid of everyone who would vote for her to stay, save for Elissa. And now Jessie is going out the door too; flip flopper or not, Jessie would have grabbed any life line thrown her way.

I’m going to be glad when Helen gets blindsided.

Amanda makes me sick though; i wish they’d get her out as well, but it’s looking more doubtful. Unless Poopie gets everyone working for her – which would suck as well.

This year just bites. And it’s funny to see them all talk about how they are great players.

Someone mentioned earlier, it would be fun to see Will or Dan eat them alive.


Everyone in that house flip flops. It’s so hypocritical when hgs say that. This one has to go no this one has to go. Judd is on our side Judd needs to be back rooted. If Helen had protected Jess this week, Jess would’ve been so grateful. Plus Jessie has been pretty consistent saying Amanda has to go. Helen herself even stated after Jess went up that she knew if Jessie stayed she would try to evict Amanda. Then Jessie saw Helen again didn’t have an ally’s back so she tried to do something about it instead of sitting in her room waiting for the inevitable. I don’t blame her. Helen’s other mistake is never shutting up. She’s starting to question Andy’s loyalty and her f3 deal, even if she realizes she needs to save Jessie for a vote, it’s going to be hard to sell that to the rest.

helen is clueless

Exactly. Helen is afraid of Spencer. And and not only is she getting rid of Jessie she’s bashing her so much no one will buy it if she tries to save Jess today.


I cannot believe you guys still cannot see that Helen is not to be blamed on saying not yet. She knows that they do not have the numbers. Look at what is happening to Jessie now and what will happen to Helen and Elissa. Andy is the snake on Helen and Elissa alliance. Amanda has Mccrea and Andy on her side. Helen trust snake Andy who keeps on selling her out to Amanda. Helen/Elissa must win HOH. If that happens Aryan and also maybe Andy ( i doubt it ) will turn against AMMC alliance. Spencer might say something. Even if Howard or Judd have stayed Helen/Elissa still looses as they will surely side with Mccrea and Mccrea is with Amanda. Helen/Elissa is outnumbers and they still do. What kind of privilege does Amanda has with BB AMMC is always in The HOH ROOM?


Just watched last nights episode. Andy thinks he is so badass for getting Jessie out of the house. I do’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of people being scared to get blood on their hands. I’ve never seen a season where they don’t want to get the “strong” players out. Even though there doesn’t really seem to be a strong player left. I hope that Spencer wins HOH. Seems like he will do what he wants. Was awesome seeing Amanda get pissed because he didn’t throw the comp. I think he would put Amanda up because she was the reason Howard is out.

Pinnocchio Obama

Big Brother how is this for a twist? Let America vote for one houseguest that they want to evict and send them packing.

Amanda or Andy would be my choice.

Pinnocchio Obama

The fact that I didn’t mention Helen, Aaryn, Spencer and GinaMarie for an America’s Choice eviction shows just how f’d up this house really is.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if whoever comes back from jury was given HOH upon returning and said the “first 5 people to come kiss my arse will be safe from nominations”, and when Helen is the first one up there (doesn’t matter who comes back) they say “sike, it’s Andy and Amanda” then backdoor Helen.

rs wilson

now you now how to play the game


can’t wait for the hoh comp, hoping it’s endurance like many others. helen better win tonight or the pov saturday, ’cause it sounds like she’s about to get caught under the steamroller she helped put in motion.

what would elissa do without helen…threaten to self-evict again? it’s gonna be a great week!

rs wilson

maybe she can try explaining math again she way more stupid than I thought


production should be ashamed of themselves, don’t ‘ya know they put her up to that! i’m not an elissa or brenchel fan, but elissa seems nice enough. i still haven’t figured out why they put her in the house, though.


As much as I can’t stand Helen and would love to see her completely blindsided, for game purposes, they need to get Amanda out! The only hope of that happening is if Helen or Elissa win HOH tonight. Please, Please, Please!!!


Let’s recap. Before the big fight Helen said she KNEW Jessie would go after Mcranda. She also says Jessie needs constant affirmation. So why not cultivate that?? Cultivate the sure vote. Instead she’s kissing Aaryn and GM’s ass and all worried about who might put her and Elissa up.I’m glad Jessie found out so she wouldn’t get so blindsided but from Helen’s view, even if she still wanted Jess out she should’ve made sure Jessie didn’t feel insecure. She handled this so poorly and now she’s scrambling.

Still Too Soon Helen??

If you go back and watch the feeds, Jessie was also telling the truth about Helen wanting to blindside Amanda – then lied about it.

Jessie is going out for basically telling the truth.

I agree – Helen could manipulate her so easily; instead, she’s acting like a coward, and just doing Amanda’s bidding for her. Without realizing it.

I think she’s started to suspect; yet she will still vote to get Jessie out, unanimously.

I hope Jessie greets her laughing in the JH, laughing.


helen has been hangin’ on to her “kumbaya” strategy too long, and it will end her game unless she gets some kind of power. it’s her own fault for not acting fast enough, and resting on her laurels.

Say What

I love how everyone wants the other guy to make the big move, but when they become HOH. They always place the two house guests with no power on the block. Now here is Gina saying that if Spencer wins HOH, he probably put up Aaryn and her, calling it a p#$$y move. LOL! Oh yes Gina, and the move where you put up Candice and Jessie, that was what? A power move….LOL!

Varys Blackfyre

I understand that this is a game where you have to lie to other people to get ahead, but the lying to oneself is just crazy lol. And why would you expect the person getting evicted to be nice to you? This is why I know I would never do well in the big brother house. I would be upfront about who I want out and why.


I feel the exact same way! Except, I think that a houseguest like that would be amazing! If I am ever fortunate enough to get in the house, that is exactly how I will play. Screw the backdoor. I’ll nominate you and then personally escort you right out the door…smiling the entire way. I would want to be drenched in blood by the time I won the game

Huge Elissa Fan

I LOVE Elissa. Hope she wins the game! Its gotta be hard for her as she came in immediately with a target on her back by being Rachels sister so thats been sortof unfair. And she cant really freak out at anyone or be obnoxious or speak boldly even as she has to be careful so that the HG dont get threatened by her if they see she is like her sister. So she has no choice but to play a lay low, listen, be quiet kind of game. Which on the other hand screws her too as now they think shes dumb and doesnt bring anything to the table/easily disposable. Even though she actually is smart, observant, has balls/not afraid of making big moves etc. She needs to win HOH. Fingers crossed.

We love Elissa

I’m so inspired by watching her do yoga I actually started taking yoga and I’m on my way to figuring out how to make protein muffins yay Elissa I hope she wins she beautiful inside and out even with cosmetic surgery. Elissa for HOH


I don’t know how anyone can love a girl that is so frighteningly stupid, not to mention likely the biggest floater of all time.

Jeff had an interview with Rachel a few days ago for CBS and Rachel called her sister the biggest floater this season.

She’s just pathetic.


HAHAHAHAHA, c’mon, really……HAHAHAHAHA, I’m gonna bust a gut……HAHAHAHAHA, you are as delusional and ignorant as any of season 15 cast members. Elissa is a total waste of space and an oxygen thief. She has NO game AT ALL, period!!!! Her over coming adversity……what a joke, if her ugly sister’s fans hadn’t voted this slime ball MVP (and who knows if they did or CBS just gave it to her) she would have been GONE!! Your hero is a conformist in the highest degree. She is Helen’s pet monkey. Sure she runs her hole with big talk but that is all it is, talk. Did you see the VETO competition last night? She passed on the last round and allowed RatBastardAndy to win. She is dumb, dumb, dumb.

Elissa fan

You need to take it easy try yoga it’s just a show I have no real reason to not like her as far as the other house guest I don’t like the things they do I started out as an Amanda fan and got turned off. Along with Aaryn, Hellen, gina marie Andy McCray spencer etc so I like Elissa she fabulous just like Candice


Dream World !!! Spencer wins HOH, ( I said a dream ) Mcramda gives him her nom orders, Hell-en gives him her nom orders, at the nom ceremony Spencer nominates Amanda and Helen . in his speech tells them he knows they are why he has been on the block 5 times and its time for the house to choose sides, and he closes with, oh yea if the veto is used your #2 will be the replacement and yes I already know i’ll be on the block next week, big woop !!! Game on creepers


Need to put up Amanda and McCrae this week for there to be any sides going forward. Otherwise Helen and Elissa are gone and the rest of the peeps except Spencer are all on 1 side.


ok…..for the 100th time. ENOUGH WITH THE “BLOOD ON MY HANDS”.


people, NO ONE really has blood on their hands right now. what chilltown did to season 6, that was bloody.
what Helen and andy have done thus far? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

its been a freaking GROUP house vote almost the entire season. you gotta be kidding me. “blood on my hands”. oh sheesh.

Tellie J

What they (Amanda and Helen) don’t seem to understand is that at the end the blood is on their hands because everyone knows who is running the house. Judd knew when Aaryn put him up it was due to the influences in the house. So just because they are not the ones directly putting them on the block, people know who’s behind those desicison.

Tellie J

I’ve seen some comments that Amanda plays a great game and I do not agree with that. Amanda is just lucky enough to have 2 very loyal people in her alliance (that could win comeptions and peoples trust) that has never jumped ship. The moving company would still be here today if his alliance members didn’t turn on him. It’s only due to the loyalty of Andy and McCrae as to why Amanda is still here. And Helen only made them stronger by eliminatin her own alliance members. So now of they try to eliminate Helen the only person who would try to seek revenge is Elissa. Helen screwed herself.

Tellie J

When I was referring to the moving company I meant Jeremy specifically. The moving company would still be here if they didn’t turn on Jeremy.


The Moving company played too hard too fast. An alliance like that has to let anyone go but themselves but they pushed against the logical move of using Elissa for the MVP vote and the houseguest knew something was not right. You don’t try to wield power like that week 2, you go with the flow. Staying loyal would have exposed them soon after anyway.


If the rat was loyal to Helen, Amanda would be gone. Hate to say but right now he’s the determining factor.

Tellie J

I agree.


Amanda earned their trust, she is very open about what she wants and discusses everything with them. In that conversation with Jessie, she covered Andy’s ass a couple of times. She has helped his covert game on many occasions. She is also very persuasive, and will call someone out if they cross her. People want to stay on her good side. Players like Evel Dick get a lot of credit for that game. People just don’t want to give Amanda any credit right now because they dislike her. It was the same for him during ED’s season. But it’s only the halfway point, lots of time for it to blow up on her.
Your right Helen has slowly backed herself into a corner over the last several eliminations with bad moves but between Amanda’s forcefulness and Andy’s loyalty to Amanda, she hasn’t had many easy options. Your also right about luck. But it’s always a factor in the game, not just for players you don’t like.

Gramma Zimmerman

Gina, give up on Nick. You delusional loon!!! That boy wouldn’t have anything to do with a crazed bitch like you. You know there are stalking laws.
Won’t be surprised to see you at the finale with a ball gag and wearing a white straight jacket.

Ginger Rat

Nick better come out of the closet or pretend that he is gay, or else he’s f*cked!!!


Would love to see Nick and rat boy dating! Remember all the times Nick was checking Andy butt out and staring. Gina would probably still not get it!!!


I hope 3AM would turn on each other because of Elissa or Helen HoH. Amanda would stabbed Aaryn in the back or McCrae would turn on Amanda because of whining and crying.


I’m gonna take a drink after anyone in this house says “I don’t want blood on my hands” and “I’m doing what the house wants” or “I have to vote with the house”. It’s funny how lame this season is. It’s so predictable. Jessie will get evicted then GM and Spencer will be on the block unless they win HOH! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when this game actually gets interesting. They might as well just give the check to Amanda and her boy toy now esp if they manage to get Helen out, there will be no competition left! Also if Rat Andy thinks he will win this game aligning with Amanda and McCrae his gameplay is stupider than I thought! Don’t these dumb dumbs realize if they would have gotten Amanda out weeks also there would be no “house”. Duh.


Andy thinks him and Aaryn are partners and they are going to go to the final 2 together, I think out of those 4, Andy will be the first to go.

After watching the feeds last night Helen might be realizing things are not what she thought. Elissa with Amanda, is either unable to speak coherently, or she talks like that to make people think she is stupid. Elissa game plan is to agree with whoever she is speaking with, or say hmmmmm, you think, or whatever. I think we will find out a lot about Elissa if she ever wins HOH.


“She reads aloud “Jessie K loves Dan was here” Spencer laughs that’s kind of funny did she write that? Gina says yeah.”

Hmmm, now why don’t you take a real long and close look in the mirror GM? Because, at least Jessie is not talking about her and mom stalking someone or killing the b**ch if Nick is married. Man, this chick is seriously whack and delusional. I hope I never see her on the streets of NY. Because, I would truly tell her I saw her on BB and she came off as being totally mentally unbalanced with some serious personal issues that warranted several different doctor’s visits.


“Gina, leave that poor boy (Nick) alone…”

Next season

How about in future seasons (if there is one after this dreadful season)
1. The head of households decides who he/she wants on the block immediately after their HOH win?
2. Ban the use of ‘what the house wants’.
3. No more crazy house guests who need crazy pills!!
4. Screen ahead of time to eliminate bigots.
5. Hide dangerous weapons in the house (lol…kidding)

Rainbow Banner

reply to : ‘NEXT SEASON’!
You are right. Let HOH decide who they want up.
We great to see a whole house on crazy meds and then BB starts mixing them up and tells them to choose just one pill, eyes closed when selecting…lol. Okay, maybe just won bigot and she/he can be a dwarf who is a hermaphrodite!!
How about hiding dildos as ‘weapons” throughout the house? (This seasons females would have worn them out.


EWWW. that is disgusting! Is it possible to find a hermaphrodite dwarf who has irritable bowel syndrome? I think we have 2 full bodies ones with Gina and Amanda already.


Can you imagine Elissa left in the house without Helen? Elissa is clueless. She wouldn’t even know GinaMarie except from all the farts GM passes. She might be wandering around still looking for Howard and that girl Pepperment Patty who was married to Howie. She may still be running to the DR asking why Judd is winning the MVP and asking where he is. She is getting Amanda mixed up with Spencer cause Amanda has shaved her legs in 2 months.
Worst of all she thinks McCrap is her sister!!!


Love how these house guests are talking about jury votes and they are not even their yet.
Love how Hell-en is campaigning for jury votes and America’s favourite (British Spelling) vote.
Pity I am not American to vote against her.


of course you can vote for America’s Favourite. I am a Brit in the West Indies who votes all the time via on-line. I can’t subscribe to feeds from here but watch BB on cable telly whilst swatting mozzies and enjoying my VAT ( vodka and tonic). Must admit I do get me knickers in a twist when BB is delayed due to American footie.


Is the alliance between Andy, McCrae and Helen fake on Andy and McCrae’s part?


can someone please tell me when this fake alliance first formed? what day/timestamp?? i don’t get what andy and mccrae could have possibly said to helen to make her believe mccrae would get in a final 3 alliance without amanda…?.


I agree with Varys Blackfyre these people seem to believe their own lies. What a wake up call it will be when the show is over. JESSIE AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!

Ginger Rat

Actually Andy, you are kind of c*nty…in a ratt-ish sort of way!


This is the most boring big brother that has ever aired…


3am is in total control even if elissa or helen wins hoh all 4 of them will be safe because helen is so blinded by andy. I hate mccrae or amanda so much I really hope aaryn wins final 5 hoh final 4 veto and final hoh and takes all 3 of them out and brings gm to final 2 it will be a horrible final 2 but I rather it be them then mcmanda or andy. Aaryn has to know gm is the only one she can beat in final 2 so hopefully her peds pay off and she starts winning everything.

Rainbow Banner

And you wonder why Andy the rat bitch is still playing with MANda? At the very beginning she told pointed ears that she was huge fag hag and how much she loves gay men. Too bad he didn’t ever grow real man balls like Amanda grew her some ka-knockers!!


Guess all the Amanda Lovers have left the Building ;-)
I can not think of anyone else in the house that has done something to get this far in the game (maybe Aaryn) other than her…she is a disgusting puke, but never the less, she has taken actions.
As Much as I hate Spencer, I hope he wins the HOH so that next week I will look forward to whoever is going home.
But it will probably one of the Boring Blonde Girls who wins and puts up Spencer and a Pawn…yeah ;-(
I actually stopped watching and only go to this site now…Simon, can you add JURY on the folks that are there ;-)
Bye Jesse…Would be nice if all the Greyed Out Faces were in the house and the others were out!!!


This will the be the third week in a row I have not watched any of the episodes including the live evictions. There’s no point. I am stunned that this season has been this boring. If Amanda does in fact wind up “winning” then it will only prove that earlier report that the show was rigged for her to win correct.

Can we skip to Nick telling GM he’s gay and then straight to next season?


Idiots…The so called House is just Helen +sidekick Elissa and Amanda +sidekick MC. Aaryn, Spencer,GM,Jessie,Judd,Candance should have put their hatred aside and team up to get the 2 Witches out! Any is in the middle and everyone should know he tells everything and is the RAT of the house.


LMAO, do you really think Helen will backdoor Amanda if she wins HOH? She’s all talk but in the end “it’s too early” for her to make any big moves. I’d rather have Amanda/McCrae win HOH so that they’ll backdoor Helen!


The ONLY piece of information that Andy has withheld from Mc/A is his F2 alliance with Aaryn. Hjs endgame strategy is obvious. Amanda and Mcduck will choke on a big piece of cheese.


“I never said my name was helen!…I never said I was married and had kids!…Elissa who? I don’t know anyone named elissa! Whoever said that is a liar!”


When Helen gets evicted and Julie calls her out (like Jessie did), it would be funny as hell if she denied it and called Julie a liar and ran off the stage! LOL

No name

Helen is so stupid if she believes Andy and what’s his face. I agree with many of the comments this years game sucks!


Even if Spencer won HOH, mcrea will influence him because they are in the man alliance. In the past ,the reason no one would put up amanda, because she had alliances with mostly everyone. Things should change next week, we only hope.

Judd's granny

After Jessie leaves, they should introduce a new HG_Wiener. Helen would start jumping up and down saying: OMG! IT’S WIENER! I LOVE WIENER!!

Jessies Vag Discharge

can someone explain what the hell this means “Jessie K loves Dan was here” ???? In reference to gina marie pointing out this was written on bathroom wall. wtf? makes no sense. jessie loves dan gheesling? was here??


Dan wrote on the bathroom stall wall “Dan was here” and someone (maybe Jessie or maybe someone else) wrote “Jessie K loves” before Dan’s name.


Has anyone else lost their Live Feed. Time Warner is my internet provider and this morning when I tried to login the URL directs to a page ending with “blocked” – can’t get on via iPad or laptop either. Has Time Warner now blocked


Egad, the more I see of McPussy the more I loathe him.


i belive since alot of people want heln out hoh will go like this elssia wins hoh saves helen then amanda turns on aryan then aryan tell elssia the truth about amanda an macre want helen out the spencer wil tell the same truth in elssia wil ask andy an andy will lie then elssia an helen will know where he stand in tell him they know about him in if amanda or mcrea comes down he going up

elssia win hoh
put up amanda an macre

my predictions mcrea goes home this week after jesse

what you think simon


my preditctions the first big move mcrea goes jury


I’m sure GM wrote that in the bathroom, who else did they say was stinking up the house? Plus, she’s childish like that, but the idiot didn’t finish writing what she was going to write! You did it GM, you made a BIG move while moving your bowels!!! You are the winner of BB15!!!!

Jessies Vag Discharge

but what the hell is it supposed to mean??? dan gheesling? jessie loves dan gheesling? was here? dan gheesling was in the house? and jessie loves him? what???? its like on what universe does that make sense or is that funny??? i just cant deal with these people anymore, its absurd