GM wasn’t worried about Jessie stealing Nick away “He knows the snap and the look.. he was whipped”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


5:01pm Amanda and Aaryn
Amanda: “I want to solidify something with Ginamarie.. does she have any final deals with anybody”
Aaryn: “with me final 2.. “
Amanda wants to get a final 4 with GM, her, Aaryn and Andy.
Aaryn is is scared because when GM gets freaked out she’ll spill the beans, “Everyone will know we are working together”
Amanda wants to make sure GM doesn’t put her and McCrae up together.
Aaryn is certain she will not.
Amanda thinks going into next week they have all of their bases covered no matter what.
Aaryn brings up McCrae’s plan that involved putting her up as a replacement nominee.
Amanda says she told McCrae no. McCrae is just trying to figure out a plan that will make people think they are not all working together.
Amanda adds that McCrae would put up Helen and Elissa he had suggested putting Aaryn up if the Veto is played. Amanda told McCrae she doesn’t like that idea.

Amanda says Helen is getting evicted in the next two weeks no matter what.
Aaryn: “I will not put you and McCrae up no matter what “
Amanda says the same and she will make sure McCrae doesn’t put her up, “It’s too risky”
Aaryn wants Spencer gone before Gm. Amanda Agrees. She says if Gm gets power she needs to take out Helen.
Amanda now says Spencer or Helen have to go next week that is why Spencer must be nominated.
Amanda adds the only thing that could happen is if Elissa wins the veto and takes Helen down in which case Spencer goes home and they have two enemies in the house.
Amanda says the dangers of Spencer is he might put her and Aaryn up on the block but will not put Andy and McCrae. The dangers of Helen is she has numbers she can get ELissa to do her dirty work. Amanda: “It would be nice if Spencer won HOH he would not put us up this week he will put up Elissa and Helen.. if POV is used probably GM goes up”
Amanda doesn’t like McCrae’s plans they are too complicated and use too many pawns.

Amanda tells her that Andy, McCrae and Spencer are going to solidify their final 3 just to make it real .

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:04pm Bathroom McCrae and Spencer

McCrae: ‘I’m thinking that maybe me you and Andy should make a final 3 or something.. f****ing boys alliance or something”
S: ‘I’m down.. I was hoping for that anyways”
MC says him, Amanda and Andy are close but they never really talked about anything.
MC: “No one will see it coming.. Amanda I think I can beat her in the finals.. if we get to final 5 you can take out Amanda”
S: “Ya i’m down”
They agree to talk about it some more tonight

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


5:10pm Bedroom Spencer and Amanda
Spencer mentions how Jessie has been campaigning to Elissa and Helen. She tells Spencer there is no f***g way they are keeping Jessie. She points out how next week is a big deal in this game a Power move is going to be played. She warns him that the same people that are coming after her are the same that are going after Spencer. Spencer says if he wins HOH he’s putting up Helen and Elissa. Amanda would do the something along those lines. She thinks Helen is much scarier than Elissa.
Amanda: ‘If Helen goes ELissa will most likely come to me”
Spencer says once helen goes Elissa will have no insulation. They agree Elissa doesn’t win anything so she’s safer to keep in the house. Amanda reassure him that he’s safe next week. Spencer is worried that someone will make a pu$$y move and put up GM and him.
Amanda tells him he isn’t going anywhere this week and next week.
Amanda says she knows there was truth in Jessie, helen and elissa trying to get her out of the house a couple weeks ago. Helen just couldn’t get the votes so she stopped the plan.

Amanda: “I trust you more than I trust Aaryn.. because I don’t know what Aaryn will do with Ginamarie”
Amanda says she only trusts McCrae, Spencer and Andy.
Spencer says he likes Amanda in the beginning their game took different directions but now they are back on the same path. Spencer adds that Elissa and Helen want him out for personal reasons.
Amanda: “you are going to make it far.. you’re not the big target anymore”


6:20pm Chit Chat


6:24pm HOH Everyone but Aaryn and Jessie

Amanda tells them about Jessie flirting with McCrae. Amanda called her out on it and ever since that Jessie has been gunning after her. Amanda brings up Jessie asking MC to hold her hair. She gives MC a hard time for saying yes. Gm says she did the same thing to Nick and she gave him a look and he put his head down and walked away from Jessie, “Ya he knows the snap and the look” (LOL)

Elissa: ‘Nick was whipped from Ginamarie” (HAHAHA the look on Elissa’s face)
Helen says she was so abused by JEremy during the first couple weeks she never noticed the showmances.
Ginamarie says Jessie would stretch and flare her a$$ out in front of Spencer and howard all the time.

Amanda Says Jessie told McCrae that the only reason McCrae is with Amanda Is she has big T!tS.
Helen thinks that is messed up that Jessie would have said that to McCrae. MC thinks that is what Jessie tells herself to explain why he doesn’t like her.

Helen says Jessie is pretty girl and very nice she should have the confidence in herself. Amanda thinks JEssie had horrible social skills.
Helen points out when JEssie is on the ball she’s a pleasant person to be around.
Amanda: “It’s funny because a month ago I was thinking.. Jessie is in the best position in the house and she f**** that up bad”
MC: “I don’t’ know how she got on the show.. what made her special”
Spencer: “She’s attractive”
Amanda thinks it’s because she wanted a showmance so bad they threw her in the house with all these strong women.
Spencer: “she went after 5 of the guys”


7:02pm HOH group chatting about Big Brother Canada . Andy does the Gary slop freakout on the ground.
(We posted all the feed highlights for Big Brother Canada on YouTube check the posts out here )


7:08pm GM and Aaryn replace Specner’s and Amanda/McCrae’s pillows with Mung bean sacks.

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plz oh plz let all those fake alliances bite demanda and mcpussy in the butt.

and spencer, you now have dirt on demanda. do something with it plz.

Uri Dequad

Go figure…Amanda’s fat ass and McPu$$y
on the HOH bed. As much as she talks about
staining her underwear and smelling like
onoins I would not want her anywhere near it!

Is anyone else tired of the whispering and the
spit sounding words that crackle? McPu$$y
is the worst. They should sound proof the place
so people could talk normal. It is really bad
on BB After Dark.

Big Jim

Hopefully someone will win HOH that has the balls to put up Amanda and McPussy let’s get some action and drama going. Jessie couldn’t even last a day before she quit and apologized and started believing their lies again. Sigh…


If no one puts up McManda, this season is 100% rigged.

On a sidenote….I am STILL waiting for ANDY’S EVICTION!


Kelli Jo

If Helen gets rid of Jessie this week, she’s signing her own death warrant in this game.


No matter what happens, I hope Jessie and Candice get the last laugh at the end of the season. From Day 1 they were the outcasts, and were hated for nothing but their looks. That’s just my opinion though.


I agree Helen screwed her game when she didn’t keep kaitlyn and chose Aaryn. I sadly think Helen will ruin Elissa. Helen made too many deals and with all the wrong people. She could have had Howard Andy Candice Jessie Judd Elissa and on the side Aaryn. But she is too busy tring to play nice and mommy the damn house. She wanted to be on both sides. What Helen did worked for the first part of the show to get Jeremy. But she slowly let her people get picked off one by one. I Al’s found her crying about the moving co with Howard dumb McCray and spencer were in the moving co why was Howard so penialized ya I’m not a Helen fan


Ok, so I love football as much as the next guy….but not when it interrupts BB eviction night! Where can I watch it live online?? Thanks Simon and Dawg for another fabulous year of spoilers. :-)


Natalie, you can watch it on:
It shows eastern time so 9:00 pm eastern tomorrow.


Hahaha mung bean prank. Hope they air that. Should be funny.


mmmmmm. mung beans and onions


worst veto comp EVER!!!!!


Don’t hold your breath Lurker! The men left in the house are “wussies”. I don’t even think of them as men – Helen, Amanda & Aaryn (the three that I dislike) have more ba%#s than those three men.


Did you seriously just say Aaryn has balls? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


I’ve come to the conclusion that Elissa is mentally.. what’s the pc way of saying it, ‘slow” or “mentally challenged”? All one needs is to hear her describe her method of playing the veto game tonight. There is something not correct with her, not just with the overly relaxed way she speaks, but with what she says and how she acts in general. I don’t know why BB felt she would be a good competitor. Rachel is a bit wacky, too, so there is something that apparently runs in the family.


I’ve been thinking that for weeks. When she speaks she makes no sense. Half the time the house doesn’t know what she is trying to say either. Maybe it’s too much yoga hanging upside down. She’s weird. Don’t like her.

This Season Blows

She’s just not that bright and essentially a waste of a spot on the show. What’s truly pathetic is that she still has a large and delusionally obsessive fanbase because of who her sister is.


When GM and Elissa speak….I must admit, I question my comprehension sometimes.

I say…….UMM…OK.

I really, do say that, LMAO!!!!!


LMFAO!!!! I feel you on that I did I4get GM’S looney tunes ass!!! When GM Eliisa and Howard talk its like WTF but also the way Judd would say some stuff I would be dude!?!?!?! and the way Jessie holds her mouth when she talks is out there but if your not looking at her and just listening to her she makes since unlike the other 3 and sometime Judd!!!


Yeah I have to agree with Andy for once when he said he wonders what the hell Ellisa and Howard always talk about yeah I like Howard he seem like a good man but my dude would say some shit that would have a lot of people saying huh???? and I like Ellisa she seems like a okay lady but her game play sucks but when she talks im just like what in the hell are you being 4real or is this just and act


Production is giving her a double dose of Judd’s Xanax


I’m beginning to think Elissa is a plant by production; may be she’s part of the “Expect the Unexpected”; this is what she said to Jessie that got me thinking;

“Elissa: “I came on this show not for you guys I wanted to work with the Show.. I mean that’s why I’m here because I respect them and my sister had done it “. Maybe Elissa is not as goofy as we think she is. Just a thought!!!!

Why would McManda think Jessie would want MC he looks like he doesn’t even bathe (smelling like onions, Yukeeee). It kills me how these girls talk about Jessie, they really need to look at themselves and the crazy “GM” and nasty and crazy “McManda the Panda


I thought about when she kept getting MVP because if you think about it when she 1st came in the house she talk and act like a normal person also the shit she said to Judd when she told him this is all fake im not even a house guest and Rachel is not my sister and she also died her hair thier is a lot of shit that says something is really fishy with Ellssia


It’s the yoga and Elissa has a happy life it sounds. She has a son a strong family she’s in love with her husband she isn’t a person bogged down in life and it shows. She does yoga which is very relaxing eats healthy . That’s wellness at its best. That’s why the house guests think she thinks that she better but I don’t think that’s it at all. Look at Ginamarie you can clearly tell that there is something lacking in her personal life she speaks a lot about marriage if you watch feeds you can clearly see gm visibly upset after the faux McCray Amanda wedding that’s what made her start talking about marrying nick. Elissa has most likely never really faced hardships in life that would alter her she had Botox so maybe she didn’t like her lips but her more affluent life allows her to do something about it. She shops travels. I don’t think that’s a reason to hate her. Rachel was off the charts more wild that her but then Rachel was also a bar tender. Elissa is a yoga instructor and nutritionist.

Who knows

Didn’t Elissa mention something about her sister putting in a good word for her to be on the show? I also think her sisters following made Elisa a draw for the show, so it was an easy decision for them to bring her on. Nothing more than that.


Your comment kinda comes of as discriminating against mentally challenged individuals…you really should choose your words wisely


Kiss my ass.


Hope Helen wins HOH and Amanda or mcrazy can go home!


Strong women?







There is some interesting information about Amanda on a site called They allege that she is 38 years old, not 28 as she claims. They also say she was married, and they show a photo of her with the name Amanda Klarsfeld on it. There are several other interesting allegations, backed up with some documentation that they have found. They also show a resume that Amada posted/circulated showing she has been a producer of TV shows several times, as well as holding other TV related jobs. A very interesting collection of info on our fav, Amanda! They also have info on the other houseguests.

Bad website

Amanda is 28 .. What a dumb website .. Have a friend that went to school with her .. Why don’t these dummies just look up her yearbook pics instead of relying on dumb people searches … Derp derp derp.

Yo simon and dawg

Stop spreading lies lastdance … She is 28 and a simple search u can see her highschool yearbook and her face and name in it for her graduation year.

Would you

The above blog is an example of pure stupidity. They think fact checking involves conspiracy theories that Amanda changed her middle name to Jane from joy so they can say they have evidence that she is 38. That’s just psychotic. So if u want to look at pure crazy delusional stuff by all means enjoy. I just hope simon and dawg don’t get in trouble for leaving the website addy up on this site.


“Amanda thinks it’s because she wanted a showmance so bad they threw her in the house with all these strong women..”

Strong women? Who? The entire cast of females this season are all weak women, so who are they talking about?

Women nowadays throw “strong women” out there so much, they have no clue what it actually means.


No they sure as he!! don’t know what a Strong Woman is,! Amanda has had the pleasure of having a bunch of young terrified pu$$ies, both men & women, in that BB house…I’m wondering if they are all wanna be actors ever since I watch that alcohol commercial with McCrae in it…

This Season Blows

Good lord, GinaMarie, STFU ABOUT FREAKING NICK! He’s been gone since week 2!


Lol, she is nuts, how can you be so in love with someone you know for barely 2 weeks. Its freakin ridiculous she is too old to act like a school girl, weird…


What happened to Aaryn’s eyebrows?

Dog days

Excellent response. LMAO.


I agree. What’s with Aaryn’s eyebrows? She is starting to look like Clownie.


only a miracle will stop crapmanda from making final two. its pretty much a done deal. by the time the survivors realize its time to put her up it will be too late. its mc pussy, slapmanda and ratboy who now have the major advantage here. amanda is truly a selfish and despicable person. just the type i like to deal with in person. i’m the mongoose to her snake.


nick needs to go in witness protection and gm needs a team of psychiatrists once she knows nick is not interested in her. she is the definition of a psycho stalker to the max.

Jim 64

Goodbye Jessie so sad you are the only one
Who had any guts the only thing left in the house
Now are a bunch of spineless jellyfish.


Simon, I went back & watched the look on Elissas face after she said that to GM & Yeah, too funny….GM is a complete fruit! I mean that girl has some serious mental issues!!! She’s been told how he talked about her behind her back, He wouldn’t give her a peck of a kiss even when they were alone! I would hate to see how she acts with a guy that actually comes on to her. I could say some very rude things here but I’m gonna let it go for now….


Spencer is right…someone is going to make another pusci move and put spencer and Gm up…Helen and amanda are going to keep saying…next week…next week!

derick alaska

I think that was more of a Glenn Close look on Fatal Attraction.

I’ll say it again Nice. Lock your doors, invest in ADT and of course….


derick alaska



GM, Spencer, Elissa are all stupid if they think anyone wants to take them to final 4…Everyone is scared and final 4 is going to be Helen, Aaryn, Mcpuss,Demanda.


So….BBAD is coming on soon. I predict that Aaryn will be working on her toenails again. I wish she would work on her eyebrows. Ever since you guys brought that to my attention, I now look at it.

Along with Elissa’s implanted lip.

Currently looking at Spencer’s beard.

I think GM needs to remove her extensions and get a haircut. Her hair is damaged. I can tell. I see breakage from her real hair in the pics.

Yes, folks. I analyze pics to occupy my time as well.

….I think Aaryn was gaining weight. This is the REAL reason why she volunteered to be a HAVE NOT this week. She keep eating ice cream nonstop and baking cookies.


Anybody else notice on tonight’s show how Amanda says to the 3AM alliance, “We need to talk upstairs”, then proceeds to march upstairs ahead of Andy, and plop herself down – not on the couch, not in a chair – OH no — she took the HoH “throne” — which is the middle of the bed, with everybody else at her feet. How in the world could Andy not see that as an affront to his HoH? Then she took over the whole suite last night, to prepare for her “wedding” – again – the queen of the house, with the other girls playing ladies in waiting. I am glad he didn’t give them the suite for their honeymoon, but he didn’t have to say it was because HE was being “selfish”. Doesn’t anybody know Rule #1 of BB?! (Break up couples!!!) Geez!!


Can we just fast-forward to when Aaryn and GinaMarie discover they’re unemployed?


They need new competitions – so the houseguests can’t discuss it before it starts and rig it.

For real

And No medication for Aaryn!


When will these idiots get rid of sloppy ass Amanda? Helen should have been back doored weeks ago. Aaryn’s eyebrows are annoying. Gina Marie is beyond delusional. I wonder if the families of these idiots are embarrassed by their behavior on national tv.


i’d sure like to hear some interviews wit ughmanda’s co-workers. she must be a real joy to work with. i’ve never hated any job i ever had-the task i mean-it’s always the co workers that make it a hellish experience.

howards BBC

Vote Jessie back in when she gets to jury!
I would love to see ?the houseguests faces when she walks back in ?the doors.
?But….Jessie can’t win any comps so she might just get voted right back out :/

For real

FIRE the producers! This season sucks and they are at fault!!


What would it take for BB15 to restore your interests in the show?

What do you feel has to happen for season 16 to make it the best one yet?

For real

What worked during the earlier seasons?


Make BB16 better with two words – ALL STARS


I feel like some of the houseguest are over playin and its really annoying if I had a dollar for every time they said this what the house wants or it’s to early…….

BB15 lame-o

I cant watch anymore this season has got to be the most predictable most boring season ever, im tired of hearing “its what the house wants, i cant go against the house, im voting with the house” and last but not least “…….by a unanimous vote ______ you are evicted from the Big Brother House”. And to think this I entered my first ever Big Brother pool just cuz I was looking forward to it, not what I thought it would seemed. Wish I never wasted money on Live Feeds and a pool. Whats even more lame is that my pool buddy’s do not talk among each other =/ all becuz its the lamest season ever….!!! Favorite player is no one, want to win at this point, no one. Amanda will def take it tho since shes been in control since McPizza won the first HOH, after that it was all about her the sheep just needed a master to follow, they sure as hell got it. Big Brother Amanda/McPizza cult since day 1…smh! F$#@% sakes!!


It’s so awkward watching Amanda try to cuddle up with McCrea… his body language is screaming…get away! Lol

Scumbag Steve

These people are so stupid. Why do they always say “there comes a point where we’re all going to have to fight it out” Don’t they realize that lying and backstabbing lasts all the way to the final 3? It’s not like at some point during the game, all the friends or the final alliance just start busting their asses off ethically with high morals.

Scumbag Steve

McCare is really smart, this “fake” alliance he is pitching is actually only half fake. He is totally playing Amanda with this pitch, throwing her under the bus so that if Helen happens to win HOH next week, and does decide to come after Mcranda, she’ll be loyal to McCrae and target Amanda. Slick game play, I have to say.


i think everyone would want to sit by dickmanda in final 2 cause everyone hates her. question-do the jury members get to watch the exact show that is broadcast or do they edit stuff so they dont know who played them?


in that case when i went to jury i would burn whoever was behind my eviction, saying they had a hand in everyone’s eviction.

Up all noc

At least the house guest keeps themselves busy. I can’t imagine being there and so bored day after day. They all are going nuts.


I just hope that Ratty Andy earns enough to buy some big-boy clothes.


Sick of hearing Helen whine about being traumatized by Jeremy’s abuse. a.) wasn’t that directed specifically at her b.) was clearly just immature ranting c.) not any worse than some we’ve seen since d.) was at least out in the open. She’s in politics for god’s sake – you’d think she’d have thicker skin than be bothered by school-yard tauntings. All fake & tiresome.