Gina says but he wanted to f**k Amanda in the a$$, that doesn’t tell me he cared for her.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30am In the rainbow room – Jessie asks so what was the decision before the fight happened? Amanda says I always thought that it was supposed to be Spencer, at least that was Andy’s plan and we planned to go with what he wanted. Amanda says if you can get the majority to stay then I would vote for you. Jessie says that Andy said that if it came down to a tie he would break it in my favour. Amanda says that she almost feels like its one eviction too late for her to work with Jessie. Amanda says from a personal standpoint, you dont help her game. Amanda says I know that you would want her out. Jessie agrees. Amanda asks if it was Jessie’s plan to get me out, now’s the time to tell the truth. Jessie admits that her plan involved Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. Jessie says now I feel like you are a new oasis, a new fresh start to work with because I don’t think I could work with them anymore. Amanda says it is really you needing to talk to Aaryn and Ginamarie. Amanda says I am not talking to them for you, you need to do that. Jessie says okay thanks for listening. Amanda laughs and says good luck. Jessie says thanks I am going to need it. Jessie leaves. After Jessie leaves Amanda laughs with McCrae.

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:50am Helen, Andy, Gina, Spencer, Elissa are up in the HOH talking about random things like past competition and Survivor. The conversation turn to talking about Candice’s eviction and Ginamarie’s nomination / confrontation during the eviction. Gina says Candice had no class, get the f**k out of here. Spencer says he just never clicked with her, I tried to work with her but just couldn’t. I tried to be nice to her just because of Howard caring for her. Gina asks did he really care about her though. Spencer says no it a love way but just that he wanted her to be comfortable in the house. Gina says but he wanted to f**k Amanda in the a$$, that doesn’t tell me you cared for her. Andy says he would give $1000 of his stipend just to see what Judd and Candice are doing in the jury house. They talk about what the jury house is like. They all decide to head to bed and everyone but Andy head downstairs.


1:30am Amanda and McCrae are in the bedroom talking. Amanda says you and I are so different and have such different game play that I think we could get to the final four. Amanda says that people like McCrae better. Amanda questions if McCrae would even take her to the final two. McCrae says he would. Amanda says it doesn’t matter anyways because when you get married all your money is our money. McCrae says that she would spend it frivolously – We need maids and monkeys butlers. Amanda say oh give me a break. Spencer joins them and asks if they had a fun time tonight. They say yeah. Spencer leaves. Aayn joins them. Gina comes into the room and finds a banana on the floor. She pretends its her pen!s and holds it outside her pants and then shoves it in her pants. Aaryn says ew.. that did not just happen. Gina then chucks that banana at Spencer laying in his bed outside the door. Gina then leaves and call Spencer a banana hammock. Aaryn goes to Amanda and McCrae and says you’re the Enforcer (McCrae), you’re the Mastermind (Amanda), Andy’s the Agent and I am the Beast. (Survivor reference) Amanda says I like that! McCrae says I don’t understand why I am the enforcer. Its ironical. Aaryn says that it’s because everyone trusts you. They whisper about if Helen or Elissa get HOH then Aaryn would probably be the replacement nominee. McCrae says basically we have two weeks to go after and get Helen out. And if we vote to keep you everyone is going to know we are working with you so we would have to get her out the next week. Aaryn agrees and then leaves the room.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:50am Jessie heads out to the backyard and puts her feet in hot tub to have a smoke. Andy joins her. Jessie says I have something that I have to offer. I know that I really messed up this week. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they return – Andy says that he hasn’t had a lot of alone time with people so I don’t know where everyone stands. Jessie says that Spencer is laying low and everything that happened with the moving company is ancient history since my fight with Helen. Jessie says I just wanted to tell you want I was thinking of doing. Andy says no yeah I appreciate that and I can try and gauge people tomorrow too. Jessie says that she is sorry and that she was in rare form the last 24 hours, I think the house just literally got to me. I am sorry if I did anything to personally offend you. Andy says she didn’t do anything to him and says that he feels like he missed most of it. Jessie says she is sorry because she should have had more respect for him as HOH. Andy says I told the house what I wanted but after last night I don’t know. It’s worth a shot. Jessie says I think the whole house could benefit from this. Andy says yeah well definitely talk to people and see what you can do. They both head back inside and head to bed.


2:15am – 2:40am Amanda and McCrae are in bed making out. McCrae asks her what she is doing? You have a creepy face I think. Amanda says I am a newly wed. McCrae says he is going to leave his mic on, I feel like you want to talk. Amanda says I want to do something else, now take your shirt and mic off. Amanda asks what is wrong with you. McCrae says I am going to keep my mic on. Amanda says fine. Amanda says what is wrong with you right now, you seem like such a lug. Make out with me! You come to me I want you to make out with me. I want you on top of me. He gets on top of her and then she tells him to lay down. She grabs a condom and gets on top of him. They have $ex. Less than two minutes later she lays down beside him. Amanda says then says touch me, this isn’t all about McCrae. They fool around some more. Amanda then says my hands smell like onions it’s so gross. My husband, how does it feel to have a wife? McCrae says pretty crazy. She smells his hands and says he smells like onions too. Amanda says it’s probably from me, it’s weird.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

6:20am All the house guests are still sleeping..

10:20am No wake up call yet. Still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Amanda has no class.


Amanda says what is wrong with you right now, you seem like such a lug. Make out with me! You come to me I want you to make out with me. I want you on top of me. He gets on top of her and then she tells him to lay down.


The thirst is real.


Good thing he had on a condom.


I already commented on page 2 of this post about the onions….I have save what’s left of my appetite.

Now, about this Amanda chick on the class level…..Clearly, GM has more class than Amanda. Even if it is an ounce.

Amanda is so low, she is not worthy of the ground that my neighbor’s dog poops on.

This wedding was some act that her friends at production probably encouraged. I’m willing to bet if any HG did not participate, they would be up for eviction next week!



Why do these house guests continue to bash Candice. Unbeknown to them, Candice is one of the few HGs that is going to be better off when the show ends. So the joke is on them.

Ready, Set and Cut....

Jessie has something to say to Andy – Feeds Cut – well production is at it again. And think about this – they knew when to cut –ergo had an inkling of what she was about to say. Production needs to take a day off and just let the cameras roll.


Why do they always do that shit. Constantly cut feeds. Listen if I paid for the feed you better DAMN well show me every second of every day if I choose so. This is the very reason I would NEVER pay for that shit! UNREAL

PS: Onions…wtf disgusting


Yes production is definately at it again. I give up, all the sucking up Jessie is doing is not only pointless but stupid. Just as I was starting to feel some graditude and pleasure for her terrorism she goes n let me down. Production its your fault once again, you guys are lame coaches. Why tell jessie to apologize when she is no good at it, know the strengths of your HGs. She was much better at being the villain! Bring back hurrican Jessie.


Amanda needs to wash her musty ass.


Does McRae have one million UoM shirts?


By Big Brother Mayo Clinic staff

A vaginal onion infection is a type of Amandavaginitis — inflammation of the vagina — characterized by brain irritation, intense itchiness and raping. A vaginal onion infection affects you and anyone you come in contact with. If not treateded it can lead to the deadly
MCramydia as well as the Black Candicda Africana which can cause a 80% to 90% chance of your future offspring to be born black.


You are not funny. If you are trying to get attention with that ignorant comment because you are ignorant or because you are currently suffering from a yeast infection yourself, go to your nearest clinic and see a doctor.

You’re comment was racist and you wrote it start a race issue on the board because maybe you are board. Get a life.


That does not make any dam since. Why are you trying to start some shit at this point. There is no such disease you sick SOB. If it is PROVE IT !!Show the link where you got this from . If not shut up and quit trying to stir up things. We blacks have had it up to here with this BS

Bob barker

Haha! McRae is a 2 pump chump. I don’t blame him though…I’d want to hurry up and get it over with as quickly as possible with her too!!!

derick alaska

Someone please tell me that Amanda was chopping onions earlier…PLEASE!!!! Otherwise I’m going to PUKE!!!!!


No, she wasn’t. The smell is all natural and came from inside her wonderful body.

U may now puke.


…less than two minutes later…


I dontz no bout Amanda butz id luv to spank and fuk Jessie in evry hole she haz. I wood make her my persunal sex toy. Bitch is bangin


Well well well Tyrone….that sure is an intelligent comment. Your as much a pig as Amanda is…probably more so.


Andz Id be makin u skweel lik a pig when i be strechin you butt hole open dogboy. jus lik ur momma wuz. stik to da thumbz up or down ifin yu wood


you should be more careful – it’s pretty easy to trace your computer and find out where you are and press charges for your nastiness




Onion coochie???


Onion scented female privates usually indicate an infection is present.

She needs to get thing looked at… or at least make some hot dogs. 🙂


I really want to know why BB randomly cuts the feeds?


Feed cutting with Jessie wasn’t random, production didn’t want feeders to hear her deal.

Ready, Set and Cut....

You’re so right! It’s so annoying – but at least Jessie was talking to Andy so we’ll all learn about it soon enough! And, people that pay for the feeds should send CBS an invoice at the end of the season requesting a certain amount back due to the cuts…. Wait, no, don’t send them to CBS, send them to Alison Grodner – Fly on the Wall Entertainment info @ flyotw dot com


They have a tv show to produce… if they let us see everything that happened then it would make it pretty boring and would probably lose a lot of viewers.


Think about what you just siad, they are making money off the live feeders who PAY to watch 24/7, but anybody with the exception of Time Warner and Dish customers can watch free on Sunday/Wednesday and Thursday nights free on TV….so which customer would they rather please?? How else do you tink they come up with the money to pay the 500k, or the prizes so CBS is making a lot of money off the live feeders, so they should try an appease us somehow by not messing with the feeds.

It says in the advertisement, catch whats happening right now in the BB house, all day, everyday, so yeah we arent exactly getting what we are paying for



I think Aaryn will stabbed Amanda in the back.


“Less than two minutes later she lays down beside him” lmao!


Am I the only who think Amanda wanted this “wedding” just for attention? This “wedding” was so f*****g stupid. What was the purpose for it? McCray simple ass just goes along with whatever this cow wants no matter how ridiculous it is. I see GM has decided to stop being obsessed with Nick and become obsessed with Candice. Every word out of her mouth is Candice even when no one is talking about her. Everyone in this house is a joke!


HEY AMANDA!!! The 6th graders called and they want their pretend wedding back…

P.S. “2-minute McWhipped”


Yo omg yous so right she have stop all that talk about Nick she is all about Candice you know Nick is somewhere thanking Candice I feel bad for Candice and Nick!


Just wait until she sees what she looks like in that sheet. A woman who stuffs her face with everyone else’s food and then does nothing but lay around for 22 hours a day should not wear white. And since when did white become the color of SKANKS!!


Amanda and McCrae know nothing about class they know there on camera but still decide to have sex in the house I cant wait until they are evicted if only someone would make a big move instead of going with what the” house wants” a.k.a Amanda or helen


If anyone gets the backbone to get Amanda and McCrae out of the house and to jury then that is who I want to win this season. They are so disgusting it makes you ill just to read about them.


Julie Chan said this was the biggest BB ever.
BB Canada had more surprises and twists than BB US at this point of the season.

Where are the creative minds at CBS.
This is Big Brother’s 15th season and its like the same copy and paste format as it was 10 years ago.
Big Brother production you have all fall, winter and spring to give us a good summer to watch.

If you had 8 months to prepare for something with the resources of a multi-billion dollar company like CBS
what could be accomplished?

Year after year this show should be better and move forward with new ideas
Big Brother should be at the point where its unpredictable for the viewers to watch. Its become so plain and repetitive that the house guests know what coming. I cant express enough my sadness for this season.
Its like what do we have left to look forward to?

Even with a different cast for BB 16 I believe the format of the show is predictable and players will play the same.

So how does CBS make Big Brother 16 a success you ask?
Bring back All Stars?
Change the rules. Everyone knows what’s coming next.
Have not’s should suffer more
Less money for making jury
1 million dollar prize money.
Maybe cast people who need money who will be more desperate to play.

Big Brother turned into something it wasn’t.


What this guy said. Couldn’t have said it better myself.



I’ve been waiting for them to come up with new games/challenges for a few seasons, but it never seems to happen. Part of that may be due to the limited space they have to work with. Survivor has recycled a lot of their challenges over the years, but they are able to put a lot of different spins on them b/c they always have more space to work with. I also thought they should take a page from Survivor and have a hidden veto or safety idol somewhere. However, once again you have the space issue and maybe if the HG’s knew they would just start tearing apart the house and grounds the first day. Maybe they could also get more creative with challenges if they could move them to a larger studio for that time, but that probably involves more money for moving costs. They need to offer more luxury comps as well.

I also haven’t seen any exit interviews yet from Candice or Judd, so I think they’re revisiting BB9 where 3 more will be evicted then there will be an America’s vote or a competition for one to re-enter the house at the final 5 or some such thing.

just older

They could do some kind of riddle or mystery for extra safety or veto. Something that you had to figure out and the first person to figure it out gets whatever perk.


love to see an all stars with janell vs rachel

Linda S.

CBS…are you reading this…..please change the format to pov ceremony the morning of eviction….would make it much more interesting because I believe the houseguests would be more willing to backdoor someone if there wasn’t a lot of time between pov ceremony and eviction.

Now that the BB wedding has been concluded, BB has that storyline to show us and now maybe a houseguest will go after Amanda and she will be evicted.


Big Brother UK is SO SO SO much better than the US version! The US version is so freakin boring with all the alliance talk omg! Check out BBUK online! I got addicted last year with the regular and Celebrity shows. They are so much more into human interaction and mind bending! They are NOT ALLOWED to discuss their nominations with each other! (if they do, the whole house id punished with no food or no hot water etc makes for cranky peeps) So many times they make slips it is hilarious! They are always paranoid with who nominated them, sometimes they randomly show the houseguests and their nominations on the house TV and it causes so much fights! Awesome! Also they show all the diary room discussions to the TV audience and the producer’s voice talking to them, they do challenges in the diary room and have secret tasks in their to get rewards for the house, so everyone is always wondering “is this person saying this for real or they on a secret task?” The houseguests nominate each other and the top 2 go up for eviction, so sometimes there are 3 or 4 people on the block if there is a tie (this happens often because they are not allowed to discuss moms so everyone can’t gang up on one person) Plus the public votes out not the house! All around much better TV!




Amanda is a PIG!!! I sure hope her parents and grandparents are proud of her


Lame, Jessie….. I liked you better when you were stirring sh*t up in the house and making people paranoid about each other.

They are going to vote you out anyway, so keep playing them against each other until you leave.

Dilly Sauce

So she’s openly admitting her vag smells like onions? Jesus what a trash bag. Through a scensy bar up that thing would ya?


Oh I don’t have a weak stomach, but their hands smelling like onions just about made me puke! I think it’s funny that McCrae is the minute man!


I love onions

VA Vet

Maybe he just wants to get it over with as quick as possible.

I wouldn’t be surprised if McCrae was only playing along so he can get his hands on the 500G’s.


Like a frozen burrito–2 minutes and done. McMinute?


What is the big deal. I love taking it in the ass as much as the next gal. For those of you who are bashing it maybe you should try it. I f you have not then you have no call to say it is nasty do you? My boyfriend loves anal play as well. Ask any gay guy how good it feels and maybe you would want to try it yourself. Some of you do and just act this way as a front. How many closet Bi guys are in the group today. You should see my boyfriend twitch and explode when he has i big black one in his ass!


Oh my…thanks for sharing. But just way to much fricken information.

You know what they say, “Never underestimate the elasticity of the anal sphincter!” of Annie and her boyfriend. ( O )


You are right! you would be surprised at how far you can stretch that thing open. Twirl your finger around and it opens like a butterfly. You can fit your whole fist in there no problem. Just make sure to clean it out before hand (rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat) so you don’t have any mucas return on your tools. That way you do not have to worry about infection when going ass to mouth!


Next time, please don’t humor us with you and your “boyfriend’s” gross sexual escapades in Anal Land. No one wants the horrendous thought of your boyfriend smiling, bigger than you, when he’s getting HIS ass drilled!!! Seriously?! We get enough gore just reading about Amanda and Mcrae everyday… Smh.


Maybe if you bought a strap on and was pegging your husband (or getting pegged from your wife) he/she would not be hooking up with guys on craigslist. Look on there sometime and see how many married men are seeking to take in in the ass or perform blow jobs. At least i know he is home with me and not out catching anything. Once again someone who knows nothing about something passing judgement on others!



why Jessie??

I’m still rooting for Jessie the only non sheep in the bunch but why admit the plan to go after the Big 4? Maybe we’ll see something in the DR but I wish she would’ve denied and stuck to talking about the Helen plan. She heard them at the door, I hope she isn’t buying this story that they were going after Spencer until the fight. She knows Andy is a rat. I hope this is just a Hail Mary play.


Well she knows that Andy tells the Big 4 everything and they already know so she probably figures honesty is the best move for a last ditch effort.

I say

Jessie was also a sheep! She just has her back against the wall and was fighting to stay alive. Unfortunately Aaryn is the only player who made the biggest move , for her own survival. More people in and outside the house are focusing on Amanda or Helen.

I say

A lot of people think that Julie meant someone was coming back into the house. I just thought she meant that as a member of the jury, they were still in it. I may be wrong, but that’s my guess…just saying


Sorry, but Jessie is no player. At the last minute, she plays desperate. You say she’s a non-sheep. Why hasn’t she shown that till now? Because she’s been a nothing till now, and she’s only playing desperate, not smart. She’s been the ultimate floater till desperation hour. Just looking at her makes me sick. Something about a lazy, flabby, PMSie girl who cries, screams, and starts making trouble with her mouth really irritates me. I don’t have a live feed, but just reading about it on this site makes me sick of her. She has nothing to offer anyone. She will cling on you and bring you down with her emotions and annoying mouth.

I find every one of these HG annoying, but Jessie is the annoying flavor of the moment.

Just Sayin

Ummmm, I’m pretty sure that your privates smelling like onions means you have something, Amanda. She is so repulsive! I’d rather watch a show following these houseguest’s lives AFTER BB15, than watching them right now, in this rigged up game. I’m sure it would be a lot more satisfying to us, viewers. Plus, with all the unacceptable behavior that has been displayed in the house, I can’t fathom the “real world” being as kind as CBS (& AG)– These people need a hefty dose of reality with a side of karma… Just sayin!!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

She grosses me out so much.


i quit watching long ago, but with jess leaving, i might not even pay much attention to this blog soon. hadnt decided. only 2 more things to root for: 1) whoever coming back from jury to F’ up whoever left 2) season ending and looking forward to watching all these idiots get smacked down in public backlash due to the what they did/said during the worst season of BB ever.


Where do you think we shall actually see the backlash? We know that Aaryn and GM have lost their jobs, not certain what the union will do with Spencer and don’t know if Amanduh will still work as a realtor. Would they be invited on the TALK? The VIEW, etc. Can’t imagine any of them willing to show their faces in public for a very long time. I would love to see the fallout but can’t imagine we will ever know the repercussions as a result of their nastiness.


Amanda has told both McCrae and Andy that they need to do something (ie: get blood on their hands) because no one will want to take them to final 2 because everyone in jury likes them. I have to wonder if she is planting seeds so that they loose a few votes and she can win in the end. She may get more desperate as the weeks go by. This weeks HOH will determine who will strike first. Aaryn will probably win and go after Helen. It would be interesting if Spencer wins but I believe he may be under Andy and McCrae’s spell to take out Helen or Elissa. GM would do what Aaryn wants so at this point Helen and Elissa have no hope of going beyond the next 2 weeks. Helen’s only chance is to win HOH this week and somehow manage to get rid on 2 of 3AM during a double eviction. Highly unlikely, so her game is done. On a side note, Amanda is so disgusting. They talk about Elissa feeling entitled but her rant to production about getting more liquor was ridiculous. She thinks they are one of the best showmances ever. These people are just so delusional it’s almost sad.


I do not know why Jessie started being so nice again to everyone, but I am still hoping she comes back into the game with the jury “twist”. So, this might be the best thing for her in the long run. Kind of wondering if production let her know its a possibility she could be coming back into the house. This would explain the complete 180 she did so quick, and all the apologizing.


I love onions


well i am sure u will have no problem with her onion coochie.


Amanda has the onion and ketchup (she was on her period during one sexcapade). McCrae seems to have the wiener. All we need is some chili, sauerkraut and a couple of buns and there we have it—America’s fave food –Hot Dogs.

Baked beans anyone?


I really hope McCranda will stay together after BB15 because I don’t know what person in her right mind would date any of these 2. Everyone bashes Amanda for having no class but so is McCrae for going along with everything she does and not being grossed by it. They both ignore the meaning of self-respect, just like Brenchel.


Amanda, girlfriend, sounds as if you need to see your OB/GYN really soon.

P.S. There is these things called, “Feminine Hygiene Products” you should try purchasing some and use them regularly as instructed.


I got to the end of this post….speechless.

Amanda is SOOOO NASTY, giving period blowjobs was only the beginning for what was to come!

Amanda is SOOOO NASTY, the mice and bugs in the house run to Production asking for alcohol, sanitizer, and wipes in order to reside with her.

Amanda is SOOOO NASTY, she knows EXACTLY what that onion smell is and probably is ignoring it!




I would hate to have to share the toilets with Amanduh. Hope hgs have the sense to sanitise the toilet seat before using.


Just a thought, there is a high probability Amanda is going to the extreme with the things shes doing in front of cameras, because her goal is a reality show of her own after BB. She is proving that she will do or say anything and that is entertainment with millions to be made. Example Kim Kardashian, with that said Kim K wouldn’t do half the stuff Amanda does, which speaks for it’s self.
Sad very sad.


If it was just the sexual stuff with McCrae, I might be inclinded to believe you.

But, onion fingers…period blowjobs….Again…..NASTY B!TCH.

You know what….the term B!TCH is to high for her.



Simon and Dawg: What is wrong with these people? I’m not talking about the HGs. I’m talking about the bloggers here. Can a select few get any more repulsive in the thoughts they type on here? I come here to read legitimate takes/opinions on gameplay, competitions, and just in general what is happening in the house. I don’t mind people having and expressing opinions, I do too. But some of the filth I read is damn near embarrassing. These are the same people complaining how trashy the HGs are and then they write something that trumps trashy and borderlines on emotional instability. It makes me sad if this is truly what occupies space in their hearts. Please, bloggers, clean it up a little.

Excuse Me

We tried, we really did – but the house guests behavior has rubbed off on us. Some of us are still taking our meds and occasionally try to talk game. But when we do, that is discuss what’s being said and or done in the house, which is all about sex, race, drugs and various other peppery nonsense – someone comes along and accuses us of talking trash. Go figure!


I give up, all the sucking up Jessie is doing is not only pointless but stupid. Just as I was starting to feel some graditude and pleasure for her terrorism she goes n let me down. Production its your fault once again, you guys are lame coaches. Why tell jessie to apologize when she is no good at it, know the strengths of your HGs. She was much better at being the villain! Bring back hurrican Jessie.


Before the wedding Amanda and Jessie talked. Amanda told her to apologize to everyone. That is why McCray and Amanda were laughing after Jessie left, they know she is going home, and Amanda is getting a big kick out of Jessie humiliating herself.
I cannot for the life of me understand why Jessie did not go after Andy, and tell everyone that he is little snitch, Elisa knows this too, and she has not said anything other then her and Jessie had talked about Andy.

This Season Blows

I’m no prude, but how can the rest of the house listen to Demanda’s sex talks without wanting to throw up?


Is AAryn gaining weight?? i hope so 🙂

Ex Fan

It’s “odiferous”.


ONION (Amanda) = Old Nasty Incrediably Odorous Nookie. This is just an “assumption” on my part.


forgive the typo.


Is anyone tired of the showmance between Amanda and McCrea as I am? It is actually ruining the season because it detracts from the game. They should not allow showmances. I am not interested in their relationship and in real life it is not going to happen anyway. Time to send one of them packing!


I give up, all the sucking up Jessie is doing is not only pointless but stupid. Just as I was starting to feel some graditude and pleasure for her terrorism she goes n let me down. Production its your fault once again, you guys are lame coaches. Why tell jessie to apologize when she is no good at it, know the strengths of your HGs. She was much better at being the villain! Bring back hurrican Jessie.


Is Gina’s relevance in the house limited only to Candice bashing?

Aaryn is fugly

Ugh Amanda disgusts me! What an ugly creature. Hope the door hits her and McPu$$ hard on the way out.


I read this while eating breakfast…..big mistake.


yes indeedy i see that California is again awake.
i’m starting to feel sorry for HELEN who has skated
grandly over a metaphoric patch of thin BB ice!!!

Pinnocchio Obama

I’m going to miss Jessie. She was the best eye candy in the house and thinking that one of these others is going to win the money is pretty depressing. If the Zingbot shows up this year I’m voting for him as Favorite Houseguest.


Lol onions. Nasty


Elissa used to escort, really under the radar though. That’s why she got pregnant pretty early in life. While Amanda is uncouth and has little class, Elissa quite literally used to sell her body. The entire cast is so crazy that Elissa is able to fly under the radar in the game.


WHERE DID YOU READ that Elissa use to be a PROSTITUTE? I must of missed that somehow but EEwwww if it is true!

Give it up!

Seriously, if all you people hate this season so much then why don’t you REALLY take a stand and just NOT watch which will cause the ratings to plummit, instead of after every episode and everyday coming on here to b**** and moan that this season sucks! either watch it and shut up or just don’t watch it.


UGH so disappointed with this season. Lets all guess who goes home in what order….Jessie, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae….that about sums up the season! DUMB!


So you’re saying GM should win it????? Please say it’s not so!!


Kudos to people who have anal sex however, it is not for me many reasons. The anal is the bottom of the large intestine, where solid waste is expelled from the human body.
Anal sex does carry some risks to health and comfort even in the absence of a risk of sexually transmitted disease. The vagina secretes its own lubrication were as the anal don’t.


America has made the biggest move this season. That says a lot.


methinks HELEN hath totally BLEWN
a classic powerplay on Amanda that
could have kept her off the jury yet
had her appropiately out the BB door!
HELEN is one of life’s total idiots!!!!!!!!!

Elissa's Botox

I don’t blame Jessie for ‘playing nice’ last night, we criticize but everyone has to realize that 24 hours in that house feels like 1 week in normal life. She probably doesn’t want her last 48 hours to be completely miserable and at least she called out and exposed Helen

Jessie may not realize it but when the season is over she will realize how hated the other girls in the house are and that she was one of the favorites without any racism or other controversies attached to her name. She will be much more embraced by BB Alumni than Aaryn, GM, or Amanda


Not only did she turn a blind eye but she thought that the comments made towards Candice were not racist.

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but she didn’t endorse it, she was just quiet after she just got picked on by Katelyn on the night of the bed flipping….she can’t blow up her game at that a said it’s easy to criticize from the outside where we all have live feeds and hear everything that Aaryn & Amanda say..Jessie doesn’t have that luxury. She’s a sweet girl that will be liked post season by BB fans


I would love to see a season of bb that has only contestants over 60 year of age. The current seem to big only in the 20s

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I would like to see a season with 4 humans. 2 bigfeet. 4 grey aliens.3 swamp rats. and 2 donkeys.


You left out the Zonkey.


I can just see it now. Wheelchair races, dueliing canes, hide-the-dentures. Would have to keep the house well stocked with incontinence pads rather than condoms, Geritol instead of wine, no need for food — slop will serve everyone well. When fights break out, everyone will be asked to turn up their hearing aids.
BTW, I am over 60 so feel well qualified to comment.


Yuck I think i threw up a little when Amanda said she smells like onions. I think that’s like a yeast infection or something dummy! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so grossed out that should not be talked about out loud with millions of people are watching! Please McCrae dump her!