Jessie tells Aaryn you have my vote. Aaryn says they won’t take me, I would tear their a$$es up in the end.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


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9:55am Jessie is awake and in the kitchen making coffee. Andy is listing to his cd in the HOH room. All the other house guests are sleeping..

10am – 10:30am In the bedroom – Aaryn, Gina and Elissa are in the rainbow room talking.
Elissa con’t find her black dress.
Aaryn says that it’s probably in Candice’s bag because she takes things without asking all the time.
Ginamarie and Aaryn talk about all the things Candice would take without asking like their shoes and hair bands.
Aaryn says that she is OCD about her things and know where everything is and knoew when something is missing.
Ginamarie says that is so disrespectful to take someones things without asking, I don’t get that woman.
If it’s missing we’re sure Candice knows where it is because she probably took it.
Elissa says that production already took two of her dresses.
Elissa says that she hopes tonight’s HOH competition is endurance.
She says she gets so nervous with questions. Aaryn, Ginamarie and Elissa go back to sleep.
Aaryn goes to the diary room and when she comes back she asks why there are underwear laying all over the place.
Ginamarie says she doesn’t know why. Elissa gets up to leave.
Aaryn tells Ginamarie that they need to study later. Ginamarie says okay.
Aaryn pulls her pants partly down to show Ginamarie her underwear.
Gina says those are nice. Gina questions why there is underwear everywhere.
Aaryn says not one of these panties are mine. Gina says yeah my two are up my a$$.


10:50am – 11:15am In the lounge – Jessie and Aaryn are talking. Jessie says I feel like a loser and now I wish I hadn’t. Aaryn says yeah. Jessie says you need to get Helen out because she f**ked up my sh*t for no reason. Aaryn says yeah I know, but I am going out next and I will probably be back doored. Jessie says you need to convince them to get out Helen instead. Aaryn says its going to be me, Spencer and Ginamarie in the next few week. They talk about how the moving company f**ked everything up. Jessie says that it just sucks that this game was determined week two. Aaryn says that is how it usually is. Jessie says so basically Jeremy f**ked us over. Jessie says I am just pissed at Helen, I don’t need to be going this week. Aaryn asks did anyone tell you that I have been trying hard to get Helen out. Jessie says yeah Amanda did, she said that you were the only one that wanted me to stay. Jessie tells Aaryn I want you to win, you would have my vote hands down. Aaryn says that the only why that would happen is if they take out Helen over me. Jessie says it would make me cringe if Elissa made it to the final two. Aaryn says that they wont take me because they know I would tear their a$$es up in the end. They talk about how the MVP bullsh*t messed things up. Aaryn says that Judd f**ked things up too. Jessie says that she isn’t even sure she will talk to him in jury. Aaryn thinks people when they get to the jury well let things go. She suggests Jessie pulls Judd aside and ask him to explain his side from the beginning to see if he is honest with you. Aaryn tells Jessie that she is sorry she couldn’t tell her that she was going but she was told not to. Jessie tells Aaryn that she wants her to win so bad so that when you are rich we can hang out. Jessie says that they want to keep Spencer because they think he will work with McCrae. Jessie says if you win HOH this week you will be safe and by next week it might be time to get her (Helen) out. Aaryn tells Jessie that when she stands up to give her speech she should says that she has no hard feelings and that this has been a dream of hers to be here so to see that crushed it was hard and that she feels bad about reacting the way she did. Jessie says she was going to talk game and tell people that she will be loyal and fight the good fight with them. Aaryn says if I can ask one thing from you can you make sure Candice does not slander my name anymore. Jessie says that she will and that she’ll say that Aaryn is the least racist person in the house and that others have said way worse so go after them.


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Meanwhile in the bathroom – Elissa points out to Helen how Jessie wrote on the bathroom stall “Jessie K loves Dan was here” Elissa asks who does that, writing on a bathroom stall is all kinds of wrong. Andy joins them and Elissa show him too. She says we all all supposed to be grown women. Is that not weird? Andy says it is.

11:20am Andy joins Aayrn and Jessie in the lounge room. Aayrn leaves. Jessie says it’s about to get good, I can’t wait to see what happens. Andy says it starting to get hard. Jessie tells him to not make it boring or predictable. Andy says it probably won’t come from him. Jessie says wait till someone sabotages your game. It sucks d**k.
In the rainbow room – Helen talks to Ginamarie about how Jessie is going home no matter what that the she ruined her own game. Gina says that if Jessie tries to do or say anything during the live show she will cut her off. Helen and Gina leave and Helen heads into the havenot room with Elissa. Helen says that she can’t believe Jessie said that Spencer is more dangerous that she is. Helen says I can’t wait to win HOH just to rub it in her face. Helen and Elissa start studying the events of the house in case its a quiz HOH competition.


11:35am Up in the HOH room – Andy tells Jessie that he feels horrible that she is going out on his HOH. Jessie says it’s okay. She tells him that she loves him. Andy starts crying. Jessie hugs him and tells him it’s okay. Andy says that coming up it will either be that I am expendable or valuable. Andy talks about how he doesn’t really know where Spencer is at. I have had issues trusting him since the beginning. Right then Spencer joins them and the conversation ends.

11:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the HOH lock down..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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126 thoughts on “Jessie tells Aaryn you have my vote. Aaryn says they won’t take me, I would tear their a$$es up in the end.

  1. hahaha I can see it now. Jessie calls aaryn after her win, and realizes she was given a wrong number. she then stalks her on twitter until aaryn calls her a follower and a loser.

      1. Like it or not after watching that tape Jessie is right Aaryn was in no way the worst in the house. I mean Amanda and GM were like Satan on Steroids and Kaitlin with the other two were the ones that used the N word in connection with Candice. Also, Candice thinks Helen, Andy, Judd, Elissa were her friends and on the tape they all say awful things and then laugh at the comments and think it is funny so in that house there is more than enough blame to go around, and I think the most hurt would come from the people pretending to like me and then when my back is turned they make horrible racist comments about me like Helen and Andy. They are are awful and Candice should be made aware of it and that Spencer was behind the entire episode getting started.

  2. if Elissa wins HoH: Amanda, Mccrae or Aaryn go home next week
    Helen: GinaMarie, Spencer, or Amanda
    Amanda: Helen or spencer
    McCrae: Helen or Spencer
    Aaryn: Helen or Elissa
    Spencer: Amanda, Helen, or Elissa
    GinaMarie: Spencer, Helen, or Elissa

    God please Elissa win fricken HoH for once!

    1. I want Helen to get blindsided and backdoored more than anyone else in the house, just to see the look on her face. Probably even more than Pigmanda.

      1. I’m looking forward to seeing Helen get backdoored too! I have a feeling that it is coming soon. Helen has been playing hard, but she made a few bad moves that I think will cost her the game.

  3. Two weeks ago:

    Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Candice, Howard


    Aaryn, GM

    Where was the attack on Amanda and McCrae going to come from – the left or right flank. With Spencer floating, who knows where?


    Helen, Elissa



    The attack never happened because of Helen’s pure gutlessness. Now Helen is the target. Hooray! Serves her right. Spencer still floating, somewhere?

    Hopefully in three weeks:




    The Idiot (Helen), The Rat (Andy) and The Tyrant (Amanda) all blindsided. Spencer lost at sea, never to be seen again.

  4. Not sure if anyone caught this last night.
    When MC and Helen were talking in the cockpit, Helen said-
    “We (or I, have to go back and check) have carried her (Amanda) through this
    Does this bitch not even see that Amanda has been her boss almost 90 percent
    of the time? Every move Helen has made has been something Amanda planted
    in her brain.
    I hope MC does not forget that specific sentence to relay back to Amanda, that
    will REALLY get things moving along with the backdooring.

    1. No, Helen wanted to do it but had to talk to Andy who always talked her out of it. It’s amazing that he is still able to play both side. This is the high school season, everyone is so desperate to be excepted into the “in group” they are all blinded by what’s going on. Wish Helen, Spenser and AA would compare notes on how many “alliances” are in the house. Again, really these people think that Amanda and Mcree would go against each other … CAN’T BELIEVE THEY ARE BUYING IT!!! Spenser and Helen come on!! Really wanted Amanda or Helen out before Helen but her game is terrible.

      1. The uncertainty of the MVP created the “house rules” voting block, and not that these players are weaker or dumber than usual. They had to adapt to a huge change in the power dynamics of the house. It made players more vulnerable, so instead of having different sides they had to band together into a larger alliance. They want to win and don’t know and can’t worry about it being boring for us. So blame CBS for a bad twist, not the players.

    2. Maybe its y’gotta say “something”, & everybody wants to hear that “they” are the most important one, y’know , blowing sunshine up his ass.
      Being in politics, she blows sunshine up asses for a living…

      But, (I figure) she believes she’s got total controlled of every person/move in the house.

      I really dig watching anyone in politics fall flat on they’re face, ESPECIALLY for saying 1 thing & doing another.

  5. expose anything and everything jessie. quit playing ms. goodie goodie. all these people will continue to talk badly behind your back, you owe them nothing.

    1. Reading that Jessie is incessantly groveling to these people is gross. There is just no one left to root for. They are all horrible.

      1. Yes! I hated watching her grovel. I wish that she would have exposed everybody — she had the golden opportunity when GM started going off about AA talking about her behind her back. But she remained quiet. There was NO WAY that she was staying, so she should have destroyed EVERYBODY’s game and then left for the jury house!

  6. And I can not wait for Spencer to come off the block,
    He has taken over Andys role this week, anytime people are
    trying to talk game he “pops in”.
    I know he has to protect himself because he is on his own, but
    he has ruined many a good game talk session this week….driving me crazy!

  7. jessie it was not helen that messed up ur game it was actually amanda and her minion andy lol. so go after them instead of feeding them info. man she going to get mad at how amanda and andy played her. oh well

    1. How did Aaryn’s panties get thrown all over the floor and how did GM know she has 2 pairs up her stanken ass??? T.M.I.

    2. Writing on the bathroom wall. Some strange underwear is scathered on the floor! GM found her only 2 pairs of panties up her own ass!
      What next? Expect the unexpected?
      Spencer ran out of Fruit of the Looms and is wearing the ones he stole from Kaitlyn.

    3. Candice asked production to get “her” black dress for her. Said that she “forgot it. “If the dress don’t fit, you must acquit.” SNAP!!

      1. Make sure Candice d/n slander her name???????? what is she doing to Candice saying she takes things? They are really horrible RACIST WOMEN Aaryn and GM…. Blame it on the black lady even though she said Candice had the Micheal Kors shoe she wanted and her family sent her a pair.. from what I am looking at not much to want to steal from either of them. They also said she d/n clean HAVE ANYONE NOTICE HOW THAT HOUSE LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! RACIST, RACIST, RACIST MAYBE SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO A ONLINE QUOTES OF THINGS THESE TWO HAVE SAID AND PUT IT ON THE INTERNET LIKE THEY HAVE AMANDA and these two dumb chick who d/n seem to have a memory can see when they get out……

        1. That is not slander Candice did take the other girls things and go through the dressers looking for things. I am OCD too and that would of really pissed me off if she did that. It cannot be slander because Candice did do that. Slander is a spoken untruth.

  8. Eliisa dress :Aaryn says that it’s probably in Candice’s bag because she takes things without asking all the time. Elissa is now running around the house looking for Candice! Girl has not got a clue!

  9. Andys fake ass pisses me of crying like a little punk! He wanted Jessie to leave! I would give anything to put him on the block!

    1. And then he’ll find out he has no friends, they have been playing him too. He’ll have a breakdown. Can’t wait to see his face when he realizes he’s going out.

    1. Who is your favourite on BBCan. Do you like someone more or less than anyone? Any thoughts – I am Canadian so I’m just curious how you feel about the show? Peace.

    2. take notes. McCrae saw BB Canada and I think he is trying to play Emmett’s game. And Andy is trying to be Gary.

      Another reason to be disappointed in this season. It’s a repeat of BB Canada. Ugh

  10. “Aaryn says if I can ask one thing from you can you make sure Candice does not slander my name anymore. Jessie says that she will and that she’ll say that Aaryn is the least racist person in the house and that others have said way worse so go after them.”

    Aaryn you did that all by yourself. No one to blame but the girl in the mirror!

    Jessie, now you must be really pissed at Helen and Elissa if you are believing that straight up BS you stated. What is the least racist, either you are or you are not. This is like saying, you are only partially pregnant.

    1. These girls (over 30 Gina Marie) are stuck in some sort of pre-teen novel mentality. Slandering her name to who people in the house? The morons know everything is recorded either way. And the outgoing speech was directed at Gina Marie who Candace knew didn’t like her and tried to slide in a rat comment to degrade her. She should tell CBS stop slandering her name she they are the ones who showed a montage on the show. I wonder what she’s going to say about that. That Candace edited it to destroy her?lol

    2. Aaryn started all this stuff. If someone as mean and spiteful as she is was not in the house, I don’t think half the stuff that came out of people’s mouths would have. When large groups of people get together and they start seeing what is and is not acceptable behavior they follow the example the boldest person. Aaryn is really a physically attractive person and people are attracted to that and they want to be around it and impress that person.

      Ganging up on other people works in groups. It brings people together and it also smooths over problems between people within the group. If Aaryn and GM didn’t have Candice to bash, they would have continually bashed each other instead! That is why they are still talking about Candice. Besides that, Aaryn being head of household week 2 and 5 contributed too, because they all wanted to be on her good side, just in case.

    3. Did you watch that tape because if you did you will know what Jessie is saying is true. Did you hear the crap Amanda, GM, Helen, Kaitlin, Spencer, Judd, McCrae and Andy said about Candice. They were much worse and then some of these idiots pretended to be her friend. BS!

  11. Ugh every day it gets worse. I wanted Jessie to stay so she could lay down the law on these b***es.
    I guess I am left to root for Elissa since she is the only person in that house left with any morals and guts.
    Win HOH Elissa and get the Awful Duncemanda and McPu$$y disgustmance out!

              1. so i guess it’s too much to ask, sorry! dropping and moving on…dan will just remain a mystery to me i guess??? sorry to bother anyone!

                1. It refers to Dan Gheesling. He played last year.
                  Does anyone think that the writing on the wall, the missing black dress, the panties on the floor, might be production messing with them?

  12. I think if they do bring a jury member back – it will be the one who will ensure some fireworks: at this point that would be Jessie or Candice. Jessie may last if she goes back in (or even Judd), but Candice had no skills comp-wise, either physically or mentally so she’d probably just end up getting evicted right away. Just my own personal thoughts. I just want Helen to be shocked by a blindside.

    1. i think judd returning would be the most interesting since the house seemed to be most affected by his departure??? i would like to at least get to hear all the explaining everyone would be doing to him plus i think he would have more things figured out than the other 2

  13. Jessie did some strange things this week but I respect the way she is leaving. I’m sure that house can bring out the crazy in anyone. Poor Helen…if she wasnt so busy trying to backdoor everyone maybe she would have stood a chance at winning the game. None of the people remaining inthis house deserve the money. I’m so disappointed in this season. This should go down in the history books as one of the worst social experiments ever

  14. So Jessie is going to tell Candice that Aaryn is the least racist person. SMH. The least racist person in the house is Elissa. In addition Jessie stated that she did not think that Aaryn said anything racist to Candice.

    1. Actually Ben. Elissa is the worst offender. She’s an elitist snob. A so-called “Christian” who believes she is better than everyone. The single worst kind of human. They couch their snotty comments with holier than thou attitude but in reality they despise anyone or thing that does not conform to their ideas on how to conduct ones’ life. At least with with a balls out racist, you know where they stand.
      Elissa is the ultimate liar. Why is she there? She certainly isn’t playing the game. She is a fraud. Personally I’d take a racist over a fraud any day. Because at least one can have a conversation with a racist. Frauds only lie, therefore they have nothing to bring to the conversation.

      1. Christine got it right! All you people loving Ellissa need to realize that this stuck-up b6tch wouldn’t give you ‘common’ people the time of day.

      2. … because letting you’re vileness show for all the world to see is always more admirable then someone who doesn’t allow every thought they have to exit their mouth. Sheesh.

  15. Well, it’s been tough, but we’ve made it to Thursday. I simply can not stomach one more week without seeing either Helen or Amanda go up as the target.

    Can’t decide which will be more fun to watch. Helen realizing that her beloved “house” has turned on her, followed by Elissa flailing by herself on the way to a probable self-eviction OR the inevitable catastrophic meltdown from Amanda if she and McCrae are put up together. Considering there has been overall little intrigue since Nick’s eviction, I’m cool with either.

    1. I’m not interested in seeing the most naive/childish player(Elissa) or the most cheerful(Helen) player win. I want smart strategy and skill. And for now that’s Amanda, Macrea and Andy who are doing the best job of playing the game. some people have a tough time respecting powerful females, but if a male used the same strategy as Amanda they’d be cool with it.

      1. Helen give it a rest already!!! Stop playing the victim!! You owe Jessie an apology…you screwed up her game! You had Howard, Candice and Jessie on your team now you’ll be going home soon:)

  16. How did this season get reduced to having these degenerates in the house? A sad state of events and a very sad reflection on our country if this is supposed to be a cross section of America.

  17. Jessie can say whatever she wants to Candice. Everyone that has watched the Shows, or the live feeds, or seen Julie’s other show, or read/watched the news has seen or heard every thing Aaryn has said that was racist or otherwise. It is not Candice that is slandering her name. She did it to herself. I hate to see Jessie go today. Hopefully she will be the one coming back from the jury house. No matter what happens, I do believe this just might be the week things finally start happening on BB15. Lets get this HOH competition started. I can not wait to see who wins.

    1. You did not watch if you truly think that Aaryn is the biggest racist in that house because that title easily goes to Amanda and GM and Kaitlin and Spencer. Spencer started it with the hat crap, and Candice egged it on by taking the girls stuff without asking or snooping through their personal things. No she did not deserve the comments but she was in no way innocent of all wrong doing. Also, would rather know who did not like me to my face then the people that you thought liked you and then made horrible comments about you such as Helen, Judd, Jessie, Andy, McCrae and even Elissa. That hurt will cut much deeper than any other. As for Chen’s show and the news media they only feed you what will get them higher ratings. Do not believe the news especially since Amanda and Elissa are friends with production and Grodner and one or the other is the projected winner.


  18. Does Demnda ever stop grazing on food? She is always eating candy, chips, anything that is around. McPussy she will weigh 300 pounds before you know it.




    1. That dude that wore the onesy, and got voted out of the brigade said that it’s very easy to avoid people in the jury house. He also said that Rachel was alot of fun, and would organize activities and stuff.

    2. CANDICE DID take the other girls things without asking them and they are not blaming her because of her race but that she did do it. Watch the show and you will know that they do have reason to think she may of taken it. I would of if she would of been going through my things or of wore my things without asking me. Candice has no one but herself to blame for that one.

  20. Jessie says she’s going to remain loyal and “fight the good fight”. I don’t understand these people. Why would Jessie kiss their a$$. They should all be kissing Jessie’s a$$. If I was Jessie and I knew I was on my way out I would be threatening to tell everybody’s secrets. She has the power but yet she’s giving it all away. I don’t get this group.

  21. Dat azz of Jessie’s is pretty nice… I would eat that booty hole like a pig eats slop from a trough. I hate to see her go, but I will love watching her leave, if you catch my drift.

  22. why were there panties all over the floor? and why was aaryn showing gina her underwear? what the hell is going on in there?

  23. “Elissa points out to Helen how Jessie wrote on the bathroom stall “Jessie K loves Dan was here” Elissa asks who does that, writing on a bathroom stall is all kinds of wrong. Andy joins them and Elissa show him too. She says we all all supposed to be grown women. Is that not weird?”

    The irony in Elissa, commenting on someone else isn’t acting their age…. ROLMFAO

    I think it’s fitting for the “High School” setting of the season.

    Guess Elissa is on another case if “She’s better than everyone” again.

  24. Lordy, the things that comes out of GM pie hole.. Not sure what is more disgusting from this sow. Can’t decide if it is the visual of her packing panties up her ass or her clearing a room with her elephant farts!
    Bet her family has sold the home and moved with no forwarding address.

  25. I think Aaryn is totally a fool that when Jessie leaves because of Amanda, she will give opportunity to evicted her.

  26. if i win HOH i will evict everyone but aaryn, because she hasnt pretended to be a two face b!tch like andy, helen, amanduh, mcreepy, etc…..

  27. “Aaryn says if I can ask one thing from you can you make sure Candice does not slander my name anymore.”

    I don’t member Candice slandering anyone, we got video, Aaryn,GM,Kaitlin and Amanda slandered themselves.

    Last time I check, people who would even joke about the things they said, feel a little that way deep down, or why would we need to say it?

  28. Hard for me to like Jessie if she would for Aaryn to win the 500k and doesn’t really think Aaryn is a racist. And why did she say she would hang out with Aaryn if she won and has money? Like they can’t hang out if both are not rich girls?

    I wish Jessie would have defended Candice more and bash Aaryn on her racist tactics and antics but no one but Elissa reallly cares about the racism. Even Helen, she cares about money over any morals and values and would work with Aaryn just because it suits her needs. Typical politician

    1. I don’t know if Aryan is a true racist, or if she’s just a young dingbat who is in over her head, but at this point I almost rather see her win over a-MAN-da, Helen, Andy The Rat, GM aka “Single White Female” or McRae

      1. Agree 100%!! Aaryn is ignorant and the dislike between her and Candice was started because of the lie that Spencer created and told about Candice destroying her hat, and I guess since Candice had already been caught taking and wearing things that belonged to the other girls without asking them and going through their dressers it was easily believed. Just think that production should of stepped in and cleared up that lie but anything for ratings. At least she did not pretend to be Candice’s friend like the others and then say the horrible racist things that were on that tape about Candice behind her back while all the time laughing at her. In my eyes they are the most vile and hate filled in the house whereas Aaryn and Candice do not like one another but it is based on Spencer’s lie and Candice taking things without asking and wearing them. Being Candice did pageants she should know that is a NUMBER ONE NO NO in regard to women.

  29. So according to Aaryn and Jessie conversation. Aaryn is ok with being racist, just as long as she is considered the least racist?? You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me!!! Where did BB find this cast of clowns? This season is a joke!!! Everybody has a final three deal with everybody…lol

  30. no doubt elissa is gonna win hoh today she is due and her best move would be to backdoor aaryn cause she hates aaryn im sorry u people who hate amanda r unbelieveable she has played the best game she deserves to win but with elissa as hoh who knows what shes gonna do

  31. Jesse goes from actually being pretty quick and direct on her feet during confrontations to some innocent naive doe who wants acceptance. I like her because she has some good qualities but not a lot true conviction and substance. I don’t know if she is just immature and hasn’t been out in the world enough or if it’s esteem issues. It may make for good TV. But I really don’t want to see she or Candace come back in the house dealing any further with the politics of these people. And Judd just didn’t seem to get it like most of them in there so I don’t want to see him back in either. Either way, I wonder if they are trying to see who wins HOH before deciding whether or not to allow someone back in. I can’t remember how long it was before Brendon was let back in as part of rigging the game for Rachel to win.

  32. Geez Amanda, you think you run this house. When are you going to win HoH? I think McCrae will backstabbed you and you think it was Elissa. I hope next week your alliance turn against you.

  33. What are they putting in the water, everyone is so delusional. After Jessie’s conversation with Aaryn, I lost all respect for her., If she goes into that house and tells Candice that Aaryn is not racist, I hope Candice tell her off. I realize that Jessie is upset at being sent to the JH, but good grief this is BB, people lie, people turn on you, you are not coming into the house to make friends, your coming in to win $500,00. Where did they find these people.?????

    I love BB, please get rid of the people who were in charge this year, they stink!!!!!

    1. Only aaryn need the meds! She wins so easily when she medicated. Has anyone noticed she has a surprise look on her face after winning! “Wow, my meds are really working!”

      1. If Aaryn’s meds are working, what happened to Amanda? She’s on meds and hasn’t won anything. Maybe they just make her super b1tchy and extra mean.

  34. Either Gina has a few pairs of the same black and white sleep pants OR she’s been washing them often OR she’s wearing the same one all the time, every day (no exaggeration). Yuck. Yesterday she talked about Freddie (her stepdad) being stabbed and shot and said it ‘mob stuff’. BIG SUPRPRISE. I kind of feel sorry for anyone like her (not excusing it) because she seems to have been surrounded by a lot of ugliness in her life.

    1. Gina is a disgusting, vile, delusional, potty-mouth, bigoted, ignorant, filthy, horny, and fugly beast.
      Only employment that would be available for her is sheep herding or shoveling poop at the Bronx Zoo.
      Otherwise she is cool.

  35. I’d love for Elissa to win HOH but I get the feeling she’ll be talked out of putting up McCrae and Amanda by Helen and Andy since it’s still really “too soon” for those kind of moves. Ugh.

  36. Many people will give me the thumbs down however, facts or Amanda deserve that money. She is a nasty, racist, and the list can go on but she has everyone doing what ever she wants. To have a whole house and no one goes against her she is a genius for me.

    Second person who deserve that money will be Andy he is a snake, a rat, the list can go however, these idiots don’t see he is playing them in the middle.

    Third person who deserve that money will be Simon and Dawg for keeping us up to date.

    1. It is easy to appear a genius when you have people who don’t know how to play the game, or are to afraid to play. I hope they bring her back and she can play with the super stars, then we will see how well she can play. If she plays the same type of game, she will be one of the first out.

  37. Give Jessie a break! She has been the only person to voice many of the opinions that a lot of the commentators have had without the cushion of actually NOT having to deal with these people face to face 24/7. AND having to be the brunt of their insults AND being treated like an outcast. So if she temporarily sees Aaryn as a friend because she is being nice to her then don’t judge. You would too. I don’t doubt that some time away from the haters will bring things into clarity again.

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