Andy: “I’m playing this game to win .. Elissa and Ginamarie are both expendable”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


3:20pm Kitchen Elissa and Jessie

Jessie says her social game is in the dirt. If they keep her in the game she will throw them the HOH and volunteer to go up on the block next week.
Elissa: “OK..hmm.umm.. thats a good offer.. I only things were different.. I would rather work with you and Spencer”
Jessie: “Not everyone is dead set with me going this week”
Jessie thinks if Elissa changes her mind other people will follow suit.
They go into the cockpit..
Elissa points out until the time they found out they were evicting jury members Aaryn was a complete psychopath she was belligerent, Mean didn’t watch what she said, Didn;t care what she said and felt the game revolved around her. Now all of a sudden she changes her tune completely she’s a different person..
Elissa: “She’s nice.. she’s copying what everyone else says so she looks like a nice person.. She’s wants Jury votes”

Elissa: “I can’t take it to heart with what you said because frankly i’m in this house with people.. I don’t know.. I came on this show not for you guys I wanted to work with the Show.. I mean that’s why I’m here because I respect them and my sister had done it “
Elissa understands people get emotional but it sucks..
(Lots of fish cutting in during this conversation)
Jessie wants to work with her moving forward she would love to stay and be part of this. Jessie says if Elissa and Helen want her to stay the rest of the house will be fine with the decision. Jessie adds that McCrae and Amanda don’t care who goes home.
Elissa says she does care but after those things Jessie told her she doesn’t know who trusts her.

Elissa says she always wanted Spencer out but she’s just one vote.

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:34pm HOH Andy and Aaryn

Talking about their final 2 deal and how nobody will suspect they are working together. Aaryn mentions Amanda bringing up a plan McCrae thought up. The plan involved them telling Helen Aaryn is the target so she tries to backdoor Helen then they will just vote out who she is up against.
Aaryn is worried about going up on the block she feels like people will take the chance to vote her out. Andy understands why she is nervous he would be to. He thinks as long 3 people from the 3am alliance are voting whoever is on the block will be safe.
Aaryn: “you have to tell me when they are planning on voting me out”
Andy says of course he knows 100% Amanda and McCrae will be taking themselves to the finale, “I’m playing this game to win”
Andy mentions that Amanda and McCrae are saying they are not taking each other but everyone knows that is bullshit.

Aaryn says Helen and Elissa were out by the pool whispering while she was on elliptical. It was obvious they were scheming,. Andy knows they do not do a good job hiding their alliance. Aaryn thinks Helen will honour the 2 week deal. Andy agrees. Aaryn says after the two weeks is done Helen will be coming after her so she has no problems taking her out next week. They both agree how hard it will be when Helen is set to be evicted, Andy says it has to be done for him to win this game. Aaryn hates that they will be in the house with her for 4 days. Helen is going to be heartbroken.
Andy says this is why he likes to blindside people they won’t have to deal with the drama. He wanted to do it with Jessie but it didn’t pan out, “Helen f***ed it up”. Aaryn thinks blindsiding will hurt jury votes.

Aaryn: “GM is fully ready to Attack Elissa, Helen, Amanda and McCrae.. I would rather her go to the five than Elissa”
Andy: “Elissa and GM are both expendable… cut them when we need to”
He adds the only reason he likes Elissa around is she sucks at competitions and GM can go into beast mode and win sh!t.
Andy: “Elissa is the worst competitor here” THe problem with keeping Elissa is she will probably go after Aaryn whereas GM will not go after neither of them.

Aaryn asks what Spencer will put up.
Andy: “He’s not talking much game because he’s on the block but I think it will be Helen and Elissa”
Aaryn says GM will go after Amanda.
Aaryn: ‘I would rather go with with you than amanda and MCcrae because their loyalty is not with us”

Andy agrees he knows they are taking each other to the final 2. (they reassure each other their loyalty a couple times throughout this conversation)
Aaryn is worried that they will nominate her and Amanda because they know AManda is a vote to keep Aaryn. Andy says if that happens he will keep Aaryn over Amanda.
Andy: “I would take out anyone over you I feel like you are my secret weapon in this game.. You’re good at comps and I’m in good with everyone”
Andy: “Peoples heads would explode if they found out I would vote to keep you over Helen”

They agree their main priority is to maintain their final 4 with Amanda and McCrae but not at the expense of their final 2.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


4:20pm Indoor lockdown Helen and GM in the cockpit. GM says she hears banging outside they must be building the HOH competition for tomorrow. Helen think sit’s going to be Knock out or the wall.
GM: “Sh!ts going to be pretty cool”


4:48pm HOH Chit chat
Aryan is talking about the Italian greyhound dog she wants to get.
Spencer likes Irish wolfhounds.


4:51pm Amanda and MCCrae

Amanda is thinking about going up to Helen and making some deal with Helen for two weeks of safety. McCrae doesn’t think Amanda has much to bargain with. (She nervous because McCrae is covered with Helen but she is not)
McCrea: “so are we actually going to save Jessie now”
Amanda says NO Jessie’s gone. They have Helen covered now with the 3 person alliance. They now have to cover Ginamarie. Amanda wants to make sure she she’s involved with a GM deal. She proposes her, Aaryn, GM and Andy can come up with some final 4.

MC: “I want to keep Ginamarie and Spencer trust”
Amanda: “you could make a final 2 with Spencer”
MC says he’ll propose a boys alliance final 3 with Andy and Spencer that way they have Spencer covered.
Amanda warns him people might start talking, Spencer, Gm and Andy.
Amanda: ‘I don’t think Spencer Will put up Andy anyways”

McCrea says the best thing for him and Aaryn will be to put up Helen and Elissa. If the POV is played Aaryn could put up Andy as the replacement nominee. This way they hid they are working with them.
Amanda doesn’t think they should because they needs Andy’s vote
MC is certain Spencer will vote out Helen and Elissa regardless of who they are up against. Spencer will not vote against Andy.
Amanda: “what if it’s Specner and Elissa”
MC: “What if Helen wins and takes down elissa.. she will expect us to put up Aaryn”

McCrae says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Helen and Elissa. If elissa gets veto he’ll put up Aaryn. Amanda can act pissed off at him and it will give them a good chance to distance themselves from each other.
Amanda thinks it’s too risky to put up aryn with Helen.
MC is certain they’ll have Spencer, GM, and Amanda’s vote.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

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First! Amanda is a ho bag


I agree with Elissa.

I am not buying Aaryn being nice. She is still that same person from week one, but wow….she sure is playing this game.

She teaming up with Andy-the -rat! BRILLIANT!

Wait….Rule #1, Never trust Andy, Never believe anything he says.

I take back my BRILLIANT comment……. Aaryn, just like Helen, you are a FOOL too!


Aaryn is still playing the Mean Girl dynamic. The power in the group bullies the others and they follow because they will do anything to stay in the group. Aaryn was at the top but has slipped down the totem pole so now she will do anything they want her to do. Still a mean girl just change of pecking order.

rs wilson

I bad thing is most of the girls cant keep there mouth shut and when they say things well half the people in America have done the same thing just not in front of people but like in real life if your angry with a 200 lbs women what are the chances of someone not calling her a fat btch

give me a break

Yea…..but fat people were not persecuted or hang from and tree or there great great grand mother rape for being FAT……..being judge of base on color of your skin in this country has a shameful history……you can lose weight..but you can’t change the color of your skin…..


If you watch that tape Aaryn was not as bad as I had heard. The most offending were by far Amanda, GM, and i hate to say it but Helen. Helen was really ugly but pretended to be her friend. The absolute worse was Spencer since his lie started the entire thing. Also, to see Judd, McCrae, Jessie, Andy make absolutely cruel and hate filled things and Elissa who laughed at all of the comments. None of them are the little angels that CBS is portraying them to be. They were all pretty mean, cruel and hate filled. Do not know if I could pick the worst but do think the ones that were pretending to be her friend and then making ugly comments behind her back or laughing at her behind her back in my opinion were the worst. Much easier to fight the fight when you know who your enemies are, but wow for someone to be nice to your face and then ugly behind your back that is the worst.

give me a break

But your point is mute pertaining to Aaryn …you are arguing who is the greatest racist…and in your point is Aaryn is 3rd compared to amanda and g.m……but she’s still a racist….just because one person murder 2 people and another murder 1….they are still murderers

Weiner Tweets Amanda

The only way 3 AM does not win the game is if Helen and Elissa win the next two HOH’s or if a Golden Veto shows up.

Simon: Do you know who Spencer is really loyal to?


Spencer was loyal to Howard.

Now, that Howard is gone, he is an island by himself trying to stay afloat. He doesn’t trust anyone because he saw what went down, especially with Judd.

He just trying to survive after being on the block like 5 times, I think.

Big Sister

If I were in jury, I could not vote for any of these clowns. Crazy, but Andy is so delusional. He thinks he has made huge moves. Who would sign up for any course he taught? No matter how much Aaryn tries to clean up her image, there isn’t that much soap in the world. GM is beyond help. She wouldn’t recognize class if it hit her in the face. What politician in his/her right mind would hire Helen? If I were Marilyn, I would find Nick and go in the witness protection program to avoid Spencer and GM. Amanda is so disgusting I cannot even find the words to describe her. She and McC deserve each other. Lord help any children born to this union. Elissa is out to lunch. Jessie waited too long to make a move, thinking that her “beauty” would plop 500Ks in her lap. I waited all year for this?? They owe us an apology for fouling our tv screens with these people. I really don’t think there is anything Production can do to save this season. Mr. Moonves, heads need to roll!


I am watching tonight’s episode and reading this blog…..

WOW……For Aaryn to still be in this game…..

For Amanda, Andy and Aaryn….all the A-starting names to have the potential at winning 500k…

What happened to BB?


helen has to remove all the “A”s to win the game.
even if she + elissa can pull that off, A + A + A will
be jury members. she has to be clever, bold + pitiless.
the big prize may go to either a nicer person than
she or a much nastier person than she has been!


the show is pissing me off it pisses me off when they want spencer to throw but he wanted to feel safe no mater wat whst losers amanda and helen is


Really expecting someone who is on the block to throw the game and then get mad when he doesn’t. These people are insane!


Andys gay ass need to shut up. I cannot srand him omg! His ugly ass pale face!


gingers have no soul.

Teri B

Depends on the ginger, really. :))

Hey Simon & Dawg

Don’t know why you allow bigots and bullies to post their hateful comments. Some of these peoples posts are worse than the comments made by BB HGs. What a bunch of hypocrites. Altho I suppose if you banned all the ignorant bigots you’d lose a good chunk of the people following your blog.


wow, can the above comment be removed? anti-gay much?

Helen is becoming a past tense

Helen is almost a total past tense


I would like to know why people want Helen out of the game b4 Aayrin Amanda and Gm!?!?!?!?!?!


Amanda&pansy pizza guy got to go! The others just apper stupid!! How can they not see?andy has no loyality to anyone.all makee me one deserves the $.just GROSS PEOPLE


I don’t think I could watch a Demanda and McMinute final 2.

Andy is in green and Jessie is hopeful

my gut is sorta telling me things…
15 more minutes til this BB ep ends


Simon, Tonight’s veto episode of BB? I’m on East Coast time.

1) Helen and Elissa question if Andy is on their side or on team McManda
2) Amanda tells McCrae and Andy to develop a fake 3person alliance with Helen
3) 3am Alliance meet with Andy, McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryn
4) Aaryn and Andy made a final 2 together.
5) Jessie thinks she is safe (didn’t have her terror moment yet)
6) Helen believes that this 3 person alliance exist.
7) Spencer trusts no one.
8) GM really got no air time.


Oh…..more things from tonight’s episode….

9) the 3am alliance are planning to backdoor Helen.
10) Helen “thinks” she will backdoor Amanda with her fake 3person alliance
11) No one trust Spencer for not folding during the Veto competition
12) Elissa….accidently folds during the veto competition
13) As we know….the veto was not used. In Spencer’s speech, he said to Andy, “You haven’t done anything intelligent all week. Why start now?”

That was funny.


Nothing really happened that you didn’t already post on here it showed the veto comp they had to get three tickets to win in a counting comp. They (amanda)set it up so everyone would fold and spencer didn’t when Helen had two tickets and no one else had any. So of course Amanda got pissy cause someone didn’t do it the way she wanted. Lame ass episode not sure if there was anything of any importance


Bill, you have summed up the hour rather succinctly, even though our time was not at all wasted as we sat thru it!!

Simon, you and DAWG totally 100% covered all the nuances inside the scenarios inside the streaming live feeds…

Picture 25 to 30 minutes of “direct on’ and honest Diary Room footage as an overlay to three to five juicy moments

from ALL the many live feeds! we as a viewing audience got told WHY people did what they did! the show was fast.

it was condensed. the only “NEW” footage was the diary room sessions! You had this totally covered. few surprises!


Me&MyGonzo is repetitive.


CBS has been utilizing black + white flashbacks and Diary Room footage
to defuse some of the explosive incidents people see and hear on the live
feeds. they also are reducing the “live’ airtime of the House Guests in order
to apple cart the season into something its not. the raw footage is intense.


I think so too, ME&MYGONZO.

Production, CBS….The entire network think they can manipulate viewers. I hope tomorrow they show us a glimpse into the jury house with Judd and Candice.


They’re not in the jury house yet. They’re keeping them sequestered separately, so they can bring them back to the house. Once they have the first four jury members, they’ll probably have a competition between them to determine who has a chance to get back in the house.


At this point, the only thing I’m looking forward to is Andy & Helen getting cut by Amanda & McRae because they deserve it for being so stupid for so long


I agree, JENW.

I am now watching this show to see how this showmance takes everyone down one by one.
If you are that dumb to not take McManda down from the get-go, you don’t deserve $500k.


The day when Andy gets sent to jury, I am ordering pizza an honor of McCrae.

Teri B

BUT WAIT… it “too soon”?…….and “maybe next week”?. OMG

I am so enjoying “watching” this through the eyes of you guys. So much more fun this way!!

Thanks to all of you!!



Teri B, welcome to the family. We can be dsyfunctional at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.



i want mccrae to backstab his disgusting bb bride. is that so much to wish for?


That won’t happen….Amanda got a spell on him in the form of sex, bjs, and handjobs.


McMinute can’t take 3 steps away from her without her either following him or yelling at him. He doesn’t have a chance.

give me a break

Elissa is right Aryan is just playing acting like a decent person….Aryan is just happy that there are no more black people in the house…..and after they get rid of the Asian and the people who actually talk to the black people in the house (Elissa and Jessie) she will be in a… BIGOT STATE OF NIRVANA…


Lol Andy, your expendable. Trust me, if I was in the house, I would dump you VERY quickly.


I think 3 A.M. will turn on each other.


hoping for a new twist tomorrow. for lack of a term, i’ll call it ultimate coup d’etat.

how it would work would be whoever is voted out isn’t actually voted out. they become the next HOH. that would be amazing. it probably won’t happen, but its better to root for something like that than to root for whoever will be left after thurs eviction :P


Andy is in yellow + blue as the lid went down on the box.

we see him keeping jessie and spencer exactly where they are.

We have more diary room footage, and now the voice over THURS teaser…

again, Jessie got a nice edit and Spencer is looking like a nice guy.

Helen’s options are being reduced by slow degrees tonite.

Weiner Tweets Amanda

It is really hare to vote for your least favorite with Amanda, Andy, and Helen in the house. How can you choose just one?

Danity Kane

I hope they realize Jessie’s deal is a really good deal, and they keep her.
They’re stupid to keep super-shady snake Spencer. His initials are ssss which is coincidentally the noise of a snake! Don’t trust him houseguests!

Get a Clue

And then “Killer Kowalski” comes out of hibernation, she wins HOH, and she puts up Amanda and McCrae. I know . . . but one can hope. :)


she just insulted elissa for a whole day and got into a major fight with helen. there’s no way they trust her. i think it’s laughable the way jessie is now going to elissa hoping they’ll turn the house around for her. her gameplay is so weak.

Amanda's Towel

As long as everyone treats Amanda like she’s the Godfather, this game is dead. Kiss the ring.

Teri B

VERY well put!! I couldn’t agree more!

derick alaska

Unless we all suffer from amnesia, we will NOT forgot that Aaryn is a racist bimbo, Ginamarie is a shitty mouth fibromyalgia representative, and Amanda is a bully with an onion scent!

Or we can just say they’re all pathetic…that’s easier to remember.


its over… Criminal Minds has started.
BB ended with Andy keeping the noms
as they are. if only we can fast forward
23 hours and 5 minutes! i type slow…


Lol Andy, your expendable. If I was in that house, I would dump you VERY quickly.


OMG…Amanda makes me sick…saying if Spencer don’t watch it he might go…if that’s what I want! I don’t think those idiots would vote her with the chance if they got one…there’s to many that will have her back Aaryn, GM, Andy, McCrae…hate to say it I think she’ll definitely will go far. Surely Andy don’t think that Amanda or McCrae will take him to F2 over each other…Andy is fricken delusional!!!


‘You’re the delusional one Andy said he knows that MC and Amanda won’t take him to final 2, which is why he made a final deal w Aaryn. You’re just like half the haters on here, making up scenarios of things the HGs didn’t say or do, and then running with it like a pack of wild dogs. Come on people ,if you are going to criticize and hate on someone, at least do it using the truth of their actions and words, not something you something you pulled out of your ass just so you fit in with the pack.

Fishtank Fan

This season sucks! Wish the DR would intervene and give someone some information to get this game going. So predictable!


Nasty Amanda’s dictatorship of the house (+) Helen’s Gigantic Deceptive Alien Head (+) Andy’s Blabber Mouth (+) a weak minded cast (-) All the likeable Houseguests (x) Gina Marie’s Loud Mouth and Fake New York Attitude = Worst Season of Big Brother EVER!!


Such a sad, boring episode to watch. Jessie comes across as the girl on the playground nobody wants to play with. As much as she pleads or points fingers, nobody cares. She might as well self-evict and go hang out with Candice and Judd a day early. As much as production tries to edit some drama into the episode, even they can’t make Andy interesting! Dull, dull, dull! If he wasn’t HoH or winning PoV, he wouldn’t even be in this episode. The only reason Spencer is sailing along under the radar is that he’s all alone. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to form a No Ma’am Alliance for real because no one with two brain cells to rub together would hand him the 500k for just scratching his balls all summer. But McCrae is too afraid of Amanda to ditch her and Andy can’t find his balls to follow through on any big plans so that’s not going to happen. Here’s to hoping that Thursday’s episode is better………


lmao @ aaryn for saying earlier in the feeds that Danielle was annoying and that she hated her

Jessie is Fine

How about a Pandora’s Box that cancels Andy’s nominations and saves Jessie.


I’m starting to hate Elissa as much as I hate Helen.


The main reason that people don’t hate Elissa as much as they should is she’s quiet for the most part. Helen is annoying as hell and so easy to hate, but if you listen to some of the things that come out of Elissa’s mouth, she’s really one uppity bitch.

I hope Mccrae does stick to his plan of “eviscerating” her. I think it’s annoying to him as someone without money to hear Elissa go on about Prada bags and various homes across the country. She thinks everyone in the house is a loser and she’s above it. If you have the feeds, you’ll see how horrible she really is. Rachel was a flawed person, but she was likable at times. She had some redeeming qualities. Elissa has none. Great abs, that’s it.


If the final four is actually going to be Andy Aaryn Amanda and McCrae (god forbid), I will be rooting for Aaryn. This game has worked in favor one too many times for Amanda, McCrae, and Andy. If Aaryn makes it that far, it’s impressive…and dare i say it, almost all-star status.


Dammit, what happened to the Jess who knew she was going home and had nothing to lose? That Jess had bubble-head Elissa on the verge of self-evicting a couple nights ago….. I really liked that version and was looking forward to watching her wreak havoc. Now she’s seemingly back to buying everyone’s horseshit.

Classic Elissa to declare “I came on this show not for you guys, I wanted to work with the Show.” It amazes me that this woman has supporters. I think it’s really funny that the house-guest that feels all the others are beneath her is also the dumbest (except for GM, of course).


Simon, do you and Dawg remember some of the names of the bloggers? Or do you just read through for moderation purposes/to answer questions?


makes sense


I Am sick to my stomach with DeMANDA. Spoilt Brat she is. Must have everything her way. Get her out of the house Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Teri B

She is, and it’ll never happen (getting her out). Remember that person who said Production set it up at the start of the season for her to win, and by God, that is definitely what’s happening.

This was waaay back at the beginning, I wouldn’t even know how to search for it, but it was predicted and it IS happening. Everything has been rigged for her to win it all from the beginning, and she will. And, my usual comment….UGH.

Oh well, I’m still enjoying this web site and viewing it vicariously through you guys! Cheers!


I can’t take Amanda

helen is clueless

simon my favorite moment of the night was Amanda said in DR that Jessie has to go because she dangerous to her game. So it’s obvious to everyone but Helen.

Morgan 1

A wasted season ! BRING back some of the previous players!


What is in Elissa’s upper lip. In older pics of her and Rachel her lips look normal. Is it a lip implant?


No need to watch Thursday night, here’s what will happen. They show clips of Jessie either, chasing Rachel’s shadow or her trying to make deals with everyone, then she gets voted out 7-0, with all the house guest shaking and scared as they go in to vote because they are afraid of what will happen if the don’t vote the way the house(Onion undies Amanda) wants. HoH is going to be endurance, because Onion Undies has already said it will be, like how she new the veto would be stay or fold competition. Next week, rinse, lather, repeat. 6-0 vote. Which is something Onion Undies should do.

For the love that is good, someone please break this trend and make a daring move.


Love the Amanda hate on the forum, cuz there’s a lot. . . . Can’t wait for the mass suicides that will happen when either she wins it or finally gets evicted. Then we will get some ACTUALLY conversations going, instead of the dumbfuck demandas and mcpussys. If 3AM win HOH tomorrow, they run the house until the end.

give me a break

Elissa has the right attitude about these disgusting people…she’s is not a fool like Helen who believe’s America loves Amanda, G.M. will be America favorite player, and Aryan is not a mean and racist person she’s the best human in the whole wide world…… know….ok…you know…


I am figuring that amanzilla thought coming on BB was an opportunity for here to audition for a lead role in a skanky porn movie, she is sooo vile and needs to go! I find myself getting angry at the tv whenever she speaks !!!Time to stop watching I do believe!


in exactly 24 hours Helen will be either very very happy or very very very very upset
if the metaphoric handwriting is on the wall and she can read it and into it in full…


I live in Amanda’s heart, but I own Helen’s soul.


was I watching big brother or big dicktaker amanda!


I really hope they keep Jessie tomorrow. I know she’s most likely gone, but I hope she stays and Spencer walks out. Hopefully someone who has balls win HOH and put up Helen and Amanda! I would if I was in that house.


I all never watch this stinking show again if aMANda wins….it was predicted she would weeks ago b/c she’s friends with some BB exec…It may just be a “cast” playing all their parts and getting paid….we’re all fools for believing it’s real….. :(


— I’ll never watch …..


Ewwww…will onion undies go back to selling houses…with a free pizza?


Andy: “Elissa is the worst competitor here” THe problem with keeping Elissa is she will probably go after Aaryn whereas GM will not go after neither of them.

Andy thinks he’s a hot shot because he finally won two things (Technically, the veto shouldn’t really count in my opinion). McCrae won the first HOH and that was it. It’s so easy to talk about Elissa. What a bunch of punks. Pray tell, what has his girl Amanda won besides a mouth full of sperm?

Rio Seven

First of all, I am so sick of people talking about Amanda being friends with BB producer. Old news, move on already. Secondly, why does everyone like Elissa? She is totally BORING. No sense of humour either. She thinks she is so great because she always eats well and exercises constantly. Also annoying, she was bragging about owning homes by the time she was 25. Do you people really want her to win? I mean, her and her husband own SEVERAL vacation homes. WTF? I would way rather a pizza delivery guy win.