A Big Brother 15 Wedding “love thy wife that loves thee and that’s you baby”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

They get only 1 bottle of wine.. Amanda is pissed


10:17PM cockpit Helen and Jessie
Jessie apologizes to Helen
Helen apologizes to Jessie
They hug it out
10:18pm cockpit Elissa and Jessie
Jessie apologizes to Elissa
Elissa doesn’t apologize back
They hug it out

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


10:28pm Backyard The wedding starts McCrae has chosen some verses from the bible to have Andy read. (there’s lots of snickering when Andy reads these)
Peter 4:8
“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
proverbs 12:4
A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.
Genesis 19:30-38 (Lots of snickering this this one Elissa says a couple times it’s not funny. Amanda tells Andy to stop it’s inappropriate. Andy says McCrea picked)
“Our father is old, and there is no man around here to lie with us, as is the custom all over the earth. 32 Let’s get our father to drink wine and then lie with him and preserve our family line through our father.” 33 That night they got their father to drink wine, and the older daughter went in and lay with him. He was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.


Andy: “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Amanda and McCrae”
Andy: ‘Amanda I would like to give you the chance to speak your vows to McCrae”
Amanda’s vows to McCrae
MCcrea I vow to Stand by you and align next to you through have and have nots through sickness and through health. Through showers cold and hot and through nipple slips and nut slips I vow to be your BB wife in this house and eventually maybe one day outside I Love you

McCrea’s vows to Amanda
Amanda who would think this Crazy pizza boy from minnesota .. don’t have much going for him and a crazy Jewish girl from Florida who would ever think.. umm .. I mean theres been up and downs i’m always going to be there for ya.. and trust you always .. Love you always.. my friends at my house always tell me you gotta go with your heart that’s what i’m doing.. love thy wife that loves thee and that’s you baby.

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:17pm Backyard S$x talk Andy , Jessie, Spencer, Amanda, Mc
Amanda talks about having an@l s$x how she only does it when she’s wasted. The reason is it;’s hard for her to get stimulated when drunk so she needs it in her B***T plus front stimulation. Amanda: “The orgas!sms with an@l is mind blowing”

She asks Jessie if she’s done it.
Jessie: ‘No comments”
Amanda: ‘OK she’s done it”
Jessie: ‘No”

Jessie brings up that Aaryn is a real freak when it comes to s$x She says Aaryn told her when she was with her ex boyfriend they would go to the adult store every weekend to make things exciting.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:20pm Bedroom Andy and Aaryn

Andy says honestly he wants to take her to final 2 over anybody. They are so effective together nobody will see it coming. Aaryn says she agrees 110%

Aaryn says Amanda and McCrae will be taking each other to the final 2 so it makes sense for them to team up. Andy: “Exactly” Andy brings up that Amanda and McCrae told him they weren’t sure who they would want to take to final 2. Andy thinks that is bullshit it’s obvious they will take each other.
Aaryn tells him if it comes down to Andy and one of Amanda/McCrea before final 4 she will choose him. Andy says he’ll do the same.



12:17AM BAckyard Specner, Andy, Elissa, GM, McCrae
Elissa is wondering why Jessie did was she did last night. Thinks that maybe it was planned. Andy says Jessie was just scared and didn’t know what to do.. He points out she only has 1 day left they can all just chill with her. Andy jokes that THey have 2-3 weeks left with Jessie it’s Specner they only have a day with.

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The wedding was actually pretty cute. Finally something happening in the house that’s fun.


I don’t think those were great things to read from the bible. And I loved how Elissa was like your getting voted out next week yay team Elissa !!!!!


True, there not much in the bible worth reading.


The ladies all looked pretty un their dresses. Andy looked like a red-headed vampire. McCrae looked like a mechanic. And Spencer looked like a golfer. The bible verses made me laugh too.

Insulted Bible

Cute?! A gorilla marrying a hyena isn’t cute, buddy. McRae better watch out – after he is raped during consummation, Amanda is gonna eat him. {Puke} 😉


I can’t believe I stayed up late to watch this so-called wedding on BBAD.

SMH…..let’s keep that between us. I dare not tell my friends, lol


Ugh. Some throw up just came up in my mouth..




i liked the wedding too! their dresses ended up looking really nice! it’s just for fun, it’s annoying everyone is complaining on here. and now that it’s all done, i hope that they organize other activities for us live feeders!


There are lots of yucky couples in the world. Ewww!


aaryn looked really pretty in her bridesmaid dress. i wish i could root for her bc she’s a comp beast and seems to have solid gameplay and a good alliance, but she’s such a racist bitch 🙁


The Rea Houseguests of Alison Grodner – ugh.


Helen to Andy: Jessie has finally apologized to me…. Not sure what took her SOO Long. Oh ok, Ms. Mother (HEN) Helen. You lied, about the fact that you were the mastermind to backdoor Amanda. You needed Jessie’s vote, so you got her support…BUT WHEN .before Mr. Rat (ANDY) shot you down cause he is a Production Plant for AmaNDA/MCCREE you blamed Jessie for the idea and you are now appalled that she would call you out??? What a hypocrite. Ms. Mother (HEN) Helen…I will be asking next week, when (Amanda, McCree) backdoor you…. What took her SOO Long!!


I would have apologized to Helen too. Remember by Jessie’s logic: Her apology to Helen is Jessie truth to Helen, but it’s a lie to everyone else. So when Helen gets to the jury house next week Jessie can tell her that the apology was Helen’s truth, but she was never going to give her a vote for the money. I know that’s confusing but then Helen’s circular logic is meant to be confusing. Jessie (and Candice) figured her out that’s what Helen can’t stand.

helen is clueless

I get if Helen was trying to sell this story to make others believe she never wanted Amanda out, but Helen actually believes she did nothing wrong! She was on board with sabotaging Jessie, an ally against Amanda, to make sure Jess couldn’t win POV, lied to her face about going, threw her under the bus in front of Aaryn, ran to Amanda when Jess was trying to find out what was going on (her usual move against allies) then called her a liar. What was this big wrong Jessie perpetrated against Helen? Turning on her after she had already abandoned Jess or was it sticking to her guns with the truth and schooling Helen in their argument?


I agree on Helen. Elissa is just as bad. She was whining about not being included in plans so she was happy to sabotage JESS in the POV comp. Elissa made the biggest scumbag move of the group by telling her to take prizes instead of POV, lied to Jessie about going home. Lied about her involvement in the coup talk (this is the best, I get lies in front of others but like Helen she gets mad in one on one talk when Jess uses truth) and thought her plan of Jessie kissing Judd was funny when asked by Helen. She also suggested Jessie was on drugs. A few hgs thought that was crappy last night and talked about it again this morning. Talking about how it was wrong that Elissa said it then to top it off she tried to make herself the victim after she said. According to their talk they feel she does this often.


Yes well Passive aggressive Elissa is so ridiculous she claims christianity but is a horribly mean person


Hear the truth that it was Jessie trying to flip the house and Helen said only if Andy and Judd was on board. Helen did not initiate to evict Amanda that is why Jessie apology is truthful. She rat on Helen not knowing that snake Andy already did on their plan to Amanda. Jessie just admitted to Amanda the truth with a little twist that Amanda was included. Helen kept saying not the time yet little that she knows is that ANDY Is the SNAKE pretending to be in allance with Helen and Elissa but actually more loyal to Amanda and Mccrea. If they can figure out Andy and win HOH Thursday Helen and Elissa have a chance to go far but if not they go Jury.


Helen did start the talks twice though. Once when someone overheard Amanda talking about going after Helen (this was one of the times Amanda was America’s nom), Helen pulled the troops to the storage room, and this last time when Andy won HOH. Helen suggested putting up Mcranda, Andy talked her out of it and she was disappointed and for the briefest moment questioned Andy’s loyalty later when talking to someone (Jessie?). So Helen is lying that she never suggested it first and Jessie knows it.


Helen did start the talks twice though. Once when someone overheard Amanda talking about going after Helen (this was one of the times Amanda was America’s nom), Helen pulled the troops to the storage room, and this last time when Andy won HOH. Helen suggested putting up Mcranda, Andy talked her out of it and she was disappointed and for the briefest moment questioned Andy’s loyalty later when talking to someone (Jessie?). So Helen is lying that she never suggested it first and Jessie knows it.


I agree. Helen was more mortified that Jesse was composed and perceptive to read through Helen. If Helen was as quick thing as Jesse during that exchange she could have squashed the acceleration of Jesses furor. Helen will turn this around somehow to being a plan of hers to expose Jesse as being unstable. Within the up coming time of Helen’s stay in the house she will persist in waxing the poetic by reinventing the exchange as she embellishes her role within the situation.


Gross. I’m holding back vomit over all of this – the wedding, the talk of Amanda taking it up her dirty butt, the fact that Jessie apologized to all these bitches. *sigh*


That was fire to my eyes having to read that, and then the thought of her wearing that one-piece for McDelusional’s birthday. That was just revolting, it was like looking at soggy pancakes amanda isn’t very attractive nor is the rest of her attributes. I’m sure Simon had a trash-can near him while having to type that out, I feel bad you had to go through that.


Oh yes Amanduh the blushing bride, I wonder if the bride wore her period blood stained sheets……just disgusting.

I also feel bad for Jessie, her game is gone. No more fight left and she apologized. Helen asks why it took her so long, wow expect much Helen? Elissa didnt even have the maturity to offer an apology back, You just dont question someones sanity like its a joke and then decide you are the one that is justified in being offended. Major character flaw there, and I was an Elissa fan.

I find it so hilarious when they say things like doesnt she know she needs our vote to stay in the game. Like they are so powerful; without realizing Jessie really is the most powerful person in that house right now, she is headed to jury and will assist in deciding who will win the money, they still havent realized the power shift and importance of the members they are sending to jury. Because the jury is going to be made up with some real mad, hurt and disrespected ex-hg’s….LAME LAME LAME……..please let something happen, zingbot, coupdetat, golden power of veto….or even pandoras box all these can still effect which houseguest walks out that door Thursday, so I will still hold onto a glimmer of hope that something else will happen…………….because all there people are acting like they are just waiting to collect their boarding pass to the jury house. BLAH


I totally hear you. They’re all arrogant in the idea that they keep saying she needs their vote, why is she doing this…but had Jessie attempted to GET their votes to stay, they would have made fun of her behind her back. They were never going to keep her, no matter what she tried.

The hypocrisy and arrogance in the house just adds to this disastrous season. I have never seen such a large group of horrible people, convincing themselves about how wonderful and open minded they are, if everyone else would just behave the way they want.

I’m bummed about Jessie, too, because she could have done a lot more damage with her terrorizing, but in the end, it does seem like she was a little afraid and just didn’t have it in her. At the same time, everyone has been so vile and disgusting, I’m not sure I can actually blame her or think I’d be able to do any better. Still a bummer, though.

Fun While It Lasted

So Jessie apologized to the girls for saying the truth. They were lying to her face saying she was safe while at the same time planning to evict her. Jessie, what were you apologizing for? I do think you targeting Elissa was off the mark. However, if I had a choice between Gina and Elissa, I would target Elissa. Gina is actually crazy. Jessie, this apologizing to everyone when you didn’t do anything wrong except desired to play your own game was lame.


Ugh. Amanda is so nasty!!!

Amanda ?????

I think Amanda will perform sexual favours again for McRae in the feeds that will be like 3 times. I don’t think McRae is in love with her I think he’s just having so much $ex that its lacking him nuts.

Rio Seven

Am I going crazy? I thought they already did this. Like a month ago?


Simon, how much booze did you have to drink to get through this?


OMG SOOOOOOOOO LAME PUKE!!!!! Amanda is revolting, talking about anal sex who does that!!!


Lotz of peeple talk bout takin it in da ass. dont no bout you but i wood tear up dat jesses plump ass. dat bitch has gotz one nice ass i wood luv to dip my choclate stik in an givz her sum creem pie. Den I wood makz dat racest bitch aryn eatz my babez up


lots of people. including pretty much all gay men, and millions of straight couples. you are so immature.

DR Hacker



howards BBC

Wow I really wish Jessie wouldn’t of apologized for what she said.
She did nothing wrong but tell ?the truth


These people are crazy. They think this shit makes it to air and it most certainly hasn’t yet (if this has air time given how much shit Jessie has given them it tells you what production thinks)

That lame fashion show didn’t even make it on air.

Is this new to big brother us? Cause I know big brther Canada had plenty of these but I don’t for the life of me remember this ever being a thing before. It’s fucking lame.


in BBCan it was cute and fresh, in BBUS it’s revolting. our BBCan is clearly superior to US and they’re just copying us now. gary glitter would never deal with these psycho paths. Helen, Amanda, andy and the rest of the racists would be left in a pile of glitter dust as he rides off into the sunset with Jessie, Candice and Howard. they need to unleash gary into the house.



Helen and Andy are not racists


Agreed, thanks Brian but Andy is the snake and bringing Helen and Elissa down. Hoping they find out real soon.


Tolerance for racism is what enables racism to persist. So even if Helen and Andy do not outwardly speak with racist slurs within their mouths but they are each complicite within these actions within the house.



I disagree with your statement for the fact that Helen and Andy’s knowledge of what the other hg’s are saying is not anywhere near what we the viewers know. Compared to them we are pretty much omniscient of what’s going on so its really unfair and harsh to accuse them of racism. Your observation is a subjective interpretation of how Andy and Helen are reacting to what they may know or not know. In addition we also have to consider the possibility that much of what’s going on is scripted. And if that’s the case its the producers who would be at fault.


Sorry Brian, Helen and Andy have each been present during some of the comments. When GM goes off, Helen and Andy laugh along with her which in effect endorses her gutter humour. And Andy has been present when Amanda has gone off on one of her many torrents. So, they not have been present for all the slurs, there has been so many even Andy in his omnipresence can not witness all, but they have been involved in enough of it.



Still, I believe its premature to call Andy and Helen racists. Calling someone a racist is a serious charge so unless there’s a clear case to be made I believe its best that we withhold judgment. There are a many possible reasons why Helen chose to ally with aaryn such as her being good at comps. Race doesn’t have to be the reason why Andy and Helen strategized their game the way they did.


This make believe wedding is what 9 & 10 year olds do. What a bunch of pukes in this house, if they put this on tv I might puke.


Andy looks like the Count from Sesame Street

Youse iz all scrubz

Hey, stop that! We like Count Chocula!


Count Ratula.

Pinnocchio Obama



It’s a done deal.

One of the 4 members of the 3AM Alliance are going to win.

They have the numbers, they have the power, they have the relationships.

One of McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy are your BB15 winner.


Weather you like it or not, 3AM alliance are cleary out playing every one else.



What the hell happen to this show? THIS IS BIG BROTHER! Not fairy tale make believe wedding land.

Producers and casting need to think long an hard what use to make this show so awesome.


“I wonder if ill get a coup d’etat tomorrow”

“Your toga wedding is stealing from my hoh”

“Least it provides entertainment to the eviction” (in relation to Jessie stirring up the house)

Just a few comments from thes really bashful, modest and none attention seeking Andy.

Is it so hard to get none fame seeking, down to earth normal people in the house? It’s such a turn off to hear these people talk about them self like they are working entertainers or something.

Get a Clue

Andy also contemplated (aloud, of course) picking a fight with Jessie so he would get more screen time. I wish the powers-that-be had cast more game players rather than fame seekers. I know, I’m “preaching to the choir” here. Just plain ridiculous that so many people with a sense of entitlement rule the roost this season. What happened to being grateful for the privilege of playing the game??? The absolute audacity of some of these people just grates on me. And yet, I continue reading OBB to keep up with the monotony, hoping in vain for a game-changer. My hope is fading fast… 🙁


They all seem like privileged, spoiled brats this season so they never had to learn to have a filter. They probably can say whatever for most of their lives and mommy and daddy will fix it. Also I agree they are all fame seekers. Nick has a number of youtube productions done preBB. I think maybe Jessie, McC., Spencer and Howard are “regular” people. GinaMarie? well she is just plain trash.


Did anybody else hear when Spencer said that his screen writer teacher stole his script about knocked up!!!!


Wow, seriously Amanda just has no class whatsoever! Is nothing sacred with this woman? Does she have to expose her entire life for the viewing public? Even her sex life is now on public display and she’s giving details. WTF is wrong with her? She needs to filter and have some shame. There’s a difference between being comfortable in your own skin and with your sexuality and lifestyle and oversharing everything with the entire nation. I feel sorry for her family and friends for the embarrassment she is probably causing them.


I’m sure Amanda’s parents are very proud of her. It’s really only a game? Truly? Sex and now a$&$ sex? These people will have to return to their real lives. I don’t think any will make it back to BB all stars. It’s a season CBS will want to forget.


WTF??? Jessie apologizes and doesn’t terrorize the wedding, BOO!!! F*ck beer n wine, give them some liquer. I want a fight!!!


Okay so Elissa had issues with the way Howard acted as a Christian, yet Jessie apologized to Elissa and she did not apologize back? Practice what you preach Elissa, and you as a Christian woman should be able to forgive………….Hypocrite.


The information that Jess needs to provide Amanda with is that Spencer and GM were a part of the “grasshopper alliance”. Helen got this info out of Jess not long before their argument last night. This might save her for a week or two.

Mr Shane

The whole thing was unfortunate , why did Jessie apologized to the HG ‘s upon Amanda’s request?? It does absolutely nothing for her game, it’s over and she should have kept her stance. Even if it displeases me, at this point all one can hope for is for McRae to win and get back together with this local girl he’s been talking about lately.


SHEET SHOCKER! Spencer revealed that he hasn’t washed his sheets since he’s been there…and Helen was wearing the sheet as her bridesmaid dress! If Helen knew that, she’d disinfect herself!


Amanda is such a negative person she couldn’t even refrain from complaining DURING the wedding….geez.

Ex Fan

I have come to the conclusion that the guests in the BB house are completely and clinically insane. Not to mention boring.


every year its the same stupid stuff. lets have a fake date. time for a fake wedding.
fashion show time!

can we get some darn gameplay?


Figures she loveesssss an$l s@x ….. Why wouldn’t the slore love or … Expected nothing else

Keri Helen

Hah, that picture at the top of Helen is fantastic. Her expression is basically mine during this whole wedding/season.


Compilation of Candice being bullied…If we get a chance to vote someone back from jury lets vote her in!!!!…..It seems like everyone is forgetting the hurtful things Aaryn has done and this video reminds you how vile of a human being she is.

This Season Blows

Try actually watching the video and you’ll see that literally everyone is complicit and Aaryn isn’t even close to being the worst. As usual, that “honor” goes to Demanda.

Also, Candice was hardly a saint herself. Just because other people said rude comments to her doesn’t give her a pass for going through the other women’s bags, stealing their clothes, and wearing them…. nor does it excuse her refusal to pay back her Katrina loan. She was just as trashy and classless as everyone else in this cast.


I wouldn’t have not said sorry. She should have pulled them aside and said ” sorry not sorry” HAHAHAH


Give it a rest already with the Candice BS! So what some people made some off color remarks more ABOUT her then TO her. Even those were said more in anger then in hate although they were not called for of course. She herself made plenty of remarks that were along the same lines “redneck” “I hate his white ass” and others. Her game play was non existent! She claimed to be a bible lover but was giving Howard (another one who put out this hollier the tho attitude) hand jobs. She was a stuck up b*tch who hod no game play, did not stick up for herself and demand the respect she thought she deserved and made no attempt to change up the game by making deals with people or moving past an issue for the sake of the game. I am so tired of hearing poor Candice this and poor candice that. She sucked plain and simple


Look Dan why don’t you GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!! because if that’s how you think then I know nobody else is wanting to fuck you if that’s how you think and feel what you also cant seem to understand it’s not just the racist shit said to Candice but also the racist shit said all together and it wasn’t just about black people but also they said racist shit about Helen racist stuff is not just about what white people say about black people either it’s about stupid shit one race say about another race all so the gay slur’s that was said I don’t care if you like Candice, Howard, Helen and Andy you don’t have the right to go around saying rude shit about people and think that its okay because it’s not and they have people just saying words on here about them but when they get from behind them walls then they are going to have people putting hands on them!!!!


Hellz ya! I be wishin dat MC would put dat dress on and see Spencer bend hiz ass over da couch wile Amanda be peggin him fromz da front. Tag teem hiz skiny ass


Am I the only one who thinks Andy looks like a vampire in that thing?


Nobody cares about you Amanda, god I refuse to watch tonights episode. This is the stupidest storyline ever. Amanda is a horrible person, CBS is a fraud for covering her ass.


I stopped watching the show,BBAD, & live feed because I’m not giving them money or ratings for this lame ass show. I will not get involved watching it next season. I will read the blog to finish out this season because I’m involved already.(hoping for America to vote to put up people or something to change this lame ass game) If you really want something to change cancel your live feed and see. That is some data they get every week.


Everyone sucks this season , I Nick and Jeremy would have made it interesting. I have no one to root for so it will be the lesser of evils for me. As long as Gm, Aaryn, Amanda or Helen don’t win 500k I can live with it. Better if Andy loses too.


CRINGEY 2 the MAX!!!!
Jesus just when you thought it would get worse

This Season Blows

Could McCrae be any more whipped?

When In Rome...

Yep, it’s the Amanda & MC show – what a waste of space. It’s like a toga party gone bad! Gag me with a spoon. And keep in mind, production wanted to know in advance about the wedding – edit machine will be in overdrive – and Jessie’s edit will be poor – too bad, but oh so predictable. I mean come on folks, is this BB or the Bachelorette show?

This Season Blows

BTW, I blame Jeff/Jordan and Brenchel for ruining the show. They led to a subset of fans who only want to see showmances that Grodner is now 100% focused on catering to, and now damn near every woman that enters the house every year is desperate for a showmance, thinking it’s their ticket to instant “fame” (if doing the rounds on CBS’ other reality shows counts as fame, that is).

The obsession with showmances and friendship over gameplay has really downgraded the quality of the show, especially considering how houseguests and fans alike melt down whenever anyone actually plays the game.


It would have been a more a epic wedding if Jessie ruined that wedding with ripping that wedding dress off, throwing crap around, telling McCrae it’s about time you took a bath and hurry up and cut that mop off, because it should be you wearing the dress in this wedding. Start calling Aaryn by her bb fan name Aaryn the Aaryan and Gina Marie “The Fatal Attraction b*tch”. Be very scared Nick. Rabbit soup anyone? Call Helen the most over thinking bb player of the year. Over achieving the most common sense of the big brother game — expect the unexpected. Then mistaken Elissa as Rachel for the remainder of the game till eviction night. And last but not least, be super nice to Amanda and thank her for your game. Just thank her for everything, Lol, like the Queen b*tch she is. Jessie, this would make you a BB legend. Of course, everyone in the BB house now are boring so we now return to your boring bb15 season. Buh-bye Jessie.


And on top of all this, as gagging as it is, it’s hilarious how it still doesn’t occur to any of these dumb-asses to break up this pair??? WTF? They can’t be this stupid


A BB WEDDING! That is soooo original! Who thought that up? Such Romance!


There is nothing wrong with anal sex. Maybe Amanda and Andy can make a butt alliance.


Andy and McCrea in final 2 would be a tough choice….. god forbid if GM goes on run.


I mean, “Really, Big Brother”? I wonder how much of this “wedding” debacle the viewers will be forced to watch on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s show. Yes, the show has been very boring; but organizing this faux wedding for that pair (and it was organized by Big Brother because poor Jessie was forced to participate as a bridesmaid) is an insult to the viewers. Even the so-called drama with Jessie was organized by Big Brother. Ican picture them telling her, ‘Yes, you’re leaving on Thursday for the jury house; so shake up the house a bit. That may at least guaranty you the Viewer’s Choice award.” Just about everything we’re viewing on Big Brother is rigged.


Why is CBS catering to all this Amanda & McCrae crap…..because nobody else in the house is doing anything! I know it sucks, but it’s like watching a basketball game and nobody shoots or dribbles the ball, they just keep passing it to each other. When somebody finally takes a shot (and miss) it’s the most exciting thing EVER because somebody did something different! Welcome to BB15.


I would watch tonights show, but I hear we may be getting some rain and I would much rather sit at my window and watch that.


I dont even have a comment, I dont know why I am even writing, but my fingers are just itching to say this has got to be the most F***ked up BB season I have ever seen (I know I know, everyone is saying it). I throw up more in my mouth each time I read about these morons. They walk around thinking they are part of the best BB season ever. The funniest part is half of these morons have lost thier jobs, the other are so disrespected as game players they will have to hide. I have noticed there has been almost no “meet the family/town” segments. I think because everyone is saying we want nothing to do with this train wreck. They have no idea that the world is watching them, not because they are good, but because we can’t wait to see the shit storm they are about to enter when they leave BB. I am also watching BB Austrailia. Now THAT is what a BB season should be like. It is fun to watch, game play is evolving. And there isn’t the vile hatred and disgusting openness that we hear here (i.e.Amanda, we dont need to period stains and anal sex). Ok thats all I have to say. Good day folks 🙂


They will be like the Casey Anthony – George Zimmerman juries. They ‘ll have to run and hide from the public. I mean if I saw them on the street I’d have to ask them how could they be so stupid or despicable because they went along with the things being said by laughing. I wonder how Elissa’s & Helen’s husbands feel right now knowing that their wives left them and their kids for three months for a measly ass $13,000 , and come back looking like idiots.(I mean really, would you want Helen working for you thinking that your clients might have seen her on BB and seen what she is really like . “DUMB”) I mean really,that’s like $1000 a week to go show America how dumb, or how much of a piece of shi- you are. I bet Amanda’s dad would have given her $2000 a week to have saved himself the shame of his friends seeing what a piece of shi- he raised. I guess when he looks back and sees where he tweeted that Amanda was bullied in school and that’s why she takes up for people, then maybe he will realize he was lied to by his daughter, “she was always the bully” (nope, he will always believe the little slu-) I bet he’s proud of her running around in her underwear and showing her tits to the cameras. Dad, you must be soo proud. Aren’t you glad you told all your friends and family to watch. (You reap what you sow)


I said it once before and I’ll say it again: 50% of the audience at the finale should be licensed PSYCHOtherapists!


Can someone explain to me WHY they had a wedding? Another production planned event ensuring more camera time for Amanda? Just getting sick of this version of The Amanda Show…… Wake up McCrea…. She is sucking the game right away from you, and you are just letting it happen for an easy lay….. Hope she is worth $500,000.


Help! I am drowning in all the collective tears of all the Amanda haters! lol

Enough already

Is Glass House having a second season? Perhaps they will take this travesty and use it to their advantage? I also am only watching now because I want to see the fallout after this season is done. I don’t think any ‘twist’ at this point will help save it. Thanks Simon/Dawg for all of your hard work.


Did McCrae give a shout out to his ex girlfriend during the wedding?