Elissa says I would put up Amanda/McCrae. Helen says she needs to be back doored. If not it will be a week of hell!

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:30am – 12pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen, Aaryn, Jessie and Ginamarie are in the bathroom. Up in the HOH room Andy is listening to his cd and staring off at the spy screen. Helen talks to Aaryn about how she isn’t fashionable in here but that she is fashionable compared to her friends at home. Helen heads to the havenot room and her and Elissa discuss how they are thankful their time sleeping in the havenot room is over. Elissa comments that she wants to start washing all the sheets out in the other rooms. Helen heads out for her run. In the bathroom – Elissa and Aaryn talk about random things like their teeth, teeth whitening, etc. Aaryn continues to do her makeup and then heads out to the backyard to work out on the elliptical.


12:10pm – 12:30pm Elissa heads out to the backyard to join Helnen by the pool. Helen asks Elissa so what are you doing tomorrow? Elissa says it’s Thursday and HOH. Helen asks and what are you going to do. Elissa says win it. Helen says yes! Elissa says I would put up Amanda and McCrae too. Helen says and we need to get Amanda out first. She would need to be back doored. If not it would be a week of hell. Helen says then you could put up Spencer and Ginamarie with the plan to back door Amanda. Helen says that we could then make a deal with Aaryn to keep us safe the following week because she is good at competitions. Elissa says she thinks Aaryn is still a threat. Helen agrees but says we will let other people take her out. Elissa says that Aaryn is tolerable right now but I think its only because of jury now. Helen says lets just worry about one thing, what are we doing tomorrow. Elissa says winning. Helen says winning HOH! They talk about what the competition could be and how Elissa should just keeping thinking about getting a letter from home and sleeping in the nice comfy HOH bed. Keep focused. Helen tells Elissa to try and not get nervous and gives her strategies for winning different types of competitions. Elissa says that she doesn’t really get a chance to study because she has been thinking about her family. She says she didn’t get to play the game she wanted to because people had a vendetta against me. Helen says not anymore. Elissa says Jessie still does. Helen says well she is walking out the door tomorrow. I want to win this HOH but I want you to win it even more because you haven’t gotten one yet and I want you to see your family. Amanda is going to want to win HOH bad, she hasn’t gotten it yet. We can’t let her win it. If she does win it she will try to separate us and get one of us out. Helen says we need to talk to Amanda/McCrae and tell them that we aren’t putting them up if we win it to try and make sure they don’t put us up. I am just so afraid the more weeks that go by, Amanda or McCrae will put us up and one of us will go home. I am more afraid of Amanda winning it though. We just need to win it. They plan to study today. Helen says before we meet with Aaryn, lets have a meeting with the five of us first (Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae, Andy). Helen says I just love how you are always ready to attack.


12:35pm – 1:20pm Elissa talks about her various properties that her and her husband own. The have a vacation home in Scottsdale Arizona, a cabin on a lake in Canada, etc. Helen and Elissa talk about visiting each other after the show ends. Helen comments that she and her husband need to find a house. Elissa says we are building a new house in Canada too. Andy and Ginamarie join them by the pool. Andy says that he is losing all hope that he will get Pandora’s Box. Helen says it might still happen, however they may have gotten enough footage this week from Jessie’s tirade. Elissa says she was really saltly, vulgar, nasty to me. Andy says just a heads up she came to me with a last ditch effort she is going to offer people that if they keep her this week she will volunteer to go up on the block next week. Elissa says so we would be in the exact same position that we are in next week. Helen says that would have been a good strategy had she not acted the way she did. Aaryn says that’s because of pride. They all agree her plan won’t work. Aaryn talks about how Jessie said Elissa called me a sl*t. Helen and Elissa both say that they wouldn’t say that word ever. They discuss how they’ve tried to include Jessie and to help build up her self esteem. Helen says I just can’t do it anymore. Elissa says I can’t wait till the finale when I can tell her some information that would knock her socks off. Aaryn says even if people kept Jessie she wouldn’t keep the deal to not win HOH, she would take that and use it as a big move. Andy says I just hope everyone respects my HOH and votes her out. Everyone agrees they will. They talk about having to constantly console Jessie. Gina says and I am the one that talks to her 6 times a day .. yeah I am the psycho one that is going to kill myself over Nick. Ginamarie laughs. They talk about how Jessie has no idea what she wants to do with her life and how she keeps changing her mind. Elissa says that she (Jessie) is 25, and by 25 I already had a couple houses, you know what I mean.


1:30pm – 1:40pm In the backyard – Gina tells Aaryn that she wants to win the HOH and if she does there is no way she will put Aaryn up on the block. Aaryn says at this point I can’t make any more deal with people not to put them up because there are so few people left. Aaryn says the next few week are going to be me, you, Spencer unless you or I win HOH. Aaryn says and if someone wins veto then the other one of us would go up. If I win veto and we are not on the block then I wouldn’t use it. If you are on the block and I’m not, then I would use it to take you off. Aaryn says we just need to talk to each other before we make big moves. Gina agrees. Aaryn comments to Elissa that the game is going to start getting crazy soon, now that we are down to the final 8. Elissa says I know, it’s crazy that other seasons this happened so much sooner than us. Aaryn agrees.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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please….elisa….be like your sister for ONE TIME this year, and win an HOH. then you can put up Amanda and mcrae, since you are the only one who seems to not care that they will hate you. DO IT. production will let it happen and then likely puts a pandoras box, as we ALL know she will take it(I wouldn’t, I think its insane to do it), it will be some lame money tree, and Amanda will win a C’D’T, and boom.


Who doesn’t take it … I think you have to .. Only a weirdo would pass it up

No to pandora box

If I was in big brother and if they gave me a pandora box I would not take it, it could really mess up your game.


Off topic but why does Aaryn looks so different. I mean I know this is rude but she looks ugly. And the fact that she take hours to put on makeup is not working


Her face looks swollen and pale


I think she is really pretty, but something weird with her eyebrows. Like someone plucked them a little too much, but the girl has a beautiful face.


If Elissa wins HOH, she should put up Amanda and McCrae and if Amanda somehow comes off the block GET RID OF M. he’s been talking a lot about getting rid of Elissa and snapping at her and all that shit but, he can’t stand up to that blood sucker (literally ’cause she blew him after period sex, EW) that treats him like a little dog! He even lets her force him to have sex! GROW A BACK BONE, MAN!!!! Helen needs to stop being stupid with this GM/Spencer business! Just put them both up, they’ll freak out regardless!

team elissa

yes please win Elissa and put up Amanda and McrMccray Please. Amanda is disgusting and needs to be spared further humiliation on live tv internet etc and when your done teach her yoga. YAY ELISSA!!!! I know she doesnt need the money but she has the most class.


I have to disagree with you. Elissa has no class just like the rest of them that will be left on Thursday. With her back handed compliments. The way she used Jessie and Elissa’s fans can’t understand why Jessie attacked her verbally are you kidding me. The only things Elissa, Helen and Amanda are good at is belittling, to ridiculed and bully. Every aspect of her is deprecating. I really wish Jessie wins Americas player. She was the only one willing to make a big move.


Exactly, anyone with common sense knows if Amanda/McCrae gets put on the block magic time will happen in the DR, and just like season 13, a Pandora’s Box will hold a prize with a hidden power to protect both of them. EVERYONE opens the box, it’s in the script.


If anyone wants to backdoor anyone, they can’t tell anyone because the merry go around will continue.

Tell McCraE: Will tell Amanda, who will tell Andy….done deal.

Tell Amanda: WIll tell McCrae, who will tell Andy…done deal.

Tell Aaryn: Will Amanda/McCrae/Andy….done deal

Tell GM: Will tell Aaryn, who will tell Amanda/McCrae/Andy…done deal

Tell Elissa: Will tell Helen, who wil tell Andy….done deal

Tell Helen: Will tell Andy…done deal

Tell Spencer: Will tell Andy….done deal

Tell Andy: DONE DEAL

Jessie is going home, but she would have told Andy for a done deal too.



Best comment of the day.


Elissa can’t put up Amanda because god forbid anything that would upset Helen….never mind us it’s all about not upsetting Helen. /s


If Amanda is up against anyone other than McCrae she’s not going home… silly people just put them up together or Amanda / GM or Spencer then get veto and replace GM/Spencer with McCrae if anything…


100,ooo thanx… DAWG!
letz all tak game totally!


Cannot wait for tomorrow night. I want to see who would be the next HOH and if they will have any backbone or follow what the majority of people in the house wants.

worst season ever

“Cannot wait for tomorrow night” ~~ said no one ever about BB15


Yeah, people said it week 2 before Nick’s blindside eviction which to me has been the only exciting, unpredictable thing all season!


Well… Maybe the night of the finale, lol… :)


I’ll tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow. Jessie goes to jury.

Aaryn may win HOH because she is on fire.

Helen/Elissa sad they almost had it, but didn’t make it.

Amanda has a tirade of how she can’t win anything.

Andy crowns Aaryn.

GM combs her tracks (hair) because it’s live tv.

Spencer….well….he gave it another try at HOH

McCrae….may possibly win HOH and be crowned by Andy, but Amanda cries and is not happy about it because she never wins anything…..blah blah blah
Meanwhile….us bloggers are wondering if she took care of her onion situation.


Why because they never have the numbers the way Amanda has. Amanda is glued in the HOH room with Mccrea and getting reports from Snake Andy. Helen made a mistake of trusting Andy. Hopes that Helen or Elissa wins HOH tonight. If they do not win either Helen or Elissa jury house. Jessie, Helen and Elissa had no chance at all. See what is happening now? THey have no one on their sides. All the lies that they are telling Helen. Helen has always been right that they do not have the numbers to flip and stii don!t. Andy, Spencer ,Mccrea guys alliance and Amanda is with Mccrea. When Aryan said that she loves HeLen and will not put her up and Helen also stated that before Andy/ Amanda/ Mccrea made a plan to destroy that. Andy is so dumb to be doing all the dirty works for AMMC.


I can’t say Im thrilled to see who will win HOH cause according to these spineless HGs the walls in the BB house tells you what to do. So i think the house told judd to win from the jury house and put Howard and Candice back on the block so they all can stay an extra week. That way they can paint nails, have sex, smoke, eat, throw up, take meds, cry, play stupid games and have another wedding, this time with GM and Nicks blue hat. Yeah that’s exactly what the house wants, you guys don’t remember?

tak = talk

lets keep this new thread
very smut-free + on topic!

The morality police

Yeah!!! I fucking hate all of this cussing and shit. All of the fucking and sucking and talk of anal sex going on in the house is disgusting. Let’s keep that shit out of this thread to keep Pious Patty above me happy. In conclusion, suck my balls.


dude… i sorta think you are both an oxymoron
and also the ordinary sort without all that “oxy”

we had EVERY hotdog, ketchup an’ onions
remark going just short of comparing fish to
onions 2 euphamistic mussels 2 oysters

there are about eight lil threads like the previous
one that exist in their own unique cyberspace


*Says prayer that Elissa wins hoh tomorrow.*

tak = talk



Elissa is right, you need to put both of them up, who cares about it being a week in hell? What if you put GM and Spencer up and McCrae or any other p[layer wins veto and refuses to play it, there goes your chance. Helen is an idiot.


Exactly! Helen is an idiot. If McRae is on the block, he’ll play hard for veto and take himself off. Amanda will then be voted out. Helen is always so worried about Amanda’s feelings or getting blood in her hands. Elyssa has a stubborn streak and she did not agree to do what Helen said. I hope she wins and half of Mcranda goes home!


I hope Amanda or lapdog Helen are sent packing. Helen is a turncoat and an idiot. She basically disregarded everything Candice told her and said she would have to see it. I wonder how she’ll take it when she finds out Aarun said B go make us some rice or do our nails. Will she put her hands over her ears and say she didn’t hear it? Anyone who says that GM and Aaryn were equally in the wrong with Candice, after Candice endured their bullying until she went to the jury house has to be just as much of a jerk as the mean girls. The most exciting thing about this season is knowing that these people have to leave the house to find out what really happened and how the viewers perceived it. The worst part is knowing that one of these undeserving fools will be 500K richer. They all seem to think about editing a lot and how they are being portrayed. No one can portray you as a racist, biggot, socio-path or dummy if you don’t act like one.


Candice was a bully AND a mean girl too.


You tell them Mememe!


It makes no sense to backdoor. Helen think she knows everything. Elissa please follow
Your own mind. I’m wondering if Helen want Elissa to win so she can do her dirty
Work. I really want Helen out more. Lol.


Exactly! everyone thinks backdooring people will get the game moving along….wrong!

amanda sux

agreed..helen is such a wuss, she talks a good game, but never follows up on anything, and is soo freaking scared of amanda/mccrae..she deserves to get backdooored herself..shoue have gotten rid of amanda 2 weeks ago..if they win HOH they have to put AT LEAST 1 of the 2 up. that way if mccrae is up and wins POV, takes himself off, then you put up manada…personally ID put both up, and guarntee one goes hoe


Somebody please drop a bomb on this house to put us all out of our misery!


the one they need to get rid of is Helen – she is so phony. I can’t stand how she will kiss ass to whoever is on top – i realize this is a game but it’s getting very old and boring.


The phony one is ANDY THE SNAKE on Helen/Elissa alliance.

worst season ever

who becomes the new default weekly nominee after jessie goes home tomorrow? someone is going to be forced to finally have an original thought. unless they all throw hoh so they don’t “get blood on their hands.”


Spencer, GinaMarie and maybe even Aaryn.


Elissa they will drag in the made after Jessie leaves. Especially if aryan wins HOH. Which can happen, she is on a roll.


Drag through the mud make her feel inconsequential just like she did with Jessie




Grodner says…” my buddy Amanda is going no where! The freaking ‘cat people’ for Ellisa need to freaking chill! I’ll burn your letter from home if you even try to win HOH Thursday. Arryn is chosen to win Thursday and….yawn… she has been told nominate Spence and GM. Arryn wins veto with my help and meds. I gotta juice that horse regularily. Helen your the replacement nominee Monday after POV used.”

AG’s last words to Helen in the DR after the POV ceremony. ” Helen you douchebag pathological racist liar thanks for playing BB the way I wanted you to. Ratings have been great and you were a terrific rat. But NO one and I repeat NO one goes after my buddy Amanda and that includes YOU!”

Later in the DR AG to Arryn. ” You get a 5K bonus for that HOH blindside. By the way your PR guy couldn’t be happier at your turn around in the house. Mommy says you have offers waiting to model in KKK monthly: it’s only semi nude; and the Hitler Chronicles after your boob job.”

AG to the rest of production. ” We need some new racist chit this week as we are left with a bunch of pathetic white sheep. Shart with some “bombs” on Helen and follow it up with another round of Candyland slurs they all know that script. GM’s turn to use the “N” word. Give her a rap song with it in it.. If any of you idiots let Amanda get in any danger I’ll fire your stupid black a$$es. F***ing CBS and there diversity program can s*ck my balls! If I had any.”



Why the hell would Allison grodner call Helen racist? That’s reserved for aaryn, GM, Amanda and spencer


Surely Elissa is being driven up the wall by that grating over emphasizing voice coming out of Helen’s smug fake unemotional face. Helen really is the most annoying dickhead.


Now we know for certain, Helen absolutely does not know how to play this game. If you win HOH, you put up both Amanda and McCrae, that way you eliminate one of them from being removed from the block. Also why would you even approach Amanda and McCrae, they already know that you gunning for them. And lastly, you discussing your strategy with Aaryn and Andy is what is going to get your sorry arse evicted. Wake up baby, this is your 3AM wake up call. She seriously thinks that everyone in this game is her friend at this stage of the season, they all are trying to scheme their way to the prize.

Elissa stop listening to Helen and play your own game. Because she is going to get you evicted right along with her.

helen is clueless

Elissa has the right idea, too bad she’ll let herself be influenced by chickensh!t Helen.

Helen: i love that you’re always ready to attack
You mean like Jessie
Helen: yeah but I couldn’t control her and she had her own thoughts so she’s not a team player. Also although I wanted to go after Mcranda last week, just like Jessie, Andy said no, so Jessie has to go.

I want to see Helen get blind sided OR have Helen win HOH, pull her lame plan, end up with Amanda vs Spence/GM and then realize she needs one vote when Amanda stays.


When are you people gonna realize that Elissa has no game. Without Helen she would be a lost blind ignorant floater. Oh yeah, just like she is now. She will not win and if production intervened and allowed her to win she would not put up Queen Demanda or McPussy. She would put up Spencer and GinaMarie just as Demanda dictated to Helen to do.


I’m not a big fan of Elissa. She seems to be the only one who is being vocal about what was said to Candice. But her telling Jessie to go for prizes wasn’t cool. I mean blindsiding her wouldn’t her Jessie enough?? And this stuff about Jess being on drugs or possessed is ridiculous. Elissa was pretty loony when she went up and she didn’t have to deal with what Jess did this week. I also agree she has shown little to no social game and might not have gotten this far without Helen BUT I’ll give her this, she has way, WAY more guts then Helen, knows how to go after a couple and make a big move better than Helen does.


The Newlyweds made you all want to throw up last night.
What I am watching now makes me sick.

Helen pep talking Elissa, I want YOU to win HOH, you can DO IT…blah blah fucking blah.
Helen just wants Elissa to win so SHE gets the blood on her hand, and Helen can play
innocent some more until she gets to F2 (where she will claim she masterminded EVERYTHING
that EVER happened in the house…not true btw).

More than anything I would love to see Elissa somehow turn on Helen.
I know it won’t happen, Elissa is going to trust the only other person she
sees as being “on her level”. But god damn it would be a wonderful thing
to watch unfold.

Say what you all will, I find Helen 10 times more disgusting than Amanda.
At least Amanda is up front with her shit. She is crude and rude and she is not
shy about saying anything. Like it or not, rather watch that then Helens fake “support” for all.
(Not to say Helen is not playing the game well, everyone loves MOM. It will bite
her in the ass though….can’t wait!).


Elissa please do not listen to stupid Helen about not putting up Manda & McWhipped.
Helen is a fool and should have stayed to home with her kids.


As nasty of a person as GM seems to be (and I don’t think in her heart she is as hateful
as she comes off, I think it is just a matter of the environment she was brought up in),
I think Prod. really should have stepped in and pulled her from this game.
Her bulimia seems to be rearing up big time, it really is sad to watch.


Yep she’s a real victim and product of her environment. Gina Marie is 30 something years old and like some of the other houseguests seem to have their priorities screwed up and a since of entitlement. Maybe she should focus on getting help and doing something productive instead of being ignorant. And who knows what the is in her heart people can only go by her actions and the stuff that comes out of her mouth which involves possibly assaulting someone over petty BS. Yeah she’s a great girl.


I am not sure I agree with that “product of environment” excuse. She is in her 30’s. She has lived in an self created environment for almost as long as the environment in which she was reared. However, she still lives at home, so maybe she has never left that environment….hmmm, I guess its a sad excuse/story from every angel. And by sad I mean, pitiful.


I only want Amanda to stay in BB long enough to vote out Helen (And get to see the stupid look of shock on her face when she’s backdoored and is finally evicted…). THEN I want Elissa to win HOH and kick Amanda the HELL OUT to the Jury House!!!!!




I would like for McEwww to get booted before Amanduh. That would bring some excitement to the house, you know….


Let’s run it by Andy … OMG. If the wrong person win veto than the plan to backdoor is a waste. Wish ellissa would do what she wants!!!

This Season Blows

Rachel’s Shadow won’t do shit unless production rigs the HOH to her and tells her to put up Demanda and McCrae… and even then, she would have to ignore Helen’s “it’s too early” crapola and think for herself.


I’m almost POSITIVE Mc”Sissy-Boy” will win HOH. It’s in the script.


succinctly put… if Elissa wins HoH next
she either wins BB15 or lil ole McC does!
Helen quails be4 major moves rather sadly!
A + M together are a unit greater than the
parts, if 1 is sent into the JURY a.s.a.p…


Maybe MC, but I really think it will be Amanda or Elissa.

I don’t even care, what I really want is a super long endurance.
Something like the pirate ship from last year, I believe that lasted
a bit over 3 hours. That was cool to watch on the feeds.

I know they had the barrell roll thing already, but to me that wasn’t a
great endurance. Not designed to last too long because you had to
keep moving. Something where they have to sit or stand until their
bodies just give up will be on schedule tomor., I hope.

Teri B

Yes, I agree. They will rig the comps to whomever they (Production) want to win. It will happen. It may not be Demanda and/or her Lapdog, but it for sure won’t be Elissa. Elissa is the only one who will have the guts to make the move. Helen will run it by Andy and then it will be a week too soon, etc., etc., etc.

Might just be GM….then Aaryn…..then GM, etc. Yawn. So glad I’m only reading about it and not wasting more time watching the bullish*& they are airing.

Once again, Simon and Dawg….ROCK STARS!!


Other than flapping her botox gums when has Elissa “The Loser” ever done anything? NEVER!!! So what makes anyone think she will miraculously come up with a win on her own. She will NEVER win a competition unless it is handed to her. And then this overstuffed, self-important bitch will not do as she says….she will follow this years obsession of doing what the house (Queen Demanda) wants. This waste of space is more of a follower than DimWit JUDD and that is bad. She is no more independent in this game as McPussy is or RatBastardAndy.

Win HoH

Thanks to Jessie action, these dumb a$$ we call houseguests will grow some balls and finally realize that the most powerful players are still in this frikken house. The thing that really pisses me off is that they think that they got the all the ” threats ” out. God all the evictions has been personal. The one person that really getting on my nerves is Helen. I don’t like how she’s getting all lovey- dovey with Aaryn. I don’t like that she basically elimating all the people that would vote againest Amanda. This bitch is a bigger rat then Andy. And I really don’t like that she believes ginamarie and Aaryn were right for their actions. God I never thought I will be saying this bit I hope Mcstupid wins HoH and sends her ass home. But knowing these houseguests they would probably chicken out and evict either ginamarie or spencer next week


OMG how stupid is Helen? I can’t believe she actually thinks Andy and McCrae are in a 3 person alliance with her. That is why she doesn’t want McCrae on the block. This is her strategy but it is not what’s best for Elissa. I hope Elissa puts them both up if she wins. Helen was just telling Andy last week to put them up together so what happened since then? Oh yeah, Andy and McCrae made a fake alliance with Helen. Andy will be her downfall and it will be glorious. She is not near as smart as she thinks she is. Elissa will do what she wants anyway. Maybe if Helen pushes Elissa too hard then she may find herself on the block. Now that would be a huge move.


i wish someone would put up helen and amanda. then if one of them comes off the block either mccray or elissa could go up.


That would never happen. How about Spencer & McCrae and Backdoored Amanda?

Elissa's Botox

Elissa don’t listen to Helen, Amanda won’t win a veto


2 minute sexy time .. Is this normal ? Lol :-D

Dr. Will Kirby

In accordance with being the worst season ever in BB history the nominees next week will be the predictable spencer and gina marie, veto wont be used and spencer goes home. Then the following week another week HOH will get gina marie out. No one will be forced to make any kind of bold nomination for another 2 weeks.


Elissa’s body in that third picture is so sick! I wish my body looked like hers! Yoga does wonders man!


Helen is setting Elissa (Snoozze button) up. She’s going to run back to the McNastys and tell them she “uncovered” Elissa’s plot to get them out, so she can stay in their good graces.

Jessies Vag Discharge

None of these clowns are going to make any bold nominations or backdoor plays until they are forced to. Helens afraid to do anything but talk.


You know what’s going to be really funny? Helen and Amanda expecting to win America’s Favorite Houseguest with Jessie winning instead. They would die.


I would love to see someone put up Helen & Amanda on the block. Then all these fake alliances will be destroyed. People will finally know where they stand in the game and will have to start fighting for themselves. That would make a interesting week. Sadly, I do not believe anyone would be brave enough to nominate both Helen & Amanda. If Spencer is smart he would put both of them up and take the best deal offered to him.


I beleive Candice told Jessie that’s what should be done before she got evited. Yes spencer would be the perfect person to execute that plan, at this point i will accept it from gm or anybody. When that happens tho, I can almost guaranteed we will have two nutty bitches on the block! Let the stabbing begin!!

Win HoH

I bet you guys 500,000 dollars that either spencer or Ginamarie will be evicted next week. God these house guests are dumb as hell. I mean come one Helen said the same shit 2 weeks ago and look at where their at now


I think Next week that Aaryn will turn on Amanda for benefit.

i miss rachel?

My insider told me that they tried to hold the whole next week today. Jessie was evicted by a unanimous vote. Spencer won HOH. He nominated Spencer and Jessie because that’s what you’re supposed to do. When told Jessie can’t be nominated in jury, he nominated Julie Chen. The producers then said eff it, gave Elissa the $, and said we’ll start over next year. Spencer was arrested on the spot, and GM and Aaryn headed to the unemployment office. Andy became besties with the producer charged with cleaning the HOH room. Helen flew to Pyongyang to begin her new role as dictator. Amanda kicked McCrae to the curb and went tanning. McCrae is waiting for his mom to pick him up.


Now that’s what you call entertainment! Take note BB producers. Lol


With Jessie as good as gone, I’m forced to be Team Spencer since he’s the lone wolf. He’s obviously not going to go after GinaMarie, so him as HOH should be interesting.


Ellisa owns THREE homes and she is building a FOURTH in Canada!! What in hell is she doing on this show? On top of that she is making TEN times what the HG are making a week. She is making 10,000.00 week and the others are making 1000.00. The only reason she could demand that amount to be on the show is because of her SISTER!! Hopefully she gets out soon! Give the money to SOMEONE who NEEDS it!!

Elissa's SugarDaddy

Elissa is married to a much older, rich guy…yep he could be her daddy.

I say

Production will NOT let Elissa win HOH, because she wants to get rid of A&M and that would not fit in their script. I would just like to add that McCrae’s mom is probably mortified with her son’s behavior, whereas Dad is just hoping he’d last a little longer!!!

Teri B

THAT is what I was trying to say in my last comment. Elissa won’t win because it’s not in Production’s plan. Thanks for stating it way more clearly than I did.



Very sad for all the underlying hated of average women or women in general people here have. If Helen or Amanda were “totally hot” they might get some love. If Helen or Amanda were MEN then they would be applauded for manipulating the house and having piles of disposable minions. Instead people just point out how weak the competition is. Like this isn’t the case every other year LOL. 4 or 5 ready to play and the rest are followers. A few of the ready to play people fall fast as they tend to recognize each other. Always has been and always will be.


They ALL suck


NOW is the time to get out Amanda?!!!!! WTF?!!!! What was wrong with last week or the week before? Helen is one dumb cookie.

Elissa's Meat Hooks

Is elissa planning on doing absolutely anything in this game? What about Helen? Amanda? whats McRae done since week one except destroy amandas sloppy box? Spencer? oh spencers big notion was to “weaponize” elissa as mvp, lol, that worked well. This is brutally awful to endure. Its amazingly absurd actually.


im glad jessie went on that rampage. If they wanna make her out to be a villian well then she might as well act like one!


simon who do you think win hoh tommorow

Natures Alignment

with all these females in the house has there been any mention of all their periods aligning at the same time? theoretically this should occur and would presumably lead to absolute madness in the house for that week. Has this occured?


Helen to Aaryn: “Ok…yeah…let’s totally blindside Candice out of the jury house and nominate Jessie again (because she’s such a liar), oh Aaryn I have come to love you so much! ok, yeah you want one of my kids? Wait, Spencer won HOH??? Yay Spencer, I totally love you! Jessie is such a liar. I always wanted to take YOU to the final 2 with me!”

Helen to Helen: “…I think I’m going to be voted America’s Favorite, I’ve got no blood on my hands…everybody else are just liars” (Takes off running)


Janelle must be good friends with Elissa…I saw were she posted on twitter & told Elissa to have a good time in Greece…it was a couple of week before going to BB and also Janelle has picture of her & McCrae at the airport. She said look who I’m pulling for.


Is Elissa serious?! “By the time I was 25 I had a couple houses” She does not live in the real world. Who has a couple houses by 25?! Most people don’t have a couple houses by the time they die. I’m 27, married and have a child; we also purchased a house two years ago and will be paying a mortgage for the foreseeable future. There’s no way in hell we could afford a few more houses around the country/continent. Someone please bring Elissa back to reality because she’s no where near real life for 99% of Americans.

Elissa’s spot in the Final 2 should be secure because no one hearing her talk about her life would be stupd enough to give her even more money that she obviously doesn’t need.

Go Jessie

Yeah like calling someone a slut is the worst thing that has been said in the house!!!! Do they hear what other the other house guest call each other or is it ok as long as they are on their side!? It is not smart that Elissa is talking about the house she owns. It will be used against her if she makes the final two.


Elissa lives in NC…if your that damn rich would you be living in NC?????


She is from NC…why wouldn’t she have a house there? Just because she has money she’s supposed to shun the state and move away?


I highly doubt if this lying bitch has but one house. She lies about everything. She lied to Jeremy and we all heard her say the thing he confronted her with. She just finished lying to the house about devising a plan with Jessie. She lies to herself every day thinking that she is pretty (pretty damn ugly). Do you know how to tell when Elissa is telling a lie?. When her mouth is moving and there is sound coming out.


Have you Googled her at all? Her husband is from Canada; she is from North Carolina. It is very conceivable that they would have a house in each location.

However, her bragging about her owning a couple houses by age 25 is false. Her husband is much older than she is and a successful businessman. He owned several houses before he ever met her. They started dating when she was 25 and I guess since they eventually got married she now claims that she owned several houses by age 25 when really, at age 25 she was really dating someone that owned several houses. She didn’t “own” them until they married last year.


Have it ever occur that Elissa could be lying about her houses so they can take her to finals.


i think elissa wins hoh tommorow in put up amanda am mcrea pov not used in mcrea goes home then next week amanda wins in put up helen elssia pov used elssia comes down in ginamare goes up helen goes home then elssia an amanda start clean up the house by win pov hoh final two elssia vr amanda


Helen wants Elissa to get HOH because it’s time to make a move and she doesn’t want “blood on her hands.” Geeze. She will dictate what Elissa is to do but will not look directly responsible. Then, by not putting McCramda on the block, with plans to back door one of them, she gets an easy week of continuing to kiss butt and making friends for Jury votes. Not exactly a mastermind move, but with this crowd it could work. POV could wreck everything for her and I hope it does. I blame her and Andy’s game plays on this sleeper of a BB season.


Can Amanda please top raping McCrae. Last night was more sickening than the first. “Make out with me! Have sex with me! What’s wrong with you?” Jesus woman. HE IS NOT INTERESTED one bit in that animal. I wish McC would turn his back on her and soon. That would make the whole show if he was a part of evicting her.

Butters Mom

I seriously wonder what mind blowing information Elissa wants to share with Jessie once this show is over….. READ BETWEEN THE LINES… she is a PRODUCER EXACTLY LIKE SHE TOLD JUDD WEEKS AGO!!