“Are you mad because I was talking about how you never shower” who?

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


7:20pm Kitchen Aaryn and GM

Aaryn says that they are still very much in the game, a lot of players in Big Brother history had to win competitions to stay in the game. They just need to win these competitions like they have been. She points out they have the majority of HOH competitions. Aaryn knows sometimes GM get down on herself sometimes she she Shouldn’t they are strong and have a chance.
Aaryn gets called into the Diary room

7:44pm Kitchen GM and Aaryn

GM pissed that Spencer would vote out Nick she cannot understand why he did that .. what a little pu$$y. GM thinks Spencer will make another pui$$y move and put them both up if he wins HOH. Aaryn is expecting him to.


8:24pm Elissa and Amanda Bedroom
Elissa asks what the game plan is this week and moving forward. Amanda hints that they would want to backdoor Aaryn because she’s so strong at the competitions. Elissa asks who would be the two people going up. manda doesn’t know she’ll need to talk to McCrae. Elissa suggests they put up Spencer and Ginamarie.

Amanda asks Elissa if Aaryn is who Helen wants gone next week. Elissa is pretty sure. Elissa wants to know if McCrae is 100% on board with backdooring Aaryn. Amanda says yes, adds they need to get together after the HOH is won.
Elissa: ‘And you are dead set on Jessie this week”
Amanda: “Ya like 100%”
Elissa says if Aaryn makes it to final 2 everyone will vote for her. Amanda agrees.

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8:35pm HOH Helen and Jessie

Jessie asks if she’s talked to anyone about keeping her and taking her deal. Helen says it’s a smart deal and she’s talked to Andy about it.
Helen understands why Jessie was acting the way she was, “I totally understand your feelings you know this week being so horrendous you know”
J: “I guess that’s what 54 days in an environment like this can do”
H: “It’s meant to drive you nuts “
Jessie says she is the obvious decision to keep because Spencer is such a strong competitor.
Helen doesn’t disagree thinks he can win any competition except a endurance.
Jessie brings up her worry is that Spencer and Helen are getting closer and she just doesn’t want to see him screw her over like before.
She mentions that her and Spencer have had a torrid relationship but since Howard has left he hasn’t done anything to her that would hurt her game.

Helen adds at first when she heard Candice flipping out on Spencer she was all for it but after she thought about it and thought about Spencer’s family seeing it she felt bad for Spencer. “My heart broke for him”. She says Spencer’s family must feel the same way her family did when they saw the Jeremy footage.
Jessie points out that Spencer hasn’t been in a position of power so you don’t know what he will do if he wins HOH.
Helen says she stopped going after Spencer last week, “If the house wants him out that is one thing.. but after i watched him get yelled out like that my heart broke for him”.
Jessie understands.. Helen says at this points it’s not Jessie vs Spencer it’s what would be better for her game.

Jessie thinks that the people she has talked to in the house say it doesn’t matter who goes home. She thinks that the vocal people will get the saw this week.
Helen says she going to go with the house on this vote.. it was crystal clear for her but it’s not anymore.
She needs someone else to make the call not her.
Helen tells Jessie if she is in the Big Brother house or if she is in the Jury house she can still make it positive.
McCrae walks in.
Helen tells Jessie she understands JEssie deal and agree it’s a good deal but she’s going with the house.
Jessie: “I appreciate your considerations “
Helen: “ten four”


8:53pm Elissa and McCrae Bedroom

Elissa says Aaryn is a real threat to them in the final two because she’s won so many competitions and so many people will vote for her in the jury JUDD being one of them. Elissa: “Anyone will choose her over Amanda, or me OR YOU”
MC: “To win”
Elissa: “Ya”
MC: “I agree.. she needs to be back doored“
McCrae says Gm and Spencer need to go up and they need to backdoor Aaryn. He’s worried if she wins the veto and takes down GM
Elissa doesn’t think she will save GM.

(this was the 3am alliance plan they wanted Helen and Elissa to target Aaryn and put up GM/Spencer this keeps the 4 members of the 3am retaining their numbers advantage in the chance that Helen/Elissa win HOH. 3AM do not plan on throwing the HOH so this is just a precaution)


9:05pm Bathroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda says she likes the nicknames Aaryn cam up with. MC says that sometimes he thinks people that make up names are faking the alliance. Amanda tells him Aaryn is loyal as sh!t it’s not a fake alliance.
McCrae knows she’s loyal he’s just telling her that if he wanted to try and convince people that something was real when it wasn’t he would make up fake names.
A: “It’s not fake”
MC: ‘I know it’s not I still think about it”
Amanda: “You have to believe in something sometime.. you have to have faith in something”
MC: “Ya”
Amanda: ‘Your mood has completely changed.. what just happened in the past 20 minutes are you mad because I was talking about how you never shower”



9:23pm HOH
Aaryn does Any’s makeup
Andy does Aaryn’s makeup


9:31PM Andy does Ginamarie’s makeup.

Aaryn comes up and tells them they have to wash teh makeup off because they have Diary room sessions to film.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:50pm HOH Jessie and Aaryn
J: “I wasn’t going after you Aaryn I was going after GM”
A: “I told you how bad I wanted Candice out, you treated me like shit that week you ignored me you hung around candice the entire time”
J: “That bullshit I always said hi to you i never ignored you.. you were up here all the time with GM”
A: “You went from hating Candice to besties.. how do you trust someone like that”
J: ‘OK aaryn”
A: “Honestly how”
J: “I’m not a hateful person”
Aaryn points out that Amanda is apparently the person she wants to work with now and she’s throwing her under the bus, “it doesn’t make any sense like who do you not throw under the bus”.
J: “Who do you not throw under the bus”
A: “Who am I throwing under the bus right now.. NOBODY”
yeah it’s not nice to be lied to
J: “Whatever.. I don’t deserve this”
A: “you don’t deserve to go home”
J: “No”
A: “Well I didn’t put you on the block.. so tell Andy that cause I never put you on the block”
J: “I trusted him and he’s been lying to me all week”
A: “ya it’s not fun to be lied to”
J: “I didn’t lie to you “
A: “you lied to me about the Nick situation .. you fu****g flipped on me you put me in the worst situation ever”
Jessie says Aaryn paid zero attention to her for the first 2 weeks of being in the house.
A: “this isn’t an attention game .. you need attention 24/7.. I don’t get attention 24/7 and I don’t freak out about it “

Jessie points out to Aaryn than a minute ago she just said to her that Jessie was ignoring her all last week and she used that as an argument against Jessie.
A: “You treated me like sh!t that is different than ignoring”
J: “How did I treat you like sh!t aaryn”
A: “You just did jessie when you are safe you treat everyone like nothing but when you need people to grasp at straws”
Jessie says she has a real hard time believing that she treats everyone like they are nothing.
A: “and you call me out for being fake.. you were all up Elissa’s a$$ during that Nick week.. you were all obsessed with the fact they were keeping you safe”
J: ‘So now you are going back 5 weeks in time”
GM joins them.

Aaryn: “it’s so obvious that you would put me up if you won HOH so why the fuck would I keep you here.. I guess we’ll never know will we”

GM: “I do like this lipstick.. “ (LOL)

GM leaves .. Jessie explains that her game has been a lot different than Aaryn’s. she never won HOH’s she needed to do whatever it took to survive. Aaryn says she udnerstands why Jessie flipped her vote.

10:30pm HOH McCrae, Spencer and Andy

Spencer says NIck had sniffed out a secret alliance before he was evicted. it was the Andy, Mandy, Candy alliance. McCrae remembers that can’t believe he never brought it up.
Spencer: “I don’t know if he was worried about it he was just aware of it”


10:57pm HOH

Amanda cannot believe JUDD never admitted to being the MVP. Amanda says he better have been the MVP because when she gets off the show and finds out it was America she will be like (See image above)

random chit chat.. They mention Ginamarie and her love for Nick. Andy jokes he thought he was goign to get Pandora’s box and it would have been Nick GM would go on the attack for him.
Elissa: “If anyone gets Nick alone they should be worried”
Amanda: “who funny would it be if GM wins HOH and in Candice is in her Pandora’s box and the rest of us get to hang out with Eddie Murphy”


11:15pm HOH Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie
Helen and Jessie have just finished playing three games of chess. They ask Helen how the games went. Helen says they were close “Came down to the wire”
Jessie just leaves..
Andy: “She seems kinda pissed” (Hmm I wonder why)
Amanda doesn’t think she did.
Helen: “Maybe because she just lost three games of chess”
Spencer laughs
Helen: “I’m just saying.. “
Elissa: “Is that why she was mad”
Helen: “I dunno”
Elissa: “She did seem mad”
Helen: “I thought about letting her win the second game because I didn’t want her to be upset.. but then I was like.. she was making bad moves.”
Amanda: “Were you guys talking game at all”
Helen: ”Not at all”
Andy: “Ohh Jessie.. I feel if she stayed any longer she could get dangerous”
Amanda mentions that yesterday she was saying to Amanda and McCrae that she wanted to team up with them and this morning she was telling Helen she will do all her dirty work.
They all agree Jessie isn’t trustworthy.

Helen says one of the pitches that Jessie gave her was let her stay in the game for one more week so she can get her reputation back.
Amanda: “She didn’t have a reputation in the first place”
Helen: “She wanted one more week to have good camera time..and I said you are going to be in Jury house the camera will be there to”
Amanda: “You said that”
Helen: “Ya”
Andy: “Oh my god”
Helen explains she said IF you leave here and go to Jury the camera will still be on you just like it is when you are in the house. “IF” she gets evicted she can still rebuild her reputation.

MC doesn’t really think they film too much of the Jury house. Elissa agrees. They say they’ll have a camera man in the jury house for couple hours a day. MC says if Ginamarie is in jury there will be a camera man 24 hours. Andy: “Ginamarie and Candice go in this room to fight.. the fighting room” Elissa: “It’s going to be a boxing ring”

11:49pm Amanada, MC, Spencer, Elissa, Andy
Amanda and McCrae have taken over the HOH bed..

12:14AM bedroom McCrae and Andy
McCrae fills him in on the plan to make a final 3 with Spencer. MC has talked to Spencer about it and he’s fully onboard. MC says they have to meet with Spencer tonight and solidify that final 3, “We may have to stay up a little later”
Andy: “Does Amanda know”
MC: “Ya”
Amanda rolls in
Amanda tells them that Elissa knows that the plan next week is to backdoor Aaryn. She explains how they want to make sure Elissa uses the veto so they can backdoor Helen or if helen/Elissa win HOH they do not put up 2 of the 3 3am members. (That would be insanity if GM/Spencer are nominated Elissa wins the Veto uses it to save GM with the hopes Aaryn will go up. instead they put up Helen and Helen goes home)

Andy: “That works shit’s about to get real”
Amanda: ‘For realz”
Amanda tells him to talk to Helen soon

12:18am Bedroom Andy, McCrae and Amanda

Amanda asks them if Aaryn knows they told Elissa already (About the fake plan to backdoor Aaryn). McCrae says no. Amanda says Aaryn does not want to go up as a pawn. They agree none of them want to.
Andy: “The only way one of us can go up as a pawn is if the other three are voting”
Amanda: “Yup Exactly”
Amanda tells them that Aaryn needs to know and Helen needs to know. Once Specner isn’t up their butth@le they need to tell Helen.


12:44am living room Specner, McCrae and Andy (The moving company 3)
Spencer telling the when he was a kid he so wanted to be part of the comic book world. He says there is a billion mother f**** out there that can draw. So what you have to so now is release a independent comic then go on the convention circuit. “Like home publishing type get it out there”

GM throws a bag of mung beans at Spencer. Spencer says he’s going to hold onto the bag and wait until she sleeps, “I’m going to bust you in your a$$” (GM is pretty flirty with Spencer right now SPencer is implying he’ll throw the bag of mung beans at GM tonight when she sleeps)
GM: “Just don’t hit me in the face please”
Spencer: “I’m not sure I can tell the difference”
GM: “ no no just don’t hit me in the face you can hit wherever you want.
Just don’t hit me in the face.. “


12:48AM HOH Andy and Helen
Andy tells her they need to find a time to grab McCrae and discuss their next move as the 3 person alliance.
Andy: “I trust him I think this is what we should do” (The feeds switched late on this conversation I assume Andy told Helen about the plan to backdoor Aaryn)
Helen: “I agree. .I Agree who is Spencer going to put up “
Andy: “I have no idea..” Andy explains that he asked Spencer flat out who he was putting up and Spencer told him he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about that while he’s on the block.
Andy: “I think he’s a loose cannon right now. the good thing is I’ve gotten closer to him this week so I think he’ll listen to me”
Helen is worried if Spencer wins
Andy understands but reminds her he can work with Spnencer.

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Uh oh – you sound like you ‘feel dirty’ about posting her image over and over – it’s OK – I don’t think what she’s got can be ‘caught’ through the screen. You can just have a hot shower.
Dig your posts.


If Helen or Elissa do not win hoh this week….Helen is most likely gone. Getting rid of Howard, Candice, and now Jessie was a move that was not fully thought through by Helen. More importantly Helen is losing Jury votes more than anyone in the game right now. Candice thinks Helen betrayed her, Judd thinks that Helen was the mastermind behind his eviction and now Jessie dislikes Helen and feels used. Even if Helen gets to the end she may have pissed of too many people to receive votes. As for the returning Jury member ( which will probably be btw Judd, Jessie and Candice) they don’t stand a chance staying if the do not win Hoh, a power or immunity. It will be a revolving door. One thing is for sure if America get to decide who returns, I am not voting for Judd. I repeat: I’ am not voting for Judd. The reason I am not voting for Judd is because:

1) During last week Amanda spewed in his ear that Helen and Elissa were after him
2) Judd was told by Candice, & Jessie that Amanda thought he was MVP. Wait even Amanda told him she thought he was mvp, and he still continued to trust her.
3) When Judd was evicted he assumed that Helen and Elissa were his demise while Amanda shed crocdile tears.
4) If Judd gets voted back in Judd would go after Helen and Elissa and align with Mcramanda . To top it all off Amanda will try to throw Aaryn under the bus so she is farther down Judd’s hit list.
5) Amanda will never truly trust Judd and align with him genuinely, because her head is so far up her arse that she thinks it’s preposterous that America had put her up. So therefore she will try to get Judd out as soon as possible and use anybody to do so.

As for Candice ( I like her ), she probably won’t last long if voted back in unless the HGs decide to keep her so that she can knock out Gm , aaryn and spencer. However I see Candice putting up Mcramanda more than I see Judd doing so. But i think seeing Gm and aaryn’s face when they clue in that America voted Candice back in will be priceless. Additionally I wonder how the house will react when Candice tells them Julie asked her about the racist remarks, since Aaryn has convinced everyone but Elissa that Candice was lying. I can already see Helen saying ” you know Candice…. i never believed aaryn…. you know… gm wanted you out not me…you know i respect you and so does the “house”. Basically I see myself wanting Candice back in the game from a personal standpoint, because it will wake the house guests up from their delusions that America loves them and hates Candice. Voting Jessie and Candice back in sends the HGs a clear message one that says: “go fuck yourself”.

Btw Candice, Jessie and Judd…. I’m leaning towards voting for Jessie and/ or Candice.

For Real

Love it!

Big Sister

I am with you 100%! Vote Candice back. All you people who say you like Amanda because she makes things happen should do the same. Candice will light a fire under their complacent butts!


It’s ok, Simon. Nick would be so proud of you showing off his stalker….I mean sweetheart. :-)


you’re forgiven for your moment of weakness, simon! i’d also recommend that hot shower, though, just in case…


Lol..I about died when Spencer called gm the Staten island clown


dude i literally jumped when i saw that picture of gina marie

Jim 64

Where’s the sound on bbad am I the only one
Who doesn’t have sound


For Elissa being a mom and married and is so much better than everyone else, she wears the least clothes in the house. What’s up with that? Her and her fake boobs, fake lips, fake lashes and what other fake shit she has. Useless!


Look, she’s just better than you, Aquabernie. And she’s not there for the other house-guests or to entertain you. She “wanted to work with the show.”


Don’t think so ss, I CAN SPEAK A WHOLE SENTENCE. I’m married and a mom, I’m 5’8″ 114lbs. with my husband for over 17yrs. And wouldn’t show my body off like a whore.


I think SS is agreeing with you, the reply is a line Elissa said earlier about not being there for people in the house (to play BB), she wanted to work WITH the show… It has Elissa saying that somewhere in these posts…. and don’t forget Fake hair,she has extensions in…

Amanda's Towel

Yeah but don’t forget Elissa is a Math Whiz!! :p

Varys Blackfyre

Can you explain how she is dressing like a whore? Congrats on your 17 years of marriage.


I read on here a few posts down that Elissa used to sell her body and that is why she got pregnant. Is that true or someone just making a joke. If it is true did she admit it on the feeds? She is such a snob and wow hard to think that she used to prostitute herself. Sorry, but that is about as low as a woman can go? Where are Elissa and Rachel’s parents that they would allow her to do that?


I don’t know about Elissa, but I heard somewhere that your mom is the one that was doing the selling. Is that true? Ask your dad if he’s really your dad. Because I heard your mom got around.

Defend Elissa

No one said she was better she hasn’t had “a hard nock life” like Annie so what if she had her breast done lips done whatever who cares about that and your obviously only watching the show because Amanda has air her pu$$y all over the show have smelly sex with McCray so you need to get your facts and definition straight she’s no ho Elissa went under the covers to change her clothes. While Amanda has sex under the sheets yuck it all over you tube already. And she wears fitness attire so what most the house guest have limited clothing that they change it up. Maybe you should do yoga and clam down.


@Defend Elissa, yup Amanda is trash, but so is miss high and mighty Elissa. They’re both trash.

p.s. Elissa you are here for my entertainment, that’s all you’re here for, you insignificant little turd.

This whole season is trash!


What’s disgusting is that McCrae doesn’t shower. And after all that sex w/ Amanda, he doesn’t shower. How gross is that.


McManda is such a NASTY couple….YUCK…..

On one end, Period+Onions

On the other end, No Shower

Eeeewwwwwwww……… How dare they sleep/lay in the HOH bed. I’m offended!


I was thinking when she said MC doesn’t shower, he doesn’t shower in hopes the stench of her own body odor would keep her away. However a woman who sucks her own coochie blood probably lost sense of smell years ago.


Why should MC bathe when he has McManda Panda lick it/him clean (yuk, I can’t believe I wrote that) save the water and use the spit.

Hot body

Elissa wears the least clothes because she can her body is lean and fit why can’t she wear what’s by the comments post it’s obvious your one of those jealous females who hate to see another woman who may not lack confidence. Perhaps her body bugs you because you can’t achieve it your self. Amanda is on the verge of losing her figure if she doesn’t have fitness intervention as a matter of fav Amanda need all types of intervention. I’m all for health, wellness and fitness


No doubt, Amanda is a hideous beast. I wouldn’t talk about her body too much though, it’s pretty easy to look up and see her mask/face.

Have a good day butterface!


I think the reason why a lot of people are saying something about Ellisa and how she dress is because she has said a lot about how the other girls look and dress 1st let me start off by saying I don’t care Amanda at all I did like her for almost the 1st 2weeks of the show but that went away real fast just like it did with me liking Aayrin and GM but Ellisa came down on Amanda really hard and she knew what she was saying was mean but she kept on then the other day she was talking about Jessia not wearing clothes walking around half naked but just because Ellisa does yoga dosnt mean she does it 24/7 and she is basically dress naked all day kust saying I don’t like when people don’t be fair when they give comments not saying that I don’t like Ellisa Im just being 100!!!!!


i don’t think Elissa dresses trashy at all. She has some lovely clothes. I wonder about Amanda’s taste the most. She apparently earns $100,000 for her life”style”. Clearly, she’s not spending it on clothes

billy bob

right now judds in sequester like rocky,in rocky 4,
hes coming back guns blazzing, least i hope,
r maybe candice,

production rigged it

Judd would be a waste he would just run to mommy Amanda and start kissing her ass again. Jessie on the other hand would be the one to stir up some shit obviously Candice would too but Jessie has gotten into it with almost everybody this week so they would all be shitting their pants if she walked back in especially if she was made HOH or given a power or something.


ginamarie and aaryn have never looked so beautiful. but seriously though.


I can’t believe how dumb Helen and elissa is now even if someone wins hoh Amandas safe this season sucks but it is good strategy for 3am


Why is Amanda so good at this game? Hoping Elissa or Helen win so they can think and get her out!

production rigged it

Because she’s friends with the producer Alison Grodner.

if rigged

If ProdUction Did Rig The Show And Amanda Wins, I’m So DoNe Watching Big Brother FOREVER…..


This will be my last season watching BB. I will not talk bad about the cast of players becasue this is what CBS wanted. I think the racism along should have made them make adjustments. I think the powers that be are the true RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda, Aaryn and Gina are who they are !!!!!!!! WHICH IS REALLY SAD!!!!!! but why give them a platform???? CBS producers are just as RACIST


and because it’s easy to look good when you are surrounded by a bunch of dumb-asses!!!


So Aaryn was in a sorority – she is an uber bitch and I don’t see very many ranges of emotions with her. What’s wrong with her voice BTW. Does she talk under her breath all the time?


what is wrong with Aaryns voice? it makes my throat hurt. I HOPE ANDY GOES SOON TOO

Ted Marie

Hey, Boxer & Becky- I couldn’t agree with both of you more. When Aaryn starts talking I literally have to fast forward so I don’t have to hear her disgusting, condescending, mono tone gargle. The only thing that keeps me even slightly able to tolerate watching after dark is the thought of the harsh reality that will be waiting for them when they are out of the BB house. I haven’t posted in awhile, but had to give you two a shout out for posting my sentiments exactly.


Hey back to you Ted Marie and Becky: I thought it was just the sound system in my place but she always sounds like she needs a lozenge. Maybe side effects of Adderall? I dunno. She’s a strange bird.

Uri Dequad

It is a throat condition that affects young people mainly women.
I forget the name of it but it causes a gurgling noise and lower
voice register. Someone on another post identified it and the name.

Uri Dequad


NOT a joke…Look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it’s called the devil


“The only thing that keeps me even slightly able to tolerate watching after dark is the thought of the harsh reality that will be waiting for them when they are out of the BB house.”

Then why do you even watch the show? My God, that sounds like a terrible reason to watch, I feel really sorry for you.


AARYN sounds like a witch that you here in a scary movie…maybe its the evil racist attitude coming out…………..she really need to work on somethings I also heard say she is an only child??????? I thought her letter was from her older sister?????????

production rigged it

Well the only good thing about Jessie leaving is I won’t have to waste anymore time watching CBS or BBAD anymore and contribute to their ratings until finale night. Unless she gets voted back in that is. There’s no point we already know what’s going to happen since this has been the most boring and predictable season ever. I will be just coming here for my updates from now on and I encourage everyone else to do the same and if their ratings start to go down maybe it will finally sink in that we hated this season.


Oooohh MY GAAHHDD! For th 19th time, you don’t contribute to the ratings unless you are a Nielsen or other ratings stat household!! So whether you watch or not don’t make a damn bit o difference!!!! This season has already gotten the type of ratings it needs to keep it in the middle of the pack as far as overall seasons go. Just because the 40 or 50 of you on here that cry all day and night and are on some mission to have this season labeled as “WORST ONE EVER!!” doesn’t mean it is, or will be.

I mean shit, if I had a dollar everytime I heard any derivative of this season is the worst, Amanda must die, Helen has to go, Aaryan is a racist bitch or GM is a c**Tpig, then you know what?? I’d have enough $$ to start a new Big Brother show!! And trust me, all you non-stop whiners I’d put in the house for a 4-month-long season, evict about 25 of you and when you got out, we would all make sure we tore you all to shreds every day you were gone, sent threats to your families and put sooo much pressure on your jobs that you got fired and just otherwise went well out of our way to make your lives hell!!



I agree. I am starting to believe that the comments made on this thread are much worse than any of the comments that have been made by this seasons house guests. I have a feeling that if these house guests were not placed on the same season together, a lot of people would feel differently about them. Everyone seems to forget that it is CBS/Big Brother that hand picked these people to be on this season together and they did a wonderful job of knowing which personalities would conflict and bring out the worst in everyone to create the most drama.

As long as everyone continues to bash all the house guests on this thread instead of posting what their game strategy would be, you are only showing BB what a great job they did in picking these certain players.




I so agree with you ……. I don’t read the comments that are mean because it makes us no better than the HG. I log on to the site because I don’t watch, expect on Thursday because here at least I get the whole story. I really wanted Mc or Am to go out first. Because if it Helen I am not sure if AA will be the next (probable of winning) will do anything to take out the showmance. I still don’t get how these people are believing AM/Mc would go against each other. Thought Spenser and Helen were a little smarter than that.


Excellent comment!


I agree, I d/n watch last night and will only watch the eviction shows on dvr, will come here for the updates…..

the reason

Amanda is good because she allied with McCrea, who ratted out the MC. She weoponized Elissa for a couple weeks, used it well. She allied with Helen and agreed on mutual destruction that if one goes out, the other is soon to follow because of how early it was in the game. They had the house by the balls. Amanda is socially doing good. She is wrong with some assumptions, but they aren’t enough to bite her yet. She is just really good. Good with allying with people who knew she was a big target, but also who deflects all turmoil away from her allies. If you have allies like she has, ones who are grasping at straws, boning in bed, or is very friendly with the other side of the house and gets info, and a beast in comps, you control the #’s. Everyone can do the other persons dirty work…from nomination to veto usage to straight up votes….but a lot can happen and anything could. ….she may be a bully, but so was dick, and he was just that. . . Amanda is one in DR and when she needs to call out bullshit., which pisses off McCrea. Of she gets final 2, she maaaaaay deserve the win.


Amanda isn’t a good player. She’s where she’s at because she has Mcrae putting out her fires-for ex when she was bullying people to take her off if they won POV, which really could’ve backfired if Mcrae didn’t reel her in- and because the Rat is loyal to her. If Andy was loyal to Helen, Amanda would’ve been gone last week
or on the block this week.


i am so disappointed this year. knowing its rigged. theres no way amanda would have so much info unless BB gave it to her. the only reason im watching after dark TONIGHT is because i ran out of tokens playing on GSN. IM DONE WITH BB. I WISH JESSIE HAD PLAYED A BETTER GAME. KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT A LITTLE WHILE LONGER THEY WOULD OF VOTED OUT SPENCER.


I can’t decide if andy looks more like a fetus or some kind of goldfish.

I assume this debate has already taken place on this site at some point and I missed it – what’s the verdict?


Naked mole rat


Look up a picture of a rat on the internet – there is a striking resemblance with the nose and teeth, especially.
Behaviour and mannerisms also – scurrying from room to room to gather ‘morsels’ of info.


forgot to post my name above


I think Andy looks like a red headed version of gwyneth Paltrow with no makeup.


—> “My heart broke for him”= “I want to make sure you tell Spencer this when he goes to jury”
—>She says Spencer’s family must feel the same way her family did when they saw the Jeremy footage.= “Think & talk about that when you’re in jury, I’m working on the sympathy vote here”
—>Helen says she stopped going after Spencer last week, “If the house wants him out that is one thing.. but after i watched him get yelled out like that my heart broke for him”.= I’m sure I’ve got your jury vote, I want to make sure you repeat all this to Spencer so I will have his vote too,”
—>”Helen tells Jessie if she is in the Big Brother house or if she is in the Jury house she can still make it positive.=”Just remember everything I have said about Spencer so both of you vote for me”

Wow,Spencer just said the house will smell better when GM is gone. LMAO! Damn, that’s saying something, especially about a woman, stinking up a house! & McCrae don’t shower? yuk! I bet that house does stink…


^^^ yikes! that was from me, Pearl, didn’t mean to do that, there are already too many “Names” on here…

production rigged it

If I was Jessie after she got done feeding me all that bullshit about how she felt sorry for Spencer I would have said Helen if you’re trying to suck up to me for a jury vote you’re going about it the wrong way. Then I would have said I’m on the block with him and you’re saying you feel sorry for him, you should feel sorry for me instead because you through me under the bus this week lying about everything. After that I would have said your gameplay doesn’t make any sense to me because you knew I’ve wanted Amanda out for the last 2 weeks so why wouldn’t you keep me around to help you get rid of her. Then I would have said just like I’m sure Judd is regretting it right now so will you when they stab you in the back and blindside you and you walk into the jury house and join us and I will be sitting their saying I told you so and I bet you guys wish you had listened to me now don’t you.


I dislike everyone but Jessie and McCrae lol! These people are just downright jerky this season. U can lie and try to control the game without being insulting. Jessie is young and bugs me sometimes but personally these people are mean to her for no reason…she’s going home so why don’t they have some dignity and stop acting like a%%wholes. I can’t wait till Helen and Amanda are gone, they have become the meanest in this game and yes the smartest players but they are against sheep idiots who don’t know how to play the game. It’s a joke that any of these people think they will ever come back like for an all-star season these people would be gone in 2 seconds if they had to go against a player from the past like Dan or Will heck even against Boogie or Janelle! It makes me laugh so hard when these HG’s think they have “fans” or will standout to us. This season is forgettable to me and has seemed the whole time to me like these people are wannabe’s. I don’t know what the casting department was thinking this season. The show this season is so boring I literally fall asleep sometimes watching it, I am so sick of people saying “I’m voting with the house” idiots the house is composed of 3 people McCrae, Amanda and Helen overthrow it or continue on with the pecking order lol!


I don’t like McRae either…. he thinks he’s above the shit everyone talks to him, bc he just sits there and laughs. he is almost worse, bc he has no balls and just goes along with all the horrible shit even though he knows it’s wrong.


Yeah but if you really think about it him and Ellisa is on the same game play level they both are bitchis McCrea is Amanda and Ellisa is Helens they both act out there


P.S. I will be shocked if one of them Amanda, McCrae or Helen does not win this game, not one has the freaking guts to go after them and are handing them the game!

Roisin Dubh

Helen ain’t winning it. Her eviction is gonna be epic. I hope they show the jury house when she ends up groveling to Candice and Jessie and realizes that Andy played her bigtime.

The patch

People seem to forget that she is on the patch and that makes people crazy .. Lol .. Amanda is doing great .. Yeah she said some dummy things but geez we aren’t perfect !! I don’t feel she means evil .. She just spouts dumbness. I think the intent and hatred behind stuff is what matters .. We all say stupid things that we don’t realize the consequences to ! She is playing excellently thus far and you can face palm what she says but I think people are wrong if they think she is gonna “face the music” when she leaves .. She will be fine … It’s Arryan and GM that will have it the worst and then maybe maybe spencer if the union can figure out something in their collective bargain agreement (haha). For all those who hate Amanda .. Don’t hate that she is taking advantage of weak players .. Blame CBS for not putting quality players in the game and not shaking it up ! It would be so easy to shake this season up but they keep letting it drag on and on !!!

Roisin Dubh

They’re gonna have to burn that set when this season is over. Keychain doesn’t shower and Ahandjob’s cooter smells like onions? YUCK!!!! It’s game on after Jessie leaves. I hope Spencer can slide through the cracks, but we all know, he’ll be labeled a dangerous player and out he goes. I want to see Andy win it so he can buy some new gear and stops dressing like a four-year old that doesn’t have any say on his wardrobe. Just waiting for the Helen blindside, man that can’t come soon enough.


“dressing like a four year old”….priceless. He needs a cap with a little twirling gizmo on top. Can’t you just see it?


I wish Jessie would come staggering in HOH with 2 empty bottles, “I’ve drank it all you motherf***ers!!!!!!!!” How do you like me NOW?” & then just go on a complete psychotic rant, jump in the bed & pee, start throwing stuff, get naked & hump McCrae while talking like Elissa & laughing hysterically at Amanda, tell everyone Helen is gay & they made out & Aaryn got mad about it, tell GM her & Nick had sex in the HOH shower while she was in the DR, & she caught Andy wacking off Spencer…


If all that happened, that would be great, actually.


Awww…McWhipped stinks too!?!?


Dude, Amanda needs to tapper down with the adderral. She looks like a hardcore tweeker everytime I see her on bbad


And she is drinking alcohol on top of that! Her mouth is always dry, eyes darting back & forth, you can tell her mind is flying, constantly looking in the mirror at herself, and paranoid much? then she crashes….

Amanda's a Tweaker

Her eye’s when she is playing with her hair, or looks in the mirror, creeps me out. Too bad this is the last season on Breaking Bad, she would have played a great tweaker!


So that’s the deal with Mcramdas upper lip, I thought it was botox withdrawal, but its crashing from the adderral , it drives me crazy, along with 90 % of her other spooky ticks !!!


I used to take Adderall, it causes your eyes to dart back and forth very quickly. I also don’t believe it’s a PED, that’s ridiculous. If they are not taking it or it’s wearing off they are likely to say things with no filter. Their minds are always going and they have a hard time controlling their facial expression or talking to themselves under their breath. Everyone is different with varying levels of adhd or add, the way they act is probably adhd. Also, if you were on camera 24/7 with people picking apart every little thing you did you may look strange also. They get picked on for their teeth, mouths, eyebrows, bodies and on and on. I am sure everyone that posts on the board could be in Maxim or GQ, you’re all so gorgeous.


I love every time Elissa does yoga. She has a rocking body!!!


I am not even in the game and i feel so excited to see who wins the hoh tomorrow ……I HAVE NO favourites,,,,, but i do want HELLEN OR ELISSA win hoh to put a dint in amanda plans,,,,,,,


According to Amanda, McCrae doesn’t shower…but she’s gone down on him several times? Disgusting! l0l That says a lot more about her than him.

Up all noc

Even if some of this season is staged, I think they all will go mental , season way to long. Need to shorten it by a month or more. The season is so long that we are all losing interest even the houseguest , haha

howards BBC

Wow these houseguest are sooo boring!


I just don’t find them “playing” Helen as entertaining. it leaves elissa all alone, and then we have the most obvious finish in BB history

sadly, for any real drama and gameplay, we need Helen to find out about andy Amanda mcrae….aaryn can keep sliding by.


If CBS put the effort into the show that they put into hyping/tricking people into watching, there would be no problems.


Hey Simon – regarding your comment: (That would be insanity if GM/Spencer are nominated Elissa wins the Veto uses it to save GM with the hopes Aaryn will go up. instead they put up Helen and Helen goes home)

You are so right, I do believe it will happen and what’s worse is that a couple of these dumb-asses are just stupid enough to do that dirty work for McCrae & Amanda!! That is a dirty enough move to lose jury votes for sure & someone will let them talk ’em into doing it! They come up with all the cut-throat ideas yet never seem to win HOH to get their hands dirty.


It was odd not seeing aryan and Gina on the show last night. They should have thrown Gina off the show for fighting… I think they are trying to cover that up… She body bumped aryan when they were fighting. In the past they’ve throw people off for that… I wonder what’s different this year… NOTHING!


Why is it that production hasn’t called any of them in to the DR for some of the more offensive remarks they’ve made to each other, yet they called Aaryn in to tell the others about not to wear the bizzare makeup when they were putting makeup on each other?


Just to reiterate- Sick of hearing Helen whine about being traumatized by Jeremy’s abuse. a.) wasn’t that directed specifically at her b.) was clearly just immature ranting c.) not any worse than some we’ve seen since d.) was at least out in the open. She’s in politics for god’s sake – you’d think she’d have thicker skin than be bothered by school-yard tauntings. All fake & tiresome.


I just keep thinking we must be getting Punked by Ashton Kutcher, because this cast of misfits are doing EVERYTHING wrong! Ok, jokes on us, now can we start the real season of BB please?


Amanda’s v3gin2 smells like onions and now we find out McCrae never showers?

I think 2 pigs in the house would be less disgusting.

No Name

My thoughts on comments made this week by house guest.

Aaryn yelled at Jessie at least I have a job! Um…not anymore and she will have a tougher time finding one when she gets out.

Helen saying I like Aaryn more and more! Wait until she gets out of the house and sees Aaryn the way Aaryn was making fun of her.

Helen is delusional if she thinks McCrae has a three person alliance with her and Andy! LOL Didn’t she just attend McCranda’s wedding?? What husband is going to go against his wife?? LOL

McCrae making fun of Jessie because she tried for 5 guys! Jessie you are too good for those losers!!

Here is what I’d like to see happen. Either Helen gets evicted next week and finally realizes “next week” was too late to vote Amanda out. Or Helen/Elissa wins HOH – puts up McCranda – Aaryn and Andy will run to Helen’s side. This will show McCranda just how loyal Aaryn and Andy are!!

Elissa will probably win fan favorite because of Rachel, but wouldn’t you just love to see the look on the “mean girls” faces if Jessie won it!!


I think Aaryn is a fool that Amanda will backstabbed you and she think it was Elissa who will put you up. If I was Aaryn, I will turn my back against Amanda.

The Watcher

The production is always rigged when someone you cant stand is winning the game.

Lets face it – Amanda game if she is not voted out in the next few weeks is the best game a girl has played in a long time. Annoying? Perhaps! But who can claim to be this in your face to everyone in the house and still be kept in the house and be able to choose who will be nominated even when they are not hoh?

They did a wedding for the power couple for crying out loud….

The house is kissing Amanda flat behind and McCrae unwashed booty.

What gives? I guess the power couple is doing something right.

The rest of the house needs to effing wake up already and do something. I am so tired of hearing about the same people being put on the block…..

Then again I would hate any kind of final 2 with Aaryn and GM…. We dont have a lot of lovely choices this season folks lol

I want Elissa to win : )


Is Rob Zombie part of production this year?
I swear it’s THE DEVILS REJECTS 2 in this f’in house.


Just wondering how different things might be if Spencer, Howard, Judd, Nick or David had won 1st HOH? Would Amanduh have immediately latched on to the winner? How long were hgs in house before 1st HOH? Did Amanduh form a relationship with McCrae before the show actually started? I can visualise so many different scenarios but not sure how it would have played out. Any thoughts?


well if david won hoh 1st week, he wouldn’t have gone… it probably would have been candice or jessie since they were on the block, or maybe MC would have succesfully gotten rid of elissa if they were in power. however, jeremy/aaryn were in power the 2nd week, and elissa still didn’t go, so i think MC wouldn’t have made it far, regardless of who was in power. helen, elissa, andy, amanda, and candice were against them, especially nick, right from the start. the only way things would have really been different is if there was no MVP/no 3rd nominee. MC hitlist was david, elissa, amanda, aaryn, candice, helen, andy, judd as far as i know, but they did not do a good job convincing the other HGs to target those people… i think they would have lost nick and jeremy early no matter what they did, just bc of the lack of trust with them and everyone in the house.

amanda would obviously still be with mccrae, no matter what. i think it’s painfully obvious she is really into him. i think ppl saying that she is only with him bc of hoh is absurd. he was hoh like 2 months ago lol


i realize i didn’t actually answer your question, i think they were in the house for quite a few days before hoh, like maybe almost a week. the first day of the live feeds, amanda talks to mccrae about how he was always laughing at her jokes and she noticed him bc he was odd and she was attracted to that.


I heard Amanda say they are airing their BB wedding on Sundays episode. Really? Do they not have anything else to show? The bachelor/bachelorette parties were not televised so why give any airtime to this farce? The Brenchel wedding was so much better and hilarious (no, I am not a Brenchel fan) and it was not televised. Sounds like Amanda is going to be getting a lot more airtime going into the home stretch of this game. Hmm, I wonder why? CBS appears desperate for material for the shows if they are going to show that stupid wedding. Personally I would rather see game play. Then again, the wedding may have been game play by both Amanda and McCrae. He didn’t even want to do it which was obvious by the bible passages he chose to be read. So offensive.


I know I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, but these people are dumb as rocks. They should keep a weak player that can’t win comps (Jessie) and get rid of a stronger player(spencer). I can’t believe after what happened last night with spencer not going along with the plan ( I wouldn’t have thrown the comp if I were him either but that’s besides the point) at they are still keeping him. What a bunch of dumb bums. Spencer is going to take you all out next week and you will be wishing you got rid of him.

Same thing happened in bbcan. They got rid of Talla, the weakest player ever, and kept Gary who was one of the strongest, and he came back and whooped their Asses in the final.

Keep the weak players, and get rid of the showmances. I can’t believe Helen bought mccraes alliance last night. She’s not as smart as I thought.


I think it’s going to be HILARIOUS when Helen gets put up on the block and realizes she evicted everyone who would’ve possibly voted to keep her in the game. That, and hoping that McCrae gets voted out before Amanda, just to watch her flounder, are about the only things I’m left looking forward to in the next few weeks. It would also be mildly interesting to see Andy outed, but he’s not that dynamic of a player, so meh.


Helen has put Elissa and herself between a rock and a hard place; an untenable position. By evicting all those houseguests (e.g. Howard, Candice, Judd and Jessie) that would have been key votes in taking out the 3AM alliance. Also, if Howard, was still in the game Spencer would have been another key vote too.

Now as it stands, it is Helen and Elssa against the house. And we know that Helen has no true allegiance to Elissa. She will throw Elissa under the bus if she needs too.

Good luck in trying to win the next three or four competitions (sarcastically he says).

Helen you know the old saying, “when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. You sold you soul in order to be accepted and liked by the wrong people; while potentially forfeiting your chance to win the game.


Of the people that are currently in or will be soon in the jury house (Judd, Candice, and Jesse) I prefer Candice to return in the house. Not because she was wronged, bullied, or anything along the lines, but because she does not see the house those rose tinted glasses. Judd, bless his country soul, is clueless as the frogs he hunts while frog gigging. He will come back into the house targeting only 1/2 of the people who he should (Helen/Elissa) and embracing those who he should also target (Andy and Mcmanda). Jesse, poor thirsty attention craving jesse, is too easily influenced. She would have good intentions but would be bamboozled by “the house” (Amanda) and pursuaded into targeting noninfluential houseguests and then apologizing. Candice on the other hand, though as bat *hit crazy as she can sometimes be, is observant and now has zero loyalty to anyone remaining in the house and would be most likely to make thing interesting and would offer no apologies and “keep it real”. Plus, the looks on Aaryn, GM and maybe even Helen’s faces would be priceless!


Per Simon and/or Dawg…

“11:49pm Amanada, MC, Spencer, Elissa, Andy
Amanda and McCrae have taken over the HOH bed..”

From a psychological perspective this gives them the appearance of the de facto power structure in the house. Someone, anyone in that house needs to immediately seize the opportunity to change this dynamic soon. I wouldn’t allow Amanda and McCrae anywhere near that HOH bed if they were not the HOH winners, And during lockdowns on eviction days, I would ensure to plant my butt in that bed first and not allow them the opportunity to commandeer it.

But I don’t think these numbnuts even understand what is happening right in front of them; they all have relinquished their collective or individual rights to be in the HOH bed.


Unfortunately, they are all terrified on Amanduh and worried that if they told her HOH bed was off limits, she would immediately target them. Just wish someone in the house would grow a pair.

Amanda is a dude

Please tell me these people aren’t buying these final 3 alliances with just McRae and no Amanda. Helen is stupid. I don’t think Spencer really thinks the all boys allaince with McRae would hold, but je has no options. We need Helen to go next week and the rest to finally form a group to take out McRanda. Spencer, Elissa, a returning houseguest, GM vs. McRanda and maybe Aaryn and Andy. Of course this would require Spencer or Elissa to actually win something.


did have nots end early this week?


The Andy/Aaryn alliance is real. One of these 2 will win. Suck on it, haters!


Andy will turn on Aaryn. He has opportunity to evicted Aaryn!!!!!


I think Aaryn is pretty stupid that Amanda will easily turn on her and stick with Andy & McCrae.