Gina says I am going to marry Nick in Vegas! I hope he isn’t married already because I will have to kill the b***h!

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

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1:40pm Out in the backyard – Elissa is doing yoga. Meanwhile in the kitchen/bathroom – Gina, Spencer, Helen, Aaryn and Andy are talking about random things. Andy talks about his strategy to feed the fish my putting in small bits at a time to make sure they all get some. Andy says because some of the fish are a$$holes. Aaryn asks you are just figuring that out now. Andy walks away. Gina leaves the bathroom as well. Aaryn comments that Ginamarie clears the room with all her sh*tting and farting. Aaryn says so now we know who the racist one is..

1:50pm – 2:10pm Amanda and McCrae wake up. McCrae says if it didn’t make me look shaddy as f**k I would sit and whisper around them all day long. Meanwhile in the bathroom Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Jessie campaigns to Aaryn about she will throw the HOH and then volunteer to go up on the block next week. Aaryn says yeah that’s good or you could give someone your nominations if you won HOH. Jessie talks about how big of a threat Spencer is and how it will be hard to get him out. Aaryn leave to go to the storage room and tells Amanda that Jessie just told her that she will give her nominations to her/McCrae or Andy. Or that she will throw HOH. She said that she will also volunteer to go up on the block next week if she wins HOH. Amanda says it doesn’t matter she is going home this week no matter what. Aaryn brings up that McCrae is saying he would put me up on the block. She tells Amanda to tell McCrae to stop saying that. Amanda says no he was trying to get me to do that and I told him no because no one wants to. No one wants to be on the rotation of going up. Amanda says he said he had a master plan. Amanda says you are not going up. His plan was if any of us win HOH, we want Elissa to not use the veto because if she thinks Helen will go up she wouldn’t use it. So his plan is to make it sound like Helen isn’t the target. But this most likely won’t even happen. Amanda and Aayrn leave the storage room. Amanda tells McCrae in the kitchen that Aaryn is worried and nervous about going up. We need to think of a new plan.

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2:10pm – 2:40pm Out in the backyard – Amanda, Spencer, McCrae and Andy talk about movies. Meanwhile Helen and Jessie are cooking in the kitchen. Jessie asks Helen if she would like to play chess after lock down. Helen says sure anything to keep my mind off the game. Out in the backyard – They talk about hanging out in California after the finale. Amanda comments that she thinks the finale is on September 25th/26th. Elissa says they (production) said if you want to stay longer after the finale you have to pay for your new flight. They won’t pay to change it. They discuss going to Vegas. Amanda says hopefully Nick comes. Gina says I know I am going to marry that kid in Vegas! I love that kid. I hope he isn’t married already because I will have to kill the b*tch! Gina laughs. Amanda wonders if it will be weird to see him again. Gina says no. I’m sure my mom is already stalking him on facebook! Andy talks to Gina about wanting to meet Freddy. Gina tells him that Freddy has his LSD licence. (LOL WHAT?) Elissa says I wish we had kids here I want to dress them up. McCrae says you can dress me up. Amanda starts talking about fibromyalgia. Ginamarie tells her she though fibromyalgia was a type of milk. Amanda says ah no!


2:40pm – 2:55pm In the kitchen – Jessie hugs Helen. Helen asks her how she is doing? Jessie says that she is good and had fun last night. She then offers Helen her plan to stay were she will throw the HOH and volunteer to go up or offer up my nominations if I won HOH. Helen says that is interesting. I will think about it. Helen asks so there won’t be any more of the Jessie from the other day. Helen says someone took the nice Jessie out of the game and put that one in. Jessie says we are calling her “KILLER KOWALSKI” (Her full name is Jessie Kowalski) Jessie comments that Helen is older is able to more easily handle the stresses of the house. Helen talks to Jessie about how there are much bigger things to worry about like your child being molested by a neighbour. That is the type of stuff I worry about. Helen looks at the camera and says hopefully that never happens to anyone. Amanda says it happens, it happened to me by a family member, when I was 3 or 4. Helen says that’s horrible. Jessie says that’s aweful! Big Brother switches the feeds to the backyard conversation on the couch. Gina tells them all I will marry Nick, you’ll see! They continue to talk about movies. Gina says that the movie The 4th Kind is real. Andy says sorry to burst your bubble but that movie was represented to be real but was really fake.



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thiz bitch is crazy for nick


So….here we have GM, still in love…cross that out….still obsessed with Nick.

In Nick’s interviews outside of BB, he seems to be very neutral on the topic like her is flattered by how GM feels for her.

My guess…PR coaching. That boy is freaked out!


I’m sure he is wondering how he is going to break up with her when they weren’t even going out in the first place. In addition she has an eating disorder and is very unstable.

I wonder

Do u think nick gets a daily update with what she says about him .. Further do u think if he does he starts to strangely Like the attention .. Lmao … He grows to love his stalker … Or he is just of the favoring men variety and GM is literally barking up the wrong tree … Hahah :-D


Normally I would have forgotten about someone like Nick, so GM is keeping him relevant in a way. So instead of one minute of fame he may get all fifteen minutes.


Do you want to her a joke?……… Ginamarie


Wow just when I thought ginamarie couldn’t be any dumber… And not only that she said her mom has already started stalking nick for her? How awkward is finale night going to be for him? Hey Simon do they sign something requiring them to show up at the finale? Or can he not go if he doesn’t want to?

Weiner Texts Amanda

The longer I watch this show the more I think that David was the real winner by getting out of this house first.


unless Elissa wins HoH a.s.a.p i think poor Helen
will walk into an obvious & classic BB blindsiding…

the house wants it

You know if the “house” wants her to go, I am sure she will take it like a big girl. You know, they have to go with the house for every thing. I have been waiting for the moment for her to go on the block just so I can hear her say “you know, well if the “house” wants to vote me out I will cast the first vote, you know we have to go with the house” She is so full of dog poop!

GM is a crazy bitch

No problem there. I really want her to be evicted from the bb house.


Why are some bloggers’s names blue? I know that Simon and Dawg’s names are blue because they are the host of this site.

But other bloggers, I click on their names, thinking its a link to something, and its an error.

Whomever knows….please let me know….I’m curious.


just guessing…I think the blue ones have a website.


Have you seen my cam show?




Nick…I hope you have a restraining order ready…And a few Pit Bulls guarding your home just in case.


Is Gina originally Italian and her last name her stepfather’s? Anyone know?

Staten Island Resident

Gina Marie’s last name is Zimmerman. Her mother may be Italian by birth, but her father was not (Zimmerman). He may have been half Italian on his mother’s side, who knows. Her mother Donna is now married to Alfred (Freddy) Saracco.


LSD License? Can anyone clarify?

Btw, what are the chances of Spencer putting up Amanda and McCrae, apparently he is backing them now and I’m a bit sad. I would love to see if McManda would campaign against each other, really would be lovely to watch.


Janelle is a skank overrated – don’t love your username honey.


many people have been trying for decades to legalize and/or decriminalize “pot”
but any & all microdots of LSD blotter “acid” are not at all like marijuana in plant form.
ginamarie assumes all 3 letter clumpings of capital letters are gov’t agencies!!!

Dog Days

Maybe she meant SLD short for Specific Learning Disabilities. Having an SLD license qualifies teachers to provide specially designed instruction in reading, mathematics, written and oral expression, and listening comprehension for students with learning disabilities and learning disorders in grades K-12.


She means CDL (commercial driver’s license). She’s a smart one, that GM.


The mentally challenged stalker is talking about Like Sucking Di*k (LSD) license. She must have told Andy her friend Freddy is gay, so he wants to meet him.

Karen S

I am sure she means LCD license. Licensed Commercial Driver


Did she mean a cdl, commercial drivers license?

Janelle pov queen

Well in better news I been watching BB allstars will in boogie are so funny


Elissa is so dumb, she wants to dress up children? What? Does she treat them like dolls? A spoiled and delusional woman! Oh and dumb!!


Earlier on another post someone said Elissa was a prostitute and used to sell her body and she got pregnant. Is that true as it seems hard for me to trust that info.


I would certainly like to know where someone got that info.


Come on guys what is all this Elissa hating. Don’t you realize she needs the money so her and her husband can build their fifth home in Martha’s Vinyard. I just realize. BB 16 will be played in one of Elissa’s five homes and there can’t be any swearing and everyone must say, “I would never say that word” and everyone must say ” I love you Helen.” Allison, you have to search the country for 15 Stepford wives and Amanda’s brother and they will obey anything he sais. Scratch that idea, that’s already happening this year. Except Amanda is the husband and the rest of the cast in the house are the Stepford wives. I think Andy and McDouble make great Stepford wives.

I coulda rocked the House

GinaMarie is beyond just plain gross. I truly hope Elissa wins HOH It’s the ONLY way this season can be saved


3 more hours 2 go b4 the new heavily
edited BB episode airs on the East coast

i hope Jessie getz into 40% of the footage
and they remain true to her “true grit”


correction— 2 more hours to go!!!!
if only today was thursday!!! (sigh)


in slightly more than a full hour i will be seeing the
BB footage that has Jessie & her True Grit epiphany!
after tonite’s show i’ll count down the next 23 hours


even if there is no DOUBLE EVICTION or PANDORA’s BOX, at least
Thursday is live at times, we all may see Helen or Amanda do a total
pre~emptive strike on the other dear “superfriend” in a bold manner!
i might even pop up a bag of popcorn in the microwave. i am hopeful!

Dog Days

If there s a Pandora’s box, I hope whoever gets it has to decide which jury member comes back into the house. Even better if they get to send a HG of their choice to the jury in exchange.


It is known.


Watching Elissa do Yoga makes me want to do yoga….I am so joining a yoga class to get toned like that.

I hope her body is all real.

GM is a crazy bitch

Run Nick run. You better get a restraining order against this crazy bitch.


I hope Nick isn’t a pussy at the finale and calls Gina out for being a crazy bitch!


It’s official! Amanda is the most popular HG on BB15. Even if she is viewed as the most hated HG, she is still the most popular and most talked about HG. That is what Amanda wanted, to be most popular and she gets her wish.


If this is the fame she seeks than she needs to hire a new publicist or agent because the only entertainment job she has waiting for her has to do with a stripper pole. One that can hold her weight.

Amanda the hypocrite–


My only hope is that after the first 3 or 4 are evicted than two come back. Or if this box really appears and screws Mc/Ama. I don’t understand why the rest of the house isn’t banding together to get rid of the showmance? I will never understand why this season turned out the way it did. Maybe America / Fans should vote who should play the game. I want people who do a test to see if they are good in comps or know anything about BB. They should start with 20 people in the house and let us watch them for a couple of weeks and we vote who we want to watch play the game. I watched BBUK and I like how in the DR we are able to hear BB talk to the houseguest ….. it’s probably a little better than what US and CAN do.


I dont know if Ellissa might have a real challenge with thinking and behabior or if she’s just wildly inconsiderate. When Ellisa was telling Helen about all the houses she and her husband own and how fabulous her life is and how she is so disappointed in all the people playing big brother and how she hasn’t even been able to play her game.- I could see Helen literally biting her tongue.

Big Brother

I’m just hoping Spencer wins hoh and put up Amanda and Helen. If one of them win power of veto then put Andy or Mccrae as a replacement nominee.


How about BB having a 60s over next time?? I think they could show the 20 year olds a thing or two.. It just might not be as BORING!!


That won’t happen….most viewers want to see sexy young folks misbehave.

It’s a marketing technique. That’s why they look at ratings between the 18-49 demographics and advertisement is a huge factor as well.


They should certainly have some 60+ in there, just to balance out the stupidity and ignorance of this younger generation.


Does anyone know who got the power of veto? if used? Who’s on the block? Has anyone been voted out?


Andy won the PoV and didn’t use it. This info is posted at the top of the page, fyi

Butters Mom

I bet Nick comes to the finale. I know she is scary but he can handle it. She is the one that will need professional help standing by when he rejects her politely over and over again… and then has to escape…. THEN the light bulb might go off… GM will be searching around saying “has anyone seen Nick” and everyone will tell her he left… and she will freak out because he didnt say goodbye. Hopefully he has an unlisted phone number and didnt give her his address… or he has moved since then. She wont give up easily. She’s going to stalk him for a long long time.


Nick claims he is flattered by this psycho’s obsession with him, but soon he will be scared for his life, when he’s at home with a “sane” women, and GM shows up with a knife demanding his affection.


—>Gina says no. I’m sure my mom is already stalking him on facebook!=”See? I get it honest, my whole family is crazy.
—>Gina tells him that Freddy has his LSD licence…well, that explains a lot about her, she took LSD years ago & hasn’t come down yet….
—>Gina says I know I am going to marry that kid in Vegas! I love that kid. I hope he isn’t married already because I will have to kill the b*tch! =LSD kicks ass!
—>Amanda says he said he had a master plan….hmm, weren’t those the exact words Andy said to Jessie last week?
—>Elissa says they (production) said if you want to stay longer after the finale you have to pay for your new flight.= “I want to remind everyone I know production personally.”
—>Aaryn says so now we know who the racist one is..= production told me my PR people said I have to slip a comment like this is every chance I get.”


like this *in*, not is


Where is everyone’s loyalty? and what kind of hoh comp. will it be… mental, endurance or chance? I’m thinking possibly and endurance.

production please....

what they need to do is make the fans HOH… let us pick the nom’s… i have no problem getting blood on my hands…


Then say this is what the house (fans) want!


BB 16 should have all the previous winners back for a showdown! That would be a good season. Winners only though.


Fibromyalgia… a kind of milk??? LMAO… Bless her heart Gina is just completely lacking in education and social skills… WTF goes on on Staten Island???


I think it used to be a garbage dump for New York’s garbage. Maybe the fumes affected her brain, lots of methane.

Staten Island Resident

I think GM was thinking of Milk of Magnesia…


Yea I just LMAO when I read that! Wow! Just when I though she couldn’t get any stupider!


—>Helen talks to Jessie about how there are much bigger things to worry about like your child being molested by a neighbour. That is the type of stuff I worry about.= “I have to top Elissas remark about world hunger”
—>Helen looks at the camera and says hopefully that never happens to anyone.= “Hear me America! vote for me as Favorite Player AFTER I win this thing”

Helen kills me with her fakeness. She is never talking TO someone, everything out of her mouth is for the camera…I can’t wait to see her walk out that door on her way to jury… She is a poor actor I swear…


Poor Nick. Could care less if he is gay but am praying he is.
I am sure he has restraining orders in place or has let he city.

I can see all the remainder of guests leaving the house and being escorting into the looney bin!!


Amanda said she was molested by a family member now I truly understand why she act this way.


Probably not, it plays to the MVP vote.

give me a break

Amanda is full of sh*t…she is everything and all things to all people………she is just covering her flat period stain onion smelling ass…..she’s black, she’s puerto rican, she mentally challenge, she’s gay, …..she’s full of McPizza’s balls…..racists bitch…….


So she got molested by a family member when she was a kid, but she still felt OK with joking about “gang-raping” another HG? Gonna need a grain of salt with this one, same with the claim she made 2 weeks ago.


what an awful, awful thing to say about someone who may have been molested. even if you do not like the person, it makes you look like scum to say that. and to the person saying “oh she jokes about gang rape”, it was a joke, a bad one, with spencer and andy. but even ppl like howard joked about gang rape in the house (there’s a video of this). doesn’t make it acceptable, but why stoop lower than the person you are trying to attack? if you are a better person, there is no point making any comments about what happened when she was younger, whether you believe it or not.

Zavia's Grammy

Gina Marie probably meant CDL


You know, by all the comments GM makes about Nick it kind of reminds me of Jodi Arias. If I were Nick I’d disappear.


Gina is playing the part of an uneducated fool. It’s not easy to be that dumb.

Staten Island Resident

Re: GM playing a part because she couldn’t be so dumb – trust me, she is dumb. Very, very dumb.


During the “wedding” last night, Andy mentioned the “showmances” & brought up Aaryn & David & then talked about the McCrandas & I know GM had to be pi$$ed cause Andy didn’t say anything about her & Nick. I have to wonder if they did that on purpose. Leaving out her & Nick as a showmance set her off during the “talk show” they had. She is truly nuts.


I have not liked Jessie AT ALL until this week. If that girl can keep in the game I’m team Jessie to the end.

Elissa is so pretentious I find it annoying

I feel sorry for GM. Im a gay guy myself (so i say this with no bad intention) I do not know one single person personally that would even consider the thought of nick with GM. HE I GAY!! Hello………… So weird……

Jack Daniels

This season and the contestants baffle me. I do not understand how Aaryn and Andy don’t see that they will be the new Helen, the old Judd in a short few weeks. Yes they are faux aligned with McCranda but with those two, everyone is expendable. Helen will go next week, but after that Andy and Aaryn are the next biggest threats. They will be told they are pawns but soon enough the two McCranda votes will be enough to run the house. I think McCranda want to evict anyone who can beat them in final 2 or 3. Once Helen is gone, they will make Aaryn the target, after Aaryn, the target will secretly be Andy. McCranda ideally want to go to the final 4/5 with non threats such as Elissa, Spencer, and Gina Marie. These house guests this year are so foolish. They are scared to make a move out of fear of retaliation, when there is no one to retaliate. Also I do not want Judd back in the house. He will follow after McCranda. I think the big deal will be that he will be HOH and evicts America’s most hated in Aaryn & GM. I much rather Candice come back, atleast she knows that Amanda runs the house, and must be targeted. If Helen or Elissa go next week, I will be rooting for Amanda out of spite. I feel like if they get Helen out, I want the others to have the same fate. They have continued to all go with the “house” aka Amanda, and in the end she will deserve the win. I do not want the others especially Andy to think that he is an actual player. I want him blindsided like Helen, so he knows what a dumb decision he made. Who knows, production may fix the next HOH to ensure Helen or Elissa win to make the last few weeks a toss up. I hope to see Amanda & McCrae nominated together next week. I hope whoever wins states in their nomination speech “Its what the house wanted”. Now that would be a great episode!!


Hi Simon where is my post? Why did Jessie hugs Helen because Helen misses her chilldren and thinking of her Dad who has Cancer and in the second stage of Chemo. I can sympathize with her as I just lost my husband to Cancer.


Dunno I wasn’t watching the feeds just started a hour ago. Ask dawg I believe that was his update.


Jessie isn’t going to be evicted!! She WILL stay :)


Gina Marie reminds me of Alexandra Forrest in Fatal Attraction…NICK NEEDS TO RUN!!!!!!!


simon who do you think win hoh tommorow


No Idea.. Helen needs to win it to have a chance of making it to the end. Her side of the house is the weakest. The 3am alliance is in a very good spot and heave gotten a bit cocky.


GM has some serious issues, she can’t read or write, she’s anorexic and bulimic, mentally disabled, unemployed, can’t forget a racist and last but not least a stalker! Nick and Candice and maybe Aaryn is in real trouble. She is self destructing before our eyes. Karma is a bitch


Gina is so vile. She farts and stinks up the house, picks at her pimples (not just the ones on her face), curses worst than any truck driver, has a vocabulary equivalent to a four-legded animal (don’t mean to insult your household pets), knows sexual position than humans don’t part take, brags about her ‘cupcake’ piercings, and puts out like a busted old gumball machine.
Am glad this unemployable turd has a basement to live in when she exits this house.

Plain white trash.

Probably GinaMarie

One of the girls reported to Andy that someone took a dump and didn’t flush it. It has to be GinaMaire. It was probably the size of a watermelon and wouldn’t flush. Andy finally got it to the sewerage plant.

we be minutes away from CBS's heavily edited hour

I’m looking at Jeopardy ending…
in about three minutes i am to
scan the CBS edit job for signs of
the ” nuclear strike” in the wings
Helen or Elissa needs in order
to have a legitimate BB game and
not an excruciating farce of the same


simon if this show is rig for amanda how do you think the fans will treat her as a fan or a cheater


say dawg who do you think win hoh tommorow i hope elssia if amanda do win the game that dont mean mcrea should be by her in the final 2


Is it me or does Jessie look Latina?


I’ve been thinking the same thing.


She could be mixed.