“Mark is like Ratatouille right now.. there’s no cheese for you right now buddy you made your bed”

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3:39pm HOH Josh
Josh – being HOH this week has made everything really clear
Josh – I’ve always known that Christmas and Paul are my ride or dies in this game.. Paul is annoyed with Christmas and Christmas knows that Paul is playing a great game.
Josh – A lot of people are showing me their cards, stepping back and seeing it puts a lot into perspective..
Josh – If Whisltenut, Kevin and Alex are forming a relationship with Cody how is that protecting me and Paul… and Christmas
Josh – Cody is gunning for Paul he’s going to backdoor Paul.. and he’s gunning for me.. and he’s gunning for Christmas.. forming a relationship with him how is that benefiting me..

Josh points out that Mark, Jason, Alex are getting really close and Mark wants him out of this game, “because I blew up his game.. how are they looking out for me.. ”
Josh says his six is Jason, Paul, Xmas, Alex, Kevin

Josh – Paul, Me and Christmas are locked in.. no matter what I will go to war for him and I hope he does the same for him..
Josh – raven and Matt I Know they want Paul out they are getting annoyed with Paul and Paul is getting annoyed with them.
JOsh says he knows Jason and Mark have something going on.
Josh – why would Mark pick Alex to play the veto.. alex threw the veto for him.. I’m going to play the fool.. I’m going to play like I don’t see anything..
JOsh says he’s solid with their 6, “I hope Jason realizes that Mark is going to be disloyal to them.. Mark is like a Ratatouille right now.. there’s no cheese for you right now buddy you made your bed”

Josh – now they want to work with him..

Josh freaking out because Jason is playing Chess with Mark and having a conversations..
“Jason what the f* are you doing.. just now that I see everything and everything is noted noted noted..
Mark you are black and white for me.. Elena you are black and white.. Matt and Raven your done..

Jason is playing with fire right now.. look at this they are having a full blown conversation..

3:43pm Mark and Jason Chess
Jason – I want to put Christmas and Matt up
Jason – we’ll say we’ll pull somebody off put Cody up
Jason – I’m hoping if I win it (HOH) and Paul/Alex lose that safety thing we can guarantee the Veto, Hopefully Cody doesn’t get picked
Jason – I thought Cody was going to be OK to work with after Jessica left but then he freaked out again.. what the f*
Mark saying that Josh keeps egging Cody on “That’s what I told Paul.. you guys are looking at it from a outside perspective”
Jason – you can take only so much of that bullshit..
Jason – they were egging JOsh on like Ohh I can’t believe he said those thing .. he was f*ing Bawling.. and I told him they are putting that into his head.. your instigating it.. ”

Jason – you can only take so much of that bullshit..

Mark – how do you and Alex feel about Paul
Jason – I think he has good interests in mind .. his mind is sharp as a tack.. and he’s helping everybody and so I know what that means.. he literally helps everyone which makes me think he thinks he’s totally going to win everyone in the Jury will vote for him.

Jason – there’s so many f*ing people in here
Jason – he’s (Paul) everybody’s buddy, they’re all going to vote for him

Mark – there’s only 1 vet in the house and he’s going to tell everybody what to do
Mark – the way he called me out yesterday was bullshit
Jason – it was.. I felt like you handled it OK
Mark – he’s a very intelligent man.. he knows everything is game.. for him to put me on the spot like that was complete bullsh1t
Jason – I think it was too.. Seriously I was like WHAT

Mark – you Alex, and Kevin you guys control the votes here.. I don’t know how Kevin feels about Paul.
Mark – does everybody hate Cody that much? because all I hear is how much Christmas and Paul hate Cody

Jason – Paul is threatened by him because he doesn’t listen. (Bingo)
Mark – everybody is following Paul in this game
Jason – they have since the beginning .. I have.. I wasn’t in the beginning
Mark says once they take Paul out all those people downstairs will have no where to go “They will be like lost puppies.. all they do is look at him and follow him”
Mark – You take that out the game gets a lot easier
Mark – once they are separated we can pick them off
Jason – how will you do that you’ll have to b@ck door that mother f*er
Jason – he was on the block the whole time last year.. they never got his a$$ out
Jason – how will you beat that mother f*er
Mark – nobody knows everything
Mark – this stays between me and you
Mark – If I would to win HOH and Cody Safety Paul’s going on the block and if he doesn’t get off the block all yo need is 4 votes to get rid of him.
Mark – You, Alex, Cody, Elena .
Mark – then it’s me, you, Alex locked in.. Cody is still here, Christmas, Josh, Matt and Raven are just like little puppies down there. (Xmas would take over the group, Matt and Raven would bounce it we f*ing awesome)
Mark – they have no chance.. you and Alex will be the strongest competitors left in this game.
Mark – if we save Cody he has our back..
Jason – I want to get that son of a b1tch out as soon as possible
mark – I know if he wins safety..
Jason – that would switch it up Big Time.
Mark – this game is going down like last year.. Paul is going to skate f*ing through nobody wants to upset him..
mark – it’s not Nominations, It’s arguments.. everyone takes his side it’s pathetic whatever he says GO

4:05pm Mark is inspecting some of the safety deposit boxes.

4:05pm Paul and Josh APSR
Josh says it’s been clear to him that people are playing their own game and that Paul has his back..
Josh – I want yo to know I have your back no matter what
paul – I know that dog
Josh – there’s people targeting us and you’re being cool with them
Paul – you have to..
Josh – I feel good with our 6..
Paul you can’t sleep on those because of they shoot back you have to be able to control it .. you can’t treat everybody as a enemy or they will treat you like an enemy
Paul warns him about Christmas she talks, “She has our back.. ”

4:21pm HOH Josh, Jason and Alex
Josh – whats the deal with Mark
Alex – I don’t trust him..
Jason – what do you mean..
Alex – here it is.. we need to coddle him as much as possible, bring him in because if he starts to taking shots next week we don’t want him to send you home.
Josh – OK
Jason – why do you ask that question
Josh – because… 1 I don’t trust him
Jason – that’s a good idea
Josh – he’s extremely disloyal.. he turned on Cody his closest friend he’ll turn on anybody in this house.
Alex snaps her fingers – You two, this is what it is, Numbers are starting to stack up against.. Jessica is getting out of this house on Thursday
Alex – in the house the alliance could be, Cody, Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven.. so you be as nice as possible to mark.
Alex – Bring him in throw him some false clues.. we don’t want Mark to win HOH if he wins HOH he’s throwing you (Josh) up and one of us up as a pawn.
Josh mentions how he’s hearing that mark is going around saying that Josh provoked Cody.
Jason – Who cares
Alex – don’t worry we already called him out for that.. he freaked out it’s fine..

4:40pm Paul, Xmas, Jason and Kevin
They’re in the APSR (Asutin powers s$x room)
Paul talking about how they need somebody to throw the temptation, “I’ll do it”
Jason and Kevin in the background joking around.

5:50pm Raven doing Matt’s makeup

matt – oh my god Raven I look like a circus clown

(He lost a bet with her)

Kevin – he looks like Raven..
They got another sounds it was cats fighting.
jason says it sounds like cats f*ing
Kevin says it sounds like alley cats fighting..

6:05pm Most the housegeusts are doing one of these three things
a) playing grab a$$
b) Studying the sounds..
c) Playing chess

7:33pm Feeds have been down for awhile.

8:20pm Feeds back it was the half way party. They got got to eat but no Alcohol.

8:23pm Josh, Raven and matt HOH
Josh – what are you guys doing..
Raven – Studying..
Josh asks them to leave he needs to talk to Christmas.. tells them he;’s really aggravated about mark.

8:27pm Josh and Xmas HOH (Kevin in the shower)
Josh is pissed at matt and Raven. “they’re in here 24/7”
Xmas – that is why I told you to lock your door.
JOsh – so f*ing annoying.. I was doing a bubble bath he was working out she was doing her hair.. go downstairs..
Josh – I walk into my room and they’re talking game.. they shut up..
Josh says they said “Something Christmas”
Josh – I want to be by myself for a hour.. go work out downstairs.. Matt and Raven are annoying the f* outta me
Xmas – everyone see it you can’t complain about it.. we have higher level targets than Matt and Raven.

Xmas warns them that Matt will try to team up with Cody later on.
Xmas- Raven, Cody, Mark and Elena.. that’s 5 right there that’s a f*ing concern.

Kevin comes out of the shower..
Xmas – seriously they’re (raven and Matt) bad..
Josh – Matt is acting sketchy as f*
Cmas – he’s doing what Mark did playing both sides of the house.. trying to..

Josh says Raven told him she’s willing to go on the block and as soon as he put her up she said to him “You owe me”
Josh says Matt is smart.
Kevin disagrees..
Kevin – he’s a calculating recluse.. he’s chasing around a 23 years old like a fool

Xmas warns them that Matt is going to start playing a different game now that he’s in Jury, “All he wanted to do was make it to jury”
Kevin – get him out first then..
Xmas – then we have Cody in the house
Kevin says he guarantees if Cody wins he is not going to put up Paul and Christmas
Xmas doesn’t believe him, they make a bet.
Josh – who’s going up
Kevin – 2 of the 4 showmances
Xmas – backdoor me and Paul..
Kevin – there’s only 7 voters 5 of them are us..
Kevin leaves..

Josh tells him he’s walked in on Jason and mark having conversations.
Josh – Jason’s demeanor is changing with me
Xmas – Jason does not play pretend well
Josh – I see him bonding with mark
Josh – Jason and Mark were playing chess and they didn’t touch one single piece.
Josh – literally a hour..

8:55pm Josh is telling Christmas that their 6 can steam roll the house. Xmas warns him that 6 is a big group with a lot of smaller groups inside it.

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203 thoughts on ““Mark is like Ratatouille right now.. there’s no cheese for you right now buddy you made your bed”

        1. Is anyone excited as me to see what our favorite HG is gonna wear Thursday night??? She promises to knock Matt’s socks off lolololol! Bet his socks are orange or blue lolololol ! We get to hear Raven talk about her disease awareness and how important donations will be! Everybody get PayPal ready and lets set a record amount!

          1. I hope ur not being sarcastic because I donated to Raven’s gofundme and it was the best feeling ever. Raven’s family followed me on Instagram and Twitter from her official accounts. I started crying when I got followed, it was a blessing from Jesus. I luv Raven so much! #Pacerpower

      1. So sick of people who think god or jesus gives a fuck if they win big brother. I’m sure there are plenty of other events happening in the world these days.

        1. Shame and repent! You never say the Lord’s name in the same sentence as that filthy demon talk! It’s heartbreaking enough to see poor Raven subjected to that filth talk day after day!

          1. you obviously haven’t heard the crap that comes out of Raven’s mouth on feeds or seen her undercover activities . Disgusting little tart.

    1. Stacy, haven’t you done enough damage already? Look at your daughter, she putting on weight, skin has color. No more lies Stacy and pull down the go fund me.

      1. She also hasn’t thrown up multiple times a day and seems to eat anything nd everything she can shove in her mouth.

        1. I think Stacy is one of those mothers who tells the kid they are sick so they don’t leave. Always dependent on their mother,happens when the husband leaves and wants nothing to do with the mother. She’s been brainwashing Raven her entire life, home school to avoid society. Example is when Raven stated her no her mother were in Mensa! Come on.

    1. I disagree, Josh is actually locked in with watching everyone around him! Paul and Christmas really are his closet allies in the game. He is spot on about Mark and Jason getting closer and talking mad game with each other. He is spot on with Elena using her body and looks to flip flop between both sides! He is spot on with how Jason is acting towards him now…. Paul will bring Josh to thee end because he knows No one in the jury will give Josh the half a mill over him…. Josh will listen to Alex and Jason and Kevin but deep down he doesn’t trust those guys…. Josh will go far in this game mark my words!!! The MEATBALL IS GETTING BETTER AT THIS GAME EACH WEEK….. I LIKE TO ROOT FOR THER UNDERDOGS

      1. It’s kind of surprising, but I think you’re right. He did have Elena 100% pegged, now Jason and Mark. I think he just went about the explaining his reservations about Elena the wrong way. I still think it’s in their best interest to split up Cody and Jessica this week. They are the most dangerous pair in the game.

        It’ll be funny if Paul and Christmas don’t listen to josh and Mark takes them out though.

        1. Yea the know it alps didn’t take the time out to listen to the MEATBALL ABOUT MARK!!! He told them weeks ago that Mark is a flip flipper when he dumped CODY SO FAST THEN WENT BACK TO HIM WHEN JESSICA WAS IN POWER!!! Josh is not being given credit for his game play or intuition!

      1. surely they meant mark is the first of the minions to get that paul is playing all of them – duh cody knew it since he put paul up that first week

    1. A Light bulb went on over Jason’s head during the conversation with Mark. Let’s hope he can keep his pie hole shut. He usually runs to Paul and Alex and spills the beans. I hope he starts playing his own game. Mark sees the true reality of what’s going on in the house . I sure hope Cody or Mark win HOH. Then maybe the BB game can be played and smack Paul down a peg (or two)

    1. Get ready for isolation Mark! Paul will make sure to tell the house not to talk to you and they will all listen like good little mindless zombies because they just want to be validated.

      1. Kevin and Jason are actually the only two people in the house who talk to whoever they want. Maybe not sincere at times but they don’t participate in the bulling bullshit.

        1. Mark is the only one that has seen the light. I do not believe he has been whining and complaining. He has flipped but whining and complaining would go to Josh!

    1. jason is smart for listening to mark…im so happy he might be breaking loose bc alex is lost in the mist and thinks she’s so smart…alex needs to go…jason needs to help her

  1. Seems like Josh finally woke up and started seeing things clearer.. in regards to some house members.. highly doubt mark the wimp will win hoh so for now at least he shouldn’t be concerned about who Mark will put up

    1. Do you? The word you were looking for is faculties; definition number 1: “an inherent mental or physical power.” So go back to your coloring book, sit in the corner and eat your Graham cracker.

      1. Both work in this instance. i.e. Lacking talent, (mental sharpness) Never heard it said that way though. No need to reply. Just passing thru.

  2. I think this goes back to the week Dominique went home. Paul was telling Mark, Alex and Jason want you on the block and Jason was telling Mark Paul wants Mark on the block. Mark realized at that moment Paul was controlling the game on all sides but I think he just decided to ignore it because he realized he was on shaky ground. I love him for waking up but I think he has the wrong people. Alex is the biggest sheep of all and Elena doesn’t care about Paul using her. Telling Matt and Raven hey don’t you realize showmances are going and you’re the last one or that the first step to being isolated is being used as a pawn (Mark and Elena). It’s a pattern wake up people. God Maven are so unlikable nobody wants to use them.

  3. Mark figuring it out and Alex and Jason are becoming bigger disappointments. It would be one thing if they went along with Paul to his face and then schemed behind his back but they are straight up followers. Mark speaking truth about Paul, Jason agrees the. Goes right back to following Alex’s dumb a$$! Who is left to pull for in this game?

  4. This show could have went way differently. I feel like that the people that are gone should be in the house and the people that we are stuck with should be picking up the pieces somewhere

    1. Week 1 – Pawn went home (Paul’s target)
      Week 2 – Paul’s Target went home
      Week 3 – Paul’s Target went home
      Week 4 – Pawn went home (Paul’s target)
      Week 5 – Appears as if Paul’s target is going home

      See a pattern there? Even if Paul wasn’t safe in week 1, I bet he still would have managed to stay. This cast is just really, really, really, really, really, really unable to think for themselves. Terrible format this season. I hope they learn a lesson from this debacle.

      1. My son Paul is doing great! He has managed to send home all of those unfaithful Paulism so far. I wonder which of Paul’s devout followers will be the first martyr for their great leader. Their family shall be happy to see their great sacrifice for Paulism and it’s teachings. They will be rewarded with showers of jury money and the opportunity to reaffirm their faith to Paul with their final vote. Praise be to Paul!

    2. this is true. if it wasn’t for that idiot 3 week immunity given to me the midget the game would different.

    3. You are exactly what is wrong with the world
      I guess La la land deserved best picture
      The Indians really won the world series and we should be all be governed by some other nation that really won a major war some time in history
      The game is the game stop being such a sore loser

    1. I wish these blind sheep would wake up and vote out Raven this week and finally start the Big Brother season. I’m so over them vilifying Cody and Jess and making Paul some kind of king. And if I hear Raven yell Matthew in that screechy phony accent one more time, I’m gonna puke.

  5. Seems like Jessica & Xmas got something in common, both wasted their powers for someone else instead of keeping it for themselves to use later when it was needed for their game. LOL

      1. Why should meatballs get such a BAD rap…especially considering who threw them under the bus(Josh)? After all, meatballs just want to please everybody (barbeque, Swedish, spicy, spaghetti and, etc.)

    1. Don’t forget.. Jess was on the block when she used the power so it saved her, too. Christmas should have kept the power when it would help her game.

      1. I agree, but she didn’t do it to save herself she did it to save Cody, when she should’ve listen to him & let them vote him out & save it for herself to use later in the game, she chose not to. I wanted her to go the long haul with Paul then take him out when he least expected it.. I guarantee Cody fumbles.

        1. They were still going to vote her out last week so if she had not used it she would not be here this week to use it.

          1. No. Cody was the target unless she decided to use the hex. They all agreed if she used it, she would then become the target. Initially they wanted to get Cody out though.

      2. But when she was on the bluck with Cody she still would have been safe . They wanted Cody out not her. She would be going to jury not Cody if she had saved temptation till this week.

    2. I wouldn’t say jessica wasted hers. Even if she hadn’t used it, they were gonna vote her out over Cody anyways. That was the way the bearded one said it would go and the rest of the followers said “yes your highness”. Bunch of wimps!

  6. While watching tonight, I can’t take it anymore. I decided to DVR the rest of the season so I can fast forward Paul’s extremely annoying DR sessions.

    1. I haven’t watched the last two episodes and won’t watch tomorrow night. I read the updates every couple days but even now I am drifting further from that. I have no real interest in watching the Paul show for the rest of the season. Once Cody is gone, they will all willingly do as their leader says until Paul is in the final and wins. Boring… and can’t look at him anymore.

      1. Wrong. Once Cody is gone, they will no longer have a unanimous target and separations will begin to develop.
        Jessica’s hex only halted this season from going into hyperdrive.
        I can already guarantee that Mark wins the HOH the week after Cody is gone because production knows it will cause a split right down the middle of the house.

      1. Ummm, rude and racist much? There are plenty of stupid things that Paul does as a person to complain about, no need to throw shade at all Armanians just because Paul sucks as a human being.

      2. As an Armenian, I personally take offense to your comment!! One person does not represent an entire ethnicity! Your comment is disgusting and racist. Grow up. I am not even a Paul fan. U crossed the line. Armenians are not represented by paul or the kardashians!!

        1. Armenians are not represented by Paul, the Kardashians, or the gold chain wearing, purple shirt unbuttoned so the chest hair can stick out, over cologne wearing, slicked back hair tools that drive $80k cars but live in mommys basement.

          Come on, I just described your boys!

          1. You are evil! My boys?!? What boys?!? Sure doesnt describe myself or my family. Lol!!! You just proved who you really are. Racist douche! Piece of sh*t. Have fun being a rude jealous close minded a**hole.

  7. Watching tonight, I decided I can’t take it anymore. I will DVR the rest of the season so I can fast forward Paul’s Extremely annoying DR sessions.

    1. he is SO loud and animated (shaking his head side to side for example) in DR i tested it and normally the others are normal at 9-10 volume on my DVR/TV but when he is on I have to lower the volume to 4-5. it’s unreal and he fucking sucks

    2. I can’t watch anymore either. I literally flipped through anytime Paul talked. I won’t watch until/if/when he leaves. It’s boring and infuriating to watch how dumb these people are! Cody and Jessica were the only ones playing Big Brother. I’ve watched for years. This is the most boring even though they tried to shake it up! Let America vote next year!

  8. After watching the aired episode of BB tonight I’m really puzzled. How the heck was Xmas able to use her replacement (she replaces someone playing in Veto comp), yet when the game began, they told her that she had to sit out due to her injury… WTH kind of BS was that? Am I the only one who sees this as riduculousy unfair? She should have only been able to use it if she could actually PLAY that Veto.

    1. The Ring of Replacement gave her the right to replace anyone whose name is randomly drawn from the POV bag.
      There is no requirement that she actually participate in the competition. The difference is that, in this particular case, she knew she would be medically disqualified from participating. Had she been fully operational, she would have played the game to win, just to prevent any changes in the nominations. But because of her injury, her only option was to eliminate an able-bodied player (Cody) who would have definitely had a shot at saving Jessica.

    2. IT wasnt’ a ‘conditional’ power, and it wasn’t a ‘only if she can play in it’ power. the only stipulation of the power was that she could replace one of the picked pov players. full stop. she replaced one of the picked pov players.

      the fact her injury meant she wouldn’t be eligible to play in this particular veto is irrelevant. it could just have easily been any POV, any of which she was eligible to play in. it never said that she could not use it if the doctor didn’t clear her. after all, the power could have gone to anyone, and went to her pre injury

  9. Jessica and Cody got a great edit in tonight’s episode. Hopefully her true colors are shown early in tomorrow’s episode (unprovoked she said, “Josh can you spell drought?”, and essentially started another fight).

    Cody, if you’re a fighter in this game, howcome your social game is 0 out of 10? Instead of holing yourself up in a room staring at Jessica, why didn’t you two craft a plan to at least try to stay in this game?

    1. Too bad they didn’t show how incensed Xmas and Josh were that Mark actually used his POV. Xmas got on my last nerve with the “if he uses it, that’s proof he’s still working with Cody”. She sounds like a broken record.

    2. Josh asked Jessica if she knows how to spell evicted. Jess tried to tell josh this was not the day to start and to leave her alone. The meatball just keeps going and going. Cody was quiet for quite a while until Josh then came at him too.
      How could you people not see that josh has been the antagonizer every time. Everybody is attacking Cody for getting personal and saying if he tried that outside of the house he’d take him on. How is that so horrible. Josh stood there and called Cody a moron, a jerk, no personality, look at your face etc. etc.
      They’re all acting like nobody calls anybody names, especially the hypocrite Paul who want to make Cody Snap. Every single one of them has called others names especially Paul. He calls them morons, idiots etc.
      The only difference is Cody and Hess so it to their face.
      I think Cody has shown great restraint considering the crap that’s been done to them.
      Paul is intimidated by Cody.

      1. Paul is not intimidated, Paul is a bully who sees someone who is at a disadvantage and so is tormenting them. If Paul was intimidated he would either try to get Cody on his side or steer clear of him like he does all of the much taller, physically fit men in the house.

    3. How is Cody’s social game any worse then Raven and Matt’s? He isn’t the only person in that house hiding from the game. Blame it on production keeping way too many people in that house for way too long. At some point you either just find a way to hide for the sake of your sanity or pack mentality takes over, like it did for poor dumb Alex.

  10. Since CBS didnt show the military attacks last week, im glad they showed them in a good light and showed the minions as the trash they are. Can matt keep his freaking tongue in his mouth…gross guy

      1. There weren’t any military attacks. Some of the house quests were wondering if Cody actually served in the military because this is a game where people lie about their occupations on a consistent basis. Jody fans got themselves all worked up because they think it’s disrespectful to question a vet’s service. Which may be true in the real world but not in a house where people lie and you can’t just google someone’s record.

        1. So that’s why so many on here were so bent out of shape? Some people were really blowing that one out of proportion and getting quite hysterical about it. Thank you for this explanation. You really are the Voice of Reason.

  11. Mark needs to convince Jason to get Alex to flip the house against Paul who is misting the whole house. If mark, Alex, Jason, Cody, and Kevin vote to evict raven… then a supergroup of Jody, marlena (who can go back to openly showmancing without threat), alex, jason, and Kevin can form against Paul, Christmas, Matt and josh. 7 against 4 and a good chance to toss Paul who should be considered a threat to everyone.

    1. Unfortunately Mark has very little influence over anything. While that would make things interesting I don’t think anyone of these people would be brave enough to go against Paul.

    2. Good luck on that one!! Jason is Paul’s die hard minion; Period! ( he even said it to Mark…only didn’t call himself a minion. lol )
      Misting? Paul couldn’t mist anything; they are just idiots! Period! Now, Dan knew how to mist. :-)

  12. Josh wouldn’t have a true perspective of this game if Paul handed him the script and showed him how it’s going to end!

    1. I think josh is smarter than he let’s on. If I was in a game I would use that tool and act like I didn’t know what was going on. I think that would be an intelligent move who wants to really keep people around that can beat you and knows how to play the game. I wouldn’t. He seen Mark and Jason in deep conversation while playing chess and knew that could be a possible team up for a different game play other than the one that’s been being played. Just a gut feeling about Josh but I willing to say he understands more than he lets on. Will be watching just to find out.

    2. Oh Dear Paul put me up next… me me me I want to go up.. please Paul put big brave me up next.. I’m going to jury yaaay Thanks Paul.. you’re the best ever Paul. Muah Love Matt and Raven

  13. Anyone else catch the Raven normal Wednesday night on the live feeds on how she would spend a day dancing at her studio teaching then work on next years routine & the head out to Little Rock to party into the night. Yeppers sounds exactly like someone that is terminal.

  14. Ahem…. As I was saying, Josh still doesn’t get it. What does he think will happen if he continues to “protect” Paul?
    Oh, and when he started his reign as HOH, he was absolutely resolute in his desire to be rid of Elena. He was going to go off [Paul’s] script and run his own HOH, in his own way. I previously suggested we forget about Josh’s HOH because it was really nothing more than a continuation of Paul’s HOH. I stand by that supposition. What follows is my evidence:
    When Josh and Christmas were deciding whether Christmas should use her Replacement Ring, sure, they discussed it and decided it would be smarter to save it for later. But then, their “programming” kicked in. And what did they decide? “Let’s go see how Paul feels about it.”
    Paul, of course, having already figured out that it is better for HIS game to “flush it out now” rather than wait for it to be used against him, quite naturally nixed their idea. They couldn’t even make the simplest decision without waking the sleeping beast for a consult. PERMISSION DENIED, YOU DUMMIES!!
    You held the final advantage of Production’s game and went against your own best interests!!! Why??? BECAUSE PAUL SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You know what is weird Matt and Raven mostly just have fun with each other. They truly make each other happy, I think they are the only couple I can see staying a couple afterwards. My only reason for getting them out is, it’s hard to have an alliance with two people who don’t have their head in the game… get rid of Raven and you get a game focussed Matt and I do not think they really want that. I watched him throw comp after comp I think he could have won. He is smart and athletic, with a good social game if he was focussed on the game… that could be deadly, I wish he would start playing the game.

    Everybody is talking about Paul misting them…. I don’t think Paul actually does that much misting. A situation started to develop with the aftermath of Cody’s moronic first HoH, that has created situations that just fall into Paul’s favor… otherwise I think Paul would be out by now. Last year the thing that kept Paul safe was there was always a bigger dumber target… at the end Viktor and the couples.

    This year it comes down to moronic game play. Cody became enemy #1 because he made himself enemy #1. Jess had a truly bad HoH with terrible strategy…. If you want Josh out do some simple math. You know Jason is safe. You should know if Josh is your target don’t put Ramses up as a pawn, because you know the house was mad at him for almost keeping Cody safe by almost winning the PoV… why would Jess know that?… they told her by how they treated Ramses… actually I think somebody actually told her. Strangely enough Ramses was a Jody # but they got rid of him by being stupid. She should have put up Paul, no matter what Paul or Josh go’s home… it is easy.

    Wake up Josh you can never work with Jody, get Jess out. I think once Cody is out you will discover Paul’s days of power is over and there will be no mist… if they get Raven out and Matt starts really playing… we might start seeing some things change around the house.

  16. I think Josh’s intuition is good when he sees mark and Jason having a deep conversation while playing chess. Because, Mark is talking to Jason about Paul and how they need to get him out. Some people can act stupid and fool you into believing that don’t know anything. I was use that as tool especially if I could get away with it to win a game.

    1. I don’t agree, only because of the other 50 times he’s seen people talking and stated “they 110% are working together) and they are not. He thinks Matt and Raven are teaming up with Jessica & Cody. He wants Elena out because he has the hots for her. He thinks Paul, Kevin, Alex and Jason are his friends. He goes from zero to 100 at Paul’s command when it really was not a big deal (over and over again).

  17. In case you have lost track of just how truly dim is Cody’s light bulb:

    After all the sacrifices made (however stupidly by Jessica) in the name of saving his bacon, Cody declares: “I don’t even care if I win, as long as THEY don’t!”

    For THIS, Jessica gave up $500K???? About the smartest thing he has said to her is, “I’m lost in this house without you.” So true, so true… No learning curve, no personal growth, no new insights into human nature, and no clue as to how to play Big Brother.

        1. @Anonymous. What I meant was that it is an insult and shows a lack of grace for him to say he doesn’t even care if he wins. He SHOULD care. It OUGHT to matter to him that there was one person in this whole game who was willing to fall on her sword so that he would have a chance.
          After all of the mistakes he has made, and all of the really bad advice he has dished out, only to be rescued, yet again, he DOES NOT get to feel sorry for himself. He owes it to Jessica to CARE. It doesn’t matter if he meant Paul, or Christmas, or Josh, or whomever… He should be playing to win!

    1. Completely agree.
      Cody has ZERO strategy. You’d think as a soldier/sniper/military man you’d have more skills in maneuvering your way around and adapting.

      Zero. None.

      He’d be front line fodder to the thinkers back in base.

    2. Jessica did not give up her game for cody. Jessica and Cody had a snowball chance in hell of winning this game after they didn’t fall in line like good little soldiers with paul.

      1. Without Cody for that week the targets changed to Dom, Ramses, Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven…. Jessica was improving she was not a blip on anyones radar without Cody. She could have coasted to jury… because of fracture between Alex, Jason, Kevin, Paul and Christmas was forming (Cody hate is really a way to bring people together). Honestly without Cody…. Jess was in a totally sweet place that could have led her to final two spot. Cody seriously F’ed her game. The worst part is he does not make her happy. When he is around her eyes look dead or sad…. when he is away she sparkles.

        1. Agree! She was on the block next to Dom and laid low and watched Dom blow up. She even told Cody when he came back she was working her way back in. But he killed her social game. He brings out the ugly in her. If she would have kept her mouth shut this week, she possibly could have gotten a tie and Josh would have taken Elena out. But Cody and Jess killed their game.

  18. Like it or not Paul is playing a great game..Cody started his shit with Paul when he was HOH and Paul tried to talk to him and Cody kept brushing his teeth instead of responding to Paul at all…Cody has 0 social game and Jess hangs with a whole different type of crowd outside the house and he won’t fit so Thursday should be the end of Jody

      1. No, the alliance liked Paul and some got bracelets…not a Cody. They were already following. Julian would have still gone home.

      2. You have to have the votes to actually send someone home. Just because Cody nominated him doesn’t mean he would’ve gone. Judging by everyone’s response, I doubt they would’ve voted him out even if he didn’t have safety that week. They all viewed Cody as a bad guy for turning against the group they formed to begin with.

    1. I can not believe how Alex and Xmas want from the Top to the Bottom like that. Now I understand how she went off on Megan week 1. That showed how stupid and dumb she is and she has not clue in how to play this game.

    2. agree and those lame cat ears = cringe.


  19. The best part of the season of seeing all the triggered people on these message boards. You guys all hate Paul because he’s playing a great game isn’t the point to get what you want until you get to the end? You guys are faulting him because he has people doing his bidding? If you were at trie BB fan you would admit that he is playing a phenomenal game

    1. Paul is dislikes not because he’s playing a good game but, because he’s a jerk. I remember him saying something in the beginning of the season about how things weren’t going so great in his personal life. He came on the show to take a break from reality. So maybe, He isn’t able to manipulate people as well as he can in the game.

    2. we hate him because he is a spastic psycho who acts like he would kill his mom to win the game. his PERSONALITY is unlikable. HTH

    3. Couldn’t agree more, so many on this site are watching the same way Cody and Jessica are playing, with their emotions, instead of strategy. Jessica says tonight, I don’t know what to do, after she lost the Veto, Um, how about you start playing the BB Game, instead of thinking your on a dating show, and Cody saying he’s sick of idiots saying it’s just a game. Could he be anymore delusional, it IS just a game, but his angry issues are to overcoming for him to see clearly. Will be much better game when those two are gone.

    4. Lets play poker and have the “house” deal me 4 aces, would you raise or fold?
      Playing with house money is easy

    5. I don’t think anyone would disagree that he’s playing the hell out of this game. I hate that he lectured Mark on people using demeaning words like “fat ass” and “fat fuck”. If you go back to the fight where Mark jerks the pans out of Josh’s hands Josh specifically called Mark “fat” and more. Such a double standard!!!

  20. how is it fair that christmas could use her ring of replacement and yet not play (because of broke leg)….
    I don’t see how that is fair to Cody/Jessica……

    ….Also, will there be a temptation curse ? (before thursday or afterwards) and if not, how is that fair?

    1. So a temptation is only fair if it works best for Cody and Jess? Christmas can use her temptation to replace any chip. It did not say she had to play.

        1. She did replace Cody. Then was told she couldn’t play. They don’t know what the POV is until after players are picked. What you are saying then that Christmas would know what the competition is before using her temptation?

  21. Kudos to Kevin for following Josh into the bathroom. He was there to defuse another confrontation. That’s what a real man does.

    That scene really showed how dense Josh is. He kept talking, even after, he was asked not to, multiple times. I think he wants to get knocked into next week. Then he can play victim and cry…… again.

  22. Just to be clear:
    Christmas lost all rights to opt in to playing in any challenges/ competitions when she became injured to the degree that surgical intervention was deemed mandatory. It doesn’t matter whether she wants to compete or even feels she is physically able to compete. Those are medical decisions and outside of her control. This is necessary due to liabilities the network would incur. These conditions are in effect for the duration of her stay in the house, due to the seriousness of her injury.
    RE: Raven’s “condition”:
    She is no more “terminal” than any of us. The network does not knowingly cast people who are not able to get through a medical screening. The show involves physical activity which can and does sometimes result in injuries. As such, and (again) because of insurance and liabilities, etc., the players have to sign waivers that limit network liability for any such injuries. Raven cannot have it both ways. She cannot be at death’s door while simultaneously being healthy enough to be a BB contestant. If the rest of the cast would stop and think about the flaming hoops through which they had to jump, in order to be cast, they would realize this and it would remove any doubts as to her physical capacity to be on the show.

      1. @Anonymous. Christmas is okay to compete because she is otherwise healthy. In season one of Big Brother there was an amputee who only had one leg. He was otherwise quite healthy. Therefore, Christmas does not have a disqualifying physical impediment. Nor does Raven, despite her statements to the contrary. One could assume that in Raven’s case, it is part of her game-play/ strategy to draw attention to her “condition.”

  23. lil kim jung un please fire off a nuke and take out LA and the BB house so President Trump can destroy you that way human civilization wins


    the people of earth

  24. Looking forward to watching the door slams shut behind Jody’s ass tomorrow, and hopefully her conjoined soul mate will follow her the next week. The Cojody do not appear to have a mature perspective on their situation. Much can be said that they have already won a HUGE prize having found soulmates in the BB house. Any money won is now just a bonus prize. Instead of continuing the game in a strategic civilized social manner, they continue with their thuggery trailer park behavior – Cody “I’ll rip through all of them” ; “Josh, I’m going to destroy you outside the house” ; Jody “She tries to hug me, I’ll palm her face, not today Satan”. They are not being bullied by the others. The others are just reacting to how they are behaving – keeping to themselves, not socializing, violent inclinations. Hopefully the House will soon be finished having to deal with the CoJody issue.

  25. Haha… I just watched tonite’s episode and, for the life of me, Jody has no clue on how to play BB in a way that does not equate being a comp beast. Like… when Josh went to the bathroom to talk to them, come one, hear the dude! And I get Jessica being pissy after all the Nom ceremony shenanigans, but come on… Cody effed the whole situation up by not letting Josh say whatever he wanted to say. Cody needs to get so many grips. He effed the situation post hex revelation by not letting Jessica and Paul talk, there was something that could have been pulled off like Mark being evicted, and this week Josh wanted Elena out and there goes Cody and his aggressive hotheaded attitude. And I even sided with them after the bullying last week and admired their stamina and persistence, but I cannot be on their side after all the personal attacks this week! Cody doesn’t have talent for this game. I dislike Matt with gusto and I wish Paul drown in his own ego delusion though. So effing tired of them all doing whatever Paul tells them.

  26. Has anyone noticed that everytime jessica speaks cody either kisses her, f**ks her, or shuts her trap with the popsicle Im starting to think his is playing his actual strenth and playing the game, watch out elena!!!!Bb jury house 8 weeks later. I do not feel bad for my statement asshats, thumbsdown all night and watch!!

    I would liken all of the anti-Paul sentiment to any competition in which there are fan favorites and villains. I don’t think anyone can deny Paul’s skill at nailing jello to the wall. He has the houseguests wrangled. The brain-washing of the weakest minds is complete. No one acts without his express permission. His followers are convinced that losing him is simply unthinkable. They have not figured out that, if this is true, it follows that they are expendable. Isn’t this the very definition of how an adept BB player operates?
    Why, then, does Paul have so many haters? It is because he is not a sympathetic character. We like our BB heroes to be smart and persuasive, yet charming and likeable. It is hard to root for Paul unless you can dismiss his blatant and sometimes openly hostile manipulations. He has a temper and he uses other people to do the venting for him, while mocking them behind their backs.
    Paul is too obvious in his lack of respect for the other houseguests. He genuinely believes himself to be superior to them. BB fans like to see both physical and intellectual competitions play out in the house. Who can out-think whom? Who wins challenges? Who is bold? Who is fearful? When the game becomes devoid of these elements, it is not as enjoyable.
    So, why don’t more people rally behind Paul? It has nothing to do with how well he has plotted, planned, and exerted his will over the others. This is the very route to the winner’s circle.
    Does anyone remember when Jeff Schroeder had no one but Jordan in his corner? When he had to keep saving himself from eviction? I would ask you to think back to the crowd reaction when Jeff finally emerged from the house. It was the first time in BB history that the studio audience rose from their chairs and lovingly cheered for a player they had come to embrace as deserving to win. Even the Chenbot remarked that there had never before been such a reaction. He had played hard. He didn’t win the grand prize. He won America’s Favorite Player and was genuinely surprised. Why? Because he had simply been himself, warts and all. Not perfect, but perfectly human.
    Soooo, why not embrace Paul? Well, if Paul were perhaps less spectacularly self-serving and “entitled,” I have no doubt he would be met with more love. But all we have to work with is what he gives us. And, in a word, Paul is UNKIND.

  28. Josh keeps going on and on about yesterday’s fight with Jody. Enough already!!! It was a day and a half ago and you keep retelling the story over and over to anyone and everyone who will listen. He is trying to justify all his bs. Now I see him giving Mark a hard time about why he didn’t say anything, just like what Paul said to Mark yesterday. Paul must have given the script to Josh to read off to Mark. Just stop the whining already Josh!!!!

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