Alex “That’s my EX-BOYFRIEND!” Josh “You’re on tv, he wants to get back with you.. F**K HIM!”

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9pm Kitchen. Kevin and Cody.
Cody – oh yeah, I’m going to compete in the safety competition. Kevin – yeah I guess everyone is. Cody – they’ll have to. Kevin – I know and same as today.. if you don’t people think stupid f**king things. What do you think they’re doing with her (Jess)? Do you think she’s going home or what? Cody – since she is free and clear of the game she should be able to experience it all .. do you know what I mean? Because if we’re in jury there is only so much they can tell us. Like the secrets of everyone but for her she will have unfettered access and interviews. Kevin – what’s your plan after all this? Cody – oh me and are going to have a pretty good relationship. Kevin – are you going to move to LA or is she going to move to Dallas? Cody – back and forth. I figure after this me and her are synonymous, you know what I mean? We’re a pair. If people are asking her to go somewhere they would ask me. She’s a great chick. For me I would never go after Alex in this game so for her to go after me would be like a wasted HOH. I’ve maintained from the start, I want Alex to do well in this game. Everyone has screwed someone in this game. Kevin -they’re going to have to have a double eviction soon.

Bedroom – Mark, Matt, Josh, Alex, Christmas, Elena
They’re all hanging out chatting about random things. Jason talks about his vibrating c**k sleeve invention.

9:23pm Bathroom – Mark and Elena.
Mark – I’m sad that we don’t get the room (Havenot) to ourselves. Elena – that’s probably a good thing. Mark – do you think so? Elena – yeah! Mark – oh you didn’t have fun last night? Elena – I did.. if that wasn’t clear. But I think that I need make good decisions in my life.. like having chicken. Mark – yeah but you always need a little week in your life.

9:30pm Kitchen. Christmas and Raven.
Christmas – well I am glad that’s done and we have a good chance to get Cody out this week too. Raven agrees. Christmas – I don’t think he’ll throw it (the safety temptation competition so that would be nominated and get a chance to play in the veto instead of potentially be backdoored), he’ll gun for safety.

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10:35pm Paul, Kevin, Raven, Matt.
Matt – so there will be 10 people competing tomorrow, unless someone doesn’t compete. Paul – I highly doubt someone doesn’t compete. Even the people that don’t necessarily feel safe, combined with the people that equally want Cody out of this house. I’m pretty confident everyone will compete. Kevin – everyone wants him out right? Paul – yeah, and this Mark has to be the dense’s human being. Matt – he (Mark) is pisses off right now because when he went at him with the pots and pans.
He told production that if he comes at him with pots and pans, he is leaving. They told him well until then you have to deal mouth it. They’ve since told him . And now of r Cody they’re doing the exact opposite. Paul – I just think the problem is Cody. The guys do what they can to keep stuff safe but he was the one that was outlandish and unasfe. Raven – we did it once. WE backdoorded him once.

11am Bedroom – Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Josh
Paul – I know that you (Alex) want to put up Matt and Mark but do we want to run the risk of pissing off two couples. IF they both get paranoid and team up to make a 4. And if we can’t get him (Cody) then we get one of them (Mark Or Matt, that gets right. Christmas – we have to have another guy do it. Paul – Matt said he would do it. At least Matt has a job, but if you put Matt and Mark up there and they start talking. Alex – we need to work as a team. What do you guys want to do? Paul – if Mark is gone, Elena and Cody would never work together. Matt and Raven feel so comfortable which is what we wanted. Christmas – Raven hate Cody. Paul – exactly. so why piss off those numbers when we can and keep them calm. Christmas – I can tell right now that Elena is going to be pissed. Paul – not my problem. Mark joins them. Paul changes the conversation.

Kitchen – Josh, Matt, Raven, Mark
Josh – everyone will be friends after except for dickhead because I didn’t like that fact that he called me a moron and a fat f**k and everything else under the sun. He’s a f**king d**Khead. Jessica, I will accept an apology. I would be like Jess you know what you got caught up in the heat. You got caught up because of di*khead. D**khead can go f**k himself. Mark – your last words were, I have a degree, you serve bottles. I don’t think thee is an apology coming your way. Josh – because she continued to go with the Forest Gump sh*t. So I was like lets get real petty. What the f**K have you done? You’ve been serving bottles and dropping celebrities names boo-boo. D**khead I don’t give a f**k what you do. Mark – next week you’re going to be wishing, why didn’t I accept an apology. Josh – before the personal attack I would have accepted his apology … but once he got in my face. .. go f**K yourself!!

11:35pm Alex comes out of the diary – who wants to see my HOH room?All the house guests head up to the HOH room. Alex sees photos of her ex-boyfriend. She starts jumping around saying that’s my ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend! Josh – you’re on tv he wants to get back with you… F**K HIM! Alex realizes her HOH letter is also from her ex-boyfriend. She reads it to the other house guests.

“Alex I can’t wait to see you again. We’re all cheering for you and making sure everyone else is too. Keep killing it. Remember I can still see the same stars as you. I was with the family and hanging with William. He calls me Tro. Miss that little guy in your family. (Because we broke up and he was’t coming over.) Everything we talked about before you left is exactly the same. (because I told you, we saw each other the week before) Things are still going good. I am writing you a journal, everything to do with day to day so you won’t miss anything. Love you more than you love me. By the way I’ll look completely different when you see me next. On to the second half of the tour now. It’s only a game and you’ve got this. Stay strong, I love you. I am proud of you and I miss you a ton.”

11:48pm – 12:15am Alex says her ex didn’t have the paperwork signed before she came on here. Christmas – so is he your ex or what? Alex – yes, we’re been broken up for the last couple months. Alex – I mean like I have to see what is going on when I get out but we were broken up. They ask how long she was with him? Alex – 2 years. Elena – congrats on jury. Alex – we’re locked away together until the end.

12:18am Storage room – Josh and Mark.
Josh – I’m not clowning on you. Mark – you’ve never said anything that bothers me. I don’t know why you think that. Josh – okay good. Mark – I’m not an emotional person. I got emotional one day. You can say whatever you want. Josh – I am not clowning on Mark. I am just telling you I would never act. Mark – you can act. Josh – no. Mark – okay now I am asking you as a friend …you can act. Josh – I’m not going to act. I’m not stupid. I’m not Elena’s type. Paul – how do you know? Mark – but why do you think that I am and you’re down here? Josh – I am just f**king with you. Mark – and I love when you f**K with me. If you ever said something that crossed the line that I got upset with.. I would pull you aside. Deal? Josh – deal. They hug it out. Mark – it makes me feel like you care about me when you clown me. Josh – okay good. Mark – because I feel bad when you see the guy get too aggressive.. I don’t want that. I want you to feel comfortable with me. I got mad one day because there was a lot going on. They leave the room.

12:20am HOH room. Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Alex.
Alex – Well Elena or Matt whatever you guys want to do. Paul – so what’s the plan before they start coming up here. Christmas – she agreed with the blue print to not put up two couples. There is no point in creating more enemies. Paul – Matt and Raven are comfortable. Depending on what happens during the safety competition .. you could still get what you want. Paul – I’m going to gun for the safety competition. Josh joins them. Alex – we need to pull one of the couples in and keep them tight. Paul – I say Matt and Raven because they already feel tight. Josh gives his points as to why he wants Elena up on the block. Alex – right now we have the votes to control any situation that happens. I would rather you (Christmas) play (in the safety comp.) because right now we have the votes for anything. Matt and Raven join them.

12:35am Paul – what are the options? Matt – I have no problem throwing the safety comp tomorrow. Paul – its between me and you bud. I don’t mind. Alex tells Paul that he should try to win the safety comp and Josh should try to throw it. Alex – I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re targeted. Paul questions who’s been feeding Cody information. Mark joins them. They start studying the things for the comp.

Raven – if Matt throws it, it would look super sketchy. But if Josh throws it and Alex nominates Matt along with Mark. You then have 3 males on the block. And Elena doesn’t get pissed off after having just been on the block. Paul – yeah that’s smart. Josh – but then we have 2 of our numbers on the block. Paul – that’s a good point. Raven – three strong players on the block, better chance to win the veto. Kevin joins them.

2:08am Christmas gives Kevin a kiss goodnight on the cheek.

3:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

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This show is officially dead

Jessica Graf thank you for entertaining me

– the houseguest most mentioned by other houseguests combined over 50 days this season = jessica(house was obsessed with her)

– paul was willing to blow his hoh and xmas willing to lose her temptation just to get jess out

– in a pretty predictable season, just think how boring the season would have been without the presence of jessica

– rest of season will be alot less dramatic/intense/feisty with jess gone(so many houseguests wont know what to do with themselves, no jess to hate on anymore)…who is going to entertain you now? (i’ll wait…and dont say gnome creature paul or forrest gump josh, their shtick is so fake and over the top monotonous with cheesy DR lines, and the rest of the cast is like watching grass grow)

– jess won the most epic hoh of the season(and in my opinion one of the most impressive hoh comp wins alltime considering the caustic 10 against 2 bullying atmosphere throughtout) getting relentlessly heckled for 3 hours on the anniversary of her dads passing until 6 in the morning

– won one of the most iconic fights on bb alltime when she fielded question after question from an angry mob 6 on 1 and kicked ass during it, angering them to the point they stooped so low it made them look like complete idiots

– one of few ever to be saved on eviction night with a power

– got a bullhorn dedicated to her, the fact someone went to that effort for her is remarkable, not many have ever had that honor

– best speech of the season…very well thought through and delivered brilliantly, putting heat on paul(time will tell it may contribute to him not winning), and thanking cbs and cody

– owned her game and was never anyones bitch (unlike almost the rest of the entire cast with their head up pauls ass the entire time)

– josh tried to bully her multiple times but jess showed that josh is nothing more than a moronic minion and a weak little cry baby…he went with pots and pans, but she reduced him to tears multiple times

– knew she was going home and went out on her own terms, and instead of begging for her life she enjoyed her last week with cody

– had more rivalries and fights than any other player this season, and one of the feistiest bb players alltime

– involved in one of the most noteworthy showmances, actually a real bb relationship which will continue on the outside

– in terms of getting value for money, the great tv moments she provided overall, production struck most gold with jess in bb19 (the fact she isnt in jury will mean jury house will be kinda boring compared to what it would have been like had she been in jury as so many rivalries would have resumed)

– brilliant casting from robyn kass, jessica is a memorable person on bb19(best female kassting since bb can 4 cass shahinfar)

– jess is one of very few this season that actually brought alot of entertainment in every episode…worthy of allstars = jessica graf

(its now time for me to self evict from this season as i refuse to watch any part of the paul circle jerk(im with you only in spirit cody), i cant wait for bb ott 2, or if no ott, bb can season 6! thanks for your efforts dawg and simon…to crush paul and his minions egos and to reward her for the entertainment she brought the season, im voting queen jess for americas favorite…bring me home julie, jess is out, and so am i)


Everything you just said
= Jessica is a loser (game of bb)
Just like Donato daughter who had to make a big move…
No prize for anything you just said
If that was her attitude why come to play?
No opinion on Jessica as a person but as a player she was terrible

Uncle Teddy

The whole “it took 50 days” crap is nonsense. Cody had the battle back and Jessica got the hex. If they were good players they could have taken those ridiculous advantages and turned them in their favor. Instead they isolate and instigate. What kind of strategy is “creating drama” when you’re sitting on the block? Horrible game play.


Jody had 3 advantages they could of used in t favor of their game. Three and failed miserably!

1) They one 1st HOH and effectively turned the house against them by trying to blindside Paul and Christmas, instead of using it to their advantage and solidifying their position.

2) They had battle back just when Jess was starting to build relationships and went back to isolating themselves and talking shit.

3) They had the Hex, again failed to use it to make deals for safety and build relationships.


And they had another HOH and didn’t have
the smarts to use it to their advantage.they evicted Ramsey’s lol.

I mean, you have to be either the dumbest or worst BB players to have that many advantages and FAIL miserably like they did.


Ridiculous advantage for Cody and Jessica? You’re kidding, right?

A temptation let Paul into the game. The only HG in the preseason interviews whose least favorite BB18 HG was Paul? Cody, of course. So they were naturally enemies from the start.

Another temptation gave Paul three weeks of safety — used when Cody tried to backdoor Paul.

Cody was backdoored and evicted, that is true. But his buyback was different from any other season — he had to beat three other evictees, and a chosen current HG (Paul). Cody earned his way back in and was given nothing.

Yes, Jessica got the hex and used it to save herself and Cody. The only problem I have in how she used it was that she shouldn’t have told anyone about it before dropping the bomb. She would have shaken everyone in that house on eviction night, but instead they knew it was coming.

And then another temptation went Paul’s way — the ring of replacement that took Cody out of an OTEV competition in which he would have done well.

I’m still not seeing these advantages Cody and Jessica were given that haven’t also been given fivefold to their arch-enemy.


Well said BBERICFAN and I thank Jessica too. She may have made mistakes but over all she and Cody never stood a chance against productions advantages to Paul and the closed off mindset of the followers. Too bad …let’s watch Paul dictate the moves until he gets his check. What a mess of a season. Zero creative game play.


Earned his way back in the game? You’re Kidding? Cody flew through that maze comp like he had pre-knowledge about how to play, there was no learning curve he had to overcome, while everyone else you could visibly see them struggling. He tried to lie in the DR & say it was “hard”, buy Cody isn’t a good liar.


He still had to beat your boy Paul. And he cranked him. So get over it.


he “cranked” Paul at a game he just played and play didn’t. Wouldn’t say it was fair considering Cody “practiced”. The whole play a house guest to get back in was just for a Friday show. Everyone knew Cody wasn’t going to loose. Get over it, it was rigged!


If Jess did not use the hex, the house planned on evicting her instead of Cody….Paul’s idea.


I think her play there was to “demand” she be taken off the block and she would not use the hex. If they honored that Cody goes home she has the hex in her pocket still. That was her only good play at that point to save HER game. That after all is what they should all only be concerned with is their own game. If she thinks she and Cody have a real chance outside that will happen regardless of the outcome of the week/game. For that matter he is a soldier and was willing to jump on the grenade to save her right? Her trouble started the week before when they had the HOH and did zero, zip, nadda to reform anything with anyone and emotionally went after the meatball king. They had HOH, POV and the hex and all they got was Ramses who by the way was starving for someone to work with. So with him, Mark, Elena had they put up someone maybe Kevin and Alex would want out they could have done better. Very poor game play from there on out IMO

Give Me a Break

Terrible game play by Jody! I have no respect for Jody! They chose to isolate in bed and continue to be assholes to the HOH who was trying to talk to them…..their”pride” got in the way. This game is SOCIAL in big part, that means you have to talk to ppl, not stare at one person in bed .I have absolutely no sympathy for them. They made a mockery of the game. TRUE BB fans would agree….they chose to QUIT…… for that, no respect!


Paul had a total of 4 weeks of safety. Remember the friendship bracelets on week one?


Jessica exaggerated how much power she had with the hex. She lost when she boasted that she could protect Cody and herself. Paul was right to call her bluff. Jess was mad because Paul made her use the hex before she wanted to use it. If she would have kept her mouth shut, she could have used her hex when she wanted to and not before. She blew it with her mouth. She was there for a man not 500,000, she got what she wanted.


At least she didn’t waste her temptation on what “Paul” wanted. The worst game move, imo, is Christmas giving her power away to placate Paul. Ridiculous. I hope that it comes back to bite her.


Eh, idk they all wanted to break up Jody. The best way to do that was to minimize their chance at winning veto. I mean, it’s smart play to take out the strongest couple. I really don’t think that’s a “Paul” thing, that’s the focus every year. At least it should be.


Everything is easy when you look back and say the way it “should” of been played. The fact is Jody put their trust in people and every single time they were back stabbed . Hard game to play when it’s the house is gunning to get you out from week one .


“The whole “it took 50 days” crap is nonsense. Cody had the battle back and Jessica got the hex. If they were good players they could have taken those ridiculous advantages and turned them in their favor.”

This. Escpecially the Hex. Production basically gave them a free week in the house.


Too bad Jessica did not take Kevin’s advice and use her veto to save Ramses. Josh would have been home and who knows what would have happened. Her play This season is completely stupid. I don’t think Cody cost her money. She cost herself $500k.


Yes, he tried to help her. She should have taken Ramses off and replaced with someone else that she would not care left. She actually believed these people that had already back stabbed her. She is to blame for her being out of the house. Horrible game moves on her part. She never should have told she had the HEX, should have blinded them and then they wouldn’t have had a week to come up with a plan. Even Julie was shocked she blabbed to the house.


Agree, as a player Jessica is not deserving of being praised as a good player.


the cult leader Paul would never get evicted. he has everyone under his spell and under control, that he has secured a path to final two with any combination of the HGs left except Cody. Cody days are numbered and it has everything to do with the social game tragedy he inflicted on himself. Cody and Jessica were just sore losing quitters, and ironically all we heard was “victim noises” coming out of Cody’s & Jessica’s mouth. outside the house I give every single person who played this season the benefit of the doubt that they are really good contributing citizens to society. I’ve enjoyed ONLINE BIG BROTHER from the start. this site every year never disappoints when it comes to the entertaining opinions from the fans. take the show for what it is, just a Hollywood product being sold to the viewers.


I didn’t like Paul in his first season. But, like Paul or not he is playing a good game. He wins when he needs to win.


Blame the sheep – not the shepherd. Paul is playing a good game. Not his fault if there is a house full of Beta’s. Cody is the wolf in that pack.


She was honourable/ real/ faced the bullies like a champ! It took 10 to try to beat her and Cody.
It took weeks to do it. She should be proud of herself. She won more than $ with Cody.


Ur off ur rocker. Wasted HOHs and Temptation… then decided to play a dating game instead of BB.


You have got to be kidding me…all she won was a loser .


I can sum up her game more concisely and efficiently.

She played so bad she got kicked home before jury.



Jessica and Cody where mean and bullies as was others in the household. I am glad she is gone. If she would have been a nicer person she may still be there. Cody is the worst, he is arrogant and hateful.

The Shit Show

So Cody says it to your face while the others run behind your back and say just as vile things so Cody is the worst person? I do not get it that Paul’s whole game is that any move he makes he justifies with “it’s just a game” no matter how over the line the game move is. When you are giving up a summer of your life to compete for a good deal of money then yes it is personal. I agree with Cody for taking a shot at Paul when he did. Anyone who watched last season knows you could not let Paul set roots cause then it becomes impossible to evict him. Cody was put in an impossible position once Megan quit and they made him put up a new nominee. That was unfair to Cody’s game. He played smart by throwing the POV to Alex to show her he wanted to work with her. He knew everybody would have tried to talk Cody out of putting Paul up so the way he executed it was perfect. With the introduction of the Hexes he should have put more value into who would have won it but this is Big Brother you take chances. Xmas going up at that point was purely emotional for Cody after Paul used his hex. Xmas at that point was an obvious pawn but she took it personally and then she made the game personal.
Once that all went down Paul made Cody & Jess public enemy number one because Cody did not fall for Paul’s friendship gameplay bullshit.
Jess was not going to be accepted back into the fold but she was just going to be an easy target when Paul needed someone. Jess saw through Paul’s bullshit and was still being used to go on the block by Alex. Dom conducts her interviews and Paul learns a lot about other house guests and then realizes Dom was asking real questions that could expose his game so Dom became the new public enemy hence Paul induced isolation on Dom for the sake of his game. In comes Cody and if you truly remember Paul was not that far behind Cody. Yes Cody did have at least one practice to get back in the game the first time but that was the point to give the buy back a chance to get back into the game. Paul lost to Cody and took it personal so he saw Cody’s weakness and capitalized on it when Cody came back into the game. Remember when Jess won HoH Cody was trying to make amends in the house and put up two of the people the house wanted out. The house did not want Josh until Paul convinced them to keep Josh because Paul pointed out how easy Josh was to control so Paul blindsided his next four targets which helped build the hatred the house developed for Cody & Jess even though they never went after any real targets in hopes of getting back in good graces with the house. Then comes the blow up and the rest of the petty crap that ensued to only help one persons game, Paul.
I say stop wasting our time and just hand Paul the check and lock everyone else into a room and let us watch their reactions as they watch this season from the start of the live feeds. That would be a better show from here forward.
Then they would hate Paul for using them to be his bully.


But isn’t that how you play bb?


Entertainment. Please glad she’s gone. I don’t like soaps I want to watch BB. She was a bad player and an ass.



Judge Janie

Oh great, another EXTREMELY LONG post about how great Jessica is (eye roll). She sucked at the game, gave away her chance at 500K, and blamed the other house guests for her stupidity. I, for one, will be much more entertained by NOT having to watch her vile, hateful personality for the rest of the summer. It gives me a warm feeling to think of her going back to her pathetic glorified waitress/possibly hooker job. Good riddance!

BB watcher

Are you her mom? Only her mom would think the arrogant, condescending, entitled, bitchy attitude Jessics displayed would be entertaining. She deserved everything she got. She played a stupid game and walked around expecting everyone to serve her agenda, but she and Cody felt to reason to support people who trued to help her in her game. Good riddance! Finally we can now enjoy the show!


The only reasons Paul went after Cody and Jess, is because he knew that they would not listen to him and play his way like the others. The rest of the houseguest are just going along with Paul, because he has play this game before. The HOH winners is like Paul the HOH and doing everything and trusted him, how dumb can they get’ they don’t even know that him and Alex, has a finally two deal. When all of them look back on this out of the house, their going to relies they should have stay with Cody and Jess. What ever happen to everyone wanting Paul, out of the house when he enter? Cody became HOH and took the blame for trying to get Paul out like they wanted. I think outside of the house Cody, is a different person and would be fun to be around. I love Jess, for standing up to all of them, I never seen so many bullies in one place, they call themselves adults but acting like a bunch of children not getting their way. The show is not going to be the same without Jess. I was hoping that she wasn’t going to leave but I knew she couldn’t save herself. I look up to Cody, for taking up for Jess, all of them said this is a game and not personal, but they made it personal. I feel sorry for Cody, and I think Kevin, really likes him and he’s against the rest of them, but he has to keep it to himself. What should happen is for Kevin, Mark, Raven, Elena, Matt, Jason and Cody team up and not let anyone in the house to know, that would be 7 to 3 and Paul, couldn’t do must of anything. Wake up people and look and see what’s going on. They can work as a team even if they don’t like each other, its a game. What is it going to take to wake them up? I know pots and pans!!!


The HG’s made Jury……….but the show never did hahahahahahahaha

Geez Louise

So true… over the past few years cbs have managed to turn BB into nothing other than a real world or jersey shore house and for us long time fans who love the game aspect we keep hoping for just 2 or 3 true competitive hg to give us just of taste of BB the game vs. BB the reality show. I remember the days 2 or 3 were completely oblivious to the aspects of how to play and those 2 or 3 were gone before jury. Now it’s 2 or 3 that love the game and want to compete and they are gone before jury. Yet I keep watching waiting for my prodigal moment. (Sigh)


Agreed 100%. The past few years Houseguests are more interested in how many twitter followers they have then actually winning the game. You have people walking around the house in shirts advertisng their companies. Show is hard to watch these days.

Temper Fi

Is it just me or does anybody else think CBS BB tries to score political points each season?
A trans the year Bruce Jenner comes out, and now an angry Marine the year President Trump selects Marines for key positions. Things that make you go hmmmmm. Just saying.

Raven's 2nd Heart

So I guess Josh’s vow to not talk about Jessica lasted a whole 20 seconds. Haha.

Online player

Anonymous, what do you think Alex meant when Alex said in her goodbye message to Jessica yesterday
when Alex said “I’ll Take Care of Cody”?

Little prick Alex

Well she’s an antoganistic little prick so she said that just to piss Jess off..


Honestly the DR probably told her to say that.

Just sayin'

And it was hilarious


Jess would have said the same type thing to whoever left and she was able to give a goodbye message. She is just as nasty.

Aunt Minnie

Alex will be the gobbler. She’ll swallow loads.


She’s just trying to take another jab at her suggesting she was going after Cody. All the goodbye messages with the exception of Cody were meant to hurt her. Alex, Paul, and Josh don’t have any integrity. They have no honor or sense of humanity. I’ve never been a Jody fan. I just didn’t care. But the behavior of the rest of the house, lead by Paul, is beyond contemptible.

Anonymous 2

Exactly, if this was just “all a game”, why did Paul/Alex/Josh feel the need to continue their personal attacks when the game was over for Jessica in their good bye messages. Watching Paul/Alex/Josh is like watching 3 brainless zombies that have absolutely no self awareness of their own words or actions.

Someone that doesn’t take things personally, don’t need to constantly bash another. Paul/Alex/Josh just continue to dig their own graves with their lack of self awareness.

The real show Im interested in watching is when Josh goes home and re-watches the season….can this please be broadcast because I want to see Josh’s emotions when he realizes he was just a production puppet the whole season.


Because historically that’s what you do in BB goodbye messages


She was doing that to annoy Jessica. A little female revenge. Should Jess be worried?

Alex's Petty Hat

Alex was just keeping true to the hat she was wearing, PETTY. Its kind of a perfect hat for Alex because if I had to choose one word in the English language for Alex is would be petty. I cheered for Alex from the beginning but her ugly and petty attitude shined through.


Well at least she admits it.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

WAY back in the beginning I recall Cody and Alex flirting a little, and Jessica got extremely jealous. This led to Jillian mistakenly telling Alex that Jessica had called her “Panda” (Jessica did make a nasty comment about Alex, because she was jealous, but said something other than Panda). Jillian considered this racist and the misunderstanding stirred up some real trouble. It was one of the factors that led to Jillian quitting the show. So anyway, there was bad blood between Jessica and Alex from the beginning (over Cody, of course) and I think this dig in the goodbye message was Alex’s way of getting the last laugh on Jessica’s jealousy of her.

How to Lose 500k

This week will be uneventful. Cody is the worst players in BB history . He is going to lay around a smell his fingers until evicted

Team Jody

I wish they would get the haze out if their eyes and vote Paul out for the double eviction, so him and Cody would be in jury. This season is absolutly boring now eith ouy Jody playing. I loved Paul until they all ganged up on Jody. All that extra was unnessessary and disrespectful to the max. Snooze fest the rest of the season unfortantly.


“Paul – I just think the problem is Cody. The guys do what they can to keep stuff safe but he was the one that was outlandish and unsafe.” Rewriting history huh Paul! No, the problem is you Paul and your minions. I hope Cody wins safety just to screw up their plans. Alex would be smart to backdoor Paul – but that’s hoping for too much I guess.


I hope that Paul throws the safety comp and Cody gets safety then Paul will be on the block for nothing. Then one of the other two noms (probably Elena and Mark) win the VETO so that Paul has to remain on the block and then these idiots realize that this is a good time to take out Paul and Paul gets evicted on Alex’s HOH. I know that last part will NEVER happen but it’s a nice thought….

Hashtag Jody

I wish they would get the haze out if their eyes and vote Paul out for the double eviction, so him and Cody would be in jury. This season is absolutly boring now eith ouy Jody playing. I loved Paul until they all ganged up on Jody. All that extra was unnessessary and disrespectful to the max. Snooze fest the rest of the season unfortantly.


What the heck is wrong with these house guest!? Big brother is a dream and their goal is to get to jury!?!? What a joke!


Although I have stated many times before that I was going to stop watching BB 19, last night sealed my fate with BB 19. I was so disappointed that 1) Jess got evicted and 2) Cody did not win HOH. I am so over Josh’s fat ass and his antics. He is just Paul’s bitch boy. He runs and does everything that Paul tells him to do; such a waste of space. Paul is so cocky, annoying af, and arrogant. The cast is lacking. Jess, Cody and Paul are the only ones playing. Everyone else is floater (follower). Christmas and Kevin need a time out or a room. That just goes to show that he has NO loyalty; not even to his wife and children. Raven is a con artist and a pos trash. Alex totally disappointed me as well. In the beginning, I thought that she would play a great game, but she turned out to be another one of Paul’s minions. Jason is following her lead and I thought that he had promise also. It’s as if they are all dumb and destitute. Majority is there to make it to jury for cash flow or either 15 minutes of fame. I ask this in all sincerity, other than Paul and Cody, who is there playing to win? On more than one occasion, Kevin, Alex and Jason talked about making it to jury and the payoff. Like wtf? A bunch of sorry, worthless idiots who don’t know the game. Gosh, I miss Boogie, Will, Dan, Frank, Rachel, Vanessa, McCray, Danielle and even Frankie because he pulled out wins when it was necessary. I want an All-Star cast. If anyone, CBS should have brought back Victor rather than Paul.

Star frances

You nailed it!


Bullshit, you won’t stop watching. You’ll keep coming here to comment or change your Name. Enough with the fake “im done with Big Brother” No you’re not…

Give Me a Break

You are so right! Ppl come on here ” This is it, I’m never watching again!” Like u have power over CBS? LMAO over those comments and or skip over …… Jody were terrible gamers but I still continued to watch…..Derrick had control over the house in season 16, I still continued to watch…. hoping that Donny would make an impact. At least he tried to save his life in the game unlike Jody

Bo Diddler

Donny the malignant goober who never confided anything with anybody? That Donny? The Donny that got offended by Skittles?


I was with you until you said you miss McCray.


So Paul said several times this week how he wanted to NOT win HOH this week so he could play in the double. More proof he knows what happens when so when Julie said next week was a double I was not surprised.

on a funnier note as much as productions “steers” things to max their ratings they do some funny stuff now and again. Was it Wednesday’s show when Xmas was trying to talk to Jess in the bathroom, when she went to leave they added in the back-up alarm for her scooter, then she pulls off with a whoosh!

You're absolutely right

Exactly! The fact that Paul was out on the first question, the easiest one at that…about the hair color which happened last, shows he absolutely threw it. He didn’t even try to hide it. Even though I don’t particularly like Cody, I was kinda hoping he’d pull out a win just for the drama.

The funniest thing to me is when Paul says he’d throw the safety competition, I mean come on there is a 0% chance of that happening. If he lost it it would be him losing with trying to win it 100%.

I’m still hoping Kevin and Jason band together and vote out Paul, I really can’t stand seeing Matt and Raven though so them going first would be sweet. Mark my words…Paul ain’t winning this thing.


He wasn’t out on the first question. Everyone got the first one right!

You're absolutely right

Dang you’re right, my bad


I also liked when Cody in the DR said someone needs to weaponize him they added servo noises when he did his neck-stretch thing


That was funny as hell and when Cody cracks his neck they play robot sounds. LOL Love the sound affects. Now they need to do the sound of sucking everytime everyone except Cody talks to Paul


Every season there’s a double eviction immediately after making it to jury so there are two people in jury together. Although a week alone after the crap in that house might be a welcome relief. Paul could easily see the number and anticipate the double was more than likely next week.

Now the real question is: does he want the short HoH or the one right after? Depending on who he wants gone may make a difference. It would be a great time to take a shot at Paul as he wouldn’t have as much time to arrange his ducks or have production interfere as much.


Exactly. That’s just knowing the game. It’s always double eviction the first week of jury. At least as long as I can remember. If I were in there, I’d be thinking the same thing. I also wouldn’t have even attempted to try to win this hoh because of it.


THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I cracked up and watched it again!!! Great Job Editors!!


I dont understand how anyone could like Jess and Cody. Can’t people see they were just a couple bullies who got a kick out of making people cry, and making people uncomfortable. Most of the things either one of them said to anybody was uncalled for. She started on Alex from day one, cause
she’s jealous of her and truth be told she’s probably jealous of Josh too, because a good guy and she’s just a bitch!!!


Totally agree! Jessica practically self-evicted- she had little or no focus on the game. Without Cody, she may have had a solid social game and she had a good chance, but she chose to isolate with Cody.

Can we talk about Cody’s ‘interview’ with Julie Chen last night? The best thing that can be said about him is that he is a robot and the worst is that he is a total d1ck! He is not made for this game- no personality, no social grace, no ability to work with others, poor communicator, lousy at mental competitions, he suffers fools lightly. His talent lies in excelling in phys challenges and manufacturing and expelling gas from his body! He will contin to spread his charm in the house through eviction and then in jury- BOOOOOOOOO!

Julian Edelman

Oh yeah, I remember Jessica. Good times! ?

Uncle Teddy

In my opinion the Jody fans are most likely Paul haters, which I understand. I want Paul out ASAP too. But I am not a Jody fan either. I wanted Jess to fight for votes but instead she told the DR in Wednesday’s episode that she just wanted to cause some drama for the rest of the week. Good for you. Way to quit. You can go home now. I want to watch gamers. And I don’t want to hear that there’s only so many times you can be lied to and backstabbed before you give up. First, you brought a lot of that on yourself. Second, and more importantly, you’re basically saying it’s too hard so you’re quitting. Great attitude. Jess I really wanted you to stay, but you did absolutely nothing for the 6 days you were on the block to save yourself. And I truly think there was a chance to get Elena or Raven out if you tried. Adios, muchacha. Your game was terrible.

Aunt Betty (no shade)

I agree! Jessica could have gone far if Cody never came back. She was actually likeable when he left. Cody is scary to me. He is not mentally stable and him and her together are a mistake. There is no way he could handle being with her outside of the house. It is his way or no way. He has all the indicators of being a hot head controlling psychopath. I’ve known them my whole life. Men that are sweet in the beginning and then before you know it you’re trapped, verbally abused at first, then punching of walls and breaking objects around you, next comes the physical attacks, pulling of your arm, slaps, all leading up to the bigger hits, then they will apologize and swear they’ll never do it again, threaten to harm themselves and make you feel sorry for them and stay.

Jessica it won’t work! Cut your losses and move on. You were blinded by him because you were confined in a house. Right now you wasted 50 days and lost a chance to win, no biggie, don’t be a fool and waste a year, 2 years, or longer thinking you can change him. It’s not worth it, in this short time he’s already showed you who he is, that he can go violent in an instant, believe him and save yourself.


Agree! Cody brings out the worst in Jessica. Hope she sees how Cody is before they actually start making the babies they’ve been talking about.


FACTS… Because none of them acknowledges how terrible Jody played, from “Cody making a Week 5 move Week 1, then attacking Josh pushing his alliance away & to Paul” to “Jessica not using that POV to save Rameses p& attempt backdoor Paul.”

Week 1 the HOH is supposed to be feeling out the house seeing where their heads are at & who they want out most softly targeting that person, no HOH goes for a big move week 1 & succeeds. Paul wasn’t going to be evicted anyways it’s 1st week, everybody but Cody was still in awe that a vet came through the door. Had Cody thought with his brain & not his emotions(him not liking Paul), he could’ve made the house happy, kept his alliance & coached them to take out Paul later, make Paul feel safe til his temptation has expired. Cody jumped the gun & it cost him the game. Cody emotions got the best of him. Cody got him a girlfriend that is way out of his league so he kinda won.


Spot on. I will also say that Cody seemed threatened y Paul. I think he wanted to be top dog..and that wasn’t going to happen that easily..because Paul IS a good manipulator.
I knew it was not going to go well when Cody wouldn’t or couldn’t even talk to Paul re the friendship bracelets.
AND..OY…when Paul tried to talk to him…Cody arrogantly brushes his teeth and is silent.
It’s easy to forget..but the first week was very telling. From Jess’s jealousy of Alex…to Cody’s Not winning ways.
It’s interesting to me that people call Jess a strong player. Self destructive and bitchy is more like it.
The surprise to me is this:
Jess says she’s been a fan for years. Watched BB all the time.
REALLY? I bet most posters here would understand better the things you DO NOT do.
I hope Cody and her last. Because otherwise…what a waste of an opportunity/


What did they do that everyone else hasn’t done? They are all a bunch of bullies. Why single them out. You are giving Josh, Alex, Paul, and Raven a pass for their awful behavior when you only rag on Cody and Jessica. Not that they are not rude, petty, disrespectful people, but so are the rest of the house.


Glad Jessica is gone I would have been glad if Jess or Cody went..There were too damn involved with one another play the damn game!! Now we can see Cody “tear the house apart” LOL….Can we say game on now…maybe he can focus on the game instead of on Jessica!

Just stop

*After eviction*
Josh: “I won’t talk about Jessica ever again, I won’t give her air time”
*The next day*
Josh: “Jessica blah blah blah”

These people are idiots.


Your comment is idiotic. You have never, ever, ever in your life said you would drop an issue that you didn’t??? Think about what you’re saying man…so what if you don’t like the house guests this season?? There have been 19 seasons and there have been annoying people, rude people, mean people…’s just a show…enjoy it ffs or not.


Jess wasn’t perfect. Definitely wasted her HoH. But she and Cody brought a much needed counter-point to Paul and his crew of lackeys.

RIP – Jody.


So watching BBAD these morons are talking about how violence is not the answer and yet they attack and attack and attack and instigate violence. they goal a few weeks ago was to antigonize a vet by attacking his military career to get him to snap but yet they are not violent?…..ok. Then Josh and xmas talking about how mean Cody and Jessica are and then they go and cry? Are these people living in bizarroo world? Josh cries everytime papa smurf made him do anything! Raven talking about living in a hostile environment? they all created that and it was an entire house against 2 for many weeks. They all had a hand in it but acting as though Cody is violent because just him being there scares them is on them not him


give them all a blankie and a puppy so they feel better, because someone stood up to them, poor babies! Ugh!

Geez Louise

These people are literally fighting over who gets to throw the Temp Comp. This may be the worst season of all time. #BB19

Former Fan

so disappointed in Big Brother this season…..If anyone even starts singing production shuts them down, however Josh was able to bang pots and pans and sing that stupid circus song so many times that I muted the TV and production did NOTHING. You encouraged the Bullying to the point of fighting for ratings and instead turned off many viewers. Letting Vets come back into the house is an extremely unfair advantage to the players who have not played before. The Vets know what competitions are coming up and the newbies view them as celebrities. They had their chance let the Newbies have a chance at the experience in the house. Who knows the show just might be worth watching again.


These people in the big brother house are so immature! Paul is gonna win, because everyone else except Christmas, do not have a clue!!

Mike the melody maker

The cast cannot sing because of song copyright infringement. They would have to receive permission to sing whatever song from the copyright owner or pay royalties and penalties for unauthorized exhibition of copyrighted material. That is why production shuts them down.


So do they have to pay royalties to the person who wrote the circus tune Josh is running around singing?


Here’s what we would have seen: Couples + Dominique steamrolling to the end. Cameron, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Christmas, Ramses, Megan-OUT. Cody would have ‘weaponized’ Alex to get out Jessica/Raven/Elena. (those 3 would have sat around being catty & vicious about the remaining girls). The temptations would have been awarded to try & save the outsiders where perhaps one of the females on team Cody would have to be sacraficed. Cody would’ve continued with the alpha male bs & getting his boys to final 3. And we’d be crying in the comment section about how boring this season

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

I agree with your point about vets. I am not a fan of bringing vets back in the house. And you want to talk about an unfair advantage? Paul had safety for the first 4 evictions (I count the first night when Cameron got booted plus the 3 weeks of safety from the hex). That is total bull crap.

Paul's minions

These people are stupid. I’ve never seen the game played this poorly. Everyone is just following Paul’s orders. Cody is the only person left in the house who has the balls to take him out. Jessica did not bow down to him or follow his commands. Good for her!! She walked out the door with class, as Josh continued with his childish ways. He’s going to cry when they target him soon. He’s going to be surprise when he realizes all the terrible things people in his allegiance said about him. CBS brought Paul back so he could redeem himself for losing last season…I hope he gets to the end and loses again to someone who has floated around the whole summer. Worst season ever!


Stop letting them off so easy. Their terrible judgement and bad behavior is all their own at this point. Last night’s eviction messages were a huge eye opener for me on that one. No one made them be rude and disrespectful to Jessica, they are adults and should be held accountable for their actions. If Alex has a terrible HOH it is because Alex is a terrible player on top of being a terrible human being. She is not listed, she is just a mean girl who can’t see beyond what is happening at the cool kid table.

Anti Paul Puppet

Please let Cody win safety! Please let Mark win Veto!

Anti Paul Puppet

Also, please let Kevin and Jason stop telling Paul everything!


Get a clue people


Literally ONE OF THE WORST, most boring BB I’ve ever seen. The cast is SO unlikable.
Paul, Xmas, Josh, Alex, Matt, Raven….

Give Me a Break

Don’t forget those “great” gamers Jody!

Paul's mom: "Even I think my son is a little pussy"

Paul can’t stop talking about Cody. Cody is all alone in house everyone against him and Paul still obsesses on him and scared to death. In house he scared of Cody ending his weak ass game play and sending him to Jury.

Outside the house he will run home to mommy and jump in her arms screaming “Mommy don’t let the big bad scary man hurt me mommy”

Carlos Grullon

Come production you are getting it from every angle this season is boring because everyone is following Paul and most if not everyone only cares about jury and not winning like this is crazy, seriously make something happen bring Jessica back this season that would put the ratings off the chart


I hope the audience boos Josh when he is evicted. He would most likely start crying right in front of everyone.


There will be no boos. I’m thinking that the majority of people in the audience are plants, employees, or people hoping to get on a show. They will not irritate production.

Audrey Tattoo

Anyone else notice that having a ton of tattoos seems to be a prerequisite of being on BB? Matt, Paul, Christmas, Kevin, etc., have practically their entire arms, legs and/or torso covered in ink. I can see 1 or 2 with some significance or to look cool but having practically your entire body tattooed looks skanky.


The other pre req is to have fake boobs, hair and eyelashes. Oh, and you also need a camp hat and an orange Texas shirt. Sums up BB 19.


They all are a bunch of idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go kevin

Congratioulations Paul You have won your fourth Head Of Household!


I’m just happy that there’s a double eviction this week and no jury buyback, at least there’s something good in that and it will speed up this season later down the road.


Another friggin HOH for Paul… Sucks the big one!!!


Cody and Jess had a chance with Kevin to maybe stay in the game. Arrogant Cody and Jess thought it was better to argue, fight and call people names. Jessica is so arrogant that she thought it took the whole house to get her and Cody out. Cody was out, and only because of a stupid BB twist was he back in. Jessica was dong much better when Cody was out of the house. The minute Cody came back in, she locked herself away with him, allowed herself to look like a cheap woman with her legs opened with Cody in between them. All we ever saw Cody and Jessica do was either lay on top of each other, argue and fight. They are not liked by other houseguests don’t like Cody and Jess because of what they did and said.

Josh is annoying, but he may make it to the F2, because everyone will want to take him to the end, they think they can beat him in a F2.


She was also rude on the live show by not looking at Julie..only Cody! Very childish of her.


Do you blame them?
fuck Josh…even if he did have the idea of evicting Elana…
DO YOU THINK FOR 1 FUCKIN SECOND “THE PANSY CRYBABY WIMPY PIECE OF SHIT THAT HE IS.. WOULD HAVE GONE THROUGH WITH IT”???…not a fuckin chance…he just wanted to hold it over their heads…get attention…and make a showing of humiliating Jessica further…HE HAD NO INTENTION OF EVICTING ELANA…AND PAUL AND THE OTHER IDIOTS WOULDNT HAVE LET IT HAPPEN ANYWAY!!!

Calm Down

Tell us how you really feel.


There’s little doubt that Paul will make it to F3 and win against anyone, but who is he planning to take with him? He’s getting suspicious of Kevin and Jason because they’ve shown a smidgeon of independent thinking, so I think his preference lies between Christmas, Josh and Alex.


or Matt and Raven…he knows everyone else will vote for him because they haven’t done crap.


I don’t think he’d pick Raven because she’s a woman and has a ‘fatal’ disease. After losing to a woman last year, I don’t think he’d take that chance again. I think he’d take Boyz2Men instead of Raven if he was choosing between the 2. He knows the final comps are physical, so he might go for Christmas. Alex would be hard for him to beat in physical comps. Josh, ehhh?


This is crazy. I don’t think I’ve witnessed such an awful season like this since BB 15. Don’t get me wrong I think BB 16-BB18 were pretty brutal to watch BUT at least there was some likeable people on those seasons! With BB19 I truly cannot choose someone to root for, and we’re halfway through the game! I tried my HARDEST to root for “Jody” because at times in this game they were underdogs, but even though they got bullied they were NOT very nice in the slightest so I truly couldn’t get behind them. The only person I want to slightly root for is Kevin, but lets face it he’s Paul’s minion too! There is absolutely no one to root for and that is just straight up sad. I suppose I want Cody to win the veto just for entertainment sake, but if he doesn’t he’s a goner. I’m not being dramatic when I say this, but (so far) this is truly one of the worst seasons of Big Brother that I have ever watched (definitely up there with BB15). I only watch the live shows now because I feel like watching anything else is a waste of time: did houseguests really get in an argument over spelling the word “drought” c’mon man. I’m all for drama, but when it’s petty stuff like that, that is just sad. Shame on all of these houseguests. Ok rant over.

Shannon Hoon

Like someone said in a previous thread..

Kevin, Jason, Mark, Elena and Cody can take out Paul when the numbers are there. Which will be very soon.

Paul isn’t dumb. He is a little dwarf bearded pussy but not dumb. He knows the only ones he totally has wrapped around his fingers are Alex, Matt, Raven and Josh. And not really even Josh because Xmas is also planning to go rouge on Paul and she can get Josh to do anything she wants. Paul can be out this week or next week if these idiots realize that’s the time to strike. Of course Alex Matt and Raven will stick with Paul. But 3 against 7 deems them useless.


I think it’s ridiculous everyone is following Paul’s commands. He shouldn’t even be in the game due to the fact he was top 2 and won $100K last season. I’m a big fan of Big Brother, but this season is awful. You would think CBS or BB would step in and stop the bullying & harrassment.

Self Evicted Viewer

I agree with you Hannah, this season CBS is shooting themselves for all the mixed messages on bullying and harassment. I don’t support “cults” so I am self evicting myself from the cult of Paul show. Its become excruciating painful to watch live feeds as I find myself muting it when either Paul, Alex, Christmas, Matt/Raven, Josh or Elena are on. Its also mystifying that CBS feels the need to give Paul/Alex/Christmas really good edits and seem to leave out a lot of violence attitudes that come from them.

All it took for my BB addiction to come to an end was this mess of a season and poof I no longer care.


Sooo…Meathead has a degree?! Never Cared!
I hope Cody can pull off safety this week or this house is going to get real boring. What will the HG’s obsess over?


I am no fan of Cody(I think he is a hot head and crazy) but I hope he wins the safety or veto if he goes on the block. These players need a reality check, what are they going to do if they can’t target public enemy number 1! Finally start turning on each other is when the show gets more interesting. I think it will be Mark going or possibly Elena! I am not a fan of all this bullying this season however, I feel like if things were different and Cody was in power it would be him bullying the other side with some of these sheep! Also what a joke Cody and Jessica personally yes Cody it’s you and Jessica against the world wtf they have know each other a little over a month, this undying love is so stupid! The house guests are correct Jessica you beat out what 100,000 to be on Big Brother and you gave up your game for a hothead, her game was way way better when Cody was evicted the first time! What a stupid decision!


I thought some of the departing comments directed at Jessica were a little too hostile and too long. I don’t mind negative comments, but showing hateful ones are poor judgement on CBS’ part. And, why was Cody last in the comments? After so many hateful ones, it would have been nice to end on a loving one. After what both Jessica and Cody have been through in the house, was it necessary to subject her to more of it while sitting there with Julie following an emotional eviction.


Well that just shows to America that these minions left are the horrible ones. They continue to talk about how this is just a game and not personal and then once she is evicted, they continue with their personal hate filled attacks. I love it because it is showing them as the horrible people they are. The reason Alex and Paul are worried the edits will show them as the bullies is because deep down they know they are; otherwise they wouldn’t even think that.


I meant to say, “why was Cody first,” but I don’t know how to correct it.


Yes, I thought that was unusual too as BB traditionally plays the most sentimental parting message last.


HMMMMM inst that funny that Simon posted everyone’s HOH letters BUT Josh’s…. Guys you don’ like LOL i mean its not like it isn’t obvious though.


? what do you mean ?

Anonymous 2

Who is Josh again?…..never cared. It is pretty easy to forget house guests that bring nothing to the game of BB


worst season ever…Paul gotta go otherwise there`s no game to be played


give them all a blankie and a puppy so they feel better, because someone stood up to them, poor babies! Ugh!

Backseat Driver

I know….I know…. Cody is a bit strange and he doesn’t have one ounce of “social game” but I am rooting for him this week to shake up this most boring season ever of BB.

Anything to break the spell…….the followers of Paul are painful to watch at this point of the game.


If any one of them are smart they will back door Paul the first chance they get. Do it swift and quick without hesitation. Or they a deserve to give him the win.

Manda lynn

I think mark and Josh could be real bros in the house if not for cody.
When cody and Josh got into it and mark took Cody’s side- that’s when Josh was bothered/hurt with mark.
I like both those guys (Josh/mark).
’cause underneath all the bullshit, I think both are good hearted guys.


The ladies in the Hoh room are sitting one way, the men another — Kevin sits like a ____.


I’ve been watched BB since day 1. This is the worst season ever! BB need to come up with the rule, if a player does not make 1 move in a game, they will not allow to win or make Jury…They all sucks!!


I really don’t know why CBS would want to keep Cody in that house. He is boring to watch even when he was with Jessica . I hope he goes out this week. Can’t stand watching him when they show him sitting like a knot on a log in have not room. So I switch to another camera.


Hey Simon & Dawg! Thanks for all that you both do for the site and BBfans. You two are the reason I got hooked BB. I could be missing them or a post about them, but what happened to the Top Liked/Disliked Comments (today, month, all time)? Those used to be my quick go-to links when there were some crazy feeds going on or I wanted to read some of the commenter’s outrageous and/or intellectual posts about the game. I would love it if even just Today’s Top Liked/Disked came back but completely get it if that’s not possible! I do have iOS 11 Beta on my phone right now which could be the issue so my apologies if so

Anyways thanks for all your time and work on this site and for ALWAYS typing out the cringeworthy interactions happening on the feeds that I can’t stand to watch myself 😉 and keep up the good work!


Ohh right I remember that feature. I must have removed it during the rebuild pre BBCAN5.. I’ll see if it’s easy to get back.


On the eviction show last night, did they show any of the scenes where Mark stood up to Paul?


My New Favorite is Mark, because he isn’t a doosh and has a brain of his own!


It comes down to this./ You’re either a fan of Paul and his mind slaves or a fan of the person on the block going home.


Chilltown, Yes and no about Mark. Mark does have a brain of his own except when it comes to Elena. But then I guess when she plays with his emotions or body parts, it’s not his brain that does the “thinking.”


Power couples with no social game and no allies are sitting targets in this game – Jessica and Cody are proof (much like Rachel and Brendon in 2010). You can’t turn the entire house against you by refusing to tell your so-called allies about a major backstab move in week one and think that all will be forgiven. Jessica and Cody brought their isolation totally upon themselves.


I wish there was a “Paul, shut up!” Button for production to press.

Production must be losing brain cells listening to him constantly running his mouth.


I really wanted Meg to be more unlikable so I could say, SHUT UP, MEG! But she was hoot and Stop creeping on her, James! Just didn’t have the same ring to it.