“If she tries to HUG me I’m legitimately going to palm her face.. Nope, not today Satan”

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11:00am Cody and Jessica on the hammock
Jess – the next time you get Kevin alone.. Can you ask if plans to evict Raven or Elena

Cody – should I just say to him could you vote to evict Raven
Jess – I think he will.. He told me he’s not voting for me and I want to know which way his vote is going to go, I want it towards Raven

Cody – I talked to Jason.. I said let’s make this square Vote Raven… 1 more vote towards Raven.. He said deal Done
Jess – when did that happen
Cody – this morning, I wasn’t going to say anything, I was also going to do the same thing with Kevin and Mark, I wanted you to be surprised by it..
Jess – I love it.. It’s better than flowers..
Cody – even with them it still will be a 4-4 votes
Jess – I don’t even want it to be a tie.. So far I’ve taken Josh’s ability to nominate me.. He didn’t win Power of veto .. so I didn’t have to ask him for anything and I don’t want him to have the last say
Jess – i want to deem him powerless..

Cody says the Sting on Raven’s face will be priceless.
Jess – I want to rip that security blanket off her and drag it out the door with me… you know how Big MEECH took Pablo last season..

Production – Josh please go to the Diary room
Jess – Big Dummy
Jess – I can’t wait to see the look on her face.. If she tries to HUG me I’m legitimately going to palm her face Nope not today Satan
Cody – legit Satan

11:46am Alex and Jason
Jason whispering that Cody asked him this morning to vote against Raven.
Jason – I was like Done
Alex laughs
Jason – what do you think about it
Jason says this will seal the deal with Cody so he doesn’t put Paul or Alex up next week.
Alex – why are we banking on losing (the HOH)
Jason – we’re not banking.. Just in case.. I think it will be funny she’ll (raven) sh1t her f*ing pants
Jason – what if he says the same thing to Kevin and all of a sudden it’s all f*ed up
Alex – Let’s ask Paul and see what’s going on..

12:14pm Kevin and Jason Working out walking
Kevin says he was starving once so that is why he did the things he did. points out he’s never done violence or hurt anyone. Where he grew up everyone gambled its’ wasn’t a big deal..

12:51pm Snap Chat glasses out..

Jason loaded all the weights on the bar for Mark..

Alex and Josh do a dance for Snap chat.

1:00pm Jessica, JOsh and Paul in the kitchen
Paul says Matt likes to Shower, “he’s the cause of the California Drought”
Josh – Matt is the problem of the drought
Jess – Josh can you Spell the word drought
Josh – D R O U G H T
Jes – wow I’m proud of you
Paul – he got you
JOsh – Got em
Jess – I’m pretty sure I can stump him on a hundred other words so i’m not too worried about it
Josh – I’m actually very smart Jess, I have a college degree, a business,
Jess – Okay whatever you say Josh
Josh – i’m a little slow.. I’m 23 and extremely successful and it feels great.

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Alex: let’s see what Paul says. Wonder if her dumb ass will be asking him that when she’s on the block.


She will go up to him and say even though she is HOH and everyone wants Paul out, she was ask “so what’s your opinion”. I am shocked these people don’t ask Paul to come to the toilet with them and wipe their ass or ask if it is ok to wipe their ass. I am beginning to think Paul has lost total respect for his minions because they are not even trying to get him out and seems like he is getting a bit annoyed.


That’s Cody and Jessica’s place.


Alex has been my biggest disappointment this season. I expected a lot more from her.

sunny dee


at this point the ONLY person who is even targeting alex for real is jessica, and jessica is on her way out the door.

sounds like alex is doing everything right, and everything she needed to do to staY IN the game which included teaming up with paul

Obb OG

Omg Yes! the biggest disappointment I remember when Paul had HOH and told Alex he wanted final 2 with her, it was like she was starstruck since then and she can’t do anything without him and she’s dragging jason with her cuz he thinks she’s got her shit together. I expected her to be so much smarter than she is , jason needs to cut her loose she’s playing for her and paul to be final 2 not her and jason.


Alex is just ignorant to what is going on but yet she thinks she’s so cleaver and smart with her game play. Jason has turned out to be a mindless idiot. His first reaction without any consideration is to run tell Alex everything. He can’t make any decisions on his own. He just agrees with whoever he’s talking to at the time. What a joke. Such a disappointment

Grodner Hearts Paul

“Let’s see what Paul says.”
“Let’s run it by Paul.”
“Better check with Paul first.”

You hear this stuff constantly. These are lackies who aren’t even ashamed to be someone’s lackey.

If anybody ever does come up with a plan to turn on Paul, the group will have to get Paul’s approval for it first.

I hope they never cast a returning player against all new people again. He’s taking candy from babies.


Why do they need to ask Paul? Just flip it. Vote Raven out.


These are so so dumb. I can`t even believe. Jessica gotta stay.

Lawon's Special Power

Jessica might be eloquent when she speaks, but she is an idiot. Don’t forget, she put herself on the block by throwing The Den of Temptation or whatever it’s called. That was her and Cody’s master plan. That game move was right up there with Lawon asking the house to vote him out becoming he thought he was going to get a special power. To quote Chill Town, Bahahahahaha!

Wasting Time

Actually, it was a best plan as they had available. It was much better to at least get a chance to play in the veto comp, than to be back-doored with no chance to even try for veto.. Even Paul had to admit it was good thinking- best chance they had. She isn’t an idiot, and she’s been tough as nails. They both have. It takes a whole house group effort to come up against them 2 each week, and the P-8ers can’t stop talking about them more than 5 minutes at a stretch. I say JODY already won.

Ian's Lament

Because the DR has told all of them to run any ideas by Paul so he can properly vet them to his benefit.


they aren’t wondering whether or not to flip it. DUH! it’s about stacking some hinky votes on Raven. (even Jess understands this) They aren’t dumb like you. They know they need to break up the power house showmance!

Paul needs to go

Please vote out Raven!!!

M Theresa Burnhard

The longer raven is in the game the further she will get. Sit next to her and you win the big prize. Nobody will pull a Cody again.

Stupid is as stupid does

Jason is either the dumbest person or he’s getting paid extra on the side by production. Really…put the heat on yourself to keep Paul and Alex safe??? What a moron.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I’ve never seen a setup like this in all 19 seasons. They cast Paul with a group of houseguests who are all willing to sacrifice themselves for him. How could he lose?

Still hopeful

Please vote out trailer park Raven!!!!!


Jess gets extra tokens when she spells correctly…




When will Jason dump Paul’s big toe and stick with Kevin?

Team Raven

Raven is my earth angel. So many people on this site are gonna burn in the lake of fire on judgement day because they don’t luv the beautiful gift from God Raven Walton! #Pacerpower


You’re “gonna” burn in the Lake of Fire on judgement day because Jesus told me you’re an idiot. #CharityFraudisaCrime

NBA fan

I wonder how the Indiana Pacers feeling about Raven using #Pacerpower?


Really Alex? You want to check with Paul? What a dumba$$. I really hope as some point Paul screws her over soooo bad….. Jason needs to get as far away from her as possible……

Come on Jessica, be nice….. I’m not crazy about Josh but even I think what Jess just said to him was RUDE.


Jesus, Alex, do you also ask Paul if it’s alright if you eat during the day? These people 😐


Jessica is such a bich! Man I can’t wait to not read her bichy comments.

Bb fan

2 more days and she’s gone I cannot wait to not have to look at her bad fake hair, her ridiculously bad eyelashes, and her fake b**bs. Is she related to the Kardashians?


Tired of Jody feeling sorry for isolating themselves ALL season. I mean take away what Paul’s crew did last week(I know it was wrong, but it was entertaining for a minute), Jody had absolutely NO reason to refuse to play the damn game. Cody chose to take week 1 personally & not accept that he should never have blindsided his alliance. Production gave them 2 Golden Opportunities to play the game, Cody being allowed to practice in the maze comp before the show taped & the Hex. Jessica gut told her to use the POV, she never trusted them, but she chose not to save Rameses. Cody told her last week to let the house vote him out & save her hex for herself. She didn’t listen, now look at her. They have nobody else to blame but themselves. 500k blown for what? A relationship that even Jody knows won’t work outside the house. Not a hater just speaking FACTS.

Fruit Loop Dingus

If you have evidence please share. Of course the speculation is they let him practice before bringing in the house guests but we do not have evidence. Of course production wanted Cody back in it gives them content. With Cody out it was just going to be Paul in the HoH room issuing orders. With the no controversy other than who gets to wait on Paul that day. Totally hypothetical I have no evidence other than comments like Alex’s above or the other day when Paul walked into the HoH room and told Josh to get him and Elana water from downstairs. Or how as soon as Raven got some information she ran straight to Paul to tell him about the deal Kevin cut with Cody.
To keep this show interesting send Raven home since there is so much controversy about her and her mom. CBS should cut ties with that one.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the practice referred to is playing in the competition against the other 3 evictees before playing the house challenger.


The entire house is nothing more than a season cluster fuck gone horribly wrong, they are all a bunch of delusional morons! But the issue that keeps coming up about Cody and his lone decision, have you all forgotten, that (a) he had already nominated five people( (I think it was 5 might have been 4) Other than his alliance he was pretty much running out of options! I suppose he should have put one of his own up, that would have been a better choice huh? Blows my mind that week one keeps coming up when the circumstances he was in were forcing him to put someone up every other day! I cannot stand Cody but I did feel awful for the blood he had too get on his hands before the game even started! SMH!


Cody Nominated Jillian and Megan, I think. Megan walked out an he then named Alex. She won veto. This is the part that gets hinky. Cody and Jessica were working with Matt, Mark, Elena, Raven, sort of Dom, Christmas, and very sort of Paul, though Paul was included just because he was latching on to Christmas and Dom. Ramses, Jason, and Kevin were not with the in crowd.
Cody probably would have been fine if he was actually able to nominate Paul but imagine the “luck”, he’s protected. The biggest issue is Cody’s insistence on keeping everything to himself and everyone had to trust him. Also he may have been seen as if he threw the veto to Alex, although she was way ahead anyway I believe. This started to sketch folks out. So when he went after Christmas instead of someone definitely not with the giant group, everyone lose a ton of trust in Cody. They saw in Cody’s actions something that said he wasn’t with them. One top of that, instead of mending anything with his closest allies , Mark and Matt he just said he did it now it’s up to them. No talk about how Christmas and Paul are tight and we were going to take her out anyway.


Jessica is so vile. The hatred in her makes her really ugly on the outside

Bob Uecker

Thumbs down, because you’re probably Raven’s Mom.


Although I kind of liked Jessica, she really is vile. She is like a little pit bull. I think she is going to be too much for Cody if they continue to date on the outside.

Martha Stewart

I feel sorry for Jess. She and Cody make me think of the movie “Natural born killers”. It’s about an abused girl who meets a psychopath . They go on a killing spree and die together . Very romantic.

Katie Holmes

Have you heard from Slopballs?

Martha Stewart

Snoop tells me he heard Slopballs got deported. I hope not. He’s quite talented. Did you ever hear his song “If Zakiyah was my hat”? So good. Have you finished deprogramming, Katie?

Katie Holmes

No. Not completely. I still have the nightmare about evil, little men. Can’t tell you how glad I am that they didn’t bring back that horrid James again. And when Paul had all that makeup on and Raven’s hairpieces, I had a BAD flashback.




Cody’s disloyalty yo his alliance week one gave them to Paul. But Jody fans like to ignore the facts. lol


Cody only did what every one of them should have done week one- get Paul out!!

Bolt Uprite.

If Megan hadn’t walked out the first week leaving Cody’s noms high and dry this game would be entirely different.


Imagine if those sounds are clues to Coup d’Etat


lol at Jess trying to get Josh to seem dumb. Can you spell P R O S T I T U T E?


If josh would’ve said that back to her…..that would’ve been the line of the season.



Brother Utah

Paul is doing some stuff that is very dumb like cozying up to Elena and doing makeup on him. Yet nobody is saying this is wrong (or perhaps a game changer)? Hello Mark, Hello Christmas, Hello Alex, Hello anybody? Josh attempted to do something but got shut down by Paul’s minions.


Wish production would offer Paul a $25,000.00 temptation and if he accepts he receives a curse — oops no money and you must shave your beard off. Paul’s beard makes me feel ill. I imagine it full of food particles and a thousand nits crawling around.


“Alex – Let’s ask Paul and see what’s going on..” This why I have started disliking Alex. That statement says it all!


People wonder why Jody aren’t trying to make deals. Cody and Jessica tried to do that today, and Jason has to run it past Alex who has to run it past Paul!! Any deal Jody tries to make with ANYONE there has to get vetted by Paul. How is anyone going to flip this game if everything has to go past Paul??

Last night on the hammock with Kevin, Paul was complaining how hard the game was for him, leading all his minions. Cry me a river you devil gnome!!


There goes Jody Bullying Josh AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judgmental Judy

You are watering down the definition of bullying. Josh can dish it out plenty but he can’t take it.


I said Josh was really dumb trying to save Jessica. Now you SEE Josh? Now do you SEE!?!?


Jessica and Cody both did this to themselves. Cody hated the minute he walked into the house.Jessica is just trash. She goes around sticking her finger up people’s butt and grabbing at people’s privates. Raven and Elena need to go too but Jessica first.

Raven FTW

All u haters will b silent when Raven walks out on finale night to Julie with the $500,000 check! I’ll b so happy that she can get her surgery finally. I won’t b surprised to hear engagement news from Maven and Jody on finale night either! I’ve been rooting for these two couples all along

M Theresa Burnhard

She will get 2nd everyone knows they can win against her.

This is so wrong

OMG Josh needs his Mommy. The little cry baby. She attacked me and she made it personal. He is in for a big wake up call when he gets out of the house and sees what people are really saying about him. So Mommy was warning you in the letter. I think they have a code worked out with each other. He said I could tell in the letter. The way my Mother wrote it she was warning me. What a little cheat. Then Raven goes to comfort him. In a bikini she grabs his head and sticks it in her boobs. Raven you are not that hot. Paul comes up and calls Jessica and Cody bullies. What a joke…. Didn’t Paul incite the house last week so Cody would be bullied and use violence on one of them. Josh I will make it simple so maybe you can understand. Hitting pots in someone’s face trying to get a rise out of them is the definition of bullying. This cast has an IS of 60. Hypocrites all of them. I get spool angry watching these live feeds. Can’t wait till this show is over and they find out what America really thinks about them.IDIOTS ALL OF THEM. Now they can all ask Paul if it’s ok if they take a crap.


Oh good grief. The biggest bullies of the house are Paul, Josh, Christmas, Raven, Alex. Seriously. They have a load of nerve sitting around comforting the big cry baby. Confrontation happens and Jess goes outside to cool off. Josh runs up to HoH room and bawls like a freaking baby. He has zero male pride. None. If he thinks that one-on-one confrontation with Jess only was bad, imagine how he’d feel if he were ganged up on by the majority of the house banging pots and pans and harassing him for a long time. Bunch of hypocrites. I’m grateful Jess is leaving this week so she can be spared anymore of this. I’ll be equally grateful if Cody gets to go next week. P.S. Anyone saying what Cody said is a physical threat against Josh’s safety, but had no problem with Josh being in anyone’s personal space with pots and pans for several days pushing them over the edge is a hypocrite.


I totally agree with you!

Is it Thursday yet???

Just a thought after watching the feeds… Cody is so critical of other females in the house. He points out all their flaws and is generally a hateful douche wagon. So how is it that he’s never looked at Jess and gone, “Damn, why does my woman have bald spots?” That’s why she wears the bandanas, to cover them up. It’s funny she always gets pissed when other girls in the house where them and she says that’s “her thing.” Yeah, because your freaking hair is falling out because of your awful extensions!

Normally, I would never comment about someone’s appearance in a negative way because I like to build people up instead of tearing them down, but she’s such a hateful little twat I couldn’t help myself. Can’t wait until her “air time” is up! Go home, Regina George!


Wow I was wondering what those bald spots were from. Glad I wasn’t toe only one that noticed it.


The Jody are terrible at this game.
The hubris is astounding.

Jessica and Cody are the worst

Wow Jessica. Way to be a c*nt. Like wow! And then Cody comes in with his threats on the live feeds. I’m assuming next update will have the whole fight that goes down that jess clearly started. Cody threatened josh on the outside of the house physically and went off on him with personal attacks calling him a fat blob. It was sad. Josh is in his room crying. Surprisingly he didn’t attack back. Kinda proud of josh and I started off hating him. Lol. They should kick Cody out of the game for threatening other players with violence and making the whole place unsafe. That guy has issues. And she’s no better.


So stupid.
Josh isn’t fat. He’s lost weight. Been working out. WTF man. He’s actually looking good compared to when he first went in the house. Cody and Jessica suck.


Wow. How quickly we forget ‘pots & pans’ and slurs against Cody’s military service. There aren’t many of these house guests with redeeming qualities, but Josh certainly isn’t one of them.


name one “slur against Codys military service”

Grodner Hearts Paul

Read the feed recaps on this board. They not only made those slurs but they pre-planned them. When they were trying to get Cody to hit someone so he would get thrown out, Christmas encouraged attacking his military service because it would really get to him.


i dont have to read the feed recaps, i watch the feeds 24/7, and i watched that incident 3 times on flashback!

So again PLEASE NAME ONE “Slur against Cody’s Military service” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hypocrisy knows no bounds with people inside the house (and apparently out).


Jessica is such a bitch. I can’t wait to see her walk out on that stage on Thursday.


WOW! Just watched the blowup on Flashback! Cody and Jessica are HORRIBLE!! Cody said “I will rip you on the outside! Very threatening and verbally abusive to Josh. Horrible people! Watching Cody’s eyes follow Josh’s every movement, seething…he’s a time bomb TICK TOCK…….self evict Jody!


Jody will probably go down in history as BB’s biggest power couple! The way they look at each other tells me that it is true love! I can’t wait to see them on Amazing Race! If they don’t win B.B., I can totally see them kicking ass on TAR! Wooo-hoo!!!


Obviously , these people don’t want to win the money. Why don’t they just give it to Paul…. oh wait, they already are!!!! Worst season ever!


You are absolutely right!!! It is sad and boring this season!!!


I really wish Raven would get voted out instead of Jess or Elena. She is just trashy and rude! I cannot stand Paul or Alex either! They need to go also! Really disappointed with this season. ?

Nick E

Why do people keep voting Jody as the best players? They do nothing but sit in a corner and talk crap about the other houseguest, they have a terrible social game and have won 3 competitions combined ( I don’t count battleback or temptation), I get that you don’t like Paul because he’s steamrolling to the finals and Jody are the only ones who haven’t drank his kool aid, but there is nothing else good about jodys gameplay


EXAAAACTLY…Cody and Jess have played a horrible game.
Jessica bullied Josh so bad just now and Cody chimed in to continue the personal attacks on Josh. Jessica and Cody are just alike – now I get the attraction to each other. Jessica hid this devil side to her – but it popped out 2 times now. Cody can’t hide the devil in him.

I don't mind Cody

Because they aren’t kissing Paul’s as s like the rest of them.


I hate bullying, but Josh started this mess because he decided to do Paul’s bidding. If these idiots were not so ignorant and would work together to get Paul out perhaps someone besides Paul would win. I have never seen a house so full of adults acting like preschool children!!!! They all need to GROW UP! Josh needs to quit crying and start using his brain as do JODY! Stupidity at its finest. BTW is Raven and her mom really scam artists???


I remember Jody starting it back in the first episodes. Th are trash and they suck.


I wish Raven really would get voted out this week! She’s just trashy and a bully just like Paul and his minions! Alex is pathetic and Josh, well don’t even get me started on his dumb a$$. Can’t anyone in this house think for themselves??? I really hope they all go home after this season and watch the whole thing and are embarrassed. I also hope they read all the negative comments that were written about them and feel totally stupid when they realize that America thought they were the bullies and not Cody. Really disappointed in this season! ?

Anti Paul Puppet

Victim Noises!!!


threatening violence outside the house, aggressively approaching someone! Y production needs to throw Cody out of this game!


Absolutely !!

Bolt Uprite.

Josh started this game by bullying Megan into walking out for absolutely no reason but his own paranoia. He has acted like a total jerk at times and lived up (down?) to everything Cody and Jessica said about him. Now Paul is berating Mark for not defending his good friend Josh when Jody called him fat. Mark is right, no one stood up for Mark when Josh was carrying out his vow to make Mark’s life ‘a living hell’. On top of everything else it is absurd to be upset by being called fat when all of Josh’s “friends” call him The Blob.

Fidget Spinner

You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round



Reading on a couple sites people speculating Jody in Dr asking to leave, I believe it cold be a good possibility? What say yall?


We can only hope


Oops my bad, I take that back went back to feeds and they are back! Jody did not self evict! lol


Nothing tops,
Threats of actual violence outside the house.
Or wanting to ruin them with false accusations.
Pots and pans are child’s play in comparison. It’s just annoying noise.
Treats of violence is much more serious.
I do believe cody would attempt to do what he’s threatening to do.
Cody thinks violence is the answer to everything. His go to.
What an insufferable jerk.


Said he’ll do something ‘unprecedented’ if he wins HOH. Mm mm…. what can that be? After the temptation challenge, there’ll be one person involuntarily on the block. As HOH, he puts up two more nominees. Then possibly one of his nominees wins the power of veto and Cody has to pick another person. That’s the game procedure, nothing an HOH can do in an unprecedented fashion. So it’s disillusion in his mind to think he has the power to do something unprecedented. Wait! Maybe he is thinking of self-evicting himself after winning HOH. That will be unprecedented!!

josh is slow

Josh will still want Elena out after this!


Jessica is nothing but an immature bully. Of course she’d be the one to try and start making fun of someone during a lighthearted moment. She’s an instigator and I have no idea why anyone likes her. She and Cody have the worse social games I have ever seen on this show and I’ve been watching since season 2. There’s not a single thing likable about either of them.


So yesterday, Jason blabs the deal Kevin and Cody made to Raven and Alex, who then tell Paul.
Today, Jason blabs his conversation to Cody to Alex, who will then tell Paul.


Don’t these people know how to keep a damn secret!


I enjoy the banter back and forth between Kevin and Jason, but lets face it, Jason certainly isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. He can’t keep his mouth shut, and its no wonder Alex is constantly beating on him. She has to run around the house breaking up conversations he gets into with people.


Ok I am sure I will get a lot of thumbs down but Jessica is a straight up bitch!!! She needs to go, I am sick of her degrading remarks all the time!