Josh “There have been points where I’ve been looking at Elena and I can’t get out of bed.”

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9pm Hot Tub. Alex, Raven, Jason, Matt, Elena chatting about random things. Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lock down.

9:35pm Bedroom – Paul, Alex and Christmas.
Paul – first lets seal this f**ker. Christmas – no sh*t. Lets get to Thursday. Alex – even though this is a done deal. Its ours to f**k up. Josh and Kevin join them. Christmas – how ironic is it that we can’t write about anything and they give us a head full of pencils? Kevin – just cut one of them off and sharpen it with a knife. Go into the bathroom, write on the back of a cereal box, fold it up, put it in your.. F**k it. Put it in your pants and then flush everything. Josh – whaaatt? What were you just explaining? Christmas – life, life. (They don’t want production knowing)

10:50pm Bedroom – Kevin a nd Christmas.
Christmas watches Cody follow Jess to the diary room. Christmas- oh wow he’s going to walker her to the diary room. I don’t understand how your life revolves around each other.

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Josh – I’ve had moments in the house where I’ve had to stay in my bed. Or just sitting down. Christmas – that went downhill fast. Josh – there have been points where I’ve been looking at her and can’t get out of bed. Paul – Josh have you gone through puberty yet? Josh – Whoa not like that?!? Paul – oh I’ve got a boner right now! I wonder why?! Josh – I didn’t say that!? Paul – why? Josh – because I get mesmerized by her. That ain’t it. They all laugh.

11:45pm Kevin and Christmas cuddling..

Matt and Raven making out.

1:35am – 2am Bedroom. The house guests continue to chat about random things.

2:35am Havenot room. Mark and Elena.
Elena – people once they get to know me say that I’m undateable? Mark – why? Elena – like they don’t like what my job is or understand pop culture and social media. Like TMZ and Just Jared and The Hollywood Reporter and stuff like that is like my job. And that it consumes my life and like when I’m not working engaging with listeners is a portion of my job. And putting out content is part of my job. Like finding something funny to snap chat. Putting out my story. Mark – put I’m sure guys understand right? Elena – some people don’t like to be talked about on the radio. Mark – after big brother I’m not going through any concerns. I highly doubt your “undateable”. Elena – you know what I want a cheese burger. I need to win HOH (to get off being a havenot). Mark – I just want to feel safe for a week. Elena – oh I won’t feel safe for the entirety of this season. Especially after Cody leaves… nope I won’t feel safe. No matter who wins HOH. Except for you, if you win HOH. Mark – I would only feel safe if you won HOH. Elena – and then I put you on the block. Would you still want to date me? Mark – yeah, its just a game. Elena – so if I have to evict you, you’re going to be cool with it? Big Brother calls Elena to the diary room. Mark kisses her – well you have fun.

3:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Oh how sweet to look at married Christine and Cody snuggling. Oh wait thats married Kevin and Christmas snuggling


Kevin is showing extreme poor judgment. I feel bad for his wife and children.



C’mon, it’s not like they’re doing anything. It’s mildly awkward I guess but it’s basically like hugging.


I wouldn’t like it


Cuddling can lead to more, being in that environment. Hope it doesn’t but good luck to him when he goes home


I have been married for 40 years and the type of behavior Kevin is displaying is how my husband used to hug my daughters, and now my granddaughters. Some of you people are absolutely disgusting and look for anything to bitch about. Bitch about Cody/Jess and Matt/Raven if you want to, because anyone can see what they are doing. Bitch about Elena with her boobs and crotch exposed constantly, rubbing herself all over. If you think for one minute Christmas is attracted to Kevin in any way other than a fatherly affection, you need to get your head out of you ass. Oh and by the way, if Kevin was my husband I would take it for what it was, and be completely OK about it.

Thank You OMG

A voice of reason! People love to create their own drama and overreact to everything!

I didn't mind Cody that much

So your daughters and granddaughters rub on your husband and lay around in bed cuddling . I was close to my dad too but we didn’t lay around cuddling in bed.

No One

It is disrespecting his wife and family.

The Cuddle Police

And for you to believe someone will go on national television and just start cuddling in front of their wife and family without previously discussing what it takes to win 500K is very oblivious. That “poor judgement” you blame Kevin of is just your own poor judgement of coming to conclusions in your own head.

I don't mind Cody

Christine did it and everybody blasted her for it why are you defending him for the same thing


Christine got blasted for it, but Cody didn’t – such a double standard! In my opinion, Kevin and Christmas are equally guilty. However, they have only cuddled, I doubt it will go any further.

The Cuddle Police

No only people that are justice warriors care(d). I don’t involve myself in other peoples business, Im to busy enjoying my own life and don’t create delusional boundaries for other people.


And how does cuddling, rubbing each other and talking attraction to one another Good game strategy? Seriously that’s the only way to connect with another player or get intel?

Worst BB ever

I have such a great response to this, it could change the game! But before I post it, let me run it by Paul.

This just In Paul Still Sucks

That was gold Worst BB Ever.


should not be so quick to judge, you know nothing about kevin’s marriage or family!


i know he is married, isn’t that enough information to know what he is doing is wrong?

Hi I'm A Swinger

Ya, Im married also. It is just your own limited perception of what is right versus wrong in your own mind. There is no one rule saying marriage has to be one way or the other. You’re really just caught up in your own mind of believing your way is better then someone else’s. Just be unconditionally accepting of others, opens up a new world of options and keeps marriage alive and amazing!


Apparently neither does Kevin. The impression is that he is married and a stay home dad with 5 kids. To watch a possible affair unfolding is very sad. It doesn’t matter if life at home with a spouse is tough. Marriage is marriage and to see Kevin and Christmas become another BB “couple” is just sad. As a spouse watching this I would be ashamed and humiliated. As humans we all judge – your posts clearly show how much you have judged through the process. Can’t have it both ways Anonymous – your comments are judgements so just own it allow others to process what they see, form an opinion (judgement), and have respectful open dialogue *peace*

Positive Pete

Lighten up folks, marriage is fun not a death sentence….you don’t have to be all possessive of another human being also.


So because he cuddles it a potential affair in the making?? You must be single..


I thought he had 7 kids? This guy isa complete fraud and phony hypocrite low life drug dealer. You think he feels bad for cuddling? He’s the worst.


Kevin is a cool dude, you’re just stuck on your high horse judging like people have to live up to “your standards”. You’re an emotional vampire.


I don’t think Christmas is into men I was reading an article somewhere about when she was in college how she got beat up for being a lesbian something to that effect. Don’t know if it’s true or not .

Christmas conscious

Christmas is supposed to be getting married September 5th


OMG you people are INSANE! He cuddles with Paul too and there isnt any outrage!

Over 300 Sexists and counting. Keep with those thumbs up you sexists!


I get the whole, “Father” thing, but yea, Christmas needs to back off to respect that he is a married man, he too is equally to blame and needs to put boundaries up. I don’t think Christmas is the age of his kids either, and in all honesty, I think Christmas is a lot older than she has said she is. It’s just a little too close on the, “cuddle” aspect. Then again, maybe his wife doesn’t care, after all there is a 500, 000 stake at hand. Who knows…

sunny dee

i don’t think there is anything sexy or even remotely romantic about their relationship. I see him as a very hands on dad, and every one in the place he sees as a kid like his own kids ages, and he doesn’t think of them as anything but. also he has to be missing the interaction he would have with them and is projecting onto these guys as well

really, this is nothing like christine and cody, not even close

Bolt Uprite.

I’m guessing Xmas won’t be welcome for Thanksgiving dinner in Boston.

Rubs me the wrong way....

Yup, it’s a super affectionate Big Brother this season! I guess It’s something only a lonely and bored houseguest can explain.
Whether it’s self-preservation or game strategy, I think it’s wrong to cuddle with a married man and to rub his foot and ankle in a sensual way. Stop that, Christmas. Just say NO THANKS, Kevin.

Smitten Kitten

Here’s my two cents (and keep in mind, I really like Kevin).

When it was Cody & Christine, Christine came out to a flurry of “boo’s” for doing exactly what Kevin & Christmas are doing, however since it’s Kevin it’s no biggie, right?
It’s a total double standard (and keep in mind, I hated Christine too!).

Oh & to the “Cuddle Police” poster who thinks that we’re all being so naive if we think that Kevin didn’t discuss his “flirtatious strategy” with his wife prior to entering the house, think about this… Christine never discussed it with her husband prior to entering the BB house, because she didn’t anticipate developing feelings for someone else. Sometimes it just happens.

The same can be said of Kevin & YOU shouldn’t assume that he HAS discussed it with his wife (and since he’s already given the other boys advice/lessons on how to cheat on your wife without getting caught, it doesn’t exactly scream “I care about how my wife perceives this”).

As I said, I really like Kevin… but it truly is a matter of respect.

Let’s just say that Kevin DID discuss this “strategy” with his wife before he came in the house, don’t you think it still bothers her when people at the grocery store, the post office, their kids friends & their parents, neighbors, etc gossip & whisper about Kevin & Christmas behind her back?
He’s got 7 kids & 6 of them are daughters, don’t you think it bothers them seeing their dad all snuggled up to another woman? It would definitely bother me – strategy or not

He’s also stated to Jason a number of times that he’s “falling” for Christmas (for the record. I DON’T believe he’d ever act on those feelings), however with statements like that & behavior like this, people will make assumptions & that’s definitely not fair to his wife or his kids.


She’s using her body! Otherwise she would not have a chance! I CANT STAND PAUL AND ITS NOT FAIR THAT HE GOT TO COME BACK AGAIN AND TRY TO WIN,


The bottom line is that Christine was hated so everyone was outraged for doing exactly what Kevin is doing but since he is loved everyone is ok with it. Kevin has said multiple times to Jason that he is “falling in love.” Even Christine didnt go that far. I agree that everything can be considered strategy even flirting and cuddling and that a spouse might be ok with it because they knew it was possible before he left but telling Jason that hes falling in love is not strategy in any way shape or form.

Get Elena out

Cody might self evict on Thursday 🙁


If he does it in terms of the game, I am fine with that. If he does it for Jessica, I do not think that would be romantic at all


I’d kinda been pulling for Cody and Jess to make the show more interesting and because they showed some restraint when ganged up on by Paul and his sycophants the other day. But there’s just a nastiness that emanates from these two that I’ve about had my fill of — and they both suck horribly at the social aspects of the game.

So, I’d be quite alright with Cody also taking a hike on Thursday…… so we can get on with the rest of the game and the big group beginning to turn on each other.


I don’t like Paul and his minions, but Cody and Jessica suck at this game. Hope he self evict, so the minions can start cutting each other throats.


Cody is in no financial position to self-evict.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that he sure as hell doesn’t want to go jury and hang out with all his new friends for a few weeks. But he’d be leaving several grand on the table, and it sounds as though he could use that money.


Spot on!
He gets full stipend if he makes Jury. ie he stays til next week. This foolishness about self eviction brought to you by production.


If Cody wins HOH he’ll have plenty of friends.


No, not at all. Cody will have fake friends and a lot of alone time. He might even have days after he gets that key isolating up there by himself… it has happened. After Jess leaves Cody has no one… everyone who go’s up there will be marked and it will be noted how much they are up there… Cody will have to go down stairs to interact and he won’t.

His nominations would be easy to predict Josh and Christmas with a plan to backdoor Paul… what a snooze week. With the likely hood Josh go’s home unless Christmas is viewed less of an asset because of her injury and Josh/ Paul gets under Cody’s skin more. Pretty much a snooze.


Every single one of them has talked about every other player behind their back. They are all fake friends. If Cody wins HoH I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul is the first one to talk to Cody and try to make a deal.


Not sure if true or not but several HGs were talking about it a couple of weeks ago. They said if you self-evict not only do you lose your stipend you have to re-pay the money BB spent on airfare and hotels to get you on the show.


You do realize that if Cody walks, the game is pretty much in the bag for Paul, right?


It was already in the bag when Cody inadvertently handed his alliance to Paul.

I don't mind Cody

If I remember correctly Paul was actually never a part of Cody alliance i codys mind. Paul just kind of insinuated himself into the alliance . Christmas wasn’t either she was just kind of on the fringes so technically he did not go against his alliance they turned on him because they started falling under Paul’s spell.


Dude, “spell” ??? LOL Hes not a Mage! They had a team going and Paul and Xmas were apart of it, and everyone knew it!

I don't mind Cody

Not a dude Mr spelling police. What i said if you go back and watch Paul nor Christmas were actually part of me group in Codys mind . Learn how to read dude.


Wrong Xmas was apart of his alliance go back and watch the whole “Babes Group” included her. Cody is a douche’ and so is Jessica she gave him crap about how she cant be associated with a hot head but shes FAT Shaming people GTFOH bye bye Jess!!


Everyone in the group except Cody thought Paul and Christmas were in it. That is why they all were upset at what Cody did and turned their backs on him. That was Cody’s downfall he failed to think of his alliance as a group and thought he was the leader and didn’t need to discuss anything with the other members beneath him.


That socalled “restraint” was because they were safe by the hex, it clearly had nothing to do with maturity. Kinda wish they didn’t have the hex last week to see them lash out at Paul & his brood. I think Jody would’ve gotten expelled but fuck it would’ve been awesome to see.


I kinda wish he would. Only because I cant wait to see these idiots finally turn on each other.


They won’t so much as it will turn into napoleon walking around with his hand in his shirt dictating to everyone what to do and then they all say “we do what the house wants”….boring as hell. At least with Cody, Mark and Elena winning HOH there is hope for this season and they need to put up paul and matt or paul and raven, wont care who leaves

Spoils of War

Good riddance


I have been thinking that for a while. He certainly does not want to be in jury Josh or Paul and it would be Cody’s big FU to everyone. Jess of course would see it as another sign that the large ring is coming.


It may be Cody’s be FU to the house, but that is what the house wants. Why give in to the house? Show the house you can beat them. He will need to start studying if he wants to stay. But he won’t so he will be out once a physical challenge isn’t available.


It seems like Jessica in normal situations, enjoys a sociable lifestyle and I would imagine that is a prerequisite for job. Cody is not and has no desire to try. He has already displayed his violent temper. I’m guessing, because I have known people like him, that he is a very possessive and jealous person and probably on the outside, very controlling. Jessica has already expressed concerns about his temper but then will let it slide. I’m guessing because she always feels like a victim (so does he) and he is protective of her. I don’t see this working in the real world.

I don’t know if Cody was like this prior to his service or he has PTSD but this guy has some serious issues that have nothing to do with game play. I could see it week 1 in his mannerisms, the way he spoke … etc. As far as the game, I’m sick of hearing their victim sounds … whining about how mistreated they have been since week 1, everyone stabbed them in the back, etc. Cody drew 1st blood and she followed. They both screwed over their alliance. You can’t go rogue week 1 in BB and not expect repercussions.

Cat Nip

I’m thinking the same thing…Cody might self evict. I hope he does. It will screw up Production, and the awful nasty crap they allow. I bet the DR and Production are working on him to not walk out. Cody, make a deal with Production to somehow keep Jess, or get the hell out. Why would you want to spend Jury with any of those creeps?

Look, Cody isn’t going to win (unless by some miracle) so what’s the point of staying and taking abuse for the remainder of the show. Hell I’d go out on Thursday, and tell BB and it’s moron house guests to suck rocks, and more. I’d applaud that. Then for the rest of the season those ass hats can rip each other to shreds.


He can like just not win anything and like let them put him up and evict him next Thur. Go to jury and then walk out of jury.


Like what ? Like what are you like talking about?


cause he signed a contract and is being paid to do so! it’s about being a man and following through with his obligations.


If he does stay, I bet he’ll try to get Production to let Jess come into the house/him go see Jess.

He’s so pussy-whipped, it makes me lol.


Nice choice of words.. “Pussy whipped”. So treating a woman with respect, love and kindness is PW… Are you living in the Dark Ages? Idiot. You must have some really f’d up men in your life, or you’re just one of those, man’s men, who like to treat their girl like shit. Shut up and go back to eating your Fruit Loops.


You realize your defending a dude (Cody) who has referenced the mother of his child and other women as dogs right? Idiot.


I didn’t feel he was referring to his ex-wife at all, and I think he was not serious when he made his comment. It was tongue-in cheek. He was just trying to compliment Jessica. In my opinion, it is not a big deal.


Well if that is how you see things, then the rest of the house weren’t serious when they said all those things about Cody and Jess. Cody was serious when he said that, but his dumb a** didn’t use his brain to remember he was on tv.


Cat Nip – please don’t take offense to this. But you act as if you have never seen BB? The antics are always way over the top with house guests and production has a finger in there as well with how to manipulate situations. This is nothing new. Did you ever watch Evil Dick on BB?

Cat Nip

Simon, I’ve been to other over sized BB sites. They all stink compared to your “micro sized” site. I just found you this year, and I dig it here. It’s the best. : ) : )


Thanks Cat Nip! new this year 🙂 welcome glad you like our style of spoilers.

Cat Nip

Cirsey honey. I’ve watched BB since the first season. “Antics” and bullying are two completely different things. Oh and hon, it’s Evel Dick, not Evil Dick. You’re welcome.


I agree that the pots and pans and everything else is a part of game strategy and if they want a “safe space” they won’t find it in the BB house. It is clear that most of these people are sheep in the house and it is quite boring most of the time, but I thought the same thing in Derricks season but did not hear nearly as much complaining. An yes the Evel Dick reference is a good one to use because if they couldn’t handle Josh
and Paul then they would have self evicted weeks ago with him.


If u are so against people being bullied then why are you doing it by being rude and trying to talk down to someone by saying gun like u are talking to a child and correcting their spelling just because their opinion is different from yours

Sparkling Irma

it sure sounded like that what he was implying to Jessica. He needs to men up and go with the punches. Its a game . Allot of people wish they were in the house…. I will lose respect for him…. WAIT!! I already lost respect for everyone.


I missed last week’s shows and have a few questions, why are there 3 people on the block and what is this safety that Cody has? Why don’t they show the people getting their messages from home anymore? Is christmas planning on using her temptation? I sure hope either Cody or Jessica go home I’m sick of watching them make out all the time. The house guests were talking about a sliding door did one get broken in the house?


1. Because Jessica used her Halting Hex and in doing so there is going to be 3 weeks of Temptation Competitions. The first place winner (Cody) is safe. The last place (Jessica) goes on the block as a 3rd nominee.
2. They show them messages from home usually once during the season and it isn’t until the last few weeks.
3. Christmas used her temptation this week and replaced Cody in the POV.
4. Jessica is going home this Thursday (as of right now).


Oh sweet summer child. So lost


1. There’ s a contest each week where people can volunteer to participate. The winner is automatically safe for the week, and the loser goes up as a special third nominee.

2. Not sure why they don’t show the messages from home but I assume it’s because there’s too much drama going on to spend a little time airing something sweet.

3. Christmas used her hex this week to replace Cody from participating in the PoV.

4. I’m pretty sick of the whole house, to be honest. They are all a bunch of idiots/hypocrites, other than Jason and Alex, who seem to be the only two having fun.

5. No idea about the sliding door.


They only have one more week of the temptation competition left . ( next week is last one )

Spoils of War

Jessica is going home, for being a rude fake Bitch mostly, but also because she’s been a horrible game player.


If that’s the criteria for sending someone home then Josh and Raven should have been sent home long ago.


They’ll go home soon enough, but the biggest most pathetic Bitch (Jess) goes first.

Epic. Failure.

Jess couldn’t be more of an idiot. I’m going to try to put the examples all together. People should chime in if they think of more.

1. Could’ve continued her social game once Cody came back, and not crawled into a corner with him.
2. Should’ve listened to her gut and switched out Ramses for someone else (she anticipated the flip).
3. She could’ve not used her hex and given herself a REAL chance to play and win $500 G’s
4. The last Josh incident. Her little man was trying to put votes together for her, and then this??? Stooped to a whole new low, bish. Trying to get him to spell out a word to make him look foolish? Ugh……

And not to mention all those ridiculous moments of a) not using a condom and joking about getting pregnant on live TV, b) fingering people’s assholes and grabbing other ppl’s parts, c) saying she cares how she appears on TV (after doing such things), …

If she wanted to play, she could have put her gigantic ego aside and tried to rally votes. Maturity level of a 13 year old girl.

She deserves nothing but the pots and pans out the door.


TMZ just posted a story about Jessica inappropriately touching other houseguests.


TMZ is about a month late. She was told to stop it and she has. From the footage they showed, it looked more like trying to give Paul and Matt wedgies with their shorts and a quick poke with their shorts fully on. I didn’t see anything with full blown pants off and fingers up a naked butt.


FACTS, Cody could’ve gotten enough votes to save Jessica, a tough one, but it looked possible, not anymore tho, might be a 7-1-0. Further proving that the only reason they didn’t lash out at Paul’s Minions because they didn’t have to they had the hex. Hex ruined a lot of potential entertainment, I see Cody just bodyslaming all of em into the pool screaming “Semper Fi MFer”


yep! Josh actually wanted Elana gone, but Jess had to run her filthy mouth at Josh and game over.


I couldn’t agree more! She’s not very bright, why not walk out together?


All this right now, on Biiiiiig Brother!!


The biggest thing I’m missing lately is some fun for us. It’s just all a bit depressing. This site perks me up a bit (not josh type perk me up) and kudos to Simon and Dawg for making the show better but man I am not enjoying this season. It’s just ugh. Like the sound. Ugh. Onomatopoeia.

Real Detective

Man those two are toxic together. Like those serial killer couples… Feeding off each other. Those two are scary. That will be one toxic and dramatic “relationship.” Perfect for our show…


Really?? You are going to compare Cody and Jess to a serial killer couple? WOW!! That’s f’d up……


You’re talking about Matt and Raven, right??!


Is it not possible for CBS to cast 16 people who have not been recruited, who are not social media names or who wish to advance their public exposure? Can they not find 16 people who simply want to play BB as it was once intended? It would be a welcome change.


Comment of the decade!! One million thumbs up! Mr. Moonves and Julie need to see this post–plane with banner?


Yes! Putting people on that only think it will further their careers and get them more followers is just showing us how stupid these people are. But this s what the world has become….all bloggers but no one using their brains. I would love to see 16 people who try to get the money then go back home to their everyday lives…not wanting to get to Hollywood and blog/snap/insta/twit their way through life.

Elenas low hanging t*ts

Mark is such a pathetic puppy.. Elena might as well scream “I’m not into you” and he would still have that goofy smile and awkwardly try to go in for a hug! He is so clueless… so very unattractive. I hope cbs does a better job casting next year bc these people are duds.. there is not one person to root for other than possibly Kevin .. worse season in a long time


I totally agree with everything you stated


For those of you bitching about Kevin. You do not live he and his wifes life. And you do not get to decide if it’s ok. His wife does. The families of the houseguests get interviewed a few times a season. Kevins wife has said nothing but that she supports him in every way. So feck off!

The fact Josh thinks Elena is hotter than Jessica just proves how delusional and possibly legally a dumb ass this fool is. Not that looks are all the matters but that too is a reason he is a fool.

Paul saying “let’s just get this f**kin done” just shows you that he knows if Elena or Raven go home instead of Jess, his game is on life support.

And I will say I do not like that Jess has given up when she could work to flip the house. She is better than that.

‘What matters most is how well you walk through the fire’ -Charles Bukowski.



No, you feck off!

You don’t get to decide what I think of Kevin. He’s starting to look like a fool.

Elena is definitely not hot. But Jessica is a really ugly person. And so is her psycho boyfriend.


I love it when Cody tries to smile like a human. You can tell he has NO idea how to do it correctly. The guy’s bonkers.

Kevin's Wife

I told Kevin to go get the $500K. I’m sick of working while he stays home. What ever it takes, baby!!!


Love, love, love your name……… laughed so hard…just sums it all up.

The Paradox

Personally I could care less what Kevin does because, yes that is between he and his wife. People love to jump to conclusion and “think” they know what is best for everyone else even without knowing full details, so they put there “god” suit on and cast judgements. Who knows maybe Kevin is polyamorous or maybe his wife gave him her blessings to do anything necessary to win 500K. The people that complain about Kevin just live in a very limited perception of their own fears.


Kevin has represented himself as a married, stay at home father. For most people, this means that it it’s a traditional marriage. If they have an open marriage, then what he is doing is normal for his family. How do we know? We can only feel uncomfortable with Christmas and his relationship because of what we do know. He’s married. As far as his wife, of course she would say that she is supportive. I would too! I wouldn’t want to air my dirty laundry for the world.


Christmas is a lesbian. Google it.

The Beef

“Christmas got engaged to Geoff Kercher on October 10, 2015 and the couple plan to get married on September 3, 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Christmas was previously in a relationship with and subsequently engaged to photographer Josh Holmes till 2014 but they split up before their trip down the aisle.”

Doesn’t sound like she’s a lesbian to me.


One engagement fell through and she scheduled another wedding when she hopefully would still be in the house? Yeah it really looks like Christmas wants to marry a man. Wake up!

The Beef

Did you look at the linked article for a date as to when it was published? It’s possible she didn’t even know at the time she was going to be in the Big Brother house when the wedding was scheduled, and people do schedule their weddings up to a year in advance now a days.

But I don’t know for sure. Good ol’ Anonymous said to Google it, so I did, and that is what I found. I provided a paragraph quote from the article and a link to it to back it up as a source. I somehow missed the link to your source supporting that she is gay, but I got your smart ass “Wake up” comment. I’d be more apt to believe what you say if you provided more than wise cracks as supporting documentation, but hey, if that’s all you’ve got, I guess that’s all you’ve got.


that doesn’t make it ok…..


I’ve been thinking that for a while. lol

Positive Pete

You don’t have to be uncomfortable at all about it though, you are choosing to be uncomfortable about it. You don’t have to emotional invest in anything you don’t choose to, if you’re actually aware of yourself.

I don't mind Cody

Y’all didn’t live Christine life either but she was crucified doing the same thing hypocrites anyone?


I agree with you on Kevin but Elena is wayyyyyyy hotter than Jess. Pot …. Kettle … black

Elenas low hanging t*ts

Josh is mesmerized by Elena like gay men like pretty women.. he is not fooling me.. he craves the male form


Typical CBS bias. Make the military guy look like a hot head and the terrorist looking guy, make him look like a leader. I PROMISE you if I had to put up with what Cody and Jessica have had to deal with, my “calm, cool and collected” self would lose it.


Oh yes, please let’s bring politics into this…,.. one of the few places we’re able to escape it.

The idea that anyone other than Cody himself has made Cody look like a hot head is idiotic. Most who have that opinion of Cody have formed it watching the unedited feeds. The dude just seems angry at the world.

And if “leader” is the vibe you’re getting from what we’ve viewed of Josh so far, then you’re even dumber than your comment.


Cody a hot head? Really? Because he yelled at someone who was trying to push his buttons? So if Cody is a hot head then so is Jess and Mark and Raven and Josh and Paul and Christmas….shall I go on?? Just because someone gets pushed to their limit and yells at someone doesn’t make them a hot head……Cody may be angry at the house (for good reason) but the world……Come on, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Canada for the win

what the actual f*&%?


Paul is the most insecure man!! He comes back into the season all “friendship” and cocky. He can’t beat Cody alone and he knows it. He needs the “goof troop” to do everything. I don’t think I’ve read a feed in the last 3 weeks that doesn’t involve Paul going on a Cody rant. He’s constantly bringing Cody’s name into every conversation. His “God” complex has to stop. I’ll get the big dumb idiot Cry baby Josh to bang pots and pans and try to work someone up to the point of combustion and then complain about how physically afraid of the person I am. Insinuating that someone would physically attack another person in the house is the disgusting. Far more damaging than calling someone fat. Paul is the biggest hypocrite.


Fully realizing that I only have this site and youtube videos (Canadian) to form opinions, most of the HGs (especially Paul, Elena and Raven) were cast to represent the worst possible side of the younger generation’s culture. Most just come off to as so damn shallow, with a sketchy-at-best education or “real world” skill sets. Honestly, if this were a true representation of this generation, we’d be doomed. I’m disappointed for Jess in the recent blow-up with Josh; I believed her when she said she wanted to leave with some dignity (not sure if that was the word she used).


Ok…that picture of Kevin and Christmas cuddling really bothers me!!!! Wonder what her agenda is? Not cool! If I was his wife I’d be livid right now!

Cat Nip

IMO Xmas agenda is to get in Kevin’s head and play there. She’s not interested in Kev. She’s a lesbian. She said so herself when she was in college, and trying to change homophobic opinions.

That said what she and Kev are doing/acting is not a good look for Kev and his family.


Yeah but, X-mas would tear open her shirt like a warrior and show us her ‘pecs’ and challenge the wifey saying, ‘Yeah, bitch you want some of me…just fuj8in’ try it…’ Suck my p*ssy’.


This just made me laugh out loud…….


I can’t stand women like Christmas. From the very first time I saw her interview with Jeff and she was touching and flirting with him knowing he was a married man, I didn’t like her. And here she is in the house doing the same exact shit. I’ll never understand idiot women always wanting some other woman’s man, like seriously, get your own man.


AGREED>>>>> Christmas does not stop touching and massaging Kevin and cuddling with him. So inappropriate. But Kevin is just as responsible. At first I thought Christmas was trying to hook up with Elena.


Bothers me too.



Cat Nip

Right Dan. We wouldn’t want to see Matt taking care of his own business.


I should add that is a joke, I am always surprised how she can make a situation about her. It is like an art form for her. Xmas breaks her foot, Raven “falls” down the stairs and need stitches. I think Paul was complaining about a sore wrist and boom she hurts her wrist. The other day someone had a headache and yup Raven had one as well.

Cat Nip

Yes Dan, I knew you were joking. And so was I about Matt and his business = a handy …or was I 😉 😉

Ice that wrist Craven Raven, Matt needs some “business” taken care of. Tho obviously Craven Raven is a leg spreader.


Don’t walk out yet Cody! Get HOH this week and put Paul and Alex up! that would make my days.


What do you think you would do in Jess & Cody’s shoes, name calling is not cool but, it’s the least I would have done. I would have been kicked out long ago for punching Paul or Alex in the face. Josh is obviously not mentally equipped so I would leave him alone. The rest aren’t worth mentioning. I think Cody deserves another medal for the restraint he has shown. As much as I would like to see him evict Paul next week for his sanity I think it’s best he walks. Being isolated and verbally abused day after day is just not worth the money.


August 8, 2017 at 11:31 pm
Our Pastor has started a prayer group for our beloved Raven Walton to ensure her continued success on the show. Her recent wrist injury has the congregation concerned. Our beautiful angel showed her bright spirit when she lovingly consoled our Brother Joshua after his brutal attack by those fornicaters. Raven has captured the heart of America! Raven Walton for AFP

I copied and pasted this from the previous post to give due respect and thanks. This is one of the greatest pieces of humour and I bow down to you, Walton’s Mountain.
Unprecedented good fun (sorry if others missed it) Thank you.


Cody shouldn’t walk when Jess is evicted he should compete in the HOH and if he wins stay and take whatever people he can and then next week when he can’t compete just walk out of the house and let them fucking put each other up


At this point in the game I don’t really know who I am routing for. I wanted to see Jess and Cody do some damage but I never really thought that either had a chance of winning (especially after the blow-up yesterday). I think all the HG’s have issues, they all suck. At this point it’s just a matter of who suck’s less.

Mark has been growing on me lately BUT I don’t really care for his game play. Following the power is going to get him evicted. Then there is Kevin…..I guess he is alright but I wish he do something…… He does make me laugh so that is a plus. I don’t care for Matt, Raven, Jason or Elena and I really don’t care for Paul, Alex, Christmas or Josh.


I have never seen two people kiss as much as Jessica and Cody. They must have chapped lips…..

They are very loud and wet kissers. It reminds me of people who chew with their mouth open. I have to hit mute when it starts.


I wouldn’t know if they are louder or wetter than most because I rarely get to hear “kissing” when both parties are wearing microphones around their necks. Could be that otherwise they would sound like everyone else.

Anti Paul Puppet

I guess I’m the only one who wants to see Cody play solo next week. Very curious to see what he does. He was actually trying get votes for Jessica this week, but then Jess ruined it by being a bitch. Of course Cody has to jump in like he always does.

Josh’s hypocrisy is so annoying. Josh throwing insults is game play, and Jody’s insults are personal. LOL!


For people who have a ‘dog in this fight’ Cody/Jess vs Josh – let’s supppose that the first several weeks in the house a man was grabbing girls (that he could overtake) and holding their arms so they couldn’t fight as hard, then raping them with his finger into their anus? This is not a joke it is a felony. She was never talked to about it or told to ‘stop that’ – nothing.
She had taken the most horrible act and had men (grown-ass men) rendered helpless and not being able to speak up (except to each other) .
I don’t have a dog in this fight but it frightens me that if she potentially had a son, it might be something (not saying it would happen); that she started playing a ‘game’ and didn’t get that it’s corrupt on so many levels. I hope my point is not lost here. I think she was exposed to way too much, way too early in life and had to become this tough little thing.
I don’t know but her actions are not in any way ‘cuter’, nicer, etc just because she’s in ‘love with this Tom Cruise-like figure He always reminded me of Tom Cruise, Scientologist.

Cody Has A Daughter

You actually bring up the same major concerns that I had about Jess when she started doing that and talked abt it. This is classified as sexual deviancy and you are right, if a man was doing this to a woman on the show, he would be booted or walked out in cuffs. The fact that BB never addressed this…..and Jess is tops in a popularity poll…..very disturbing . I would not trust her alone with my kids


OK…. At first I wasn’t going to respond to your post but the more I think about it, this has got to the most outrageous post all season and I just had to put in my 2 cents….. So are you telling me that Jessica was holding their arms down, making them helpless and not able to speak and raping them and that she could possibly do this to her own “son” one day because she doesn’t know the difference between “raping” a grown man and a child? ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME!! This is crazy that you got all this from a TV show.
So lets look at it this way for a minute…..If Jessica is sooooo horrible then Alex must be also since she was trying to hit Jason in the penis last week……. But I don’t remember Jason running around telling everyone how upset he was and bringing it up time and time again – That’s because he DIDN’T…..Him and Alex are friends and she was just fooling around. So maybe, just maybe, this is one of those instances where because it Jessica that it gets blown WAY out of proportion.

House of Idiots

You do realize that fingering someone is a sexual act right. Jokingly trying to hit a friend’s penis is NOTHING compared to an unwanted sexual act

...and Zingbot says...

I enjoy reading the comments since so many of you are really funny, very insightful, and great writers. I wonder what your Zingbot “ZING” would be for each of the house guests so far this season? While I am not as witty as you, my ZING would be something like:

“Josh, you are excellent at playing pots and pans, but you are the MASTER of playing the victim.”

Okay, share your ZINGS!

Zingbot Should....

Zingbot should just look at the house guests, throw his arms/hands up, turn his back and walk off the show. This cast isn’t even worth getting Zinged, now that would be a Zingbot statement!


Zingbot: “Elena, you should be a Victoria’s Secret model. At least then, you would be wearing a bra.”

Raven's Got This

I was watching Titanic the other day and was immediately struck as to how much Raven reminds me of Rose! Raven & Matt have become Rose & Jack to me….I’m loving their love story unfold….Matt is her knight in shining armor! With all the tragedy that this poor girl had gone through, she now had a lasting love to get her through the dark days! Raven FTW!

please see above

Worst comment of the year


1) Question: Did Cody and Jessica ever have that scene, when each was HOH, where the HOH says, “Who wants to see my HOH room?” and then reads a letter from home? I don’t recall ever seeing that for either of them.

2) Question: If Kevin wins the $500,000, could his wife take it from him if she filed for divorce, or is that money protected in a divorce?


1) No. BB aired Paul’s room reveal. They did not even air Josh’s room reveal. Not sure if they did the same for Alex.
2) She could take a part of it as it was acquired during marriage.

Elena's Droopy Jugs

Really pathetic to see Mark ready to blow his wad because of prick tease Elena! Bet if he wins HOH this week she’ll show him a nip and make him beg for more. Can’t stand chicks like this


I have an idea for BB houseguests. Let them all be those who have websites about BB, like Simon and Dawg. And, let them all continue to post from inside the house. We could all still comment on what they post, and they could read all of our posts and share whatever posts they choose with other houseguests. Call it a Social Media Big Brother and have all of the rooms be decorated as such. Could you imagine how entertaining that would be? Competitions could also be related to Social Media. My money would be on Simon and Dawg to be Final 2.


Great Idea! Thanks for the faith you have in my abilities! I’ve always said I would be one of the worst people on Big Brother. Seeing how people get I’m sure I would say something and the death threats/calls to my work to get me fired/etc would come into play.

We’re also micro sized in social media compared to all the other major big brother sites so if that comes into play we’re dead.


Simon, when I look at the restraint you use with all of the crazy posts you receive on this site, I have faith that you would be just as cautious. You might think you are micro sized, but I ‘m not so sure. Think of the exposure you would get. The comments you insert in posting what’s happening are some of the best anywhere.


Thanks MO!

Funk Master 2417

Simon/Dawg are semi-functional Canadians, BB USA are looking for dysfunctional USAmericans.


semi-functional is a stretch.. more like almost none-existent functional.. lOL


Okay. Have an international BB or a North America BB and televise it everywhere. Functional, dysfunctional, semi-functional, none-existent functional, non-existent functional can apply as long as they have a social media website dedicated to BB.


Saw a clip of the Jessica/CodyJosh argument with Josh narrating from an EW article. Here is my problem. Why did he feel the need to hint that she wasn’t his target when he could have said it directly?

Hex Question

I am not a fan of Jessica or Cody.. nor most of the people in the house. However, can someone explain why people keep saying she should have kept the hex? I thought Paul told the minions last week that if she didn’t use the hex then the plan was to evict her. It would have been even more ridiculous for her if she didn’t use it then was evicted and walked out with it. That’s like going home on Survivor with an idol in your pocket.


If she didn’t use the hex last week, then Cody would have gone home and Jessica would have been safe this week and someone else (probably Elena) would have gone home this week.

Hex Question

I thought before the eviction Paul had told everyone that if she didn’t announce the hex and they were called into vote then to vote her out..?


Nope, not true.

They all had agreed to vote out Jessica had she chosen not to use the hex. Paul was rallying them the last 48 hours before the live show. And they were all part of the plan.

Simon & Dawg Website Maniac

Hey Simon & Dawg, Maybe “Small is best of all,” when it comes to websites anyway! Great idea, Mo!




Kevin’s smart, he’s waiting for the jury house to slip it to Xmas.


I dislike Paul so much, he spins everything to make others look bad. He was harrasing Mark about not stepping in the argument between Josh and Jody, and why he didn’t defend Josh? Are you kidding me Napoleon. Why didn’t he (Paul) say anything himself? Noooo, of course not! He’s such a chicken but likes to instigate others. Can’t wait for this a&&hole to go to jury along with Raven and Matt!

anal invader

I made TMZ today!

Anti Paul Puppet

Has anyone actually witnessed the Jess anus thing? I hear about them talking about it, but so far no one has actually said they saw it on feeds. What about the Alex vajaja thing? I know she has done some boob shots at some girls.


TMZ has a story, pictures, and video today about the anal invader, aka Jessica.


I can’t figure why everyone likes Kevin. He says some witty things sometimes but he actually acts like an ol’ thug. He can’t win anything. All he is , is Paul’s extra eyes and ears. He reports everything back to Paul. No one in this game is playing to win. Just give it to a@#h#$% Paul. He is apparently playing the hardest. (for what I don’t know).


In one of the other recaps, someone brought up who they’d like to see in a BB All-Stars 2.

I’ve thought about this, and my only hard-and-fast rules would be (1) no one who pre-dated the first All-Stars (BB7), (2) no one who has said he or she wouldn’t play again, and (3) no one who has already played the game a second time.

Here is a list, with reasons for each:

Zach (BB8) — good competitor, the last of the Mrs. Robinson alliance left that was targeted so quickly, steamrolled by Dick and Danielle, but a pretty decent BB player.

Brian (BB10) — smart, but played too hard too fast. Has he learned from his mistake?

Memphis (BB10) — strong competitor. Can he go as far without Dan?

Michelle (BB10) — hothead, but strong and had a good grasp of the game. Saw Dan forming up with Keesha, Memphis and Renny earlier than anyone in her alliance, but usually let her emotions get the best of her. Was very level-headed after her eviction.

Ronnie (BB11) — knows the game, but tried to turn people against each other too fast. Could be a different experience for him without Russell there harassing him.

Natalie (BB11) — hated her during that season, but she knew how to stir the pot — the LML with Kevin that sunk the Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michelle alliance. Also strong in comps.

Enzo (BB12) — adds some character to the HG set. Also adept at reading people. He might have been the best overall player in the Brigade.

Annie (BB12) — never got a chance to play because of the stupid America’s Player pranks that everyone assumed came from her (and they were right). She could have been good that season.

Dominic (BB13) — another strong competitor, with a solid social game. He was caught in the crossfire when Danielle turned on her vets alliance. He easily could have gone farther in that season.

Porsche (BB13) — underrated HG, with more smarts, social game and physicality than her fellow HGs gave her credit for.

Ian (BB14) — smart, but questions continue to remain as to whether he was a “deserving” champ after a bitter jury chose him over Dan. Outstanding in mental comps and solid in physical/endurance ones.

Kara (BB14) — knew the game, but wasn’t given much of a chance to play before her eviction.

Helen (BB15) — smart, but unwilling to make the big move until the big move got her. Has she learned?

Amanda (BB15) — another smart one, but her showmance with McRae left her vulnerable. Having two alpha females (Amanda and Helen) makes the game more fun.

Devin (BB16) — Beast competitor, survived a few weeks when the house was targeting him. Social game wasn’t awful, but the power trips were something else. Redemption along with lingering questions seem to be a consistent theme with these potential HGs.

Audrey (BB17) — another smart one who understood the game but always blew up at the wrong times. As is too often the case in BB (Ronnie, Devin, Paulie, Audrey), was isolated and ostracized after her fellow HGs realized she was manipulating all sides of the house.

Shelli (BB17) — excellent socially, good competitor and very bright. Her showmance hurt her, but she knew what she was doing in the game.

Victor (BB18) — had three chances to play the game in one season, but could win comps, and, like Memphis, understands the value of loyalty. Underrated social game.

I actually disliked many of these HGs, but believe such a grouping would make for a fantastic season. Could easily have Derrick replacing one of the male HGs to see how his game would chance the second time around.


I had high hopes for Kevin but he just doesn’t have any plan to win this Game, let alone take Paul out. Sure he will work with Cody for one Week but then his brilliant plan is to Back Door him the following Week. How is that going to help ?! Kevin like Josh and the other followers in that House are all talk and no action. They are so brain washed at this point I am certain if Paul told them to lick his nuts because it would bring them luck they would !!!
The only ones I am rooting for are Mark and Cody because they are the only 2 willing to stand up for themselves and not play VICTIM to anyone.
You keep going after someone day after day and eventually you will get bit back. Even when it’s a game. So Josh No Offence but Cody just played the Game right back with you.


I cannot be the only one that thinks Kevin & Christmas don’t know how to SHUT UP. They constantly have SOMETHING to say.

Cody the Great

And Cody fought for that freedom of speech! How dare you tell them to be quiet


When they did the Battle Back I was secretly hoping that instead of battling a house guest (or after he battled Paul) that Victor would come out and Cody would have to battle Victor. I think that would have been pretty hilarious. I’m not saying that Victor should go in the house if he wins but just a “if you want back in you must dethrone the champ of Battle Backs”.


NOT – One Paul minion is enough, Thank you !!!

Barber of Seville

Even though I cant stand Xmas, who cares if they are snuggling? I mean really? It might seem weird but listen to some of you people hahahaha “He’s married, its disrespectful”.. ? To whom? Whoever said that ‘we don’t know what has been discussed between Kevin and his wife beforehand’, was right, so really. Its your ideal marriage is what your projecting. Not actually whats going on in Kevins because ya don’t know! Regardless its lonely in there and it must be hard to be there for months with out being touched. (no, not like that) Just pure human contact that’s all.

Now to try to antagonize someone to hit another person is really f*cking warped. Notice how Paul doesn’t volunteer himself to get a punch in the face. I also am loving all the comments about how “Cody is violent and has no feelings” and just on and on with your nonsense. Think about when your computer/phone is slow or not even working. How about waiting for that package for weeks and weeks. How about the look on your face when you drop your cake on the ground and how mad you get. Goooood…..NOW, picture a huge ass manbaby constantly trying to get you to lose your shit by slamming pots together on a daily basis. The people in the house don’t want to talk to you in fear of The Bearded One. You don’t think that would get to you at all? Most of you must be a bunch of cool headed people ( I can tell by your rage comments) to think you could or would be as chill as these two are trying to be. I give them credit for real. Cody played the game from day one. He tried and it didn’t work and the house is against him now. THEY are the ones not playing this game. They are all playing Pauls game. This whole game has been about getting Cody and Jessica out..*sigh. The house has done this not Cody and Jessica. Keep in mind when people say “Well don’t lay down and die” They have not laid shit. Their plan was for Cody to stay in the house and tear through it and Jessica to leave. That is a plan! What is the houses new plan? Ohhhh yes, get out Jody because you know….Paul.
Hope they kick Raven out.

Battle of the Bastards

Jody fans, can you please give me 2 valid reasons why you like these two? “Because he tried to take Paul out and they’re anti-sheep” is off the table as a reason……is it bc he was a Marine and that excuses his explosive anger, antisocial behavior, misogynistic tendencies, or referring to Audrey as an “It”? I come from a military family and would not use that as an excuse to behave the way he does.After what I saw yesterday, Cody & Jess are no better or worse than the bullying of last week. Jody had a real chance to at least be in jury together but decided to make a mockery and disrespect the game…hard to do that when you lie in bed all day and talk about how you’d like to smash someone’s head in (Jess) instead of swallowing some pride and attempt to save your game.I wanted to see these 2 succeed but they disappointed big time. Someone mentioned that this r/s is toxic and ita…. Jess was making strides and actually playing BB when Cody left the first time…. Cody gets a second chance and fks it up…..Jess constantly has to reign him in…. not a good sign. I really hope Cody gets some help for his anger issues, not only for himself but for his daughter.

Carlos Grullon

Production needs to remove Christmas from the house its no longer fair for all to have someone with a broken foot that cant compete. Please save Jess don’t send her home so that this season can still be interesting.


CARLOS….if they were going to remove Christmas, they would have done it weeks ago. So my advice to you is to suck it up and realize that Jess is going home, not because Christmas is in the house with a broken leg, but because of her shitty game play, which started on her HOH by putting up Josh and Ramses, and expecting people to respect who she wanted out. It all went downhill from there.

Brandi W.

I think Raven is playing a great game! Under the radar and we’ll liked by all! She also has some trustworthy qualities by going up as pawn for the team, Raven all the way!

*America for the win*

I don’t understand how some of you are saying Cody was stabbed in the back by his alliance. When Cody won the first HOH competition, he aligned with the couples and Dom. Correct, Paul and Xmas were not in his alliance. Putting up Paul or Xmas would not have been such a big deal IF he had discussed it with his alliance. He decided to make a big move week 1 without discussing it with anyone in his alliance. He knew Paul was attempting to move himself in with his group and everyone in the group, but himsef, was on good terms with Paul. In my opinion, Cody turned his back on his alliance week 1, when he decided to try and renom Paul, without talking to anyone and make sure his numbers were on board with voting out Paul.